Bradfo Sho, Ep. 88: A tip of the hat to John Martin

The Bradfo Sho
Monday, June 18th
In a very important Bradfo Sho, Rob Bradford is joined by former NESN cameraman Bryan Brennan, who is spearheading a cause that has gained signficant momentum: the John Martin Foundation. The two discuss the path Martin -- a NESN cameraman -- has taken since being diagnosed with ALS, and the phenomenon that has become the "Cafe Martin" hats, which have recently been seen on the heads of such notable Boston sports figures as Tuukka Rask, Robert Kraft and David Ortiz. Brennan takes us behind the scenes of what is becoming the next big ALS fundraiser, along with a smattering of stories from the road with the Bruins and Red Sox.

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Add road show. That's my open definitely probably would have brought that's my old. Query where you don't know what you're stupid. Brad broad show. That's delicious. The most important Bradford show we've ever done is upon us it's not because I'm sitting outside at a restaurant when Brian Brennan. Formerly of NASA and NASA's camera men. It is because this has to do is because that is near and dear to a lot of people especially people in the media. The John Martin foundation. It's. Raising money for John mark and his fight against ALS and John Mark in case you don't know. John Maher and these or what it is are you messing cameraman who is stricken would bail outs of his fighting that battle. And also there is a huge huge outpour of support recently for John Martin. I say recently because I do you think it like it is gaining momentum as is going on. You've seen the Kathy Martin had you seen the athletes who saw Robert Kraft the other day to a press conference with the cafe Martin had on. And I and think that it's moments like this we saw with the ice bucket challenge and how that sort of the momentum this gaining gaining game. And Ridnour seeing thankfully was John Marin and hopefully it's just gonna go from here in the guys I'm sitting with right now is a dear friend. Big guy who is. When Pete class tax. In the industry. Was the funniest guys use is very adding any of their superlatives like him I can give for you anything that you is this is your chance to build yourself up front. Expect handsome you left off against them. Sophisticated. And intelligence. Well spoken. Clean. All of the reasons why you're no longer. In the end in Indy Boston sports media landscape and just give us some background Brian was a camera at NASA frau long. Just shy of ten years wow wow wow so ten years it. So. NASA camera and I'm gonna ask you you know and I don't wanna put people on the spot and ask you like your top three moments right guys. As an actor you did the Red Sox Bruins and all that that's obviously. I can be a side note today is how long did you work for John or I'm sorry work with John Martin during your time investment. I mean he'd be he bases well guys that hired me we we had a boss that he was. He impacted me were the two most senior guys and they definitely or in the conversation of you know it's down to these couple guys and they said Bryan ranks I've worked prior TV station so I knew them from. Being a press conferences and help cover the same time we all know each other ways around for hours waiting for guys like elegiac. They come out increases of this presence in his is you know. His words or whatever so there's. It in meetings in their front missing his meetings ended but I don't think the great thing the great thing about all the cameraman dig into it you know you guys are all really really good guys. Visit you have eight as they can be realistic way of viewing public the press conference is that we don't. I think the writers are sellers and they all know Belichick there's a hidden meaning mole like if I ask is or isn't it great you laughter this and that and you guys electric come on let's discuss this overweight. That's the one thing it's so funny as we we don't. With the we're recording it so we don't have to turn it into something and it's not so we can actually stand there. We're like betrayed observers. We get to stand there and actually look at the absolute lunacy of the whole thing is especially. I don't know especially me I always took my job very seriously but not so seriously that I was willing to like. Elbow people on the way to get a shot it was like well processor making news zoom on the Cameron at the same shot I'm I'm OK with it so. Definitely there were. Guys like me who really like to observe the complete idiocy this Boston sports media and it is. And now that your out of it and we're doing get to the the mean today as the second back now that your that what is a thing like I can't believe I did that simply going through this I can't believe it's like this. Much you know what the job as a whole the whole thing it's. I was so people and I left messing it was to get off the roller coaster that was Boston sports. The entire. Just the entire jobs just following everything is insane and you don't have. You have a second even look at it when you're in it you're in this machine that just keeps going. You you know you wake up and they'll circus was taunted in AMC you can get there at seven wicket you have to get a spot. Especially to the camera to make sure