Bradfo Sho, Ep. 82: Joe Kelly's new world

The Bradfo Sho
Tuesday, May 1st
Red Sox reliever Joe Kelly joins Rob Bradford to offer details of what life has been like since his April 11 brawl with the Yankees' Tyler Austin. Kelly explains how his world had changed since the bench-clearing brawl, how this season has changed him,  and the unique way he handled a six-game suspension.

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Add road show. That's my open definitely probably would have brought that's my old. Query where you don't know what you're stupid. Brad broad show. That's delicious. He says he would never come on the podcast again this is not a blood test. Today a city never come on podcasts and let him in the snow upon us. So you were never come on the podcast and not Od deaths in the super bug hasn't anyone. What's the charity again Jerry Kelly. It's a one way. And how do you partake in this charity Jerry Kelly. There's numerous ways you know when you go outside and direct wind is doing we're just that much litter. And click on offense meaning I subjected to these six challenge. You know or you could find did. You know listening your podcast. How many how much money of your race since you started JK in its challenge from whatever the so we Wear and ruthless and we're on the city doesn't so it's an awesome announcement that it found out. You know I think we're at seventy. Mean it's seventeen. 800 in less than two weeks. Yet that it's a must do it's been it's been great you know a lot of people's you know who. Who love this there. Simulate donate you know front and you know listen to this morning did retire about the terror Kelli cyclists have a TSA wants to donate to this runaway you know hundred bucks you the fight footsie with a and also there and into good 'cause that's that's that's been good and we're close our goals are trying to you know keep this position and then they obviously were gonna have some other goodies coming out for. You tune donated you know the most the most once a top donors and did you know some special summit since. How's your life change or the last two weeks has been crazy since it's it's fun though you know. I. Flawlessly Tim Henman will play baseball. You know hurt this indigenous or from the film and other teammates into my work done. You know this is all live as a game time so that's ago go outside room. Quote. And it's been musical of an older. You know and watch a baseball game which inhibits. I wouldn't think done that you know for a little bit of time he got to watch this whole game you know throughout the beautiful part of Finland. You know America's most beloved ballpark enough. Got to go to you know less billion uterus stood got to go to the pavilion and got loose but look not Budweiser anymore and Sam Adams that. And Suzanne Kennedy some born in the mail them concede mist mister Henry. This is innocent it's been. You know the ones and your board of Muslim world. I don't wanna sit the film and there hasn't been watching games is because. One name us Canada and California and Melinda go us to a home so much out too much of as well against that kind of I would have thought it was almost close to the accident part of the team. Play assisted us in a while two weeks and had already give that's you know Clinton misspoke but what's it like have you been suspended before. Okay I don't know. What's it was fined suspended where you thought it would be like the ceiling. It's different. Because saloon in her house on sand the other nights and candidate yeah here. It's weird how quickly it became a fan and I mean that's so you know so for away from the team during the games. I mean I've never. You know got it thinks is sort of like yeah. Get upset. For Walker's staying in. As a player so listen in right filled in there whenever started anybody. Hoping guys are anybody gets you know base load no bielsa might send down they're gone ignited a stretch. Level of confidence the world and play good we're gonna get this in pulled a Houdini advanced. No guy gets on first base really a broken bat throughout fit an ounce and of them going to hang its. Yeah oh Mike Gosselin yes or panic you know overly you know Linksys is because I know that I have no involvement and I can't control any of this than I ever do not build woods. So that's the those because the hardest part about it just having to sit there and watch her. I know images. Any about it when's the last time that consult our it's. It's obviously not slaves and you haven't. Witness if you haven't been a sand you have to stand trial wasn't a rose Vesely and then another amendment zone I don't know none of this volume and obviously nothing. Now how so though it. Didn't do you have to do you have any idea that you think it's good when you say they when they came down inside you're suspended. Nice okay whatever I SEC games. Did you have any idea this is what I'm gonna do this is and CEO of clarity like did you have to ask someone what am I allowed to do what can I do what candidate. No I knew exactly what I was gonna do. Finals not only has been enough for us an idea when just sit up in Toronto understands I mean it was a new. I know the letter says just incidents in areas I guess and it's a good at cedar street or go home Soledad good citizens