Bradfo Sho, Ep. 81: Kerosene Ken has baseball sources

The Bradfo Sho
Monday, April 30th
Rob Bradford is joined by Kerosene Ken Laird and Pitcher Nick Friar to break down the state of the Red Sox as they head into another week. Kerosene Ken blows us away with his latest hot takes, while getting into a little bit of a spat with Pitcher Nick. The group discusses how loose-lipped Kerosene Ken has come when it comes to his "little birdies" giving out information.

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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know what you're stupid Brad broad show. That's delicious. Well another series. Dawn another. Weekend series and only mean one thing we red hot snakes of kerosene and you mean the are fueling the press box here at Fenway Park where this today's pitcher nick. It's been awhile but it too long ago left debatable so we kerosene Kenya so that this is kicking off. What are ya. You don't normally they take me now what you're waving red high K despite the win today you're in New York next week. Yes for at least the leaders are partial to back. Up that. Next week the Yankees overtake the rents for the division lead you'll see the Red Sox in first place again. After next week at its theories until September. Sweep the yen close of the market. We get a money in Europe the amateur hour okay go ahead of the Yankees can use the word for games so you're saying but by the time a week from this minute which is after Sunday's game after Red Sox went after the reds like go to. 47 yeah. You're saying the Yankees will be in first place after the Yankees Red Sox hit its theory all after a look at this weakness years well they're gonna sweep it is if you gave back. As little long term projection okay enjoyed enjoyed its expatriate week firstly a you know it's Great Britain aggressive. Take first place. The system that's India's deadliest summer Cheney's group by here's my next week take first place back. Whose music for the Red Sox yankees game they're there for their tackled and I think when you get it. Can I agree with them on network the Red Sox take it back within this week okay. My prediction off of Canon's kerosene cans not taken the Red Sox will be five games up by the investors. But there it is at least we've religious they'll the next week about it. Five games. Five means that they're going to be who you know who knows what they're going to be in a couple days they're going to be five games up to get the royals compounding stink. And you get Texas they stink. And yet you have the Yankees. Are on death and you have the Yankees that you have the blue jays. But by that time they head to Toronto head to my favorite city of Toronto they'll be five games. Just think right now you'd think you'd think ultimately did the Yankees are just on fire that's the thing that theoretically locked back to. Everything they're starting rotation and you see I see the numbers in our office and you've seen dozens and and our labor Torres at three and they're good example to these icons. Is healthy who key that's the date. These that's why that's why yet you have to make sure you do not have a lingering hamstring as someone who has lingering hamstring issues do not have when. Little birdie all of this injury elbows on the yet. Yet you're so rats resort courses are still better protect your birdies but I thought I'd go ahead. I had absolutely. Favorite no no well I know if I go to the places you go federally part is not like your column in the corners of the act that has defied this go ahead. Looked a little birdie on him. That this disease or serious injuries are making. The score. There's money out. We feel the meters knows. I was Lars right out of the gate everyone who coordinates the well this is one my biggest concern Lou. Lou it's at right now and Lou it's that open open open everyone after the first day Europe the first week. Yet the ball and was recently right now and not open the field incidents. Right I would absolutely a 100% right going. What's gonna lead to knows Cora is just. He is not in acute injury is gonna plea Nunez at second of whether he stinks or body's gonna put tedium and he's forced equity in the outfield. But you saw today almost cost them another game that ball over the head which you know quickly Kimble got out of it but. This is gonna become a war between the pitchers in the haters on this team is gonna be a divide in the Red Sox clubhouse because the pitching staff. The defense core is not giving it to a record as what. For position player he's pro he's guys he's for its gonna you're gonna see that the cracks of the divide start. Because they're pitchers and hitters because the infielders are not feeling well if G Martinez structural level android item. I would say this I told you this site to lose with Judy Martinez his problems are here at Fenway Park I you watch him play on the road. You watch him played symmetrical ball parks and he's fine he is perfectly fine. Year like a lot of guys that wall spooked and we saw the plated a line drive over that it whatever laws. So he's got a couple bad place here but the the pitchers aren't screaming you know one team in the street and you know but it's it's been slowly faster accuracy this festering issue it more certain than in Europe it. Yes it's certainly legitimate you can you'll be disregarded that accurately it told hold on unethical about it noted ordered new news is giving infield and fielding tips. I wish it could be made up their base it's fine to play the complete agree at third base and here's the thing I actually think that at second last year we forget he played over 200 innings there. He wasn't he wasn't this now. You wouldn't it just I would I would admit that we are written about it I said it I think is rare peg round hole and horrendous and everything else I mean youth it's uncomfortable in and if I really don't have a problem with the court keep running him out there because it's when a human do I like his bat in the lineup but please. Defense replacement when you have the opportunity you don't have that today your short your bench is short. So fine but you've got you have to at least make that sort of concession right you'll people again as will be squat about