Bradfo Sho, Ep. 78: Where it could wrong for these Red Sox

The Bradfo Sho
Monday, April 23rd
Rob Bradford is joined by Evan Drellich of NBC Sports Boston and Kerosene Ken Laird of WEEI to pick through possible bumps in the road for the juggernaut Red Sox. Bradford and Drellich also discuss the media landscape, and how living life as a beat reporter has changed.

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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know what you're stupid Brad broad show. That's delicious. Are you wanna do this but I was. First to arrive to do for podcasts are weak because the public demanded it it was hugely hugely popular. She usually popular last week last couple weeks we've never had more momentum on the Brad coshow. To order to continue to do it because people want the baseball conversation. And all different forms and fashion last year his very first Goran start this one before we start episode 78 I didn't want to thank Carly guest last week. Kerosene can. John Smoltz Sam Kennedy and Ashley Kelly wait for Joseph Kelly thank you all for making such a great weakens going to be another great week. Because my good friend Avant relics here sitting with me the only person up until we rumor eroded our guest is blown up the only person to actually participate in this broadcast. And then not having there. Welcome you closures were. Thank you for having me while I was at it wasn't actually that I've screwed up before on this broadcast the sound Luke absolutely in my eyes grew up. The Jane Martina is. Welcome to Boston party broadcast had a heart attack I apologize. Imposed it. Without war and never enjoy Cowen was absolutely not my fault. Coming back for its use now when you do these podcasts are. Depends if I'm on the field too. To depends you you had a back and forth podcast with me. And made the mistake of bringing one microphone table and the audio was their Paul unlistenable and that to a fault. It is your podcast. Catalan is doing excellent right now I'm gonna start over can. And time falsely brother isn't always doing both see if you every part of this this is a very well they need to ask for land. Where it starts so every relic kerosene can all this terrorist intent can only do a little snippets of we're gonna get to his heart take out the gate as soon as we can. But the topic and because really when you when he started out this well for a team. We've talked about what has gone right in all corners of the roster core it's. Blah blah blah we've we've talked about it. We have to at some point have the uncomfortable discussion. Of where can all go wrong because we have plenty of examples. Of team to start out very very well. And then. Don't do well Milwaukee Brewers in 1987 Milwaukee Brewers yet sure their teams like Detroit Tigers in 1984. But there are plenty of other examples where you have great April's. And then it sorely falls apart. I sat here this is the best. The best team. That I see you know long long time the Red Sox it easy best constructed team. As we sit here in April better than the team that was reclaim the best team ever in 2011. Which might abide by the way haven't. In the best team 2011 that was your first year covering this team yes. That actually might have been the best team. Then you may be beefed beefed up beyond these terms are like yeah the 2013. Team and much more talented teams on talent yet. So is the only things that we star off here you know the teams do so well or has no hesitation on your part for house will be received were being the negative Nancy's by. Criticize because Utley doing so well I think Kevin because it it under the narrative around that all Miami is negative now the first time you ask me in this my analogy. Is that I'm being asked to bring exited to poke poke holes in this incredible. The best start ever for working manager and that's what your brain me want and I'd been asked to do this I want as long as there. Educated takes as long as there always educate all but they're not that's the probably it becomes. When you do it it becomes too obviously that you're trying to go down the road doesn't make recess not true okay we'll discuss that. But I'm not doing I'm not saying that we have to be negative here but we've gone through the gamut of how many things have been positive. What else he could talk about if we did it all my goodness the starting pitchers it's a good. The widest it's a good core is made all the right decisions. We have to brace ourselves through the thing that hasn't been disgusting terrorist team. As I like to column I mean you you would agree with the media this has to be the conversation right now right. Okay. This is pilgrim. Hope the people don't people see what's going to. Check tick tick tick tick tick and it's. Turned around this. Probably just serve selflessly Google RD minute for the kerosene ticked that we hold on I'm ready so that would be topic is what can go wrong. Very disconcerting. That they're working now Jack Jack it'll get better that. What can go wrong what can go wrong with this team and I'm not saying is going to go right ever just to make sure that you what you want people mad you haven't I don't I'm sick of sickening ill that okay bye everybody. But can. Kirk. Players management. Here's what can go wrong around and there. If you really study what's going on with Chris Sale right now. He's not. 90 hitter on Saturday night. Tech got a velocity as fastball down a tick. I understand the game is steadily pitched in the cold he kind of throw that game body Pete tough it out. Yeah his velocity actually wasn't out yesterday it was coming from and even though he top forty top on 94 X 86 for a pitch. But I think he sat 9192 for one of the game and look at the numbers his fastball and his change up in a throw the changeup a tonne. But he's getting hit is his Vietnam with those pitches and not been as effective as critic for sale that we knew slider still. Effective he's got a mix in what he can't solve the worries me about sale. And he's this have been a guy that's been remarkably healthy through his career but that kind of workload that he had a including last year. And I believe behind the scenes they were a little bit worried about this coming into the year which led into the hole. We're gonna monitor his pitch count even the first start Evan it was a little bizarre to see him come out of the game that early there's something medically they're worried about an hour so it just. This guys you lead your seal the Dow tick just a little he wasn't terrible that's what can go wrong with the Boston Red Sox of the wrong with Chris sales alarm. Wall when you watch Craig Kimbrel so far and the Red Sox stats that's fine Twitter count showed that today velocity hasn't been there for him quite as much yet he still been dominant. Even if you look at David Price. Is the curve ball really varies and we've been more sinker Carter. Maybe these guys are all evolving at this point. At some point