and citizens since it's industry itself now. And examples when I was expecting a million and suspension. So wasn't. I was gonna mess and understand we go sit in the seats. In the first hints on us and the seats and lose he temperatures in on confederate soldiers and on and Ed Henry's last name Monica. There's our blue one problem stratus those. That is here was at his blue Wear jackets Jersey yeah we nominees six or that all live in the field so I was. Doesn't sting and you wanna note these numbers there's no way you're left field by very tough Booth there's obviously you're really. I was. If any when Iraq is going upstairs closet inside a show of clarity and Millie Davis and if you're glasses on the so yeah no middle or another just because it's that none limited tickets are sold to sit there the entire time. The most far walk their own lives so behind first base line up there you know look closer look salmon so if you look. Now what goes in the hole Klan rallies has been out there aren't on the C gaussian just have do you think dozens of other good consistency Michael longtime very longtime. They're on top. It's. The game's over the Chrysler as a fan. Obviously going to be some it's all around nine and I understand you know why are you serious that does. These gets a little bit. Fun out there and he wants announcing here Watson and look them in the city. As a fan when you're out there besides them. Could it be a snail's pace in terms of the game what else surprised you about being out there. But as I say as a reporter you always wanna he should go out to see this is why people come the games were complaining about the cookies in the press box and time again. What what was enlightening to you about being out there. Our own thing people care about what's going on an up an intentional uh oh. It's a mix bets that none another Israeli tanks and other cities to better. Look announcement. Nothing little lonely yeah that is pretty much weather expected. Although lately the humble son but the seeds southerly route for the Minnesota and only some thoughts about. So he said you said that there isn't a bad seat Fenway this which is. Complete Kuwait I mean it's not so behind people it's fun and in. This is too little hesitancy to design decisions right field the seats are are quite pointing in the other direction. You can turn your head. Funny great thoughts. Get it but it doesn't seem serious and into the you have been an era same candidates who it's great to. It is just that you had left their right to find foothills. The go back to after her incident happens where you worried like how. The reaction was going to be obviously we know what the reaction was you get two different standing ovations congratulations. Well were you real serious about what the reaction is going to be. Not you think about honestly I just. Those blossoming known about my friend is further. You know obviously I alluded repercussions of unity and then found out in the suspensions of good enough assault you mean those photos also knows those one of them went with her moments obviously intending undertaken solely by surprise. Sending I don't want anyone I'd write her a lot of Finland and feel about them both militarily it's calling on guys let's got to go about it. You know within a so warm up with regard to search insulate maybe you might get loud and. Though those those those folks you know this back. Hey we have gone into a game I think you can read news we want to win but didn't. Can deal with it's it's enough. Now the next day there's no good fairly quick. You know just kind of put the whole sisters I haven't behind me in just about the pitching and then you're you're listening I think those those British those power over the darn. Regardless of hockey game. And is one of those lessons things really news trillions of trying to use cameras there and an entry on other I. In Minnesota signed viewers didn't nuts and how defense that is spelled out so. Then there's ginger the thing in and also the ten million U modest that's a critical and then. There's no chance wrote. Those those because there is that's courts and let's let's on the scene now he's. Your wife did an excellent job in this podcast congratulations. I asked her this question like how just walking on the street how things since. Changed since then like we are we obviously know about the charity and we know what the standing out. Five for you always think change. Yeah it's been wild I mean I would get recognized here and there you know fairly run from severe normal restaurant and things good. You're going. I was at Children's Hospital today you know it's kind of we know make some kids happy that are gone through tough times and walking on the street and Mosul lost. And you know. Just ran into intelligence. Take a photo. So it's been crazy good goes like this would you assist them haven't done that vote is critical offensive that I got to. Madonna's name and they got a pretty cool photo the other day in the streets of list. It was fun. But is going to get reelected and this pretty there in this phone first date. Rang the governor. I'm not mincing any names and chuck DB's and this is nicknamed. Now let's play out of the Buchanan and then I was those are good times there's been fun and I've got to. You