Bradfo Sho, Ep. 80: The story of Brock Holt

The Bradfo Sho
Thursday, April 26th
Brock Holt joins the Bradfo Sho to offer a detailed account of his long road back from the dark days of a concussion to becoming one of the most productive players on this Red Sox team. Holt offers a candid account of his lowest moments, days of severe doubt and where it all started finally turning for the better. Holt and Rob Bradford also dive into the strange days of spring training when he heard his spot on the team might be in jeopardy, along with trying to decipher who is stronger, Holt or Andrew Benintendi.

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Add road show. That's my open definitely probably would have brought that's my old. Query where you don't know what you're stupid. Brad broad show. That's delicious. I believe this is. Your very first serves them. He's very very popular podcasts Brett Russia is that correct Brock coal I think so yeah I think so I don't gone very many podcasts on this Monday. First time bomb on yours for sure. Why is. I feel like exit I would have asked you before have you been avoiding me. Possibly as fair is fair in your yard Illinois yet possibly outlaw yeah I don't know they have asked me but. You know if you have in the past. On the hit drive tried to link that. Bullet bullet the inevitable. I guess well I think that if yes anyone who comes on it's that time their life so Derrick Todd realized anyway. Your base it's good to see doing so well. You're doing really well it's received here. And I guess the first question I have for you going back to when you were going through last couple years and in the concussions and stuff like that. Was there ever a time where you just said. I doubt creeped in your mind you're human being doubt creeps to your mind I don't know from immediately get. Yet last year last year throughout gone through bomb. Trying to play in AAA get back in just malice. Or else feeling awful. Bomb sell yet there's no doubt in my mind. Are those hard to love. It's hard keep those thoughts from creek and in just because I you. That it just wasn't the same bomb something wasn't right I wasn't wasn't getting better so this guy had to trust what what else weasel but. Our training staff and and Micky Collins at Pittsburgh game and that is to do when Ellis was doing and you know it's it's worked out so. But you outlets it last year there were plenty of Tom's house. I was down I was ever gonna you know be able that to play baseball obviously. Live a normal life was. It was doable but. When baseball was not so. The question I asked now or is low point. The low point. The other is a lot of low points a bomb. I think just the fact is trying to. To play. Any comebacks in AAA. Anxious not being able to you know the the idea of rehab assignment this you dig yourself right to get back to beat him. It wasn't working. There's that there's a game in Scranton where it was just real bad Alice. You know it's couldn't see anything really explain their base and pound guy in a line drive to the knockout light. Lunged at it Omnia caught the ball well. Barely om and it was like a routine will soft line drive them. Reduce the Beacon Theatre yeah it's just I wasn't really is just my focus like Ellis and able to focus on anything my vision was lagging. I'm still like I couldn't really fault baseball that well bomb and there's another time. And Alice Texas and at second base cells back that way just kind of kicks in on BP. Falls catching balls second for Mitch and threw me a ball and not just completely lost in the foot bomb didn't didn't even touch my glove. So that point I just now walked off the field like what that acts on. So there's there's a lot of low points. Like I said it's it's hard to keep those those. Doubts creep in but get the best in just can't trust what you've been told in and you know do explicit. Due to get back in. You know hopefully you know you get back home one luckily it's nothing to do that. So you go Aviv during this process you've got to pay the I mean this is yet that they'd be like when you were going through this stuff that must help the little that I am him out of he's human being yeah. All we haven't having ruthless and that's that's the biggest blessing. In my life. Regardless of us you know what else gone through them he's always gonna be the dollar's gonna be priority number one in them alive so. Patton and you know obviously it helped being able to go home and spend time with with my wife and and him. You know obviously it helped. Still still little down obviously not being able to to do what I am you know felt like I was cable Dylan but. I mean those those two people are most important things in my life so. Men when their get a good well yeah. It was there any time you're saying you're you're questioning if you were thought the baseball thing if you gonna give to get back to where you want to be. And who was there a time when your wife says I'm worried about if you set your priorities. Lifestyle family