Bradford and Drellich discuss the possibility of the Red Sox trading for Todd Frazier and last night's epic game against the Yankees -- 7-16-17

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Sunday, July 16th

Rob and Evan discuss the rampant rumors that Boston is discussing a possible move for Todd Frazier with the White Sox. They talk about what it would take and what Frazier brings to the table. Does it really make sense for this team? They also break down the odd events and happenings of last night's epic battle. 


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Braddock road show. That might open definitely probably would've brought that I don't. Where were you don't know why you'd. Brad show. That's delicious. All right this is rob Bradford on the average relative Comcast sports net New England. With a high five people and get really excited over the success. Or get over at their key. Brad road show. Thank you thank you Matt Loper. My charity is going to be once again with a family and then covering patriots. For the rest of the summer all the way up until football season so Evan will be alongside each trying to earn his keep peace trying to. Get in the car a exact. Leave so far that's what we've done so all we've got him talking about himself. And although I do like the fact the your mother your mother. Being part of a show at the little panache to things so she she emailed Buick and in shape justices levee. OK let's see him Linda thank you Linda I ask you build to build your son up. And they go you continue to do this. Our we've been talking a little bit about. The old a lot about novels and involves weight problems in comparing them to Edmonton weight problems. And and then we also get will forming on the line talking about rock field average profit of divers had. The best team ever known to mankind yesterday so you call up diverse or you make a trade for Todd Frazier and here's the thing I am coming back this. As we didn't finish our thoughts you're talking about Linn street value calling up devers at the end of the day I cannot imagine. That Todd Rangers trade. Value or what it's gonna take you get tied Frazier. It's going to be so exorbitant that the Red Sox won't be able to do it. You're not talking about. You know talking about adding the top level prospects that guy is a rental. And if on the White Sox conversely I say hey I'm holding on is this guy as long as possible you know why. Because look what happened with the win the Red Sox to that was in Drew Miller couple years ago. For rental what they get. At what are Regis. You know that I did not that he. I'm looking up Frazier numbers yet he's been good for the last few months it's good to discourage you but there's concern about the runners in scoring position and missing. Point please go. There are people out there who believe that the Red Sox bullpen is a greater need than third I believe the Red Sox should yet. One play ball and computes the lights injured and Indians and so on and so forth right. And you you expect some aggression from these guys to Kelly won on the DL. Why Blaine Boyer automatics okay species some room for preventable but anybody is standard tells me. That the Red Sox bullpen is in bore me to help that third eight position is out of their mind and do. Before the break was talking about you need someone to play third base rob. Anybody can play third base in salt we urged last year with a Red Sox had trouble finding somebody with those are. You can find the bodies played here if you need more than that on a championship team you can not up bottom third line where there's not a. Can tell you can go back to talking about it. Yeah I don't like him it's really. No kidding. OK unique beauty yes you can get by with them playing third base to do with that the bullpen velocity the third a lesser need yes. 000. Who'll. The people there of still Phillies know shore I mean come on a hamstring injury doesn't mean he's out for burger I think the peace. You have you have the choice today 13 baseman Lee from what. Third place. Know that micro L game and I right now yes right now going from Margaret I've. So here's the thing here's here's the issue when you have when you're talking about third base in this is where average frolic in full you know. Is that you don't need someone who can feel the ball this is the priority. You called up you'll lineman Todd out last year and might how to with all these tools and an all this upside and the strong arm. In the end you Billy to hit but yet when it counted the most. He wasn't making the place you cannot have any win not make plays you can't do you have to have someone make the place. It that camera. Right but you start way more than back east right. Agree would you you start like that and then you go from the air but YouTube you can have you can have an upgrade at third base you can duty and upgraded. Yes I think that you why. Because the only way that the more rural win thing works is if you consistently across the board yet. Yet but the rest of the lot I think that's not that's how this lineup is made