that you can actually get. Yeah it was shot of him talking at the podium you get there at seven you rushed there all the camera guys there are some guys got there at six and get in the door right open. And you sit there and you get ready and then Stacey James or somebody come logo we change the schedule is I've come up till two. And then you just sit there all day waiting to get do you have do. And your day that was planned out and then you're calling people rearranging the schedule for later missing birthday parties that are missing dinner plans or canceling games because. That's just what is they've changed their mind and want to practice at night you know and you're like okay. And you that's just normal to you and other people don't understand it and it's bizarre. Yet so when you got into a ten years ago in John hired you. There was what was your first impression of it was a bit less when your hired January it's like the new and shiny thing in my don't try my best and everything else. What was your first impression of John. When you win because I know I've known John for awhile to do I give you my impression of them but it can but Fred I come from was certainly different. Viewpoint of above the writers the guy who is very friendly to a more he was very friendly to me but you work for them. When you're hired by what was your for. Pressure John Mark he it's it's funny because he comes off. As very intense sometimes you know he's very matter of fact. He cuts that Casey tells you what's on his mind and he moves on you know when you're either gonna you gonna take that information and run that. Or you're gonna say they're confused and he's gone. So. He and it's it's it's hard to say he's one of those guys and so always make fun of them in the shop because I've come in you know about enough and can shop figuring arranged. And there's nothing wrong with chop the way it looks. But I'd turn them you can help yourself it was finally it was you rearrange or thinks he can help themselves. He just is a guy he just moves that's what he does that he does and and I I give him credit because of first thing I really remember coming in. Is there's four camera guys there there's a whole notre. The schedules insane and I remember thinking all right I'm logo I am totem pole ominous take all the work strip some. You know take them you know knocking him to cover the good stuff and you know it is what it is that's kind of how most things work in the world implement them. The first thing he told me and I are members foresees. We're not playing favorites. You are even with the three of us were all leaving work together and that is the way it's funny if you worked. NASA and it seemed like we had more fun than anybody. But it's really because the four of us meet Chris Patten job and stuff together and each of his boxing me insurer. That no guy got the last or deep. Worse than the other during I remember the Bruins when they traveled over and Prague. We're trying to figure out who got to do that a trend. And who was it Chris had done in Japan with the Red Sox set sorry Chris you already up and overseas trip so. Shouldn't be and he said absolutely rigid and overseas trip with a team so proud of the job and through straw drew straws. You've got to go to Prague and John actually. Strongly that you brought with them. For the next trip is another overseas trip came up as is always rumors. You know patriots go to London and you know stuff like. We'll that I was going to be down to top nine we're gonna draw straws again and then it was left to connect the dots how we do things is ever it was even it was right away. And then I remembered. John Martin's the one and it made the job. No I never had to fight for. So I'm really jump forward. When we targets are you you introduced John Barnes everybody a little bit here you know colleagues that I I've known him as well. This is. Obviously LS is insidious. Disease I mean it is we knew about we know peachtree situation we know other examples of other people. But this is one where you just you sort of humanize John and this is one where like. Where in our inner circle we're going we're going we're going we're going and all son home. This guy who looks healthy. Is just another guy it's just. A media member is is just a guy. All of a sudden you're telling me that he has a LS league there is absolutely no signs I'm no I'm stating the obvious put it. I don't know about what your reaction where you are yes tell me your reaction where you were and and was it sort of along those lines of like west. What I can't be right because. This is is impossible just came out of actually nowhere which we know it happens mail us but we don't know really happens until I happen. Wolf it's funny sold. In of this. To tell you take a guy he is to you we traveled. It was October it was the red Suggs playing them. Cleveland. Series and John and I got to sign that tributes at double votes as it comes to playoff time. And I was going through some personal problems of that and hire her. Trip that entire series I'm complaining the entire time will always mean. The entire time. That you are hurting him. And he didn't say a word. He didn't say it works he wanted to finish that series. And keep on and see. Then figure out how to search on people cutting