Bradfo Sho, Ep. 86: The return of Steven Wright

The Bradfo Sho
Wednesday, June 6th
The reemergence of Steven Wright has been one of the most surprising stories of the Red Sox' season, so it's fitting that the pitcher joins the podcast to talk about his windy road back. Wright goes into detail about the challenges that came with fending off doubts regarding his knee, also touching on the on and off the field low points he experienced over the last year. Wright finishes off the conversation with his take on the Boston media, explaining what he believes is accurate and misguided when it comes to the narrative that this is a tough town to play in.

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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know what you're stupid Brad broad show. That's delicious. I just Stephen Wright is it if he's ever been on the Brad social before in the response with a resounding I don't think so do you remember I don't think Soto so. Well anyway we had steered right here we're happy to have them and cost very good start to see he's he's he's as a relief pitcher. And you know steal one of the things is like when we're talking a core after it was. After Monday's game he would visit I don't know hours and use and I know what's gonna happen review you're out of options we need you coming back healthy. When you came backers like I don't know how this is gonna work. Yeah I mean I think there's premieres is trying to do this in the year. You know they come with the new staff and extra measures to make sure I came back as soon compete. And so far you know being in the whole sentences were down some not formed to lose. So what was it like I'm uncomfortable doing it because I in the class. I was happy to do we get the ball is showing. But it's one thing compete like we knew when you were competing in where you are awesome you're making austerity jurors are starting pitcher. And I would imagine at some point you're like to get to that right they'll be there. I mean I did to near honestly it doesn't matter for me out there like I'm always been pretty open wheelers are delusional as sort of try to go up you know to Timor and on. You know whenever I get an opportunity to take the ball. It's starting very you know it is notable thing that's fine. Have you read that you decided politically correctness are just so it really doesn't matter in the end. You know for me is I had Saddam in the big roadside us on the line. You know and so it always see the different rules go different mentality Zito like juniors are there are new you have no sport is in between were running in crafting and and you have the ability to kind of tickets and it gave him does open generated every day so there's pluses and minuses of both. But at the end of the day I'm in the big it's. Sauce on me out. Wow so I ask this Pedroia the other day that I today's free came back and he said listen I'm not a worry about the small stuff anymore. This whole thing has given me a new perspective on. On exactly retire about. Is that fair and is like you want the revenue perspective about I'd like to pitch and I like to be on the mound and but as this give you new perspective on life this oh my goodness this is pretty awesome and. She definitely miniseries. So take these are very we're out here every day in you know a moment I heard my shoulders kind of when reality set in that it can be over about us. And even then even then you probably were like yeah. OK you know I'm crews in L a B Cruz and probably another cup. Always yeah I thought I thought I was going to be fine and then it just never got better and then when we finally are better than Hermione. You know there's so every time I went allies are trying to do so was hurt. There wasn't feeling good so maybe it was one of those like may actually ever pitch your game. Then when I had the knee surgery and then trying to come back to site do every time you walk you heard say uses it costs are reminded us feel you're injured. Inside. Good and so far away. To be able to become iron from Venus is definitely using different perspective on how Tel plus yard field I do this how lucky we are that he'll get back from. From such a significant injury by the way I have to remind myself my wife actually said this who's driving in line. You are so lucky you are infamous Fenway Park to work to my fans that are really. I mean it's one of those things that I never could. Who did. How lucky I am because you know there is a moment I was gonna be done before you saw the smile on alcohol. And so that's one thing I'd never take for granted broad and sort of lose you know. For me in las like dead yeah. Best energy to keep working because site to site have a total work really hard and I have a setback on Monday. Suicide a thank you workers ars I want suit so now it's awesome it's about. You know not working hardest working smarter illnesses taking days off. You know when we need king of not doing anything impact floating on site. Your policies differ from the joy because he's an everyday player loves listen and get this opportunity disease so the day off while you got to utilize them. To really get their knees and timely save fuel and so is this a different way of going about you know your day