Bradfo Sho, Ep. 87: You should know Durbin Feltman

The Bradfo Sho
Monday, June 11th
The one player in the recent MLB Draft that most thought had the best chance to make the jump to the major leagues this season was TCU relief pitcher Durbin Feltman. As it turned out, the Red Sox picked Feltman in the third round and kept the door open to the possibility that the reliever could actually help the big league team sooner rather than later. Feltman joins the podcast to discuss his path to the Red Sox, the possibility of making the majors this season and how he became one of the few diehard New England Patriots fans in Texas.

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Brad road show. That might open deputy probably would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know why you're. Brad broad show. That's delicious. There's a vision so I don't think it. Ever had good Red Sox draft pick. Up Bradford showed before but this is set to unique occasion you have a guy Durbin Feldman. Who is a picture for TCU he relief pitchers and the reason why is unique situation is because. This is probably the best example the Red Sox have had of a guy who can't possibly. Go from the draft in the team year to the Major League team we remember. Breivik Finnegan did a couple years ago 2014. With a royal remember that World Series. And brought back a ways Craig Hansen with a Red Sox. Doesn't happen a lot but this guy everybody says the one guy in the draft pick one guy. Who has that opportunity do it. It is Durbin Feldman so who would agree one on you wanted server and that's who we wanted on. And not only did we want him on he wanted to do in person so we did it. Good podcast too cute to talk to really insightful and surprise to me along with all the talk about playing in the major leagues a year and everything else. Huge patriots fan actually could identify. The backup running back for the New England Patriots past the task list and check it out. I was gonna talk to their Feldman on the on the phone but this youngster rooms. Isn't this this talking over the phone I'm government before so crippled nice to me. As it is hooked. So are sitting outside of sitting outside basically sitting outside Fenway Park ready to use yard house this done radio. City you know he got a few minutes to talk on the radio hard to talk over the phone you like on this hanging out in the hotel here and like Milan hotel in Boston like okay what where it is. Right next to Fenway Park Michael this'll work out because. As everyone who listens to this knows us to just be honest it's always better person has either sit here. You know I can tell that your excited you have a Red Sox had on. It's not like yeah if it feels like almost that feels like you. You know high school you know. You go to college and your parents made you aware of the year high school jacket to college right. That's the main. Just says just give Boston has cut. That's the way as unbelievable and so. And it's very very sad that opportunity very lonesome to view assumed when did you get into town this so you obviously we're right around the corner from Fenway Park. Did you go over there. I was in sort of the experience so far. Com I sit today came issue from the airports. And anything yet. Right there folks are so you can you can walk over you walk by I was here last summer would that game you see Indians. Take McCain still count they're fair game. And dad the it was already down by the time I got hair definitely it treading on. Teddy go. I just didn't attend thought. This is Blake still it you're sitting here to say I'm just sitting on the hotel I'm like I I would be walking around a few breaking in the federally park. And go to the game is that a member you know why Clinton keep the UN is decent bleach is when do you sit in the grandstand. We sent out and then. Couple my friends had to gets behind home plate so that means move that day of prayer. From six it was just incredible experience yes so you've been to Fenway Park. But now you're here you're like you're like you're away from it. What did you cut the rest of hogs had on retiree I admire but like you've got to you cut that lock over their you have to basically soak it all and because as we've we've talked about a lot you talked about the draft just happened. And and used her round connect. You're you're just minutes away from being not literally minutes are minutes away from actually playing in that park. But yet you said you keep straight to the hotel that still sort of crack. You know we'll cover this morning Atlantis and flight got delayed sidestepped an exhausting at all tomorrow. We have to do and it's at tomorrow's I'd say might be over there. But. Public policy at exist citizens as us so good result good that it is my own issues on this I've this and I'll never be a high draft. In the major leagues so IE I just I can only I can only live vicariously through you so anyway. You went to Fenway as a fan last year mechanically but you've been leading up to the draft you didn't work out at Fenway. Did you where you communications with a Red Sox this is I know that's questions frog asked of you. But did you sort of fuel like the Red Sox were in on you. There's someone particularly so like have a lot of conversations with the U what you what was your interaction with the rights watch the draft. We always have scale means. So. Met with both teams basically and Brandon is it's very. North Texas. So talk