Bradford and Drellich discuss the tragic events in Charlottesville, VA and if athletes have a responsibility to speak out -- 8-13-17

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Sunday, August 13th

Rob and Evan discuss the horrible events that took place yesterday in Charlottesville, VA and if athletes, specifically baseball players, should be speaking out. The guys get a variety of calls from people thinking sports should be separate from real world events and others who think the spotlight lends itself to these guys having an opportunity to speak out. 


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Rat roach oh that's my open but he always. Backs I don't. Where you don't like. Brad show. That's delicious. If yeah. There is no more complaining. Don't want well you're you're you're all right with the a lot like seven. Well I think you expect me to complain about luckily too I don't expect I expect you show up on time that I felt early early early this Oprah. This is good did you know what's earlier Oprah did he show up on time well now what time do you expect me to be right what time was ideally 815. Children all your fifteen Chopra I woke up at 81. That's not my problem you work ethic is not my problem you once told I once asked you Wednesday sharper show and yes it. Five minutes before. 5050 by double liabilities by vitamins before 8 o'clock five minutes before the hour before the show right Tom Coughlin did exactly exactly anyway that's Avant relic I'm rob Bradford real lot to get to today. First look good morning everyone good morning -- to rob is so good to see your smiling face I feel the same way about yours thank you paid in my mom and I hope my mom was listening you welcome momma was nice to have an American be nice to have in the entire day. I promise you that especially in this first tower sure we're gonna argue about a lot of things. So we get it doesn't sound contrived at all hours argued people you know the thing is about the show which once again congratulations. Loper they came out. That we have held firm as the number one. Rated show in the history of this time slot to actually have a ratings for the show yeah you ever see the sign from episode where the men the bombs where the number one on the number one dad's shirt I remember right okay who who knows that he better right. Well I asked the I want backs and I I asked the guy coming in. I someone outside of art who do you think is the number one show in the history of this time slot. It said the Bradford show with whoever else is on and my now Loper rather than other Bradford another kid the other except that my life like all right. Evan. I get is a few things create two and we we should start off really. I wanna get into the Red Sox this because once again you're shown to be full who week. In terms of your opinion your take since we last of the show. They've only lost one time the and I'll tell you adult now and are really now. But I do wanna open it up in case anyone wants to call about this about the news from the events that happened on Charlottesville. Because. This is an enormous enormous and this is domestic terrorism this write her a 100% we can agree we this. There is a lot to be said about the entire thing there's a lot to be said about how our president handled it. A lot to be said about how route people reacted well not yeah well that's the problem. That's the problem and and I I don't wanna get bogged down too much in it because I I I am opening the floor if people wanna talk about it 617779. 7937. Now you you didn't handle it I think that some people some politicians. On both sides of the I help came out and they were apps they were spot on an illegal twit twit and that's all we can go pyrite. And part of me gets annoyed by the ranking of the politicians react you know about our record I guess I'm just saying this has now I feel is right or wrong yes I agree with you voted for it but. Everybody and Twitter and maybe this is restricted to twitters looking for how different people react and okay at the end of the day this directive well this guy didn't. What's changed. If I find a bottom nobody any good heaviest thing is you know we re doing to Trump's reaction and what president doesn't we once again we're gonna get into it in two seconds to get back into I do have something a bone to pick whether Evan about the right size. But the president's reaction does matter. And when I'm showing people Leo slide but talk to my wife about this last night and Mike what he's got a lot of criticism with this tweets. And on the surface is a ROK. But then you realize. All you had to do is this as this is a straight ball right on the medal denounced these people. Specifically denounced these people he went harder after that broadcaster. About the facelift and all that this there's a ton of things to go to go down a list of how he's very specifically denouncing things. And this line. He's doing these I'm sure he's betting it through these people all that's good enough that's good enough now in this case as we've seen I just said crumble sites VIL. People saying this is wrong these people are wrong these people are evil this is domestic terrorism and this is where that the Ret master terrorism is coming from. And instead of this sort of wishy washy you know we hoped you know there's no violence in this and that. That's that does not fly that. When you have