Bradfo Sho, Ep. 83: What makes a good baseball podcast?

The Bradfo Sho
Thursday, May 10th
Steve Perrault of the Section 10 Podcast and Bleacher Report joins Rob Bradford to take a deep dive into what makes a good baseball podcast. Why are some good? Why do some suck? The duo also discuss the evolution of their respective podcasts, and where the whole podcast thing might be going. Steve also reflects on his time with NESN when it was his job to write down everytime the Kirk & Callahan Show ripped the TV network during the morning simulcast.

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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know what you're stupid Brad broad show. That's delicious. Parred the hole a few days a few days about a week. I apologize to everybody. I'd been negligent in posting this podcast. Been running around on the road. But I feel like he owed if we're gonna do one this week it has to be a strong one here in this is a strong I'm gonna tell you right now he crawled. On the section ten podcast. A lot of people know who it is idol is because he was the one who at the right down. Every time that curtain Callahan ripped. Redknapp and went working for NASA and is that correct state. I feature scale. On the fairway at eight choice that or specifically. Had does the eve of first all of this talk tell everybody a little bit about your self if you can and then we'll get to your podcast I do Waterloo back on the Nelson thing because lesson I mean that's like. That's a straight ball right down the middle for me so. So it's a teller tells a little bit about you know where you came from what you're doing and how good how your podcast. I. Alexander art college. Start the oh I I know I've Gerry Dick EI article are also we and I. All podcast that the eight we all went and the cot so gold medals. And that's and that's Jared Robbins I should mention yeah mr. Roberts obviously other integral part of the podcast he Blackburn was on the or. Absolutely we it was basically just three under Gillen 40 why ought diet sodas out of the us. I here's basically graduate and cut try to get in the sports industry is a lot of people are doing any. And a lot of ups and down. SS I beat them blind it's it's definitely not the easiest place to work. Come and go out with us I think it's a great opportunity especially at that point 08 years so it was great chance. I get used to it. Industry or get to see how hole I will they liked you yeah. News changes at. Getting to work with. His aunt and an. People even people like yourself so you we expose on basically every Red Sox pregame show and get to realize that people. Indeed Boston sports industry that. Elected me. All like you do to get to see you what they're like on camera. What elect our Debra and Alice at a big introduction to be in does it leave it behind the scenes stuff of how TV or any. I ate my I can't. Is there part of that. It was doing eat telecast. Because like it and there's 69 in the morning of Dennis and Callahan and outlook is something that I. It was never meant to be at NASA I think that that's it obviously is it. Is Canon no answer but I. Over the top of any debate I guess or that. NBC sports boss and I can't has more personalities and they let their people don't you know let their people up off the children more than. I liked targeted after a controversial that that bait or it very interesting 3 hours every morning for Monday. AM at that was up I don't Ali enjoy it for the most part but it was also it was also allow. Yeah so so here is so as I said you're part of irresponsibility from what I understand was to literally every time. That they've written NASA and the united document right. So basically I would keep a document on the side during the show. That would basically ended up. And it actually became a running joke at the company because that was gross we are. All it sometimes don't get out of the second page. Like Eric this is this is really saw. I I take it all all our Barbara the last show that they had it was Halloween. 2013 I believe the last one. On the board president David that is now at part ways. Right and strippers into this studio. End because we can't it's a live telecast we have shots there of the studio there every guy any let's try politics it's like let's start. Don't like jumped it'll it does so we don't ever go to it ever goes to be all and tell us just. We have that rolling for like the last I credit the show and that is. Personal about it though is that I don't get out DSCR doesn't but I doubt. I was it was a great experience and it is as loud as it sounds but. Especially. How how. I don't know at this that was a bill that that oral the TV world hours or so crazy stuff ready to expand. I mean that was a bonus our podcast that's what I reached out there. I Kravis deal link did actually which is weird always reach out to some site I think possible but. I didn't know how's the reach out so I don't Gary stressed he was I guess I was really was there at best. I saw that he was on the spot gas cows like this this sounds like something I want to get involved with our eyes are Red Sox at. Little to ask that all is it a little too much can. I knew that I could diets and editing skills that I could add up to showed a producer role and you know now or. Episode 168. Years later are important which are ordered New York now. The other us district. So are you so when you won't be you start to the podcast you get out of now indeed go straight from NASA and Bleacher Report. He's eight years didn't Hampshire. Which are made up like I was I was actually at. Out of enjoyable guy I already built up a little bit. Really been overly. Hitting CN I don't know it just it if I hate. Boards writing content about the team and I'm like are important ultimately there's no I at that really was eight. I mean the Bleacher Report has worked out well basically I'll work on the app there. We try to create as much controversy us and I address social media a lot. It's basically. I I it's my distance now which is kind of pathetic how long on how hours on Twitter. If you're at it I could really be embarrassing but. Anywhere at the point now where its did you know we've created. Airman on Twitter. Or Red Sox fans. Engage those are the games and and we and it created this clan almost day. You know Red Sox Nation will people that know we do on the podcast I know more about other work eight at don't take ourselves seriously. The games like live chat especially on Twitter are are the rest are I don't enjoy that aspect it's good. So let's go to the podcast as well we're talking about we're talking about you know you guys have a great podcast. And as you said it at I remember I think I remember. Those strikes key campus the stretch few episodes are all always be known as the strike yet possess and that's really went. It came on our radar because I felt like it tell me if I'm wrong I felt like four. For you guys that was like that was a gap that was a big debt by good Gary strays deed begat Gary's right ski in our on Norway and part of that is social media's right ski. The striker is gonna