Bradfo Sho, Ep. 74: Kerosene Ken's hot takes are getting out of control

The Bradfo Sho
Monday, April 16th

Kerosene Ken Laird stops by the Bradfo Sho for his weekly appearance to reflect on his most recent hot takes, while offering a whole batch of new ones. Included in the conversation with Rob Bradford is David Price's opt-out, Fenway Park kale, and the trade Kerosene Ken guarantees is going to happen.


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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Where you don't know what you're stupid. Brad show. That's delicious. Thirteen and talent and kerosene to then yes sir. You eat. All these hard takes all these Todd takes leading in this year I think your all for four. That's what this is what we're gonna do this is what we are going to do you can layered kerosene can layered look so what we're gonna do you worry that we're we're gonna every week we're gonna. Reflect and Samir rod takes. And then we're gonna look for some more politics at seem like a plan. That sounds great plan look at it personal like you mischaracterized my hot take last week I sit fifteen share. Was Tuesday debut of the Yankees series. It was not eighteen I was pretty close it was double digits I think I nailed the spirit of that what would you would you say now. No he didn't. So I was closer than you said you said it was an passer rating was a massive rate him as a rating and you said fifteen share it was it was that actually nine point one and share the duke he doubted just over Levin. Right you so you're only six off from you by you know what 66. Off for a opposite fifteen and it was eleventh as the peak was the last okay ordinance I guess that's my peek or. Abbott threw up front desk. I was close bottle it you'd it was a massive ratings though that was the last sub regional of these ficus leading into the Yankee series in your heart takes. Where are meant to be Garrett Martinez would never played the outfield again and I was right that he should not of course minute. Hillary mistake and now look he's hurt so yet to put out there I don't wanna get into minutia of this but other than that other than after he made were standing today you couldn't dig the ball out of the corner of the colossus they want and nothing on Sunday it would have been his fault he's he's not a great outfielder but that he sees serviceable outfielder I've seen a lot worse. The problem the point is. He is dictating when Jackie Bradley will keep that synutra been attendees sit in the should not be sitting here exodus out today today I. That's expected that's the exception he's hurt he's got a contusion that's five guys hurt. Get pulled Martinez out there he is not ever teased below average analyst field at this park. He's not a good throughout the above average to this park who knows but I wanna focus more on the story of the week okay are right what is a couple's back to a hot take kerosene take from pre. Season in our big outing at the casket flag the out. One of outtakes you would call. Was that David Price is going to opt out after the season yes. That was solidified this week with finger tip gate. Sensation gate OK is there any more evidence that we need that David Price is gone gone this is the flu earlier for David Price. He is going to I'd I would say you you might get two more home games from price this year federally at most. He's delicately arranged so he pitches and Anaheim this week by the lake contrast that with Iron Man Chris Sale out there in short sleeves no sleeves today. And pitching through the elements. Didn't get the win but he put an animal bodies the I don't know if you heard his post game comments which you in here right now. And I was source. So I just came out again this is the most visible in the middle visible until about four. And what he said was basically feel that I was just trying to throw the ball over the plate. Mean this was anyways it was something it was not that I wanted to find ally actually yes the question of home. What how do you feel now compared to last year has been around this time because you evade radar because nine straight. All of a hundred pitches or more before he didn't have a hundred pitched. Outing in in an area is. Under uttered every time certainly this time as well how do you feel velocity feeling. I've blah blah blah blah. By aegis his response was like this them. Today I am I have no idea I felt any today was not callable at Christie it's and you could easily be injured OK so this so go go don't be going back to the price and yes. So he's going to be a baby all yours will be like Roger Clemens pitched you know when it's on my terms when I want to. And somebody he's due a guaranteed four years thirty million. Lifts you still about a 120 billion right 120 said he's get it somebody will pay him over six or seven years 120 billion off the year. Oh or eight whatever it is so he'll get the same guaranteed money