Bradfo Sho, Ep. 91: Happy birthday to

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Thursday, August 16th
One of the original members of the venture that was (and is) the Boston Globe's Alex Speier joins Rob Bradford to reflect on the organization's 10 years. Speier and Bradford talk about how it all began, the unexpected challenges along the way and a bunch of behind-the-scenes stories from a unique project that kicked off Aug. 18, 2008 and continues to go strong.

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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know what you're stupid Brad broad show. That's delicious. Forms on this the fifth both sides Alex spears would be in wise Alex fairway Alex why are you here with me. Where by the way on location until he sees part grow not too far off from the lord Bobo brewing company at Woburn Massachusetts. Alex why you're. Preclude the promise of free food from you. Once again taking advantage of Vienna come corporation is Alex did for all those he has no other reason Alex is here is because it is the tenth anniversary. Of WEEI dot com and we Alex and I worthy I guess contact lines of the fears that content wise. We were the first two full time people and we have Murphy you obviously started a gentleman by the name of Tim Murphy. And Carlson most these who'd been running the website for on his own basically up until they decided to invest in this. But then I was hired opt out of the Boston Herald and they said I had one hire one iron that was it Alex. One hired and I immediately reviewed doors knocked on it it's that Alex. Please please come with me to this awesome venture did ten years from now we will be talking about on the podcast. Holy cow. It was and event to life that you did too because I had been a point I've been covering the Red Sox that plan. I was in my seventh season. And I had had some opportunities but I was kept going just a freelance or so covering baseball is my second job but through 2008. And I I had a full time job working in academic administration arbor. My days were really long I did not have any indication after you. After you took away the one job opportunity that I had you got hired over me. Yes I was so. That was the eagle Tribune Alex and I were both finalists for the eagle Tribune. They mistakenly hired me and and I remember you like that it obviously we are friends then we knew each other than. Being the Red Sox press box I was at the lol sign in and to give people an idea I was at the little sun for five years went to the U tribute for a year and a half. And then went there Harold for another year after I was out there Harold and and basically for me. I've said this a million times with a Harold was my dream job disorders like cover in the Red Sox for Boston paper. Speak up before we get to be you you. I think that you had talked to blow potentially be going down to some some small paper in Virginia and I I I don't know what you. Yeah I know I did not look like I I was applying for jobs around the country I hadn't gotten a full time job after seven seasons. Covering north and they've been very lucky to get to get a chance to right. Quit as this has stringer is the kind of regular contributor to the Boston a true. To beat New Hampshire union leader. That occasionally he he's Michael Lawrence eagle Tribune and and ever wants the wild for the Boston Herald but at that point I didn't know I was ever going to get a full time job and I really didn't know I was going to be able to continue this. You wanna give up a male I'm going back to this though what obviously this was. August oh gosh it was probably July 2008 because we were hired and started. On the day that it really kicked off was August 18 2008. At that point looking back how close were you to say now it gives them now you're married time. Yeah I got married in 2007. And you know at that point like I was I was still OK I. I was starting to at least ask the question of like how much longer can I have this dual existence of working one full time job. Completely unrelated to what was functionally a second full time job. You know I felt like I was working really long hours. You know and so when you call when you like what you invited me to during this this venture. Number what it meant the world because it meant that I was going to make I had no idea I'd been working really hard in hopes of finding an opportunity to read about to write full time about. About sports and about baseball and number two it was like what he'll do it like it was there was. This I don't know if you remember that. When word of WUPI dot com it's like re launch started percolating in the industry there was this like this wild fascination about like. What what is this going to mean exactly like what form what shape is it going to take but there was a there was a genuine curiosity because. It was something that was different was they went it was a web first. You know it was a web first thing that was done at a round of radio stations so it was going to. Knowing and knowing it Don and really know I'd be honest no one has done since they had no their opinion there and probably a couple of times they've done it getting traction with. When you have to not only this is a small part of this budget. In order to do this is not that it can't Wear obviously it works for us. But you have to have the right mark it it is is a sweet spot for this venture there was then it is now. But anyway but go back to that time yeah you're right it was. It weighs you know I'm sure people were saying you know. What the (%expletive) he still going. No doubt I'm back I gave me night. You know I was well I was publicly that you were asked that a lot like it was interesting to watch you through the month of July that. Here because everyone and press box would be right so so what is this like you know and I think that. The number of people who were lighting up so like Steve Jobs from you like you know is also pretty long at that point in so like fact that I was getting the one job you had. It means a lot even though I had no idea what the hell are going to be doing once but to actually got that job and I'm. They don't know what they know what they're going to be doing to your original title. Was it correctly from Iran original. Content and manager. Or edited or maybe like yeah I don't remember what it was it was something that had yeah it was a big you basically had it yet original and content definitely were there. I don't I don't think anyone knew what that meant I didn't know attachments. Yeah it was there was there was a lot of there was a lot of stuff to me that you're topic. So I remember. When what happened was I get an email from Michael Reese I remember specifically was that the I think it was at the all star game. In 2008 and Yankee Stadium. And Mike Reid said they had made a run that Mike. And or Tim Murphy who he's working the globe. You might admired by everyone in my bike and Iran might finally very wise. And then you go to so by the Mike you know list him like some people analysts are rejection well and you know it's like. Jackie and Jackie that you have to do you question wasn't could be in original content editor mirror. Have heard yet though so but so I was a year ago so that was a year and a half herald it very very happy bomb. But it was intriguing to me because. Because it was that was just intrigued you did and I always had this why do it well I. Sort of the I'm of the mind of a building things I like I like that sort of it so you had that. That aspect of it you met a lot of clearly you're putting a lot of resources behind of it. You could build something from scratch and and also you had what was undoubtedly undeniably the most powerful medium. In this towards media market. In WEEI at that point I believe this is this what we did. As a member of The Herald as a member or of the globe wherever your writing thwart whatever was talked about. On W yeah all right that's what you were writing it was so I'm thinking. That having the power of that along the resources all along with being able to build something from scratch. That was why I met with Tim Murphy he offered about people start. Yeah I mean I remember. That wing talking to some people felt like you know. But seeking out some some of my age you know. Some some mentors really like. And to figure out like you know so this I'd just seems to demean should be seeded to meet and at that point you know except when the attitude was. Yeah like what what better mechanism to you have to kind of you know to kind of give. Top prominence so like you know it is you know if you like something good. Then you have kind of a guaranteed ability to have it. You know to have it gain visibility and traction because you know because WB yeah eyes. But at that there was only one radio station to write like let's not overlook that fact either. And so you know and so