Bradfo Sho, Ep. 84: Mookie Betts opens up (again)

The Bradfo Sho
Monday, May 21st
Making his second annual appearance on the Bradfo Sho, Mookie Betts sits down for an in-depth conversation with Rob Bradford. The duo reflect on some of the things the outfielder said in last year's appearance (including that he may never be better than 2016), how he actually got better, how his personality has changed, what he did with his Bradfo t-shirt and why he views NBA coaches more valuable than MLB managers.

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Add road show. That's my open definitely probably would have brought that's my old. Query where you don't know what you're stupid. Brad broad show. That's delicious. Iowa city's accident spot we did about. Was there about eleven months ago was that long. Eleventh yeah I guess the only that I feel like it was July I don't ever I don't know room. A month there was that his longtime guard feels like yesterday and I guess I'll at least my first question what did you do with my teacher at that I gave you yet that's got tested at home. It's is it's a sleeve shirt though it's more of they want the death that's that's that was too big sell its sleeve shirt. Have you ever ought to stories please tell me have you ever awarded in have worn it. What do bubble as Tim Robbins like what is that it's like it's fifty anymore about it is that it could weather. Since it. Is it which I view a silly you know you're your your buddy Jim over an inside you whether it but have you rewarded public this is what I wanna. No I haven't haven't haven't gotten that. In public service. President. It's. I'd so let's get the brass tax so won't. Yeah preach city to revive moved to bets in case you didn't know. And I really enjoyed our conversation last year. And it was it was fun we I remember talked about Joseph well and beat its Twitter account. I'm asked me about the Dodgers I pretend like it knew what who was on their team. And bide and one of the things you that you had said which and I were also remember. Was that yet that time you're going through some struggles I think he says I don't know Favre ever going to be as good as it was in 2016. As we sit here right now you're better than you were in 2016. Is and is less rights. A so. Take me through before I get to that take me through like when you're sitting there saying that what's going through your head do you actually feel like. They were you just sort of protecting yourself against expectations. Or what was going through your head. Come Nawaz protect myself and that's their faces it was more roads need this not really no end. The next steps to getting better I mean you know I've had coaches and whatnot and you know they help me get a year by. You know not the Simoneau and how to get better and enough throughout the offseason and what the next steps are too easy to determine you know better player so. Almost like have learned some things. So help me you know. Take the next step in big time chance and apply them. This year and today they seemed to work so far but I know that does all the little things that I can learn and that I can apply and definitely have this year that I mean that I can apply something they'll work deftly makes you more hungry to it to learn. So this laps to dance around it because I'll assume wanna say hey move to your awesome how do you become so awesome isn't that a great to be awesome and I know that you're not comfortable like a lot of guys are sick talking about this. But this go back to what you just said about learning when you're sitting here saying I don't know from ever going to be that kid. And you say walk I wasn't sure how I knew how to get better I mean that I'm paraphrasing sorry yeah yeah yeah. And so when did when did that didn't look at what point do you realize. That you were going to be able to get better. Thumb. You have always had. I'm always wanted to learn the most wanted to to get better and when I just didn't know how so. Goodwill and that's it get better was always there it was just a matter of finding the source. And you know not saying chilly in the end this and the last true didn't help because they definitely did. But this crew comes in here now is just a different different. Different point of view. Maybe it's home for me a little better and so I'm obviously trying to be a more aggressive swinging. As we GT NT knee. And be. Though they've been kind of maintenance and helped me as far as. The type listening to him and what I've learned through my swing and how to get the most out of it so. And he's been in good part of a big part of this whole process too. So let's just. I think I've found the sources to kind of help me but what outsource maintenance crew is light bulb moment. You have dinner with Tim hires me the stage earlier I'm aware. No honestly. When all's learning through spring training. The struggles was sunlight the light bull what I was. You know for sixteen then. Whatever yeah I guess that's what I told you did you know put. Statistics on the back to street races this it's on the back to baseball I felt like that was the turning point for you again at that point. You know when I was gone through that whole stretch now you obviously it was tough I mean I didn't hit it I mean I've. Sometimes he's what's on the lucky to have been. This and you can do it but I knew going through that stretch. That something was changing you know and what is it did change it wasn't sure but something was changing nonetheless. And so go onto the whole time it was tough it's tough but I think that light bulb that's where I'm. It's it's tough now but I think what she did it. It gives