know the other day you know us in the streets again and and meant doing before animate them and Dolan saying those so Dave no sinister music individual needs to with a lower mail us. And so. One of them so is that it is similar tea. Too little and then it'll go one on one him in other guys like telephone in the fourth and Villanova and whose schools and talking. No more sports team excellent that are buried in this is a bust into the gaming and so mind. The psychology and is those clothes kind of pick his brain and we talked for. Fifth inning on in the game about click on sports like oh this doesn't seem to see you know if it works but also. I mean this kind of good defensive pick his brain and you know make some six though those funds of place that this hasn't been long. But I haven't made some pretty awesome few wounds in her some good stories in the field very assertive. Help people to charity and makes defenses and try to visit go to children's hospitals and and you know and all those kids are so happy you know there. And it's best pass away than us this that's a pretty awesome seeing. Anyway they get help you know there in the suns were ascendant. Two very good wanna hang about the kids but do you think that Jewish settlement were wanna hang out with you on March 30. Well it's it's not a school night then then maybe gone a night I was going to ask. You know I would be enormous thigh about is that this is what makes this whole thing so was army Euro league relief pitcher relief pitchers have just sitting out anyway. The venue you went from you of the sickle looks like solo nature of relief pitching is your dad you're the least popular guys for at least today. And then you come back a little bit but then two weeks later. Nerve the most popular guy here. No we don't talk about really fits or so's this school you don't always had. And I don't want to fight to be you know call me that was edit Philip had pretty good personality and I could have fun and keep things light and no insanity serious. And it's a son that night live. Not like trying to get that out there hood you know as they comes and says I'm funny in places as much as I can you know I don't know how long missiles and lots and I don't know what I'll do after. Good and wanna you know. We don't know the part of my Clement some I'm relaxed coming at a time. And that's a saying have bowed out and have another dime and not a nuisance things that's just for the no one of his most relax and have fun as it stands for us when I was you know playing baseball at the hustle my career those unknowns. Dennis B thirty and it's been in a month and Madison and realizing anomalous long term we'll put this game obviously I had such want to have much fun as I can. And actually enjoyed the enemy is that this hope clerics and you don't worry about today with what about. You know numbers over and Clinton a serious things just kind of conclusion and then in the moment and and facilities coming relaxing in the coming to focus on. What I need to do is just invest good. Just relax and number eight. This allowed you to do that. No I was already doing that before in the fight no. Oh god be not do you have then after that first you know us do some light colors come out of this thing and obviously you don't find you know. In the far as I say lessons on what they like its French and obviously your thought on death threat they tell you you like. They didn't in the past if you had a moment like he did an opening day he would like that you did you longer failures and I wouldn't know because we get over but I just wouldn't have. But my full results are not related units in the club thus are not you know. Gannett. Do you know lots and injure him but I'm gonna be the associate teammate still smile. Let them enough stuff like that its own citizens. Know. Summon happens and it's not built until the nexus look I'm not gonna. You don't dwell on it. Hello all I needed news's. Throws a 100000. Scoreless innings to get my area near its end but that's the thing right you have to throw a hundred I all night and novelist over the whole night and tell myself African. Through a gazillion million innings without allowing a run before they ever publicly elegant really hurts. So reprehensible things are 600000 innings for a relief pitcher to get. People back inside and then you know an excellent thanks cyclist that's that's that's another well I can't I'm not him throw fifty rose can items. The subtle or in the Debbie that so we're gonna just say you're you're right episodes to go back to your being able to view personalities should be personality and everything else. Tom. All the stuff you're doing and you list all the different things you're doing that must allow me to do that more than. He can be your teammates can see it but it but people can see let people know you a lot more now than they did even in the previous two years have been here. Yet that this simply true and in a lawyer has been news. Pretty funny and then the Jimmy B you know wanted like I was considers those disk and then you know I've always then. My has always been about always loved the hope you know around opinion I dislike as a relief pitchers I don't know but it's beginning to do it or uniter not a closer. You know those of friends starter