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Sunday, April 22nd
Rob and Evan discuss the role of the scorekeeper in baseball and the Red Sox being no-hit the previous night in Oakland.

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You we EI. That's it's a little too long live the launch feeds into. Milieu that control. Have to read what's presented to you if you get added I want much like the Red Sox adjust on the fly much like some annihilate like I adjusted on the fly I admin and you statement ISO I trust you haven't. Shaman I threw a no hitter last night. I adjusted on the fly as I as a show of balls. The training will get shorter this is a promise I make to our listeners that you often question my preparation because baseball reference com pronunciation of every Major League they'll layer glass and they also have the nickname for every mutually player and none of a month hurt before Q what some guys that games are or their cookie monster that seems to be vote that the fall one everybody that kid. Or baby giraffe yet again you think anybody is called common. The kid or baby traffic. Management and his army of the base silence a lot of looks like a lot like it's around now with what is this that's an insult he remembered viewed that. So I do you want them we're gonna touch on the main things I wanna touch on our that would dampen our number one. David practice and don't give us. But do wanna get into Tommy Kern wrote a good story about grown to about this is basically slap in the face he's making a mockery of the the optional workouts and all that. But before we get to that. The game last night. Okay begat noted I'm sure you remember the Chris Bosnia no hitter Evan Wright yes six year old me it was definitely I actually do remember that. Yes Chris it is bizarre sort of liked you Rambo role Indo row. Com going to arbitration you always keep defaulting this is the last time this happens the last time this happened and finally. Happens. So. But the two plays in that game. We can talk about which one you agreed with the re talking about the same helium bloop that an awful market Ximian. Butchered and they called it an error kept the no hitter alive that you get what you what wants action. And then you have the injured Ben antennae running on the baseline. But I wanna get into something that people bring up and you see you on Twitter which is the official score. The official in you you we've probably talked about this before people are like hometown score hometown score hometown score. It is sets in and players do the players deuce from the opposite end of things right. You've heard this from players or puck and we aren't getting a break we aren't even getting a break and our home park because our hometowns score heavily what are you talking about. There are employed by Major League Baseball offers and it it their paycheck for Major League Baseball the guy last night who was it you know was. I think we have it I think we can find out who won it yes Levy doesn't matter nobody's gonna know what does that mean I wanna bureaucratic. By. Today the answer unless they call him Don and I'll be put in roles as a member one point in time you have appeal our officials. Remember one who's still employed by team and different role. Actually caring into an official score years ago on the Fenway press box and you said. People think able to call. And remember Dave marquis person in the team. The amount of pressure I think that's on these guys probably little overlooked it did you do that people get very angry. Because that and that's what the paycheck today that the arbitration you'd take it away from guys. Oh the Ortiz things a perfect example right. Amid why why would why U complaining over and RBIs by. We can't get in the mind of David Ortiz he was complaining about an RBI and part of me wants to say. You're being petty thoughts of you should care managed care about the team result realistically. Every single one of these guys care about one guy in there who's gonna look at and an earned run that's that's credit to them as a pitcher that they feel they shouldn't be credited. And golf that doesn't bother me now so there might be more vocal about it. But every one of them care at this regardless of should be like. Well that criticizing players who who have this in their mind well that's why this whole unit started a guy at second base. Dispute the game in an extra innings which mileage are doing now. That's why they're like. Pitchers want one wouldn't wanna do that. It's putting on Ronald Philly I think that's part of this perception is they've made clear that that right and all but that was the initial win that first came out that way as the general reaction from these guys right now no I don't care if it speeds up the game same thing with its clock I don't care about speaking at the game. It's gonna take me out my rhythm and I'm gonna do portly and it's gonna affect my ERA in an affect my paycheck so you're right to go back to. This with the official scorer last night. I guess the first thing I'll ask you before we get into the rule the official score which is red pot I've I've you know. This beyond this year just like