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Sunday, April 22nd

The Weekly Media StarS from Rob Bradford comes with some controversy this week.


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Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah. Seeing the man. It seems content to convince enough now. Sure she settles. Yes I have assault with a they space and that's your that's the brunt of shows. I mean it's something special for rapid growth sphere where it's dominated this week proud social podcast dominate this week but you know that. I got the numbers of clicks a clicks. Content which one was so good at all of them in kerosene can let it off he's always a good take he'll be doing the pregame show donate. And and then John Smoltz was excellent excellent. Been seeing Kenny with very very good and we punctuated with Ashley Kelly right from Joseph Kelly. There's nothing more Bradford then having. A podcast Sam Kennedy and entitling it. A very good podcast with him ten million iconic I didn't click for that reason it was so offensive to you can't declare your own podcasts good why in the headlines. Of course I kid you can't be looked like it ain't no I don't hate it. And the numbers bear out that I looked relieved that you like you want to look right there revelations Evan somebody new on the podcast after the show this would be the first time for I thought you know look. The fact that you've gone this long and I've done so let's review unit never in the pockets without the podcasts that united do for the first time should be a special there will be fashionable I think you're just turning to because you know enough to turn to. That's because I'm right out embarrassing Ken's gonna be on it though. I'm ticket I kick off the week with cashing ten as everyone knows at about oh you're still ahead. Not kicking off the week Sunday into Monday. Were taken off the week kerosene can always does it I'm letting you we usually have a special guests here our special guest today. Anyway 6177797937. IA my apologize. Four. For misrepresenting what Tommy turned that he did not write a column but yet a tweet it's in this day and a few who can tell the difference. But his tweet was for eighteen years offseason workouts have been seen as it. As bedrock period for upcoming season they get 99% attendance. Always at the end of successful seasons we hear how important this time boys two captains are skipping so far. The main instruments. Scrutiny I mean this is this to me is this hits the nail on the head enough I've reached the limit everyone else should reach the limit. Of Rob Gronkowski. Doing this monster super cross motor cross. Wacky whatever pretty chilly stuff why because. Leverages via. Clearly is there money playing it's either culture changing the tenth or a solo show well just don't show up and what what likes what should be beat because you beat. Why kit because if if he's a good teammate as Tommy Kurt is able to swallow its video on the if you know what I read in Toms tweet. The 899% attendance always that the in the successful seasons we hear how important this time points. And and so if I if you wanna skip for leverage that's your prerogative. But don't go up there and do the league based upon market really cannot area of it that you're that you're going to be quiet. And and to simply skip it like I'll buy it but if if you're if you're going to this thing especially if you're going in this thing the optional workout with the patriots that we as we said very very important. 99% more dependence. Important team. Into import the plays an important it's the is that important and it didn't Dick I'll read it again Avant. Always at the end of successful seasons we hear how important is time once he sing Tom's wrong. If you're in the but are you saying that Tom wrong well are you saying that your coworkers wrong that's that you think Robert can you shut up and go play football and no I do not think colors site you should not do things like yesterday where you're mocking the guy you're basically saying. All these guys who are participating in this who. Are trying to do it because for the wrong cute. Fine but also for the team. A new thing in Africa and now I'm not gonna go that if I'm going to be catching big air. Because I'm going to be fine tuning my my super cross rob did a good job Rutland county. One of the positive that can reduce the rob dude you'd rather than a good job of bringing attention. To. Moat across the shortest month enjoyed it thank you it was a good pitch man better pitchman and you could ever thank you do with US jobs that is what the biological experts who does the job that pressed for the wrong or are they still talk to go about six I don't think bush that hurt his organization. What do you figure our the page this comes back to a time of Lonnie with the guidance after tree like it's. It's like the easy answer this is a general effect wins and losses are going to be that no of course not no it's not but. We have the right to criticize when you screw up and add to this point with grind. It's always been laughing and not gone along with it like that Ortiz -- get worked up over that but it was crock it was a roast an effort. But in this when you're talking about juxtapose union against. Everybody else's Baird what you expect from the deep you know show up for your own leverage that's your prerogative. But do you think it's like April it will always attempt. It it I haven't I hope rob there's aptly be honest it for it is it is Broderick the voice it and it also is my prerogative to say you stupid reduced. Because. Awake and he did it because it makes the patriots look bad he should be here he's that he's a player he's put that team. Yeah but if you're just don't tell just are you staying put the TX. But this is. Attitude of of so many people toward athletes and particularly in football it its its its logo on your shift though you're what they are all currently drawn. It would talker and things right that that. That it it's important that you do look back all eyes valuable. If it doesn't mean it's going to be Gibson wins and losses but that doesn't mean he's come Tommy turn I don't think it's the last line should be the last line demands scrutiny. Demands scrutiny. Your goal until wrecked when you analyze the