when he opts out from some team. Some poor sap team where he goes after the year I would say this I would say kerosene can get hot take is your I think your room. Wrong. Today I should take this back girl I think I think the yes and out yet yes and yet now yet now. The problem with the opt out isn't anything we do what you're talking about is nothing of beauty aids here he does is on I think it's odd because he's not getting its money anywhere else is he any differently and here's the re here's the reason the MRI. You come back to the elbow the problem with the elbow the I'm Marty ultimately you're gonna have to take an MRI it's an elbow and for you to pay a guy. Four years and a 120 something million they won't pay for it to be eight Sylvia like twenty million per year but he will mind because somewhere. They'll see more so so. This goes back to bite the reason why you're resurfacing ms. Todd take his because of what happened this past week correct and I think that this is a stupid conversation to be for Ganassi idea. Because I think that what happened was just opt out of the lapin what happened yet but it had nothing to do want lost its opening I I thank you yes I noticed by. Here's how I look at it and I think I think manager Lou kind of felt the same way. He was concerned about deal when you feel would you have this situation where you win your take it any easier on he didn't mention the elbow and tiger may not know you go let me finish you worse your worst and (%expletive) rally. Eight. So okay should dubbed baby got that bad. But you look at you look at Eudora you feel something in your hand right which clearly did I don't know why I don't know why it while he says he'll. Let me say this he felt no pain he felt that he felt the numbness or whatever wise right he feels something feels off something field in a way day in a way that you aren't throwing the ball like you want him to want to. And when you throw I think what was it at a 35 pitches he threw about sixteen strikes and the like depth for a guy who had been pinpoint up until that point. So when you have that situation. And you're you're pitching through that. Against the team that yes the Yankees have a good lineup. But I get the sense it like that was it was more of a concern about your physical ability that it was. All my goodness glad nor the way I can't pitch against the New York Yankees who after she gets many many many many many many times. But if you wanna say that was not a trio could and save you work and why didn't give the four runs cast doubt that they could get because there's probably because he probably felt something is hand and he freaked out you think Chris Sale Phil sands today fully and 34 degrees no of course Chris still coming off an elbow injury there's nothing he was totally unrelated to the old you don't know if if you feel something in your head the first thing everybody said was. Oh my goodness you if you're handed your numbness in your hand you got to be worried about your elbow and clearly whatever he felt was affecting how he was pitching so yeah that should he have power draw would you like to deceive power through it a perfect world. Absolutely and won the game. Maybe maybe but. Judging by that first inning probably not because everywhere is like all why did you opt out of after the first inning he stunk he won't couldn't find the plate for whatever reason it was in my guess it was because in the back of his mind he's worried that the elbow was cooler affect. They had and to go back to the the opt out thing. But will that still he can it has nothing to do I think he's gonna and the season like he. BAA had the bigger the sheer political come down on me I think you'll be get up heavy you'll be giving Anaheim. And I think you'll be did probably books. At the QB good. For the for the are probably familiar if it's gonna have a good year. Why don't give up what know now I'd I didn't want to bogged down in due to rise 'cause I thought to that or to wait take is so dumb. It was so dumb might. And you're buying right into the hole the hole all my goodness he looked it Gary Sanchez elected Giancarlo Stanton elected there and judge says I don't wanna pitch to those guys. Probably if you have an elbow injury if you have a history of an elbow injury and you feel anything in your hand and you are not throwing strikes is affecting how you pitch. That's probably why you're not gonna wanna pitch against anybody. We're locker is here your price stability I didn't know that this fight and a new one I know you know you know that I have gotten the mat for David Price since she's. Another theme this week has been Palin Ramirez unbelievable start sixteen RBIs. Leading baseball did you have a hot day it was apartheid the heartache and obviously ticked OK okay now the plate appearance thing has gone. Hominem and amend my initial pre season Arctic which was that there's a directive from management's. And