Bradford and Drellich - Do the Red Sox need to make a deal for a bullpen arm; Matt Barnes says the Sox have the best bullpen in baseball - 7-29-2018

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Sunday, July 29th
Hour 2. Bradfo and Drellich agree that the Red Sox need to make another mood, but Bradfo thinks it should be a bat and Drellich thinks the team needs a bullpen arm. Matt Barnes joins in the final segment and says that the Red Sox don't need a reliever and that the team has the "best bullpen in baseball" among other things. 

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Sports Radio WEEI. I have rob Bradford who haven't relic all the way up producers who. Red Sox pregame very exciting. Big big games big series. Haven't relic has seen approximately one inning of it because you with the Taylor Swift concert. Read to the Chevy Tahoe is that right Chevy Troutman Chevy adult tailgate and but a lot of people ought not we see on the phone not people I know the cost I know it ought ever. Noise output so if he'll lift that we that we noted TJ beam with this who else. My girlfriend a couple of you don't know that them and knows. Other people from work but it. What you do is my stock question what you do during costs what do you do you use that person holds up the phone. Are you nervousness weighs in person it it screamed out. We you know you're been in a poll Reuters yes so I guess if she's got Taylor doesn't sort of and Fuji in stacks. So they have they have it in stat lines we took a bunch of Austin into next picture Claude alongside him. Frank from Maryland please Butler front from Maryland can you call up and give us your take on these stacks but Garnett whose reprimand if the 86 year old ought. Completely blind. Complete yet. You know they kept it open. The lineup helped a lot it will bury you articulated very very well yes I would love to hear the line go. Rookie that's. In right field leading off independent and he left fielder JD Martinez that Yates in the market interest in June see pierce is that first base Jackie Bradley junior center. Aborted Nunez at second base Blake's wife hard third base. Brought cult that shortstop singularly don't catch and nick of all the new guy I'm. Life without. Alex why our third base. That's correct yes. Not. Well let's hope. And they did that before I remember when there was a game earlier this year when they put place where our secretaries chiefs immediately after. Realizing that huge missed do you think they need an infielder. I know. I had no idea it was almost a dollar well though I sit Adrian Beltre would be a great fit. If you're talking about oh. A great fit perfect world it's not for world. It. Or what we're Taylor Swift concert last night you think you think they should blow up the production shall if that's great. You thing than you think picture you can issued blow through this the question you have witty and built so. So Rock Hill differences on the idea yet hamstring injury I can't imagine this is going to be like a severe injury where's the last Amal. But you never know what hamstring their tricky thing I've found out many many. So where this injury which you haven't rally go out today John deals okay give me. If you're out. I would. Because. It blow that luxury tax so the luxury taxes and brought at all. If you're let's expand this problem because they're dancing or they continued to answer on that but that is so it's dumb as the there's no there's no reason to this point. There's a chance. I had our backs you know that they might be over any if the projections that it's not something that you can guarantee that if they can make moves and make sure you don't get there liquidity back. Action action. Why do you care about what's what's the harm their Q what is that why your Red Sox and wouldn't you want them to do this. I'll try to answer the prospects. That's why are you on the prospects. Of the raiders would just give up this centerpiece. Guys will play veteran leader. And but about other gitmo have it basically well that'll. Jon Daniels the raiders won nothing more if nothing is most bizarre about Beltre if he's actually leading the team intact it. Why won't let us god that it people's hard luck target for this guy for this guy exposed yep mute down years leading the team batting now it's still hasn't 300. It is a good player. But probably XY heart advocates that lets you know I know I never thought I. It's seeming outside a catcher in the outfield the season maybe first base which in its second if you see him at third base and shortstop trial tomorrow. And this team is that's the baseball play a part link there. Right it's they're very bullish on Blake's wife art right now. I think I think I don't I don't agree I don't agree I don't I do not agree with you oh this whole idea they are. At least somewhat concerned about should not be. On second. Of at least somewhat concerned about blows to the luxury tax for a lot of guys can be a part time play I think that you look at what the move they made. They've been very careful it's around this with peers and while the so forth and so on so I do think that they are gonna be careful about that now that aside to I think Adrian Beltre. If you should make a run at him. Absolutely. Absolutely. This guy is if for no other reason you haven't. Up president that you want in that clubhouse you have a good player that serves a purpose now not the purpose it. Maybe he's gonna serve now compared to when