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Sunday, February 18th

Rob Bradford and Evan Drellich report live from Fort Myers in anticipation of the Red Sox first full squad practice tomorrow. Lou Merloni joins the show as well.


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All right all right all right I'm so happy to be here with ever drought are so. It just feels right at odds that that this I I my apologies to my beautiful wife Jan. I'd miss her dearly I'm in Fort Myers. Miss her dearly but if I am going to have a substitute. Is going to be the buy patience epic relic who is sitting alongside me here in the reds like broadcast Booth in Fort Myers. We're going to be taking you all the way up until. 4 o'clock I'm rob Bradford in while you Hewlett great thanks Roch you're doing okay you'd never let you never looked smarter. You'd never see more energetic. You seem more like that that you're asked Redick oh I think that that first foray that we had last year. Do love it we had a show on Sunday US I think that you learn during the summer yes you learn a lot from it. And I feel like I feel like you have a different sense about you view the short holding your diary that built me up and not holding it thirty years thirty years ago you look like you've earned authorities since the last time we use our return them like old wrinkle it would cause us more weathered in and and quietly you know we had a busy year last year up. He's a lot going on with it and I would we be happy did you excuse such things as take your pitcher out to the stand great year and and asked these people they know who you are by. There is nobody in front office right now would you part of an empty field some watering the grass is absolutely beautiful I know you're snow on the ground. I mean we have snow on the ground. Buy it. It it's it's gonna get warmer it's gonna get warm and everybody knows Avant. When it's sixty degrees in Boston its demise will be 85 and that's like 85 right yet. I spent time at Texas it's amazing how when to wipe my basement apartment I usually okay when when it freezes or snows the whole city shuts down literally businesses close when it's just below. For yes so it's a little people. Doing this to be proud of how well you vital URL naked through the streets offering it yet and and debris Wall Street. And that's where exports seventh speaking of which. 6177. 79790. Three's that we can get through a lot of different things right now Kevin and he talked about ballots its legacy. Rocked him. In little Bo runs though whole broad situation. No haven't wants to take a deep dive in the NBA all star game which I don't know if you erred on the trending. It is going to be on these Airways 7 o'clock populace who it was. And in fortunately we do not have to do after a program like we did last Friday. Because if that happened. On Monday. He would be doing a re playing the NBA all star game while they're all listening which you can catch me in the colonial ports on them now port Austin in a lot of like rob you're just took the ratings away from the mobiles. Are going to be on every team player beat you play I do not care. This is I'm being nice do you Avant. I'll say this I do not care about the other organization you're working for the next three this man wearing in this that your still birthing boom Maloney that reminds be overload of W yeah I nowhere else. It's going to be joining us up in the move probably a little bit so how it unfolded today. We get to the park the I know everyone's fascinated by the light of the sport. I wake up I'll start right there I wake up that supports I cut my vegetables at 730 I caught my vegetables at 730. I put him in the plastic bag right. What about my backpack ready to go for the day you just saw me you don't so that's how I every sportswriters started today I know everybody. Cooked vegetables. Go to the park at 8 o'clock in the morning we get the park it o'clock in the morning in the clubhouse. Everyone some people go to work some people this time around and do nothing. And that we get back from the clubhouse about 9 o'clock temple aired at home. Eduardo Nunez Tom becomes official. Eduardo Nunez so who knew and as became official. Whatever this morning it's arts then and now. Did the rusty just talked you'll be getting the sound a little bit later this so did the brows deep met with the media. Cost you for couple takeaways from the browse. I knew you were not that you know are we doing. There. Really. Look at the ability to your takeaways the bicycle is everything you audio Haley repairs. A preview of what's while we're playing if you mention the played on the year anyway. So I did the rusty to our effortless like you've interviewed him mare's. Switzerland's already gone and the growth he said he was asked about oh new yet it's and he said basically. They they were very least how he phrased it they were concerned about is is there were very concerned about it. Now I know that you're saying oh while of course there but they were worked the way that he sort of broached it. But they were more concerned than a lot of people were letting on they actually took him oh. Yesterday or day before yesterday the back field I don't know how we see this probably because. We all leave it later in the day but it took about the brat back field and work the this extensive work out for. There are very happy with how it went. Now okay you read our Eduardo Nunez he's fine they think physically. That the other question is does this affect eighty