person that you are eighteen gateway it. Pot meet turn you're going against him you're not go against army colonel demands scrutiny. That's what he knew it would desperately both to people and that's right. Patriots management it can say our rob here's your money here's what you deserve will pay their market value whatever qualities. Shut up and report that's right and it's over. But some solid you're mine if the patriots who who who deserve. The benefit of the doubt the players should be acquiescing to them. The way it's always died so what this whole guys got Evans who don't misrepresent what I'm saying I said that I have no problem him using elaborate. I'm not showing up and then you know proud with what happened I'd say if it's a bad look at a bad way to execute that leverage when you get up there and you make a mockery of this thing that is important to the team. What if Rob Gronkowski feels that there are things that are important of his life that are being made mockery of by pitcher. What if he feels as salaries what if he thinks that the culture you think there. Look UnitedHealth refuting your age and older you have people here. Like all right we want something different here yes and and winning relish the usually don't make him at this week. I didn't know of course it would is that. He said when asked about that stupid line of questioning me you're talking about Lego my goodness dates older and and these guys say that there have been so little fun. Well and Rob Ninkovich had you know what's fun is winning ball well there is an original vault all the good and well I think I dropped I think he and he's an all the other stuff that you're talking about it's dumb and this is coming from a I think there's this is coming from a guy who doesn't have any any dog in the fight anymore he. Played he's in that organization he knows he knows the reality of the situation and come back to grunt. Is does he owe anything the patriots is yet or the patriots may be but don't you think that brought might be a good teammate and be a good teammate isn't sort of peace shut up and Libya no no it is as it is not it's not denigrating. The F reporting in by those hey all you guys what you're doing that you should be over with me catching big air is not denigrating of that than if there's a major birdie at your rig which you boards and if you think that rob can weigh con I have a request before I forget. I we get weeded one more we need one more music today we were using a lot of them today than ever before this hour's up. Because he is on board with Rob Gronkowski. He's going to read the lyrics frequently. Wu whose lives they I don't know that those always complete with supposedly we take a little things that. Problem that you know that's like when you saw the light the electrically. Sure it's so in case people don't know Rob Gronkowski says ask men about coming back NC where people can expect. Is the going to be if the frequently can this is apparently song right. As an artist and a turtle that'll be I used the ghoul find out. So we gonna have an avid avid is a big fan he says he's on he knows that he knows very well. We'll pull up the lyrics and having to read exactly because I think there is like this like spitting the record backwards seven. You find out the real meaning beyond what's going on and because he referenced this song this is a rock and house just this is be drawn that we're going again. You know where they'll the next discussion and India and and you have to dorms we're not gonna decide I want to do it before I forgot go ahead Kentucky's of the told rob think OK if you had made folder in anger cal scheme to get in and then he can throw up with Brady and FaceBook thing about all that commerce time and then you have Rob Ninkovich come out. And and for some reason wherever Rob Ninkovich says mr. Bradford that that that's true that's reality. It is what you don't understand that there are different realities here Rob Ninkovich might be perfectly happy being miserable and winning obviously some other people at this point. This is to have you seen people who are expressing the difficulty playing for the patriots and obviously for war. But to think that it that you should. Except that ad infinitum and that in certain point doesn't Wear. Nope I've no problem with some coming years of this environment is is is need and you should be changed or is no longer. Should the door not the week the environment of the patriot should be changed his values that he can win another virus cancer you short temper can UN like the patriots have. I think Bill Belichick. Has adapted in his career and should continue to 6177797937. Tell me. Tell Evan why Evans completely right by you know whatever and here's the thing. When I mention this people will probably be don't know leave rock alone he's the talent on the pro beyond your side on this. Novel about Crocker and fun to about it's usually people are on the side of management that this is the way it always goes. Really well the pitcher out there and as I entered baseball free agency right. I'll wake of player that I get hundreds of millions of dollars that went in to take the money they screwed them up get up not listened. The market is not not a free market into it entirely thought by rules are negotiated by players and in teams that it it it. He need to understand. That the that the players side if justice to eight as worthy as the owners they. Comes back to the owners who comes back to when you have Iran of this much success than you have to look at what was the foundation what are some of the the pieces that are so important that you continue to do a mess Tommy current point out is usually 99%. Attendance rate at this thing is usually reference later as an important part of it it's not Tom Brady isn't there either is not the be all and now. And and you are gonna run into times during a run where you're gonna have conflict toss change we got caught pushing contracts. Cut you short. But we tricky to change and they do they really yes OK clearly everything right now whether that's just Cheney a dollar bigger guards contract whether that's making some modification of the culture that you don't have this you know here's the only you know what they don't want to change for Rob Gronkowski. You know. Because that's straight tomorrow. You know what that's probably what's gonna happen and they're probably would I don't know if you knew this they could Whitney won without them and they probably gonna win without without and more important to fly with Tom Brady's there you are the. Classic patriots chump that that this is exactly the line of thinking of it it it few organizations. Way it did it in and you don't populist organization know if if I. It's happening orders as having a good quarterback eight. 