push that out he had a following I in my in my Rogge that is that when we're talking about the lower dialing up a total what. Get carried out twice that was episode. Ten. That Ellis that was way back when I was in the scene. It was a really bad and and that's he's had twice fifteen to be really relied on yeah. Yes badly because there was nothing really positive to talk about what that team are Cole was only all start at at a sums up that. Gary let's hear it that's completely accurate she always it was like when you're when you're talking about these guys are talking. People on the bus boards at a street I. The Red Sox ever read. Jay and Jerry that kind of broke all down a little bit to animate like okay now we're not just got to help the team we're talking about people that are affiliated with the team in the balding not a quitter. Our product and and that was a huge thing to have Gary odd because up until that it'd really just then you know us discussion at the reason. And overly significant you know significant dollar down on the show out yet that was that was to be a big deal and it. Except I don't work when I hear. It is such an average interest rates be there is such a ball and am I but he's also he's exactly the edit yes we want our show because he does it up to Sears. So are we go back to that and in this and I mean this is the thing is sure what I am talking about this is that the podcast were older it's become to me. It's become sort of like the Internet was when we newspapers have the Internet. They knew that they should have it but they didn't know what to do with it and then everybody had it and then now all of a sudden and also it's sort of what blocks. You have a bunch of these every 10 I should have a broadcast to abuse everyone's governor podcast. When you were two guys Stewart dale and I feel like it was a little bit ahead of the curve and you can tell me if I'm wrong bill with a little bit ahead of the curve. There wasn't or is this over after his nation of podcast certainly. And did you feel like when you're doing this podcast. Did you feel like. How do we separate are so that's always talk about now how do we separate the podcast this podcast from that podcast. Did you feel that out a gay even when does the right yep those are going on. Yeah I'm looking back on it I'm just glad that I eight had actually reset Jarrett. Is there was kind of shot that darkened you know my time as. You know got to be over Aaron and the bill that BS our joint I shouldn't do it easily but it's great it's out of three years ago podcasts are. It was a huge deal wasn't anywhere near where it is today and I think partially because. Iowa City a lot of doubt we definitely. Panicked god and the sport this you to leave before this huge obsession. I ask had to take an overt. This industry so that was very important that we get it Cilic at start to really day. It felt like the longer it. Did the show and the more we built our audience started getting gas and asked what it felt like OK we have something here and honestly it took a little while to feel like we have something that was the best they all the time. It. I even ask you with your show white. Is what are you going for the Brad coshow was it to sit eight podcasts that do not they are they you do that you could create something that was different to other people were killed. I think I think it was basically that it was something new there was something that you kind of felt like I can do this sort of like when. Al related to blogging when we are you started blogging it was and Mike Reese is really view blogger he was the guy. And and then all right will do this blog thing and you're going to let out ahead of the curve a little bit. And so I felt like it was along those lines what you're doing it and I've felt like I've always felt like some sort of swimming upstream because. I am doing it but I'm not doing it right I'm done doing well sometimes is good sometimes is bad I'm not promoting at the right way. And and I and that's the challenge may certainly the challenge now because there's so many of them. But even early on it was just it was just something else to do I'll tell you quick story. The I was sort of doing and I guess he called podcaster I think I called the Bradford files way back in the day and it which is you know whatever it is. So. So it was a huge Gonzales 2012. Now we were down in the clubhouse when this it was written to stand in Baltimore after it was the whole story remember that story about the coaches having the meeting now whole thing. So. God not jealous though at the end of the year and that but this was this sort of the Jeff passed the story just come out. Bobby we earned Baltimore Bobby downtime with the manager. Everyone was sort of cover their wrath and so forth and zone. So but but the verdict could meeting with the coaches thing happen Adrian is also sort of right in the middle of it. So I go to Adrian Gonzales I said hey you know you wanna explain yourself in so. He says OK now and tomorrow whatever so the next day. Now I know I need audio for the radio. So the thing is is that there's always this hazy ground in my doing unit interview from the radio armed doing it for writing. So I'd go I slave what I say don't buy it. All right. I'm going to do this for my podcast. Now. I didn't have really a podcast but that was the best way I could like relate to him I had music this idea. Event at a hose so that Gonzales explains himself. All of the other writers are sort of on the outskirts right waiting waiting for this to get over. And then I leave to run up to and the audio and and Nader could give everyone comes after Adrian Gonzales if he goes Harry just told rob first podcast. I'm like I'm that thought talking like in so it's a running joke like I even have a pot. Right so. But I felt like the baby that was impetus for a baby that was where this whole thing was born. But to come back to your original point like I I just feel like it was it was something that you should do. But the problem is I think you guys did a good job that you guys did it well out of the gate. And then there's Jim folks like me who. Who didn't dude just sort of was trying to piece it together their name in bad audio or bad interviews are no construction to wait and so I think that you guys were able to sort of get the organize construct Devin which I think is important to work and certainly important in. Rather have the curve like you guys work. So they are asked aspect just do it help get that fight yeah yeah. However they doubted there was no podcasted. I tell you it was alike a let me go to Jack I'll be here is good the he'd do a deep dive in the WEEI dot com to see where the podcasts symbolized. But I've I guess. I. And yeah. I each yeah. I guess you know I guess it really didn't matter because like I hit it I don't think they care so much they noted so the audio is going on but it was this weird. There was always the hours and every it's just accepted if you're gonna be interviewed he could be ended up an audio whatever. But it was so weird like hair we have this casual conversation where