Bradfo Sho, Ep. 77: How Joe Kelly's fight might save lives

The Bradfo Sho
Friday, April 20th
Ashley Kelly, wife of Red Sox pitcher Joe Kelly, joins Rob Bradford to discuss a question weighing on the minds of everyone: What it's like to be married to Joe Kelly. Ashley discusses how they met, how many times he has had to defend her honor, what it was like watching the pitcher's fight with the Yankees and the fallout from Kelly's newfound popularity. Most importantly, Ashley reveals how the couple has used the April 11 incident to push along their charitable endeavor, helping victims of human trafficking. Because of the publicity, the couple has managed to gain significant momentum behind the #JK56COMEONchallenge. Go to for more information.

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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know what you're stupid Brad broad show. That's delicious. I I'm going to be us through this is a podcast which I've been trying to put together for a long long time. And I'm looking very very much forward to it. And that is where is one Ashley Kelly Ashley how are you. I'm gonna back up. Elliott. Good yeah I know you've been looking forward to coming on this Marcus Welby your husband Keith put the kibosh on it. But fortunately area where we have good reason is that true or not yes that's true right. I and I share everything I aren't but nobody ever played well he does that. It acted out here you have a good reason coach. He then visited there ago as guests and then it as some point it was is gonna get to the point we're gonna do it anyway. But I would be reciting news a lot of time 33 you know. We hit a recent we have a good reason in the road the main reason is for this charity that you guys have put together which is awesome. And a lot of times when you do these sort of in and use you mentioned charity at the end but I wanna do it at the very beginning and they'll do it at the end as well. And basically what you guys did. Is the stemming off the April 11 brawl with the Yankees you use the publicity to do the JK. 56. Come on challenged. And I Marisa I would say this I may say this website in and we're gonna we're gonna take a pitch service so people can see and also go to mission 10 wait. Dot com which is what the charity for Ortiz. You correct me if I'm wrong youth is to help victims of human human trafficking cracked. Broader Kirk okay I'm I'm I'm so far so good Tom buy it. So is the JK 56 come on challenger raised as we sit here you've already eclipsed your goal right you go with 101000 dollars it's a lot agreement. Come on actually 101000 box. I've error it per week we are literally did not say. It was gonna eat out well. And that quick and the dead so it's just been kind of like what so we are going for like a Smart Alec in it and doesn't cool it. Airport is good. We're acting Arab thirteen thousand directory. Well so the people op and even people are hearing apparently there you'll pull that we'll. But all the bickering so well go pull a little bit the. Boy you said mission was no way dot com you had gone and we'll talk a little bit later on about. You went to India cracked to talk with with Robbie Ross his wife are noted they were very involved with. He did this this great charity to help the victims of human trafficking. Tom so I do wanna get into your trip to India. But. The but the first thing actually. It is I wanna know what it's like to married be married to Joseph Kelly. It occurred cranked and I added that her body guards earlier this conversation you're December it was sitting back. We have a conversation first of all did you listen I know you loose in this park guess I know that you listen to. Especially the twin peaks podcasts for your husband always part time colored. Yes. I pulled it yes and they're good about this the thing that bag and had a good thing yeah. It flight how they like it medical despite how well. How do I do it they're like more like. Public would go he just. He felt out there at the people not. Well it's not that you know. But it got I mean you put a big kid that hole and I think this is I don't. I'm kind of adjective but I would have liked but it works everything you buy or. Should I. Get taking it seriously you know I think. Tucker the critic well I don't let me you know joke. Yeah I don't that's why ask how can you marry to. I. Am a Catholic and there is an animal. It's. You know that this is the US AT do it. I think the better question is how can both of the latest child. I let it let's see that would be very sensitive Reid asked that question to be awesome you buy it yeah. I can't I do what do I do what I read so this is your Twitter bio. Mom which I think is a good way to introduce you. I've yeah I especially think in this is actually good way to introduce you so do the Twitter handle is at Ashley Nico Kelly. So yeah and I CEO Kelly. And it says tally bread goof ball married to my best friend which he Ari said. The human. At Joseph Kelly junior not the dog. Mummy to knocks which is your son. Lou agree will agree LE GRE fitness instructor what's that island whatever but his was what greed what is it. But. That played out Garrett OK okay. Like this or are you certified. Yeah I error cannot attribute her