really like this was the screening mechanism for conversation about sports local. And so. So I meet them and then let's be honest the other part of this was I was gonna make a lot more money that heralds a great place to work but the the chance to make more money there really isn't an option and it hadn't been an option for a long time. It didn't seem to be an option in this ways and an opportunity work with a contract. To make more money do you well you keep making more money so that was part of as well so all of it even though a year and a half into the job it wasn't thrilled about. The dog that Harold but it is what it is and so I take that delete them they say and we sort of lay out what our staffing is going to be in it it was going to be the one full time guy I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do but still we are flying blind here there's no there was no ESPN Boston there was no Comcast. There was none of that so I don't like because this thing that there was. Was like I mean. I think back right what will legions like you know in that universe existed like there were independents are up by. There were you know there were various like you know there were. There were kind of national. Website state we believe we were thinking about trying from the we were hoping you could you not I mean the only thing. That we knew from a bit online content manager Alex you knew that he was getting into what. Like I was just goes to what I was going to be doing some writing. And and also get right to the web so it was good to feature elements such as this sport's leadership and lights sirens the truth. Mean this fact goes to a lot of things were you were gonna do this and then they think of a lot of stuff. Did you think of who's got put up the stories are gonna put up the stories who's gonna edit the story is who's gonna do this who's gonna do that this simply a good idea now maybe that is such a good idea so it's it and then you know the rest of the staffing was that was an issue as well. You Wear the full time guy and and I knew then obviously you're great you were Smart you were like this is in your work ethic is Dallack all checked off all the boxes so. And we got along so that was a big part of it as well so now we're dig NN and so now we have to figure out what the rest of it is in. And I think that to go back to your point no people like you. What is this what what is going on. People a lot of people that all of this gonna be like Pete shepherd blocking uses going to be Glen short way doing video things this is going to be what is is going to be in. And I think that was prevalent not only in the and the industry. But with the team to be remember what what a hard time we had what was the right side. Some died. Late so I believe that the site launch really launch on August 18 2000. And I've wrote I wrote a story which I believe you gave the headline the curious case of Jason Day. Best of Philly hey Blake you know which is which is bright light which they tested because that it was a story that many ways that represented right you know what I really like to do what I get like you know. But I get that kind of juice development and it also represented like. A like a well. Characteristically. Lake prototypical U rob Bradford has and of that serious case though so I'm delighted that that was you know. That was the the launch equipment is of course but. About a week later we were in by the way I was still working full time wrapping up my responsibilities at Harvard but. It's that for a little bit to go down to New York we had a series yankees seem to order covering. In late August hands you know and you and I would like pushing pushing pushing hard to get like you know. To prove that we were going to be able to like kind of stay in front of breaking news like he really time them turnarounds. There was a minor treatment the Red Sox meet mark Potts Mark Kotsay yet this in the August we've heard about an acquisition of Mark Kotsay games. You know. I have been that aggressive reporter at that point but like you know but I've recognized that I got down to vision for reach out to a number of people across you know. Number baseball sources trying to confirm the story trying to like. You know trying to not only me definitely get you know whether or not concentrate happen to figure out who's going to turn in what the implications are for life. You know core. Compensation based on his arbitration status and all that stuff. And like I started in like we got a lot of respect for reds are people like rats not people kind of this. Outlawed so from my perspective. I remember puts putting that story out. NN dog in the clubhouse in the go basically yelling like yelling. That like it was almost to himself. Fiction and fiction and fiction like so clearly this has struck a nerve. And I think it struck a nerve for a couple of reasons I think you've struck a nerve because. It was first of all it was real it was to trade but it wasn't quite complete in their eyes maybe they don't wanna take your chance of blowing an awful way to. So there were sensitive to now we'll of course it's this is this is semantics right but in a war world. No no no and the other part was there was a perception on Mike this is what we're gonna do. That's what we're gonna have that this radio station blog. You can't remember the joke referencing. Report saying something about like blog headlines well well so what happened and I don't know if you were in on it so do I think it was the next day. We're sitting in the Yankee Stadium dugout. And Steele has a group of reporters I don't know if you were around them. But I do not want anything to do it because I knew that he was indirectly talking about us or the whatever. I was all the way down the other dugout and he was giving them. Giving all the reporters a lecture on blogs in the world the blogging the problem was logging in and it was. It was just that I was a steaming down the other and how much are you kidding me are you kidding me. And then like he walks lie in you know did you watch by and later it's like now know that was about you now of course it was a bow on us now. Then there was they wouldn't they put us in the third row after we've been there for you know first route they would put our stuff in the clips which is it in industry. Inside things but. All of it it was this was you are radio station website. And and that's one of the many many battles that we didn't see coming that we got to fight a year later. ESPN Boston Pops up Comcast pops up didn't have any idea that they hear it right the first row. They were kicked out of the baseball writers' association like we work because we were went to the Internet all of so that was along the lines of many things that we did not foresee that we had to deal. That we which is fair and you know I think you think about like we were. You know we were trying to push really hard to beat. You know to have to be comprehensive and our concert right right because that we've we were trying to establish credibility for what we were doing. And so the challenge of doing that like we did which has to be really aggressive on self which it you know. In retrospect I don't necessarily like it was unfortunately it was a it was a bummer that that kind of layer of difficulty existed without necessarily fault them I don't. Necessarily halt and went to the fact that like. Did they did have a reaction to because what you know we did it he was creating more work forever but including ourselves. But that that initial. Yeah I no one knew what to make of us right back still that's it kind of gets to that in so while they were figuring out we were going to face some interest in colonel in the Soyuz. Yet so we go back to bomb the staffing evidence are you and are recovering. The baseball aspect Emmitt who gets the snapping of can we talk about the launch. Like I reed army going to our opponents launched. You upbeat if you want me to talk about it well I think that's what they did I'm glad that. You were eventually rescued. From what appeared to be a hostage situation. On the day of the lodge cal talked about it. So you can. It he's so that did launch were up all night just goes this fall under. I don't think everyone really truly knew what they're getting into Carlson most users goes behind the scenes guys still with a suit and disk he was I mean he you. It the common thread with you Alex with a lot of people. The work ethic it's just really really strong in you have to when you start something like that we didn't know anything we do you know what we can post. And we had like you Michael hall it's okay Michael Holley is gonna write a column you know we had some guy named Kirk ran ahead who was gonna write that he's he's going to be a part time fantasy. Writer and been caught yet here we have Michael Felger who was contract that the right two columns. Two columns a