to him. Both times and so I had to that they can give it sucks com wasn't an issue. But don't put that in separate themselves from like in the late Vince sale I absolutely think they're gonna miss one. One or two teams here I think Gergen draft me they weren't like that to reduce wanna bunch of teams in not particularly. This. Tell it. Those who have against the face gets it and I think that's. So so so you didn't work so this made clear you work out for them specifically NASA. So. So now you're leading into the draft. And take me through sort of that decade. Food to are the teams Kong you wolf for us or who's who's your but I advisor agent. An advisor tells OK okay. So I imagine he's helped me through for the rest helped me through the process. But take me through that day today. The draft because you know the days coming you know you're gonna get drafted. That's one thing to know in planning you're trying to I would imagine putting on your head to whatever I don't know what day it was like take me through that day. So Monday came and evident notified go on day wanted to tune. It's time borderline between. So on day one finished today my name called Monty. Many of his gun dealer you're Chris. And not after taking the and it rays give me a little little disappointed. Investigative arm of course. So it's tough to sleep that manages. And as you can imagine. So. Just. Can't kind of got to it tasteless via the and it just given lineup that fury here at school your home where I'm at home. Beware of some bodies has you get yet Jackson. Texas. You made yourself out there and talk to him trust hung out and spoke with the next morning and still. Wheel when nine that I think that cancer it is noon. Look voters backed plan for the night video enhancements like this and that whites and try to keep my mind off things. Actually when I went through. To ski arm loose on the floor just eighteen kills time and stirred up I started. So just deceptive waited waited and waited. Nine that day comes around I get a text. Let up and it's thick and insults all take over a hundred Red Sox have a name club and assists. There's a little. But it does so you gotta you get a tax you do you at the Texan you're getting picked her DC in the mainstream first. I mean that's game was a little behind. Real time. Just because of the village Saturday so. So and we just tell us that affected so who are you going take it's going back to that date before. Pom. You. Is Judy as you are as good as you've been wizard like things because you like I'm Blanco in the first two rounds today to creeping your head like wait a second. Maybe you're looking at me differently and I thought it was there any doubt to re like good skimmed on the third round. Also like that is everything in my power this season that something that's just possible and of relievers in the draft and typically don't go. Highest. Doesn't look like captain assistant who. We sent it to her brother Raoul duke for how old's your brother. I have to once Tony theories of the one little ones this fifteen was debugging news. Now if this on the Soledad and the videogame. Occasions sad is these days the city detective so when you got drafted so when you when the word comes down. We said you know everything broke loose or whatever what's what does that mean what what happens from there do you get a calm frazzled you get a call from the Red Sox. I did a so called home and then there's. Sanctioned grants will be attached. Mark Ritchie with the later and I mean it's not understandable I live everybody best friends family. Everybody you shouldn't it takes to comb Hussein and grants. So then went to this thing can make this is a moment. Then years thinking about. You know probably ever since you were a little kid but it. There's one thing to think about it and it's actually one another thing to happen. So when does it sink in for. I really don't innocence and then it. Disk Dana can still candidates that it just feet away from Fenway Park refused refused to go to writes yes. But it's yet no exciting area of meats is pretty probably server whirlwind right yes this is Carol when just. Things happen so fast and I hope they won't sink in until I start actually actually planning and and then realize that AM. Played professional baseball. To view home did you immediately I don't know how familiar were with that you can immigrants I scheme last year. Who'd you play with the cape again felt all the votes who's your manager my tenth or fifth inning to. How is this down there right emceed the Cape Cod league managers brunch it was delightful. But hit it and you obviously to keep please agree replaceable the you know. Crap lot of guys. You probably played with played against certain there so anyway it's good that you you've got it to experience Massachusetts in Boston a little bit last year. But when you're drafted by the roadside how familiar. Are you can be on a secure like yeah I know we'll keep this place for more I know. Chris selfless like are you super familiar with the Red Sox when you get drafted. Oh absolutely man I grew up. Patriots and soul. What horrible way to Hillary Clinton's second there's this stuff right there this is so. From taxes correct yeah. OK. I don't know I'm trying to think of like how this happened but obviously how does that happen. Quote. But he played in. As soon or he stands in 2000. We're one of those. I think I was like five years old town so we actually went