total fluke of luck okay oh so you you teach in Boston. I don't IR dot keeping as you. That's where it started when that was PG outfit daylight. Romania in Africa with her parents. And it's cool article about the bad body type and people could do it because. It's like low impact them it's fun it's this really cool like platform and machine. But it's pretty current. Okay in the last part of this bios former do you once soccer player. Now yet and decent guys met at college right correct. Yet that's telling Barack silent soccer player. And learn big O apparently actually. Our press. Room Collins. I look at the card and other the first product that it was a it. Iron out there who ran. Halloween that it would look like. Like really short short supply at the back like oh what was it hit. And ghetto area where you sideways if you say did you sail like what is this kid or decent one who is this today. They live like. I did this definitely is it that I would like. Eric editor you might help out compensate their their RA and and kind of does. You know that can't think like a friend and I thought like you are eating her up there. But he's a great so you hear quite what you saw you do you kids as schools glance over that the firemen outfit story. You went up entire film it or you just said. I know it was. I ever went about like you let America you have got home and I would go aren't so. When I was court well the people are you would like you literally out of you know there are the year it felt like your baseball the market the practices. Of we didn't see others like bill. On the back here you know he was living more he took it apart. And I think we have an wrote a book that mark I got the fact that it is but the that would likely but it hurt I looked at your and we. Indeed he did where I would. Do what I was not love at first sight. Okay now back to the article governor earlier this I ordered that it is sort of the it's just us talking to sitting back. At twin peaks restaurant. Drinking some Beers. Borland does this talking about just talking about how once loved the first slightly jas been. Yeah that's fair who was a better athlete. Who are we you'll you'll legit soccer player where were you decide our team. The captain only candidate that look. Aren't so now I was I don't forget it let everything go and you know started over there are. I think would generally you've got a better wouldn't. It can't ignore that that Alec Morton gridlocked city like Italy is both of us here at the very good thing good Blake. It's a different at the different things like it'll he would have been a picture is recruited there you know technically late in the ballpark collect. Oden you know on the current account it is they had and a there aren't in the nineties and they're like RRR. Yeah it. Says that they like you didn't treat it appreciably. Your kid is going to be crazy. Not already crazy Knox and I mean you know what I mean I mean he's he's going to be yet. He's doing he's going to be an athlete in India and he's gonna have a co he has a cool first name knocks tea and no acts. He's he's the kind of look at it. Played like an instrument or something of a legit lake. You know academic as being like the job or something like try to record it's like not a record it's kind of break. I don't know I could kind of hoping that it it says that everyone else is gonna happen to both of us but it. I look at it like shocked at the public but that act like at a record them. Okay there. I'm not really dug in his god I got BRC a there's not a lot of mothers who said I know my kids become exactly like Travis barker. But you know to each his own. Warren let's remember it's still a W I like that alike that it's your superiority asking young Knox to spread his wings in tattoos everywhere and I regardless we're honored whatever you want there are those that's that's parenting when no one yes. From there the way it was the first time the joke tell the op protecting your honor and a fight. A rumor. He hadn't gotten any college. Does it I think yeah you got the currency had. We're putting up the logo could encourage you did. It was you who. Just once or multiple times are firm per order and freeze your blazer for Betty but who also could be. I mean not a spider or what it is but it nobody yeah the mighty tight strike yet currently. I think because they're people who didn't record people here are my some people are OK with I don't like it garlic and now it has always been thought that like at all. I have been happier. Went to all the talk to me about when he defended your honor. Grasso. Moon. At a funeral a little area you know Hitler card basically I mean you keep you don't you talked around it. Okay. I would say the current and what. And the like has been bankrupt car I heard about it but given the defense. You know let me. All of a group of it and open it other guys act with very good read and they were and who we can't go. I don't know that these other. Good. Are you got rattled at all by. I'd I would doubt about it. Glad that the definition of that you the benefit of. Would guarantee you do will do urge our opening Knox is scarred from that story. So no I did not know it's good and it's good no absolutely. So it seemingly on its listen