your brand right right it is exactly. This be honest here the Celtics are playing right now and will give scores the south of games you're out for a nice walk you to headphones on whatever you're telling. We'll give you scores of the Celtics game but this rating is not going to be good rating for the Celtics so I don't think we have anything to write and that is. Well I think it's the same reason you saw the rating for game one and I I understand if you want together TNT and NBC sports Boston is comes close. But it was still behind the Red Sox on that day it was a Sunday it's Chris Sale game. So. Because of the exact same reason I think the Celtics fans are oh well crowd. While you know what. We might not be good enough oh well now the rating the second time around was good. The for game to game three this some momentum and ended it feeling hey maybe they can do what Bradford predictably gonna do which is go to Eastern Conference finals. But then they get. There butt handed to them by Milwaukee items. Hold on. Cola tweeting of proof with. I just finished okay. Out that the one pass I'll give whoever the line of that takes priority. This at all future no. Well thank you this it's just do carry compared it we juxtapose this lineups out to outline and so. I give you some time. You're nothing compares your first met. I well some people might think you get better with time haven't I don't know that's for. So anyway it is this this idea the Celtics are as good as everyone thought he might be in game feeling came through it like now ROO well. Oh well it wasn't it wasn't it wasn't any fun at all watching them play the other night. That was exactly what most people probably thought was gonna happen which you have more talent in Milwaukee team going up against. A last talented Celtic team oh well might overall point is. This is why we are gonna gain eight crap load listeners today because I don't think people care about the Celtics today and at least as much as usual playoffs in do we have a talk assuming the Celtics lose. I think that people are kind of assuming after watching union. We got his initial one guy every down every Propofol and you're ready and this is this is the first one. Now this is the one and Evan yes executed one of if there is no guy. I don't I can you be trying too hard have been accused. Of taking note on the auto maker that school or not. And the radios authentic do it again one more. Well one more time. That was so that sets a glee and it's it's it's. July out of the go ahead that number to a lot of like out of breath. In nineteen record. Sixteen of seventeen and 73. As the game went into anyone yes yes when it. So officials courts are beautiful line give us the line before he officials get Jackie Bradley junior in right field Denny's win now leading off. And that's why it was named first on that Anthony's insane or bad second Judy Martinez and adding their Mitch Moreland in the Piccard and elders and third base. Elects all art is your DH today folks XY and partly to live. Every kick. Rock hole at second base Christian baskets catching and who lately and at shortstop behind him one with QB take away from your line. Well Jackie Bradley at all that he's really outscored. Is of the yeah. City and school open what you can do anything you can you can put anybody anywhere any given day in and you don't really at the play around with. Worthwhile languished library and I was paying these huge to you this doctor. And well it's a spot on the team so you know. I think he might be able player I am not even joking about this I think you might peel played second and fifth. Why because of the rain now know that what that's about all of that the weird thing about it. If it is partially the range but for some reason and I love watching unions play and watch him grid to really get off and the player. But he can't catch the ball well it is bizarre to me he cannot catch the ball. You bet you got when Brian Johnson came in two nights ago for one batter. And they have to shift. He's lined up perfectly he can't catch the ball well at the start of the year I'm someone who thought that just for health purposes it would make sense to sell about. Unions lately if you like you were the only ones ever was saying okay this isn't. I know it's bizarre to me. Is bizarre that they don't do it is bizarre that he can't catch the ball solid a huge I don't know he probably sees live but I read out just for Europe edification. Which is. Data stolen base led to the first run. Cindy Whelan throws it down the second Eduardo Nunez he clearly is word about taken out about his knee but he also can't catch the ball. It led to the first run it just is weird to me because the read the range is one thing. But not being able to catch the ball is is something that. I am I honestly think Blake's why heart might be able play second base better. Well now but luckily I've watched it if you watch flakes fly hard just when they take infield. A bit of dissecting. For all the talking how great nappy is he's great at the dogs he major player I'm sure he could become a fine but if you watch his movements. It's just not as quick examples you know used to be a shortstop