Bradfo Sho, Ep. 90: Introducing Nathan Eovaldi

The Bradfo Sho
Tuesday, August 7th
New Red Sox starter Nathan (not Nate) Eovaldi joins the Bradfo Sho podcast to talk about his new world of living life as a Red Sox. Eovaldi discusses his path to becoming the pitcher we're currently witnessing, the differences in playing baseball in Boston and how he's approaching his contract year. As a bonus, Brian Johnson introduces his newest teammate.

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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know what you're stupid Brad broad show. That's delicious. Well you saw us. I know drugs ocean before. They Brian Johnson who are you wanna see in a podcast of the year veteran of the structure through on here. And Hector Velasquez. Do you is it he was an available by Aston who else moon. And then she's. We'll bootable. Cool I like that idea I never thought of that but why why we wanted to know what what's ask him. All am I got no prep than this this was this flyer on the fly and then my theory I know your pro I know I would ask him. He's only took a few short oil lease and you cannot yet get through Dodgers are aliens voluntary the only. They would know we'll know answers to the team he's been beyoncé and though he's got the reason the rays at yankees the Red Sox. So is too short and that you guessed him or did ask about his cutter right yet that would digger wants you or that under an hour fastball in the eighth yesterday. It's incredible that our house. Okay. Manner revenues. Yes thank. Us live that's chorus right yet Abdullah starter so hundred miles an hour as the thing no no I don't even. I mean this like changeup that he did never throws were on her split finger is my fastball. What what's artists who were thrown. This Fisher throne but besides the mythical 97 mile an hour fastball and for intra. Yeah I was. You don't know I've gotten on the I think I was like 95 in college once maybe you all night club oh really yeah probably for you yeah. Hello. I will cool those that you missed being on this broadcast. Yeah I still yet to receive my shirt on put on record and wound that's cheered too we're running out two years. Do we know law and fairness there's a new shipment of shirts coming busy at the three acts that he offered his shoe off no three deaths right that's why I texture yeah it's well it blew through smoky actually that's what you suspect that. The I promise there will get united times I think that your nuclear T shirt. And and we will hopefully if you'll have me we will we will have to another drug pushers who gets its I don't know if he knows it's not crunching time. Well we cannot doubt we should do a hundred destinations. Only got me and the richt didn't and joked that there is a twenty X. And what I can get like. Could not foxwoods I don't know we guy got to get a place there but it applies inalienable. And maybe is there a tropical smoothie here. He says there's one here and you know or I'm not I don't know I thought. Yeah the book claims on the doing something pretty Starbucks. Who is so I'll find a place poker I'll find a place a fireplace you we're gonna do it I'll tell you we're gonna do it the lured global brewing company in Woburn. We're okay. I don't know that this but I doubt done now they'll send a limo sort not knock you out there are just you outmaneuver. All right so I'm gonna go run out and get Nathan evolved because that's I only wanna do podcast. Do you wanted us to do to zero day FO the yes trend up Brad throat show the brat though show I don't Citadel's divers but. That's pretty good value my criteria and I was six don't really. Can't hide thanks man appreciate your ego Nathan evolved and. I were honored honored honored honored to have Nathan of all the on with us on the brat so show. And the the prerequisite to come on so obviously is to pitch. Your first two games without giving up Iran's so you risk of very close I thought you gonna get over on and then you could never come on this broadcast. Translations and you start. They Kia thinks travelman. All right so for us all made their innate. Nathan. Oh cool I like so Nathan. But people do collier nix I've heard people call your name in I don't wanna be that guy who calls you something so why Nathan on me. Not forget I mean they think this my name and communal life namely. That culminates ever you know like the random. Like reporter like we never met. Until yesterday and so bomb. It's a lot I wanna be represented by one of the respectful a psychology Nathan. Com guide to the guys so to your team is call your name. Courtney thin like I might my formal name is Robert Farnsworth Bradford. Back in Essex my hometown they call me Robbie. Back in out in Texas correct Alvin yes there so they call you watch. I mean both Nathan they'd. But says that bigger bodies they call you make it. As you both but I as fair a it looked at the they're trying to think it was sort of like him myself and do it anyway so how you've been to it. It was a fourth team now fourth organization. The fifth organization. Dodgers. Dodgers Marlins. Yankees rays and Boston okay. Paulus you've been here at the grand totals like two weeks it's that. How is this different houses feel different and it's not a fair question because like you said he's going to hear a voice how's it feel different. Com right now I mean I would just say where we're at as a team I mean we're in them win now mentality that this program has been very. You know reminds me off of one arousal there with the Yankees. What so when you were there with the Yankees what was it like you obviously were in the middle of the Yankees usually associated serious. Was there a moment where you had games like Saturday yet straight game he pitched very well the game against the Yankees. Was that the the biggest stage that you had pitched on board to do have a moment like that with the Yankees. Com yeah I mean I would say. I mean I'm out of one. Who couples are so there with the Yankees like that I remember one against the Astros right on eight innings over there but. And I feel like this one right now who have been on the alien than just this hemisphere coming over here fairly decent my first two starts its you know I don't think too much as compared to this. That's had you ever experienced anything like that looked Saturday like you pitched well before. But I can tell you like Fenway Park is different right now that it was in April