Bradfo Sho, Ep. 92: The incredible Ryan Brasier story

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, August 22nd
New Red Sox setup man Ryan Brasier join Rob Bradford to discuss the incredible journey he took to landing in the Sox' bullpen this season. Brasier details almost giving up on professional baseball just a few months ago while going into great detail regarding the path that led him to Boston. Boom sauce!

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Add road show. That's my open definitely probably would have brought that's my old. Query where you don't know what you're stupid. Brad broad show. That's delicious. I'm really excited Brian Frasier. Today on the Bradford so boom saucy you beer drinker. A little bit yes aren't there more of like whiskey yes though you guys. One of our friends of the podcast is more noble brewing company and have a great night PH called the exhaust. I just said like the sudden boom sauces that this is an. Very well time with the National Anthem in going on the back but that's okay we'll power through. But it won't be outrage is like yelling quote side trite it's like it's my if I had a home run call that would be my home run. Dual boot so boom solves air flight to give me a book did you give you don't run college hoops. What went right back right back we're back. Who saw us and I Yeltsin. You're guilty could be bracing the boom stuff like night race I just I'm not a big beer drinker spelling if I didn't drink bears like. It would be it would be good sides to talk about the PR decided by one deceive foodstuffs anyway. Is that like they're slow and error that's their that's their behavior. Hey I had a great day for a beer off the sauce. So anyway this is a bad way to start your first ever podcast as he turned I appreciate you coming in now I really do in so. You we talked before Ryan abouts were you pats and really get to that by. I had this in my head in and I'm thinking when I was driving here and I you know wanna forget it so that's why no lead off within. When you heard them. And costs that movie so you do a thing. Before you pitch where you and says would you ever see Cinderella man. Yeah but Russell Crowe yes your OK so this is actually a better example. Back spare the guy please Max there when we need to in the big fight with Russell Crowe and all of a sudden now he. He's toying around with them now he's gonna get serious and he gets up and tilts his head a little the last. Play like it's almost like the Kevin Costner clear mechanism. To me I you have but you know you do this I've done it since I was little room yet subsite. He blasts in real time but it just like that so I thought I was the first pass though on you know everybody everybody's asked me and it's just. I just I've done as the of the kids grow up and it's is that they're up by these are Nazi thing so. Would you so basically when you when you if it's almost like the clear mechanism moment right way. It's hard to say it's. They're my mechanism bank has always stood and even walking around her or. Anything everything I do exercise until you. All the time. I see I didn't really see you locker I've seen you on the mound so it's not just like they case people don't know what we're talking about you just. You said you tilt your head like you do sort of sort of presser years your left here last year against her shoulder I. I don't know if it's made it might be more and I'm on the Mount Hood. No I mean it's this. It's all the time there and play and I don't think it is silly funny that you ask coming up. I guess I could say. I think it's it's it's it's like it's kinda like watching you pitch I didn't know you do walking around by auction hit some sort of like. That is your clear mechanism. I mean it's an outlet that's good right. Love about your tenacity that before every pitch I kind of looked up in the stands yeah I had to bust me that as far as. That's an experiment mechanism because I like my. Like in between pitches much. And I I don't really notice it but I guess if I have one it would be kind of look up in the stands and nothing in particular between every pitch in like take a deep breath. Yeah before I get back on the right it was a conscious please did you like you don't know that you're tilt your head but you know I don't know that I. Try to make an appointment and every case to. But breathe it out and get him out yet. And get back in myself or whatever the case of Ricky Bobby lower the arteries yeah yeah yeah right through but. Yeah I don't as far as the head thing since since I was a kid everything I do mean even sit down or whatever. I putted. It'd be too it is certain to surface. Hey I don't know it's something he's done that the kid I thought it was. Though. Anyway. The first time. It's the first time I side effects it was at him and say. And I was actually doing I was at fill in the rape with a radio broadcasts. Dance we do the entire game. And you know works in spring training where in this game's most of the time there reporters come down in the sixth inning because everyone's hitting everywhere today on the golf course. So we're going through it and we're we're covered hard enough time keeping up with the who's on. You know the other team and we have we have usually by then this is so mid march. But then we sort of have an idea who the minor leaguers are and who you know who's gonna come in the sixth seventh maintenance. And also news shows up and down and we're we're scrambling and I don't know if you to name on the back here in Jersey. But I think now thanks so to talk to tell you