like dead and tree priest Chris who will stuff and I don't know would have been let's just start electing him just kind of clicked on Ramos also young men elect colors and some of these became a nice gains. If you did you come in did you interact with Brady your patron. Just like. Festivities it went down on downtown. Just kind of some some cleats grab it while relate this team there's examined phone and of course and he's faced off and so. Like the Astros of like that's is that. Today did no listen. You're sitting here with a masters. I don't know begrudge you for that the but to go back to the patriots so you. Didn't died aghast that he'd like you so you CW like that your five or six years old and and you just go from there and guess who picked. Vick did he do but still. When you're in Texas the Texans are pretty decent you know if you don't want the Texans he could do the cowboys I don't know if that's the thing down where you. Are we have my dad's house today big dose that was then and so I mean I like like cowboys. Pictures vote can always conceived from may end. Stanley is just. You know hopefully he won't mean Darrell Pete many kids does. We have a lot of fans from Indianapolis Colts and their rivals so I understand like the black sheep that likes the patriots led. It just about Boston's. Equity insulated with so you with a guy you know in the xenophile commercials you with a guy with that but you know of the you have the entire table full of let's say Texans fans and you were the guy with the New England Jersey absolutely. From the W league is one thing delighted team but you religion. We just Emmy night I think there's a picture hunt this some bombing in Baghdad that the usage. And it's. Because who really in this is how we perceive it here anyway is that everybody sees the patriots outside and Noah right AA show on a date you do not run in many cases fans in and Texas as she. So. That task and so at the height of the patriots hatred which is the slate Kate you know Tom Brady for you your liking classes and reuse and. No no no no no and no. Bribed my guy Brady might got pre didn't do I mean that's that was a hard time for a lot of people thought it must have been part time for you. Absolutely that it tolerates a shadow I attend a fine now it like the science behind. The flame balls to think that the weather like. Maybe that Bob made from a heated indoor facility came out this. And PSI went down it's. I got a bag that's good to be you had to have your defense right yet indeed you did absolutely. I think that's great. So I apologize that you had to go through the last Super Bowl as we all the that was tough shoes it's I mean I was what's after TCU. But teammates and institute says there's nobody wants these pictures seasonal soon witness takes so. House upload and come back then. This is just as hard lots did you ever. We you literally the only patriots fan that you now because they uses the oh you must have been like Ken this is. Do the spotlight shines down on you where everybody else is not even close to being a few pages and that's pretty much. I'll watch as one of a handful I mean there's some guys that like Brady just days I mean evidence he's whenever it was not as they've pitches attendance. It's a handful of guys to be from Kmart had moved from Boston sound like to have. It's very very very. You so you could you could you can name other people other than Brady to slight dip patriots ways. With. And witness list that I can name most you can be maligned Barack Obama back. All of these cities but in court presence. High tower of course. Marty you by the way parties to. Who is so. Running back to be running back. And that do you lose and god barricades and so yeah so. There is close to salute you assess the good went back to me. You convince me what do you who would you pitch in particular slate days ago here you know locked in. So let's get back to pick its law. So you and so you earth you are drafted. You get the call and you're like the Red Sox and so let's go back to knowing the Red Sox. To how well did you know the Red Sox for having me and you think. Mostly it's dollars. Bonus him dad I like I don't know anything about it but. I'm pretty familiar with them. Of course have watched temple grown it is being one of the most dominant closers in the game. So just watching and took early in the of course Chris Hill prize on. Events come through there. So. Disco with Kimbrel because obviously your reliever. Dan. Jibril is the reliever of all relievers release one of them so when you look at you look at him pitch he's say. That's what I wanna be that's that's my guys that salute at a moment cats. These. One of the best if not the best out there and do it in the closed position. So it's just an time but it turns out to the air and get a chance to watch. Tender awaiting this is before you were drafted by the Red Sox it was Kimberlin legitimately eighty to be honest. Kimberly generally the closer you said that's guy or was or other closers. Well but let's let's Chapman just is through business. Military dad but now I mean generals who have always watch some not that I'm not 66 like. But it's a good points on on six foot. But like he is. That another big so. To see someone my size be a dominating like that made all 66. Flame throwers that critical critical. What what jumps out for you about him but when you watch you when you watch him like you know I know he does the arm thing