you're swearing in in. Or you know so anyway it was it was the site is routed. I tried to two to limit the the chasm of that he's ground written with the bead up pod. So I asked are relying used to this because I was great college round then I went I know the phrase podcast at that point. You sit 2012 like so like let's get that actually even. It would be my act out what regulate this oh no I. I don't know word came from Ida. I remember he got remember back in I was at the Lowell sun this is. You you know reduce you were in grade school whatever. Airways I was back at Lowell sun in Mike Reese is blogging in this was a big thing. I wrote a story for the wolf son. And I was gonna do it on blogging and I literally turned the summarized it what's the blog. Like in the by the way the law also does not the place to turn to someone ask what blog. Abe by sort of the same thing I knew what a podcast was a neo sort of idea I mean I imagine there where I didn't listen to podcast certainly. I like to be our yell don't listen to a bunch now I don't advise. But it was yeah I think it was just sort of a faint bit like streaks do like what you guys are due later in the world were doing and are doing. Is it was so important to stay out yet the carbon once again be be good I've you know I've I'm sure that you're largesse is a ball. But still it is to have something where people could actually listen to doesn't sound like the law group Maloney tapes of a couple weeks. So. Yes so eggs are you guys that you're sit together I think pretty early on I mean don't you feel that way I know it's a bald bug. Look Jerry Jarrett and Pete started basically. Recording at east basement I try to keep track braves finally moved out of his mom's house so it took like five years. Yeah we. Living we were out Urdu at a pot as Angel called Al. Great studios. Down and in the basement. It's cause us and it was my favorite thing about the her days at the podcasting yes yes you're quite right to grow it had a plan to try to get Archie sell other shows out there I don't slot. Actually get guess that would show up so we have just showing up the odds that was. Don't think it's she's not. Metallic cookies are suddenly in the area a lot of she's a nice lady ever. And there is walking right through the kitchen and bring it down into the basement and talk about Kirk Aleck guy get to our anchor. We did Jim Murray. We added. Who else calls him down their Jimmy Stewart we have a lot of people. And the bus boards you know he. That's what it be like okay if this week to get people they come here we can't guess there are no guess an audience guess that will. Oh this show. Their Twitter following you don't may be cart next exit. He's ID. UCL. Time and six I guess that's not play. It was something they gave us so an edge on other political competition that they want. I've. Struggled with but. Try to find as we got on this this journey is now. Realistic competition but just who would be to show it's really it's all Red Sox based and it Youkilis of the odd it. We shoot the breeze. It's not all just like oh. Well this guy you know what this. Fifty miles an hour you actually average I don't Gerald sometimes. You know go into these guys stats that I. It by about five seconds at iChat or gloat but. Casual oh we also know that you know we know what our audience wants I think that's something I'll get credit for breakfast show. That not a lot of people have so you can get it appears that I'm jealous are you just casually in the you know in the dugout Joseph Kelly a treaty Martinez bat late. Stuff that we were at. Org so at bat and you're also are some I always look bad. And this you know environment. You know what pat. I didn't thank you explain that said oh my god this is such a tough start everybody what you say I always look the US somebody bad. The players and they got it all that somebody that they respect is there as a guy that I can lead is that there it is bust our balls every time Mike I. That's why you're show works because. You have the right attitude about it in the right. Casual nature its gets laid back it's like I'm bored talking you know what. Our about the Red Sox out of writing some ten page essay or ten page for a David Price and how he lashed out at a relic like that that's I don't. That's hard to do we hear it I ever oh you're at a situation where late. Gotta keep this podcast going but I'm also writing I'm also traveling what he Mike is always spinning disk is about his responsibility is about. You have milk I guess all that's another and we'll get to about a minute podcast and one of the things is keeping it rolling and as I adhered to as night week we talked. In the first few seconds like I haven't done one. For about a week my goal to do three or four weeks and I had to do the broadcast in Texas I was on the road in New York. The David Price should we were supposed to do this in Yankee Stadium yet today in the David Price it came up and it's like. In my head was this like banning him because they thought there was a whole lot more to that that was it I had to deal live in. Is Saudi way to go back to your question. I mean I think that. Those when you talk about apart cast the struck another struggle I think is to find the right tone to find the audience in to keep that consistent the figure out what they want. And arm an average well thank you for the kind words but by Ed Ed. Though the players so I have access to a lot of these player and but not the player podcast the player interviews. Can be tough because number one their time is so limited you know is all I do a mean it's. It would you like you guys had Joseph Kelly the other day right. I but that was but you need the best one of these are when it's not a time restraint. And you're just talking. A and it was a when you get the players that opportunity do that is so few and far between because like bail last how much time you need. And I lie and I say ten minutes knowing is going to be 25 to thirty but you need that and that well that's the most difficult thing in zone alarm. I got to go back to the players stuff like. I think across the board of all these podcasts I think you said it. You just wanted to be feel like you're having Beers with a guy a casual conversation but what I'm sitting down with Craig Kimbrel. The other day. Like. I mean I know Campbell a little bit but he's not like going to be like Kelly where it is going to be like like. Boston balls and everything. And so you sort like all right I F fifteen minutes I have to make sure I get to these points. And it's not going to be that lose and maybe there's a value I mean I don't all you feel that way about. There's a value to each of it I ate prefer the ones where you're just sitting down and ball sitting and then you ultimately get to the the talking points. But it's it's a challenge it like actually find that casual conversation which I think you guys have. According saying we area interviews are lucky enough to have players is the first five minutes of the air. Is extremely important as first thought they don't really know. Oh I mean Jarrett has obviously