83 mere quarterback. And also having eight foundation in place that has proven that the test of time and that's what we're talking about here because. Going back to can they win without grunt of course they can win without court they have one without wrong. The only guy I think the biggest difference makers thought that's correct and I think he's really the reason whenever I think actually got any. Just we're following patent coverage that's really what I'd evidently you're so wrong image of US and I'm gonna give you. This is this Wally here for all day. Yeah what's up what a little bit out of Blake's wife that you would do well. Thank you whether they gonna do. Oh with just that is what we train and take ground ball to speculative we go bogey supposedly come on back Friday. And the the second basic but right now two back to lower disks now when this guy hasn't trade value and empty get somebody else in the infield besides. Brought cold and so Whalen. Yeah good good topic. Lee Blake slide art is not one play much baseball this month there's some series of injured because in the even then. If rod viewpoint and that's where do you plan this is he's just. I don't see wasting away he's got able to have on the roster as a contingency. But it's not good for his career market for his long term value and I have to out score the other day in Anaheim where rob Bradford did not travel to I was there. It really paid off it was Greg. No I drew would buzzing about it the court talked about. Why they're why companies Phillips at the UN you went out there now and there's a lot of burglary behind fairly inexpensive as the auto murmuring there was no bottom we runaways the bullet that you might not have one weighs I don't know that worked at a anyway go ahead got to cut come up with a better example but go ahead. Wells so last court that's why they said. At every day trying to think of ways when he split shot I don't understand so. But he did not fail to find exactly sure. And pretty much insurance. I may be my character and that's basically why Evans try to find that. Earth shattering quote his coach Steven noon hey Steve what's going on. Again I you know with the drug embraced in its special the Brady. I feel like it's the first time I think all the leverages that into a 500 yards and as a whole must. To a backup quarterback using America quarterback yeah. It that much about the money after its about it. It's that it did elaborate a time when he's certainly doing it for storm coach can get our second best defender on the bench and watch it salute. You willing what you can try to loot but even willing to look at that game to prove a point and so if I'm radio digging what am I doing it. And that helped Eric what happened with crappy grumbled about it after that still put people to take a break to go back now. And you sure crafted you know they're not know that I'm gonna take a couple before that coached awaited Super Bowl. So note that changes everything in my life and then. Is Steve thanks in here's an interesting you bring up the Brady in the Super Bowl. We go over and commerce is time won the eclipse every once surfaces with commerce this time is when he's driving. From the EC championship game and stock on the ground in the cards saying I don't know how we won this without. Mean that that is if you're talking about leverage that's pretty good chuckle average right there. You need that comment provinces. Through no but if Brett we keep saying rightfully so you can win without crock you can win without grunt. But it shows the most important guy what he's prioritizing. Or at least I get a glimpse into. I do think at a certain point this. Patriots feeling of they can win without basically anybody walks away is a little money and I understand. The success of the franchise but. Everybody is literally everybody's replaceable is is is the attitude anytime somebody leaves in the time somebody's acting up going against the grain heaven forbid somebody go against the grain of Bill Belichick. It's. That we don't need to patriots would win. But anyway this is is the fly in your your argument flog your argument which is. They'd usually they've done this they've won without guys. They want I don't know if you knew this they beat Atlanta you know who was a tight end. Who was the tide and know that and that without the kind of victory that major think well they did not always who was absolutely would be it was a Soledad as you and I won a Super Bowl. I believe it was Christian port at Evan you can you can you can. You have plenty of examples. You support what we're talking about here of this guy leaves this guys available back eyes and available and you still win. Mean they they were in position to win the Super Bowl not only with nothing lasts forever not knowledge without Julian cattlemen. Oh without cooks me without their. Arguably their best other receiver do you still need count. Accorsi talent anyway in the end but with a patriots of course you need talent and you know where that showed up last year people when it when that defense was so decimated it got so thinned out they couldn't stop the Eagles you absolutely need talent and that's why what is a great debate heading into this draft. Which if you have these picks to use them to to make these pieces of the roster better boards you do what. A lot of people think in the case to make sure that the quarterback position is in good hands for the next ten years because you could trade these. First round picks to get. Eight what you think is a premiere quarterback or you could use him for left tackle for a linebacker for things that they really need. Thicker and go for things they understand quarterback speculation that it if you're not able to it is also that you love. Would you begrudge him for though if they did that if they said Rick is in the air mine near scouting. But he says Josh frozen is our guy and we we are pretty confident so will willing to sacrifice these two draft pick which you get other things for. To get this guy I wouldn't begrudge him for. If that's the bet that they have to get that right you can make that back. That might be suckered well you might be sacrificing some success in the immediate future thank you which is assists. I don't see that is being the place it just doesn't. Add up three but if you do make that the plate and John frozen double I'd better pay off for whatever the second for the trip up that are being worked in the future so if you're given a thumping in the months. 