that he continues like. Gambles and game. Piston but tonight AMOCO and stately clock can't play corner and unions anymore because the only not to be squads not their fault they're gonna ask you beat you will be behind the scenes. Grumbling and rid. Little crack will feature its allies in the that what's your latte nick you're a student. I mean it comes and pulls the hot yet Beatrice on. Coming in terms of with a hot cakes and I don't need to go in Crete island here but I will say Iraq he talked about oh. The plane the royals and the Rangers coming up because they're playing bad teams. They're gonna survive and I and I just said you know you me at least going to be fine that is playing crappy team my teams are right market street the Yankees are you sure make it but you know just play eighty crappy and I know they won eight straight but the race no. And the of the 18 straight I site. Realized that I just said. They're still cracking or not but we know we don't know that. They won eight straight we don't know if they're scrappy yeah that trot or instead a couple weeks ago the crappy as the team's budget. The budding among the crappy teams he's not supposed to be a bad team and then lost to them as well but this year what I feel like there. The rate or doing some thing. That makes him the average team and and it's hard to put your finger on it because you look at that lineup and the you know terrible line up four man rotation. He is a bullpen of guys you like an okay whatever but. They're doing something right edit it I also I defer to it maybe argue it's too much but this bay. Definitely think different in other teams and there's a method to their madness and I don't think they go into the season. When we're saying this is the worst team with the worst team in all of sudden now they when he in a row of the disk Juanita row there is something there they them what I'm gonna say. Pitcher nick. They're mavericks they're an average of which I would never say couple weeks there average teen when they're playing the threats and has some other teams in the division when you step outside the net change there and above errors yet. And they're not about actually in the Red Sox ten to play worse it gets and as always once every year at their side in at least it should you realize they did light. Dominate them earlier in the night and all that but what he's done for me lately. Well he said the Red Sox usually have a hard time in the army literally winning dominated lost the first game. With an and they want the rest of all those names not the office of the not I don't care they were no matter if they're closed or not comedy doesn't. Out of it closes. Dominating today luggage went Red Sox look today at a perfect of dom dom may need to me to win the laws I'm not gonna get romantic well terrible argument. Yet it's clear up sixty getting dollar but he Natalie and Ed Harris. Terrible it's worth going on. So I want to come back to the Davey Martinez fielding thing I had pointed out if a student lea and excellent point by me I showed viewers that here in the Red Sox broadcast Booth and I should be some stats it might paint the picture a little bit more. I think if we keep running to be Martinez out in the field. And you look at his numbers especially after they haven't seen updated stats but easily a hundred points higher for. It is notable. Is ET small samples. Because well you is what it years. Sword and yeah I mean this is the first time he's teaching. But it's not as a small physical size what is not you're still talking about ten games on the side if that's the case today. It's better plated simple when he's in the field as opposed the age. Does that first vote give you pause for the signing. Now orders or physically farther let's it doesn't just a question. Or it would you then consider at home approaching definitely is on the road because clearly as you brought up a wall he's got Robin last year the wall spokesman for Larry's. He's been better on the road in the field has been here that what do you think. It was going. MySpace was meant as gorgeous as always said we basically said days its average is about a hundred points Ireland plays and field incident. Compared because it involves making it the highest in India nor understand that but this is like tennis if his party is right that looks bats use can offer like it have much choice about whether or not play I don't believe suburbia going to be on like -- you can send here's run around the bases then he would take it game he's I don't. You're answering. I know they are very posh. But if if the bill on time at that moment you now they have they have yet. The shift there way up OK. Right now. Oh no oath as though this go back to I don't usually like to do this cousins than ever dream big picture podcast usually but there are some interest rate decisions in this final game of the rays than nick you were down or. And in the clubhouse. And the old decision to let the Indy Leone have you heard this kerosene. Date but he tree he pitched around because I was kind of convoluted but basically. Yet they've they've made big one Lind hit in a nutshell. That it went Lind hit it blatantly will live or Atlanta hit with a bases full and so he's thinking. If they pinch hit the dinner biographers family on the gonna pitch around him to Bogart's. Then that's gonna leave them with with the win with a bases loaded in. Which I guess the beat counterargument to that. Would be well why Edith pitches why art from way down. But then he does still doesn't want Bogart pinch hit wanna I wanna penchant for land because in one play Bogart's in the field. But the two hour fuel that way known it who was hitting a hundred. A hundred me at that time. There is still work. If it's it's it's it's weird. That's all interesting. Thing is that explained to a completely last year if it weren't getting it in depth explanation why. He needs a just and things cores doing differently then. Predecessor I would like to though the though follow the obvious follow up and we have the only view regional gas so many questions early before we won one killer cells and because if he transcription. But it's but. Why are. You'd not pinch hitting not they'll be looking at at that as an option at some point and also when you have this catchers hitting a hundred. 