built up his is you know identity in this in this industry specifically at us and it. I am. He worked his ass off I worked my ass are equally or. This podcast that does stuff are still on us bleacher or chipping all of that you know up above sea level can eat and be quiet by. Gotta take up the rails are so acts with the first I could ever get an interview ourselves so so or because he's the player to know. Edit the listeners have been putting in. Some albums I've shows sometimes shows some of them over a 150 showed. Guess might not even know going into the interview what the podcast is so basically asked that I can create edit firemen. Three just five minutes which is very tricky and the guys that I loved the players that we have our guests at ought Aiello. Oh going into it kinda how it's got to go because they're ready for these kind of questions. Should we ask Joey has. As I grow or under group would. Don't bang but it's. It share it does that I know even then I you know I think I doubtless he likes to do like you know what it is but it's something bad. It also kind of sets the tone carried out a wrestler shows get it goes so. Ingredients that would save the best player interview. Is they don't have a time restraint that is very tricky and zero point it it makes you feel like okay I'm just going out let's get really. Branch off of his answers as much mortars hit bullet points and that can't create for our crappy crap expecting I can lead to just okay. It questions it was all just like it was media crowd really feel like is it out I shoot a greased it I feel like that he. Restraint is very important. It is very important Joseph Kelly as crazy as this out and a huge covers your closer patio. Everybody wanted to Joseph Chile's. And and now you know what months later little or that it was our best guess that. How this day before right. Sox Yankee series in door between the two best teams in baseball and that blows my mind that at all my eye was that Arctic guessed at and. But Jerry didn't have the best relationship at pixel decreased eight. Oh come on the show and and and it's always better when there studio because it should it reactions weekend. Obviously the audio on it now we've at a video element we always had to go hang out that's our report are. He speaks is really asked you're right at idiot at. You know your land it just Erica boys would face I didn't really means a lot so at any time you get visual content like that I think it's huge you get it. Ever saying I. Saint your show so it Kelly come on. It was great because. We yeah. Joseph Kelly is a self proclaimed psychopath. So why he can't mine we can't tell early olive quote he's given us stocks. Oh what it's like that it is just I had to guess he'd and it got to try to get a question. A little miracle. Zero what a as you are willing to go here and Kelly gave us great stuff. The quotes was what's phenomenal basically saying that. For the brawl like freeware and tell us about how he's got quite elegant the sharp guy he. Blacks out and it goes and it's been serial killer mode rate reset Alec ethnic medical cart backcourt at a rate there is gonna get a there we ate we haven't tweeted out somebody must got all the like he bows like it go Kart ever but. Yeah it's a happy note tire restraint the right player for the moment and just yet doing a conversation that is. Yes media liked this year for our teammates know where it's a long to seize a 162. It's a cool idea hours trying to win these ball game. That's got to crap art art is don't want it and tele ticket to his credit. Gave us a lot of good stuff it was like an hour and twenty minutes or so that is why don't that does not have. These interviews like yo quote don't be average light of it and you don't like fifteen. Yeah ads hit it varies it like you know it's. It's basically like if UI yeah I would say between fifteen and 25 and and the best ones as you said you realize all this went 2530. You'd have for a player. It's a long time acted to sit down like a remember last year I gum Oki in the in the dugout for about twenty to thirty. And there is a reason there was 28 to third because he actually started the stocking. This being a human being and not days I use is a good guy but. But that's like loosening up a little bit and having a conversation not looking you can tell they're looking at their watch. You know they go go back to Campbell Campbell gave me what I needed him to give the talk about no pitching in the eighth inning not pitching in the seventh inning. But you know was like OK fourteen minutes right there you don't you know you're pressing his time. So yes that's yet site toll here were quite. It would look at bats this I'm pretty sure it's got to make sure this was with you don't lie worries that. It's like sixty it was kind of and it's not going to joke out words like at what point of the show. About how crazy it was that that's all I hope that he's not gonna talk is Tony sixteen seats it because it's it's the saint. That's I mean isn't this guy's gonna write anti gay straight out. This quote. This goes this is that was like two seasons ago and we're still talking about that line he gave you do realize that the motors Alec app. I always this election play really well. None an addict if you do this when you're writing a story too you're always sort of OK that's your leader of that and with a podcast that's absolutely were you thinking. I'm thinking probably along the lines what you guys are what your your thinking which is this is the one now I have bomb. Dear you don't micro now at all who goes Spitzer. Yeah so sold might help me win my podcast BO about a year or so ago. And these great guide to the spit chicklet podcast firfer bought stroll. Really like I I was I mean I'm fascinated by the whole thing though he was in trusting work with him. And he was recently he was like Kim to Asia he's a young it's akin to Asia which is yes that would have the weather like an editing like a video editing software which. Which helps make the things that were talked about the promote the podcast right. So I just thought it thank you guys appreciate it. Yes so. So now I'm thinking what to your question now I'm thinking what is that thing when a poll from there and maybe before that it was what are we gonna pull for a blog because. This goes through what I wanna talk about which is. The challenge now all you have is with all these podcasts which is separating yourself and so you have though so you have to take moments like that. For us a lot of times. You have to put in a block you have to have this that's this there's news this is that they are maybe you do in the can't Asia may be due up. Quick video that you to read out. By you have to find a way to separated yourself and I'm are stimulate it in terms of like the last year or so. That you guys have have have taken off and you've grown. But still there is that challenge how do you how do we separate ourselves from the other podcast maybe it's the employers. Taking the best to quote. Putting it on a video to the tweet out I don't know but there is is the more of the challenge and ever. Yeah I think from from my perspective being liked him on this show is really just a producer I don't I was really just make sure. You know I guess yes we did stats are we needed to wrap. You know site. Quote that they were referring to stuff like that. That as we grow on Emmy night elected also be a voice of the show had posted a Sports Radio show that it cock -- years that's I don't what I want to do so. Dirt out and odds say about. 