week. Com and in you know part of his deal was also hearing weekends and being the first film radio. We had. We could yet other things like the the football signed this. We we had an a big one was. It was also Ron Borges was not that you wrote a couple times a week maybe you can be really didn't have a patriots Ryder. Com we in tracks like the trolley it was part time force but he was a guy we knew was important because he would run around doing everything for everybody. Chris price wasn't. Witness then it wasn't it wasn't until the January which we finally realize hey you know what. We feel really we have a huge pole here in terms of football coverage and in terms of the helping edit the site. And in a huge one was what will lead to New Orleans is the guy go back to that. Which will Leach was a guy who at that time people forget 2008 he was right there with Bill Simmons I mean he was right there used just. He'd just left that's been that's been with huge. And the great thing about oh. Like what we're doing was dead and we're. We said hey you know what here's a blank him this week we did have a lot of resources that we threw some ideas out this this this triumph. So. I guess I didn't know we'll leaks at all so you know that you wanna do this site and he's like yeah sure of course say sort of the obscene amount of money he was making. Shortly once every two week column. But we're like hey listen this is great and give us publicity is something different this guy agreed to jump toward it was a disaster I mean he was. Nothing it did did read it was he was male and then he went on a message board basically saying I'm just taking their money. And and might might solution at one point which is what many mistakes I've made like. Well this guy began to read you know wise not getting ready sort of writing once every few weeks let's have a right every week. It doesn't get read every week but he was making him he was probably the highest. A guy per article. I do you like fifty dollars more than fell Felder was way up there. So both Soviet all of this I think Michael Holley wrote a column. So that first night we worked through the night I was in Baltimore in a hotel room and I did a video which you can look up on YouTube. Which is is like cloverfield. And I I've I've I've I've been we get a lot of great things I was basically feel it's almost like. Analysts I was never gonna get out of that room at least we have that as a jumping off point. The YouTube video of me talking into a camera for five minutes talking about public quote unquote great Big Three have on this site. And you must have done that like that video it like five by 3 in the morning something bad. And I like to say it was like there is adrenaline rush on the first about was that we're just trying to put up a website you promise the website we don't laugh and and we were trying to figure out away for the loves it the go up and and you know at the end of the day you always good it was that we had all the things up and yet. All of it it's fine but there was so many things that we're not accounted for like for instance. The most important part of our site is of this session box. That's it right which is basically the story box that remains this day the most imported. Any site it like this remains the most important part that's where the guys go we didn't have that like there was. That we had all these different week we had all the different kind of people come in about outlook giving you to do this site this kind of say it was like bizarre it was it was like it is function way of a website there are all. Terrible. You like your room like a bunch of higher bills that would indicate stores it was that I would I would literally are ever. That one where some arguments that we're gonna have this website where it was probably like. Well idols we eat we it was sort of like ESP NE model. We ended up but there was no there was none of that because no one thought of it in the only reason like I even suggested it was because actually Boston dirt dogs. Had that wages call widget which is like the story list and I'm like I'm always drawn to that we should do that. That was the only reason we have that would. Yeah I know would've been hard for anyone to find any value like going there army. Right thank you with it would buy in Eden kind of pulling a lot of stuff together make you very easy to find. What you wanted the most really quickly in one little box. Then I feel like you needed kind of they've made it more. Appealing destination plus you know plus we were just certain stuff out and seeing you know there are thrown a lot of stuff against the auto really said it. If I beg the question was asked okay who is gonna post this stuff at 12 o'clock at night in the answer what I don't know. We don't know cricket but yeah we don't know and we had a crash course in. Quote learning how to. How to interact with content management systems and also with. I got to learn how to use Photoshop for the first type in my life. Which. It's it's kind of crazy like I. I had no treating its journalists write like I. You know I'd come into this industry industry trash I'll hold this for seconds and I was going to let you reap what you choose not to that's part of the week Monday's. If so anyway yeah I had never been trained in digital you know in digital tools or anything like that. Ends so all of a sudden you know we're trying to create this we don't have we don't have an editorial backbone. And so yeah we're trying to figure out how to do it ourselves basically. Which included but figured out you know how to doctorate in just for Photoshop so that we can stay within our monthly allotment of like it. You know and that's the other part about it there is viewed these monthly allotment of images there was a server OK we get a cheap server to the best story I have that. Not even close was when Curt Schilling tried to retire. We posted on the website. It and and that we could see the whole thing slowing down within fifteen minutes and then boom crash occurred showing could retire the guys are stuck. But so when. We go back a little bit about the staffing of it and and how that evolved. That I talked about Kirk you know I knew Kirk for a long time he'd written some four. Whenever I had gone and I knew that he did sensibility about it because he had called us that if you have a neat thing you know he was in California. And so if you have reason yeah I know I think that it's. We can make something out. And so he met with America for like ten minutes. And to Murphy north fancy sports was but he knew was important. Kate sounds good you Novo fancy sports okay you know what how to spell K good. That they would literally ten minute meeting with part time positions okay perk Turks on board. Covering the Bruins and Celtics he's on board by the way remotely from California Pacific. Cover the Bruins and Celtics re denial when he went full time so we they gave us the allotment of money. It's per week to fines on the cover of the Bruins Celtics Joseph Hagerty. Was a guy who read we both are known that was out there and so he can over the Bruins for us. And then and Celtics became across to people who we really like which is Paul Flannery. And Justin rattle him Rondo Paul Flannery had been at Boston magazine. And just him Murano was freelancing. Freelancing freelancing so. But they both had very unique differently. Unique sensibilities. And they were both very get it and those that this is not a lot of money's part time. You know they were all in so we covered it that way like you said felt was writing columns are patriots coverage basically tried to run around there again part time guy. And and then onward to supplement it was Ron Borges and and Mike Felger and by the way. Ron Borges was only whether it's for like a month because. The Herald healed he got hired by The Herald in and they said we needed him to work somewhere else before you worked with us and not only did he worked with a for a month what you actually broke the talk. Brady's knee story Chris right eat yes we had a radar first great traffic spike was probably Clinton in game one of the patriots here this season when. You know when Portis was the only guy. Locally to people to get did indeed Brady's knee had been shredded by Bernard Pollard and that first that first game of the 2008 season. And so you know and so yep within a couple weeks herald it was like how will take him to thank. But there is no way eras. Yeah I was out before I am now happy foreigners I've tried to explain this to. Tim Murphy of the higher ups that it was a mile if we gonna give the guy full time job you'll we don't like the loyalties of that to be there. He's just. He was part time you'd like that things same thing with Felger Felger was a great get for us. Because obviously he did a mail bag in Kirk added the mail bag that's what though first time where I think that. You