it's different right now because. People number one like this team's number two they can smell it you know they can smell and then they have you come in and do what you did. Could do is that a different feeling from anything that you've gone through. Yeah I would say it that serious is probably you know. You know I can't really discredited Stefan then you know. You know one of my most exciting for us as and again like it's a little wet until the ball lately and you know join in the scene in the way everything's been you know developing Nike says you know regents voted instant. You know so there's the talk around town so it's it's a lot of fun a good part of. So why it's so easy to do saying throwing the ball lately why you thrown the ball so you listen you always true art you always had good stuff. Does this would you say that this is the best that you pitch in your life I know that's that's a pretty. Grand statement. It is fair and Leo it's they definitely coming off this you know my second Tommy John surgery oh definitely say this is of us have been throwing in my career and I think a lot of it has to do with the cutter and how successful it's the informant. Yeah so I was in the JD Martinis from yesterday he compared to your countered a Corey clue verse. So I mean this is. Tell me a little bit about oh because this is one of the evolution of I want it quiet so badly when it. And so belly likely NATO all the access outside. It's but so tell me about the evolution of this tapes this fits that seems to be make it such a difference. Yeah I mean. I that's kind of you know affiliates have had it before in the past but he's never really. She you know pursue that pitch in the coming back from the Tommy John surgery this year. You know were put Palestine we really focused on that kitchen. You know trying to develop it and it's just been a successful Foreman. And our confidence with food and not just a turn toward our look quite fast on the and that connection and has on a tennis wouldn't be throw more motive for left first couple starts here. Yeah I mean I've been told I mean I've been to analyze every game I feel like I've been doing more and more and it's it's continued to get a little bit better every outing. In order as wonder and was you know I know cashier and knows note Kyle played here and cover them. Tom but in here at the forefront of a lot of stuff. What's the difference is only been a couple weeks but what's the difference here but what's the difference and visit the shifts different as the game calling different is the preparation different. Com I'm and I thought just a little bit of everything I mean right now as a team more than that win now mentality and you know get a lot of things of food here with the Red Sox and the game calling again he knows he has decent catcher Greg this is an awesome back there behind the plea for me he's oddity colleague in different than Wilson. I think I would just say using the cutter more mean right now a time when those over there with the rays. I was always and hit the water in the lefties and a way to right he's in now kind of backdoor it's a lefties. You know front door a few times varieties and he's you know the trust that pitches really develops benevolent you know used in a different counts and in other situations is this a confidence levels there. When you're so let's go back to our who means you mentioned used to Tommy John surgeries. The Yankees release you the race takes you up. And the rays face this every meteorite. So you can get right. Palm talked a little bit about that experience about it's it's it's not your average sort of progression with the team that picks you up. Did you today woods where they pretty honest about this is what we see and how low we wanna do you would do. And did it play out like you thought it was. Yeah I mean I can't really think the raise enough of that opportunity that they gave me you know like he's in the Yankees and release mean there was a possibility that we just trying to we have our own and not signed with the team if we couldn't come up with a good deal in the race. You know what I don't eliminate. They didn't offer me a great deal under contract over their wisdom and and basically told me that I wasn't gonna come back the first year and doughnuts everything I could to try and prove them wrong that I could be back in. You know I was I was eligible to come back iPhone and you know. We have games and everything so great and we just weren't you know as a team we were where we wanted to be so that it more risque things so. You know like this that they you know shut it down early and had a good offseason and treated like a wooded near the offseason I came in this you're ready to go through them and you know now once they ever push me here. Make me feel comfortable over there I mean it was always a nice relaxed environment and you know the training staff I can't say enough about those guys over there who you know really took me and then you know they got me right going back to my feet and you know coming to where I am now on permit holder to get out there and throw the ball over five business. It's a great story and where you ever worried me the second Tommy John you first army John was in high school cracked. Together as a high schooler who's in 07 so I mean I visited a good separation between the two day itself in those kind of another reason I wasn't too worried. You know just because the longevity of the neo the surgery itself. It's time that this time around I always feel like a poem by my trust and faith into the trainers are there to help me you know doctor among did my surgery you know I trust. You whatever but a much less in the hands and they're gonna. And do great job and everybody did in. You know then my side of it is put in the work and do what they tell me not to do too much but also they need communication of you know if I feel something militant known. Otherwise just you know keep grinding what do you know you were back when did you know that that this was going to be what we're seeing right now is going to be possible. I mean even less are playing catch and I knew like Ellis feeling good and to get chances you know gaining my velocity back a new. I think so Freeney seemed just putting in the time and all that hard work at the beginning of the season and going through that setbacks that I had in coming back from. You know as I was really surprised with my accuracy and being