Chris doesn't have to just of those velocity and recommends right now but he doesn't have a bigger right effect keeps up. Then you're you have a different guy. And and the guy who doesn't have to look at scouting report who can reliance handily on a Christian baskets to calls pitches. You might need to see that change ice and think you have to come as early. I don't rob do you think he's at that point you've evidence of that. I think he was he wasn't that the what you're just opposing is against what he was coming out a game last year. Right and really the whole season last year until about an take cholesterol and dialogue two months and into August 1 on air journalists at a four and a half ERA yes so. But that's the guy they want. The whole year into the post season. Yes right so it. So I UK he isn't ERA under two right now let's say he's been that no I know it's comparisons to be honest I don't think I don't think I don't think it's. Realistic that he's gonna be what he was out of the gate last year I think that you did that was. If these W what he was Abigail last year. They're trying to make that at the end of the year instead begin here if the right. But here's the thing is that we're just opposing an awful last year and I think what he's giving you even on the game against an idea it was good enough. My biggest point it leads to come on what Avant was talking about the price and in new with sale. I don't think there's any argument mean the biggest thing we can go wrong with a team is that something happens to those two. Guys so why is just quick note on this I was in Anaheim on like rob Bradford you gonna always good investment Albert started talking about his story straight investment while the look at that story was good wasn't really talk it was a good features should what was it on it was on the swing. And how it works on it's it's just. And podcast sometimes. Well what do you want controversy in the middle stuff. I want to store that Elliott wave anyway I sat down to avenging fragile brought him within its first Trout that was the story don't want to. I love my row it's how many did you leave the stories boring picture reversal lower I was topical is what people were popular rapper that's the browser that drugs through your. Can honestly I mean we have I have to stop real quick here not stop the podcast is stop like Evan from talking. Because. Ever and this is the problem you gotta get your head around this. Utah hero you're out to Anaheim did talk the bookie bet about his swing. Where's the real topic is what kind of had to talk to Trout a got to try and I'll I'll have an. I think it's not about us we look forward to Buffy did he talked Iran ready Q was throats cut outfield coach I mean that was well he Giuliani talking about Trout in and made that fight a different way to achieve a what's good for. Sure it's good news good insightful I have to eighty Martinez saying that the key that is a lot of things different life than a little better 08 iron from I don't know if it ever does he wouldn't you duster he gets desperate within stories thirty reads reads them like fifties now want people to read me yes but I clicked where can I just tell you I did -- accounting living in Japan by the way you big money shot out of residential and you see it but I settled living -- and its velocity. Came out and he we are and I talked to him in Boston and I need to go out there okay well this is old news was decent on them for twenty million yes legal analyst with two. It became a hurricane came up for sale yet she mentioned Campbell the dealer yes well I've already talked jewelry and yard hole candidates running lands are. What is it doesn't like trump might be similar what is so old knows what the ladies think. He's worried about it now he's an F crackle. Did you expect the say that if they do feel like it's part of this build a program if you'd like to know the average fastball velocity of Chris Hill to begin the season to five starts 94 and the first 192 point 99939190. Point 82 down with a cold weather as cold weather and 95 point 67 yesterday. Can always the last two Ozuna homered the homer was a 91 pose an Oakland. If the average forcing him through 95 point it felt so it was suggested the Huskies on its way. Keep an eye on to the I want all of these guys all your heart attacks I was keeping Ireland Caleb being. And I got a double here's my second did OK now you reported. The Pedroia was gonna start the year no I you know he said that OK I don't put words in them now but what did you report. The Pedroia who's gonna start on opening day know what I usually just our doctors started opening your arm that was. Does it the commitment I'm very easily been our state and that's been severely wrong overblown I think that was like him being like OK for provide no plot. When he comes back that's still a major issue that this team has to deal with how to read cooperate over drawing the line you don't think so now. Junior is getting serious attention have you seen unions play. Defensively is not how does wind events train your ready setting are not lawyers it's true no sense and that makes all my sense now to have Dustin Pedroia plank if you are clearly as is in the way them guys I am not commit settle for that you don't get a SY RN union's financial thing I said we said this on the. On the radio just now can I said from what I see from new news I loved watching you display it offensively. But what I've seen from I don't think Blake's why are you play better secondary the wrong about that. Well whatever they mean you're you're prior to being wrong Bohemia Iraq but he's. Eduardo Nunez was baffling to me like I watched him in spring training and he clearly had mobility issues. You can't test the ball. He he has a hard time catching the ball yet moment on Friday night's game where he was perfectly placed in the shift. Brian Johnson is pitching the ball right there any boxes it yes it is stints on Saturday night where similarly don't throws it down a second. He doesn't want to sneeze can blown up and solid up when he drops the ball. And it's weird to me because I can just. But mobility thing but this being able to feel the ball I don't. Won't get it and how mobile will Pedroia DOD to stack it doesn't get right Ali that's gonna let him treasury even more trusting his you talked about him saying I'm coming back for opening day. One thing we've learned early on. And I think Bogart's is another example this this is there are going to take as long as they need to there's not going to be. We've seen in the last few years while we were and be careful ball are you really going to be the last two years really I go back Pedroia is foot injury way back in the day. They they set amount of talk and the next he's no he's stealing bases in the kick out of bed the next so anyway I have I gotta go blows like to think south could you contributed well. I don't like kale deliverance like last week but I tried to kill can be recently