start to realize that Kirk kind of wit about him because he would interject himself out in the mail bag. So when Felger and up leaving I thought a year later. Did 95. Then. That's when they. I what did you see objectively that. They're older offered to continue writing for us on the web site after reports that I had it was a huge fare of the web satellite even did it out for years upon years upon years and and you know we had a good experience that he did his work he he wasn't late you know there's plenty of other felt the people didn't work. But. But when he left. They where obviously they were trying to reinforce everything and so we had we figured out. And so Kirk became we may Kirk columnist you're still part time to working in California. But say okay you write the Felder columns and we also did stuff like. You know them in the patriot mail bag another mail back the report cards and servers do you view Osce did at one time it was like. Steve why are you doing it by position. Well because everybody wants to see it. By age and body by offense defense special teams that's nothing to do with it takes like two hours last time did it. You know stepping back like kind of back towards the beginning no. So there were so many different things we're trying to accomplish and like in some of them were some of them were meant to be like this is not going to be like another website so. We sort of had an idea I think you and I would agree we had an idea this could be like it is right now. A lot of things to a lot of people write a lot of things the radio people. Had a different idea like the radio people I think across the board. Thought this is going to be something that props are soft like every other radio station website in the country. And you know like pins in some ways they were right in like you know if I think back to it we might you know. We tried to take advantage of the fact that there were a ton of great interviews that brought yeah I've tiebreak like there were there was constant on virtually every show. And every daytime shows so you know so we would be. We're like. Blog them like crazy right like we were you know we would get quotes up no matter who theater if you like it (%expletive) full transcripts of those here McGwire and it is now well every one of those patriots player and but they wrecked. You know we were buried you know we we felt like Christmas driver we didn't really necessarily. Take advantage at that time of the idea that the conversation that was happening on the other night in a way its own. Story break I think you'll like that's very tight that's kind of where. Where the industry is now where like and it's more. And it's not in her up by about opinion about this is like you know you having this conversation it is the topic is people's opinion. And you know like to go back to how wise this is what was driving the conversation driving the writing for a lot of news. But like so you add up all the responsibilities that we had at the very beginning which included listening to every one of the radio and excuse entry describing. Peacefully in trying to find trying to find different ways of kind of getting the word out about. Doing our own original writing and you and I were covered the Red Sox kind of around the clock at that time because again we're trying to establish. Our credibility we're trying to manage all of these. Other different story lines that are coming in we're trying to you know we're trying to work with. With the columns were coming in from Felder work editing the sixteen Kirk made a hand articles on Dwight Evans vs Jim Rice at that time or. You know or whatever there where there were a lot of different elements we're trying to pull to get all ones. Then you know we were short staffed right there wasn't an editor and editorial infrastructure necessarily. Or even if they're. Like when we say short staff who play I Wear short stuff now but this is there with nothing like it was short staff as you and I were. Working. Is close at 24 hours yeah I mean I literally think that there were like significant stretches where it was when he went hours today and I thought in my wife my wife. I thought I was gonna die like she thought it you know I thought that I. Kind of maxed out. Before going over to WEEI dot com how much I can work committee because I was doing this you know the one job and academic administration been reading about the Red Sox. I worked a lot harder you had a top. When you're getting going in or because. You know we were were passionate about it we wanted so badly to make it work we were trying so badly to make this you know. This kind of uncertain model like. Fit together or ends and there was always something you. Particularly when like we said yes you Boston Pops up we almost merged with Comcast I believe. In 2009. And but they start their own thing. And you know it's. It's one of these things where yeah you know we wanted it to succeed in and one of the other aspects of it and one of the reasons I said that I. Decide to go to it was a Mike up power WEEI. We talked about things that we do not expect and obviously I think you and I both admit that one of the things that we did not expect was the push back from the radio station. And I mean that was there. That was the very real thing and I talked that a little bit about what he wanted to be this way it was that way in a fair that's fine to me that's everyone. And I guess that yeah every show once. The website to be like their show I don't blame them. But there was it was got it got pretty nasty Tom. You know people's contracts are up and they felt what the money was going to the website and and so there was a lot of stuff it just got it got it got very very difficult problem because that. Environment was tough because like he wasn't just that I 95 was coming out all of a sudden the BI had experts like. No real competitor in talent. What with an FM signal the time because remember we're doing with WVU we're doing with 850 MW EI. At that point. Hands so there were there were just a lot of I feel like threats to the operating model that it existed. And so when it it felt like 23 people again I don't fault them necessarily for this perception. Even though like you can that we were doing our best say no and on an adult and we were you know. That he felt the radio station like any resources committed to us yes weren't going to go to the shows fortunately. But that's how was really Alex from the get go and name but you're right it is and there was that element and we can say hey let's not allowed to tell you meant the of that company agreed to do this and by the way 2008 yeah. A big part of this whole equation was. When we started. This old basically with July I was tired you were hired to wire 2008. We were told are you gonna have this big profits on the first floor of the new balance building it's going to be this is going to be that's going to be a lot of resources. Well what happens later on in 2008 which is the economies of the United States of America went down the troops I mean these stock price the better calm when. One reason we didn't get that office was because the stock price went below a dollar. And and I mean this whole heartedly which is David Field the head of better come deserves I mean I am forever in great. Grateful to them. For not pull the plug on and because you're talking about like it it was the worst time to launch a website. And then you go to we get through that year 95 pops up. And maybe they felt like this is a way that we can count or 95 we have this big website and another pars in trusting because. You remember. They were trying to guess who 95 was going after. And they knew they were going after Lou Maloney. To be with felled. And so. Yeah they doubled down a little and you know rightfully so and good for them so they'll Lou the other guy of course. With Mike priests so. They felt like for some. Inexplicable reason this no knock on Reese but they were that 95 they got their target was Mike Reese in and we couldn't figure eligible what does that have to do with a radio he wasn't a huge radio presence would have to do regular. But they had this in their head in because of it they wanted to spit hire him for our constitution which I that you and I were both like. That's where Abbie we know what kind of traffic he was drawn from. From a news though what the glow over Yeah and it was like. Okay Reese's pieces ma'am I know he was and he was kind of a decision I mean he was in some ways when you think about like dude antecedents like took a good reason why. The whole venture seems like a logical one for W yet pursuant hiring both of us like guys like Mike Reese was certainly pretty high. On that and in don't reach its we've read on the numbers for his blog we you understood like its popularity. I couldn't tell you why what presence you have in the radio but they were big mile and read