able to command the ball and I just continued to build off of that and I think going through that. That's Sergio I thought a lot of players get into routine whether it's like that from the same thing and have the same it's. Preparation. And get a little superstitious and stuff like that that. You know you re having it's it's really tough says to deal like that because things change on the on the fly you know ring a game gets rained out there. You know you get pushed back today too so I try industry like that every day and you know we think it's pitching its attention. Besides do other things that'll help you roll with the you know I can't predict the future star was there a game where you was there a game states that there it is. I mean though perhaps it was first came back but I pitched against Oakland went the six no hit innings in the night came out late 70s70 something that just. You know just because I wasn't built up all the way. I had a really rough outing on my last rehab start in triple I think I gave up eight runs in four innings. I think has thrown you know right around my markets and pitches but by the time I came back I've been pushed back I think two or three days. So if that you know I had Kate and Andy's dressed in. You know I didn't have that many of us I don't six innings and that was the most at stone and you know. Years you don't let a year and a half two years almost silly things. Oh it's he's so it. When we talk about that moment you're walking off the mound. Com here at Fenway Park does any of that creep in but is as any that creep in about getting reflective on and you've had. Probably other moments where you could be reflective. But as you said before this is this is it defining moment this is a signature moment. Did this yesterday when you're going through that you think about Saturday just like hey you know why I'm just an Iraqi bride in this. I mean just a little bit of both I mean it definitely keep writing it but I mean again you know every just like everybody wants to be in the situation. No on the mountain live at yankees Red Sox rivalry especially with the way we've been playing you know. Warren first place in all of baseball and everybody's teeing off put another way haven't put up on the mound and you know that this atmosphere in these fans getting involved as much as they are especially with the Yankees in town it's been a lot of fun pitching problem. So you look to you look at. Your pitching really well right now you'd take you technically I guess had gone through a contract you were never released right I mean you've gone through that process. So tonight's outside the guys this is that you don't want flight the future to treat them. Having it having this be the first time a time you actually get a chance to do this. You know potentially healthy potentially Rolston contract year and do you think it's an Internet based. Not you know again like this have a ploy to try and think about the future you know baseball's hard enough trying to focus on sort of a time. I try to take it day by day and Hedo in the season's over off time to reflect on that and now. As long as I can put in the work now and everything should be hidden by that time when it comes. Yeah does that rise to this actually told you mentioned this is yesterday. They still made a lot of money forced to hit a couple of I mean it's not about how you start of the season it's about how you finish if he can finish on a strong note than. And I feel like. Peninsula we knew when you look at when we you can read through the exercise routed through into the exercise of the are what pitches are available to trade deadline and you see the value like a US MLB trade rumors guy or do you not pay attention was gone. No I mean when all it certainly is so long try to you know keep them. The back of my mind and really not pay any attention to it phenomenon I don't have any social media or anything I know nothing nothing nothing and you wrote that's just nobody did you ever have a one point like MySpace or some better. I had my stays good. I was never the goal posts and any thing and I had FaceBook film points to boot but belliard that you do why people. Yeah I mean I mean look you're catfish and made by David I made my debut with the Dodgers and I had maybe a 130. 200 friend requests and messages on the site. A lot of people never talk to and some people I didn't even know cells like you know give myself a number and you know it's a lot easier though let's. The outlook so no vs Twitter no never experienced it and nothing like not even like a burn calories follow people without the road. Really I want nothing to do a couple quick questions. So you say you're this year's disrupt I lost my toll plus why should I thought I anyway no Twitter. And so which serves you well in a place like MEI you can see the value and I'm not having that aren't yet mean. Just something about I want no part of it for whatever reason I don't know Peter Reid and what do you mean you read a review read articles I read them all be that's about it Cynthia IRA. Well what the writer the MLB out we know that it. And you went in user from your from the same hometown as Nolan Ryan. There you madam obviously probably. Yes I bet him one time you know like going through high school I always miss some he had started his. Is it's nowhere with the the Rangers and stuff like. I met him win those with the Yankees a believer in 2015. Have to start heading in so mean and the next thing you nothing is on the field another opportunity to talk to him in those kind of taken everything that needs something along. So this is no streak Julia street cred true life having the same hometown as Nolan Ryan. I get a law. It does some mighty deeds is to fill. I can't say anything you and asks I was and its new when asked both the Boston media about. Stood so by the my things OK so New York vs Boston media. We've been here for like two days right. Everyone likes to compare it to its brief glimpse. Briefed them so far. How would you compare. I don't know I'm an affront that all kind of the same man and he Hilliard who knows. A lot of questions but I mean. The Philadelphia much to send any questions. Forwarded what to do vertigo. And think about the boss and you off. And apparently the only at least present the opportunity to. I write Nathan. What's your middle name we're. Nathan admirable about faulty thank you very much for joining us thanks for having me.