when you have a guy Evan. And trump who is so appointed in so many people the most pointed presidents we have ever act correct. Sure I mean the guy who doesn't did dances around things less than any other president in the history yes well that's yeah he's dancing around us and and this is what makes. As comfortable on you know when what I'm hearing the Zhu will not replace us right that that part of this this wasn't specifically. Was only about black white relationship people chanting sharks fell. You will not replace its wheels jewel will not replace it which is what if your member right first time on their awful human beings right. But there is an element of it hitting home for a tiny bit there because remember the first summit curtain calendar out of Florida went shifter goes. We got a noble yes it's funny but that there's also something ultimately uncomfortable winning any time the you know the Jew jokes get it because. Guess what people there are stupid people who feels like it if that's very real MA. Sure there are marching against him I don't they might. The third down the streets of Boston right now trying to get me out of this radio station that that's there out there and believe me they're marching against you for an entirely different reason. Which is what rock because you are knowing. And that that department chart anyway I just wanted to touch on naral quicken in in Loper and I were talking about this before when you weren't there for the show prop. They tell you how do you relate this back to sports what do you do you use if you Google. Athletes react to Twitter. And you have LeBron in and can't there in and some you know some interesting Jeremy Lin. It makes me think is something that I had brought up in spring training. Which was when the Tron stuff was going on protect yourself right back to united in our Comcast is whether or time times the baseball 630 tonight two great. Is baseball's knotty political support. The baseball players. If I don't wanna paint everyone with the broad brush I know Sean Doolittle came out he what does he went to Virginia. And and other people a few other people but if you match job the reaction I must think your bad people or this table and not reacting. I don't think I don't think the baseball players. Re action two or or are immersed in the political world nearly as much as the other. Sports for it might depend on the clubhouse that feel it yes this was the subject you and I talked about before where you felt that based in your fears recent Red Sox club houses that. That was the case and I thought you were extrapolated to much because you got to look at other club houses and other people feel that I've covered guys who were. Very outspoken bush army which it means you're chilling. Yes this initiative is this plenty of examples but overall when you're talking about. If you're gonna compare these sports. Maybe it's his baseball wider could be that simple. Well I'll be up why if you talked about are not talking about political leanings are not talking about what the political messenger I don't think that baseball players. Arcana are coming out in tweeting about this because baseball's a wider. And that they'd be there supporting did the protesters and well and I might imply that they're supporting but. The issue might hit home. Harder for minorities for black people and their more personal our sports I don't think that's ridiculous. Well by nobody link below I also think that there's an element indeed did baseball players. As at some of whom do. But not as much as other sports really wanna concern themselves of what's going on I just don't think that I don't think now historically writing in weaved its symbols Jackie Robinson that's not true brightness of the somewhere along the way. If your assertion is correct this changed. Where baseball all of edit that affected that. That affected their world and in the ever in this is well. One of the things I take away from because like you said we did talk about this about how because it was around the election. And one might take aways is these guys are together so much. That this goes to the whole clubhouse dynamic the whole clubhouse environment they're around each other so much so when you have you bring up politics is very polarizing. And other statement of the morning are there as a you don't really have a live there but also there are girls or let me tell you at 11 o'clock. Avenue is going to tell us how polarizing politics. By Al I'll say this is that you know you don't wanna bring it up if it's going to be confrontational. Right. Yeah and that clubhouse and I think that that that falls on the line with what we're talking about the yes yeah eager to go back your point of the the difference in baseball's two of the eight months these people spend together the brother of the necessary in the device in the second column from someone speaking out. Behind closed is that for the media well especially if you said the political leanings he says the political leanings in baseball are more conservative. Then other sports if someone comes out in and is the opposite of that. And then you went into a big debate with someone you have to see more than you see your family. I wondered how a guy like Sean Doolittle fits into about people who give someone who both him and his wife who was a comedian. Are clearly left leaning. And vocal about it and you know there are right wing guys in the clubhouse and I just wonder if they're OK with their they look at and say screw this guy. Outside of the time when he's on the mount. And that is that a fracture. Why is it you cannot ignore them and that. It is a different dynamic than basketball. And football at the time spent rush yeah okay its holder to. Yes slow so is out the reason why they are less political. Also. I don't know it a lot of times that you have ever greater also it also lets be honest the but he said there's probably more conservative conservatives. In baseball than other sports right now we're in agreement that yes that's publicly that's not the most popular stance like these you'd wanna you wanna keep quiet yet potential so anyway. 