it to happen fast and so I think towards India. I added you know it started kind of clicking a little bit and then. That's when. I tenets of golf and you know I'm still learning a lot now there's there's still a lot of the things that come from Larry and draft. Every day really. So dorm. To spring training when you go through that you're you're saying okay Felix. And there was some different. Trying things and knows no work now for maybe it is a light at the end of the tunnel was there any point relying meth. I had pretty good to doesn't sixteen I had a pretty gets 2007 team tomorrow Cape May go go back to the way I was duties. Yeah for sure there was there. Different. But then. From the flu outside of thinking that I news. Well I didn't 2017 was his knee and that was the natural meat that was. Making my own changes. We doubt it will widow sort of try to destroy do it on your own little bit right I mean over the you know I was I was in the right. What with the fire everything that I've learned didn't. Should tell big help those those guys helped. But I I kind of I would say shut them out but I tried did. Try do myself so the kind of being more open this up because you you had struggled. And in this is that that I remember it Jack you into that early on in his career to its. It's human nature and dad one of sentence so. You know I love going through that I mean look. This year I came in knows this and say hey. Know be open everything. This new philosophy coming in so this would this new philosophy it's you know may work for you you never know and about Elvis became Guinea works so. And I came in and tried it. I mean and I honestly do spring training whether they worsen what I did last year so. Just kind of stuck it out luckily. But what good did. You said you've been you've been when you retire from the few weeks ago a week or so ago about stuff all you hit first pitch of the season. Yes and if you really had a collection if you really figured out that Wallace probably died instantly clicked into Miami right the next series. Right yeah you know I'll still you know still tell learn and in. And Ireland won not announced what is it I'm still learning but that's that's when I was like really there really in stages though it. It's all process. I think now I had that same thought I think it's something they'll go. The yen Miami sports one and clips. For the most threatened the bus and feel even though you rob did dad he caught it yet because he clearly directed him very I mean it's. Just the fact that I did you know I did you. You know me you know most my home offered it all off homer in the pool but. Come now select enough credit spread it around the still mounds to hit some listeners on the left Syrian. You know this. Just I think that's what it kind of flip to now know. And ability to have this just a matter views and do another thing we talked the last. Here where is sort of play the embracing. Personalities. And it's you know I'm likely make the whole difference in close we are went on the Ortiz thing that's science. Quiet. But you had said like maybe five years I'll be willing Tim show my personality more. I don't know what I'd tell him this is from my own perspective quite as skilling may be this year you have a little bit more and maybe that comes with this. Having a lot of success. Where do you work now that I give you my opinion it is so what so valuable. What. What how do you think that has been compared to last year in terms of showing your personality. Tom obviously success. It's gonna help you and be able to show your personality more but. Also the crew that coaches know they. Casey came in in the Tenet told me out there from the beginning hey you know what should be a leader what she shaved personnel they wanted to get everybody going on what to do this. Those are the things and you know. I've said this you know I become the I've come on try it you know. Sort of things most things I wanna try and have been have been doing what I can as far as China's new examples as far as playing it. It looks energy. You know cheering us on it. Meaning guys corner the corners whenever they wanna talk they need to talk to know something's up. You know we have. A bunch of things kind of going on there. Would dress singing as far as get on the plane knows something even though those still have to be oh vocal leader all the time sunshine and maneuver my way into it until little situations where I can. Be a part of it miles. I think it is needed just. He therefore. Torso more so than last year. Definitely more so last year. Last year special little choirs didn't want them. Do too much you know being that I was playing that well and you know the plan that will. That's under. And listen to you as much it's just the nature of it you know it's nothing against them and I think it's near things in nature dudes as a feel good I mean it feels good it. Lead based on everything but does it feel good to do exactly what you just talked him out of club being able to sort of feel. I'll be the gathering you know. Who's out there a little bit yeah for sure I think judge does those cadets how to use a hair down and play. Mean just be myself you know through through the whole world in the clubhouse and the dugout. On the field this kind of too much seeing without thinking about it but I tiptoeing around anything in so I think meaning means that I. Indeed dead slam I think this kind of opened with the what's this success to knowing that. If I mess up it's okay that. You know you're gonna succeed more than more than felt it was it was at. Ice process that wasn't and bring it up close and Ortiz thing was at the Ortiz. Quickly