Deborah comes back. But he's a good player and a great about Scott and what things happen I came away from. With the Brodsky court pocket over the last week is that they are prioritized in the clubhouse more and more and more and more. There prior pricing having good guys which seems like. Cliche. By it honestly believe that they do not want this group this thing up. To what what changed from last year in terms of good guys the group of players same thing. Yeah different to. That's telling you what there are things in how their top. What you stick it in the and the biggest change Evan if you record. The record in what changes it for what ever combination of guys you had. Apple talent and personality whatever you are forty teams over 500. And you go back to Dave Dombrowski other teams have been nearly as good as this. The 1997 Marlins which work forty games but they weren't that far off. You today. A utility player Craig Counsell. Over the hill catcher Darren ball. You go to 2006 Detroit Tigers not nearly four games but about twenty games it'll work Sean Casey. So this is what it is modus operandi pace this fit. It does surprise me that when Andy brought it amounts to me which was. Hey you know what I had guys which would have fit this team that we could be looking in the trade market right now. But I said no no no no no because they aren't. The personalities that we want brings up. Beltre the exact opposite Beltre and we've gone through mr. Beltre after 2010 what a bad decision was to move on from him. Because if my opinion. If you surround it Victor Martinez has around that chicken embryo stuff never happened they were undeniably the leaders that. Alex were like that today just. Send a message to Bosnia and negated and you kept up with like apartments when in an ordinary Joseph cool little bit. Well placed 13 of the whole thing is ridiculous it is slightly Bert Holtz and shortly union in the steep you're the birthday. It is gotta you gotta get it Bogart's that they got some points I would've told you sort of that you're the best team in baseball the best it's funny line up evidence to back and keep your bat cleanup recently. Admitted like duplicates money. It's the same thing about Mitch Moreland been hired to. My mine alone getting worked up over this line that's funny line. With that was the Sunday at all. That's how baseball works with on the lot whole life CD player they played a 162 games you don't nod to have you followed baseball being details when the reason why they should go to. You don't reason with me if OK give me the race. The one response Xavier off the money and I'm John Henry Tom what are the reasons if you don't want them to pay you more. Let me answer. I'm not thing. The legitimate reason but it's one of their reason if you'd drop down ten spots in the first front tenth spot on the well if you're getting a guy who's going to be a useless player a part time player lets you you do risk or that. Watched him. Spears looked at the numbers historically the current thinking in those two spot tuchman arm around the bird report right it's never out of tolerance right. I thought you liked what they might be thinking. If I want. What you. Think it I want you tell me what you think Asian pool but no I didn't say it's a huge huge escalation that I've actually I've always had to start up again I've always said I. I bet that that. The word agreement I've always said that. I think I agree with you look you look back at it they don't go let's say they'd be they'd you'll get relief you would agree that it did around right now. Of course this rebels. If they could dance around it and they let's say he loses division fears that championships here likes Hartford. Okay things. You can look back and go. The report that a third it wouldn't work that are eating out I do to show you a 100%. That they should go on that there. I think I think we should ask him paltry yes but I'm telling you I don't think it will because I look at how their operating. So you're you're saying you're used. The Red Sox were operating in a way that does make sense of all I think you're wrong America I think to browse keys to all in two candidates who commit to this group. He knows the window's closing. I think his his legacy is on the line of it all all these different things in and he's taught not to I think our toe we don't need this peak. Evan I would agree would you normally but I come back to it the move they've made so far it's dancing around the luxury tax. That's what dealer gave don't do know Dan its view that gave them deal this David's debts before. David pockets rockets beat. Talking about a poker. Court records a dealer days hard court you know 6177797937. Should the Red Sox go over the luxury tax and the other. Topic being. Brought opera yet this act Britain trade. Earlier this week and by the way. Getting booted Yankee Stadium I know we capital in conversation. The there's nobody in baseball battered blue yankees we can agree these but the. New Yorkers techno goth rock. I. Unfortunately even when are you baby and whether or not there's no doubt after today we drink our coffee with rates and it is now but I feel like it's kind of likely stick. Now at the York not knowledge you know booing. The Boeing with the Yankees the primary this this years when we head cat dog at a passionate. All I've got before the game that's well that's and this kind of bowed before would come out this kind of would pop up like this. They got they