6177. Missing those views are pressed. Maybe sometimes and I think so and interest with a strong with the the word press is strong work. I don't think are they are as willing to offer up their uses. As maybe other sport domain. When you have looked all these basketball players come out on Twitter last night and grace fine. But when they come on nobody is going to say in the air circle isn't going to say how dare you how you did you do that that I can get into a conversation and don't cart every one. I would hope is against. What happened bizarrely that's the problem went when you're saying that will do well where's the other side's voice at the other side's voices ultimately something of bigotry and hatred and pro yet this also this that's that's the prob well this isn't a good example I mean this is a good examples I could because like you said I hope every one is against this and and I've even seen anybody. Who it's crazy enough to say yeah I see what they're saying seeing them there enough. Now I would see anyone go down that road but is this talk in general are not see flags. On the of course. Of course it's it's it's domestic terrorism and the fact exit from doesn't come out and say. These people are responsible for domestic terrorism these people. Anyway 6177797937. I case that'd be in the show if you wanna talk about that we can talk about if you want. The Red Sox have won a bunch of games are going lost once since Ambien last sat across from me. In my frustration and everything go easily through all that stuff going on answers it's hard to concentrate on the baseball stuff right and I start thinking about just how inane. And how he used to smelled dom. Some of the stuff we talked these guys about it and then subsequently how stupid it is when I don't know people like David Price get upset about. Questions about baseball went real life is so much that we can do that any data on Kevin yes rod you can but by. Particularly when there are national events like this. It strikes you more does that not I understand you can do that and every moment of every day when something or she gets going. Yes we can I tell you how I'm on my I know what you right now and you're shooting down. I'm so happy sharing his feelings. That nicely over what are you lobby here for that to share I Avant for once I hear you and I think that everyone should have been taken pots. Yesterday in not celebrated the home runs not celebrated anything someone pleaded please. Some retreated out of video listened to Ben Zobrist. It is a generic twitches that here's a reaction to a tough. Strike three call click I was really hoping that it is him saying that the McKinnell who cares. Who cares. Get them on that in effect that's all I don't think you have an I mean thank you because if you were playing baseball. You would. Think you'll like to think that you would do something like that. And we would applaud you for doing that being kicked to the reporter I don't know whether it gay guys you know listen it's I'm sorry this was a big game but this. Our thoughts and prayers and there was an act and the across the board and I apologize from wrong about this audience the free about the Red Sox and yankees RNC any post game press conference where if someone took two seconds a first log guys. Let other nationals had some sort of yeah sort of acknowledge shore but we're talking about after the game. The reaction this is the bigger than a game. Things like that. And because like I come back to it I'm not saying he's vet people are bad people but there are immersed. The baseball players but their Merced they're immersed in their own the world at a value on leisure platform the aid you in some very tiny way you can you can. Even make a small Brady comparison with a concussion so that's how do you wanna use your platforms professional that's that they shared threat across do you wanna command say something. For the for the public thought I hit it but here's the difference here is that the race relation visit their very different it's different seven. When in that has been a huge topic of conversation all week long should Brady of come out. Taking it taken a bigger stance everyone info focused on the concussions lousy album what question will focus on the concussion stuff you we were talking last week about the CT stuff I I said that the stance you wanna take. When you're asked that question you wanted stand firm against that. But it is a little bit different. Because. You can make the argument went about for the Brady thing. If he does that. Then there's gonna be pushed back so this is why he doesn't with this seven nobody's gonna give everybody pushed back even