to day business. When you're talking to go. So physically when you're trying to trying to work your way back just a few of the shoulder thing and that took a long time in the near the new thing in that took a long time. What was the point where you like you descend like him. This I don't know if I can do this I don't know if it's gonna work I would I I I thought I could I don't know if this New York. I'll say it for me it was probably right around the house getting closer life. Another ten elevenths almost march like those three months Susie and because this site knows feeling good always throwing. But it didn't feel player I'd spring training I saw you want to yeah yeah I was spring training. But that's the thing is they want to come in I'm like man I'm like I'm I'm not far away. And then two days later I can barely walk. So it's I got to the flow was like man like I don't know Falwell liberalism alive. Like this you know trying to. Did every you know you work your butt off steel for four straight days. To throw one day it'll kind of you can't walk inside guys who got to look for a rousing guys don't know what to do this. You know but I you know again it drain in the here tee shots and religious trusting the medical sounds. That is kind of this is another her old gas and talking to the doctor did the surgery he says that's where it. The majority of those issues says it's possible that athletes have come back d.'s music right for you ready to play this. Feel just as soon not until quite rise. Because he's just a matter can you Kenny did a good enough to where you can actually run a movie and eventually got to let me losing about quitting. No I never thought about going I just didn't know how long I could do it to the point where. If we talked about like anyway do you someone brings up getting older and quality called quality of life and things like that this first question that comes to mind. Again I never thought about quitting I just say no it. They do is gonna be you know. Sooner rather than later you know like I knew eventually I was going to be okay but resist getting to the borrowers frustrating or it's like I don't know if I can just keep. Grind it out day after day so it definitely. Got to look for a while my command line I don't know how much longer after this year I would do. It's my needy get better. So when was the turning point. By about a month ago but that that soon. There's just like overnight we zero brewers look now light moment that was it does sound Fort Myers. It is yeah I was out of Fort Myers I did three had sorry. And in buffalo. Yeah after the I don't know Lewis knows this is so is after your first rehab start out much for your service it was my second reassert. To where felt pretty good ally while I got my bill to do this alone. I was limited gonna go. It's a pretty crazy like dude it was literally overnight on the really. Everything they did everything. They try to tell you what's coming by and I would imagine if they knew something like that was government that would sit by the way. They're eleven or twelve months are going to be like or whatever it is clear it is going to be overnight unit is gonna feel bad. Yeah I mean it doesn't they say is still doesn't feel normal but I don't know but all over feel normal it was such and gave evasive he's surgery. You know what they say oh my guess pretty much know what happens like with everybody you know I feel for joy it was looking up that his quicker. Are you shorter. Shorter either way is my city you know and evidence of things I guess the same type of surgery. What is different surgeries is it all depends on where the lesion was hello you added. College you did how you did it there's a lot of other factors other than just holding out the same surgery wise once again eight months and once sued thirteen months I rules are different. Type of surgery to those same kind of surgeries that makes any sense it's not a typical life ACLU go in the big city site. And it's a big invasive surgery to go there replaced Carly to somebody else. And so yeah Jesus took little time. That are receiving us is like. That's good feel like your because it's a process the other everything's good everything's good then boom everything tonight. Well when the going back to the pinch running and I want to go back to patron have you ever watched I actually. Hadn't watched it forever. My to have you gone back to watching it. You never seen the video Motorola has. This really. Obviously. It was a freak thing a man like I didn't even do anything rebuild that's why that's why implore you watch that video because like I knew I didn't do anything I had literally aces but like. You know I had don't like a full side I threw the fifty beach and I ring gases bed to children. Program I lived in upper and lower body within three hours later on dive back in the bag. So who knows my shoulder was just tired by this seed I'd just thrown. Two nights before nine inning. Whose dog is so I had ardea thought of watching these. And so is as much so it was fatigue and so like I knew when I don't vacuums that we dive back but this is my shoulder was just tired you just got to move did enough. Toward justice and things off this dress is all it did. Like that this stinks up there