right. The rest of the lineup is not a I'm agreeing with you but what we're disagreeing with Avant is the fact that you need a guy. Above everything else they can yield the position and not through one. But but again it was very strange this year that you had your time or nobody played position well defensively the baseline normal. Weekly standard is you can feel grumble that you're pretend like it's hard to find a third baseman Newton may place. It's not. It's well under Clinton and I did have a bullet loaded position in the majors you're more starts at third base. Any other position. Carriers all you're talking about is what it's gonna get them through the last month. When you're talking about rock field Deborah that's all we're talking about the talk about what gets you through playoffs aren't quite well last. The last three months the most and. She is giving it to ten baby but he its occasional home run the most important thing is. You have that potential offensively. Why you have guys who can feel the ball and then you talk about the bullpen it's easy. If Joseph Kelly's hurt if Matt Barnes is producing brought he's got his producing you need another arm they probably human. Todd Frazier since the started June to court to average 367 on base finish by 24 slugging. With nine home runs. 32 case like to walk those good numbers the average lower than you want. But three it's if this Arctic enemies it's fine it's it's it's worlds better than you ha he's sitting right. He's hitting cleanup for the white that he would have to clean up the Boston Red Sox and they do. Well that you're not having to lead on the guy as much as the lights corporate. Piercing clean up this is the pressure position at that point my point is is that you're not getting the guy to hate to beat Jason Bay to be neighbor merit. The thing and he carried RTZ with Jason its first came after a good pair that with you when you 2008. Would you replace Manny Ramirez he needs someone in the middle lineup. Replacing admiral Allen comebacks payment rose when I wanna go back to what you could we never touched on your your corresponds with Kevin Youkilis it is bizarre. So yeah you you had like this. So you mentioned it Kevin Youkilis at you know I was fat in Canada with something I dealt with in the last day I play. Object Youkilis is a great example what we were talking about before with models and now. Which is currently includes yeah OEU with the money blog guy you have a great body you walk. And bite you added that body did not look like average draw its mom says Evan throw it does look good in jeans right sure okay. But he worked attic and he was in good shape for the majority of his career. So that's that that's I'm not absolving policy animal of need to work yet I'm not. One Wyden an apology I. I've not upon an apologist one thing I will allow for with Sandoval. And in Nebraska who looted shoes the psychological need there were not exactly sure what he's talking whether eating disorder whether something else. But. If you're really is something that's that's kind of diagnose Sobel and therefore you would think out of the guys control to some extent. Do feel bad right like like if he's dealing with a legitimate. Problem. Don't have a little bit and the amount thing that he's in the last responsible for himself and responsible to get help and acknowledge whatever it is that's going. Whatever the other problems work. That it's a little different that I just like to eat hamburgers all day on policy level like I think the little more play it would. She did it did did did they wait issue did that make him a worse baseball player yes okay. Did that make divorce baseball player even after you lost some weight. Yes yes right he became a better baseball for a lot to do you think his major career is over now what do you think becomes. I think he does some funeral tomorrow in no pun intended. And I'm so mean kids so mean affected I apologize. If heart be affected. It's as if I'm affected right now I understand that it's hard all the snow told dances the org that's the molecular. This guy delegates tell the story that you're most guard. The most aren't yet it or not. I've with me. On my parents to us there was the sixth grade. Birthday party and it was XP in the bottle. And like you know it's like everybody. It's like everybody's first. And there were like two kids who who who nobody picked the news media. Maybe one or two but I I just remember being with the other value of each other now we didn't know. So that's of the that's good luck with that oath to watch it after the early childhood where it'll ask you picked. For for it was not victim that you don't know where you left it like in class. Potluck. At the baseball player to hit once announces. Mills high school. Great and you've seen it yet you're not a project you run light I'll tell the truth when you run you run and I don't I don't you don't like. You run light farce jump right before the race is game all Michael Silverman who just in the John Ferrell says that doctors are probably knock him or Tuesday. And give them news Brian