if they got up after these gains and said. Repeat that shouldn't know rocket landed that any time an athlete. May be more often on the right but there there will be people who will say stick to sports. No there will be people who run if he or whatever what does that whatever apple does what that's what I'm saying I also do that with. I could I'd like. The guy had said stick to basketball LeBron james' tweet. And host and don't ever Tweety anyone anymore stick to sports because it is mocked any stupid and I don't know why people. Lessons at at and grow its people's keeps no but that's my point is and who cares of the road people responses. Odd that not the only overall what percentage if if if anybody. After any of these games yesterday. Begin their comments after when being interviewed by the press and at first off. I wanna make you clearly when a horrific things happening down in Charlottesville. In what percentage of people against him on Mike and I can't believe they were there at eight signal the towel no way. Texts from people. When knights went right between the political and I tell anybody but a reason but Evan that's both talked about on the does the point is that you're talking about political stop you're talking about. Things are people on both sides of the ideal about. And when you talk about Brady there's room for interpretation there people are both sides and out since this is this is. Domestic terrorism but brought came out looking Abby and how can you say okay poking at some of the car that the car plowing and well that at. Apple also also raised some. This overt racist I don't think oh yeah racism is always an issue. Think that's on the that both sides are unified on. Right now I would hope that. The majority of you the vast majority 99% of people. Who was I would expect the majority aren't and I think you're being a little money you you think OK so you'd think that for the same reason why Tom Brady might not wanna get concussions whether it's because. Of he doesn't want to reveal that revealer he doesn't wanna call out his wife he doesn't wanna make himself look bad because he has the book and he supposed to be healthy. For all those reasons or to 12 which has taken this way which is up for interpretation. Do you think that that is the same level of interpretation. As this thing were talked about this is out. You're being a moron I sick from the very teppco these are very different things of them with one shared common so why don't a question of what he's athlete responsibility. To address public tell you that's at the first thing said. And you're trying to twist I sentence not. Well you know that or this isn't the other morning show that I do it that's all day. What he's. What about what you brought up with concussions and public health matter be with a different type of public matter politics it's a what you brought up Avant. Wise may be one of the reasons they don't do it is because of blowback right potential blowback yes right yes my point is this is different. Because this this days. You know whether or I'm mark anecdotal level all of of the Franklin Chris Paul okay are in the country and this all this is the this is Boston Marathon bombing all right OK okay. Three people died. A lot of people got hurt prepare for. 35 but anyway I apologize if I'm wrong about that a lot of it was as for a terrible terrible instant. Terrorism domestic terrorism. So we can win it we can say what happened Charlottesville domestic terrorism. Terrible terrible thing. And the people who are responsible for. These people who were filled with hate these people are filled with racism there is not a lot of room for interpretation. May beat for both people are but certainly in the general population. Including we would hope from the president. There isn't so when you're saying what blow back a professional athlete would get if he when it got up at. After a game and said you know my thoughts and prayers are with the week these people what a terrible things happening down there after one of these baseball games. There isn't there is nothing there is absolutely no risk in doing. Can look away and here Oprah was right in the if that there's no Internet I'd love to crumble from the throne. While I went. And he's. What is this this is due Bradford and long Persia I just I a lot of the threat early show and whoever else feels at 9 o'clock bigger head in the clouds hero. There are people who support. What that soon anyway supports the action. From people who are sick of them. People support the view that this guy with the ultimately back in. There would be people marching rob wouldn't be counter protest right people there dueling protests are also people who'll probably support people bombing other people. Right isn't that unit that tennis is not apples and oranges but it wouldn't let them we probably don't stick to one time I you know. I thought I'd act I'd buy this small minded person I apologize to listen let's stick to one of keep it. I'd like this I find the Compaq interesting because ever and is once again misguided. All this good activists which is. Is the average you said that one of the reasons why we do not hear word one and a if someone has an example of this. Where a player in baseball player after one of the many many games. Yesterday said in his post game comments thoughts and prayers for horrific things going on May be happen so but