mute everyone gets in fights and and I his. Furious at this yeah this year it's a thing but on that I could walk out like crap according to anybody. What are those people like yeah yeah he's gonna buy it is okay. So that that leads us to review the other night and yeah it it which is where were you aware were you when this happened. I know I wanna clarify I wanna clarify when talking about is of course have been clearing brawl between the Red Sox and yankees continue sorry. Yes no it got our Eileen at one. I gotta let it in. I would that I was actually in park that. Don't include a greatly cut. I would immediately after it looked like it but the part of it was like perfect it would look like I'm on the we will all the the part it was like over the public a couple of I like. I'm like yeah I suspect like we have what it got out because they'll make. And we did everything is everywhere. The majority doesn't include invited little little hop over it you. Keep the ball sort of it at all but really had to go to the year's best time in the day it is likely to need it and just like the hair it was. Conclusion about Blake look book and all the girl. You kind of break out but what I concrete still got up by the act like it I don't like what happened and it. It'd like it'd just happy so that was like real academic work quick racket everything out like a bad equivalent the portrait of Barack solid purpose. A bit like our. I would not. We'll also and one of the things I didn't you know are off the record conversation but that's all right one of things he said exactly what you just said. Which you told them I saw your eyes and but this whenever that would Iraq however your eyes looked I've seen that look before. It's like. I guess shark bites are it could Blake you know it's a black eyed look at it it is you secretly collect. Manipulators like New York well aren't like public. We are both materially he would put Lula public there is this great body of Brooke White after the partly. But it in the that it is more. You don't even though. I could be I can even ask you you if you were nervous you know as a wise do we would go for your husband. But it because UNC alive by. It would do you think that if you did the alive he be all my goodness this guy is charging out of what's gonna happen. Would you be nervous for a more you be like oh yeah as the McKee possessed no problem. I have. Doing it deliberately I. A quick word about him like announces an accord but I was happy that both guys. You know we're good at it. That it hurt itself you know could. It now a free kick out there. You can't get hurt after the and I was happy. You know I I didn't get regardless of what about the current backup big you know so like Illinois. But it I thought that there go over the card immediately when it Billick had a ballot it was buried like a nice to get a break. There's the criteria break it. Haven't. What was he he seemed pretty proud of this it wasn't for restricted. They're good players everybody after after the game we talked to be seemed OK means probably drama still rushing. Was total yes so when this poet he cliffs what do you his sword he came home. Where did you do realize okay. You know. What's the deal would palace I was Oregon house work today body. The bully. You don't I don't China like. Lately doesn't look on his remark on the territory it just didn't like what would get it became clear that riot. It's pretty couldn't you know it's. Under the unless Israel echoed that does not regulate. A market that Kobe could very real now. I. Even go to their credit and actually sit back I look good. I don't dig it though he and I it's likely that life but you don't. It's sort of like look back at their outward. It's particularly the deadly tiger. Kind of sit back and things get. There does bull. Without not a that the Natalie it was just that people that would duke you know there. You know I actually set up the I think we're crazy again I set up or let go to our balance. That they didn't come out there I want to react and let that I despite a record. And actually in their oxygen in the Peter parent though you Blake scored by you know. They're right about the but the bottom level you let me just start acting like it's court. I do Iowa Iowa does that make a quick out here they're like OK like. The that look good. Save us over to formalize fuel farm life if they do adventurous life. So it's good. Did yeah yeah I'd ever thought that was. Happen you know there's been looking back at my OK let me. Without sort of bug part of the story every part of it. I almost think that the follow from minute. Was bigger than the actual Blake fight itself despite her stuff but I've I've I've seen have said this a million times since then. It has been the so you're talking about a two weeks been and we can seriously go after that first game he was maybe the most unpopular player in the Red Sox. I had a two win reflect. It just got to look birthday dinner yeah. You know it. And maturity of capital debate. You're gonna get over the but that Blake the fact that the first thing you know it's so high that it does. But when you go look at Brigham barred you know like Oakley. You know Havana that the other turn haven't been. But two weeks there's two