Johnson Hector Alaska's early teens. You know he did because this show's creative and I expect I've been coming up with a all the creative ideas considering email me last night you didn't. Editor and want the abducted table you do you watch the game you went to it socialist for a wedding it was not it did not. That was our theme now it was they had it was Q what do birdies in establishing man and a Colombian woman it was it was a great time. Okay that the whole aura. There was translation of everybody's you know different speeches from English to Spanish it was it was it was rocked it's if sound like something bit is. It was worth skipping your actual job for. Against. Okay anyway so I come up for creative ideas in one of the creative ideas micro now. Who would be great micro now who was the exact the producer of the Bradford so podcast it will be once again one day. A bomb. Has ads come and help to sell this morning. He did a little man on the street how to do it might turn on two did that red button right down below. He. How to how this you know of the men and how the ministry went very well they're really very well oh not a faulty guys. A really after both the OK so what we did I did a pitcher Evan where an app Brad cloture. And we basically say what you asked what was your question if they knew who it was a nice. So we gotta we get some responses from audio because I know it and that you're very insecure about people knowing who you are. And secures. I got approached about sharks with my Twitter handle on them and then to maybe somebody else where to the stadium today as you do of me we're gonna hope to have that at the top of the 12 o'clock hour that's where Arnold television we're gonna sport media starts after media stars 1145 reduce storm brought little morning. Well pregame well why no I got you this is like he was two and a half minutes right Mike to adapt its very short continue the audio Loper it's going to be great reward for usually. I noted Loper soap if they. Care. But to try to make the show great keeping the ratings are ratings have never been higher across the board yeah right this this is just another example is the show right here. Still the calls real quick before we take a break Brian Marshall did on Bryant. They got married or at night at eight wake up this. Well but it. It was dark and create yet every year Marco. I he's not. He would not now because you look awful grip there. You pick the blues is wanna make that trade in division I am. I'll make. I think there are already. Why wouldn't it. Oh what you really want a guy. Teacher in devers is coming why would you anything but the short term fix. That's not what they. But it sold a couple of cool what was it breakers but coming up so that and if you will that is seven Scott who you've got he's you know look what it is it could better built up in a legal right here and what. Woody give them what do you give it up to get. I give up a couple great. It taught diverse lot you don't put it party and I aren't you writing it's funny you bright bring up Donaldson thanks for the call. Because we go back to the possible sale of all that off season yeah if there's two free agent third base. Sin of all and chase had pleaded guy here with the Yankees used his gift and McGrady is just over 700 dope yes it's time for the Yankees. Is is median average play. But Donaldson was the guy that offseason Donaldson was the guy who they didn't rate for that Bennett they try. Right ball they they talk to the aids that shirt that is so this was the story. That he talked to the case with or like Jason masters not right. Okay yes was told that basically by the aide said he wasn't really available. Right yes okay. Then for whatever reason the blue jays swooped in at the right time in here different stories about this but he threw the right time and dot. At Donaldson and I was looking up at the hall they got forum. Brett loury Barreto. You know it the wolf all. Prays daily mean. It is stupid street. He he gave well it won't you tell me player you love your connections to the it's. Used to data report cards. Poor. Hard she's very nice mentally yes. So what was the story that was circulating behind the scenes about that it would be just hated each. Yes that's a dolls apparently kind of a your guys the right way to put that the character right now like. Is that the little. Ought to. Yet but it fell at red blooded jelly goes there was a rumor that they got into a little bit that this. Led to the trade and that's why. And anyway exactly he might have not been available here but it is available there the blue jays take advantage of it and boom days with the blue jays that was the same offseason the Red Sox were looking for a third day I gave him VP vote. That's super because of dollars in fact you 6177797937. Media starts at 1145. People mid on this free. People reacting whether or not we're gonna get the answer this because Evan claims that people know. Might tournament. Noble goal and what I ever made us don't like some sort of ego inflating what was prophetic it was your right lower the percentage