got a little pop they get a little published and they get a little more public sunny day and now have. I've been to Baghdad fifteen not not like this is your words may not like this like this I think they're I think that the plane into a little bit. It's Garcia Boston. Talked about so absolutely deserves to go out the last. Now second only joke of a boys double trouble. Last argue that huge joke with where are you wanted to break through Wednesday of Indian prime minister Jackie Bradley relief pitchers was offered up and down and by the way if the best out for the basket and Jackie Bradley made it look to hear from you kill them all its. Philadelphia you know right. Well. North. Into the game now people on page to page edit it's you know that you elbow should pay extra pension Moreland to welcome healthy kitchen if you. Well with relied. Well I hear he felt it all on Ludlow here called level the heart rate again. The Red Sox score they felt last year. From afar that back shelf action. I get that John Ferrell in the Red Sox gave away too much injury information but it. I don't really see the disadvantage. If you're out core. Doing what he did yesterday note that for. Of saying he's dealing with this injury. But he's a bill Burke who are there were two lives when he's not hurt and he's available I understand the lie about. He's available you can't let the other team know. That your guys on the active roster can knock him off the bench okay our eyes journals looks after lie I don't want to supplies we should never applies. But you'd you'd but now we know go for what he's gonna do. I don't see why he had to hide the injury part of that that's the part I don't get around like him he's just sit back. If it did instead two of electing to deal with a knee thing. And if this isn't like hockey where your freedom and I getting checked in the Borges is live with monkey bit and I tried to get a real answer in this and it did go. You asked two questions now and you'll you'll want to vote no new line Wendell and I'm never going to write a note to a question. It's all so we're we're on. Please stop with all the dog. It what if someone fired into an opponent and you go ahead continue your thought. I don't think. Like why did we not. No move that had an oblique and why does an abdominal duplicate that small fish in the in the world of sports team. But there's just no reason to hide. No he's going to have to move back to the oblique or hostile as if it Erica heard other team that can get rich calendar and keep that gets what you get if you the medical's. That's why don't understand mental all of a future player five. Public interest in the right to privacy but thinks they also right away an excellent pocket if in every contract it okay. If the teams can acquire the guy yes why you skeptical look at automatic. Helmet every you're getting off track you know what's acquiring key betterment. It's there's a result is that requirement that I actually it's let's me that's 17 seventh a little bit more. With without you approach I don't know under and understand after the game one bank out in a umi may be played tomorrow maybe law. You can what you did the next day were you were Morley comes ounces of her yeah and then and then boom and courses but he's available smiling as he says and so none of us. Know what to believe when the united available right at them a day before that saved knees hurt. I don't have to be well again before the game I don't have that huge problems in the answer rounded Tuesday you know it's just not a day he came to Anderson but. Think we don't know that's fine after the game news there wasn't any need for you could say he's banged up room they. You may be available maybe not criticize outscored muted as well do you think the picture. On on listen I'm. Right on board with reality ride aboard the reality Evan. That should be on the bumper sticker rob Bradford right on board the reality 6177797937. Exciting things that are coming up. I argued about media starts 1145 always exciting. By. Jobs. Evan is gonna go outside. And buy a pack of baseball card is an original idea. The wizard on the donor whatever you setting now nodded off he's gonna buy a pack of baseball cards and more than one once every every gas at 1045 Raymond Kelly. We've just yet tickets a week together. All right well tell Austin gutless hit maybe if so at 1045 we will have a Red Sox player in. I think he's gone. Told him to double the golf cart or war. So exciting hour coming up all of that right. It's radio WEEI. Well we talk to them I guess that's so I think some of part of it we really like this fit for us. State college at. Hours trading yesterday. That is. We've split up back Damon one more time. Might just like one. If you're. Wolf there's did well. My. That's Dave Dombrowski from earlier this week after that day after the made the big news involved traded all of the course. This pitching today and we are very exciting but here people out about Fenway Park City crowded electric has been electric. The great time to come down tape I. To us in the opening race lines yeah. And why we're in right. Avant trial on company time it may be and company guy who knows. This spot baseball cards. And we knew all 1990. In 1990. This is upper deck that. OK I got a kid that's Keith Hernandez is great. I had her had these people. Do you remember herb. To Canseco and burden can. Some. Security. Excellent we have more axle beach the beach and one dollar each