6177797937. Evan and I are would you all the way up into Red Sox pregame kerosene can will be. Peddling those duties as Joseph and came of the call. All the way from Oakland. We also will have media stars at the top of the alchemy probably our break wide yet the horns ready I think it's pretty obvious. Who is gonna get the number one media start up whose aggregate number two is having an hour of three who all. Most I don't know and Evans also gonna be reading. Bill lyrics from the song that Rob Gronkowski said it. Basically is reference again this is who I'm going to be this is why this this little piece of information the lyrics of the song. Will lead you down the road to where you want to not do that earlier this. Ever it's gonna be read the lyrics we have this sound ready go the views that happened congress has created an idea not gonna do all listen to that app and put it actually. Sports Radio WEEI. Like this music. But your first things. We want. Today Leesburg you. I stress on the creative ways on and leeway program. Naturally then I re right many times and that's evident relic of rob rats for all the way we view up and soon the Red Sox pregame show. Trust our marketing as you know there's two important non to really now I'm not a big brisket. I mean this is argue that the Packers are also. You could put the number one could commit that argument race. As soft as soon as an. We got again long were you 61777979. Threesome let's go right after the phone lines Maloney stone them how are you doing today. Let's pretend. Good. Or get on air so cool little. Cute little letter and app on skid. It's an effort. Yeah this is the yeah yeah he's he's a big fan on aptitude and armed Soviet equipment. Is all of it I don't I don't get like the whole chain of course church Dietrich ancient cultures. You know he'll say it could broke don't fix it you're you know it's not broke like it's a winning culture. The patriots are winning team they wouldn't even occurred at receiving equate. And the whole the whole lot of you know pay the players are having on. Took on the job I don't know what got that note cards we aren't quite port side but I you know they know what the Lombardi trophy probably really really really working hard. So melodic only I had to just tell me do you think they can kind of key is being a whiny babies Brady from a we infer for everything about him being a whiny baby was Neitzel older. Are all these guys are on line. Out of line but yeah. So there in the so they're actually now I mean if you if you look back what he. Its commitment. On you know that needy kids you put a lot alike routine birdie and you've been through a whole lot. And I think cute and they're bad or excuse that why you wanted change which means you've been there are long aren't very. Free you know the critical time you didn't want their got you in a special commission ordered equal no. Talk about things that he's seen that could go on until they're eighteen. And you know people think that they're. Marching in the orchards in Qatar he complaining. I don't think that you. I think you know in the a great call off some call call back anytime. I appreciated. That culture in an organization is important. I think Maloney. It's full blown. This is this what we did this for doing that. Period of an audio out there I'm not doing size so in case you missed it not enough to HS to. She's the press the press conference yesterday station Rob Gronkowski said what was it where you said people asked him like what what we can expect these I don't know George he's figured out who spent. He just talking your spot wasn't what it's about the Rob Gronkowski use talking about at the super cross would be monster super cross your job promoting that. Ron. He was talking about this the question war it's. Okay. It what do you have to say your fans were wondering about your future. And he says they're going to see a free two week but I comeback that's one. Now I had no idea what he's Tyree news what each time so to me because I'm an investigative reporter I have a serious mind it's worth a go. I Google freak a leak and evidently it's a song correct. Correct I'm not regional air Jen I got into this that exists this song you better do a month of them to. Americans from plan to put band that instrumental could be. Might give us one burns off the Laird who can't there just walking on my favorite country and why not do what birth let's continue under her eyes not to. But I'm a fan clubs one avid quit Red Sox won at least a month for talk Red Sox this Ali talk Red Sox that he could be won or not happen. But you also router is all there are songs that left the rat you know people along the people what they thought apparently it what you did there are people out there on. God totally do it. I don't like Italy x.s and never heard but he gives you Google and Google this particularly him because. It's important if Rob Gronkowski is saying. His words. They're going to see you're free to leak when I come back. I wanna know what the heck of frequently is and get on the Internet open and include needle browser and good pit at its. I'm not doing manly man map map back on it for you clothing. 