ownership primarily that Haley can not hit that plate appearance mark they wanna get out from 120 too little it's inevitable. Now what's gonna happen. They have San Travis just had a pretty good start to talk it yup. He is gonna be because you don't run yet. Out of on his characteristics I go ahead but. They're gonna ship him out probably would. May it may be your saving ninety grooming me trader Dave is gonna be on the war path of casinos prices gone after this year prices probably thirty told the browse get mobbed out. Back to Michael full alert backed Cole Hamels they're already looking for the pitcher with control next year or multiple years older guys won. So now pales your future first. In San Travis has gone so that's becoming clear this week it's not like it kerosene tickets those but the got a clear that Haley is now. Well he's my Goodyear is a grateful I have actually haven't heard that brought up off of that hand he got hit in early readers to hidden and he's out a game he comes right back to an idea that is that was the window into the soul of this this contract option the vesting option 497 plate appearances right because if there was any sign of that. Being bigamy and data as you said that you feel like you know Hanley you take it easy we knew we don't want to do what we did was in a Bogart's. They had the easy out there this is this is clearly going to be unless he gets hurt. That's chorus guys this is cores guy at his socks as you can edit as you know that that's the thing right now he's on pace for 6060. Rite Aid Judy Martinez of the Manny Ortiz dual that it cannot afford Gallo and we'll see you mean is still early died may be Hanley Rivera said to me I'll try to pull Osama in your Maris that I am going to be better and I was no nine. Overnight was insanely Goodyear in case you wanna look it up insanely good year. And the whole thing and I also think. You're of the thirty stolen base thing like the 3030. League this is in the back of his mind. The reason stealing these bases this is this is motivation. And I don't know who's gonna lead to an injury. I wouldn't doubt that he it might very well lead to an injury but. I am are bored with your hot take about him retired except is that they're not trading. Cole Hamels or somebody else unless one of these other guys Alessio gets hurt us price gets hurt Ellis park Marcelo yourself some though like that but they're not trading. The slight asterisk asterisk that I think there's a possibility. Ownership could come in and force Cora to trade handling. During a hot year coddled like Belichick and crafts. Forced to join you during this year during the year yet it would since I was Italian politics again I wanted to throw that out yet I'm just saying maybe the same date key hey you know 2008. Many screws and along recover that team cruise along. But also in July comes around he pushes Jack McCormick. You toxin via the all star break about like ripping John Henry obsessing about his option. Within a month he's gone on LA. Final optic. Oh boy do we did we go through your politics from last week the JD Marti has won there is another one. That was the Yankees. Yet the ratings let me take can only go to one week but today a desperate aren't a couple of the al-Qaeda by a Lackey take the week. You have an argument we hear what else are you trading him we are mare's militants there but it was walking up here and you can't help but see the look at this duty garden. At federally don't give a chaotic it added that tail the American League east yet. Live at the suit he has conquered global warming she is gone fully carbon neutral. And there for the followed us what you're seeing today with the 34 degree temperatures it would it would be 65 degrees with Ellen discard it if not for Linda's garden. They would have been all but she has found a way to do it she has captured. With organic Cahill. Awaits this circumvent problems in the environment in the universe really. And the Red Sox are suffering quite frankly because of that but that's fine I mean selfish through today but it hurt price this week. So presume TV price could become a very serious issue I do not want to reveal off the record conversations. But this visit has done a clubhouse. And there was a lot of buzz about that about the tail guy if I would figure of about blaming the kill darted for the room temperatures on Sunday. The worst the worst weather that we've. Ever ever seem by the way. Broadcast Booth. How could this so called right cold the last week it was last it was 55 when I came into it was 48 really the boiler Brooke upstairs. Dudley and the admiral run into space heaters but joked state was suffer like daily through the front -- and I gonna have to fill it more you know what nobody wants that don't nobody once has been and you're not supposed to agree with me the agri. The so. I also noticed last week. I think a high take that you haven't mentioned was that