yet but he wanted to kind of finish up that baseball season. So we worked together and now I think back and like you are currently in person you know signs of hail us. We have some work and then the minute the series was. He called. Doctor Amir and I said hey let's have a beer and celebrate the end of the season actually met all of that margaritas. Actually noticed in the news tonight here. And I remember Lloyd you know sitting there. And we're just shoot the breeze and joking and then he stopped news tonight so you guys some bad news man. You don't think it. It's even nest he's you know and he quietly he's beaten him. He's yet to meet you in goes like that here and he he acts he couldn't get the letters he didn't get the letters. And it was I'll do I'll never forget it we it was absolutely silent we just didn't even know you can say it's out there. And I'm walking distance there and I walked home and this. I call my dad and I just started venting my dad's house I don't know how it's. I've given no I don't know what to you it's like somebody telling you like hey. You find it I don't even know what it's like it's just the worst news ever I think. What did he explain and I know obviously. Houston more and more information since that could explain sort though. How he came across having people would wanna know that in terms of how old the whole. How he found out about it what with the symptoms that led up to live like that trip to Cleveland. So. Did that whole summer. He would bin. He had been getting some. My I think some sensations in the stands them. Some numbness. And the next thing I need the I think maybe a little bit its legs too you just some just. It wasn't right something wasn't right we was gonna go on the doctors and then doctors and specialists. And we carry around this campus like thirty pounds and carry around thirty back cameras plus. Five returned home back. Let's try pods like twentieth on the were lugging in our stadiums. So the entire summer he's. Kind of going through doctor after doctor after doctor trying to grow what's going. And the entire time we just kept thinking expansion error worse attic where I mean we're carrying around. Fifty pounds of gear everywhere we go now you know and then you get into a scrum your holding on your head for ten minutes hands well over your head. So we. It never. Cross the mine is anything worse than a pensioner for a strained muscle he said he had some issues in this neck and shoulder and honestly we just thought it's it's a work place you know after your head back problems at the same time he was. He was going to rehab is actually really that was just kind of want in the tool more of the same problem. So I think eventually. I think eventually they just crossed enough stuff off their list that it started getting down to back. The cat so he tells you about it. And then you obviously like I've seen. Listen documentary. The saints player I'm I'm drawing a blank Gleason. Greece and so is everybody who really wants to see them how that battle the battle goes with the camera as. Steve Gleason was he split the saints I mean you start filming filming himself. Before he was diagnosed so you got to sort of a timeline. Going throughout. So I watched that he's in and you see you how it progresses and obviously we know people Brady's story. But he tells you that the news. Do you immediately start like looking okay what's the timetable what's the solution so what's the what are we going to be dealing with the I believe I mean I don't know if you do W I thought when I got it when I get the news. That's sort of I think timetables. And and then you know after timetables a lot of it is let's be honest money he via money in family Jesse yes was this fairly look like. So he's got he's got in GAAP these two little girls. You know it's like injury that I should say that that's the actually the first thing I think goes the family. Because I remember always talking to him about his kids and him coaching his kids and everything else like that. So I knew what it what his family consists ago so I don't know if you go if you go through like OK what's. The time line here. I mean I think and feel free because this is this that this is a casual conversation where I think to drinking beer you can sit back at. I think for me it was much more. Bite. If you're in Boston you covered peaks radiance Jim Fisher and I were one of the first. One of the first. People it was house induced or young Pete and talk about bail us and he wanted to get the word out there and I didn't know what it floats. And then after her interview him and talking assuming there such a great family. Doubts when I sort of research. What fail us was missing so many people of the ice bucket it brought that really worked at the word out there people know what it is. So. I kinda knew a little bit and I mean I thought well is I just wanted to be there you know like digests. I just wanna be around them and you Brendan whatever they need and then yet that I think my next about was money you know. Yes I don't know it's hard to say dad. It's it's them. You know I think it's one of these things where. Like the the thing I love about the ice bucket challenge obviously is for great things but to see tangible factor of a charity. It's like. Usually. You