I understand of ice or art or how many I get he looked. I think he's capable of it you ideally Curtis yes. You're pretty yet he was okay over there rape and I think he's going to be above average is second on the thing if you mean by deal will be better than a hundred new units. Utah is Thomas only Leo but look who who had a bad ankle injury. Your putting at second base where there's less content that you should be I wouldn't put the second putting him in the middle filled with the last place. Opening guy who's not regularly played. Infield. All you whether or not they're not gonna do them all I'm saying Yemen is it. You were surprised Eduardo Nunez inability and I think that at this point that that Blake's wife heart might be will be about a second baseman. I hit you with me on this like that no no. And local school I want them to get that second by you with me on Eduardo Nunez not be we'll catch the law. This is fitted what are Nunez not be able to catch the ball cock I guess is a couple instances where they'll let you know I wouldn't I anyway go ahead go ahead how go ahead. The justice courts immediate them and we even at Fenway this is true I figured that the two coin toss that always goes for the home team. Which does freshen their times I guess Ian Brown in Brown's directly to my left the press box you more than. One over from there and your defeats away I don't know if you hear me but occasionally I'll see play. And I'll and though an and I don't yell American Yelp scores on my business well I certainly will get riled up. By what I perceive is a search scored some that there are played usually how in the world. Is that an error it's obsolete or or the opposite and it feels like pills like I don't have the evidence it usually goes so. Hold so why is that a view that you made it clear we made it clear suggestion that 12 they would made it clear that they not employed by the team you know get their paycheck from the team. There has been some regulations put in in terms of the team that the players or whoever now be able call up from the dugout call from the clubhouse that usually falls to the PR people who still who still wander over the adding that the whole thing about enough and nodding in the you know. Sure about that recent years yes. Ashraf who earned a music too busy watching the game going sure well again. If it were newness midfielder or not and who knows but each. They can call the PR person in the PR person we'll either walk down orders say even after the game. Hey I want you take another look at that that's still believe they call MLB the process now as an appeal to the legal yes. But still against the team usually gets deferential treatment when it comes he's not a group. No I do agree but I'm wondering why you think that's the case I know why I think is the case. What do you think is the case because of an accumulation of nonspecific events in my mind where Felix. I've seen you all watch the Hawaii is that. Why did I don't think it's I don't think so that the three guys hearing I don't think it's great for three guys who score for the Red Sox are might fail and lose to us from New York chest guardians and Bob Alice. And so those three guys. So tell me why you think that big it's trending that life. I don't I because I think when did you when you say. I'm not your question though those people's integrity and I don't think they're take a night. I understand but you said that you'd think I'd Connecticut console has been done I think that's just the I think that's the ball is that it it if in doubt that the point flipped at the plate which I think. You can argue the simian play instantly on blooper to center left center. Last night. Then you what you gonna do union unit because everybody offered to go with say pervert I just I think that's what people who take it easier route is valued life. Rob as wideout you know you've you've got flee try to work a lot is that it's more it's more difficult to do is actually more difficult to do that and I think that. When that does happen what you're talking about I think it's just because it can be become a pain in the ass too if if you don't if you go against the home team. And the thing always applaud me with a player's perception about this. The players actually so I and I can't believe that they actually thought this way and make its way. That. That the whole score is cool assured should give them the better call. Should provide the player players think that media should protect them another part of the misunderstanding Linspire but see there is yet Red Sox players who thought the media including me are jobless to have their that phrase literally used me. Who said the difference he said he said that that's what coming exactly what he's. Do you have my. Wife in what contact lens with an orphaned or incident you know I don't what do you mean went in the in New York I know I don't understand the con. The idea was that he felt. And others on that he felt with the media with not in any way their two. But this is to this is in my that the defense throughout baseball that happened in Houston and everywhere and it's gonna continue to happen for all time. Where players