15 the I don't blame slight heart if he's pissed off right I honestly don't this is the guy US if you leak it can't run here. Yeah but it's it. How pat had. Can he beat catching. It in we've seen this before with other managers not only here but other places you ought to prioritize. A lot I'm gonna prioritize. The catcher and instead of hitting. By hundred in box if the or blockade year whatever they are. And then he also coming off for spring training with YR one of this kid. Is throwing a really really give back in me honestly his average is in good bye but when he's gotten up at various times if given an overmatched. I don't mind I understand his frustration at all toll makes sense but at the same time route and every time I'll take catcher who's hitting. Fifty that's awesome on defense over a guy who's. Decent defensively your average defense clean hits 300 and especially with this lineup. With the way you you you have everywhere you turn somebody's hitting well I know he got holes with JBJ and and injuries and everything. But I want defense from my catcher in Leone gives that to some extent investors certainly gives yeah I know you know the stolen bases have been a slight bit of an issue early on but in general. I hear you Bob disdain upon Blake's wife Tara I don't blame him he's going to be treated that's. Ending next. Well immediately but soon. And I told the problem that though right. Had to accumulate points. And you'll you know and I might think that nobody what does it. One Arturs is straight ability. Now just while they went straight for heart but he wanted they have no definite yet in the story in yesterday's which could be true. It is legal for now meet his rule that we need we need a better job right so we you'll right now he's also he's the other outfielder enemies especially with your little birdies flying around him remote itself the year like labor pool. It suggests with the mystic. Qualities that theory dollar. For what. Message option on all that's over Milwaukee right now for what you heard of it's perfectly. I mean I guess it could happen by. The ousted possible deals out. I. Said the year. On the year and you're in and now you're like I crypto and I heard what you said I'm trying to. Closer source pulled me close with closer than the other bird yes. Carl is Belcher will be awaiting New York degree outscored musical a friend from I've I've. I'd a birdie there aren't that birdie and I told you that incompetent to do it do it what are you doing. Oh yeah. So this relationship with the core so why. So you'd be would be appealing re entry into baseball. Team right now what have you seen cut and all the respect to Carlos Beltran do you have did you see him at the end of the year. Okay all right anyway I told you anything again ever. But feel a little birdies now I ruined it I threw it past you you're the sort. Yep by. I I tell. Me despite an inexpensive confidence and care about this month cares about breaking news about business like the fifth time cutting him much I will say this I've only one birdie in this podcast. But there have been other times were you thrown out bird thing that I literally had told them something fifty minutes before that we have the guts to take it and make it cares. Used to know I knew I I have the you don't have the guts to have the guts to use the information properly in exposed at the right time to think about the option you you're like so many other people who are not used to this world which is easily get a little bit of it for you like the mutt of of reporter. Which is you get a little information and you can't wait to viewer to sit aired your cubicles that they're in your studio. It now if you get it and you're just can't rule rate to release it because this justifies your existence. I am so disappointed when he caught the tree intrigued at fort now steaming bench option like Ali Oracle's. It would be very intriguing by don't feed the as filthy you know fourth when Angie Martinez he's good fielder. And now holiday agent that Carlos felt there are. There are hopes for a fielder's. Though. I know about that. I don't know that this morning and felt and I can. I don't raise plane if you cute now. What use all of that holiday. That would kinship in at least would have. The guts to put your ear tells wired up hero but that. There's no opportunity welcoming news junkie that's possible. For the year. For the year that's what you center at least emptying and now I'm listening to everything you're paying as it is you know with them and try to twist is that take up yup I'd throw that out there betraying the trust Providence I'm Noah that's elect we know nick this is what happens you Hepburn I want to feel you lose the pipeline of information. The circle of what's. What does it diapers with with going on. I know what it was going to be eight is that to get hopefully everyone never it will follow the podcast wanna know what you went Alice green movement street me on the party in every morn news betray march. Like. -- it was such discussed by fellow. Colleen and now I know there are others that are disgusted by pitcher nick that treaty you know to know what does that mean you can look at it that we're high while watching it. Mean I did it ever been to Q and I think it was Smith evoked and is information. On the dismissive and it just saying that you told on the play before that I eat you know close that and fairness you think that was the part in. But that's crops and that he stressing you with the Nazi thing biggest interest and again and feel a little bit data bus there and that W politically correct action now there was there was sort of a method to the madness. As they possible story but you see differences. Now in volatilities. In the New -- The methadone but why do you stay out of sorts of how bout. That. As the I don't get ego and odd don't you got a lot of people leaving mad at the moment on the slippery it is totally how're we gonna do this next week by it can be challenged. Figured out anyway thank you thank you all. Thank you very much. Don't the only man on a unified. Nick you're right out I could have people double value members of this organization.