you're saying that one of the reasons why you don't not think this happened that somewhere he stood up is because the potential blowback. You can't with yes in general. Without that involve politics you have libel that this is from politics. This is this is where you're wrong and you can can damn you Zach was going on my mother told me look at. You can condemn someone's got to it's easy to contend the action right it's it's it's obvious to condemn condemn the action. But by doing that people to bull that your condemning the ideology behind the action the ideology behind the action is is more complicated. In there are people who support the ideology behind the action if you see these two separate well listen it's not take any. Both the last say why does add to drive a car to people on a topic goes beyond that it's what what is the underlying thought what legend once again you think that any single baseball player if they said this would have. And not really need to hear from a baseball player that bad drive on people rob and honoring talk about the cart into the people on talk about everything the entire thing that happened yesterday the entire thing was reprehensible. Everybody would get pushed back. Yes if people didn't feel strongly on that side and I think it's at my age of majority people or plurality anything. They start our conversation by saying it would have been nice to hear somebody say that. I would have liked to have this would have liked her but at it again but you understand terms of the impact insignificant thing you know I don't eat your somebody tell me it's bad drive Carter beat. John you know John I know Joseph in the car what's going on. Couple questions or you. What are the members of the black light at a rally when that person wanted to be and whatever can't. What are they left. Out Quigley yeah yeah there's a little bit. Those are not certain why it isn't pretty but they are absolutely. I I yeah content source Cunningham. Tension and that's what happened. I'll look at this rate a lot. Right now eleven delighted country. And I think somebody could end shortly and how that land is urging broad patent. Did add those protest it'd when drive a car into the crowd. Alive you just yeah I apologize if I don't get the rhythm of your voice by EU says something and then I asked who question. Go ahead. She does not good at what I did many protesters. Didn't work. Out there trying to build an up and all of 81 half and why should it Earnhardt kicking this can you add these white supremacist on the other side of the current well I haven't got a little really ugly it would have happened. What I'm saying it'll ever worked upon I didn't argue right now right and look at pension bill. All Joseph Joseph. Joseph Levy asked this question to this is what we're trying to related active sports a little bit. Is let me ask this question which ever and I disagree on what you have Eddie do you think anybody would have any problem after any of the baseball games last night. That if someone stood up and said before I talk I wanna might you know I want talked about. How how horrific the events are going on down in Charlottesville do you think that that would damage out person's career. Or are the perception of him. Well you know I'm in Iraq being offered. Then 99%. Of the machine oh what am I right but it was a disgrace what that you're never counted. Again you look at what happens ordinary Arabs. A lot of liquid and we'd never woke up a lot. No hero you're I'd been in and beg for the call John appreciate it. He's right in and win and we've talked about this with the Brady sample. Which is which is the problem is is that we seen examples when guys have spoken up. Beat Tim Thomas is a great one. That has come back to bite them as not help them we got to go to a break real quick a steal the call starting lineups it's 17. 779793. To seven the question that we threw out there. Was. You would you have a problem or do you think that the general population would have a problem. Fifth after one of these games yesterday and many many baseball games if anyone begin their comments are posting comments or even threw something in there. About saying. This was a horrific horrific thing that happened 6177797937. Sports. Network worm. Learn what would closely following them for the terrible events are unfolding in Charlottesville Virginia her. We condemn in the strongest possible terms. This egregious display pages bigotry. And violence won many sack us formation. It's been going on for a long time America. And down trying to. Not Barack Obama. Dormant for a long. There's no place in America what is viral now is a swift restoration. The law and order and the protection of innocent lives. Leadership. I it was a global it was a it was a Louis arena. Was. You identified as played I have no idea that was to knock. That these. Anyway that was our commander in chief Donald Trump. Talking about the events in Charlottesville. We've been talking about. In a little bit about suited their had been more reaction. A gas from the baseball world we are focusing in on. You know there was a lot of reaction to Bryce Harper Brooke I like to see blowing out is blowing out his knees there's a lot of yet. I don't know. In San Antonio attack ad and it it's open to tell me it's bad to draft card people but yes that would like to see more reaction. I'm not opposed to it and I don't know