33. Got a picture of me earlier today a great great picture Bradford high school with was in high school yet the high school I believe that's going to check and you think it's later. Now could be a mean side of the same sort of want to do right now go to high school the Shaun Smith. Yes that's who whose book. It won't directly it's fair it's it's made its way to me as a very flattering photo. My Florida Gators swords. Template with a 1940s. Pickup truck and that's that I have no idea who's pixel where is that picture take iron imagine through the Hamilton went to him through when regional high school directly answer were you even seemed like he could have been awfully good looking. I was wrote all of it I was the whole package. As a whole package. And you pesos 6177797937. Adamant he failed to show. God you wanna read it eventually it's to move on. You don't get me some lessons from Matt let's let the adults to just keep keep this is important thing is important Evan. If Rob Gronkowski says quote they're going to see you freak leak when I come back I wanna know what they're getting gets. Somebody somebody can increase what's gone and. Okay target K this is rock the boat that reports though from shorts. And I think that the enclave buckled within the next month. But this guy that he won't be here right so he basically went from postal blow to Cy Young. He put all blow back to Saudia pretty much. I don't. It's amazing to me how our guys can be so good in so bad. And I unprotected. You know in consistent basis wouldn't between this guy hadn't changed from the eightieth annual. What one thing is is that this isn't sort of I guess is at the beginning of year so it's little differently you would have. I would get with buckles and all seven degrees a look at Eduardo Rodriguez is being beat the modern day buckle. Of the guys that whose immensely talented. Well also also late we keep hearing how electric key is we've seen it sometimes he had to know almost no hitter couple years ago and it's a mean that sort of that's from way that he reminds me more buckles in four Soledad S. Why did I hear is done about comparison mean. I data every other night in achieving guy he won the Cy Young granted at all in any EP are you gonna win again this year than what. This picture of baseball actually. Almost even literally statistically the worst pitcher baseball quote do it right. Yeah did open up the home runs in this instead Clark. He sure I get the inning race unit held. And now back to be in life where he was whatever it says that it somehow I can be so good potential. I can let me explain this two in and to everyone listening to build on T did you have another point I don't hang out party for him. Are the patriot through a quick inculcate then about oh it's part of grunt goes request what I think is gonna happen if somebody makes an offer to them. You talk Evan just talked about how you can win with it they did it and score points and attitude they have. I'm an agreement that if someone makes them so offer. Of one he's got it it once you're off the reservation and you're not buying and I think the Belichick you. You're pretty much yet that it would be shocked at all that the the number a lot of but the number one tech everywhere apart both text. Don't that they can't turn those picnic plays I'd a guy that I would predict awful while they were addressed in due date in cloudy in the last year of his contract. And chanting that they were talking about a fusion would move him to the right edge. If they can get pumped in from rock steady work will be graduating cloudy could they need somebody on defense I can totally see that happen. Eyes and I agree I Dan thanks I agree with much of what you think your rocks now can get what you want I think from routine for your bit landlocked because of the teams can say yeah we love the upside but their health issues there in my system that Poland right now go. How often do you she first Olympics. It's for Sam Bradford and I mean one guy analyst art. That's a quarter yeah. Bailey and every argument you have tonight. Come on it's a rare situation that you see someone is talking about retirement someone who use days it's being subversive right now it's too big word for you bit. There there's a reason for the team to a guy like him that I ultimately. First I figured it began shortly again you know. If they don't think the team's really taken without the old people had to give of the first round pick for grow on top current army corps wrote one point that. If you think it's it's retiring now what happened to go through another French. Boy you would have to get a frontier government assurances. Q you can and it's just you can back channel audience if he thought of him if he says that it rocky India as a wacky in his we meet you happy happy that bottom. On to me Murkowski is more relative to to you on the team and he's going to be in a tree the return for Barack is not going to be what you want because of the teams will. Enough questions that the knock an offer that your deal like this are great it was your reports out today. Now if you hit it good and if they it's been a long evolution and for sinker ball to particular so. He what one can reverse changer last year and any pet that command to begin with but you're seeing sinker ball overall. Being phased out because of launch any of these upper cuts on the baseball. It's harder to survive as the type of pitcher that report so is the the old Steve Trachsel type guy whoever you want name if you haven't on the downward movement. In our really precise and locating. It's just it's just take more typical life soap. The Porsche all the red tucked on fifteen was still. Finding his way founder Wayne sixteen he lost something at seventeen and then there's there had to be a further evolution it's been it's spinning. More than anyone on the Red Sox last four years and begin to militants had to go. Do this type of survival mode that he's had to go to. You done. Sell those produced 6177797937. Continue the conversation along with getting ready for media stars in the top of the hour. Now obviously will lead this. As if you didn't know all the way into Red Sox pregame which is gonna be a fast seeming game to listen to of these. Dole the back porch listen this Red Sox game and as I predicted Celtics again waxed me it's like what is corner. I think you're down twelve or fourteen so much that they get the stupid thing artistry is another reason to watch this game. Going on here upcoming TV schedule with computers okay. All right 6753. Wind died just in a five minutes left in the third. Not worth watching but you order is worth doing. Worth doing turning on their radio. Listening to us listening can later in the pregame