seven talk to you would think that they you hurt your back you know. Back yeah means you are like that fail safety experts like objects. Just press but that's. I heard that. So so that your show up and you told them that plus I haven't even faced hitters like. You know I. But I threw for you know this offseason. The reliable offensive on turf. I mean apparently enough there. Went to Arizona to throw for some teams throughout the dirt there. And enough face three guys up in the box that only sold a few times at a deal for the Rangers but could go try out things. But other than that I hadn't faced any hitters before I got. In a game in the game that's insane. Wolf so I've backed up two games and that night I went and talked to. Some of the some of the coordinators. You know Marley guys about I can't I can't just keep going back up and not pitch and so they put me in a like a little interest enter squad game. Come on tomorrow excite I faced reporters. Come through it ten pitches. And then the next tales about backing up again enough hits in the first game. So. That it did doubt obviously. To go back to your history obviously pitched you pitch in the major leagues before you with the with the angels it with the a's need Japan. And your pictures and last year by it was a bizarre like this. We'll get to the story this afternoon you get to this point or is it bizarre that there with him instantly that him stay in the first there. I'm the first off if I backed up at the twins place. The first the first the first time without seeing any hitters anything. And the next day I think it was a hammonds and that's what I told my dad is there anywhere in giving and you guys want me to go back up the anywhere to get some hitters because I don't wanna go there it. You know it's bad or whatever right and so they agreed not there's some hitters and then I think my first outing was two days after that have. That's where you worded this so when you're showing up what utility like that left in case you don't pick on jets patriots like Jesse just in case pitchers yet so what you're what you heard six. Pitcher. And you show up and you look at this hitter or were you a little like I kind of hope I don't get in our means. Wherever you'll you'll want at its best it was so crazy with the phone calling him they slow it. Sake you come tomorrow. And then I got there and I could even get on the field because of some stuff for him about signing a they can turn over that quick or something. It's offset their for a couple days and I think I was more anxious although I wanted to get again. So between the time of the Red Sox call you fly you to Fort Myers is in the patriots like. What were Myers. Between that time you get that call pain when you worked in the uniform. As an option as the objects guy. How many days. 67 it was at the first time you put on military uniform. Yes yes when I went out with no. But they're Tubal fans before before when they wanted me to get off to mount a little bit before I went back it's not there to Goldman's. Back to back days. And then day off and then JOK. Doug this is a terrible job of going to the time line but I I don't care. This is this to think but to think that that moment because I said I'm broadcast in the game and on the significant. I don't know I we see it once and while guys like that like it's dropped in but usually they go on that I'll give you an example. On this is that terrible example but Carlos went program yeah yeah Carlos Quentin. Was a guy that you take a flyer on no guarantees Miley contract he comes in. You know by the time third read the spring training is gone but you know we watch them so. To think where you are now. In it and it to think back to refresh your memory about that moment. You hope for the best buddies or is it insane to think about. Our main. You know I tell people every day like friends and family that text here called me and. You know if you ask me today today today before it breaks us all about these sit here. Doing this broadcast use him in you know there were two and half games out of first place and you know. Doing what we're area by the way you pitch I would obviously I would not I would intelligentsia come for sure that. And if you do that you hope for the best but still an end and obviously I still wanted to play and out I thought that I can still pitching goes in. Contributed team in the big leagues good. To be here doing right now this team has been. It's been a crazy ass here. That seat that's what we should put on the bumper stickers that is the decrease yes it has it's it's it is home by. And and and it's been a funny series I've ever had you know lucky enough on obviously walking in this clubhouse every day knowing. You know what we're doing it's it's it's hard enough and smile at her you know of the year and a good move whatever. So now we're in the due to time line properly. You. I don't know where do you want to strategize and we've talked about oh. It actual time line to sign the Red Sox knew it worked out. As well high schooler. I came here in 2007. Going to college for one year and assign acts as a catcher. And then I start pitching in the spring and I came to Fenway for a pre draft work out I think there's four or five guys here. And yeah that was 2007. That I don't get drafted by the angels. In the draft to be fitted them who did you have network carrier. I thought so yeah I mean. You know back in it was. Pretty much is levity. Get out the struggles are expected to get to get drafted I mean that you everyone that you talked is that so hard drove and sought to I