Bradfo Sho, Ep. 89: Alex Cora returns

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Monday, July 16th
Red Sox manager Alex Cora makes another appearance on the Bradfo Sho, this time as the manager of a team that heads into the All-Star break 38 games over .500. Cora offers an honest assessment of his first go-round as a manager, offering some interesting takes on just how good he thinks this team is. Cora also compares 2008 Bradfo to 2018 Bradfo. It's a great listen heading into the season's second half. Boom Sauce!

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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know what you're stupid Brad broad show. That's delicious. Homes are so yeah we're back Brett first show is back after a couple weeks on hiatus. We're back we've got diets but for good reason. Because we want to regroup. Come back with the app. Absolute best baseball podcast the last couple months the regular season and we're going to be doing so side by side with our great great friends from lord global brewing company making it makers of the four mentioned. Bonus costs and other fine Beers and be as let me just tell you they other coolest people around over there brewery rule burner absolutely. Awesome so will look to Florida Haggan Wear them throughout this ride and ride really starts right now wave with Alice core. This is the guy that I wanted to have on heading into the second half when we came back from a little vacation. This is the guy want to have on as good timing because number one where the all star break number two Red Sox are third he keeps over 500 is insane for a half games of the Yankees. Alex Cora. Has done a good job let's just admit Alex Cora has Dominic your job I had no idea what. Alex Cora would do as a manager I've known him for a long time I covered him when he was playing here but as the manager of the guy who's sitting in this seat who knows. But he's done a good job let's just admit it. And I went the other day just to John Gibbons the Toronto Blue Jays manager and asked him hey you know what. Is there a difference when you've been Gonzales court can you notice if he's doing a good job is what he said about Muslims and. What's tough is so. I mean that's just a small part of the equation when you have a manager of the other team talked about out. The other manager it would five. But there's a lot to pick through here is like the victory including you know going back there when he was playing a different winners playing in one of the questions that I how. Forum was is this the best team you've ever been around I thought his intra as it's it was pretty entrusting. So don't go rescission of Corel has been on this broadcast the budget downs but kind of feel like this may be viewed most important time. He's ever been on this podcast I think is worth a listen again welcome back welcome back we look forward to a great great. Final couple months of the season having in the offseason which is going to be. Obviously a crazy one as well but thanks again for joining us on the Brad vote show thanks to lord noble brewing company. I hope you enjoy this period for the nineteenth time in the bride throws show for this is the first time ever Alex that you have said this took this. Leaped over ways I feel like you're here. It's a day of stiff revise your you were so welcoming to the brat so show before and Heidi comes and does it is overlooked. It's a tough day lineup was. I got a job to do huh yeah. But we'll be fine host. Record. Let's that's fair enough because he did not have to save lineup wise when I was railing and go but the WDC two years ago just different different idea different dynamic. Actually this is very important to edit it I hit harder RK. So how old by now that you know we're around each other a little bit more since first and the most since 20088. How light changed. Prison better. You guys you I mean he gets like the commercials. People total volume. They talked about me back. Nine are Ivana and that's how I know social media but now let it. I'm needing good. Rob Bradford and searched. Weekends probably be trend. Some Mason back. Toward good. Or for worse and we'll go back to 2008 I have addressing better figure you're you're actually the impetus for. The nobody earmarked casual now like the like we've all those people. My nose assumed and we don't Wear suits and this team but we. We could see guys too you know. Business casual. So now you you have to like times now and you guys you're. Schools distinctive clothing the you got it. You go to website and some cool stuff there. I'm not saying I want now I want a country Baghdad's. Book it gets triggered if you're gonna dive losing weight. You diminutive about how to spice of the Tito's. Bunker and talk oh yeah oh it didn't do. Did you do that not yet. Is this a learning experience first here's a manager yeah idea I'm learning. Yeah good job also we go it to rest ensued with questions I have good question. You better questions in 2008. Supposedly part of life Idaho I was really wanted to talk to your 2000 name. Well yeah their bonds. Basically. I know it is