nineteen Y got a Fernando Valenzuela. Culture you politics. Lot on now the top. It off or. Are needed reps like players are again on its. I will operate through these I would trade you arrive at Gary Sheffield usually that video. Q how are you law that with polls reforms that at that. And it's. I've deleted pictures likely target. Exactly that. So it's I don't look at Ivan look that. Gary Sheffield was oh it might Tommy's team not only in the image for you. He hits through 407099. So anyway it's a lot about the Red Sox Red Sox trade deadline even belts today. Evans can't believe a lot of they put out earlier today we've lakes Leinart played third base that's critical off. Robin flaw in robbed a 01. Rob are there. Yeah under today morning. The morning about that in you know you're talking about going over the Kaplan now. And getting sort of play third base sort of play shortstop second base anyway look at who relent and let the guys about. Jose lasers. The short. And work. Not a terrible thought Veba if there's a lot of the guys that people have brought up brought people brought Brian Dozier was another one here to. Now I know I know that but obviously but it let go. Austin the bullet already were looking at the Robert obviously look at playoffs right so. This is the guy that has been on the rosters basically got better version wouldn't let them you know than the Yankees academic playoff roster but. At least Iglesias and have a chance. About that probably maybe even supply a little bit of arch lineup only because he's too. At all it yeah I'll root really worry about what punches display in the line of prop but the other part about this is Brandon Phillips reached operated Phillips. Was when it's going to I decided after the way that he was going might be able to do something he looked well in the minor leagues now he gets. It on the Andy at some exact thing earlier and I don't know if you count. No doubt radicals it's likely that may be Iglesias. I thought I appreciate. It. I think you need you. Don't. Feel like at least. How much much better than. Little enemies into seventy right now I mean he's he's I mean obviously gonna get more on the path to Atlanta to let that make roster for the playoffs at least. The blaze is would have as far as heat on me about the deep it's horrible really special with the lineup they've got today. He would definitely built that area a whole lot better with him in there. I think it's a question do you do you need a second mission but there are are you sure it situation you're at Tucker you might have to go get to Winfield. Enough. Why because you could make the argument before devers got hurt that you need at second base. Yes they've been he worst production second base in the majors yes yet somehow Jackie read your there's been a problem Justine present that everybody everybody smooth as. I don't argue that this is about a mile and half the people. That's that's the last study covered gamed by oil rich yeah. The cica if you look exactly if David Hewitt today. Okay. So if you're talking about what the Red Sox need with the rats are going to get. Take a step back and take a step back from your baseball card in 1990 baseball cards take a step back with mustache. Are. My had a nickel for every time you said. Take a step back what do you think when we get to Tuesday at 4 o'clock what you think the Red Sox will. They'll that lever in in one. Wanted. One but I mean if you go out if I'd like excitement if you don't let it Belcher would be excitement factor because people's. Are you kidding me he's still lots that be great for people to. And you could go out and dad you know Andy's Andy he's relief pitchers and it can be legitimate relief pitchers it doesn't make that it could belching would cause more buzz around here is they remember what he wants. He was a gritty. Jedi guy a guy who played well and is still a good player. I don't know if you knew the seven he talks to rob feel that first big pocketed and he met there's no even bachelor. Much like you said I would have yeah. You set that as your mentor. Yes. Absolutely yeah you told me the important now and I did not seem Houston. It's a total of six it's evidence evidence that would 7937. Well early to get them. Would have. It is not available. At literally the if you giggled at. Its controls. And one of the one of the free agent to be and what what's your what's your take on people making him but he on my you know the average of stupid columns. In yeah. Category and what does it say you register called her right. You're you're you're right and so much is people keep asking the prospects of these people. Yes they have the specs it's that the prospect they literally. That's. But I think. Of frustration but my frustration. Comes from these morons like that stupid. Base that baseball observers show and I. I hyperbole that's what people say hey take a it's like playing with or guys on these minor league team the Red Sox don't have an entirely laugh now. There. Our team the expert to go low and sure. That that split but both look at the guys they traded. At UW in new ones that are basically arguing. That should argue semantics with with these are not really slight white. Just let me that's why everyone's so protective of that stupid show our station which but up the baseball observer show the one of them are railing on. I. Just you like your. You're not know on what happened. I don't know whether you know as well as I do happen that they