you're you're you're. Reliance on Pedroia gets self assessing and say I'm ready are not ready. Is. Potentially this place is he gonna say to them law that was an offseason. I mean I was be fort street real blessing now. Now we talk about the darker Russian I don't I don't ever got a rush himself as is is pejorative but Bettman and I don't think you'll let him. Here is it all depends on won it all hands on Pedroia the Pedroia is anything like his old self. Minutes wanna work itself out the issue is going to be becomes back in he's not playing well and Nunez is performing like he is now which is well offensively. Is would you rather have the global Pedroia out there are some of the globe distilled everything. But these are losing Billy catch a ball we don't know what is ranges we don't know is bad it's Pedroia is an unknown right now on anybody looks at differently is tricking themselves knowing. What this injuries when I. I think that I think fit normally I would agree with you that it is viewed you can table Nunez is. Certainly offensively is a good player. And he could be replacement before Pedroia Pedroia isn't ready to go if he's not feel Pedroia. But Nunez has been so bad defensively as weird because they've had good infield defense I do think it. Factors in where you DS how to move a whole lot. By you I think this is we talk about things are gonna catch up to this team and you said before and I agree with you but I don't know why they're not having a defense replacement for Nunez. For health reasons what look when Detroit it was back I don't think he's gonna come back and playing every single you're not gonna see the disappearance of the order New Year's either way Americans who Pedroia. Take over it now if this lead in the division is still very high in the blue Jay there are certainly Stallone listening. If it's high enough that you can put it can afford to break Pedroia and maybe you can take some bad play from Detroit for a little bit that in the trickier thing is gonna be in middle penetration planning yankees. And with Pedroia is mobility is limited if he's not hitting we've turning to a that's going to be. I don't I don't know outscored hopes that that's that's a tough person Arab of these that. Pedroia is a huge what if all of it all that's a notable that leads us to drill hole what can go wrong over the dislike anyone it's more present. Okay at a certain point Judy Martinez in his group of laughter. In its corner really cost of cost and then we're gonna have a discussion of or how much how valuable is this player arrests for these smaller guy I think he's. Wave listed on mediate so I think he's played nine. I in nineteen games as we record this almost almost 50% of the time he's playing fields law. I means nobody ever thought if you got two game. Twenty there was a 2122. And he was playing the outfield 50% to nobody would have. He's take court is taking this rests idea which is a good one. Farther than I guess most people believe or when when he initially said we're gonna rotate people a kernel of everybody quite latch on to how much that man because we're so used to the other style of of playing lineup construction through this the idea is good but people keep them relatively free from criticism I've been one of the few to so just for a well first start out seventeen mindless but this is going to be a day when when Martinez is out of line up because you're working immoral and who's been playing very well so right now certainly don't multiple personal PS of any frustration exactly do you pick and didn't make us I'd maybe maybe need to. Did your could be discussion between you figure Mitch moral an entirely different life resulting from the glove first guy which is probably an accurate. At this point. There's gonna be a day when they're not can be hitting you're gonna see Martinez on the bench and you're gonna go wife Angie Martinez playing and the other questions when he's just he's going to be in left field he really wait why is he left field but if you're gonna lose a game because of of a ball you can get to. So those questions exist right now they just haven't been polls have waited bigs. If Bogart's got hurt was that he played. That that's when it was really exploited the T Martinez thing because he put two dep off. Tom and Fenway Park I think that he's gonna have much much more difficult time and have met its many more moments are you talking about it Fenway Park. The New Year's on the road. So we're gonna have more than us this out undoubtedly like I watched him play calving and spring training. A whole lot that I watched him play in spring training TV Marti is the health field. And I think that he can feel the position. He is pretty good instincts he throws the right base he says is what he is he's not very mobile but I've seen worse I've seen you lot worse out there. Palm by. If you see your point is it is he gonna cost them at a key moment if we're sitting here in August. I hate we will put like 4550 games in the field that's our north trending right now. Do you. So that's a question do you think outscored is gonna overplay him in the outfield. This corny to reel this in a little bit I'm shortage film I know there's an element of Judy Martinez came here with the understanding that he would play. Roughly fifty in the outfield or whatever what are the number whether successful or not he wants to play outfield Red Sox told me yet your real push and the so how party take at what point is it detrimental to the T. I think it I think it all relies on how the other guys you mentioned they're dealing with how haley's doing helmets moral instilling Howell before yell through discern soft. And we don't know how that's gonna play out so far everybody sitting pretty much do you put. The other thing is do you need to keep bringing JD out there to keep looking fresh how much rest. G social we all I think heard agreed that it's good to have more rest. How much have each is bloody noses it's a twenty games for one of these doesn't do well there there is there's no blueprint right now how we know that is because. He's rough he's resting guys after they hit home runs. You know so there isn't like they are strong up the line do you say that short short but still we've seen and I know that him that he knew he said that led. Managers have done that meant deviated to the guy's got an odd but they're sticking to it and hasn't really come back to bite them because they come back and usually they head. It's I guess well what we have to look at as the season goes on and we have this conversation about what could go wrong. Is which one of these guys is going to start. Going down stars slumping. Because all of a bit you in my right I mean all of Rome right now making case they're having good years even like Jackie Bradley made a dramatic penny their numbers are way up there. But they're playing well enough there contributing it's not like you said object I have to be on the lineup so which one of