weeks in two weeks earlier so the follow we when we talk about the fallout mean we talked about. Not only the young the first thing maybe is that the teacher resource humidity should be Joseph Kelly fighter what are you sir. But then you at the park where you at the park for the standing you know when he when he came in the next time. No I actually. I would come back to Cali the next day. Still I was like you know I'm on the flight and it will eat out that there hyperbolic so you know they're loud that it that the days you know opted actually. You know I'm trying. It jetBlue has the TV we thought that I. You know everywhere around the blocking was better re think I could return I don't intricate Picard learned how short it can't let that aren't that. Is daddy though it. Practice track that the it popularize. He'd let out there yes I didn't see why but I you know I heard about it. Is it are pretty cool. Well it was I think there was a cool may be firm both for him in and I think he said this is there was you know the coolest part. But of anything in and and then you have this opportunity like we're talking about. And with the charity be able to to use this and good for you guys for doing this and to use in this example look. Push along the charity was there anything else like that did we did you guys are walking on this really dead zone tele. Tickets sir road whatever the viewed as has lifeless Joseph Kelley team since that moment. It a little. A little thing you know they. Yeah like it. Every respect I respect actors you know obviously. You know wait iron. Which is quite critical that it it the quote playing. You are never gonna that there is picked by physical as but it you know they thought Ella happened I mean that was a cool thing. So I did you know him and thought the fight about items that ever happened like. Afterwards Bob and such a you know like you all the hardcore after hardcore let you know. If that be guiding Pavelic. What you talk about it and everything has been. There's been critical but apparently we need it here in Cali like me to pick at the latter but I can't carry out so. I saw I saw it is the I was what's the game last night and the camera right first row Joseph Kelly fight club teacher. Then. Up. Including people you know come about even talk about seeing it you know but I like. When you can the issue through that. It could happen at Orchard Park united in the duke earlier it goes. They're targeted heart attack at a lot about it you know it's because. You know I don't go to Elkhart I know creator the person so. You know it had a quote that bill like you can get an analyst Irving you know from people and let you go is the quote. That was like you know the the politically for the Eliot. Nothing. I don't know says biggest show is hard for you to relief pitchers anyway 'cause we saw what her life Rizzo is like Ashley like the first game that happens and you said. That that's happened before will happen again. But and this was OK here's the introduction to this season. And then. And it's hard truly relief pitchers to sake that that's why C two weeks later. This happens and by the way after he pitches really well. He pitches really well so it keeps things going even more and he's on his way to coal hero. So you're you're critical in your his wife gradually since the I I moved back to what it's like to be married to Joseph Kelly it's just awesome. So. And it. I think it. This is the Peco. So how is India. So you it's you went to India live. Robbie Russell Wiseman forget announce our politics Britney Britney outside Britain you ross' yet in some other people. Yet so. We view India. And it. It wouldn't happen. And act. I have been involved we're you know act critics say it was an error there are all they could fall by attracting. Although more so United States about the ball well so but as always I got it. With Britain's Bradley they are huge advocate. Backtracking at all that so. I don't bring audiences connect elected by are enough that it. Whatever they don't argue about player like a lot of double think it's as governor of the state. No that can't get that don't go I had felt like India right. Dark probably create some people think that like in that category is yes you know didn't you know. It was that big Aikman's. Without. Yeah. It is a little bear so I was like all right well let's go. We felt a bit you know block very short is it slip you know. Why did it didn't look good publicity here but what I. There. Story actual it doesn't that's our thinking it was a bit. It was not needed just think that it in his discrete I have to hear the story definitely did an echo back. Even though look at their I think it right. Don't ballot calling it appealed in LA LA live it up or you know we're hearing there who know who. So. Cutting back I got to political other. I booty at it. I just wanted to do not think so you know babble we hit. Oh come on board with. Without. With China do about that. You know with that they would print and copy of people you can't argue that our government. Didn't hug the way it can talk to people there was just. Why. And at the heart is covered but they're not but the people who know what is it Erica. He talked about you know what really happened that