your own health was a time when your wife said. Brock. Don't want to the baseball. Now now she ever you know she's she's always been big supporters so she never. You know we obviously we we've we've talked about you know what else gone through policy in London you know she support mean what I wanted to. To track competition. And on you all wanted to. You know obviously trying to get back to feeling getting in and not just to play baseball with feeling good again did not do this thing so calm. If not she was always in my corner whatever you know whatever I wanted to do. Com yes users for me so you know she was a big help in the hole in the whole process what was that I've asked you at the lowest point what do you remember the turning point. Fareed. I would say the turning why don't remember the exact time but. Towards the very end of last year by the last. Week. Week and a half I started I got a few gets played a few few more games and I did previously. I just felt better com. Just felt better in those games and then bomb. Going to offseason. Work and now. It hit you in the off season I just felt. I felt normal felt right again so. Policy at the very end of the very end of last year even Joaquin back Paula still lost took me awhile to Deke on one but. Let's take towards it variant last year sort of thing and it's amazing as their reason for that is at this time in handing out timings when the doctors say give it time to time in you you went through a long time when it. Where is there any change in approach you took a tour was there at Madison was there or once again it was just time. I think the biggest news time on his roster you know playing. Free avenue AAA. I get shut down wants now got shut down again. And in that we finally decided it's probably not that's our plan so took time off this time. Did but it by. My vision exercises. And take it easy in that seemed to help a little bit he knocked out changed medicine's right three or four times throughout the process. Trying to figure something out that would help. And a following got home one day I mean. I'm still on it so take it every night. That seems to help so I don't know that. Jane you know find in this medicine was the key factor. But I think in in most cases like this it's this time it's and it's ever everyone's different it's one of those things work. It's not like you you sprain your ankle and you know you take a few days off the views drink in excess that there's not a. Yes the frustrating thing about it I mean it's not like oh man night. A tour Michael Waterman now yeah do their I guess specific specific weights. Make it better you know like to be terror muscle you you sprain an ankle you do something like there's. There's a latter you climbed to its back to feeling good. But this sit there and everyone's different Airpwn reacts different and you know last year obviously took to the lot. A lot of time for me in I think that was of these things is taking that top off. What was again that was our guy who a person of player who said who gave you advice regalia have went through this have been really hit home because obviously a lot of people want to help. Lot of people have stack actions but was there one that really rang true for you. Yeah I talked to you know when Iraq let's go through price below its top thousand when Ellis went plant game and straighten. AAA. Bomb called make Clinton and so on I don't know what's gone on like I just don't feel it's that it's not working. That he he put me contact. Brian Roberts with the Orioles. And cult and and talked. And for probably hour hour apple phone just about kind of what else all through bomb and that really that really kind of helped. Because. Obvious Ellis talked it the trainers and teammates is up about how it's feeling but no one knew exactly. Coliseum. So I'll tell them but they were like yeah you know they didn't understand. I'll still alive he no no one had been through it soul Nicki put any contact with him because he said. His case in my case were pretty similar bomb. Saw cult and just kind of told them what what was goal what else going through it and he understood routes that that was out of date big. Big step. I think in in the healing process it betters knowing that. He knew what else going through it he had been through it piece. He feels please normal now still. Yet outlets this. Like we said earlier the doubts Urquhart and then you don't know if you're gonna feel normal interview would do years you that you which cable Dylan but. Talking someone that it had been through it. And gone through it taken it and eat it it took him a long time to but he got back to normal so very good player yes yes ally so talking. It was big now on the set talk to Dave Ross a lot amounts over that those Dave Ross. He talked to some of the stuff he you know he went through two and we saw Mickey. And in another one another big lot talks it was. It's Dale Earnhardt junior. Nicki put me contact in this he said you know. This was probably a little bit more