these guys Moreland Handley. You know I'm taking bets on the equation spending Tandy Bradley which one of these guys is going to have a downturn. Real like oh well you know you're going to be sitting more than your life to. Will it almost doesn't matter which one it is it's a question of does he then react to that put the whole thing with the lineup right now is. He's not playing the hot hand in the hot hands and one of those ideas that has been long. Railed against by a U that the mirrored the Saban decisions and all that type of stuff like I remember tweeting to me out recently. About core in the lineup Bill James retreated something to the effect of thank god I label it's about time that people are getting away from the sleep. The way I look at the hot hand as if there's a guy you look at who's just in a total funk in India or something tangible about it. Where there's no hard contact and he's just lost the plate in the end he's not just a Giancarlo Stanton type of player. I think you real argument to place somebody else forbidding giving guy a breather. It it's when you have somebody who's not in this very obvious slump that that you take out of the lineup and it. Jubilee the honey amber do you think this is the. Heavily reliant yeah I believe me if if your stream of that while wanna time to develop problem with the hot hand as command. It ends at some point and then you have to identify whether it's as a high hand out weigh the matchup let's say let's say you're really good guess that's better yes it does he think if you had a three reported yesterday yeah. But this guy you know he's sometimes it is not absolutely I mean you know if you tell me differently because having. Whether having played are seeing guys played or whatever it's athletics. When you feel good about this and this is what everyone is trying to harness this mentality of when you are calling in the zone or whatever it is. But. I ask you that's opinions on the other and that's what you like to read that now. It's. You have diskette you have that feeling of you can do no wrong whether it's lefty righty fastball curve ball whenever. And there I think that is a very real thing so yeah that is riding the hot hand. But I think if you take a day off. It's not like you're gonna lose now high end again I think you're still gonna feel that way if it for one day off. I think that's okay that's all right specially the baseball season where it's not like a football season where you only have to wait seven days. The baseball season the next opportunity is two days away. So you believe knot and but you you also think it's look at restaurant is that what you just said yeah I just it's I thought that allowed those two co exist. Because I just explain it to you where I think that if you have a high hand if you have a hot in for Judy Martinez is an example of this where. If Judy Martinez went eight for twelve in the angels' hitters three straight games he gets today off. Do I think that all the son he's he's gonna lose that feeling because he had a day off. I personally don't because it's it's just one day. Is one day. If if you're I'll say it again if you talk about a football season is different you talk about extended period of time is different writings in a Bogart's is gonna jump back in to do exactly what he was doing before. No prop because it's been awhile he. He doesn't have that same mindset to have that same feeling of getting up there all the time. But so I don't I don't know I don't think you can I don't think you can that's saying all the hot hand doesn't exist now. I don't know how you can say the high exists and then be like yes OK. Because you can keep them get a nudge sovereign you can keep the hot hand over the course of two days. Me I guess it seemed to happen and mussina it's it's it I guess. I don't know if she looks to me it feels like a little bit more one of the other the only odd hander you don't kerosene can he said Chris Sale concern. How he's gonna all fall this base running is still there well Lyman recap usage Judy martz he's playing too much in the field. Base running around on and worked up over that more they can get worked where they could run is in trouble base running no punt and if Handley. Gets a little too enamored whether it's stealing bases thing. He he he went a couple times and it just bad choices like Alec spent ten years somebody with a mean as a bunch of people who you know I understand it seemed weird sense and and and to head scratching towards yeah mobile more sort of be in the hills and that was badly so we'll see you know that evolves. The name what was the other you know I have to be beginning I said obviously the top two guys irritation you can put Marcelo and that to health is always so yeah by this state the bullpen itself health is different for those guys in when we saw their best hitter at the time. Accident and there's there's still had a 350 batting average or shorts and Adobe even if they did and it probably would be an analyst score an affront to win. That is different that if you have something happened to those three guys. Or Craig Kimbrel those of the guys to me where can take a really really bad turn the ball. And Joseph the one good bet that issue that existed at the very fond the first very first day of the season and over the offseason and this is not second guess because he didn't rest himself said we wanted to lefty reliever eating go on and get it. And that you and I and others rather sign allied I don't know about you but but certainly felt like at three needed to be replaced in some capacity he was not. How Thornburgh might come back maybe you can be that guy. A lot of faith and. Hi Lisa you know that will be huge mistake to even think that this does I think does exactly what to do with Carson Smith and and may be alert Carson's stuff well. We will look at them look at emits a Q why they why they wanted to Carson Smith to be that guy on day one he clearly wasn't. So I he might evolve and that guy indeed he should be allowed some leeway to get back into how he wasn't Seattle he's. Was back for less than a month last year he jumps in this year and you're just expected OK be the guy you were in Seattle. Well he wasn't ready maybe he evolves and they guy that's fine. But I think he what you're saying you have him. You can't just say you have a guy you have the guys who have the potential to be that guy but you don't have the guy right now. The other day and I think they knew that I mean I know they were trying to to add some sort of relief help they'd they'd clearly are up against it to 37 mark. I think it would have been a credit to them if they've found a way to clear a little bit I don't know how you do with the roster and playing so well it's a little ridiculous and I'm close to save it. They they knew they needed a reliever they did not have the bad that's kind of the bottom line there it's an I'm churches unfurl. Ironically used to be the one thing east they said they