Martinez now. You you are gonna have. Dave to browse the mentioned the words treaty Martinez the initial CD or the last name Martinez but talk in general Riley's. But even then today when asked about it. He just wins not he was very very noncommittal. So. The chairman Tom war. And say we're active negotiations Angie Martinez back region that the president baseball operations expertise but you know everyone handles the he definitely having them on the weak in the day. I emailed him or week or so ago it needs that appear continue negotiations replied on the record at Scott Morse also to meet. Yes your continuing negotiations so I don't understand the public posturing the knowledge shall talk. The house down he was oddly leave me about and don't lie you know what that is because Eric Hosmer deal sets the market awaited. And also ball. It them browse these are all right yes why would you like to deal. Not what hot water but when you've got in years potentially attached OK I don't I don't you write your issue with claws are you know a lot about like. With ours where you have eighteen million dollars a year right average it gave me right. Now what I know it's eighteen. It's eighteen so you come in with JD Martin is a warning that labor the first five. Right well I don't know if you knew the seventh it's an eight year DS so. So if you have that that Eric Hosmer deal does not. Impacts the rights are is not a bad thing for the Red Sox because of the gave me because of the eagle mock it averaged. That treaty markets could potentially get which one million you can still fit what he millionaire. So your first point blown up it doesn't that's not why he's mentally he's a stop mentioning Katie Martinez just because he goes in these waves of of not wanted to get into specifics in front of cameras and and we all know what he's talking about my point when Dombrowski just clocked. Was that eat eat eat you know how he is sometimes he's more. Detailed. Sometimes he's really date today he was relieved that he did not give the definitive answer. We Keith we are still going hard after the ax the name. Yeah you know they are there I got my soapbox about this for men nobody asked it is today what are you right. If they don't Sunday. How you can Maria. And I'll and I'll tell you right now. The rest spectacle of the season saint team get everybody get better you can antley go back thirty or might be the toll sixty version all these guys again. Standard Jacqui we'll keep everybody ilk the forty home run different it's seventeen and sixteen maybe they make it. Okay it's a great team they went 99 games they win the division they get to the first round they get their rear ends kicked once again. If you go out the trade deadline that by all the way you could swing music because the trade deadline gets them with prospect they don't have by the if you don't make it out of the first round without adding somebody. How do you look yourself the mayor predict a round Howell as a fan do you not go take. Why didn't you do more yeah you do these guys are gonna get better but you could have still made it even better. With money that was perfectly reasonable. The death by the way all of what you're talking about doesn't that sound familiar from 365 days ago with through my guy. That your guys into bankruptcy on. It's the same Ellis they had the luxury tax threshold built it is you who cares I mean I agree with you rob buy and but they thought they did OK they don't have that anymore that they they purposely got on the launch attacks that they can span in the future folk OK so it's. Your scenario is he plausible one. My thing is a little bit different when when you talk about not signing team argued that these people and you hear every you've been down here. You hear a lot from the players' party or you've heard from the browsed he. A traumatized where are right. Well the problem is with that in the and I believe they feel especially afternoon as comes here I think that they feel they are equipped to beat the Yankees now we can say no. But that's how they feel you get that same feeling right from the players. What they project. What are they don't know why I bought ultra doubles prize let's listen this is not this is not a couple years ago. Where David Ortiz is chirping about marketing sales and cruised round thing but that's besides just like car. That's just there is that the guy and the holidays publicly in the personality. To stay with David Ortiz what brought thinking just like penetrate that. Where else Michael the outgrowth was written because. Through the Astros didn't got to get somebody finally get early in the technical the winner if you're the old guy you want help with that were right. Right but by Evan I understand that normally that is the case but I can honestly say I think the yen genuinely believe. But the players they have are good enough. I think to win a world yes I think that they they absolutely believed in and could be lucky that. Well I mean you can they wouldn't it not to enter the playoffs that's the best team in the American whatever he's right here's my point you can think and I can think that. But I don't think they think that those guys in there and it's different world you've been on a team you've been on the Boston. Media team going to be the New York media right note that reset we showed up. And we had to Britain hitting cleanup and both people from the outside it's a broken every win that game but we sit now I believe that IC the Austin them. So I think those guys