odd to see for the captain but that's true. There with a guy you're the guy who had a show. Radiation given they've never paid you sorts it's well you know we're now. But you were the guy I've always said this you were the guy out there but when do you know how it is at home in the clubhouse everyone disappears. You're the go to guy to the cut scores out there and we so yes so I I was absolutely lying saying I was the only one to talk to you because. No matter what happens pavement what do you think about Manny hey what do you think about David Hayward because they're not Iran. I felt. Knows. Posey news in 2000 it. He is an abuse those awful. Clinton to go back to the dressing they remembered you were the one in Japan tell us stories woes of that we. We'll give you money for charity if you Wear a suit that suit and tie you so's slob. He looks so horrible so we need to me in my glow. Alex you have to step it up and we made a bad thing he would take that bit. I guess I made six grand off of that because they get other people involved I sister in her room to grow charity. But you were sued all the way to game seven. Jacket Jack in time jagr inside ALCS. David prize comes in from the ASEAN. Those in Basra suit in you know the funny thing about that. Does the one guy who didn't give money for the charity was a great guy. With J. D. Drew yet he was the most obsessed with that badly fight came down without a jacket on your screen are the ones average grotto T. He the US senate that's tough loss that I can around the corner I forgot my jacket and and JB is screaming and yelling at the that's the stage right now. But if Saudi way so. IE I've obviously we've known each other for awhile since I covered you. But I didn't know how you gonna do. I can only I can write the article saying Al scores should be the guy and everything but that's like because I've been propping you up for. For the last two years you finally paid off. Buffett has been through but that's another data at. Did you adds that it's not a definitive yeah. I don't think you. Ever you do it knocked it every little bit helps. Knots yeah that are they looked. So I anyway but I don't know are you gonna do right so used to that you get in the manager's chair I'll say this you've done pretty well. So might my question is is how. It is you want to know all you little it's good you get ago. My question is. You know you keep referencing like how much you learned from the Houston experienced last year. And you we had talked before that and he wanted to be a minute there you see you guys like this team needs wise and insurer and these other guys yeah so. And why it really is a thing that you just like Amanda I and you said this before a fight with sort of a fight at that job and Texas interviewed the night. I and don't know where I would be. What is this thing didn't now you've done it for half yearly. A man I am so glad I went the route that I did you have communication is very important and we joke around I'll. The wait the week goes with a front ounces. When ownership. Medical department and the league department. Players is very important to know everybody's in the same page. I bet everybody says it bodes. Not everybody doing it and I saw firsthand yet last year. Every one of them there was. We go to game game four for example here. Supposed to rain. In the middle of the game. So we get Charlie on the mound you know he's supposed to start. So. You can medical's the farm and and you know you firemen and AJ. Yes and you sit down in the office and we were debating if we start Charlie. Or we stop us or somebody else. And then bring Charlie after. After rain. Obviously we decided to go Charlie. I was in a 100% sure that. Verlander was going to be available and so. I was like tired higher than me vulnerabilities and gathered over land the war. They'll load bravery and out of the bullpen thing they. It was actually start Charlie. If there's rain heavy rains and we had the lead green bird land there in in Tennessee. It's funny because I came out. And AG always come out half hour before the game. So I was out I looked around. And I it's I'm gonna rain. Yeah it's not gonna rain and that becomes and I amen. Whatever you do it's not gonna rain here I'm telling you I played here enough times is not gonna freaking me. They're playing tricks with us and I was joking yeah. But I felt like there were triggered cling to excellence and sure enough. It didn't rain. And then we still I see very under looking out there I go. Was going on here is like well he's. He might coming out of open and say they sure. He's like yeah I'm always OK. Okay you're the manager. And all becomes in. And so haven't many that bomb. A sensible and sell you know right this guy we got now we get game five. His life memorial in college but I think we have cycle. And their land there. Save this one inning because that I got to look at the bull when there's nobody there. Says hey what are you doing I'm behind your brother bill and I think everybody before the game has gone back you talk and there's a lot of communication. But this so you buy you your you sit