I guess we meet a legitimate run at them. He ended up going to ESPN Boston time. And so it's worked out for my time I'm happy for we also that we should note we also. I Chris price Chris priceless. He said about six or four months and effort put forth by the way it was my first boss the first runner gave me an opportunity ever to write about possible. Some export growth and so he covered the patriots so. By the time we get through their first year you'll solve your head laughed so you know Kirk has witnessed now is a columnist part time. Tracks is with a part time Chris is a big full time. Celtics or Bruins are still covered in the same way. And and and actually like Hagerty went to Comcast so he wasn't there that long it was say the same challenges they were there was never. That the challenge the biggest challenge across the board was always that. Hey you know what radio guys we're all in this together we're all in this together will will do everything we can help help you help us. And number one of them that mentioned storage to zero on the website I want us to earn it yeah but but this think creatively and so. That was undoubtedly challenge. From from the get ago but you know I think that it is what it is is due in part of that Alex honestly is because there was no template for this there. This it was all a lot of things we talk about. We have the point. In them and our mind there was no template for how to do this well. And you know you mentioned you mentioned Lou would that be contributing writer contributing writer on the web site side and he actually like to know he actually used to do do you great perspective on stuff which you would really find in a lot of other routes right like. There was a reluctance to have. You know to have ex players you know what it was Lew Abbott Lew came after Sheila. Right and it's it's hard not to like. Who issued I wanna touch on that required there's in this silly error was. Oh my god I think even two before when he officially started working for WTI dot com. The first moment like the moment of like. And what is happening. I believe you again in the 2008 ALCS. Yeah object so. So to go back to the Willie tired by the way we come back to the the blows that we were getting Richard dice show SI he did is. It's his list in in like. Power rankings power rankings for the entire country media having one timer like number four to what WPI dot com is doing. So there was a lot of positives that there was. Rumor has it he's going adoptive Idec. It's a there was a lot of buzz in and that will lead singer. How the time to put people on our radar. I still this day is served a purpose writing it did not her purpose but at what we needed at that time it absolutely certain purpose would jump forward to it. This chilling chilling with doing a blog why he was playing thirty pitches which and it was that would this wasn't done. Went well before the players Tribune all of it he was he was on number I was gonna mix of yours other. Merger tar out yeah well he had there 2008 season was the one where he would resign but when your contract with the Red Sox turned up yet. Yet you know like. I forget the exact nature of social biceps and India nicest Douglas dollars and that was a surgery in the biceps boss. Very nice rob yeah so he would try to come back a couple of times that your what's gonna happen. So he was you know his career was his career is over that and functionally over that time had a retirement that was declared subsequently on WEEI dot com. All of us but that you're well he was still under contract with the Red Sox so during the ALCS that year. We were trying to experiment with like live blog format right in week we had. We have some great stuff going on during the during the playoffs that you're like just in game updates like really good baseball conversation taking place. It by the way by right after the two biggest day I remember early on traffic wise was was obviously the silly retirement thing. But also. When people didn't realize that you can't go to our website to listen to the Red Sox after the TV broadcast and it was game seven and 2008. ALCS went off the air they all came to our website. And it did so they end and end up because Steve Harvey show was on instead of the baseball game Saudi would go ahead. Pretty good I've forgotten about that part but yeah so you know so we have like. Over the course of the of the ALCS we're having this really good but kind of baseball's interest by chat room and in essence on the website. And lo and behold we are joined in the middle game seven by. Then they've been. You know that Red Sox pitcher. Curt Schilling. Heard throughout they've seventy's I we now estimate elitist and out of blew right out and use you know it is offering like you know kind of great analysis of like breaking down at bats and stuff and you know and having pretty. Tended docket insights about about the players you know in the it was quite so this is what we're doing in the postseason I'm like oh. (%expletive) this this is getting pretty good. That was you know that was something you know we we wanted to do something that was on my. My can things could have been done before and that felt like did you know. Was in it and so we have meetings I remember. So now we're talking like we want to. Do we go to Murphy hey you know what you think of the idea Denny schillings on applies block trying to get him. On the air which again he hadn't been on the air at all certainly in the format coming in studio four hours so I went to. Multiple meetings that thirty what it was 38 studios. With him to talk the talk with Schilling and I mean I'll never for this covers. Stations and he kept come back the the equity and equity of one act like OK I sort what it's like what ever. And I remember like like I might I just knew how how hugely important it was we don't like what a huge win in in M and I know as a lot of money by Mike if you can't sell this like what can you self sort of along the lines of we had this is a little diversion but. Christie Leahy a rule like no we're those Christie Leahy and yet the idea of of doing a daily video thing at noon. And and Christie Leahy Africa might need you wait ravens and you should interview her. And so we did interviewed very well now. Christie ended and so she was the person that was Christie Leahy the Christie Leahy this is our first job so anyway we got. After these meetings of Curt Schilling few French Fries with dogged the it thirtieth studios. We finally did Cilic and and remember when he announced that he was coming the I dot com. You're from the day. I do not stay well it was the always always. Popular Internet today always viewed at the time where everyone is on their web sites the night before Thanksgiving I. There may have been some mistakes admitted it has got to respect that you took you ought to do it. Anyway so so we had Schilling's and then numb. It's like you said that we were we were so it wasn't that was it to. To recount the but wasn't because it was the anniversary of the trade do we do anything relates that. Yeah we Edmonton obviously zest to cast that puts out. But so. Now so now we're a couple of years in here and we have Schilling and she's going I would that there strict on his office one time. I said this is nothing to do with your team. Heidi you've been stretched him out. And Israelis really did know one thing really get it like focusing on one thing because there was. You had edited the stuff I remembered for her kids to do this restarted due to be top up pitchers of all time. Encouraged at the white right in the name of Curt Schilling and felt like he took the thought the rest of world. Do that I've always that is by selling is good for business where did you get him to do stuff is good for business and that was the case for us. I've been an extraordinary baseball minds and Mike you know and at that time you know again like you know. He was he was locked in like what he would write for us and there were there were so you've got other things that we're going on in his life at that point to obviously. I did so his deal was he had to write I think an average out through a block and a half a week. And he had to appear once a week on the radio once a month or one of those each month in studio for four hours. And when you got him when he was when he cared about the topic in was going to invest in it like it was fantastic right because like highly opinionated guys someone who was not. Wasn't afraid. You know going on documents with them up in at that point like. The the kind of political shrapnel that's that's kind of gone with his you know with. You know it ended his career he has yet essentially. Wasn't really an issue like. It was it was you need when when you could engage him on a topic it was it was pretty amazing. Yeah oddly I think it was a lot of credit like they gave visibility to what we are doing it we