show and listening the red size game we'll get back you with all of it right after this. That's definitely. Three. Liberals like I had been to I've been to a Green Day concert and you told me. Third the sevens so it was about 22 years it was a couple days ago. Would you go. Friend of mine I tickets through. Who. Warm music. Video and it is the loser this is you know what this is exactly like this is exactly like what took over from the start today as well I'd 1150. Which were in went by started talking about this hotel he was in when what's his name what was the president former prison yeah. Cork we know was knocked over part. He had a hard the yes yes president harding's of that hotel room I thought I know no I saw. Now do we have this kind GQ pull that sound. Because this is important to I think why it's important. Because we have to show like how valuable media stars are at all 11451150. Every single Sunday because if you don't have that. You get late this deadlock talking about it and you get evident. Wanted to talk about it more because he's somehow involve the. Store because buckets in hotel room for one night apparently decided that it is during the playoffs in 26 team in mean Jason astronaut. Where at the same motel and we walked in. And and saw the book showed us around with this act where this president got the Republican nomination. Big deal smoked children. I think view is that better than me stars honestly mean this is the vault or did you come to prepare for me yes of course they did. Usually you walking in here asking people for suggestion I asked for suggestions because I wanna get. I haven't I value your opinion OK with the story about the presidential nomination buck took over really that much worse. And you try to get me to sing the words to frequently. Yes I mean I don't think defeat question up. You're the king of the schtick on the station's not nobody else watching here with more schtick now it's. I called you know what it's called that ever and it's called entertainment. We're isn't what we're about as entertaining your tweets don't reflect that either you or tweets that terrible. You have to entertain entertain Everett he knows great last week in case people missed it you running around Fenway Park that was entertaining. That was just. That's right exactly who wind chasing behind this find out it's all good the vessel this an entertaining show when we get together. It's entertaining. I war what is it doing everything we found it yet now I know quite lives and works a decent lie he's an excellent job. The Warren G. Harding hotel room why he's looking for his average and you wanted to talk about Red Sox three are leading into the Red Sox pregame show it can plan it and I gimme gimme event. Red Sox had been no head and another point in the season and it certainly John Farrell's manager. I didn't see any criticism. At least on thing mainstream place some of the Red Sox squad than me criticizing Eduardo Nunez for an opulent catch a baseball what else that is how dare you right now the Brothers have seen three how dare you it might. Get a whole lot of posts here and get the ordinary point and I don't think so. I'll think you a little bit we're going to be there. I don't I mean that was pretty well right through that I can navy right please but I didn't get a whole lot how did you in in when you treat dad out you have to do it with a caveat. Pay their seventeen to. At that point. So I'm complaining about and complain about the cookies in the press. I treated. It this was after the the seventeenth win order tomatoes served sixteenth when they tweet something about why are not playing. And the fact that Kimbrel is warming up. For the non save situation. And of course you can use and then non save situation that actually matter. That's all the sort whatever the fact that I tweeted that out. Bothered a couple people who work in the industry as got a couple text and play good this good you play in the tabloid reporter senator now. Like people who work organizations. Bullet what's well lighting scenario. And there and fairness all your takes are stupid so it but if there are legitimate like the one that I surfaced last night confine you come back to. Are people going to be critical or people critical of last night's game. You would love the I think that people are still willing to do that that because of the Red Sox have this with the patriots it would be that way through his Celtics who wouldn't be that way because it's a Red Sox. Even win this record there's still ready to go down that road. You're not paying attention you know law. She and Lee own knocking pitch at four in a different time and place would be getting attention why singularly on batting for himself why isn't. Webber on the battle. Or you who is here's the question so you end up potentially adding Blake's why heart for where blame. Who we gonna pinch hit singularly on for who a guy who they already brought in as a pinch hitter earlier in the year because they don't have a whole lot of pinch hitters from the right side. The rule when the slide argues. He was used in the ninth inning. When Leo have the rock but yeah I'm not you dis toll missed my point my point was who we gonna pinch hit for. Like you everything you wanna pitches well OK so we gonna pinch hit four wood Lin cut came up his he would as from the left side I don't know if you know this from Nye is like death on lefties. You what you can't put up Brock called Lynda looked stupid last night. So more eager to pinch hit for in that situation in ninth inning when Cindy Leona at least can hit from the right side and I. They came the closest raucous affair all right so there so when you as their previous game where. Leo and as a pitcher for where we're at it gets out that the art you can make sure you feel better from the right side with shell you'd that you would. Slide it this is the problem on who we're gonna do that and so he comes back to your original point which is. How come people on criticize him would they criticize. The Red Sox for Alex Cora for anything he did when you get no hit. I think people more than willing to buy you look at what transpired last night in temple and I'd tried it looked at it. I can eat typically find a whole lot didn't have a righty hitter on the bench of