if it came off wrong the last. Long needed come off for a above the carded Bob how are you good morning. Well good gentleman or a good thing if you've got a call. A couple of weeks ago partly out police are here. What did you couple a couple weeks in order Friday night when. Would have been made a comment about. Ought to be more races in New York because we all white go to that I don't you remember that comment click sure do. OK got it. The way you post the question. About. What baseball player were to. Make comics. But yeah I thought we pulled it was pretty neutral sort of a plane came out they look at terrific. I mean at stating the obvious I would have no problem with that however I I would believe that anybody would achieve. Take aside Annika comet one way or the other. It's gonna be back let's just just in the. The two sides. Yeah. Well. You know I I. On one that's that's that's giving the finger to blacks and Jews right and there is one that's not. She doesn't is that not an accurate description of what's going up. I think that is. Will act that would mean portrait yet. It's what she. Did. Okay well let me but they've got a one problem. I. At exit. I thought. Maybe maybe a slight possibility I don't know okay what. It's possible it's maybe this is some sort of setup. All right it's hard to collect it spirited here but it's some sort of a setup. To make it are excited look like with a little little ritual will coordinate. I'll have a chronic. Don't don't don't don't trick you saw believing this is this is some sort of I would I wouldn't and their grip or the first thing I would asked Bob if you're gonna you're down that road is is was the car driving into people was that it's set up was that. What was that. No I I I don't believe that element that's and let me tell you Robby yet they can. Have you been bubbling up avoiding the question no no guidance people elect progressive. Ought to ought to run record is in fact everything part of that was genuine. Yeah it was a whole thing was terrible OK but we see that they would like like that you brought up yeah it go OK you brought up where Greek. Got it all. That what we're it would create what the car rubble wood that we don't which could explain actress wearing the email. Spinning out on okay. Beating people are we seeing that on what the card is being used but it would the other site if you ask for any clothes. The other side the other black eyed manner that it would happen epic. Do you think you'd think anything that you think a black lives matter is we should be mentioned on the same level. Out as not scenes. Exactly look you're the one who's the pure the water was given a level of credibility each site each one of the wrong okay. The leader of a lack lives matter if the Republicans get back to Cleveland in a written statement that you're gonna be problems. In that would happen at the motorcycle group. Came and they sit well with attributed to pick your vote while all of them black ice better show up OK so they made a statement all right let it fly the ball out for many. That there is there there are people there are people and black lies matters who do the wrong thing absolutely. But in terms of interpret the overall message the overall message I'm sorry diagonally ego because it would get a little too bogged down and the original question wise. Because we're at this is the prop now I just hit every I understand how this works okay pro you're a pro and a guy attitude to your pro. It's gonna go down this road of everyone taking sides being very political Loper knows this better than anyone Loper is our Guiding Light. IE looked into his eyes to what to do and he says focus on how this relates to sports and that's what I'm doing. Chris in Puerto Ricans christened mister. Hey guys look at Chris good morning the UK. I don't it's patently. You know they didn't really hasn't tied it. Complement. I. An accredited as it was in my act it out. The police. And rock your. One side. Do. Kkk exactly hear. What people choose to protest. A group yeah a lot of complications with Shaq. How easily sold right. Eli and accurate and is sitting on the side. I'd love pleats so you won't die mission yesterday. He couldn't I didn't opt out. National protest their equipment is that you receive video. I'll let you get closer. To know so well well. Look they should upgrade. So hard to pull it. Chris. It was horrific. In May I articulate that resource. Total receipts game. Besides that. I edit. Yeah. And look at our publication in the pot a bit beaten debt. That. It beyond. I Chris thanks for the call. The I don't think you can the heart of the issue there even if you wanna say that the law enforcement response wasn't what it should have been eager to kind of avoiding the core issue. Okay fine mate could they've done a better job I don't know I guess that something you can certainly will know more once the facts chart I've read every times story this morning every right parts store where. To religion news shall profit on such rob fall's. Loper and now he's on the phone and tell you into any support at all 1000000000 Manchester the morning Billy. Good morning I don't let your question thank you that they edit an option but I would say this on it ago what was it was so stupid I'll protests are stupid idiotic in my humble glossy on this by the way hopefully. Listening. Are you always lessons. Protests I don't O'Connor