wouldn't have had otherwise you know when when he announced his retirement. You know every paper in the country's reference thing they've paid that he announced on WB yeah I'd. And enacting good that's one of the things that we tried to do and sometimes it was there was missteps but. It we tried to separate ourselves and you know whether it's getting the green men to do stuff you the guys from from Vancouver during the finals to run around. And do stuff for us our. Or you know you getting Nike cap player the blog for us and you know we tried to separate ourselves without doing different stuff in some time to get craft on the radio for doing but. We also knew that like you had to do things in my not necessarily are things are gonna be mentioned on the radio but things are what are going to. Separate yourself if it comes back to you wanna be a lot of things to a lot of people and that was the challenge for us fortunately when you dead. Comcast pop enough ESPN pompano and and dare organizations. And the error. A year after we started that was basically what you're doing and they were doing and just be honest with a lot more resource this and we. Well ultimately I think that we suddenly stop like worrying so much about the you know. What dynamic has renewed the radio and make it became just a question of like can we do we have something really good on the site adult times. To reward people who come to and I think that like. After a couple of years and again like I cannot like overstate like how much work. We both did and obviously like I don't I don't really know what to go back to. When I was hired. This one of the hit the road the original plan was they were gonna hire Tony mass Roddy to be with me we're going to be co editors. And and that would have been a disaster that would have been an absolute disaster not because obviously Tony has this thing it's nothing against Tony but because why. The job ended up being I mean you were hungry you were enormous work at that Tony was knocked an edit sports leadership in life columns he was not. It would have been we would have been out of business within a year. We went up and in its act and this isn't a knock and Tony it was like the same thing if they hired like tackling Mullen or any of these people. It was just like the it's like the mistake I think a lot of places mate which is. You can't hire for the game just in name only last so long. Ago. Eloquently trait like you know we'll leads with a name that we end up getting by his right you know his contributions were largely. You know in different Writely to LA and fortunately was not tired is this why did it exactly right that that would have been so yeah I was like for me. I guess I said I didn't have acronym I'd never worked in I've never had a full time job in journalism I had worked for college paper. That you ignited the most traveled to college. And so for me this was like. This was like working in the office of like it away like that. It's an imperfect analogy to the college newspaper by being in so like the idea of doing this around the clock like I was in like you were you were so fired up and thanks so invested in what in what you were doing and remain so like I honestly don't know how. You've sustained. Some days more than half five hour and it's yeah I guess the answer this question also clearly a week in when he needed improves to suggest clothing that. Leading news Bryant hit back at I also have a point to prove sides everyday. At that anyway yeah like it was you know there was something that was like. Addicted to it about like you know investing the work in seeing. The results from it like you know understanding that we were you know we are creating something that was RO my commitments. It meant a lot like you know hymns Hewitt admits let's be able to take advantage of this opportunity that it I've been waiting for prologue time and you know I know it was just like it was. It was exhausting but exhilarating and exhausting. It goes back to you wanna build something in me you know eight. This is one of the reasons why it's a good job like you wanna builds up continues today. Sort of you wanna build something if if you have to just going in failure part of enormous organization just beat the status quo whatever you right now. And I've talked to you about this that we have goals we have different goals and we ever have pad that's fine I mean give us the gold the gold back then was to build a web site. Make it in and part of that was seeing the traffic growth the revenue and everything else is also was to be a lawsuit to keep people's jobs for me was I got in one. People like hey hey you know what commit to this and insulated we see that across the board with so many people you know and an Aussie Alex that. This is my own deal but that probably has hurt me I mean to be this sort of go to bat for a lot of people who IE was relying on the web site. Because go to bat what for them and to a point where it but maybe hasn't put me in the best light in terms of the radio station or whatever and that's a surreal out. Well and frankly like you know I know like I I don't think it it's it's even possible to fully appreciate like you know. Those who work for rocketed to you know who worked for you benefit from the fact that like you can literally made personal sacrifices in order to you know in order to. My ignored the best support the people who had. Who have been on your side and report port like. You know tonight I feel like you know there have been times when you've probably come as your own earnings potential quite frankly. In order to in order. Tried to preserve jobs. On the website side of things and you know your loyal like that. Or or another like another like small element to sacrifice that like we've made over the years like you know that kind of places the fact that we would roomed together on the road. And like you know room to get their arms Priceline hotels of the road like we were like changing the model of what we are what. Of what you know we don't want us that you model we are willing to find every conceivable way to save money. In order to try to get every dog go further in order. Because in no small part because you went through every team you. To make sure they. To try to protect the jobs of the. Yeah I TWW. And we had the guy in the industry and ups and downs and and everything else buy back as I have to be a priority to get to receive the industry now we saw the industry throughout this whole process is how it works if you don't do that. If you don't try to stay ahead of the curve or make sacrifices. Then you're gonna end up like. You know weeks I mean it's not hard to find these places. That are doing this I mean look it let's look at for instance. The two models that we've mentioned that came after a year from us Comcast in the history of Boston. Yes the Boston basically doesn't exist anymore. End up the oval thankfully like Mike Reese is their words berg is still there. But it doesn't exist anymore bomb. I think Comcast Comcast you they still have their writers and and that's good but they've changed a whole lot to do what they're prioritizing. And it's it's not the same their whole thing was Buick 80% writing 20% video are 20% rated now it's. Flip flop which is fine Emmys on its people keep their jobs. I do wonder like I always and now that I do wonder. About like when we almost merged with Comcast are that would have been like because they mean I was excited fort beyond him because it was like are you kidding me. This is going to be enormous thing we talked about taking on B that was one of the things I remember GBH today thing. About are they gonna take on the newspapers they can really see this working will this that would legitimately. You're talking about taking on the newspapers or newspapers were big. But Newt I would like who has always love you know you know it could be that newspapers are still big. Yeah I mean I it was it would have been a lot in my. He would have been met more of a multi media undertaking that would have kind of competed every level it would have been more of a one stop shop actually we're talking about domain name. That's how far down the road. Yeah out. I mean wasn't that a lot of friction that right prevented it. Dollar friction with the buying there was vote the money it's you out of friction was muddy whatever but in terms the the logistics a lot of it was it was down the road in and you know who knows what happened and you honestly Alex it and will. In the long term we're that short term then you know some people are probably get cut off of cut off the staff and then if we could have kept every once or maybe it was a good thing. A mother would have been right there were have been critical redundancy zoom right it would have. You know that would have necessitated. Figuring out how to kind of streamline everything eventually right. Yeah I mean