are saying they are saying that there don't they could. Possibly make a trade because if they don't have any minor leaguers that anybody wants well I don't know what parts and with. Well that why you tighten up quite about it that you can't stick. You caught you in the long would you marry you and Jim Ayers I don't know Jimmer you all jackass. Now apple and Arizona now. Yeah I do it could be better thank you. Writes wreck I'd love to have 800 out Beltre. Well it's okay rob only I don't. Beltre to do. OK okay. And I think we got to go over the luxury tax. About Josh Donaldson I know is. Injured right now we're should be back in a couple weeks I think you would be great. Your little Luna also a wall socket base to. He's knots it be great to be perfect here easily watch. I mean yeah it is that about the play offs if you think about what you will be able to do for us in the playoffs and beat you it's all depending on a lot of even before this Raphael Everett's injury. The question had to been past a low. What rock he'll never as the guy the. You want to lead you through the playoffs at third base would lead and we levee. You've got hot lately he's obviously a big home run the other day. So what did you that's universal that called WW dot com because there wasn't I'm asking is it time to move on from Rockwell Deborah bass with your your. Ever give up on Deborah I'm running like twenty column today in Europe we're doing our heart you're doing you're doing nothing and you say I haven't seen that how they. Death I was I'm definitely working on it. It's cure under the widest open offensive this demo. Let's cover some of us working on stories and some of the churn out blah blah most of. Injured that non avoiding mostly I'm waiting for the lovely truck I haven't it's too late. To let you keep saying stores a common. It's too. It's too. If I'm giving you that what you say you like right blocked field average is to insert you and how we got. On the future we got to go to corporate. Oh we found out that are Red Sox players can be studio while to get weren't the golf carts working we get to go to break if he comes out. 6177797937. After a Red Sox yet. Who is on his way down to the Old Dominion freight lines studios very exciting will continue to open our baseball cards show. And the drought crop Bradford beat back. Sports Radio WEEI. And I'm sorry your own thing. They do wrong but that's an hour with a headset on Red Sox player. Spreading. It to argue turn it down. Miracles of our technology to be here. To speak into the Mike. Work in order that if this went. If it's work Galen. Good actor I've met Matt Barnes as well as for the Boston Red Sox pitcher plus side. It's not strike the you know it's not right it's not on. Ever in life goes it trial or so this is great radio anyway. Matt Barnes that yet that will work unfortunately haven't been talking is that for the last two hours. So. We have been talking a lot about the Red Sox and fortunately the accident cracked Red Sox of their ego as good as always the cracked right such media relations that Justin Long good job. He got the golf cart yet come down on the golf cart. Yes our outlook you dial but do you take the you and take the bullpen card in Detroit I did not now. When are we have this conversation this is no way back it's about the run right. T every key tock me to hear him. You're ours. After you pass me knows that the other questions. So you take the bullpen cart because all about the run and we we have talked about the importance of the run. We did in there yes we did with the ball wins and I says. Yeah and you're in units that every lead that's different we can't talk about we have to get a Nazi. We've already talked about this on the award winning Bradford so podcast. And so Matt our congratulations on a good year so far thank you. Use of the quest of 100 miles an hour you're so close yet so far away. I said this is that you were literally you probably. Point re off. Did you and we you know went out there after it told me that it trying to throw harder. On that's you really. Close. At all. I used in the radar gun readings are. Dog's name sometimes try to do more yet to produce oh like golf exactly okay. Like okay. So why you're so close to get there someday. What is it sixteen. Yes or I don't know Yuxi Eden is it okay why didn't I looked it up I NC RNC to. The government for did it again Jack it accounts that try to make you feel it YE. Why so tell me for a first off the trade deadlines have enough I'll ask the tough questions first. Trade deadlines governor out. Al you're you're trade map news flash. Regulations. You're almost been trails and arbitrator rumor. Or are remembered on the mind. Not enough where my agent called me. Awed and got that call know it but there was knows what you don't remember any speculative. Now trade rumors now no not. In my okay plea not to get traded this camera. At the correct choice you but there is very is. People are saying. Dave Dombrowski might be targeting relief pitchers your that's your policy that's your group you guys are tight you believe in each other. You guys talked about when your out they're stretching these you know what you don't need stake in relief pitcher work good enough. Let me. Everybody here's the situation and you kind of have an idea of what's going on. You know we believe that the group we have hazard good. With an eighteen returning to abetted any editing and in any you know positions program. But this