got up on the balances. You know try to throw 200 miles an hour so that he was in the bullpen is I resemble that. It was it it did you have any other workouts like that like what's the one for the Astros. And I went one which is bud is that the closest to your town and I would I would like an hour and a half months and yet so and I did some stuff to the ballpark you know. Before that like they weren't open tryouts or they was like a showcase type stuff you know what hostile. And then I threw for the pirates and only three or. So you get drafted and when you make it to me I'm dumps zionist appropriate violence has followed a so you get drafted you make the major leagues with the angels. When you do that you feel yeah okay you're not here distances. This is how it's gonna work and make the major leagues and policy in twelve years. Yeah I mean I'm at a I don't know about that in when I got called up I knew it was going to be. You know kind of sort bill because of injuries and stuff and gotten. Most guys don't stay up first on the calypso. Goes up and down a little bit and then September through well. You know I was excited for spring training next year we'll try to make the team. And of course you know I got hurt and had Tommy John. Registry trading at fourteen so. It's to say that and think about you know. It is twelve now twelve to 101215 years or whatever of course it yet and everybody wants is death but some. No it was. I was not even close to the same tough pitchers I am now. So you goodies in spend the entire time he's been mileage right now so alone yeah. I missed all of fourteen and fifteen with with the surgery and then actually signed with the -- in July. A fifteen. And they basically if you like a spring training and a and a film like 45 innings at ten today here and when industry training. Threw well and I got about their big league camp were the days. I threw well and that I have about the best year my career up until this year. And sixteen in Nashville I was earlier. And the biggest thing become obvious size pitching well is that once it looks like Stephen with the. That's true. All of my goes so and I value IT ITV guide you and Alan that's how you lucked out that I know one time and some got themselves you know he looks like in some. What tiger they had none of of people says look likes you avoid them at home. Yeah it's as a placebo. It's so funny because when I was with day's night it was everyone there was like. Were they told us Brothers and stuff that's pretty funny that's true I mean it's kind of true dot. I even the guys in here. Prevalence of notebooks are. There you go this artist not a bad and it's funny because now I keep working on these look like I'm a guest. Does say so it it doesn't surprise me. Well so at some point you have to move on from that you know wanna be compared to a TV any longer so you you took your talents through it to the Far East. Tell me why did dad and I would imagine it was because of money because of most of times that's what it's about us and you know I came off the Goodyear and and AAA with the good days and actually signed back with them before us I go to Japan and yeah I mean but the money you know what they are often looked looked looked and sounded awesome. Com you have common over their expected to be there for a few years and try to make some good money yeah. See what happened you know while I was there boxes say longer what. You know. Unfortunately the fortunately. And work out. An arm to let's do it look this is this is the cliche question but was it what you thought it would be over there a little. Note was. No. The game with a little different. The way they've played over there and pound. No team miles on it was little a little different you know how to enter ramp so. I had a lot of fun did that but I wasn't all about. Either way you're you're actually in the minors there right part of the area as like half and half so when years when your. In the minors airlines and its aftermath real life. This is not going Powell thought it was it was nearly questions about your whole baseball mortality low note. None of us who wanted to play and to still play. That did the team goes on they had the guys that they want the league with your before and I in August of that going over there. I think well or was still well and you know unfortunately that's just my back and they thought that. You know they had better options and so going down and not. About that you really do you become a better pictures there I mean obviously you football this picture but was there anything you could take out say hey you know what IE. Was able to figure out this I know that with the balls are slightly different cities and towns are terrible but. As far as that you know it cost artwork that's plus article about my changeup a split change whatever. And out the with a lot in the year when I was down in the Marlee just try to get him pitch. Of the it was pretty easy pitch and and violence there is. You know the I was fortunate enough to have to be a little more thoughts stuff but as far as you know. Morgan had different stuff for how to it's different I didn't really. This society owns. I was you know as soon as the years go around so ready get home you know Obama and McCain brought the month and it was tough then not be in there and an even. You know even at those levels not seen him this year you know the times notes about fourteen hour time difference so I can call whatever you know thus. Somebody gets a big case if you don't have the right plan you know the right calling plan it's like going to