you said Joseph Kelly would be DF stated be the most unpopular TU player on the team. Bomb by Tuesday. And yet here we are Wednesday. I didn't becoming the most popular player on the team. And have you have you ever and I aims to reach your boy Jim Kelly have you ever seen anything like this and I'm not. Mike forgot all my boy Joseph Kelly Jo Kelly is a player in the Boston Red Sox. Don't put down a quote from me scoop your middle and yet he was a tight ball so jealous so jealous outfit it just jealousy is as he he does not hide his jealous he well. But have you. Seriously have you ever seen anything like this of me where you went from a guy who is literally the most unpopular guy probably on the DL be fair after the first game the air right. Wasn't on. Kelly now by our vita early leave you both Padilla but it's people say he socks he Sox would be idle and I've been critical and oh yeah pretty good year last year statistic and now and how you have. Though stating you know here Fenway Park you have stating you know at the garden with the fight and everything else. Isn't boast but the most bizarre transformations of piracy it's all part of don't let me just look appealing the mail it to tone it down a bit it's part of a likable team people are liking what they're seeing it does and that's why they that's why though it's moments like that it's it's think about just juxtapose it against last year about the whole Baltimore nothing and taking a week stream that situation out. Win many Machado and and this the image that you have is Joseph Kelly not only hitting the guy but then saying come on c'mon c'mon. And then getting the batter of to a certain degree yeah I mean I'm with all adding everybody wrote that after the gala problem. Ugly Turkey Jerry disagreed I know it was bizarre name big bets here's here's is what I would say in this situation when they say that. Okay well if they don't hit them that you railed on him for not heading. Then they say your budget foresees for not having I mean I guess if you could make the case he would out of twice and that's got to. I don't slice of why the try to get them on the second pitch swords what you do actually go ahead the first W hat do you do it the general idea that you pitched one and then pitched two had not pitched two and in pitch for cattle you know I don't care if you get injured that's what that wasn't the point of that show and they were talking about it I wasn't their point if I was able it I I agree with the premise is like this in the got to might give them ten more wins. But I would once again to say well if he doesn't do it. Then you're ripping him for not doing it you're ripping him for that the you know they have this instance in all honesty Embry did not do it and I'll order he took some. Who he held every could not evening to you never know that because you never know like for instance last year and much out of things to me and he was after Steven Wright. After he gets out of the game and and they don't do it. And sometimes captaincy he'll win we get to this part of the game. When we know that maybe it's a little more in hand Evan it was closer they exceed come back and even made it closer game was it it was odd it was yeah it was more of a blow when every pitch him anyway. Maybe I'm I don't know I don't know I don't know but it's. You know so anyway it says it was that. It was a bizarre week in that respect it would just wise good week everywhere except for prices fingertips and at thirteen he had radio print people the people like to listen to this at their leisure so by the time they may be listening to this on Wednesday you are right in order they preach my eighteen to 22 prediction for the tops our food price they have to now go 520. Which is tossed a bit the wet what was what do you say Al scores could be yelling at liars Thursday at wild first month yelling at players let's say the most surprising thing for you of this team. All men I mean. I would probably say the corps has been so com and collect and he's looked great I really thought they would struggle with that I thought we would be regretting no run garden higher know what not waiting for Joseph Girardi to secret you know they could hire him if they'd waited around a bit. But could I mean it's part of it helps you play the rays in the open the Orioles knew winning games that he has been. Flawless and compared to John Ferrell got people love core I of course now I mean I'm I'm coming around just. Yes the guys why finishing honest that he had no listen it's in it it. I don't know if if it's a chicken the egg thing you give him credit for this starter art is it to start this making so relax I don't know it's a lot easier to be relaxed when he started out thirteen into. But. Is it 3 June 2 yes okay thirteen until. But I think I think my take away W past. What you take it they're just a good team. I mean he had cords doing a good job he's probably the