never going bet the GM meetings. They never said we knew relieved reliever we need need to be reliever they said we knew lefty reliever. Whether or talk Melissa there or talk a little a little here a little later they were they won't they. The definitively Dave Dombrowski defend Louis said this is what we are collecting is essential battle he reliever or pessimists is that I was getting to rescue too much credit because as underestimation of what. Of what he had an apple and and I think that's not that's actually ironically hasn't been an issue. Mean look what are blowing people don't know I don't guess about what could become an issue right short by you by this we have also this podcast tries for facts. In things are actually happening in all I'm saying what's the weakest part of semen. You rotation and lineup all you you would have to say setting out to Kimbrel. How easily let you know but I'm just trying to call you while on your European actually you're inaccurate facts. Which is affect by nature is accurate so you know you're already being inaccurate I'll sell you today accessed. Which is that. The last few reliever they they were looking for lefty reliever than get a westerly real lefty relievers hurting humble Bobby literally get in Brian Johnson has been fine that's that's what's hurting them haven't I think we both agree that finding the guy eventually because applaud everybody I we haven't seen it but finding the guy who was going to get to Kimbrel on a regular basis not once and a while not hit or miss but on the regular basis that's going to be. Archie misrepresent what I said I did not say it yes you did I should dump Ralph ski acknowledged the need for lefty reliever I said and I wrote. They need a lefty or right he's familiar place as Henry. I was let us what are come become this guy likely sort of I heard this like would block this morning like this guy who like have to fight. I wrote this I wrote that I wrote this that and people. Not only this gore got more confidence in yourself to say in this instance this data up in this instance it's very easy for someone and it happens pretty frequently some goes. You see is the you can't stand up and so insecure I'm I'm letting people know this is not a second guess this is this is the first athlete students when you watch out this Rome. Be a little more security so what would you just tried to misrepresent my point about the ball so anyway I was not saying that what I thought they needed with a left the oaks and that's what Dombrowski said he might illustrate the point that. They wanted a reliever. Whatever the role might have been and they didn't add anything. The role they they want to add if you put it in I didn't quite realize the situation. I thought they were looking for someone who was elected senate manned vehicle slowed whatever I'm sure there would be happy with either. Either way they'll didn't know they had Bobbie I have said at an Iowa continues say I promise that this team will be adding a reliever. Ma am I've read every I only gets of hugely paid. Right that it didn't let that couldn't visionary look at some point here when the streak wears down. That is that's going to be one of the first there you're gonna see exposed again unless unless somebody does really step up. You're Joseph Kelly he talked he temporary by the way pitched very well let's give you can recent love. The heaters on great slider Scott more depth to it. The they've figured out that whores that this is not a conscious I had them they figured out that sliders and move down where. Did that. This you want is a fighter and you are doing I just that you're doing nothing to do suggest that spending the money it's a nude in I was worth it anyway go ahead. So that the fighting fighting we set up guy I agree they're gonna have to find a setup guy and always happens at time of year it's always usually you can it's on you you regularly don't. Wait until July to do that but that's what they position themselves. Well you have to do when you get up against that payroll when you have two up against the 130s are 237. Then you have to say this is what we're willing to spend money on what to deals overspent. Because you kit to say I'm we're gonna go out and signed any million dollar reliever when when have been you do think there are possibilities at some point there has to be a leap of faith. My problem what he's done in the past is that they'll leave the face have been like you know him your mayor's hobbled sin of all in the starting rotation. And the leap of faith when you're saying we have these relievers in one of my step forward that's OK with me. Then that's fine I do think there's been a little too much. Acceptance of that the idea that they are too obvious to 37 OPEC. Could they have bettered distributed that to 37 such that you had a little more certainty in the Baltimore when you're the highest payroll in baseball. Again this is where it's like which arguing get to seventeen and three T got a fair the fair argument but tell me where where you were allocated glittery it becomes it becomes. Unless I'm now in hindsight seen how well these position players are playing it's like a weird do you do that I I don't I don't know who we would've. You know could you've got sort of rock Holtzman and put that two and a half million toward relief may be. I can keep them 2.2 oh but look. This is something I've throttled ought to put people pushed back to institute the thing I point to treat so insecure well if if it's because of this argument with. With with people about but they'll just Dave Dombrowski of creativity and how it goes about things. And one argument in his favor is that he added a guy Chris Sale Craig Kimbrel who was on teen friendly contracts. But. Do they ever trade away money is worth a deal that makes you go like oh well it into that common it's Eduardo Nunez might be the one. That somebody like. And in the time the giants for the so your tape rock colts money to and a million dollars to to pay for for a musical they should've made repair of an arc international last year right. We don't have yet today. The better argument than anything right now is harder right now to point it. Because. You could you got Morlon more cheaply if you waited. All I right now I would say would you honestly we haven't honestly haven't like I was railing on the and trust John thanks for a year now. And having rightfully so but the way the things fell all the way you did the landed which you get Mitch Moreland on like a ridiculously team friendly contract with a lot of these seem broad and I understand it was a huge contract for him he's got more get a better deal than. Then Logan Morrison and the stock as whoever by. At that time still is a team friendly contract for us what you thought you were we're gonna have to pay for a guy like that. And then. You get JD Martinez do you get Jamie he Martinez for what it amounts to a two year deal. Which is I think everybody wins in that