protest or protest at a parade begins at these things and and that this is quite on our side there's stupidity eat more hot these white nationalist need to be called out. Artsy thing you're gonna answer my question. Sorry no no I couldn't. Nobody but Billy and I appreciate that went out again I'm trying to united bogged down in this whole. That that people legalized. Because I don't Billy Billy is a news duke caller let him talk delete the floor is yours. Am a conservative baseball player people underlying note that I'm a conservative baseball player what happens now is I come out against this guy. Find it that it's it's terrible I am against it then I get wanted to beat writers use more ironic that you of course but eat more Roddick beat. They say let's say what about the presidents cup and then they get bogged down in the president's comments and have to either defend or not this and that and that slogan that some policy of not not saying anything because that's what's gonna happen and here's right here. It next week. You have Utley got to come in there wouldn't leather vest on. As the lead and you the best I've ever seen with a leather vest. Summer given what he's riding the motorcycles on. But when you're gonna come any aspect Jack about it because you know obviously much silence yesterday. At. In them it's gonna come up media are welcome and it's going to be turned and that's all paper the next two weeks is that boring football for the next four weeks actually. I'll trial and the patriot and this and that and they write that that's gonna happen and I think he does then yeah. And Billy Billy I hear it thanks for the call by here I hear you but here's the difference. This is this is what we came back to with a Brady how he doesn't wanna put himself out there for all these different reasons including. In regards to politics but I'm talking about what was the events that happened yesterday and with baseball game right there were. Pages and play. Basketball as a non hockey wasn't going on did you say bowl I mean you symbol ran or something right pulled hammy something like that. In his last race ID a bit of baseball was the thing going on baseball where what's where the post game interviews were coming from. All we're saying at least what I am saying. It would have been nice for someone to acknowledge it in the post far more dangerous thing out as many as you you would have a hole I didn't get hoops on Google notes on do a little bit on Twitter. Chanda little was interviewed that OK good then that's okay so what do crept out. Well you do it because the problem is is that Sandra little went to University of Virginia obviously a problem and that's why does though I'd love in the realm of the right exactly but that's going to be delayed a friend I'm talking about. This the average show. To say you know what. Is this is a horrific as this horrific thing that happens and it goes to what we're talking about before that which I just don't think based. Well all right rod do you want the average Joseph on the clubhouse is that Britain is that is there greater responsibility for being on average Joes for the star players that would either the red sex club out to you on you go to to a black player is starting going up to my and I he's darn well yes. Asking about it Evan. And I believe in talking about getting down NT which is this is bad is black flies mattered or or how bad is the whites who primus or anything like that. I'm talking about to say anything about how horrific this is a domestic terrorism to play on. It's very possible that that a bunch of player for our protection yesterday. But that some players might not even even known order only known very little about what was going on I talked to someone in the evening had really heard much does. They'd been watching TV OK it like like like shelves as bet. That's because The Who you talk to is like three people on television are often described as her real life a living room who had like twelve Beers deep. We got to get to a break things like 77797937. We get back there right after this. Point seven ass end. Rob Bradford a relic. Today the highest rated show in the history of this time. Fly it right Evans. That's vigil on the drive over water quality we have left. It's different. You should have been thinking about in my getting into the show on tonight I knew it was. Uncomfortably. Are you gonna show the show business and yet. You are arguing what is this what is about along we'd have loved. Today's your last. The iPod Touch I saw on the contrary to be on the blood for another show yeah that I find hard to heads until the end of what from football season's vote for me yeah. We actually have it was weird it was weird. Where you it was weird because I was cooling their show. And I typed in how is evident. And it is there's a whole red thread. Dedicated to me now and this is what came up snooze fest moron. Juan informal. And extremely boring event. I think it was weird as a coach and I have this is why you don't want it show prep for moments later. Stephen New Haven hey Steve are you this morning. That bad good morning played so well let me finish here I don't wanna hear. What any athlete has to think about what happens. And didn't think. We should speak out when it affects. Americans like 9/11. All of us black white gladiator Nazi I don't care who we are. That affected our country. Let all