Canada. But it. Did you get it. You know I actually so they have like these little bought by the bus over there and I just got one of those and use thanks Simon and text message and stuff okay. So it was easy that way I just as far as like Colin. No this noon over their excellent site to in the morning here and so it was just tough to get talked movement and so we went to we went to Japan to douse me. This team when its gas it's Ramirez does this take flight took like half a year to get it you know. Like the back on track it was it was crazy when I got home. You know I would obstacle to reform morning the first like we don't sound just. Does a good sleep. So used to being on the on the Japan what so you win in Texas Tech doubts that. OK so you and in Dallas when was that what known November October over twenty sells dog not months of the day OK so let's January 27 they came back until Texas that you win in Dallas on October by the end of October. And he says okay this is my plan now I'm gonna work out here and I'm gonna. To get ready for spring training game and did you have sort of a blueprint on how you want yeah of course that in them and I. You know gonna take a couple weeks off and then get back at it you know I'd I didn't think I have. As much I did think I was gonna have to go throw for teams I mean I thought it would be a little bit easier to get a job and I got back but. God it didn't work out like that and so. As offseason you know continue to get got through November and December upstart competitor in this. About not play in an on an even know talked a lot about what I'm gonna do it if it doesn't work out. Forward unit. No I do it though. I didn't I didn't wanna go play in the ball you know it's hard enough you know to kids in my life you know. That kind of money is not nearly enough to have to have family. And you know my wife works and stuff. I didn't wanna I didn't really wanna go that way and I probably I would win. You'll for a multitude try to maybe it's outside somewhere I don't wanna go spend all you're doing an evil thing and then. Thoughts about going to play in Mexico maybe. And some really there but nothing no I didn't. I'm still whole month almost thirty minutes or needed it used to you know obviously you chose to is wise to hold out hope and keep going. But it sounds like two they think when you said he had talked to my wife about. This might not happen. You know life is long and they do it wasn't anything there wasn't much of wannabes I want to go back to school I don't wanna I wanna I want. I've always be I wanna be an architect there I think footnote hourly I mean. I'd I thought I'd probably subconsciously. Thought that if I start thinking about not playing. That it would somehow. Maybe not make me get a job ourselves again. Thought I try to stay is as. All of us are positive about it but I tried to think about playing as much side and that I didn't wanna be done. Tell me about your best national party yet. And so you know why am asked to speak it's because of the most important bachelor party that you have never that would it was it was tough. It's funny that people keep asking me that it. So that we got it was getting married for his best party. They actually him and another friend of mine. And Arizona when I was they had my elbow and you love someone claims no summer hot. You know we played golf two rounds a day like they were there and it was if he had a fun and so what you said he was and he poses is now looks like they got married in April. We search and a bachelor party and every. As Vegas and no Mexico and professional and by the way this is the loud is. National Anthem rehearsal I ever heard in my line into the night's dances like so I I don't care we're gonna power through this facility. It's one thing to do this during a nationally at the rehearsal. But at this is the layout is what I've that is like they're basically evidently they're testing on their territory they're like today. Think we're gonna screw you as much as possible to have a woman and have been not just of like and whenever anyway so utility chose Arizona heat. He was like I don't wanna go to Vegas as it's known everywhere he goes to Vegas and so we've I was like let's go to stuff so I mean and it was perfect weather and we played. Couple rounds of golf today they have couple casinos there and you know so when we decided that we were going to. Arizona and I still haven't signed yet. I start talking in my agent we. The melt all the teams and you know like eight or two and so little to let me throw in name eats you up a planet. He's getting married married in April and we wanted to the best part before it left and we did know when elegantly Versailles or whatever so we decided in early January. And made it for like 45 days after vessel party. To throw I heard there was rained down to the first verse they got it never happens it was crazy because I have a catcher lined you know and it rained out. It's all right you know jobs and again to some like (%expletive) is this is they gonna happen you ought. There's somebody higher than me that this is not only to play based on anymore and so. This rescheduled for the next day and couple teams like yeah we can't make it. Tomorrow Paula and so. I get there in the kit this policy catch me had a report that day. So I didn't have catcher Islam. And again you know there's couple scouts and show up and asked to have had cancer and thumb. You know fortunately in I appreciated more than. Almost anything that could happen I mean a whole lot to Q Wilson yeah I got it Tori works out with