have a charity and our eye on them and donate them into a road race for whatever every little bit helps rebut. That became such a huge thing that changed the world and for him by that's why you should be sportsman of the year mean change the world really conclusively change the world. So now we go to. John's situation. And I'm thinking about his kids I'm thinking in the back in my mind you know the family has to be taken care of the care has been taking care one of the things you see in this Gleason documentary. It is. The different past you can take. With the tail less treatment but how expensive days and yeah you can take this path but it's a lot more expensive than that path. So. So we talked about oh. As that goes along the progression. We're gonna jump to the fundraising aspect of what was the first thing. That as his friend you like your thinking OK we get a raise some money left to raise money what was the first thing that you did are you guys did or I or anybody did in terms of let's get behind this in this house. Well I mean in the first thing when you define you know it. I think everything was like everything's a progression of far right I'm gonna tell my family picture of us covering them and so my close friends out covering you know I think you through. The checklist that he needs to know. I think he did. Finally he'd you know kind of came out social media. If you impose. Penalties on FaceBook was placed at approximately forum on Facebook's. That they announced it. They are dealing with mail us. Think so his friends got together agreeing to go funding. Big excess of 200000 airing aiming for 200000 dollars a mature of closely guarded. Played but here's a reality Brian's. That's great but it. We know John Martin's. You know and I remember like likes to be perfectly honestly I think I was sort of surprised at NASA wasn't doing more. I really want us because. And I think they have as the is gone arm but. It was like we have to make it clear like who's this guy is because you can have a go find me page by. Through the average person. It doesn't make a difference and honestly to be the average person let's be honest with money where this professional athlete or no worthy person or whatever. There's no momentum there unless you tell who this guy. Right so I think that was actually probably my first slide film was very important well. Through social media was I wrote a good thing about John we was to me in Hawaii. My connections should donate to Disco fun image and that's my that was my first Blake those like first. Thing and admit it was very important to remember and my fiancee Janine. Read over you know every time engines not quite not quite as another one is not what you us and then finally. One day how to read it she's out there crying and I was like all right that's a lot of posted you don't part of me was all right that's one that tells. Most important whose job is to me. And choose. If she's crying. That sounds sounds that means you learn to reach into their pockets and that's extremely important and that's it. So what museum. So what was after the bill funding engaged. What was the next level oath of fund raising camera obviously I'm getting to the Cathy Martin's absence and that causes the and it as we sit here right now it does feel like it's getting a lot of steam. Based in large part because the athletes and him in the noteworthy people give me on this is how it works. But so what was or after the go funny thing what was the next step when it Wendy do you feel Bryant. That okay we're finally getting some momentum here. So did the cafe Martin the whole thing came along because John and John has this little patio in front of the house. And he's just he's a very social god. So when you have something like mail us at slows you down. You still wanna be social still wanna see people. So people started. You know he was a part of everything is part of the silt than baseball and her. What twenty or thirty years. So people want to see him she just says hey come by use you come to me. And people did some people circled by and other certain gaming cafe Martin just just a little system. Thank enough of the good it's tougher than it's just you know it's it's about the size of some you know outdoor patios of restaurants. If you like to retailers and excuse are gone by and the necessary made a sign. That said captain mark on the outside and it really increases and then you sort of bringing us right in front of an outdoor heater so that when you know false spring came. When it starts it'll call will you can still so there early to start if everything and don't have the drinking their coffee and afternoon beer at night. You sit there you have to be forced inside is leather. Screw that's more important to hang out which and shoot the breeze so then Paul Devlin who used to work visa reporter Rick. Who now works in Connecticut. Said I love you Rhode he has a blogger and blog posts about how great country Martin savidge and yeah. Think my strategy martial arts equipment. Do they look terrible on that side. So he wrote a couple blog posts about capping mart the most popular place in Boston and people left to go there and visit. Some kind of turned into this thing. And then all actually said why don't we put the cap but only