loans why are innuendo abusing them. So I don't know tell me something else told. It it goes back to the Swire question that look you've had a run here it's been so excellent that any move basically every move they've made it work for it because they've won. A once in an organ with you about. Weather could send home whether whether someone should be sent home and you go over coach scorer whose group sent. And that and that's that's where we are the people at the Campbell this could have gone the other way. Yeah I don't think people are doing that I think because you. Yes but yeah I I understand is exactly what we did last week in my finger down that road again because there was you're so stupid little knowledge of the best running now but by and is talking about I'm talking about I think your overall point. I think that people are still willing. To go after the Red Sox now not as much as when fellow skier you're an eleven game win streak remember that. You're eleven game win streak and who lose a game like it's on federal fall these terrible manager. That's usually how it was in the last couple years. So this is more importantly this is like Connor has forests. You knew you don't have it yet it okay. This is what took the place the media stars. This they haven't Ehrlich and grow. The tax day. City like here he said them now that. Forget it via the that I want to be actual story the actual story after the producer editor right now you know that's fine if you buy you well. I think is twice the shore with the tour our show here right. Avidly at times like we've been in the middle look at actual debate and you've jumped to a way to go back to the game avid read. The logo have and we have to go to a break all right. That's why did it would did and it is called radio new lines. Okay radio new on 76177797937. Continue to conversation. About Evans saying hey listen this red psych team are they beyond reproach is there anything to criticize them about. If you make my point we can okay after the break bread be be back right after. Sports Radio WEEI. It's. And I during his. Since. One of the songs as I'm driving it. Last night rolled out the all over. Who. All right this seven relic of rob Bradford who's and he last last this is the gateway to the rules actually still local telco place okay. You know it gives me chills media stars. Coming up is through knowing coming up it's where basically here are we ready with a horns regret with a horns there we go. Connor was late to give you an honorable mention for your fine work today so you put that on your resume. Honorable mention media star joint idiot card. No but nobody gets to get through this does is 36 Richard Ellis dinner seeing what I did this huge shot we took a picture of Tom Karen receiving his. Give me mine you'd been stripped of York's. But caught our honorable mention gift card. I don't know honorable mention yet we yet gift card I don't know what that'll get you by in my view atop. From goals this into clothing needs more. Number three media star I'm gonna be honestly is we can put a lot of thought into this one the number that we put a lot of thought yeah this is normal Segway we're gonna we're gonna actually have a spirited debate about number one number two iron dead wrong but number three media star. It is. Is Steve Buckley basically because he beg for it. And he really he cited a story I'm giving it to home for his excellent. Grover Cleveland and Thomas Harding earned some things story. Earlier today you I'd be given to home for saying there was going to be a bench clearing brawl. Holidays Rockies beat dad I don't know isn't Warren G. Harding hey I don't know as what exactly I don't know who is talking about this way or is let box that early in the early in the derailed. Marked on other shows because of it but at the Blackstone hotel 1920s. Whatever. In this week in the famous smoke filled room all the Republican operatives to open the night. Trying to break a deadlock conventions and they came out of the door with candidate point. And the united press story. Wrote emerging from a smoke filled room and the terms smoke filled room which had been used before that's what popularized. And the cubs played the Indians the World Series cup years ago I stayed. The black notes and I walked in hand I inquired about that this. Thank you brought me appears we can we just light that's why you are mentioned as a media star as it looked in 1920. And then they called me the next day this what was replacement against arsenal are sitting next week in believing in nine this is what we're replacing Williams arsenal definitely interested in it. We can give it to you for one night at your regular rate this. And I state that's. Eddie showed the skin. As I saw I want to meet Jason an ex girlfriend of mine in that suite with Steve Buckley. Sounds like a party as I that was Steve Buckley number three do you start reservation pocket and I guess he. I don't know why region it is applied he thinks we Davids whom who are prepared no reason is done on on Wednesday we gave it to him because he keeps resurfacing the story he did about the Red Sox and yankees getting in abroad means. Okay. Okay anyway it was more for that story that did the store the replaced the stars and 1150 will not be the case next week who have had the regularly scheduled time. Number two media star. How fun it was a tough one but I'm gonna give it to one of these guys that I grew up listening to earth in iconic figure in this in our sporting world new England sports world. And that's Gil Santos who passed away now. Why is his controversial is because Adam thought he should be number. There's no question any segment called media stars in this town and on the radio. That you should you give Gil Santos. In in the week of his passing in the wake of his past as well. The number one spot on me for a candidate did the argument against it does not it does it it defies all possible bought. That this guy would not be your number one. Evan what did Gil Santos to YE before he was doing the patriots play by play. Wealth is he known for an anchor. An anchor was when he music the sports anchor retired him on TV and Radio One B. Our oath on TV or radio where. Over the say this is where I I I hate to do this because I just I had to expose your take on that