of people a new Ivan. Navy. War 25% 25% morning. But we'll look at the actual sounded reaction of people. How hot it aberrant relics brand we're gonna find out a little bit to rights activists. The WEEI Sports Radio network. Although I've noticed that I just go through my vision. Players are left to live. This process. Seasons as members of course so. Good. We'll we'll. That's herself. Thanks low we'll chargers game we should talk about. Last night's game we'll that you're in the way ahead was that a socialist way. That it was a great game it was opera until the last few innings it was a really really good game. At that drama that you had. In that. Eight inning. Woods was maybe the best drama defeat maybe. The comments from sale that he the last few days her most tenth yup that it replace him. Do you believe that. Yes. Now you name another way the White Sox. Want to make it simpler what thoughts odious lie and instead it's his word with funniest. The funniest. In which is actually were all actually I honestly would be curious from people you know. I united that you talked about now I don't talk about other places justice is at Yankee rivalry. Coming back on active forget 2004 at a car that have been to a do you think Pete I think I think. I am this series the fans have been into it because the Red Sox are coming back off the break the interest in the second place team isn't around. They understand that this is an important series and then yesterday. You get view Chris Sale the one everyone wants the picket the awards right right and the one he says eight people wouldn't want to before it is not as big nearly as big of game three of the NBA Eastern Conference files. But it's you I'll go back to sail cruises in the Severino battling the then you get to that eighth inning. And you have got it first tying run at first failed pitching. There Greg on Gary Sanchez. At. The plate this mean to kill the jets killed the rat sciences we looked it up you know at seven home runs in fourteen games to them off price. And so you know this guy up with the game on the line in price I'm sorry in sales sitting there at a 115 pitches. So what it's gonna happen leaves a man to face inches and boom. He strikes about. Now Merrill takes out sale he's booed as he's locking out there he comes Campbell for the first time in the eighth inning since June 6 to face the June 6 Bristol on the long. It's a month and how it solid it's like it's been urged all okay he's finished he's pitched at least ten times and had numerous opportunities coming in the eight inning. Yes and done this and he faces aryan judgeship. Erin judge and as the game is the line he gets about as great drama and then you have by the sad trombone of the map now holiday home but it was a great game and then you have some decisions that we can talk about what happened tenth inning. Which I don't I don't have a problem and bring Kimbrel and and you have a problem what heralded the tenth inning anyway. He in the truck that you see what's going on. T. A guy at what's going on. Mark Kirk Miller. Al got a lot of out and I am prepared you know you are garner. All irony I would go left. Shall meet did one more good Aaron arch. And I agreed to go out there that say it not be. Gentle in the and they good that the guy that I've all vote. You know and Alex would act out edit it happens all that I'd go over all you know and well I don't hardly read one news. Some pot why did you. Op mode well matter no illusion that young that I am one you won't be eleven. Force India Leo who's the best punter and team. I don't they're being okay. That. Why these huge settlement apparently young and I like. He it would. Why put. She won that especially. When you're out yeah Lyndon. I'm not only hot all out drug court. Yeah well I wanna. I area I I thank you thanks for the call I that's the move I didn't agree with it but it had nothing to do with entity I know you lost you when he's had meatballs. And by. By what happened on I disagreed with this move. Which was you had. You had Leon coming up first and second nobody out. And you had the left the on the mound so he sends up Chris Young to pinch hit for Leo and lefty against righty but at the Yankees make the move to the righty just let legally own and he's your best punter on the team. But yet they got the second and third then you'll wind up dead if you wanna pay into it young for when they bring in the lefty there you go I thought he messed that one. Agree with me going back to the start of Christians Red Sox career with John Ferrell and shown. Basically favoritism to them when it comes to yeah because facing right handed pitching because if that deference out of the fact that. Young is a veteran leader. In that clubhouse and at that are popular in Yzerman and why they don't believe it hit right at pitching in and I think. He's gone on here's the problem I these go on a enough rules. Which would suggest. Then in size on me pre rolls to you. But enough roles that jokes that third he heard body up to date he deserved to be put out there once. Anyway before the break Bob in