think that media in that town should be there to protect that. It's the misunderstanding of medium and basic so David Price at how commute Ohio might. Exact words were all you have my. I don't. I got a question isn't going away they went that I was somehow. Not supporting OK and if he wasn't the only one who expressed well the best that is this yet but probably prevail I hate you now know baby clothes ever but he. Yeah. Easy the good thing is not surprising I guess in some sense because if you can go look at other stories like read their stories up on. The press box from the olden days and remember Jim Rice Ameen is one you can read it Jim Rice says that says that like I don't understand. Why these guys these players our audience are these reporters. Don't how far back does Angel but there's an age old thing but I will say this I think that it is there a less players who think that. Then there are players who who. Think that part of the scores job is to protect them now home I think I think that is more prevalent. Then the score in the media yes out there little guy in in Houston who had to aid would clearly appear to be a foreign substance of it where exactly. But I ended up writing that and I remember. Keep in texted me ending conflict with the help you get home town newspapers here oh who taxi. It was Jericho. Back into the player. He texted you during the game. And and people get to do report that he texted you during the game. I don't know where it's at the time and I needed. I say I wasn't I. I like protecting the play that's why that's what can I help I don't know if they'll look at exactly I'd dare for you if if if you work protective were you what is said hey everybody Jerry costar just texted me you know rob this is four years ago I barely remember yesterday 6177797937. We're talking about last night's game about the through controversial plays I think that. I Allan and Pete we got two year agreement both calls in a nutshell you agree with both call I think. I think the band Tandy won looking at the role in just just on the eye test. Like he didn't immediately economical that part of this but he played a little dodging that was really about Africa and abnormal we can huge week. Read the rule but part of the rule is it we you can go outside you can go to limited late one step outside right. You can do that but if it says in the rule if you're close to the back. They this wasn't close enough to the back from me he was going outside. But it wasn't close enough to the bad. But anyway we're gonna get into that 6177797937. Before we go to break this go to Ralph and Cranston it Ralph how are you. It guys could I didn't see those controversy plays less sacred and you betcha you it's sort of debate. I got. Circuit short their whole play ensure they desperately need PD in info I expect that this will catch up to that you know it's a lot of fun. It's you know to get it out and nobody's ever as good stat in this country which is really you know I. I was go crazy would you run please shut these China Addison reed from last year. It didn't do it in the perfect guy to sign especially since I don't think it can look simple old slow. But you know evident when I ask you this now and I know that that's who was totally distracted to the Yankees in which about a twenty. But lately has been better off instead of going to somebody you know it is share or aren't we built in. Each week it's very yeah well look just told this to himself. Yeah it is school and went to sort of beat the elite heat at all. In the end of the veteran guys I load chip stock it's just Saint Louis Lucas keep international Circuit Court now. You don't seem what you got to do with the kids meaty treat one at least for a fresh start. But it have been better off to a church and it just so we started out the check look stock as well according to assure access. The rich subsequently after him put the deficit first I would remind you that. If you don't pull hitter in the stock as sixty that it's forty union stadium. Defense that would you guys to buy tickets the federal just to win back trying to the next Cheney is a guy who. Let's face at the national all the recent local time and you'll. Thanks to a cholera. I I've I still think Stan for the Yankees makes more sense if financially you can never make league like Sam is off to terrible summer stock is hasn't 949 opiates and threw 25 average five element doing very well. Coming back to Kansas City after that awful free agency for everybody. That's you can sit there go the Minnesota Twins who signed all these free agents for no money. We're smarter than the Yankees this off season they were certainly more efficient it's always gonna be more efficient dollar used to campaigning guy who has 8325 Millon dollar contract there's no argument there. But. And and stand in New York on the Yankees that line up with Aaron judge the the from a story line a war. I like it I it undervalues the big big traded form for the storyline. Yes it they are their their decade they care about us more than yes we are the that's why you we talked himself much do you think they should have gone after we sockets I can't I. Everybody else actually makes