those guys in there believe that they are good enough now to my point about JD Martinez. I agree that I agree with you. Judy Martinez is needed in this innate to baseball he needed that this is why I think he's. Because you need someone the what you talk about all these guys getting better and winning 99 games how'd you do that. I don't think it's just as Turkey is they get a year older and they get better. I think you have to put a guy in the mail order and Hewitt David Ortiz tested for a lot government 2016. That helps them make them better. And also it also in terms of what the Yankees cap in the middle order they have three guys are critics of the Red Sox meet somebody in that order may be note ever becomes a guy. But you'll need some of the mill the order where is going to be a moment and this is going to be like facing re hitters because it's going to be so argue with that yet. Which we knew a year ago by the way the fifties where we are still fighting the same battle. That exists exactly a year ago after Ortiz left after account but that's. But that's not what but Avant and I know you that you you don't agree with me but they all thought all the same thing they all thought all these guys are gonna get better even without Ortiz. And as I detailed many time do it again now that was the biggest mistake that but he looked when he sixteen Nokia Theater Jackie's at this is their baseline because they're young team room. Everyone for themselves if they keep to your point. That those guys that world really believe. That they're good that note that every player and that's what they're archer. While they're not David Ortiz complaining Nelson. How you or major marker reps at Dave the browse it by now easier. If this is the gold standard baseball. How do you not allotted for this team and it is the exact same team. How do you justify. How do you sell that you're welcome good to get better. I don't understand that logic you are not a small market. Yankees a lot like it you call Stan the Astros get our coal and somehow we're sitting here. OK for the Red Sox to stamp that make sense that good rock well it's good to get better short okay how. Of the so okay so so you're you're right by. You have now we have to go by why isn't treaty marquee this year and is it because the Red Sox are being cheap or are they playing in the market racked. If that's that's another week it as the late this this. It's absolutely there being cheap that's why they're not 1980 Martina if you're a Red Sox in your sitting there hey listen. Nobody else is gonna be able being what they bid for. And goat go find her the better team argues and then if Arizona says. Ken Kendrick the owner. I you know what we're gonna match with the Red Sox are and you liked Arizona more and he goes there and the Red Sox don't budge off a bit. And do what they do with David Price up outspend the other guys that absolutely you have you have a great point. But as we sit here right now it's not good business that this is say you know what yeah will do agree with me if they'd to sign him they've made it. Well. The reality Obama won I think that yes they need him so it's a big mistake. And I don't think I'm not signing him at this minute at this moment. It's an enormous mistake because. Because the market is in the market is as far as we know the market isn't. If it's not. Forbid they should overpay at a certain point is the little guy has always somewhere some at some time right. Some of the other day speculated to be in this is purely speculation that they wouldn't be surprised if free agents started the season. Holding that you literally hagee Martinez by the guys without this before hos and maybe other really does change things and break the crisis as we talk. Oh OK okay we're gonna continue this conversation 617779. 7937. Looper Loney is a senate the Booth so he could join in on the conversation as well. But before allude jumps in before we got to go to a break this go to some of these calls. Dan in north where ideal and then. Super I've never been better never been happier in my life to be sitting here that. But they've got a couple couple dot I big the last time I remember. The Red Sox signing a hitter. Two. An early contract when when players stop that they were doing to sprint and sign their contract with the Red Sox was Panama and Italy. So be neat little law here is it's fine by me I was like whatever ultimately happens. Two and a better than that my question was. You think there's any shot and maybe the pipe dream that. Claudette but he's still will sign a super super low. Heavily incentive related. Contract he said he played first base. It was awful last year injured the year before he can't have too much value. Annie could it potentially provide them stop in the middle lineup. And he's played yeah at least thought. Well I'll tell my finger that means I'm talking first I apologized and can be some analysts. But I will say this stimulus haven't talked after those entities that. He's adorable couple. That terrible economic player. So I mean I don't know why you. Know you liked the idea that moment is not going. My question is why are you trying to save them money wired you want the low. You know maybe high upside guy low cost bargained him why huge why are you thinking like that as a fan as it. I told you exactly lab they met the net the B I want money for next year's free agent class so the body is. Let me you know if if he if the other argument is stand pat do nothing. I would rather Batiste up on a tiny tiny