situation would be perfectly that's exited the job and so if you're let's bargain yes so they encourage young would have been three years in sixty. So. You know three game Judy Martinez who is a better hitter than he cannot see on. You get him at basically the same rate for two years. I I I I can't say. They were wrong that I consider wrong at the time last year that's like you really just right last year they suffered I absolutely suffered they would have won more games they were won more games and atrocity on. That was the move so it's a beta borders this year is a question that was more valid last year right now it's a little harder to post boy now and say okay this is what they hers really should have moved money. It's harder to do that. So anything else anything else do you think you can follow party here. You know we haven't. And generally speaking we've never really seen adversity for the team. Maybe we haven't seen a media at a point storm we haven't seen criticism we haven't seen negativity and nor did they should they've had any right now and and yet here you are asking me on the spot guest. To bring negativity into their world and we don't want to think as we support team all I also support threats he. I know you do. Also. If they Hanley situation it's always not a feat compared Hanley Manny. But remember 2008 cover and that team had many was great Munis crayon and also on the flip the switch because he had an option year and but became a mass but it was like starting with the Jack McCormick thing in July 1. And this became a mess out of nowhere. And if Hanley something happens to him he goes on the DL on its plate appearance thing gets Dicey or he's not producing is he not goes back to what we're talking about before. If he's up producing if he's one of these guys is not producing and then he has to say more I mean that can get uncomfortable amidst Borland doesn't produce he doesn't play. It doesn't get uncomfortable you may be Mitchell Owens upset. What everything right now works there's no these get everybody's playing is doing well it's it's it's so if you think you're so my last question you have been. Is that do you think this is more along the lines of the 2000 I'm sorry 1984 tigers went in 1987 borrowers. In terms of executives are tigers this status. Dominated from the young and it's cruised on up through there yeah or nineties ember is ripping through and this team is is is certainly this talented but what you're seeing you is the color color of the evidence. Please tell NBC sports Boston a come check it out. Is that you go seasons without seeing a team played to its ability. Right where I mean let me be years can pass before your bring you to where you have a team not also older. We received the Red Sox as well also does look. In its very urgent because it tells you. OK and we maybe we underestimated how good these guys could be the same time she saw where that everybody's doing this also. Individually these tell draw there. Com. It's going to be. It's that little skinny save it is gonna get harder from this or anything else like it. Possibly I think it'd they gonna take a significant downturn what does that mean okay where you where you actually get in a race for the other teams where you are numb. Fish date you you're outta here that you actively just what what do you figure close yet this in the I don't know I don't so do you think. Do you think that this is a team it's gonna have a five game losing streak. Okay absolute pride do you think 1000% OK do you figure is a key over two months span is complete 500. Probably not okay so that's socialist health comes until now we know that's the only team. Yeah that this did they lose liberal journal that they did actually. Now now it had lost the Los Angeles alive and well sure yeah I mean I'm sure the Astros in news listen we have to. Plenty of examples of the red sites could recite teams going on terrible Terrell downturns. I think fit when I look at this team. EU always U2 you should if you're not looking at this with benign toward a somewhat. Policy collapse spotted significant downturn then you're crazy if you just can't keep going the way it is physically possible for this applies to that this is how I look this is solid give him credit for this is that I think number one I think the art why they've been doing it's been managing people hasn't been justice. Shock and we're gonna throw these guys out every single day in rise by as we talk about the hot hand. And also I do think there are contingency plans and backup plans we've already seen one way is Unionists and Pedroia that situation. Good position player depth authority the Thornburgh thing. We don't know how that's gonna end up but at least it's an option as a potential option to be happier you have other guys Bobby point there. You have other guys down there you've you have doubts starters he never thought would would be in any conversation. Hector Alaska's Jalen peaks and started along little connector will ask okay connector blessed with the great. Excessive let's go actor again. We just took offense from the stolen or feel for a while he was awful train track. So all of Rasul. So you have backup plans anything beyond I am I gonna be honest I'm just exhausted right now. That's a great era nominate I'm I'm I'm very I'm very energetic usually when I finish these things you've excise I've always do that with the other field because thinker houses feel look you know you have defensive that's true. I like that like five times don't be so defensive I don't know where you get when you got to this point of being so defensive about it it's such programs rate instead of that is no it. You probably right. Was it like being in the pocket I'll use this one this. During this better fuel apart better than you dreading to reel me on the on the overall organizational direction of what was then contests were renewing the report does indeed there which is viewed it. The Genesis of our first flaw in my can be figured out why you're doing over there is greater trying to beat me into my tail off Robby told me that they wanted to hear radio station that's what they told me in the interview room door they're your radio hosts like it is unbelievable what you don't forget how are you doing over there you can't trick of an interviewer. Two into following some sort of leading you know I'm looking at all your cookie crumbs the way we want your players well. I'll like canceling all like Craig Kimbrel me twenty minute podcasts or get to one question. You want I'm what do you make of the athletic. At the doom there hope the do what. He thought the answer what are you went what do you mean you three years from now you can going to be can be around. So are. Give me another you know I. Obviously you yeah yeah I'm I'm I'm always they always look a lot of my friends and ended up a lot of your friends and ended up there and talk to people about our you know huge ask questions about the business plan. You