severe than mine obviously the rays were Barry's. Is that more because that's that's sort of meet or July I talk to him on the phone for a good hour 11 day. And it was the same thing as someone he knew that what else going through it trying to. Pocket explain talk about what else Phelan CNN and Al division woods was not not working. Worker right and they knew exactly at all talking about and they went through it and they. They've they've they're back to normal so I think talking to those those three guys in particular were were the biggest. Bomb. The biggest. Steps taking as far as like a jacket I. I'm gonna be normal again this particular time. So you get to spring training did you know that you say the offseason yen the year happens to feel better offseason it good off season. He gets spring training start playing an actual games again did you know. I'm back. I feel like I felt like I was I was back I felt I felt normal laws are filling up seeing the ball well bomb having good at bats and yet just it just felt normal again so are now as they. It's that students because you never know like I hadn't really playing up the great in the offseason but. You know you get back into the game you know hired a mile track ball and do all that stuff so. Didn't back in the game and feeling still want muscle that it was a it was a huge debt to. When you go through spring tram remember sucking industry trend we're gonna shift a little bit and actually making the team that whole thing that. Column I taught you before about this so I apologize repeating I. It was a Wednesday Europe again somewhere near Bradenton. After the game the media comes up to you as you worried about making the team or sometime I'm paraphrasing so I don't. But in music that was the first time that was toward the industry trying that was the first time lightweight what are you talking about and and you went to meet with Alex Cora. He said that was a very good meeting at sort of like OK this is where Iraq and everything. Just take me through that whole situation yet. Those policies just cop pop in the didn't really know how to. You know. Tell it took me to me by surprise when no one ounce get asked these questions so. They worked out I mean obviously it worked out and I mean I think. Even be asked those questions I didn't lose you know any comments myself for any thought that you know Miguel wasn't gonna make the team must still thought that I would. Bomb. And I did and our mere 54. Well and wolf have you been here you know this is you know Alex and he gnome you have a manager throughout spring training that you don't. No until certain circumstances come up how he's gonna react when it's like to deal with them. That was sort of a must have been a good jumping off point for you to say oh well this is my manager. And not straight man he he's been great to. They want bomb you know I think he cannot prove that to need this offseason whenever he you know we call that rule when he got the job. Range meetings with everyone he was up in Boston for a couple days I went to dinner with a and then. To sit sit down I had dinner with a net coming we sit there and talk for 22 and a half hours it's. Just like where is that we ran we went to. I forget what it's called who dropped by the movies. Gossip Yeltsin also. Off you pay for its company cards yet they put it on the on the Red Sox tab so. But no he's not he's been great man and and he's he's so he's he's so approachable so he's he's talked to. You know so you know it's just one of those things were the other thing kind of popped up and now I wanted to come talk to him about it is. You know it is you know. I just can't tell him where outcome from don't know what's going on how we had a good meeting and talked about it. Knows now that it was easy to under been able to do that. With a manager. In the big leagues have had managers and Marley stuff felt comfortable doing that with or even college but. The first one I've ever done that with in the league's. I think you all adds up you know been around for a little while now so I think that added to go to the comfort level a little bit but home. You know it's easy for me to say Cason takes a gimmick and I thought to tomorrow morning so you think along so. You know when it talks about situation. And now is that. And use eat at legacy he's he's been great since they want. I think everyone on the team we'll tell you that you know we're happy. Here. Is the best that you then was a baseball player like we always incidents. Time is a fickle mistress you know these. You can't get smarter and yet you know it'd be also hope that your physical capabilities catch up to Europe status Kmart remain the same as when you're young. And you seem to be in the sweet spot here is this do you think the best that you can. All in all things considered yeah having. You're going well right now. I'm you could go effort and I mean that dog out a feel good in. I'm trying to. I'm trying to not focus so much on the results as I have in the past on this