contract in hopes that he can hit thirty home runs 48 home runs whatever it is. With potentially a value over replacement. Which it last year you know I think that you when you talk about that sort of contract. You know they got it is I mean that's that deal and I know is not the same type of player right. I would take Eduardo Nunez a million times over Jose but he's right now. OK I don't think it's Uruguay would to be mutually exclusive. Well because you're talking about the same sort of deal. And and and also you know it's rule. Was Batiste it's okay unit DH him once and while you're playing the outfield you withdrew it in in that difficult then. But you know we Judy Martinez you do you have to we have acknowledged you do have to tie yourself and not a little bit to get this guy in this in this batting artery. Riley I don't know a little Angel you don't. While Okeechobee lock well if if if they can't we catch him he's really really. Okay. And you wanna play him it's a moral and really really good then it's I'm tied in knots is a strong statement I noticed it but it's not this this seamless you're gonna go there. All right you can see it. Bradley are bent against the righty right what Katie Marti national park field. Who's to say Mitch Moreland might not need a day if it's one of those could prompt the works itself and you don't have a logjam situation. I've just always go to break teeth in Fall River right unity. Oakland second. Are you are you doing what's going on. Marched. Yeah. I'm really optimistic about in this year. On the net you're good you have it doctor Sorenson Dave Dombrowski. No I haven't I haven't actually on the clintons have people are very optimistic about this well listen. They're 100 million last year. You David Price who will hopefully it will make thirty starts with their Bellotti and that he's not going anywhere. Well we'll see now you wanna know why. Because that is that conversation drive me nuts. Like this play itself for me. The he has a great year right now the great. He is able to go on the free agent market if four more years on his contract a thirty million dollars a year laugh. He goes in the open market the the the most prolific free agent market history of baseball. Now he's had a great year but you know what it also they do besides look at the stats they look at the MRI they look at the elbow. And you think a guy in the way that free agency is going is going to get thirty million dollars a year or four years would that elbow. Maybe not but it against 24 law and that peace of mind and happiness. Not champion Boston obviously. He hadn't been for two year into it. I don't think money is it I mean he still rich right. He had I mean I I hear it but it's only thanks for the call Keith I don't offer were really works that way am I think that people. Just to talk about find themselves and in knots Evan. I think that when it comes surprise like they have this idea he's gonna hated so much that he's gonna take you know thirty million dollars last. The worst should be behind him this one's free agent market Q any thought. If the market looked like the absence and now. I can still see the chance that he would they are right. Altered all lose a little bit of money to go back out there for the final four years vehicles 20010. Mile Tripoli it's never gonna happen. If that elbow is whose group but orbital quick point I didn't Martina talk I wanna go on to next year's market. With harper which Otto. Both incredibly expensive to the Borg and you have a target instead of never in this that's what we're here repeating if the Edward and cost you know thing all over again. Just had a slightly left hand to food to Wallace that money for next year that you're just that you're so gently over. Think Keith I promise you got ports you can be asking forty million dollars for price a. Reckon Winfield what's going on wrecked. Direct. A question we're okay. What's the question. Your infant up for the question what's going on. To our heart rate below the heart rate. Okay this joke about it or break the global flu overload is sitting here he's ready to act of baseball talk show. You're sure you're off you're sure our speaker our question I our troops yes thank you for the caller I wired right. Reds and Bruce accused of being considered because they're not revoke my I think you talk about the division. Consider. Let's isn't consideration for fourth outfield spot in this DO it's still going to be tough I think he's probably got a triple it really was secretive bizarre because like this guy if I don't know if you looked up these numbers story. But can steal it's crazy. He almost 400 against lefty pitching last he did well I think you reasons to believe in them boy you're not gonna start you can't sell me on music studio as your opening day. Tree. Now but we're talking about the fourth now prove. I don't know what you'll note that it couldn't hear if so you know we can't hear. We could hear Lou Maloney and Dudley talk in the back of the blue. And wonderful way to stop that conversation. With strategically. By breaking them up and bring loot to the Mike after this break Lou was gonna tell me. How frustrating it was showing up at our house last night and not having a comforter to cover his his warm warm body. The world that he all of that. Right after this. All right we're back we're back live from for buyers were not bright nine my thoughts and prayers goes to out to all my family and friends. Weathering the blizzard. 