marble. Good morning guys. Worked lovely and very I've looked a little hole Georgia and an operable about. I think to break everybody immediately go out war. And Iceland trying to do a bill I'm. Staring him down that would build them back out. You know well one thing I. Just wanted to. You know. Via. I I do I do because I do think that when you talk about when we talk about kid at work who was numero RO. Well the problem is is that that can only work if you have the entire offense clicking and that's not always gonna happen with this group that we've seen it. We see too many times where you've had a it's feast or famine 9/11 doesn't like that but that's the reality so. I also agree without him it doesn't hurt to have a little more punch a little more home run out. Yeah no one here aren't aren't really warrant all this lineup. It ought to do it even be thought secure because we're gonna work all I would additional. You wouldn't know what are the result was exactly martial law and order but what happened. All of all one might be what is it that they and I think they've won like why are would have made me great and and all ought. Does the what he's hall of law and and I are digital you can make your argument is off. So you kept our. And I've got that position. Where you talk a off offensively which aren't gonna help. Well when they're wearing off. Note that. That's all what and then that if it did it make art on the and you don't project. Too which I think the artwork are. Now it is what it viewed it below average hitter in the big so. Sol where I draw all right Bob thanks for the call we directors through. It's about the opposite Jackie. Lawyer should. Now I don't think society uses every other average industry theater or delegate than cruisers some of these calls. Before region QBs stars Mike in prominently might. It. Let's not think in a connection and should start but a it kept hitting. The bigger you get that I had but part of that not fixing sitting out who want to gain. I agree Dallas 21 game. I cramped up in the fourteenth inning sitting around for five hours there's not an art art. Or outright anger that was great. Well ladies and Mike you know it made it worse was that you had a review nauseating review. Of almost five minutes. And and if the players that terrible call players are sitting or and in thanks for the call my. Please sitting it's like this is what baseball is. You sitting around of these other guys have headphones and I mean c'mon really Ralph and Cranston via last call before the break what year. Media stars Ralph always did you hear from you what's going on. Though the players got you know extra innings was was as if what you can get the job apparently you know he's the guy. That mean that you guys enough help you quit that a runner first ever global it was a first and second nobody out. And launch he has no look portable. Never anything like you don't not at that horse. No traction but the figure. All we settled in the we we can't help you what you healthier he chemical and pretty well as veteran ensure that if you let. It publicly kind of a chore that he's an extra an extra whitbeck in. And that was just OK that guy a model so it was like you know yeah outs away. It would just don't strategy to a my only problem with parent cannot quit. So does that mean well I would this drama probably you have to look at the night before. Mean the night before I understand the players and a big part of that doubles double steal but that's partly at least Farrell. But yesterday it could it doesn't let you run a refreshingly old Annika all the result whether or personal get I will blunt impact. Not bad baseball team. Really. It is they look the mathematically figured it out bunting if not the way to way you cut yourself lucky might have Sheehan better chance of one run and an inning by Brad Coleman who want to have multiple runs you don't give up without. You don't you don't have coordinating. So solidly against. Home run and so it's not that tricky I think you have to strategy for the Atlanta. Well. You know I think in Ralph thanks for the caught it felt actually had a pretty good year. I didn't agree what he did with Chris Young yesterday but he said. I think his best year and even including 2013. There is war these not to manage. This year. Then he ever has had to manage in India via the field. A B clues over the Opel plant although other times he's got the can be judged by bullpen solely anyway. Right now and that's why everybody wants it looks great all just because. The winning in good bullpen that had it going into the break. The final day before the break they had to. 136. Of 39 game through Atlanta after six things right I'll make any manager. Yep you've got to you have the find the right guys do it anyway. Media stars up next very exciting and special guests circles special guest Eric pulled going to be joining us from New York. Who's gonna give us a good give as good embarrassing haven't story cracked yes. The well who Olympic dot. I'm very good. Embarrassing average relic story along when you start trying to activists.