at best and I never felt like I was. You had enough I would say yeah popular your pool when I mean I just Toledo wasn't my time my spot not always. Do whatever I can prevent some of almost military Goetschl hostile Muslim can even before all of us. But now it just makes it even better because a silly people who obviously recommend a little bit more now it has a little more weight to it outside the filled in. Just needs in the same things that now people noticing more so it's been putting Marines good. Well it's you know this is this on me because like this wanted to do when I'm doing now. And on an office building out silica have a platform to do it. It's. Obviously right now until you know everything dies down. Just news or it was a great time you know enlisted the help coming in and do all the sutures. It's told Sarah pro seasons. And not to pay any kind of thing you have for event. No wonder and a charity you know kids especially kids. And brother Scott has a group that's not a season he's an outside of you know whenever he's not here at home now be the guy out we'll take your group go. And off soft and on the Phil held on these news. It was obviously have a place that is what I wanted to do for the season and wanna have fun and wanna anonymously and just because I knew I guess I don't and there are moments ago lessons and that's exactly what my plan is simply good clip that is the matter. I don't wanna have fun and wanted to you know be his business that can help us. As this month change your perspective on. Your your future premiered in case people don't know you're. Eligible for free agency the vick's agent payday after this year. But this month has this changed your perspective does contract used to be top even for. Wacky to me Buchanan through. You've heard you refer there are even related sub par so that our public apartment early resistance. Hit it I stress the look of it and crazy I mean there's like maybe I could hopefully play another year I don't think you missed it it's your wacky. You should contribute. Open market I don't know I don't know I mean let's. 'cause it's volatile and snow last night that hey you guys know that I'm going to typically gets six months of dozens are totally the obvious of some that notice of those. Does the last thing I was ever gonna folk song you know going in the year and I think that there's certain things on their income fund and in the place of the sitting there in London. Enough to men about you know it's tough on it and not get too violent good so it. It's Genesee hill and in in this you have that in the air and enough anonymous author. In a lot of what I think it's so hard and literally were white and have fun like I don't want to look at your like go last year. I was like the lesser two of you know to resist obviously. I'm not mean to be anything without some fun you know miss an honorable and I have always does the public on CNET. So there's just one of those things like. I wanna fight public what I think is there is driving. Just a little noses and Clinton go back and elect Obama and it needs to governments over it. Yeah I'm not going to be O Davila happy but that's gonna make me an ingredient in Ramallah and not being admitted so we're certainly not all of that I messed up but we'll get them out industrial and on the stick to my script and and see what happens. Last question when you look at the picture. Of yourself bracing for the site where do you do you feel like you're proper form. And could have been better. You know it's tough being. As you know if I returns again I'm going to be you know obviously this is the smallest sign every five most likely enormity of this homeless and fight and and levels up to that I was more than anything less than fine mini movies we were products and sites like. It's only its tourism is much smaller than opponents that's. And some that in this you know from the diamond ring and it just don't get killed in the potentials to lose this thing in and whether it happens to win win and you know the form. This Keyon. Former ski season executive wraps off from a just do it could see Tracey you're good space Kathy can't he close the zone variance on you or assist in getting that he was smarter opponent. So you studded him yet know the tactics I guess in this draft and trying to. I want to thank you for the hundred dollar sincerity. Failure of that. It I well I'll see you give bricks 500 dollars that two of them. Necessary deaths missile on you can take the six you know you've because Syria as a don't know or heard rubs so are. Or hurt us commercial a gazillion times. What does it all the only dominating you've got it there it is India's spirited and for you as a no rub it actually looks really really good in the end it's all about the money from Friday middle life chain you're throwing more healthy in your. I don't know you know with the doctors say good physically you look way better to sit down and you might have a little bit more confidence and work. The real cool clothes schools. Cost you two sponsors in one shot that's why the vast thank you Joseph. You know who do something you'll. Credit did it and had said it Silvio brother got to my remarks to say hi. It Seaway and I don't this is not a podcast this is absolutely podcast you later.