he was he was not a TV anchor. I did think it was it's okay so what was he known for. What else that it that I die. All had to exactly exactly I. I I even respected debate in the conversation I'll just OK don't patriot buying I'm there should be number I had not have the person who was advocating it the strongest. Be someone who doesn't know what he'd do to people go home. I know one thing he did I don't know his biography reflect well I don't know if biography how can you don't like New York Post anyway Gil Santos idol. Listen this guy it was a voice would patriots not only that but others have the other morning. Every day for people my age were people around my age waking up in the morning 715. Every day served in Vietnam great. Use a great men 715 every day gives the sports report on WBZ it would ease this. It was a sad sad week that he hasn't passed and so this opportunity right out of decide what I don't know I know I'll do it and we get a code number one before it will do is not a color number one this is number one exist often are gonna get upset and Bob about commemorative. Code number one. Yeah. He can sentence didn't. Not so often warned. Now we have to start the horns again this is the other code number one. Obviously two minutes left. Kurt and winds code number one. Okay them it's code number. Is code number one. Maybe number one Bible given code number one he gets a gift card congratulations Kirk I know that you did all the work when all the leg work the Kevin Collins story. And if anybody who listen to anyone who wants to take two seconds to understand how exhaustive. This from this report wise go listen to the audio files. Our home. Those mornings the on Thursday and Friday samples cults or does it up and being available on I don't I don't really feel I don't feel honestly I don't feel come out comfortable five until sentenced. He was a great man he did a lot of great things get code number one you're number one. Kirk. Kirkland Callahan show. Excellent excellent job and when people talked about oh and we you know avenue and I both know people got this debate Kirk does this occur does that. It doesn't make a difference mean he did it right this time and it was as I tweeted out it was an important thing to do. It was an important thing you an agreement that right it was important to only use it it was an oval you with this. It was an important thing to do and writes the chemical. What you would agree with that may not know it you know big journalism guy or not agreement Europe right ranking fine whatever just talked about this. You're an agreement that this is. We're clearly an an act look I feel I'm not a matter frank comment on because I had not studied enough that I did not listen to it I'm knocking it into the column thing I don't know and that's. I don't and I just don't and rob Bradford set in Egypt. It Cullen made up stuff than absolutely should call 1000% and I just hadn't well in order to read. In a big picture and they caught him in some things and allegedly I guess right now but it sort simply evidence that they. David will continue to give store makes them look bad and certainly that and certainly in certainly when you of the globe gives him. A leave of absence or whatever was then that only pushes along that narrative. But I'll say this one more time this two things. Number when I kick it in that brain of someone who makes up anything like this I can't understand and people upset well you're under a lot of pressure as a columnist. To do something like this. Like I I can't fathom getting to that point where you make up things. You're right. Again I feel. I'm not informed enough on this suits again to you reentry artists are not that should not make up thanks again and analytical the other part about that was how The Herald approach in which was bizarre to be Howie Carr finally wrote something. And he was late on Friday afternoon. But you this was a golden opportunity you these golden opportunity. You and I both worked and Harold. You know of their day and they're getting killed right now they are getting killed right now and you're giving this gift. But their competitor the the organization is trying to Barry you has this door open for you. And I don't think either and triggered anymore it's just allele that you don't like the globe wasn't very Harold are you kidding me okay the employees who work there and of those. Those of who have been there always one beat the other one there's no question about that but in terms of an upper management philosophy. These both these. Please okay it's okay well part of that survival I've been for the Harold is to fight back. Right and to fight the good argument right so when you win you have that opportunity when you have this with all the information. You'll have to worry about lawsuits because you can dis aggregate what Kirk and Callahan said. What the guy's pitcher in the front you'll put allegedly in big words but you have the opportunity to do that. And not only don't they do it that they don't have any mention of it until late Friday afternoon. That was demoralizing from because I want Darryl to succeed I this is this whole thing is an example of the importance of a two paper town. And you'll have to listen to the ought you'll read the story to notice him to have some sort of comment agree to this go I agree I agree that. Linger title Blake's wife ours yes. Final two with the show right now to its future Wexler. This stuff that it too did deserve better. Did Connor are you with me he did you just mail. Us protesting what what part exactly you made my point. I average relatives always good to see you will be back next week I think where the regular scheduled time while media stars on fifty Anatolia currently in mostly with the until it don't show that'll make all of us. That's average relic I'm rob Bradford caught our good job. Can players coming out with a pregame show Kevin and I are going into the Booth we're gonna take a podcast Brad Fo Sho. We did four times last week and do it four times this week and this is our ticket and off. It's going to be a great week for WEEI. At a Brad coshow podcast avid poll on board for the rise. And my the guy who's always helpful there we go play. And Celtics are losing by three. That's the way it is seen as we. Kirk in Cali.