Nevada teacher like this is great if you lose we walk or cafe Martin T shirts. So we did in the N team you know in the winter came and you know they've turned in the sweat shirts and then when spring came on Martin's that I want happens so we trended in the hands. But it really was just. Away. And I don't think we're looking to turn it into huge fund raiser it was just. Let's. Put let's show people hope loses Greek story let's tell the story. I think all of us in the media by. The social media thinks so. And you can tell me if I'm wrong. And they just were social media comes right and because it became you know this is a thing where if you can live you can find something on social media. Which people look forward to seeing. And as is regular. Item and and they Kathy Maher and also on cropped up everywhere on social media all of there's another person posing captain mark there's another person when did that start taking room. So. In January and I got laid off from the job by him and went staples after surprisingly I'm an S and and I'm at a couple months off in the first thing I thought was awesome I'm gonna go hang on to as much as I can. And I sort of freelancing about in the media world. It was always a you know patriots. Red Sox whatever else. And I'd try to go overseas and hang out with John a couple times a week. Everywhere I'm glad every single person usher. Camera guy audio people. Anybody in the media and beyond the security guys. Asked about John Mark 'cause I'm mark how's he doing what's going on them on the vote always asked about and every time let's say we'll reach out. Here's his phone number call it text. Let him know you're thinking of Fargo weeks ago and hated so and so. Yeah it's also Tex you know it was like a 5050 is people are busier than get the number in the forget or they don't want to intrude because. They don't know the situation as part people don't understand the fear and really really play with someone like John and I are. You don't know how to react you don't wanna be in the way men and so then stuff that's came out I think we've sold thirty. And I remember thinking life remembers thinking so many people are asking you about it. We'll how what you buy them if you if you're not brave enough to call him who visited him. By ahead take a picture started just. Pumping and social media I had to take a picture all posted and in my head I'm thinking that we John we'll see it. And then John you know this he's he's sitting at home he doesn't know that all these people are asking him and care about I'm sure you. Treat ducks but in not to the point that I see. So I would to me I just was I was thinking when I started really pushing social media woods. They don't want this guy to be alone and he needs to know how much people care about and that is the that was there was a whole basis and as I started pumping. The house and I think. That round catching up selling 250. Which I couldn't. Believe me. Now but it was they're good as I did I imagine they're ready or fabric of and not even how guys like I had I've always been a big fan my hair yes I was obviously you there. And Americans haven't taken out days ago after an hour difference between good. I aid. I never take off I love this past you know it's it's comfortable in to me it's John Martin County. You know. We have we sold 250. That first round. And that was before the pictures are coming in disarmament agreement well thank god so basic and home he knows. As these accounts are getting sold since taking up like our right and you can see the names of who's buying and as. You know we it's it's these ushers who didn't shoot the breeze with for ten minutes today and you go oh wow he didn't forget about me knows that you know I'm I'm here. And but then when that sort of coming in people sort of posting pictures that you really like crazy and I couldn't believe. I can keep public understand repulsed everybody and I can't keep up with a but then at that point it went beyond I'm sure the ice hockey towns kind of similar look beyond. It's just a few people buying inner caring about it its friends of friends that see their friends who cares they say well I want and if you hear it. And about you today bottom. He told me got the Lincoln about a happy that I went back. Week later he by having donated a hundred dollars for a business John at all he just knows John's really important to me. I can't believe. The amount of Oakland perfect in that way. Well and so again another part of this is when you give noteworthy people. Involved MMS just a reality of the situation there remember so he said in name John was around the Bruins alive. So too could came over to his house to Cathy Martin's correct. At duke game we're a little barbecue and oh let's give them. I can't remember there was a pilotless there Steve Garrett medium men. You know we had we we ordered the swings and you know we had a couple Beers in a bit. We'll see that that's the game changer I mean I that's the first thing I thought of him like this this this is right or wrong that's a danger while it's important. And it's an if it was important not just do. Not just you people who don't know job it was important people who do the job and people are position. We've all covered him to fall covered all these people and