you type what you said tiptoe play every once I figured out right. Yeah and the itself even we all know easily do you don't have followed him you know. You know those guys are there all the leaders and whatnot let us come. You it takes more than one. Put him he's such a big personality that you know we don't need many more than him but we'll have that now. We have pulled I think you've just found that collective it's much more than you did last is gonna take it just takes us. 56 guys to make up for that one so I think we. As a crew know that we know that. Together we can sit together we can all do it. Without leaders and we can all play the game the right way and can enjoy ourselves and we don't have to have just one person that kind of he won't be our voice by the way it was and the teams I've covered the the core dynasty and everything like those who do. Those of the team some and that's how little work to visit Jason very tech of the CX yes he was like one of five speed. Exactly and that's and that's some though there were worse definitely. Learn and were you when you said the MVP results last year were you surprised. No matter what two years ago I'm talking about last. Yeah I mean. Because you IV EU citizens when you finished sixth seventh place where you were surprised. Definitely. Stuff I have played awful us here. Plus fortune enough to be up there but. You know just one of those things where. Patent how to build off of it and know that you know. From there now mean we have. Rod and they did find a little better I mean that in my goal is just when Andy views. What a World Series obviously and it's a nice individual gold forget about winning indeed he is definitely pulled others. A lot of you know the players to have won. It's gonna tell a tough to Willits what might try to and you know won't do. You almost idiotic you almost did every yield steady in the US here's what I went six so. When you yesterday and I'm because we all have to write about something they're right they're victims let the flurry of like we'll keep vs Mike Chester strength. And you don't want to say I'm asking you say I'm better than my Trout armed and peril Mike Trout. But it is like I think it's a cool conversation. To get to that point I mean that you mentioned Hamilton announced. Dunce of the well are you doing something well. You know he's he's the best the best. So. And yes that's pretty much are you saying buy me a and I this this isn't this a tough and I didn't you led by MVP would be you would you have individuals whose team goals MVP would be an official of the yes for sure. And in that you end up files fortunate to win that I got it. Give it to the guys that are around me and those of been kind of the guys that has stuck with me in this case forward and he went on sale and you know it well I mean when I'm playing well they tell me hey you. You keep doing this keep doing better when I'm playing bad you know they they they let me know I used he's still a great player this and the heaviest of the best in the same the other so. Now have the best teammates in the world as far as. Keep me on track side and ask for better and better group. Look at what's your favorite statistics. Size wins. Com I was saying. Anything that's what score runs and RBIs and runs for those are. Kind of the the number one thing from need just just the fact that. Those are one of the few categories that only go up you know they they may indeed see there it's. One of those things it. You pay attention to things where that they go up and down. You know they've gone up here at the when the going down and you said its friends scored resists. It's stable. Keeps going up keeps going up and those type of things that I I want to keep my keep I saw him. Obviously that's that's what wins games. When Cloris says that you really Dawson digital Jorge from the thing. Do you. You know can I lose track of where you want and you order a few save thirty hit first. But where is it like all right yeah I like that idea like this like that vibe that that you talked about about. Setting the tone heading home run doubles and is this something that that you would like to do maybe the rest your career. Yeah I mean god do whatever whatever he says and I'm not hit lead off my whole life so it's kind of something that up and you see. You know what people you know this is. Just once again we have to talk about stuff you get home runs he's hit a lot of solo home runs. Am and what if you're in third when it's your enforce but I'm of the mind of like I likes having been to highlight. You know kicking things staffers Jeremy. Who's to say that some hidden there are our fourth then you know still be in the sense that and get arm in Indian pitchers and myself. And I may not I don't know if that all plays a factor. But I do know that now life. Leaving office. Being able to run and a new hero on the bases in the name. John finally score. What would that look that core group of guys behind me you know they've they make it easier it is for them have been doubles. Guess what not than this. Kind of cruise around the bases or keep you play your treasonous. I've I've college I but I do wanna ask you guys skimming past. It's just the question you need if you have a question for me. Because it has to be better than what he is the thing that I think about the dodgers' roster. Has been about baseball not to be about anything. Jim be about how I lost sixty pounds and awaits him when he weight loss program I mean I don't know I don't complain about anything. I was gonna go more along the lines. This series he says celtics' thinking OK I like yeah OK okay it. Now remember this is