a good point the position that they needed. You know maybe he missed practices the guy that I think that the intellect of people really under value. He's the prototypical. Yeah I hit thirty home runs or whatever was but he's not that good player Lee doesn't get on base -- yeah but still he hits the crap out of 3.5 average for 590 BP right you don't get on base and I nobody's still hit the crap out the ball it feels good third base they needed that position. That is stint with an embarrassment of riches but I I can't really blame them dating. Would give up much for Stan advocate they had the caps the argument is the long term as the money make more Boston that's really that's really the heart of any ball and also the the biggest are. And this has been surface now even though we're just in April but is it gonna get in his head what you could see Stan and it was in his head like they'll forget about. Being in Yankee Stadium he was in Fenway Park. And he was taking swings that you know this weighs 75%. Mental. Well it. The wailing away because you know that it's different for him for his career because I know I don't think wordy and you were an odds that will be ridiculous to say. You have to ask the question we asked the question anytime anyone comes the Boston or New York. My thing is you don't know. Despite what they say in spring training despite what we think they did in the past you don't know until you face adversity for the first time. And is that cannot own them we've seen that time and time again that. Yet but my point is I read somewhere. And I'm sure Jack can you read in the news is accurate. That stand Wendy's I think Aaron Boone's understanding withstand a waste slumps it can go bad indicated it it it's a particularly bad slump media Jackie Bradley junior type comparison streaky if one ever. I don't know that we have evidence this point put this what is no way for you to prove that sand is suffering from some for New York's and I'm curious is under an. All of a perpetual help them get into it had. Anyway 6177797937. We're gonna get back to these calls and the officials scored debate because there is it no word anything coming off of the first no hitter ever remembers the other one. Very very well. September I'm in sight April 22 1993. But April was today one of the box score the ones that game we come back Chris Bosnia yes I remember Chris Fazio and the good guys who won that game. I'll do my best so 1993 Chris Bosnia but we're talking about. To carve controversial plays but the bigger argument those bigger issue with should official scores have the backs of these players like the players think that should be the case. We're sitting here of saying no of course not it's a ridiculous statement and did this happened last night 61777979. Threesome be back after this. Over there. Yeah. All right we're back. Rob Bradford and frolic. It's not a Saturdays on Sunday it was today Sunday. Cook. I don't know I it's a weird time slot for the times. If that's like this whole thing it was this whole motivation of light we have to have the baseball guys storming into the based on IE eight who we feel salt that we got through that are exiting after the game big I loved and well I think in the gym knew that was the strategy of light they're gonna talk baseball audits of it's gonna increase ratings all the way up to the baseball game. Though the temperature maybe who knows what we are talking baseball we're talking about the scoring decisions and the rule scores. In game in the Newton. Yes and and I'm part of the controversies from last night was the second play which in Bennett and he ran on the baseline. And was ruled on the baseline after initially being called saint after initially blowing up the no hitter. After initially. Keeping Chris by zero as the last Red Sox are last pitcher to throw a no hitter against the Red Sox but Evan as he is want to do. As the role in regards to running the baseline ready here we go through all thought we need we need the music. You read a rule we gonna do it right. I. Don't know. Lost but. Here we got it's it's 509. Away from his faith based. With the actions to avoid interference with the fielder fielding a batted ball a runner on base. You've established when tag attempt errors and easy straight line but from the runner to the date. He's attempting to reach safely three feet deep into anything with three feet at his wherever. But I'll repeat the job. I thought I thought we respect for the moment appropriately. Three feet it was a three feet outside. Yeah about three feet you think he went he think he went more than three feet away. Until one step two is right I was only partially listening because I was in engrossed in the music. But it part of that is you have to be near the base if you're gonna go do this if you're next cute that's part you find the part of that rule where where where did you hear that and see I don't know you mention that screeners the first segment on the block is as radio segment. Where did you use you tweeted that he's awesome and I know I'd retreated somebody tweeted. Here it is Chris moody. Immediate. Though. The batter runner is permitted to exit the three foot lane