it's one of the first signs you see either guys sick. And then he goes over there because over his house and has can be yours includes on the cafe Martin had. He knows job. So as the camera guy and a reporter anybody who's around these guys that they're going about their business. You say a while they do noticed. I am important to them like they didn't care so that I think even Ronald morrow like all right. I think a lot of the other video card offers accessible. As they go to guy can view a music thing I can get the next guy. He's the kind of stepped up every game like all right let's talk about. So. Will the latest thing is Robert Kraft who have just sitting in front of every doing a press conference number one if you know how that came about it. Deeper look at. I heard that. I know I had gotten a couple messages from. Both now less than Tony Flanagan Janet. His camera for the patriots. Most new Joan Joan I'm so then I'm. Then read Joseph about how someone's opinion Norman trying to human hands perhaps on pregnancy players Wear men's. So I know they're kind of working behind the scenes to try and get something done. Moussa told me listen Glenn gentlemen Stacey James and see what happens that's you think of these people are just buy them. It's not that's what's amazing is Jesse it's a challenge to its monthly. Do crazy you know and then you move on we were behind his house and wailing and represented because there really did it's. Right their at. Also it's such a meaningful cause if you take with you every day and you just think about it donated you're wearing him representing him everywhere ego so. The patriots have seen pictures patriots sidelines filled with reporters and camera guys are all wearing the same exact path. That's his calf remarks could and as you look terrible what. What is. So I think Stacey James having a hard what is it and you know recast all the main hassles going I think. From what I heard you fell. Pretty. Yankees he wanted to be apartment and you want yourself to show job that he noticed that John was a professional and great guys. And so he had. I think. He had gotten craft. So where there and then it penalty. Freshman so you want to say something so they were gonna. So I was only there were gonna. Have him talk before Belichick somewhere on the field. Deliveries gather round because it was the first time Brady news conference yesterday that no one was moving out of scrubbed I mean you were locked down you have to get great if you look at Brady's. Your buyers get so. Process okay we'll all just go in the scrubs and then every. Every TV station in New England has Kraft talking about John Martin and where is John McMartin hat. What I heard a few seasons actually thought it was going to be full press conference the crowd and let. Live with the yeah yeah and here is lacking in the best thing to me which is. All so that it is awesome and he deserves all which of us aren't so. We you know. But we have we've talked for tossed around some ideas didn't him. Yeah I think that I said momentum is a powerful thing I think we have a lot of momentum now hopefully this. If that's even like a smidgen of a momentum to this bugs. Where where does it go from here where is it. And I do think when I say words that go from here you know once again the reality is getting nowhere the people in front of cameras. Things like that that that is the most powerful thing was the same thing with the ice bucket challenge coming yet. You started seeing on your feed your time lines and your friends and everything else. But weigh him. John the years that your votes away together I don't know does by ABBA is a fact is you you all know. But it's got the was alive. He would be doing the ice Bucky challenge to me that I'm not to say nobody is a lot of attacks us generally I would tell us. Our FaceBook and but this this patent this and this has the potential of this as a potential to do what the guys budget challenged in this respect both. This summer. As we're all looking at its agreement FaceBook seeing. Seeing Tom Brady pop up what does that seeing Oprah pop up with this seeing I mean that's the type of potential this I'll do dial if you feel that's right I mean it's. It's it's so funny it's every time. That I sat down my computers and I'm trying to make sure that I. Re post. And send out pictures I know that Robert Kraft is a big deal but there's a bunch of guys that are following in retreating mean. On on Twitter and liking every picture and it's Graham and FaceBook. They don't have a tough followers than Martin being human are wearing their house every single day Sandra can double those pictures we'll let you know that hey everybody's home. I'm just looking amber yes Robert Brown paper you know just Pedro Martinez we were everybody everybody who. It was a message. Carriers. Like you I'm not going to be your your view as well I want to thank you so I'm trying to keep buffalo. But it just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger and more more people are doing it. Catherine tab and sent him texts she just bought formal house she says. She bumped into people that saw. Some story and wanted to know where to get this achievement tests and post pictures. Pass tag only cafe Martin cafe Martin tags the right guy and she had to