heart to give it appeared so. Notably the people educate people and don't take it away or what I look at it and it. Happened as though. All. Won't it just it gave him and if you about that ever happen all the hardest it's been the site. Again it's gonna. I'm in here and I did you know like. Well the whole thing that happened with. Yeah Joseph you know I'm at and I would that being gay that it Billick. Why not do right at the moment that happened out might not take a look at it by a IIILA. On this but what I was that either. Is getting I I did it is critical over there and. So you're race are you merely size and by the way good for you for thank goodness but you mealy side. This is an avenue this we're gonna use this for good is not about. You know we look forward to make millions and millions of dollars office selling T shirts are getting commercials or whatever it's about this a cause that I am I'm all in on. And this is a way to get attention for. Yes it it it was too is the easy like it when that happened Allan ask witnesses. This group that like I think there are you know it was like there it goes a vote despite the right. It is huge yeah. Knowing it would do so well you don't look like that but it but it just like. You know being able to press whoever does cost over here. You know even get back to click on it up 208 at. What are you don't know a ballot you have to if that is you know. Did that brief period that is open. All law. No I'd say it's a guy I am sure for him. You know why he doesn't mind fighting in in Kenya isolation everything is still a little uncomfortable is still uncomfortable and and I don't know if if if you get this sense but. For him probably this hole is spinning it around the victim of charitable thing makes a little more accountable right. Are good. He'll honor. He's not term hockey player port there that you know do you like that you don't review it make you it's like here. It completely you know based volley at this it is what is it like you know and so I think Blake. I don't know again using the platform and what you don't want the leak coming on what I did it kind of more people are tired are learning about it it is it cool like the simple fact. We talk and tell you what the hope that I just let it get bill Hartley is like. You don't I thought that you got back that they you know he he you know whatever he does not help others so it it's really cool car. All forward error. Prior so the is once again is the hash tag JK 56 come on challenge. The website JK 56. Dot challenged dot fund raised dot org. So it'd be a sin but mode in the easier way like you said mission one no way dot com right. Okay take an acute big government so. The talented so is. Aren't legal fight. I don't it lately but the that they have kept it going oil while it. You don't need it. Whatever you've donated or that we also have liked either current that there are which we get it if you're there at the end of the second half and if indeed but I'll let it become educated people are charts. We get our people to reenact. Heart was just it. And it's thought I saw the I saw those kids that you retreated much that's that's a good night armor. Their right. There have been a little loud and I don't I could have been locked silent like it felt like it is to wait did you play. They're setting you but it but again it's like and make it fun you know and out of town but we're hoping we get all that it that people don't you know that it's it's cool and then obviously with the shirt but hoping at a time but. You know I want more video a little more videos I want more aware and I didn't I don't era. And I'm Catholic and did I it. All yes. Then they're kind of coordinator at. But just this. You're well aware yeah yes you did you you can doctors. It's outside the ruined everybody knows everywhere. Those are Joseph Kelly did not do well in keeping with a Muller's bomb or not I will promise you this Ashley when you're so or near side went through it with. When your husband. Pays me his hundred dollars and he's gonna owe me next week for me losing fifty pounds I will donate I will donate to the cots. I'll Brad I never bit about. What was that they don't you think you should get hardcover. Do that so if you don't get eight dollars or did you look at you get a little carried on occur. Goto somebody right there just gonna go out. Or they'll be. Yeah I on guys are gonna run out though day I'll donate ten dollars more and you can you can save your Joseph Kelly autograph. I hope. So I think that she could but you didn't make. So I started because they're great but you're right it's very often is it in you don't you don't. That right up there. Well Eddie Money it takes me husband from here are new and I will give to the charity I promise. I promise that. So why I have I have here or if you tell you have my word Ashley thanks so much we did it you finally came on the so I appreciated teachers on the way what are now I go by you yeah so. Do yeah I know what was going on you guys know I know it's it was put the kibosh on it. So I know it's OK it's all right we got there. So graduation submission one no way dot com everyone go to weight cannot and will keep pushing look he pushed in the costs. Perfect thank you RIC. Some.