203040 shows then that I'm actually beat boys on the show and then realizing OK this is a whole lot of work out because we have to prepare. Ourselves as if word yet out a host this show I've always coming up the topics are really just kind of provides on the slide. Now it's way okay we have all these topics we got to hit these points yet at. Public statement ideas because that a lot of times is what we get are almost up. Ideas and ways that we can really relate listeners not to get elsewhere our biggest thing that we've. Lot of stuff out there I'm a bit has worked odd it does that's how you get better yet experiment. And in the DM is by far my favorite thing it's something that. Has worked out very well. I'm just glad that I forget who it even. I his name is why you are some wraparound. I got bombed blanket on a rap that they'd get out the site down the DM without that's already the segment idea that's always jam everybody loved it else like. Laid up again. How blizzard is your set does DM. If we told all of them. Your full name is these cars they're basically edit. And and that's a quick way they cut it take off the edge if you wanna we asked the question is that it would go back your game just that is. It creates a great contest some of the stuff that we get in there are some of the questions get asked. They're absolutely insane and it's stuff that. We've been talked about him put our spin on and it creates this product that you're just not gonna get elsewhere like that that's what I pride myself and be created always created this land almost they just. Get out with a different show it and know what that's that it. Are those the only other railroad us I asked that I consider doing stuff that. You know like catches my eye is is really what you're doing because of a appear access and you understand. It can't just be an audio they wanted to add to that podcast is audio Dubin. That is so dumb especially in this day and age Twitter is granted and help us god based but you can eat meat. All content you need to be like hey here's does our guess here's a picture meet with Dick. In the studio we just recorded it breaks down that actual wall and it really need it directly an extra listener of the people that you have on the show the and show. What I've gone through year you know that the head of the Twitter handle the. An avid live by the way I haven't done a good job and I knew I I. Basically update straight out are out about the show or. Get this you know audio waves. You know an aura of great role with the picture it. It creates this extra layer is extra element that you're not gonna get on other shows that just outlook I. There's a eight please download rate scrap all that. We try to make contact talk and not us just say download rates scratch. We want you to see the contents and then they wait I I I download this what I would be stupid not to vote. Curse because there's not a second of the day that goes by it it odd that they know. We've beaten girl the show always adapt Cuomo always. Get back as we. That day they'll be great so it does make got a crazy because I'm always think about I'm always working on. New ways to make the show up better but I think that's the only way to differentiate yourself you're ever really are caught that's that's very important part of this. Well yet you said it differentiate yourself and that's what it comes down to separate yourself and your right I think that. And and this goes to the the topic of baseball podcast and kind of stupid because you guys have your podcast I'm trying to do a podcast. What's awhile some little pop up like an eleven try to do one for like two seconds so I like talk delight GM veteran. Or just art show he's better show or I I am now which is absolutely and we're gonna have mine. This week but yet it. Eight there were so we saw Bruce show. This just ask your. Yeah. I. No but like the idea as I've said many times he was the only one up until the lot bloomer Loney tapes. That I did a podcast which which I couldn't use because he wouldn't stop gap then you like I've tried to get the Mike back and forth so whatever. But you try to do what he tried to talk about you with David Stern did mineral. Brewers GM. And you know this and that but that comes back that challenged. Which says. Which has even I think day you know I appreciate you says stuff about the the players and access and everything else. But it's also entertaining like. You have to have the entertainment value but that no matter what that entertainment is maybe in part of that entertainment is. The divisional part of it but also is. If they have they think there are some of the worst podcasts. Or. Views wise Abdullah Abdullah bin with players because it's not and it is not perceived anyways entertainment. And I think that's the biggest that's the thing that I don't think that. Writers and people on baseball and podcasters understand that that's what it's about. Maybe graduating college student or you. The industry as a you know blows the pie everything you guys. There was already laid up trying to start up myself you know any any pointers and there's just a lot of times after all perhaps I. At doing it make sure he would do it well make sure it's not just as everyone else is doing a pod cast make sure your screen something that people dead isn't already out there. Or else your completely wasting your time. People realize how much work goes into it its second full time job it is a non stop bank and as you're well aware. Baseball season it's such a night is trying to you know us they have put all the topics picture that your created. Coming up a new ideas. For two shows a week that's a lot that's why you didn't. I though that was over ambitious at it I'd tell you that was born from the Steve there was like. It was born from I'm trying to find a way to we talked about separating ourselves from doing something different and and I gone through spring training in you know I'd done a few and I thought of a former and all of that really didn't hit in terms of clicks and everything else and it was it really hitter mess. I'd like how do you separate yourself I I may do it though so consistently. Where it's just gonna become a thing and I don't I've done it four times a week maybe once or twice your dog to three times a week through times a week this week once a week. But. It's right that I would David Ross looked in the camera and said I can't wait for the B four times a week I knew. That that was happening. But but it's. No doubt but I but I but I you know it you're right and this is hard to do it's hard to do all the time but at the same time I go back the reason why did it. I'm trying to do some