buy more hats sold. People are seeing it that don't notre on the don't know anything continues to widen. I reached out to the mayor of Newton has revenue fund raiser a couple of weeks for job. Of them host for forty Newton and I just sent them. The globe article that I actually those going on in your city. The mayor's sister called me right back like we wanna go to the fund raiser we wanna be a part of this this is amazing you know it's like thinks them. I I think you get I think that's how it. Well I mean I don't know I'm assuming that's so works is you get the mayor Newton there and then. The next mayor over or the governor of the next politician in the same way we've. Are all the media presence of the in the PR guys as well as that old we wanna be involved let me get mr. Kraft where and who's bigger and bigger and it's. It's crazy yeah. I'm assuming that the guys you start actually started this book shelves had no whites and. Type yes absolutely I mean yeah you never know me like this is one of the reasons were sort of doing this conversations. I think it's important to understand that little things can become big big things and this is important to I talked about how I love the fact that ice bucket challengers intangible thing when you raise so much money. That you effect in the world view effects of the research of this of this disease. In this respect. I look at it this is this is having a tangible effect. On something that I was immediately concerned about him which is John Martin's family John Barnes care in his family. And and that's it it's just think about the people who don't have the money to think about the people and I remember. Not at some other examples of people of ALS and it sort of then he went quick you know knowing quick Kim. And sometimes that's their decision sometimes that's because they don't have the resource has invited. And then the family also the family aspect of it. So I wave. I want you to eat your food but you try I have a guy no no no bottom is gonna ask you about it. No no it's no this is what this is what is about this that's exactly what you are dominating I don't know if this your first broadcast that you are absolutely dominated. Are there for business they said that this is what I get should be which is. Which is your drinking beer you fish tacos. When we did this one down my favorite ones are you don't think you listen to the most. Every spring training now every spring training the last two the other twin peaks. Read Joseph Kelly recourse so come out that we talked for an hour why we drink any dream this isn't there's no conflict of interest this nodes like. Dad in in. This is how are supposed to. Well I'm obsessed with comedians and car is getting power. Fifteen minute increments of two dudes running around her car and they go and make fun of each other over food and coffee and it's the greatest yes simplest idea Edwards but it's parliament. Both saw him again so this which are Iowa expertly tied back to this which is the simplest idea is the raising money for. John Martin with the Cathy Martin's pass and so. Before you go before ask him limited to one favorite memory of covering Boston sports. I was because I've put you on the spot with a 31. Favorite memory tell me now. I will have already introduced. This had to be in the podcast I wanna do it again. Tell people how you can get these guys value or another way to support the cost. So. We know right now we make perhaps through cost America was ever reduce spending more so busy it's great you know it's crazy listening really sets it up. We keep refreshing the the link. So that they just churn out. So every week or two weeks every time they had a simplest simplest way go to your Twitter account if you really want the simplest ways go do crowd bright guy boxing on Twitter that's BR YGUYBOXING. Wore the bright eyed 21 on in Seagram teach you BR YGU. Lights when he won. An answer ram and my link is in my bio on both pages. It's the easiest simplest way otherwise you can go to cost me concerned cafe Martin house. I'm sure the club I mean at this point I would hope you view the cuff remark pass a lot of dead links over there so we'll say they're done. It's because we you know we're doing it first and we didn't call that. You know players have the first the first time through we sold thirty paths and now were over 900 running these. It was not in the realm of possibility we're gonna sell 2000 apps. Yeah if you go to my answer Rampage or Mike America you can get there or. You know just reach me. OK take a Big Three Veronica see it from the classics. Would be. He. The best moment I'm not the best moment the most entertaining moment the most memorable moment I don't know theory that it is that this can be a good moment. Because this Demi get well Lou like you know I've. That was fun or that was no worthy or something because this is still the life that we lead. It's bizarre it is because it is the most bizarre is that thing you been one clear road trips have been on road trips view. One of the things they say is that when I go and road trips I'll always remember like two or three things from every roach said. Follow that road trip through Cincinnati in 2008. I remember what happened. You know like there's always two or three things I remember usually have very little to do with hopping on the playing field. To do it going out. So I don't know some so it's really funny you say that because I always I have a Stanley Cup ring you know and it's one of the greatest times of my life is normal. 