by means of missteps stride reach or slide in the immediate vicinity. Of first base. For the sole purpose of touching first that's three feet. This thing you can go more than three feet. Right. So I'm but the X the actual execution of going outside the baseline wise they said in the vicinity of first base that was not in the vicinity of first place. So I don't you agree that that was the right call that right call or not. Tim looked gut instinct 82 like that you would apply to watching a catch. And whether or not somebody make ketchup in and a football game and how bad the article screw this up you know when you see. You know somebody made catcher and to meet that intent he did not make a a and boundaries. Look at the screen shot is what this three shot that I have on my Twitter from last night as the exact moment where he's avoiding the of the tag. He's about notes he's about a foot. Outside that he's on the his foot on the grass and that's really what I look at it when you're running and you do that when you have your foot on the grass for you try to avoid a player like that. That to me is probably outside the baseline I am rules. We can diving in the rule all you want but to me he was outside today. I guess these are questions for Major League Baseball and I don't listen it is up three feet away Kid Rock got through that that that's I just I think you're allowed a little tent. To about how army times have you been seeing where our guy did anyway out of Connecticut I just the pictures I want a comeback. I wanna come back to the official score thing. We mentioned before that the players think that the home official scorer has their back. And it drives me nuts everytime a player says that because it is so far from the truth by you said Evan do you think that more times than not that. The the ruling goes in the favor if there's any cook this quest really close as a lesson wartime I always there is I think there has been over the years he'd put on these official scores where it is has become path of least resistance a little bit so I'm not I mean arguing that you won now one. But this not this not make this make this perfectly clear. Did that don't official scores are not to care for the home team and any manner and all you go back that played last night we Ximian drops the ball. He talked about your initial reaction my initial reaction was oh my goodness Marcus and me and he remains one of the worst shortstop in the game. And number two. I'm like now all that's that's probably going to be in there there was a it was a bad play by a bad shortstop. But it's probably an air. A IE. You can ordinary effort to me and ended they they try to define the rules of Mercury that part of the rules as well but it but there's a lot of ambiguity. That that catch you think it was properly ruled improperly. A vigorous properly ruled as an error and it's it's uncomfortable because it's a play that should be made by he's a crappy shortstop so wasn't me. By I think that it's it was properly world. I agree with properly ruled because I I typically have a high threshold for what a fielder should now you go and outfielders there was a play earlier this year. Jacqui Britain was with. And in it was it was like it was it was kind of remarkable that that that they did not. Either threats are filtered or the opposition to popular it was a very comfortable ball that was knocked ought and the play went for triples with probably the opposition of cash and and reflect LP all remember yes I remembered very well clearly. It wouldn't would you say ordinary effort if you're if you can get there basically to me outside of a diving catch I feel like you should make the play. I I don't could just could markets means turned around. In and maybe making on the move catch that's more than ordinary effort coming up how many times often you see that happen it it common to me if there was an. Tiger there was another there was another placement we have in his from the cubs game it was kind of a similar play or rule double. I think there's no question about it that the road the ruling the score was probably swayed by the circumstance. And the excitement elevate that as we pointed out usually that happens but a little bit Judy Martinez hit a triple. That it was abolish or caught and I do the shouldn't OK another another reason to listen to this show. And not waste your time in front of the TV. The blocks are up seven up ten on the celtics' 2770. Industries. So via this this is gonna get a comfortable and Celtics fans Celtics fans are of the lot. Where they're very nice people they get behind their team their passionate but when things don't go well it's the awhile crowd oh well. Oh well. We re we've seen in him with all due respect the organization evident in my organization your you know not the Celtics and talking about NBC sports Boston as your organization right yes the ratings Sox. The ratings it's a bit they were one game well yeah well the first playoff game avenue do we see what they were combined. Yes it was just below the Red Sox just a it's an estranged. Yes I saw they got intuitive. You would not have predicted I'd buy I would now I'm predicting this I bet