an Arizona. He was catch and some of his players and I asked him you know. Cannot pay you for blood. Whatever it costs these guys to work out here you know I'll pay whatever it takes and catch it and using men don't don't worry about it on what to capture costs. I wouldn't I mean us out of it did not make it I mean I would I don't whatever it took but you know he was awesome. He was like men don't worry about it you know what you have success and an honor about the death. I never met him before that and he couldn't have been nicer and in and help me out. Company how many guys that you have body heat got aced out there yeah. Yeah it maybe it's a gravity survey so bomb read tock I talked the Red Sox people in the bow. That was how they viewed in the daylight you like to personalities like you reports he had with the angels and everything else they like to breaking ball. And you threw pretty well with this thing was it was but was there obviously the velocity was that thing when you started back in the spring training. We'll show it. That they got through I felt pretty good. And if it was my first time off good there mount. And I was laughing I was like 992. What's. Operable been hit so hard for guys to throw balls and and really yeah they're down I mean. You know obviously. In my situation that I had. Get a little bit annoyed just because how's this for a job but. It's hardy gave you're your velocity you're tense the Hannibal so. They told me I was cyanide to announce kind of bummed out and what is doubts ask us you know as mobility Tony how's it. It is like to think you're beat on Carter probably. Yeah I did you haven't thought wanted to be up like that on before obviously meant you know I. It's like everybody here they've they know these are hard and it's it's not that we were here for the so but you. You know soul a month goes by right you'll hear it over a month that was like. I think January like eight tonight the tip that something twelfth and I didn't I didn't get a call from anyone until the Sox called up like the 26 seventh. February so though. Once again back that creeps into when you go month and a half it has to creep into the like the same sort of conversations you've had. When you initially had that your wife in December by. What's going on because if you don't is said the roads such as the only ones to get back and I gas before it threats are still get back to you. You know what you do. No idea that's Amanda. I was. Literally scrambling for for stuff and you don't my agent that's always OK just be patient you know a lot of teams I've got them in the spring training get hurt. You know so I don't know stop their own adults of working out what's I never did and I wasn't going to but some. And we I was gonna hold on and and ways alongside until somebody hopefully somebody called. What did you would now we've already gone through the Red Sox and when you show for the Red Sox and all that when did you realize that really thinks like hey you know what. They're thinking of me that they are gonna give you legitimate chance to one of the things you know talking to go squall bomb about this is this is a good story to tell. Everybody's that you don't have to be in the forty man roster you don't have to be. Drafted here there is your good really give your child when so you did you read to really start thinking I'm gonna get shot. You know even even answering no when they tell me I'm still in the spring training it was you know we need guys though innings. You're going to be back up what the big league games. But we don't have a spot where you're you're gonna have to pitch to get a tape and so from day one you know I'm. Full or going don't as far as I can you know you don't try to make it team and oh stolen well spring training and still not sure if I was gonna the other team anywhere get a job you know get to go up and I was out of it OK Gordon. Double whammy that's what the play. And so luckily you know made the beta team and in Pawtucket and just threw well and you know I hope this open. Usually you get the call would you get the go we're talking you do really well you're closing games and everything else for when they tell you all right you're going off. You're not on the forty man roster it was a surprise at all to bomb. I don't wanna say yes I mean but it but because I was still well. But you know other you know hope that within this is alive and ought I've completely understand you know especially. You know seems like this that you know they just need to got for a few days or whatever and Seattle surprises me. I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that I thought should have been here coming out I thought I was pits and obviously it's better that I ever had in my whole life. But yeah. It's always a surprise and every manager calls you know it's a say you know you're mean it's in Kansas City tomorrow for a day game. But I. Breasts are packed a bag in in me and quite Ross drove to the Boston 2 in the morning to get it into the airport yeah. It cited as a joke to him. For. They called balls he told me like enough. It's an AUN play of us are going tomorrow the day game in Kansas city. Of new game and so. We got to go to the Silva Tom I get to this building get my stuff packed it's one yeah and our flights seven so I'm not gonna go home and first off I'm mindlessly. As I'm excited. I'm not gonna go to my apartment sleep for two hours and then get up and drop an hour I have to. We left from Boston yeah and so we are just last in the season ago that you were one of these guys in the air for hours late