and do whatever was there and he got bad in this case. Everything about anybody yet you know a lot of time between then and now like you were on Iran obviously you were run everything about well. To fight this to pitch in the second half then where I would be right now. You are good spot disaster you we identified your played professional baseball for the Red Sox he might he would've come flared up at some point have we ever thought about. No I don't think your mother left earlier they have as her reason you know maybe news the voice of the more serious you know suffer like he sits there as they want to put it on concern. Absurd thinking about too much of the passage cited cost her own you know the future and trying to know how to prepare myself for the next day the vitality. Whatever the cars you know your life play real estate without feeling too caught up in the house like this this is something that's as dramatic as that. Because aside you know who knows me. What made managed starting from myself around control we're also excited for me I think it'll positive side uses. It's avoiding something on the I don't know. You heard a good place now you you've got through the injuries and got through obviously his stuff in the offseason and it seems like you've come out on the other. It's not a lot of stuff yeah I mean it's definitely it was a private darkest. Year and a half of their and both Kurt professionally and famine was. Nobody everybody's in the past everything right now is good yeah. Now just know looking forward to oversee this season moves in the future. When you now going back to this is a weird segue awkward ones like you go to the bullpen you get ready for game. How many pitches like you've done this before you relieved before. As it is it now as we sit here is a sort of second nature isn't like you know I'm still working through it happens or leave it. It's a little bit of both. For shirt but you know it's one of those things that mentality is is like second nature for me. His idea on done it not been relieved more than I've been a starter previously been off. Maybe go and everytime I open up your sixty was the first time I was just starter. So suffered enough corn in the uses more about the unknown is like it is only see the need. You know it's like when a bonafide you know I haven't gone back to back given attack comes like how is that gonna respond until you limber up and they've got more than you tip might. Because he knows well sings I don't know if I have to do but I do anyways it's one of those they don't want to sit back and waited just try to sit there for. Six cities and in just hop up and go so it's like you know why they they've been really good about being communicated as far as I called up or down. Com article. There's no feel for me like I was so I don't know if there's a 1% chance someone at this moment prepare myself. You know is so good at the other side of motherhood you're not pitching. Don't really know he's relaxed so that I'll just sit there and hang out. We have uses a bike down there you know it depends on what stadium whereas the other we have fans have other ways ago. Moving around keeping your body active. And that's I just do judges because it helps you save prepared you talked a way to the way it was killed he morphed into a close. Yeah I talk to listen yesterday for the first sons has been out here we talk a little bit about getting loose and you know what to focus on what's on you know not get too caught up okay. Did you switch to kind of get your body ready goes so then when you Geary pitched out here you're ready used to buy. You know that I look I was thinking about this after watching you Monday and we'll have when Alex is too. You guys have more quote unquote long may you basically have you're tired ducks' starters. In the bullpen right. We do on the this is a good thing news. They can be a bad thing you know if you whichever way you wanna look at. And I look at this way I'm in I don't know if I'm full of who we are not put on like this could be something we could be on to something here and how boy opens a bill. The just because OK we see no value you already. Knew you are the actor has been the Bryan has been. And memory and I mean talk to the votes are such an hour early in the game whether it's a couple innings at the end save. Like I kind of feel like if I was building a team thank you may be as great start thinking about these little bit. Yes definitely different manner as soon these schools cities LT teams who right now are we knew her friends they're based on a hundred. You know you see guys that are warning does a lot of one inning guys very few teams have. Guy's ego multiple innings in only got three guys I mean even heater can go multiple these bars has gone more clearly he's the only guy really hasn't done announces timber. No Joseph was a starter so he's capable of gold multiple means I'll. Well as soon. So I don't know that what those guys because those are your setup guys. Lou India mean Vijay molested as a role starters last year in the spring training so it's his it's it's definitely a different way to go. This saves the other Gavin this is a thing it saves. If you look at that you it saves the other guys so you you'll have