if you go look at the ratings it is going to be terrible predictable more people write it read a complaint this very moment and watch and reflections. No way. All the world that lasts okay that's less and he now this is that the the Celtics head. You're kind of an odd candidate you think you don't want Celtics had a chance I I kind of do avid because if you look at it right fused turn it on right now is thirty in nineteen Bonner which game you're watching. The Red Sox are on right now I'm watching the Celtics that's right the fair okay now let's talk. And by just talking about the draw for the Red Sox is is I think unlike how it has been in years past if you add a playoff team any playoff game to think that a playoff game was gonna get out raided by the Red Sox on a Sunday afternoon is insane. And so all I'm saying is that I think it's a product of the people had such low expectations coming with the Celtics team. That was the case in game one. That is the case today in our bigs and they turn it on right now they get beat by thirteen that's gonna continue. You when you look at the no hitter last this this is my my takeaways from. You did do you see any criticism of the right to it whatsoever anywhere in any capacity for that game. Nothing or you are you pandering or something else and talk about now hold nothing more urgency about the ratings and all of a sudden and I think well it's a White Sox. Come on let's go here's the thing you'll get a case I thought this is where you gonna go you watch the Red Sox game and juxtapose against the Bruins player. Like the Bruins playoffs that has had good ratings now has good good ratings across the board. So when you locate a no hitter that's going on. In your flipping back and forth which I know you'll war because I know that you knew that plagues why heart pinch hit in the last inning did you really enjoy that tweet wasn't a joke that it could have been attributed should. It's like could have those who called me a Twitter know that I could have been pointed out very purely Harold Carswell he shot. Excellent art it's not played much and I've been pointing that out on a nightly basis and use the phrase should not should have should all have. Which is like a baseball Twitter thing to make fun of people who say who second guess on making fun and I felt essentially saying that if the reds like the plates Leinart. If they'd started him through the others having you do a lot of things well you think that in public slug and we'll catch up about and watch injectable. Although you checked the box to us. And you do a lot of things well you bagel like nobody that's who yesterday in New York you appreciate a good example of them were a whole wheat everything been okay by one of the mistakes and she you otherwise we are one blocks and you're one of the worst at tweeting you. I'll go back to the Bruins if you're flipping back and forth the Bruins and Red Sox. And I forget blog your box said this. When you have the action of the Bruins and I'm not a huge hockey guy out by love the NHL playoffs you have to act and the the Bruins. The optimism of the Bruins. They're up three games to one of the time. And you're flipping back and forth even a no hitter in process it in the process well I'm still like lol how can you turn away from the Bruins. Because that's what it is I think there is has become a definite definite separation when you're talking about the Bruins. In Celtics and going back to February I didn't think that that would be. Tuesday wins or more exciting right now. In interest in terms of the brand of their bringing you to your right that the expectations the Celtics in the Olympics are gonna win now occupies every help there not only from a performance. I guess McCain's hand but you will you tune into watch exciting performances as well as your team but I think there are also more loyal and Celtics fans. Bruins I think at this mall but the ice more passion while small nationally circle away I think they are not the oh well crowd when things if they were down 30. Two to the Maple Leafs it would not be oh well. Do you think. And say oh well and he usually circle the wagons would suggest that the order protective they are rampant that everything they've done this a little bit quicker right now. A B that's different because to okay is a lightning rod I'm talking about the team as a whole at least a passionate about Tuukka death had been up pastor that's what others thought. God bless you brown like we know you the big Celtics fans well what I like that we're talking about you you make a great point. Took the wraps their passion about Tuukka he's the lightning rod. Who was lightning rod on the Celtics right now I don't get me Al Horford like you've got to lighten eagle eagle like that because that we Maloney made it is is it by he's nowhere near. So it's an and then you get to the Red Sox about the race for the Red Sox as we mentioned they had a better rating. Then the Celtics for her enough about game one. I get weekend while why because that's the conversation and when you talk about the Red Sox great habits let's all around gavel that I was gonna say that TC and I were talking about that the