Intel recently we feel that we are very good group there it's a group that's been together for you know Kofi years now. And then we think it is for news for the majority of the year and in the large part of this year and last you read routes on relive all together. Do you take offense to got take offense is like us against the world type of thing now now it's it's more if that word. Welcome that you that you better. And unity aspect of the game helpless ultimate goals answers. So it's given visas. Even now it's in the office now. They. Yeah you guys think probably we can say blow you relievers don't you guys are. Out there. And percent. If you see the best of yourself. Now. Mort. Yeah. Open the Yankees. Given best bullpen in baseball. It that's the confidence that we need. There. There yes. It's all it comes back to the poultry hotline right so it might you must be sort of befuddled by this symbolic if if you think you have the best bullpen in baseball why don't we need another quarter. I'll know what he beat you one. I don't know. I don't know uncut the middle I'll ask you put. Well ever hear average you can get another. Note. Yes it I think you guys benefit and I think Matt's attitude that you know you can always get better that's when but he. Feels that way. I want to ask you Matt about your success this year. Stop. This out. That's put into question because we're talking about the trade deadline. Cash sports please commitments for all I wanna know what's up to be a little bit about why your view from the. Before you institute. He can we wrap up this conversation please. It's a think you're the best bullpen in baseball you have to fight if I think you early I think that one of the things that. Since Joseph has struggled. Against lefties right you Joseph was the guy against lefties. So you guys get a have to define maybe it's already there is someone who said that's the got to get the left. And we got lucky you've got lefties in Orange thing you can see where I'm coming from. OK even with a basketball and now. Last question like a bit or. Is it that that's legitimate I think I'd a been there. Yes do news at a couple a couple of Duke's pretty good last night though he was very good idea too weak ground balls he would two strikeouts. It's a long season every reason to go through their pick ups so it's phenomenal all of watches he was phenomenal. For the first three months of the season. A bomb. And I've no doubt my mind that he's going to be phenomenal moving forward you know views on the ball all Craig is great. Of Valassis has been anomalous. You know doing whatever is asked them. Raisers in very good. Arm. That you probably wise. When he got in the locker room. And yet because although the office now. No I nobody was never in spring training. So you've never around. And usually back that some games yeah yeah that's it's it's a north that's the sleight on him he's been buried yet right but to some bizarre thing like. Never around this guy who just drops in from nowhere but who's that guy McCormick about blowing 98. On Thursday off the that's that's that's. So so I I. I applaud you for the confidence in your cohorts are coworkers. And I can see where your comment from. And I hope that you can see where I'm coming from us and I think I lies somewhere in the middle of the extreme. And Evan said Evans that he believes the immutable and other open that's fine. That's what the great gave a baseball's all about right okay now Evan ask your stupid questions. It's like baseball but when he's he's if you look at bribes numbers. You look at your own number look at me that's realized that the public is sometimes a look at Vietnam all accused of events that are a bomb. But it's more. Arm slot stride vying kind of stuff like that meets to insist it's not. More than the fired these notes. The mechanical workings yet so did you know your slider curve ball had been more effective so funny I those slot earlier carpal to skirt. Just let's go back to slide. If they get the picture identification issue thanks to cover it gave it three weeks. Question marks up the next. The slider with a bad it's who's made it worth it baseball guy across it was so that's gone weekend that. On. I don't know how to curve ball game. 86 series I really don't bomb I worked with some stuff on any. In terms of mechanical Maurer and rotational things that poses moral atop the arm slots down about 34 inches this year than it was last year. So what's more than sixteen. Sixteenths while we did the right at the velocity that was in sixty. And courtly shipment that occur boys gain three or four miles an hour. Man. From where right I don't know it is that happened in the splitters occasional right yes of those players this lose more of it's at its it obviously is the first year of the program trying to get more comfortable with the we're gaining comfort and confidence that it. But the the spot that I'm in right now I think my councilman crumbled really good right now and if I got beat in my third as it's a situation which don't. Need to use or it doesn't present itself as a really good option. That it be kicked myself. As edit fervent. Your immediate. Now networks when read the media now now was kind of course just. You have dreams a bit you have to be more specific. A fifth. So I don't wanna keep you all will live long day here and you've got to get back you said there's two things he wanted to wish you were sleeping correct it just its outlook for our.