there were. Yeah it was I think that that would have been made very different tracks into what that we end up taking no doubt I know the rest you give people a chance to ask you questions. And yes yes a lot wanna make sure that we've we've got to exceed leave showing. That the fellow Arab men and and Tom and tracts. Just in Colorado. We just also mention you know go through the sports real quick. That you would Flannery who just came out that a great job another could we talk a vote could subtle fire with Jeff Goodman. Paying him for weekly column which didn't really get read a whole bunch there's really short actually asked him to put like a top ten list at the end of it. But the value would say Goodman was so tapped in he would basically get information it's ahead Jeff and Paul you can have this right the story. And it was it was a month we've we've missed. As everybody in the Internet we missed on a lot of things we missed a lot of things but we we also hit on some things like that yeah. Now I've been the fact well we've. In that first in this first like four to six months like we worked so hard to figure out ways of breaking news Mike. Artest like it's kind of staggering that we know that we were in some ways macbreaking like not insignificant piece of news in. You know I feel like at least three of the sport. Right it's good it was as good because again it comes back perception perception is that was a powerful thing then it's still a powerful thing and you page views in traffic unique visitors are one thing. The perception is another and and breaking the news for us for that place it a lot of people thought was dubious. Radio station website with. With the hostess blogging or doing video and putting the overload you utility hopes it suits in which by the way it was an idea. Not my idea. But it was but I all of a perception it was a big thing and yes so but we covered. After tiger you laugh Greg would burn a good friend of mine he will. Passed away while I was working with a split up pancreatic cancer he covered the Bruins forests of awhile and DJ DJ I mean we talked about we one thing we haven't talked about. Is coaching tree. And not coaching trees of bad way to do it right because I don't it's not that it's like the people who have intern forests and work for ours. I mean it is staggering out large part to you Alex I mean there's no doubt about you were in charge of the U turns you well Gerri Gerri as far as far as well but I mean. This is and I as soon brought a list of people but it was. I mean I've mentioned Bruins DJB was an intern for us he did the right way. He was a part time Bruins try to force you get a full time job was this the Bruins and now he's on his way right beat. There's a lot to visit a Verizon a lot of people there is a lot of people who come through our world. This thing gets started back in 2008. That it including yourself. I've gone through. Moved on a lot of good things and that's the hyperbole that is reality and whether you wanna talk about Tim believes covering the Mets right now I mean you've got off. Yeah Jen McCaffery yeah McCaffrey of the athletic. No I mean honestly in Brian Hannibal who's right who's still like. I don't I don't I think that he's still in that. Working 21 hours they'd vote for WE got back could be drug ever I think that the common thread was in Flint Paul when he went SP needs is a national columnist just came Rodham once you. If CS in Philly covers sixers. You had you know Hagerty wanted to Comcast. You know in on all these people it's like. You know pretty didn't nobody went somewhere where was like a worse situation. Amid that that was tremendously gratified I worry that that. Was the part that like made it feel like it was stating you know the factor like it wasn't just that we were you know that we are working RS often that we had gotten. They do website that some people we're going to put that instead keyboard kind we're contacting us they were kind of finding us and see us as liken as like a steppingstone opportunity like. That you know in days were like those especially those interns like we're so rewarding because they were so late ego or. For feedback in so thanks so grateful for whatever opportunities we can afford them and there were times we didn't give them a ton of guidance because that was. It was a grade intercept of prisoners set okay this is this could be good internship because you know basically do everything that we are doing you know so. So anyway it was yes although a lot of people doubts that's one of the gratifying things in this whole deal. Is that it to see you know I knew after what you did you leave I left at the end of between fourteen at the end of turn four teams started with a vote right which is what it was I was so happy for you because it was. They were this was your sweet spot I mean you had. You'd done suffer baseball America you've done stuff for ESPN but having this opportunity with a globes coming after you it I mean it was just sets a good opportunity to also. It also get you away from the world of of work it was a better. Life work balance for you it was it was just a great great. Situation for you in and by the way it was it was one of these things to which talked about feeling like. Satisfaction. Which is. OK Alex I don't wanna see you go obviously you you know you've been awesome. And and you know you'll always be on the you when you go into the hall of fame I don't know what how you'll go under but I hope you go to WEEI dot com had. But I mean I remembered you getting the call hey you know the globe Bob I can't turn down why would you turn it down so forth and so on our right to walk down talk to bill Zachary. Alex is Alex is leaving all right we should hire John to mosque and OK that was mean it was. We have Rick we've not been that I guess and maybe this is self serving we haven't had a lot of misses. You know when it comes to this and that I don't know if maybe maybe that's in my own mind I feel like we have had on a. That's how I feel like we you know we had people who were all worried about being right part like you know part of a a strange team beat him felt like in which there's always there there was a lot asked if anyone was coming through and you don't and you you know. I continue to watch how far you know like I I'm you know and I appreciate what you're doing. You know I appreciate what Ryan is doing it received what giant mosque is doing like how. The fact that it is. It isn't like that I feel really lucky right now and I'm a position where I I get to think about writing about baseball not well I felt that you know this sort of went our days have become. Very few and my. Might let you know I I have. A pretty good balance of you know what do of the time spent with my family and with in what might work but. You know the people who read you continue to draw. Our extremely. Extremely animated. To making this thing keep working after ten plus years which really really cool all right got to go what questions yes. What would you done differently. How. What would you done differently in terms of in terms of sites like. How would you pretty unique talent at the beginning that you didn't. I probably would have gone in would my guys. I'd open about the radio stations stuff Tom and not just assumed I you know what this is a powerful thing they're gonna embrace this mega. In an immediately sort of get my wall off. And and be like I'm gonna fight back in in and try to find some common ground say what a bunch idiots why aren't they. Getting along with a us better. And and try to maybe find common ground without understanding and maybe have some art conversations. Because that was definitely net that was the thing for a long time and probably didn't help at the beginning that that was the way it was. And you know obviously when when I go into that office tonight take that job and Snooki get higher original content manager. Roy not really realizing that we didn't have questions together everywhere else and it's a paid like they like okay asking questions like that. I how're we gonna do this or how we gonna do that I don't know I don't know so. Yeah it was such a different time now it's too I mean that's another thing that we have to realize it was it was a different time it was. We talk to vote the Red Sox how they view this. Mean are you kidding me like. What's it like everyone popping up now the athletic I mean athletic pops up in the there's this accepted that. We were not accepted. Well. There'd been a pretty stable media environment right that we were jumping into and so you know and so since then it's been a kind of unstable media environment that had. Change with new outlets added in some subtracted and so yeah I think that we are just like he beat me just happened to be kind of fun but the first way people. The first wave of of change in the in the landscape I guess I should ask you to. How