right guy the right time but they're just a good team coached a team they're great team they were second in runs second in the RA commons today yet elite team an American League and you look at I wrote about I written about this this week is it now we've seen all below one team in the American League east and even the Yankees having their better team in the Yankees from top to bottom they're better team in the Yankees they just aren't yankees region but yes yeah. No I probably will Bogart's a best hitters in and out on them but I still admitted being starting Brock colds away land. But a big deal with Erin hicks healthy and Greg bird back the Yankees lineup is a lot of credit allied as in this thing and let them that compare bowl lineups in this this operator is exactly what a lot of people said they would be used to starting pitching. Like you can that you have the blue jays could starting pitching. Sanchez Estrada balls strolled him. Orioles he could make a case once again going to give cash are you Bundy you've cop videos so you have the representative guys. Kind of Yankee doodle rotational lines up with those guys the Red Sox the price start aside. That's the difference maker that's the separate her from me. Right I mean that if the exit of that line up thinking it's I don't think they have a better lineup I don't I think Bernard hicks that's much better and now I think artists huge. I think it Burt analog to bite you again you. You look at the Red Sox lineup you take out their best hitter. You could say Bogart's usually them that it was a litigator but it was at Sunday he was no writers out all we can and since they've been up and told Sunday's game. They had in the last seven games at the most runs the American League my point is is that they have a good enough flight it's a compatible alliance the Yankees the Red Sox pitching is better. I think bolt opens are trying to figure out a little bit. But there is so there's a good team New York there are better team than I I thought. I would agree that that much but it thought I thought they were 1820 so there are. Particularly over you got a more ratings hi takes before we go I don't of course they're gonna play a Sony. Tuesday night in this west as a western coastal aggregate but. It's. All in all of the brits are set to be thrilled just what what do you think what he thinks it's the the so the Celtics as rescission or Celtics won game one yet Bruins to and I'll move. Tom what do you we saw the Bruins were point big numbers Celtics not mean they'd that was a fourth playoff game. Red Sox this say the end of April after I come back from my trip to try to having lost fifty pounds two weeks. Two weeks I think they play some more crappy American League east team they play Kansas City days. So what is a way to win this say the Bruins are still playing the Celtics are still playing this this market date this market date community. It tuition today two weeks from today Red Sox will be back from their West Coast trip they'll be back from Toronto yes okay. Ratings 29 OK give me like all three teams played the same time now the Bruins who allow have gone deep. Celtics will have surprised people by going a little deep. The Red Sox will be whenever they're going to be dealing. Given the ratings that day on Sunday what day this Sunday. Luke while there'll be ability early in the lighting series that could possibly be like in game seven could have for the whatever buck Celtics habeas activity QB the ratings. Celtics would as the bigger game of the bullets that would be a game seven they would do like an eight Celtics an eight yup. Bruins game one against Hitler subtitle like would do like at seven okay who staggered summoned out. And the Red Sox play the rays not gonna be much drought and get back to like a 55. Is good for the Red Sox. Or bats against OK it's Tampa and a couple weeks yeah right now it's gonna shipped over the playoff teams ABA's. At this moment and retired about surprising things I am shocked that with a Red Sox are in the conversation each and every day that I went there are that they are legitimately. We get to the West Coast trip and rethought the West Coast trip was going to be did death now yet because. Ratings like you said you know Todd he's pitching but it's so late who cares. Every single game up until this West Coast trip. There in the conversation. With a sporting conversation even with the Bruins and Celtics ants. I think a lot of that is it due to two years general the playoffs it takes a year or two or sometimes it's delayed reaction like all right they got bigger part of it in this is in fair by a big part of his core. Of course it just as if it was a likable they robotic and he had that's you know that's just reality the good daughter robotic kerosene cans. Thank you rob I preach go to your diapers again you formula whatever you need to do off the target the post thinly visit I don't listen did you.