I'm probably this is gonna come out after game three. That's hi I'm Tom thumb so how. Throughout this series. What kind of adjustments do you think. LeBron won't make and what do you think he should make because mom my personal opinions. Not having gotten to watch a whole lot of games Clemson impresses or how much defense is Adam's album much different guys that them. They run offense where they're moving the ball set a lot of streets making and played defense is going to be hard to score forty he'd get extra double and have to play defense. The whole time to. It's obvious thing about what what can he do. Second time can. I don't know to make them win that and made to help them. And yet so to me so I was acting anymore and and I was I was pissed off watching I'm going to be on us as because undecided is who wasn't there he had a bad candidates scored fifteen points. That way is that he is walking up the court. It away is that when there on the 27 two run seeding take over so to answer questions like when you're team needs you. You you can play nurse who. Mean you can back your guide and you can you can take you can take over and that's not gonna win the game by itself. But more time to deceive the last day or any of the last Nero dot now because about do you act out other begins a kind of watch this. The store the F forty but I mean when she wins those games norm. Normally you know. And so if you do that you have those sorted and normally it. It if you don't have the guys to me to me there is an element of the understands this team isn't as good as the other teams he's been. That's there. That's I mean I I get it that this thing and I know that. Nate he's he's gonna do anything in since it took to win the news gossip takes. Can he can still but I say doing so obvious it is what it is they've but here's a question after you about that. I love this debate. The most important coach. In professional sports now like individual coach like so. Here's my rankings. NFL coach number one like it means the most NFL number one. I'm going baseball number two not because of like what happens on the field notebook because of what happens then there today. And I always loved basketball. I am and I collided like hockey I know. Glad aids but Basque bus I was before because unlike you get two or three good players doesn't matter it doesn't matter. What's your take I tagged I agree. With full ball. Being number one of them. He not have hadn't played a lot of football but I do know that coaches. Are in and out of there you know the tonight teams play a lot in the he seems like coaches don't stick as long hidden the ball and I could be wrong out of an earlier you're right. One thing I do know about us. Being that I've played baseball and basketball best. Those two. But he said. A lot of that is off the field some others on the field and a lot of it you know some of it is. You know making decisions on the field and what that some others just kind of self explanatory what you hoped. It and in baseball as far as food there is a lot of events during the course. Yeah. Some may have to I'm not sure I may have to go. Basketball we'll. Four base really even though this twelve guys. So you talk about managing the team managing the off the court things is only twelve guys are used when he sides here. You have a shorter season. But I did get in the reason I it's kind of changed my opinion a little bit discuss Brad Stevens to be honest. That that's the reason why because. So neat if you get a coach in this system. It's like those you find guys that just in this system and no matter if stared. John doe he's gonna drive yeah in that system just because that's. He's in the right position to he's in the near the end of the day you know so it's not like he's he's I think he's. That bad at basketball noble we've seen guys go places and White Sox. Right but I feel like that's that they're system you don't I did you want is the one on the reverse. Carrier ring up. She can't play defense. He gets a bus and he can play defense because the system to meet I feel like right so your but that with a coach of the other system kind of that's just exactly. So that's why I say OK you know like template. Gerrymandering. If you put him on a different team. He's not German greens might end up not and I'm not taking shots at them. Because I think he's all right I won't however all right if that is hip but like I feel like if he's in that system. When he's in that system with two wars. He's one of the best pleasantly but if he goes to a system where he's got to be to score in the domain and he made in that field to drive like he it's it's gold but with football number or senior quarterback that's. That's. The most important player on any team in any sport has a quarterback there. Tom in baseball. It's the system there are elements of the system as we've talked about. But if you have good pitching and you have good hitting. You're probably going to be able to win doesn't matter I mean that data today you can. Put him whenever he this is decisions he makes me. Doesn't it. Affects the game yet it can affect the game but it doesn't take big hole. As much news you know football. So you could actually. Would you put basketball at a baseball alphabet slow ahead of the cool I like it just be like exodus because this. Then used it certain guys certain systems and and they just drive. I should argue it's the debate rages on. I'd looking as if it specifically. I know I don't what do I asked to do this once a year or so I appreciate you doing it I hope it say something you you look forward to not counting the days off as a nice here. But thanks a lot this there.