much more sustainable. It's your job now how much better is is where is your work life balance now compared to win it where it was ten years ago. Odds much it's much better now. Now I'm in though not. It's much better now because. That was just. You know that was just like so many things that we didn't know. I guess the biggest difference is that I I have an idea what's going on now we have an idea what works what. Not false hustle I mean there's so many things are trying and we stressed out about like you have an idea. Play. How to manage things delegating things what's worth that what's not I think that's a big problem in our I think all these web sites are trying to figure out. Is that. You we I see them do something like why are you doing that why you wasting your time doing that and and that was thoughts I mean that was sides what was our biggest waste of time. And I is hard to think back invited says this just worry I think just worrying about everything and me we did a lot of stuff even cover in the Red Sox were slight. Now why do you have no idea where we're thinking like this is important this is important you like you're just. Thanks for instance a small thing now is they we we put a line of three once awhile but in my against us out of a lot of like they did. Before I know it's. Hedo I think that we just sort of have an idea. I have a better idea. What I have to allocate my time to work and Tom yeah packets is still gets stressful because people understand. For me it's it's. Covering it's it's literally competing on that on. The Red Sox beat in and and I put that on myself that I don't have to be yeah and that's not by the job description I put that on myself but competing on the Red Sox beat. While managing the website. It in and you know integrating other responsibilities here and there. Com in including by the way the civil while the writers are on the radio a lot more which takes away and that's part of the deal and five but wasn't really. Part of the equation before. But. You know I think that's the thing is that. I what I have to do is as. There's delegate my time and figure out what's important what's not but the reality is that is that that's polite violin and I like it a lot. Sometimes I don't like it so much and sometimes I wanna yell at people. Let's say you don't understand. Like you're wearing about this stupid thing. And I get like fifty other things to worry about anything of value you're right there would do within that same sort of equation now I'm. Worried about all fifty of them puts your. You you were brought on because of the stories that you wrote these you know right but that's why you fell you came on to Murphy's radar as someone who has innovative. And applaud him you know in writing what's your favorite thing to you Britain forgot he had to come. That's a tough while. I don't know if it's I don't I don't know interest. Yeah daddy I hate act of going hate that question but it's it's it makes it seem like this story so much better than all the rest Armenians maybe you're all mediocre I don't. But it it's. I don't know I the one that jumps to mind I guess is that Jason Day story like that that story wise. It was. The the Red Sox as he was the second curious case of Jason Davis and that's prevented through Jason Bay story so and so basically how the Red Sox the story after the season when he's in free agency. At the how the Red Sox blew up the contract let them in and city at a needs Vietnamese surgery and I don't I. You know that's out of the first one comes to mind because north of the process that went through. Like I'm having I guess a big part of that and you had a good relationship with. We have Joseph were being named Jason Day and you got a lot of good stories including the curious case of Jason Bay. But you know to have the baby his father's stores have fallen this list. But to have. The the confidence in someone that a radio station website is going to be the place where this important story runs. That that meant something. Right an end and I think is more acceptance of that like I've never I rarely have pads. A oh boy you work for our radio station website I'm not talk to you I'm gonna give that they may be a mean maybe aren't. Points I don't I don't know about. But I think that goes back to the what you build what you helped build up all of immediately that credibility that we were striving for. And now so yeah that was the that's important and that's I also think he's the father. Is there going to be a Basque question but I'll ask if they're going to be another one of these podcasts and take years and if so where are you going to be interviewing for a. I will be re interviewing. Taylor Bradford and that's. That my daughter. Nepotism I caught nepotism. It's you know who knows that it's it's just that the think about how much things have changed. And in the ten years it's crazy I mean the ups and downs mean we had. We had a pretty big down. In terms of personnel wise like a couple of years ago and that's just that's how it is it and then you know we hired some new people and and those you people the great. No I think that we we could have belonged to the old people is fine but that's you know that's part of managing as part of all of this admitted it we can't ignore the ups and downs that you say ten years or so many things are never going to be straight arrow up it never it isn't for newspapers is and Friday. The key is like how to you can stay ahead of the curve in. And that's one of the things I've tried to do. I don't know for going to be able to do ten years from now I mean I I don't know I don't know I like the majority. A my job. I like the majority of it. But I don't know I'd I don't know I it's it's I think it's an unanswerable question Alex to what do you think. I quit what do you what do you think it would mean it could be honest about this I want you to be on its where do you think that like now that you're looking from afar where do you think it's down. I just felt like I. So this thing that you have to appreciate is that like you know is that the people who work read you right. Kind of have a hard time wrapping their head around how you've managed to do to Pittsburgh to take years. That you have and so like you know in so by default like I think there's skepticism he can do it for another ten simply because it seems impossible that you've done for the first time. But you parties defied the first impossibility right like. You know I like. I you know. Part of me wonders whether or not there will be paid an opportunity where you just so right at which point you can step back some of the other. Management responsibilities that would appeal to you but but no it hasn't given it hasn't belong you know to this point that he. Because you like doing this. And you've been immersed in you know. I I can't I I agree with you so unanswerable. Now all the figures I'd like I've said so just diva like to a lot of different things I don't know fight. And I could probably just right now I I was very happy arrow I was very happy that you Tribune military capitals. I could. I could probably just right now as one thing I could probably didn't hand and says report and right now everything else. By there is an element of the you know we have a lot of freedom we have a lot of freedom to do a lot of different things and and and I come back to that so. That's what it allows me to write it MI my son asked me the other day and he said do you like what you do want to but to devote. How fortunate you are when you do like what you do you probably like what you do mrs. This is this is a very fortunate situation through all the time did you might yet. You know what I make it craft on the radio or are we save the environment is in Ryder. Are you should be this way or that way or are we don't have enough people this and that. I also look around to other people and our business and I. And like who are very good jobs and I go back to what what do you do and complaining like you're complaining of oh this is complaining about that what are you doing. We talked about it. And it's it's like this this this is a good job what I have is a good job in what what all those people have a good job tonight I like the people who. Who have the drive. Right now I mean view of the drive and I like. I like Cuba is it's like zero owning it's like your managerial a way to morning. I guess sane and boom sauce and you well yes there ago so right now I'm gonna go have some I have my allotted carves a bit Alex thanks so much it was it was may belong to spike yesterday did but. That's what I said back when you're hired I said. Ten years from now we're gonna do an hour fifty minute podcast yeah well you know ten years you know that that's good years to return of ground to cover so it's. It's worth it so long as that's that Dutch embassy does make you sick at this point it out. Bernauer violence thing.