the bad parts still something that was appropriate. Well look I think probably took place to a baton blacks or whites and Jews or anybody else in Japan and Americans in any Yankee Stadium plates treat Caroline's. Yes then hit the effects are homogeneous culture. On the Americans but it. Every little thing. What happens when Ferguson was burning what happened some white player. Got up and said oh man this is terribly well the Laura if you don't like black like scared of you once you start doing that we get a comment and everything. No I watch sports so I'll have to watch that that on TV for the next five games what happened. I'd like sports because the sport I think sports should speak out wouldn't affect our country like he did on 9/11. And right into it in the Boston Marathon. I mean Steve actually read these with the people yesterday who were hurt not American. I know. But that's implication. That's an implication. So according to isolated to a network particularly since it was. He knows decisively we've seen we've seen quicker version of that. Time to all the country's problems. What a shame. It is. This isn't a problem you look. That's what it your sense. Now I've not been pushed out. Twisting plot coming all of them. Don't take a look at simply isn't enamored of this country don't play that game but maybe there's always people that I really liked. Okay can you tell them replicate that crowd. I associate the distinction you're drawing that I'm having trouble with the. Distinction here that distinction when we're when we're both are bad. But there are bodies of 3000 people die by a foreign country she should get the distinctions that. I'll tell us those Steve Hewitt say you would knock down the road off that we were steam once again. Productive on the road this thing this is domestic terrorism you would say this is more of a hate crime right. I'm saying if this kid obviously there hate crimes do so cringe every every look that we didn't hate crimes Cimarex. I'm certain sports should stay out of it. Yeah but see in that this is a problem and in I'd say this is in my problem is what government saying. This was an American this was like something that happened that way as we can agree that this was a tragic event right Steve. Right okay so this was this was in the in in terms of the event of the day this was an enormous enormous event. So I'm not saying that an athlete have to get up there in state. Stay paid on Republican or on Democrat or agree with us try agree with that but knowing how big an event this is is that it would be an enormous event. People died not only the person 32 year old who died in the car crash but in the helicopter because of the event. Everything else this was enormous event to say hey my condolences. It's not the first time that people have died I'm not sure that's when I I don't have to cut those who have empathy and Justin I don't think that people at a postgame interview to talk to the bad. Stay out of that he wanted to simply get declared the president city like Boston honoring New York who brought down by about. Eric warm when you your honor that's certainly not I'm Pete in Boston. That's different than it individual events people. I know that but every single time something happens one here. Yeah this this this doesn't. Really get after where you have to is Steve would have to disagree because this is just another run of the mill load now wasted yes that's right this isn't misses this is I don't run of the mill this doesn't know when you have put it this way. When you have the president and basically every politician. Commenting on this right this isn't a run around the middle of the FC's little. As coloring of the thank you thank you for your service Steve and I agree with you you should absolutely disagree without. Might you Lawrence and you might. We haven't yet are the matter are baseball player they have notes back and I have Mosul. You're unmake it and general pace and general I you know compared to about ballplayer as compared football player. I totally support our count America. You have people and note sports beat out on socialist news. Baseball in general NATO. Is. I'm not too sure what what would do would be Immelt being overweight and eight error above at all. Well but it just. Again I I figured Mike I don't know if you heard this earlier in the show and thanks for the call by I think a big part of this comes back to it's it's I think it's Lee's political. Of all the sports and now big reason is because. When you bring up politics in a baseball clubhouse. It becomes an uncomfortable situation and huge and we've. We've dealt with this about this whole clubhouse you don't wanna have uncomfortable situations in the last couple months with a David Price stuff. You don't wanna have uncomfortable situations in the clubhouse right. Distractions or batter up yes yes speaking of distractions. Yes I do wanna get on the after this break I wanna ask you this question rarity it. Yet flying by video could that's what happens. I don't know all the clockwork that also look at the clock if we just came back when I when I see when Loper and I prepare first show. Its executive perfectly you just drop in a few words people a year and that's Earl. I sew the thing came up with a photo with Duval I guess. So it's. 6177797937. Let me continue right after this snooze fest. Round one informal. And extremely boring event.