things that clicks and whether it's whether it's wind you're dropping it. What day you drop it on how long it is these are all the little things. Bet I'd BR I'm still trying to figure out in and I'm. It's still all of course are you up like. We need we article or like we were growing at a show but we. Weeks ago I get on one and we're like well we gotta we gotta do what now and so we go to he plays editor at her or to show what it out. There and the like with Barry Diller beat two hours maybe or does it goes let's talk about and that. This is actually a big deal like that the biggest that we realize. It was around that 2016 season or so later that season we realize we start having a specific drop date every. We can have already got one show weeks and our schedules are. All over the place they always do is really hard to figure out what we could all do want to note Pete is a very hockey base persons that he was he would be. Sometimes hockey games god of Abraham. Jerry does stuff going on Comcast out get away as they are really tricky trying to light a that we could all do one of the most important thing. We've realized now know what they are in the sports he's doing the show. What's Red Sox season. People are right very excited it was a show. There's a new car because they know what's gonna be. They're they're good they're gonna go to work. And listen to us talk about our experience yankees game has been a nightmare. And and that's that's that reliability is very important so. I think half the battle it really isn't he got a lot of good feedback to their like we loved it you know. We know what it's gonna be out him and we know what it's gonna crop because then people make more time you telling me you're gonna be there and assert a certain time of the week. Yeah that that was a weird things so I look at. I eight with a note before I did any sort of research on how I actually thought off Friday's must be today. Because people. Go their treadmill they go for a run they do their things on out there a lot more time listen to it. And then he realized from what everyone says like now. Not necessarily. Mean Monday Monday Tuesday Wednesday he'll still people it's it's still like it Internet driven. I think we all know the weekends in the Internet is it's a rough time so. It's I don't know man I like I don't. It's just a hard hard thing delight two it's say this is how you do it this is absolutely the way you do it. And it's even more difficult to actually do it that way like you said the scheduled time I am totally with you a million people have told me that. But I am when we're not running around I'm like I gotta get this guy you are in the end okay now on the tropics here and I guess it is just just I think it's like yeah a lot of these things and our world we live and we're trying to keep your point you're trying to figure it out as you go. And it's it's tough for you to do if you're gonna try to rule. And then you know price goes on you know get set all these these guys got the fingers again like that that's something that you that ask aren't that masked the scandal so click on on. We made our biggest guess that we at this page are Arab the Arab decent pitcher the Red Sox they're the club and we weren't told like Thursday night is a terror attacks yet I can't be gets big and at the time that means he just like couples is because I was hoping that this was actual real they is like layers like we got eight Pedro tomorrow. Can you do it and luckily enough I was I was off the next expressed got a yellow. Which doesn't report it. I've got a little bit because it ever collect whatever else comes up asset and the last thing you want as promised someone they don't drop our it is now. Say we gotta go. We lucked out because we did tease it we actually actually it worked out yet and I'd interview. It was such an. Dixie go to phone calls it to a skate. The quality was a great it wasn't bad though we got a good solid fifteen minutes does this matter reminds you at. A laid back because it was it. It bought it all these crazy. But the worst thing that we did. One is I ripped that thing I turn that around as quickly as possible edited wise and we retry that I guess we just does. We're talking apartments like what we dropped what should be we she's all day until it broke it kind of it ourselves at a drop dead date were back at it dropped on Saturday or sought out dumb but I alerts alls just don't drop on a Friday so we trust it or Boris I am. On Friday which is possibly the dumbest time did you have trouble podcast. Especially what they hall of Famer Mike hicks I understand it and you're on a totally deadly people look at our people. Casual mood during the week doesn't work so it doesn't work. It Twitter police force at ten days that we can't take a step back and be like this is what people are trying to get away. Their salt is what you are trying to go out at eight. You know not tool or doing. Aspect that I just brutal weeks so I think that was our date this date as we come on it is. Is dropping the teacher episode Friday ordered the app that was so dumb I. That's that's popularity. You'll learn especially are asked then edit stuff they you know reminds you that you need to schedule it reminds you if you don't have a schedule earlier in the week is definitely always better. So let me ask you this so you come from a great place to ask this question. What what are we doing wrong. Well like what are we doing wrong the people with the access what are we doing wrong. What can be better. What are what do people want more of food from from you know the use you have the world and obviously you have a huge following. And is really working you said you try some things out some things work some things don't Donna DO network that's great. But I as you said before you know I have access we have access. What are we doing wrong and what can we do better. Lights out. Don't be a bad idea. It's just I I think just being relatable. Being relayed a bullet and using your access to the players. Positive way. And just using it. To get as much content as he and it's genuine I know it's tricky for you because you have. Well it and I think I think that not therapy but I think that I should never say them apart and not in erupted at a never never do that. I implied. But TI think yeah I think when I was on your guys project guys are asking that question that was the that was the right after the joke Cali Rick Priscilla twin peaks. Episode one. Podcast where where this is how I want this is that. That's what I would wanna do I wanna do that every week where you go to a bar and you'd drinking you eat in Utah. And but it's as I think I said there there has to be a copy add to it there's a caveat with Kelly there's a caveat with port Delaware you say. Listen we can do this but if you do something stupid I'm gonna write about it I'm gonna talk about it I am we can potentially ripped you'll meet and and people can believe that or not but I can tell you that that is always always the the flip side of the coin in. Some guys can can accept that in some guys can't but you're right I mean I think it is a challenging and when I come back to. Legal dealing with the players and having. Bill any sort of relationship Wear them. It's like it's not relationships is just being human being meted. They want they appreciate I think just not going up to them and say launch angle listen launch angle that an OK I mean using you for. Your your expertise on your swing path and you know so I I think that any people other people can believe it or not but that's my approach. A realistic relationship with the players is something that it was respect of the biggest things Elie said Doug Elliott said that jumped out blood is. Jarrett asked something about DT an hour. Record trading or you say you know on the outs easier are really get a that is so light that there's like a I was like yeah I have I don't play tennis like that was just goes that was just something to say it. It is idolized they are always late. Lol these guys deal with the media Italy is that they want to do and their head it's all get out or just kind of my theory. 