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs. And that. I can't tell you one thing that happened on the ice not one thing I remember. Every restaurant we went 20 I remember getting up early and all the crazy travel. I remember. I remember in knowing people in Philadelphia so much. They certainly referring misses the fumble and she and Edmonton and it's like derogatory term reward isn't. A badge of pride inserted referring to her group has the fund balance. Every I mean just the whole life is so bizarre. I would say it's kind of like being when you're in the media or your camera guy. That's the take out the whole play. Saving lives thing it's it's the same way and you can see with the wind kept them every rally around it's. That it's one of those jobs that no one understands like firefighters like people don't understand that when something happens. From all around the country fail travel across some friends of the guy in Ottawa we connect to answer him just because we're both camera guys and that was a good friend and it's great guy. A save one. One memory anymore than the others. Idea that's an unfair question that's enough you know I mean you summed it up is because I think it. That's the thing that's the take away especially someone who like who has sort of lasted and to take a look back and say what a bizarre existence that says it. You know what I loved for me I wouldn't say it's one thing and one thing that I love this. People always traveled with the Bruins he traveled with the Red Sox that's amazing you know you must know the guys think you know guys really they have their team we have our. But the one thing I really loved more than anything else. Is I really took advantage of being in cities and I know you don't sinking currency unique hotels or remember you filmed you running of the walk her of the rock steps yes and you two always saved the Iraqis that OK so here's one member just to give you specific memory. I love the rocky steps I think it's the greatest. It's the greatest source attraction it it's definitely in the country maybe the world there's no other place where you go. And everyone from every. Culture on the planet is they're doing the same. So do in this thing everyone's running up the stairs and stereotype and jumping up and down. And you stand back and when your first walking up you see this and there's like. Hundreds of people doing this and they are for us out of her and there's good. Like what more you look so stupid. And then when you get the the bottom of the ads. You'll like it. I got it and you Rhode Island and you give let's get really plummeted turnaround jump up. So. I go there we carry stories we're working it was opening when they open in Philly I don't know boy here we are Malia are off today. I go we've walked around the city it was like it was like romance steam Muehlegg central because we visited the love's dad healing we whenever we go to the rocky steps. They were staying at the bottom is I don't wanna post them you know you to grow my face a basic goal. If I said and I'll take you would you tape me and I had his home. And I have the rocky theme song playing. On my iPhone and we got our money chase them on the status. Any little thing and we walked back down the bottom. Men retreat phones and he doesn't and I've run of the snubs and I definitely didn't have I remember. See in this guy and a look at a blank. Why is this guy staring at us any looks really familiar I've no idea really as we looks really familiar. So we finish we finish the Phillies series and we go to New York. And it's the first time it's Emilio is gonna play. He's he's going to be country they have signed with the team earlier that year but is the first time he's gonna cut so we have to get sound from Sendy Rleal he's quiet guy. So we go on the the yankees' locker room. And we really case and the elements again this aside guys and assuming he. McCain is a snow and it a little while ago I saw you at the bottom of the Rockies and viewers into this. Yeah you as you you guys were running 76 other it and we publicly and it is invited wanna say yeah. I remember so I didn't give fines and YouTube where. You feel that you're with Jeff Fisher right in so. I had the flip cameras so long ago this was right you were nice enough to film and I used to but I started I started a crushed. Across the street it was struck a rock you and you look across the street and there was like that was like a machine that there's a tendency to jump on the chance in hell yeah. I hate Cho was tripped over each game goes if by the cop car. At that chiropractor. I don't realize how I'm athletic you look at what you're actually a very different. They get shares lineup he gets thanked him out. But it's a rite of fast anyway we we have to eat. And so. Brian thanks so much man and and Morgan what can continue the conversation and maybe you believe in reconvene a little bit later in there and but everyone. Obviously it's great message and thanks for stuff absolutely I mean it's awesome. A I'm perfect.