or whatever what jumps out to you about. Garrido of the zone has pulled it seems horizon and despite some concerns and mrs. That can detect heat. Upgrade these technical careers you don't see that every eighties even close. As this article relies. You hit the nail on the head of those of the two most unique things is Linda and Ireland and that's beyond sight all that seem pitching is on. The views on YouTube or whatever. But that fastball. You know I don't know if you have that feeling it you've seen guys that it to me that's that's something you know I had no spin rate all that stuff but it. You don't talking. Ability to let it ride it and let it seem like arises that. Think this sort of you know lots and that's I think helps him because a lot of services. System that's spun off skewed view. He didn't college he'd do a lot of the debate that you guys do of the spin rate. Make sure that sort of stuff for a year Rubin measured yet we have changed hands and I. We got that TD and to. Well that's hard to find some credit and a pair of pitchers. We don't really dictating and so when you to it so now you're drafted by the parents are skewed look at the Red Sox. And come in you know one of the conversations that view is of all the people and I'm beyond the albeit in the draft he says. This guy is probably the best chance of making them features in that year in and talked in the second well I talked to Chris Sale about it. Pitches he did it back to 2010. So the first question about that is when you when you drafted do you start looking at who you can be honest with the rules futures are and what their bullpen looks like. All. I really just. Official of just completely blessed to be be drafted so. Nonetheless having effective they're get there one knows once a photo it's a retirement at a time so bad and of the notes that. Of course no the debate can. Which is actually unbelievable ball in general and Kelly. So that are not really but yeah. Make it issues are being can't come true this very moment or. The where you can you don't know until you face major leagues and I mean you just haven't faced visually hitters. Can but people say things and talk to you about it but is there a moment performance while Israel like my game is swirled. As increased the level where I'm really really confident against any hitter that I dog against you faced some good hitters. Yeah. This year Philip K we get to that point where. This. Kind of so there's. I didn't have to put it won't play. Just says. Our wanted to show everybody knows him in it's they can induce we contact. I'm OK with but. I felt like this year it increase that level where. Trying to get him trying to give evident case don't you maybe it's the stuff like that so. Well we'll see how that plays in which was well. So what so what. What was he said this year when what was sort of the the point we're like hey you know what I wanna I think I at least have the ability to strikeout every haters that I face. You probably feel like that two years ago or maybe did I don't know but was are sort of a turning point do. The focus on. Issue is just to watch tricks. Let's share. Wind all that time that at a saint two faster shipping activity too erratic. So just folks on the chair like hey this must Chad it'd just pounds and then. Seems who have no news really looking at you know. Change your delivers. Just sort it all down it was a from Trisha near a soccer players full second faster. So point. It's hustled to back down and one total itself. Help me help me be more control. It was do who was there a highlight in terms of this season when your life. I've never thrown like this I'm never and in this isn't being selfish by this is just being realistic. Doing imagining. Some home improvement. Turn around. Fish right. Fisher accounts that aren't history and how we do you know I mean it's a beautiful. Next check Ted around. There's six sold nine data for the Gordon was like well let's just see if they can hit that because. Not me if you can't in positive ways. And then get to that eighteen essentially comatose right on the middle see what happens. I'm not gonna try to waste affiliates trying to get in the chase anything on that element Aden I had to check coast we'll let's go man. Headed up finish in Manning practitioners and educators and those who was against you remembered. In which he Texas Arlington. Eight. And so exit of the last pitch was it. It was it was dislike him through this as far as like I mean he gets. Is trying to go triple digits and our childhood right down. Track try to paint. The number of your real honored. So all the reports. I read so thank you that it. You city threw 9399. Yeah its a bit after I sold the gun is together given inaccurate because upon. It's like a the guy so these guys well. You protect the Brin Finnegan. Some consciousness and then tomorrow it's okay obviously you know concede TCU. Today you CA's and analysts. David lewis' say. Talk two. Your coach talked to you about him at all ball that's an adjusted. Or even like during all of these guys ago you didn't read. This guy did this he had this mentality year anything like the they would use thinking well. Again the great so what season and then came back just dominated gene is. Attendees at examples like hey it's time we go anyway just to organize. In a fish out things like. Just he's process. Your coach played majoring. Puts us did he play with her actions. Aims. She did he what