like that Kelly's of the bond to them Brees having go back to back his mind. Yeah I mean that's obviously going over us like if those guys are going back to back that means there were women. You know that means do we know the road for you and abuse or what you know if it's been a close game I would say OK you know instead of just getting this seventh. You all you guys your pitching well enough to get the seventh and eighth and I don't think that's a mentality. No I mean I don't know man like that partisan you know I know for us. As we just try to go out there I don't know whatever it's our time to throw we decided it was easier it was easy. Beyond that time does come and now we're ready for it. You know those guys have been doing such a good job hold down the simply deny it. It's like if there's an opportunity in those guys are fresh series do you get the ball but if they're not ready to take the ball is alone and. 'cause and so I'm trying to revolutionize the bullpen generally your overstayed their business. But I'm gonna get there I don't I'm not really there to get there generated at the willow like you you this though the team has. Threes like quote unquote along guys in the bullpen yeah analysts say it was crapping on the ideas along guys for the last few years yeah thing. You only enough time and I don't know I mean I don't know all the settlement could be. The need to talk shows and soap about gay because they're not tied it on line guys but yeah I've I've just I've just thinking about yeah. I think this is different you know this is I think when you would this can win this game has been. Is such an old school game the moment and do something different at a all the Sony calls we're relying on us are gonna work closely because it hasn't ever been done had he knows I'm. You know that's a question I was it's never been done you can say it's not gonna work is sometimes in my day you how you got to know you don't at least give the shot. See that's we're talking about right is that what is so what tell me easily as he obviously ships of the first and then come to mind. When it is there anything else you like you know it's baseball should do more of that. I don't know. I did request well laid off all my (%expletive) ticket but I like the way you're thinking. Quite another terrible segue of my cream you know my dream love greeting. Loan is increasingly efficacy of mourners here. I saw him and I gave him a lot of crowd I felt bad part is yet if these days are right after giving up the ball. Ford's automotive whatever he has left he was gonna get it all those and that makes it it's real quick touted how do you know my create lucrative the the average listener when we say oh of course you right now as my green but you know. I've known my very rural voters since 2009. His son Bowling Green low load your play together opinions as soon I person send them and I got trade. And they live in Fort Myers so everybody wants to us that we tiger lots of your house and we didn't hang out he's got a big form out there. Then on the on the best friends even the sun though and am really offensive Gary Matthews OK. So we always say you kids out in their horses and they own that can only find far exceeded our unity pitches and they go for. And he knows they're good people and so you know whenever they come up here we go to dinner and stuff. Your two year to try and see him play all right I mean without YouTube to help would use. Ami got out that I mean I'm sure I did I'm not seem like two years that you played I've watched the reds are saying when they there's guys. In the coming to say hey look at his numbers on the top custom logo being robbed of the MVP every as every talk the end they rookie of the year they just I guess I came up with the today tabloid dad I don't. What we'll do another room when he got guys that are cheating I mean. It's hard to look back and explicit in the air because these guys through most of the guys are doing that and you know whether you lose you know steroids or greedy users something else on me. Played over him like you know he's seen every bit you could sell his body was saying starts finishing look at a guy like Canseco is. He uses to bacon and all of a sudden he's freaking Jack. I had he basically admitted policy came out later and admitted you know the same thing it always went Woody's except in the MVP award he's he's not a committed enough enough. Bob so I always NV's lives to me the question that you wanna ask me. Because I wanna be fair and balanced. And they can be as I'm stalling because I didn't do you have heads up that I lineup though allowing just that to happen. I've when we do with low key events of last year he asked me about the dodgers' roster which is a terrible question. And this year he dated Wendy you know we talk to you ask me how. The Celtics are gonna stuff LeBron James it's now in hindsight it was a terrible question. And I said you can ask anything you asked about. Not how I guess a skinny. Way to go anyway loves Mary notice. Yeah anything you want. City. He got on all the teams sold off all the players and for baseball void of the market. I think that teams are under a guy doing they're valuing. Calling up their own guys more they're accepting. That more than