year. I'm trying to say is policy that that can't. Obviously this game is. They saw failures so everyone's gonna fail bomb. But try to be as successful as McCain so you when I'm not alone go well on trying to trying to take the positives out of out of something whether to get it that move. Her playing good defense we're gonna be any good teammate stuff like that ball. So when the results aren't there on because there's gonna come a time when you know that they aren't going to be their home. You can still go home and sleep at night and you know. Authorities do in Boston started the enterprise that's the process isn't isn't isn't easy and thought no it's not mean there's a lot negativity. Bomb. You thrown at you when things are going good bomb but I think I've done the job. Pushing those things aside. It's clear last year which was a news still it wasn't written the beautiful yet deleted to address I can't I can't deal with the moralis deal with enough stuff last year. Every tell my counselor or else. Reid helped out there flawless in you know what ignored just to go back gosh and I was so. Saddam on the net I can't actually do this in more so to river that day in the place of you today. I don't it was I think it was middle of the year Mike Dee duct armed arteries it's like I'm completely in on this I got on the happened in the and I don't need to get deleted at the right way it's probably still out there somewhere I haven't checked them so it's that was huge debt bomb. And then just recently on its current outlook answers our favor Abbott. I deleted. Took off people can't comment on my pictures and assault fall on them so far fallen U meets your problem offering not gonna be negative marks on Michael's. So if I don't believe you can't comment on my pictures picked itself. You take all that's the way actually read anything. It's silly it's fine but if that's the thing up I'm trying to do next you know this year as opposed to last year's. I just try to enjoy it and like we're we're back as the players where we're blessed to be able to do this I'm. So you just trying to enjoy the joy of the moment and Julie. Deep on the scene and I've been part of this this organization. Whether it's. You know go on mountain performing and doing really good job or. Have a couple struggles here and there let's try to stress that policy than a home. You know you Eagles before we win the game that's that's a good days go into the they were we're trying to win. Com. I'm trying to have as much fun as possible while unable play last question. You've been very generous to you time appreciate it putts question I was watching you the batting practice cage yesterday. Cynnex Tibet intended. I'm thing camp this same size. Of the same size like they're there you're about the same height correct now. Atop opting out lame little bit this year up a little bit more months. I give mark how about that but yet we're pretty much right and it's the first question who bench is more. It's probably. Yet project I don't do a lot of minutes the look he doesn't need the most most of us now like. But really did you have danced adds advanced numbing that we. Men none of lesser and it. And it apparently. That's so this is this is that this is an added that he can hit a ball further but it's that's my question is that why I have no idea. Along that same thing like I watched it take batting practice and it's. Homers that sinner and it's false rumors. To left center left field and I struggled in the pool full homer and BP so I don't know I think I don't know aces. Our homes you know but it's disheartening but our us all these guys. Like. And he meteor really going ones that. Compared each other like it's you'll swear on the team. Feel them home in BP but he's not gonna he's not gonna go get senator is not an awful like moved to Washington. I'm into the its media vault yesterday is there are those he hit it and like Al offers basically hit it on. Yes that's a home. Like all out there so I don't know if that's got us. Bomb I think his swing pass every not to get too to understand all that odd strike the ball I'm. Obama interview homer so but started art and whatever. Angle. It goes on he goes on and hopefully if it's a ground ball on the holes. Line drives on. And we now run and won it and it'll go over the fence but. I'm not to worry it's a good question and I feel exited the great questions great Britain and you watch those out to be hidden. Mean he's unbelievable like the health or the balls and come on David. Bomb so yeah it is a curious thing I I don't know how how what happens but it happens in these guys this. It's where balls look better than others in. And goes further. Like this I'm not too worried about my home run total time. So I guess that the user added yeah well well brought to dominate the launch angles vodcast so it's nothing else I really appreciate you taking the time I went over my time I apologize I appreciated and I. Ago and so we keep that up front but thanks truckers got it thank you.