would sign an anybody I would wager any of our friends in this industry are not. In that business world to have a real understanding of the viability of this operation there's no question you and I can ask. Those CEOs or the other top editors there that would make us say OK I know is gonna work is no real it's gonna work. So you just figure every one he's taking Italy to fit every single person there. And I I'm encouraged because it does seem like look the Russians impressive. If this amount of money doesn't work. What works that it's it's so all I'm doing is hoping that it does work for the sake of the industry. There's nothing you and I are not equipped to evaluate this. A deep level of side of the generalities very liberal I do you have big adventure Kapalua literally in the world this is not our stuff. No about a week I think I don't begrudge him for doing this at all and I don't know what look like whoa whoa whoa there's no there's over. I Priceline fell. So it it's I it's funny you know I'd find stuff and trust him I hope it does work out because these people who are friends of ours and I it's another great place for people in jobs and everyone's trying to figure this out. Plus the sports journal same way its subscription model. I'm really I'm Susan yeah. That'll keep that story didn't in Oakland. We've been in Oakland Anaheim. Did the story did recently on Jerry banner read such front office person I miss writing. That stuff might still be the central part of my job. These CD debts or is it Q did you do this and this is a very serious question yes did you find yourself looking to do those stories. Which I'm like why your writing their stories did you look at that look to do those stories because you see what the athletics doing today. We have today we have there have been over there and are not at all okay well. Uses because like I've never stopper and in the stores when I'm put it it is written more related to the athletic and so much is. That seems to be what they are still doing daily coverage and it's also very very much city's city writer to writer. But there these these sole focus their wares I hit at NBC sports Boston TV but you're ready with you Robert WBI and I also play at the stores. But there is a part of me elites lately that's like man I do. It's enjoyable when that is a. Focus of course that if there's ever and I've always said this like that so there's not everybody likes Sosa another man handled like that's don't know mandates kick rock is this different is apples and oranges it's like you're talking about to do all although yes you do too little on why the good fun. What you do there's no feeling is no better feeling your rec crappy day. You can do radio you can do TV you're never gonna get the satisfaction you're gonna get from actually writing a good story. Even if you present the wrong way like he did. But if you have if you if you if you Redick stories that if you take if you take a good story you take him time to do a good story there's. No do better satisfaction. I don't know in the business world if that makes a difference but in terms of our own. Our own mindset that they were I totally understand I understand where you're coming from. Now we're we're still doing good stories and our respect about what you do or maybe I do and NBC sports Boston. If there's something you I came up as writers we can come up with TV or radio people so I think there's still that. But it doesn't all coalition special we enjoy you know I also that if you flip that around I also give frustrate you with the writers. Who say. Oh off how can you do that are how can you do doubted this is talk radio or this is or you know for lack of a better example bars toward this and late it's all of that dude you've got to the walls broken you have to accept all of you have to accept all of it in and we talked about this on radio I think. Was used to give me crap for like Jim Kelly son saying Pratt push out. This is entertainment but the you have do you have to get people to read your shared their story you have to get them in the door to read it. And a lot of that is and it fighting the entertainment caving way to do that. Are you you're you're right. A look I don't think there's anything wrong I had a prominent I discussion with a prominent. The national writer and a different sport. I guess is it'll last year and I want to punching them in the John (%expletive) face. Because he. He he was makes you shape you know we'll be we were talking about can one be a personality and also be good reporter and end. You know he's he was casting his down word. Big outlet national why on the on the idea you could. And I do we were brought up thinking you could not. They're that your writer or reporter Collison and I actually talked about the song participant with the those prominent sports media guy of the day Brian Moore to work with them been to New York who who who to who doesn't O'Brien Morse uses to professor Newman/Haas Syracuse. This idea that they're cuter girl reporter with the reporter had under everything everything is analysis everything is in some way a former Betty editorializing. Some of that is more easily identifiable but this notion that someone out if you're right thanks straight backed. You're writing literally he grounded out to second base. It even now on the ship that could be in that could be an argument about. Where you have to know you know as wells idea where that comes from where you have peel like school. Well no it's it's also there we're gonna keep digging in on this and screw everybody else for if they don't like it it's the I'm gonna write this story. Everyone come read it because it's an awesome story. Which is in a you know as all's I do there's a lot of people there's a lot of writers who still don't get that don't get you can't do that anymore. You have to go out and recently reached out in get the people the read it you are unless series at a enormous enormous outlet even then. You can't just do something and say hey I wrote this is an awful awesome. It's been 3000 words where you still even though I didn't break it up at all you get a read through the whole thing and you know why you shouldn't give an opinion in any of it. You know as wells I do they are still people out there who aren't are saying like the guy that you talked to you. They're dug in on this and you know who those people are going to be those are going to be the unemployed people. Eventually at every party seen this we've already seen this is we've to have Leonardo. Because because because what people are prioritizing up until the athletic happened was people get to a lot of different things right. For the athletic they were also a my guess is you're gonna shoot up like it's not going to video able to podcasts I think they want people like even athletic. If you write a good feature. They want good analysis in the whereas we're told the lunged to an analysis of the call. Wouldn't want. Is that there are stories