262. Games you see the same base is in the club house. It's almost like they have twitches and their brain but look at certain guy it's like based recognition oh this guy wrote that about me oh this guys. Said that about me out. These guys just Kelly told us we asked them why does like what percentage of your answers in the clubhouse are genuine and what percentage are. And he's at 60% of the stuff he says is not change. And what's his. And Ed knows an exit speech OLL. Saint whatever light it just reminded me that. Something even more of stuff like this course sellers on the Kelly's. I understand it's easier to do it's lady yeah and got a head and race. You know it end and that that is a tough day it is it is up. The reason why they tell interview was so good for us to have blood is obviously all the stuff but the brawl. Flash and I think these players are finally coming around that I. Immediately looked around it was unheard of these players on the Red Sox got a podcast that does it happen again so what's up audited dollar. Because I had at 08 Red Sox find it quite well and everybody talks about it. But I just by his dad Brad both owed one with god isn't really. And it's something where what you might get a club let's just getting audio that you guys play ID B I or my gap but it outlay. We're sitting down you know your water you want this but that we're edit and shoot the breeze gets back it was a really like that and I'm just so thankful that it. Now what do I fear getting to podcasters it's got to get. It's not really cannot stop this they got to the podcast umbrella. Bill. I was followed him pretty closely did you sit down that he's had with Kevin Durant on that show are certain nominal because there is a get touches upon all the things I imagine there. Perfect bigger labels figure the right person to have on that showed us that grand. And they are really no. And it's and that creates for my little favorite thing in the world is just a genuine power. Hi this. Behind the conversation that you're just not gonna get elsewhere not get better club house did not get it get that in the media scrum. So that's how we can then put up the people at media access which is unheard of really for five years. So I think that's something that we capitalize on which is like okay user is following. As a positive for the following we have used our following. New provide age develop products that goes those followers can't get elsewhere at a Baghdad that's our board. Well I think that you add me I think that's what is it you did on it which is. You guys what your getting someone or not. What you wanna get them when you wanna have an hour sit down with someone notable someone marketable and everything else. But you guys also do a good job of of talking about what's going on I think that's another thing we get bogged down. I looked around the clubhouse I said who's available who could give the 20/20 minutes. And and then you're tying yourself and then not to make that actually relate. On the good people wanna listen to at that moment you guys are talking about what's going on now the David Price stuff follow the Yankees viewed obviously the joke Kelly stuff. And I think that for for writers and for people who have the access sometimes it like all hey listen I got Mitch Moreland. Like OK well that's great and it might be a good interview boat. What how we know what what is gonna get some traction off of that white why should people care when they're so fired up. About oh what you guys are talking about whether you have a guest or not I think that's another thing trap that we follow until I was able to get. This is funny to me I was able to get Brock colds of Brock calls on fire so. IE I got up I said hey guys you know to redo this week item. He was I thought it was pretty dead that you guys have had brought cold on before right to examine. Our yet so. Some guy don't you mean he was like. His brand was hot so and so we did it. I'm an early no lusty I'm literally going to push the Biden. On the published on the on the on the web site. And and the minute I'm pushing it he he pulls up lame between first exactly where this. So what I want to do like I was actually try to came back to New York. I want to get a video of him you know saying guys never gonna go in the podcast again because whatever. But it's. But I guess my point is is that I went from this really really perfect guy to just a Brock Coulter interview Ike in a matter of a second. And I think that that that's the problem I think we also running. We try to do it and and obviously it helps create a following it in the Red Sox world because then people just attitude and assume you have to stay like that. I was successful baseball podcasts are taught how it happened in a week it's pretty crazy how quickly stuff gets heated. Like if we were just talking about that. Your series that feels like goat now. That was what like four days ago sold. It's fresh and host of the show I hit. Think yes I I consider them eat ease the shout I consider it yes steroids and at bats Boyd and his the product to a level that it is maybe I couldn't get to I had a draw on it can't just brought us to a level that I ever I were to get to. Up podcasting curt Schilling's houses like that was wild I I still can't believe that you know it's. To be Yahoo! but like that that's. Just like days it sure Greta like College Baseball with a guy it's a blast so I think sometimes you do have to cut other. You know cut some of the other BS out and just just talk all and that's what you get these guys and natural element because a lot of them are but the retired guys. David de anymore they don't have that you know shoot the breeze as a house or. That you'll maybe the old bills are doing that would you want to show. Enormous but I called article this awesome I thought oh well Prokopec and I'll be appropriate well I don't look old show. Good clubhouse guy not a bad player obviously when it also does this team. He's a genuine it would that we should be able to differentiate should be able. A light the players as who they are for