in years past did in the bats well the many many reasons free golf free agent mass this year. But I think fit the ownership. Dancers certainly sent the fan base are saying they look at the Houston's of the world and whatever they think OK you can do it that way. But it's almost become an excuse. You've. Do agree I think so. Sooner than you know you look at a market. Who has so many guys going in the spring training I had no jobs there were also are Cy Young guys very candidates. And BP we'll tell you caliber players going and signing one year deals like the thing you got a team like the pirates. Trade. Here cold to use. This site is great reviews have been now that takes one's body these teams out of the picture for creating disease got its fair trade everybody. Any idea Hussein who now area here Cole who's obviously a dominant pitchers so now they don't need to get a starter. Next thing it's a different way of doing the business you know as part of the game I guess you know it's it's it's a way games he vaulted. Obviously suffered restaurant jobs and you know loses its interest in here you from when the guy that. As victim today yeah I I'm an unknown time that's my opinion to a viewing questions about my job. No I don't believe the media and nice is revered and non go to another does that's rarely does serve all of. It caught up in it because tell us that they only think about me you know whether it's baseball is political movement salinity people always got to remember it's still somebody's opinion. You know others to get opinions and ideas as soon as opinions so for me like I don't look at articles Sylvia because it's it's just so what is there isn't anything negative opinions of. Losing about a visit Boston so you came. Into Boston. You know a little later like you come in my mom one of the things that I've always go back to I. Players have a lot of good points and terms of the media preview Boston. For the link that sort of pisses me off this sort of white guy comes in and you guys you guys talk whatever players talk like there's this perception you know there's perception and then. Instead of like learning about how guys are or how it is. It's like this is how it is but JC worms. And cover for those who say I mean I think there you know Boston definitely is a bad grip when it comes it's a media. And some of it is. For good reasons assume it is you know and I feel like her for me. The way I view it is that people get here around us every day player I've gotten to know most of them you know all losing on a personal level like you. But for me to say you know that's for me I'm a person like I'm friendly guy like. I know everybody's got a job to do like if I saw like I know I saw that daylight. Yeah I think the biggest thing is like with a all the sports radio's. And life you know the assault the and other third party tied bloggers and so then. Bill makes it hard but I think the biggest thing is he's skating caught up in it because it is still there opinion. Whether it is a talk show it is still there hitting like get their opinions don't really. How much value to what I do on a database so I know what I gotta do to be successful I know myself to know him being good like. So it's a new game. That's fine it's another it's above they should they trade me trade this guy like this is their opinion like in if you get too caught up in that. It's going to be tough because Boston is such a media friendly you know media frenzy. And so if you do get caught up in what people are saying. I mean it's going to be tough you know if you go to a smaller markets and they just have the ball. So so would you rather be on the team that cares what's advancing here with the media day care. You know sometimes history can overboard and you can sell crazy some people can be. It is at the same time I much rather have that because it's like they want us to win just as much as we wanna win and they expect to see him just as much as we expect us to. And so for me like I'd take that would you need pride you know so it should take care. You know of getting Carolina health fund levees is to go to work every day so they do is say it is being born like going out there just it. Collect a paycheck in Minnesota they give me wrong the money's good good insight. We'll devalue other parts Eudora and any of the park's one of the things of baffles me right. Those some of those teams in some places are like like whether you go there and looking around my decides or they come here like this is good people there. Yeah almost a day as you can hear you there's a reason Mother's Day is the only players thirty degrees us and the stadium's pretty much packed. This because they care you know it's a phone please include me and it's obviously is an iconic stadium lunacy and it's an iconic town has a team baseball. Basketball football and you go to any sports and it's a game saving the Bruins guessing it was of this is rocking out to the Celtics games as. But the days ago for games at places rock I mean they freaking care. And so I'd much rather play in the city that cares for a city that doesn't diseases is going through the motion. It's all I have an opinion in my opinion this project is awesome. So thanks for joining received a job any time.