that there are columnist who write opinion piece is right yes then there'd be right right now everybody Eddie what's different ball clean and NL this piece of it now where's the line it's ambiguous at best well it depends advocates who want you analysis beat depends how you present it. So that's Ron talking about you have to present the right that is an idiot to think or listeners even understand he's regulates how it's as your somebody say. Well liked in charge of the Red Sox beat the B. These distinctions is that these are in and over reference Brian Morris against led the podcast with thirty to work with who is in the sports media now. Let the that's what he does his job and it is the construct Wright is a social contract solid every college kid now everything you see in this world the social construct. The idea of of of what aid. Beat writer does or what they what analysis is there any any of these things well you know if he goes about dog he's a blogger he's a cause now it it's. It's everything and and I it's it's what. Each credibility still matter. Of course while that's the thing is never gonna change you would this really isn't you know I think actually you or you would hope it would never change nor do we when he did you like put ourselves out that there you know and don't assert personal ways Brett. Later nobody radio we talk about is gone outside of and I'm they've got a little bit more than you. But. You're opening yourself up to criticism whereas if you weren't that strict line of traditional beat reporting you're almost little more free from approaching dislike. And we know they think about you though so there's no criticism therefore argue this when I stand but I've been. Again who were if this is about when you tell kids you say you've got to separate yourself right you have to separate yourself. And if you stick to that straight line that while the people you're talking about of not being able willing to put yourself out there are not what being willing to market yourself a little bit. Of getting a little looser in the way the you're writing they you're not to this degree jostle exist through them you knew what you darkness separate yourself. And and that's what that that's what these people have to understand. And in an eight Gil Scott clobber left the ESPN just recently left ESPN one the last USP a local sites. When he has been retiring for that society when they said well we want someone to do this the TV in the radio and and his PM snap Chad and whatever. Well then I'm not doing any of it really I mean really Scott's into a whole lot of his right did a great also ready Eddie did a great job with it. But it's is sort of strikes me as. That's organizations that yet we know we should do that stuff. But we don't really know how and we more importantly we don't feel comfortable. Doing gov bracing too far out of this happening ESPN. Where they knew that they should show personality but they knew it too late they got elbow can too late for. Analogy that just had to chart a aligned here you talk about it. You can you can jurors. You and I think storm we report a story. Unless you like you know blinded by Pedroia or simply that we we've still adhere to some sort of internal compass that we've long had toward objectivity. But you know there's a player I don't like that guy gives me bad quote. I think you're still able to manage that your own head and say all right. A market unfairly Chris is scheduled to commute geek because he gives me that quote not all media members can do that. But me you know I mean distance between. It live letting her personality out and letting. Little potential. By aces. There you center and someone actually has influenced the work a little different things. Yeah but that's but I think that's where people. Really get confused or are people misrepresent that like in my state people like the holier than now organizations. They misrepresent that I think it. If you go to a clubhouse you should treat people like human beings you can packed talked to a person you could have a conversation. And at that with the understanding I can do podcasts and these guys at twin peaks restaurant. It but with the understanding bit of (%expletive) goes the other way you're gonna report but that is the reality of of life in the media right now it is it kit. Being the difference lies is the gray area it's it's it's the and there are certain there are stories and details to come up. Where it's like okay. I'm you know I'm closer with this guy would direct rebuke is this nest is there's this special things. It has been written a no doubt you'll right right but this political issues are still in your your less inclined to write something. It is obvious though it all comes down to the importance of the story is true that story that should that information does that information have to get out their mothers and babies that were up short by it in also in baseball it's a little more convoluted and other places to you because. Your view seasons longer the access is more the you have to say hey you know I've done this I remember here's an example. Come back I don't remember what year was Ortiz messed up Disney. The impact that he was there are saying that then that he had a bad caught it. And he messed up this media caught his foot caught up in the anatomy. And saw Matthews he blood slip I was visiting and then he's I want to weighs like but don't write that Michael Campbell one of my supposed to do now is still bow right that so this is. This is seems to be big deal. So now your thing well he told me not the right doubt it's an off the record thing what do you do a lot of times you find a tough situation you trying to find out other avenues to go. But even if you overrated but no so this is what but he also knows what happened I didn't write yeah exactly that's where your paranoid and sometimes. Been in this situation to where you have to go up to have to listen. I got to write this because. It's gonna get written. And so by in this case to all right all right well now you're looking for the opening you're looking for any opening maybe you go up too much different way. Phase all right 'cause you know sometimes guys change their mind. What happened was that they'd give means heading at the all star break has said that Dave Ortiz might have to have surgery. And what they're saying was caught like you'll surgery and acquired that doesn't make you sense. Any sense so I was at 2007 blue Silverman at The Herald I called Mike Silverman who was out the all star asked him about this. And sure enough he's in the mood he says there was Disney. And that's usually how it works so for these people to say why didn't you reported right then and there that a lot of times that's not how works. You're live players from Britain we go through this all the time I've gone through recently in their group the group that happens yes. And anyway. I might break that up with a who else. I don't ago meats and I'm fine.