other day was say. I would have never ever ever thought when we get to April 22. And say that people are gonna look forward to listening to watching in Red Sox this Red Sox team at this point a year me. What they had did you have been. Was exactly what they have done which is shock cannot across the board record. Moments Joseph Kelly thing. I Alex Cora taking the bullet for make it screwing up like all of it in check off all reputable he offered its global right exactly. Well people took their problem. What do you that you recognize authority and high school 6177797937. Were also gonna get through the Groupon situation I thought. Tommy Curran wrote a really good job column and also had a really really you'd take on this craw I think it should get you fired up that what you saw yesterday was I thought I. That's super cross. Crazy I know that your big free delete and look how that song on the loop he knew exactly what that it's right. The frequent guest on Goldman did and you're disgusting management 61777979. Threesome be back after this. This is Clinton has got another wave of investment. Average relic rob Bradford and haven't either without getting into too much detail. Before every came here for way this for breakfast every last night on the all of us. All soldiers that place in Davis Square and had marinated Arnold's on the menu is five dollars or inflict as little meaning metal bucket of well how many. Probably at least four. And so forth that of a black hole Connor and he forty olives. And an entire pint so I went home and and I and I found I gotten some. And Ben and Jerry's and and Ari can I mean Connie and I produce it it reeks and here it's awful it's awful demy again I'll switch seats. Awful so let's go back to its budget numbers show. I'm gonna I Tug of try to focus 6177797937. OK before we were talking about the Latin which are above the no hitter last night. Picking through this horrid decisions and and basically how people. At this perception that the score actually works for the team which is dumb. He doesn't work that he nation make any decisions based on no hitters or the team or whatever but that said. Both avid and I agreed to controversial calls last night were correct. Now we also said that last this last no hitter thrown against the Red Sox with. April 22. 1993. I said I remembered it. Evans could call Julio on that. Well a couple split clicking here alike and I was gonna play view this freedom in relics tweets this week game that we can play this game it's that time of game. But over under. Last night now that the 1980 yet but you know look at over under. 210. We need German music for us now with this week we got us really have so much dramatic music to play at our com gives an allotment a dramatic music. We spent a lot all the answers pulled up we spent a lot of it on the horns. So the media stars support which we will do me want to operating rules yes OK yes thus we have to allocate. Over under on this say. It's a trick question on Israel. Over you've told the liquor no I haven't no I have an idea right it is over twelve yeah I mean I'm guessing you don't eat it too easy OK you're twelve last night was like 215 was an art over under attendance. Look at fifteenth out. Under there are. If I was opinion being Kingdome in Seattle or members of the starting its. Odd 1993 to narron. Andre Dawson. Yes. Mo Vaughn with these there Malone Kimmel was there's some Hebert earnest trials. Dot yes that Nadal. Is definitely no ideologue Scott Cooper. Yes it by far that's it for cancer or who hot. Tony Pena Tony Pena. Curtis trials while I pulled out one that in a second dates. 1993. April 22 1993 I remember like it was just five pitchers in four. Now the eighty dark hole and are now who'll Joseph Haskins yes OK he started. Yes he went three innings of fiber okay six point 080 or who may be some dramatic music all plotted that were done with the OK thank you all want to came for 22 thirds Tony fossils okay great parents via Enron. Okay that's in your let me ask you this as someone from New York who doesn't doesn't appreciate the Boston history although he did write a book okay part of the asking the book was gaining a much better appreciate it and sowed now having written spend your time not paying attention anything but that book yes as you pointed out many many economy quit you went through those names you that your lowest bracket of most Greg apparently was Greg Harris known for. Tell me you strong we're both hands woes can Ryan known for. Additional I don't know. And Ryan's troops seem the hard news also from Massachusetts. Use the clothes are waiting. Yes peacock. The scenario isn't in the catbird seat I don't know I I have no point 6177797937. I wanna get into your take Kevin on this wrong stuff about it did you see V viewer from press conference yesterday did you see this when you're reading your columns and and eating your ice cream yes a pet rocks the grunts a slew of him I want to get your take on because I thought Tommy current. Which right on enough is enough enough is enough. When it comes to describe stuff enough. And now. I don't know I agree to it 617 sums of 97937. We'll talk about it after this.