people and not just based on. Interest are higher gusts are these guys baseball what they do NL in innings one through nine is against shallow I don't know I I think that's out of that. You don't idea that that's the goal right to make these guys are not make them buy it. When you're gonna if you're gonna do it to have it come off as they're human beings you mentioned the Kevin Durant podcast you know you guys mentioned if you're Joseph Kelly interview with Curt Schilling. But you were you want them to feel like it's there they're human beings and you are not just. Going down the list of questions with the baseball player. Yeah I think that's half the battle honestly is kind of crack at that barrier down. And just creating an environment where where it's just natural it. He's sometimes struggle with as a lot of people do bite. If you get it it's great to talk when's the accuser what you expect a lot to get help pretty quick it's just knocked it be great. Oh because you have high hopes but not an ordained its it has got a couple of words like I and it's good abetting this could've been better this could have really good. Those are the girls again. We expect much from and then they they surprise you so. It goes both ways I think just my biggest thing overall. Is it be as consistent as you possibly can make sure that the product. Lives. The past stuff that you've made in and goes past. Honestly I am I ever tried to just do the same stuff over and over but always trying to do whatever that acting is try to get at a curve and so cliche but it's just trying to create something bad people go well like you see these guys didn't let up I haven't seen so. It. Takes a lot of people to like I or endless hours our goals Gloria last night Promos then and we have a lot of it. Their tail off and yes just get a term like got to start talking carries a much more that goes into something that is legitimate if you want that aren't legitimate just let. I have it now but a lot of people honestly don't think they're willing to put that. I Steve lied listen this is gone this is now the second longest podcast in the history of the graphite shaft. I'm excited about it. But you know that it goes back tourists say give it long is good because it means you're just talking him to actually believe me I wouldn't be here like. You you said there's somewhere you say and this is a company well. And you'd like data that is that it's it's Iraq. Or are they have the ball but I appreciate you you'd joined again. So what's going on what the last thing is what what's on tap for you guys anything big coming up part. What we talk about separating ourselves. And and taken the next level and yet again that you guys did honestly with a joke Kelly and get him beyond that you you have the visual of Joseph Kelly Brian Johnson and Brian Donald Bryant Johnson is doing there. Right. If he would let it would be the the inside story it's installed go in the book but when we did the first port a load Kelly. Twin peaks vodcast bright Johnson could be a third person to get food poisoning. So he's used but he he's actually so we didn't want I didn't want with him and Bobby pointer which is like. At industry try to you got bright Johnson Bobby pointer early but it was partly at that time. And I reporter was nervous he could tell by. I'm not a big time podcasts like the putt Russia but. That yeah but but Brian Johnson for your I would absolutely have him back treat it like if you guys are out why he would be good one night things out. A lot of sense it when he. They liked what I ate we joke LT a report days and Bryant Johnson was also outside of the program. At one until late check out he'd go out and really haven't touched on the show I think he also did one overshadow Joseph LA but this being their. Sox yankees we come up the ball all that so I was like yeah. Tonight a look at a cruiser I got somebody at my job was producer that aren't so I know what next you big governor. We got a couple big guests out light out or the next couple months. The secret is that. He got to do a guy you really let things out there has been good to. I was aren't aren't had the bar stool Goldman helped our a lot of percent debt that's. We you know attacks on a parcel out three years ago we started. As it related to our goal here is that ours yet but there became cult and a parcel and it got to show up and down that's helped it grow law. Joke tally only Adam. It closed at one of the Promos I did I made the six tagged out and it clicked on parceled out doesn't really at all so it's like. Don't leave bump land so we're trying our best ride the hot hand right now. You know and you know increase the show's value was much it costs and Jessica get. We're really trying to focus in on our Red Sox players. Are idea there. So ideally any time the Red Sox come to New York will have you know one of the players are all all the players and the area out. Things like double Lotta Lotta secrets that terrible secret site layout out time out there whenever that. But now it is pay gates at the point now where. We're trying to make this you know very noticeable showed not just the Red Sox broke the baseball world that's got out our porch and a jacket. Well you come along way since documenting. The U misgivings. Kirk Allen and sell. A statement I really appreciate taken a time in and idols I will continue to strive. To have to be as good as you guys and I mean that I mean I honestly mean that I had this all the times that we recently learned from like what everybody else is doing in. I think that that challenges that you you'd try to instead the Kirby try to operate yourself in. I think you guys do a good job in both those respects. CS AA and summary in my only eight top advice for you is if you could. Advocate as the day I understand you are that but I think that did so much or that did so much horse going ahead. Just atrocities that we added another podcast a tool week every Tuesday every Thursday. That was huge and I really don't don't eat this stuff as I. I'm a big retro show that does ordered back to. Everything is what people say oh show they don't know how does an upright to play. Alamo Bowl and we do try to stay at all of articles on alert. We got sick to get the people that read bush. Does that caveats that I have Joseph Kelly's two year old son and I have dropped yelled devers. Yet that night that will be a staple I agree I think every dude I am going to do I have proclaiming I am going to do. I don't I am going to do the scheduled podcast I asked right after I posed this one. Just minutes after reduce this. We complete this but I wanna I wanna get this one up because I do think it's important to find that this is the only podcast of the week and it's a good one. Arm and then going forward and hopefully you'll be on with me again it'll be awesome and will it will actually do live in New York. Live also add value studio lot that to check out ours is a little bit it's it's a crappy studio but it's a great buyer but it brave people. Well it's it's listened crappy studios or podcasts are all about Steve thanks so much rent. Up.