there with communication but you have managers you've played for a lot of man that we focus anyplace which you don't hear you play for a lot of managers. How much is it has it become more important or is this just like you just having gone through last series. Realize is a different. Job. You know like as a player you player you did like I've display most of them they don't know what's going on again before. Bad backs and stayed there about the only got a better way of their care vote them spears has taken its you know above all to be involved. And I listened to them and men. The decision made gay men and how we get to that decision he was interest in them and I keep saying Ronald. Without without that job. I'm not saying that a decision but I think you've you've been worked out perfectly. Not because we want us. Just because the way they do thing that's it was different this is different from where you came from different so. They use very great experience and would do in a good job here and I think that helps out. So you go into this thing and you know you get hired did you have the press conference you have the ideas and talking and you did the you have to sort of what you wanna do. By now we're sitting here the all star break and what are the things that you like I didn't see this coming I didn't see that coming has their has their credit they asked you something right. I don't know I had filled. That goes. Obviously we knew assignment shall we say I'm new to me and we Sanjay the but. As you know I read an associate players I tell them that we can step up their game. And then there and then movies there were two of them Joseph was the other guys Kelly. And they've done they've done that you know like watching Lazio like OK and then through throughout the process. We'll discuss this guy's an edit audio. Oh yeah and the many good players in the Pentagon for exercise process. Don't just look around the roster and what we you know I mean Rouse he was going to be hurt they're really third baseman. For the moment at least I felt that he was gonna say about his game he did for months now it is. I feel like so tell me if I was wrong about who and when you said OK Hanley hitting third but you're like. He has a lot of upside right he is maybe the most upside I'm gonna get behind him my news. Make him feel like that guy again and viewers are works it works and obviously did for awhile. My son in October he dominated yeah I forget about it so I still feel that she was gonna be an impact so bad it just happened that. Nice throw and then we'll make that decision and non. During the season he was an outstanding but that's sort of talk about you don't know hopefully you can think. You put your best record in terms of trying to figure out what's gonna happen but you never know what's gonna. Yeah I mean it's a you know and you don't know what's gonna happen in the second half when we got to figure it seemed so but. I so that. There were certain guys that they're going to be better and and they've done a bit. I still still we got to see guys that they don't take a step forward in the second half on news email goes out to be better for. You Robertson the resident Dario was here in Tampa the NSA and you know like team again I really like a team like tonight more so then I think that people. Where it says yeah you can say like this team but I think you said I really really like this to. He very athletic. We can do. A lot of things offensively and we'd on the venom on the home run. We could do won't play but they bought into doing damage and not least our look at numbers and what we do run the bases putting pressure. We'll play good teams. When you face him. This four or five horses at a Houston you gotta do something different. And we can still basis. We've ever opened Al's run basis from two outs but as far as stealing bases putting pressure on the opposition. It's an uncomfortable team to to better prepare for all. I heard it last night saying that. We can run teams and you know we can run teams and to the ground because we were so good at stealing bases all so. That's a good compliment I've heard out like no that's that's what assault that's what we wanna do it. So yeah I love the way we've played Tuesday at a spring training. Was finished strongly Santa doesn't hit the ball would be twelve yeah. You certainly don't open the stuff out there and IE seven Battier Mac you know right. This is not an easy team and them but it is same. We we have to we have room to improve and that's that's the cool thing about. It's it's the long well why always go I get that by. As we sit here right now is this. The most talented team that you've been a part of. It's a good question of the great question. I feel like last year that was you know. As talented team as I ever been around from top to bottom more so more so than my co seven yet. Or Walt cute people say oh we actually was almost more talented vote. You know we got banged up and we did it would leave when George Bush thanked constantly. Thank you receiving game so we all know what that team us here you can think about it paid. George. He's