this thing about it at 4 o'clock in the area. What date they are they actually open the gates at three OK so we we checked in and we went inside I'd laid down from the gate until. But on the floor until they until it goes more incidents of what passed by exit. You you're going to view fitting set up dive I don't think it's brought up and I would not have been Odyssey and night. What go where you when you first you come out you pitched the Red Sox. You've been around which may lead who were you nervous where were you know resolving this is only moments obviously I mean it it's. It's hard not to be nose pitched here on a team that's doing this in the but as they him in the country but there's nerves so this nerves and there's like the like a rumor still saying this he's just now. All of sudden you destroy potter why you thrown hotter because had he not throw harder here here so where does the two sides. You know I was really nervous until I got started road and and like warming up close you know running and I got about half later and still they kind of you know looked up in this places us. Slam yet you know what when and things like father nothing or whatever and I got a little a little button nervous really look like more like butterflies I guess. But after that I was I was and hit it. So as you go along and you could truly well as you go along you're. You don't. If you do get fuel and I'm putting words in that if you better than I ever have in I feel confident and I'm belong here and there you go you know. I don't wanna say it felt better than ever have. As far as my stuff goes it's. I mean I've. It's by far better then than it ever has as far as stuff goes Noam the way out body fills them. Stuff like that I feel the same. But yet the way that up that's this year has definitely been different. And the that in the past especially since I've been up here you know Pawtucket it was I was in a transition. You know tried to. Analysts say attack hitters in different ways. But it's. Learning how to. It's more effectively with what I have. You know you sliced it really fast happy just fast vessel vessel on and it and it hurt me and I never I don't know if it was thick headed or. You have a good fastball and I'm stinky thrown it. But a lot of the stuff that they do here you know and beginning of the year if you thought that I was gonna be like. Analytical floods and talking to bandy about. You don't throw what pitches and stuff you heard that gap adult was and I and I never and I always felt like it sold that so that's not baseball you know. End. Towards towards the all star break and in the in Pawtucket us are trying to throw more sliders. Work on you know hitters count on off speed pitches or whatever it is that I get here and sandy doesn't freaking awesome job of calling games and mixing stuff up and I've never thrown more than. I felt three Austrian Roland off and on time and this year and since I've been here the last month I've done it. Three or four times cited in Florida wrote the other night which is morrow Cindy calling. Or is it more of what you said. Industry going this is hey if you do this this'll work in I think it's I think it's a little bit of both I mean. Sandy I feel like. Doesn't really really really good job and I all of marketers nauseam but they they got books on every you know every team whatever. So up every time Michael again on super confident that. That whatever their pollen is what they want and you know another thing is you know I used to think that throwing multiple loss we fits in a row would hurt me. Because you know if it's a striker like go down behind. But since I've been here you know throw it throw it to three in a row and you get swings on imminent in and hit you know behind in the count ahead in the count. Com and it's it's I think it's really it's really helped us because I was trying to Jack go home runs votes and then I tell the torso about guys its you know it's a 100% the way guys are swinging now and but it looked up to its mixes then and go a lot of the guys you'll ever what those are now so life. But. I think a big part of my success. This year as a whole has been has been trying to throw more options. I apologize. I have taken way too much here at times so bomb. Bite you when asked a nasty. This will be my last question for you. But then right you can now is offered you. Opportunity if you wanna ask questions I feel like I can maybe answer questions about I don't know media or whatever. So whatever what it's like take it to vote tore I like this you can think about. So. The ways that things are going now. It could be a very well we could find you a very important situation on the big status. Of the biggest time and so forth and so. Playoff game in the eighth inning whatever. What is the day in them what is his point. Maybe this is a Little League games in high school what is in them moments where you'll like everyone is relying on me. At this is the biggest. Tapes of my life. Holed the put a lot of pressure. For you in a state like I. McCain and you know was. We got holes in the states in my files high school. And it. Is probably the other night in Baltimore with the bases loaded there in the day game. His first however those three days in a row. Come in my career 30 yeah and ever ever and so dominant with the bases loaded to their hottest hitter. You know that it was well game on the line game on the line yet and we I think one or two runs at the time and but I usually and so a lot of back you know emotion but. I was pretty I was pretty excited he'd and he battled his ass off