what advice to you about this whole thing I mean he's obviously had other we just mentioned. People who've gone to professional baseball. But for you. As appease the picture as a pitcher. But what did he say to you he obviously you create stuff you credibility what advice to give you beyond just I don't get them. Just testing yourself. Keep doing what you're doing it's t.s she's the Crimean peninsula into it possible. And gets to take it for cents and key to success so. Just kind of told me keep stay with himself you do what you don't and it'll it'll pollute. Pretty looking forward to the mosque. School horror and hours hockey over ten feet to federated far. Just get started suing them. Yeah I mean this view idea could tolerate it like it's it's one thing you have to sit around this hotel and then in a way you government you physicals and things like that it would it's yet look at this mob ball. Please. OK. With the the Red Sox in you know I've talked to people the Red Sox in the in when we talked about this hole and jumped in the majors thing. They said like OK it's a movie about the Chris Sale could talk because I think you might be interested in right. So we Chris Hill and 2010. Used after they actually told them what then organize and we have this plant trees so he sort of knew was coming. People Red Sox have this to me anyway if this is gonna apt to happen organically. Which is good which is cool thing right to you know stay gonna do it and get credit. Com. But you know it. With Chris Sale was sort of like he looked back candidates like I was just put one foot in front the other and have a car I was driving my mom's car. And it's hard for you to take yourself out of the moment he shouldn't take you tell this moment but is that sort of what your minds have like a misconception. I'm not worried about that the hitters being paid. You know I'm not worrying about oh you know wearing different uniform is just one foot in front the other. Absolutely just to go pick him time. So endurance test assistants RTC's wintertime don't worry about it make to majors any thing is well pleased. And that they're sad and I think they call me I want aren't. Just go out there and to pitch a time to watch it. Sciences at six basically it's right slight but that's if Chris sells and that's pretty it is it's like going to enjoy a moment the the thing in and then ME worth. You know you're halfway through baseball season. And so. You government you want experience for spring training you don't experience any of it but this is pretty cool thing to experts right now. So it's casual user as there is so is there anything now as successes like this is a BBs are related. Hobbies. Any thing that. People don't know a lot you don't know about maybe it's like you went skydiving once maybe it's. You because you can't you can't just be like I grew up playing baseball player I think we found a pretty good one in the pages and things. And it's. I don't know have. So baseball related to assert its into a senior in high school. Competition that's out there on the nation's broad to straight knuckle balls on there like their team just won was notables who sets us all through. Really. Itself. But you're by you're catcher right. But it hasn't been so when you sit through knuckles you were this is when you came in my randomly out and we just hey good. Let's change dubbed us through this deafening victory deductibles. Let's make I can actually tell on themselves outcome manages. It is we have word fourteen so we haven't seen this Saturday. That is got a funny to watch Natalie initiative it is so skittish dedicated to view. Did you ever and a break that note at all when you start pitching which right now maps. I'm really. Government knuckleballer edit their first full of this embassy we have we usually get morsel again. Though that's the thing Steven Wright Monica thinks he does he actually can get it up that watched you get a yes that you isn't on this recently got up to 91 against Nelson Cruz he can live it said 8788. Some us like this breaking out quite sore operating out of the problem as it. You throw that long since the slow beat people I don't know it. Studios you talk about Houston and let the Astra saying did you watch the playoffs playoffs last year. Absolutely. Anybody. TCU not roommates. But she's doing just sensitive question for the doubters against Sanchez. Paused. Like. Its policies that company since it finished is powers I was eight and two five and they went. And sounded the guess work themselves and hopefully get back. Though wouldn't there when they're taking it to the right side excellent Lewis and it's a different time really it's it's always understood. But you must have been like Colin you know it's about what that series astros' first roadside. They see an improvement in two sales harness that sickening is this is unbelievable foot down and all of us there. That's that's it's it's a big girls stand. You're ready questions about that I can keep you answer you in terms of good out of it makes no certainly parts attention. They think you know also the need to know. And then in Boston for one night that. When it what can the game itself and new they have this thing will be here long. Possible bad news. This could stalk him like one foot from the other I really appreciate you taking the time is this Odyssey obviously. The push to get to know you little and and welcomed the boss appreciated thank you face him.