a beast its. First round there. Alex saying because the nation how to ask one other colleagues and end of as being one of the ways it isn't it Carlos Correa won one. You're leading real I won't point was the best player in the planet it. And then tumbling that would match and I mean solid. Already great baseball players. Daddy's. Banging balls into the proper buses coming that's lineup looks that's a tough one. Oh billion Verlander has come under anyway yeah thank you win a game. The world since. Let's just bizarre the web is that so looking at so we didn't refocus on all seven you in the World Series you were part of that team. I think everyone around here would say 07 no waivers better than most spend thirteen I think they caught lightning in a ball a little bit. But if you had the stuff day in 07 a like well what would that be life you know you think back to that. Enough but you rather so I should know by him by you know saying I mean you guys play straight every shift you do. Imagine yeah. Froyo for those on when there's a window and we've all this information because there were just guys playing the game. But that team. We saw the game a little more. Well I was a photo move forward but. I'm Mikey he needs you. That you will. You'll benefit from all of this information to see the other. I think we're more disciplined against. It was over race publishing. It was a Psycho just run out David many in you know we have good. Julia third live to Juli second emotion heroics there is it's just that when it. Dad do about it. It's a failure to team now so. I know get it going there. It's a little too quick to think it's good. The last question. Kids from the Dominican right now I think it does get through third through fifteen actually okay. Where where were they from I mean I know from Dominican the national. Traffic's okay or whatever. Jim on July 2. Yeah both guys beside I would view it. Should always always future always nurturing the future plus. Sold last question is about the media. Land. You know like I said at the beginning of this largesse I don't know how you know him I know I handle the media as a player I keep referencing miss fight I remember the union mr. bonds in Cleveland and Houston trying to you know locker. It yeah but you're you're trying to you locker room where they for the full uniform in the Gagne thing when Gagne came in blue book right. Right in your credit you got to talking you know talking to them when it. They're taught him. Thousands upon us. That played its yeah automatic. That a video so I kinda get back but I. He got sick daddy day he had no problem from that point in bud. You know it is yeah I know accountability is sort of the catch phrase and by do things that I've said this to. Spending moments that you had early on. About like hey you know what I screwed up with a not putting Jackie and in the defensive plays happen and yet I. Like things like that and then you know weather's Karstens message hey you know listen I. You know. Taking that head on and not dancing around it I mean it's it's but this is a type of stuff that I think did you feel a little wealth from your perspective. And the media has changed since you were here last night said social media there's probably a lot more of it. Do you sense anything dramatically different in the way this team is covered. Now now field. People want information in this city and you guys provided and I guess I'm totally and and we have to be up to. Almost ended. I would tell you guys everything that goes on without us look. You fast will be fair and sometimes simple myself as a fan what I wanna hear you know what Tom following. My teams you know. It's such a my teams that I like people hate. Well the. Bonobos. The ravens. Whether innocent moment I'll wanna know. I notice there so we knew everywhere and you asked about stuff up in the press conference you're like okay you deck goes through your head like what what I wanna. I think. I'm prepared talent they have an idea what. What people are gonna ask. If I don't know I just say and I'll get back to you tomorrow I think that's that's a place that's way to do a kilometer my BS my. My way around a question because then I got to put myself in a bad spot and that's why I tried to avoid I don't want people to think that I'm. Now. It's not that I'm not Smart but yeah like he's BS and us and I think those four years that I work and TV. Tells me talking to appear in. And Colorado it is in team coach and involves only. This tells me you'll see him there and they were telling me this is good this dude just watching people talk. Help me out. So so ball wacko idea how does he say that producers that before but when your player when you're in Boston as a player what did you say well where you. Looking back now so I didn't see that the way I shouldn't have seen it. The room. I am the whole experience help me out to be ready for this book. I was like I. Like there was some to talk every day's. It's not like Bob prepare for this I do feel that TV really helped me out. Quote it's a results business. Graduation to get the results it's thank you better.