as like attendance at bat yet. And so that. I guess of you that I mean. In the you know it's. That's we don't know how I was gonna this is gone fold but. That's the way things are trending do you then I would it would mean you would like to think that. When you get on a mound a say in New York Yankee Stadium in a playoff game with that situation. Everything you can be able tilt it tilt your head clear clear the Mecca for them it might goosebumps thinking about nothing even thinking about a minute. I hope that's not the obvious this question in two months back did you three or four better. But as I've maybe it's just maybe it's an evolution maybe it's just like you have the moments that you didn't Baltimore. And then you're gonna have another mob because the way things are going right now you're pitching higher and higher leverage situations so maybe you're working your way up to that you can never simulate that. Talking about. For sure you know that's us I hope to have three or 456. You know unlimited amount of those moments for the rest this year. Art Libya where he had anything not pursue justice though it's always a tough question what's it so has this so I'll. Well I'll put that question in your mouth I guess is that. Has this been the scene so you're Kansas City tenure in the Kansas City club house in heels there's some people who travel whatever you get the Fenway. Fenway and there's a lot of people covering the team. Everything else like that is sort of chaotic and his ranting and is it what you. You've thought it would be like him in and I guess here's another one has a new whenever Korea recognized. A little bit around apart not not really anything outside outside of okay area but. I mean it. Obvious it I knew it was going to be crazy with the media just does because there were and you know haven't moved yet JD do what they're doing and you know you know there's going to be a lot of us and and TV and stuff. It really hasn't been. Is crazy they had those great crazy no no way that it's been pretty pretty easy what what's your hobbies. The gulf. You like to watch movies about love movies I go to a lot of movies and offseason. Favorite movie of all time yes. That was a tough question sportsman. Favorite sports movie. Any given Sunday. A look at any given Sunday Oliver Stone. The movie 61. Dad love that movie. There's just there's so much like all the Iraqis. You know a lot of people like the fifth one. Alitalia. Bottom probably one of my favorite ones written that's the best one liners of any rough if you sue cities you thirty to thirty on Tommy Morrison. Thanks so. You know it's. But knew the guy who played Tommy. That told me oh you know go about whether the story there about them and stuff but. All of us on the third today are you a bigger. Document area not really not a documentary no I don't I like the thirty for thirty's justice to all sports stuff for the most part. Is outside of that I don't I don't want to hold them okay. Their company. Would probably have to. The settlers. Yeah lol so robbery go you'll rob regularly active. So we were doing you came up in essence they just lock in on me and I said I'd like one question for so what's the favorite movie he's in a tunnel. He's run since stepped right so maybe this isn't quite Catalina wine makes that that's not a big roles. I mean the movie is so funny. It every time it's not to go watch it. Braveheart topped analysts'. Gladiator. 300. And animals are all at the same you know. That would suit. I don't get through it is one of my favorite movies they've had. Your joy to the right direction trying to think I better go and everybody thought out of your favorite but the if a flooded if we we did you think with a Ortiz. This awhile ago. Junkies the was if he cared around Cameron like I top five movies books on Casey ran up to divert its top five movies. And he said. He's had a it's going analyst in these you know I can question your movie tastes but he's like number one Pink Panther two visions. You know. Love watching movies and meet me in my own life you know for a long time we'd go on like Black Friday. A lot of Wal-Mart and elect the three. You know now with technology and stuff here I have to do that a lot less on my daughter both. No they love what's news what's the actor or actress he would want me. If you get some cash yet fully you have cash they now you have you remember the roadside he can do things like this they sit right over there. That they sit right over there right right next that dugout but if you couldn't be 11 actor actress would. I've looked at me please look. Better hurry. Like Clint Eastwood hum. Actor Matthew McConaughey and he was here yeah. A Leo. Technical level is bombing every move he makes us feel like this awesome. See this is the perks of the job by giving you the perks of the job. I can tell you this I believe its Eric you give you for that question maybe the question. But one thing I can tell you if you win the World Series here as a Wednesday as as a prominent member you can beat these so cool and today. I always forget this movie but Obama favors is departed. A bit overly that's how you do vote Boston the departed. And put up signs. So so you do if you wanna do the tour you have given walked around Boston two nuns have now dad I don't lift about a mile away zone. A guy you can you can do departed to. Hey Matt thanks allies took a bloody time I appreciate your first podcast in the belt you've done a lot of interviews lately tonight. I hope this is the most enjoyable one not even close officer and easiest. Yeah. Thanks for a.