118. We overloaded just escaped it just it guys just in the nick of time I'm rob Bradford along with DeVon relic in the Maloney has popped on by because. Clueless the Aussie cannot get back to our house up without me so you may have to stay here that's its that the exit the race over the shop you know those sort of things but it was just. Parked the car today during the car off got out of cardinal heard was. That as its cities well. We will lose our favorite universities. You with age 8 o'clock in the morning we we've laid out basically how the date goes for writers. At 815 what you say outcasts progress. A three you know it's very green. You are in the January when you first in the clubhouse this morning. You're probably right there about about first I heard you rustling around I'm like I'm market. And he knows it's got you where you read it one rob let's go they want you know day fuels. Rated ago you were ready you know January doctor Brian Johnson I saw that York. Wealthy sports a global. It taught or cell 000 what this week you talked like talked we're like where we're going to be nice to be friends so as to talk Q do you carry those down here. Today. And he sort of like the day you know why it's January that was. With with with -- with port yeah. What they thought up Marcelo is a mean Brian Johnson was just we're just ended up you know couple guys. We'll tell us. It'll be it was oh by the Detroit a little bit ought to do you will let this review being proactive within us that you sell a little bit about the options you know. With a clue what it because I'll baseball players are critical to your just basically I mean. Yeah it's all. Yeah there were understanding. So. You know I think the next I've gone six drop not a noun and not really know about those not anymore. Six warrants have a good excellent one conversations are private if you call but please call on a better phone yet before I. Because we kicked the price spreads through ethnic steel conversation going we have a bad call YE technical and for this powerful tease the allegiance at comedy and talk based it's it would talk. Cares about the evidence that Clayton. Yeah this week you don't get it. Because that's all people care about the guys you know as well as idol who cares about Joseph Kelley's new dog now up that's all the Arab Spring training that you listening to do went wind blows. Moves are going at least until disputed did you most valuable thing not only for MBC sports Boston that they'll do the spring training yeah but probably in the entire media about just filming Pedro Martinez cross talk crap about you expect a Martina is talking crap about run in the question about that they got a new dog in the offseason of my account. I don't know if it does but people want or no help us people what I know if your if you're comfortable would you go to a close to the ball yet just like the lanky. We we tried we got into an equal we've got ninety degree we've got a house. It it's it's a met at the majestic how's your business right is this the biggest impediment that was. A that's 65000 square feet with two bedroom. I got what lucked out again no I get no blanket that's fine just sheet. I sleep naked it's somewhat uncomfortable. It's fine it's worked out perfectly I thought he was sleepwalking and that's why at the lock my door a little loop that I know that you just once I have a house that big only two bedrooms it's not two bedroom took it to better if they had to make a choice Lou it was either the pool table or another it's what you oust what's the biggest moderate the market right bedrooms a cool head of the federal buildings and enter a two bit and Julie don't we have to have a room where we we re drinker brandy in place the whole. And have a backup program strategist is it's able to do that sit there and that's program I will talk more about a long way away from America but living. Got to average don't you worry let's go to an area where it's it's not arable. Our cash lowers what you'll so Lou you've got here you'd you'd Dover and these are Derrick Low part about that later. Thought Derek Lowe but really you listen to. Core argue listen to browse do you listen to JD market mean it I Eduardo or his. So what what we take. Just talking about this and I. I just like first off there's actually human being talking to the microphone right well I with a personality. Not a good GM's Oates is the year. I love these Doug Michaels coming in tomorrow. And he's gonna work with Tokyo devers you know immediate below it work in with more solo and it's not becoming to fix all these are professional sport so what do Cy Young. But I talked to Rick afterwards these edged everybody's different language sometimes you can get it from all over the place and and and so might click you know that he says would mean that the consistency in Pedro talking about. There's only go higher level at different level of mechanics and pitching some of the guys cook is your means so. The here and sale was there as well. I think it's great to get all of these people just talking baseball and try to learn from. Different guys have different errors or I think is great and unions and you know smile and laughing while he's a great person and that's what I last. That's what part about new union Elvis unsure he when he endeavors team into that club bounced. In aid did something that club now they weren't around for all the crap. They were gonna pull reverend relic society you know right there weren't around for all that so but they got there and if you re a member at modern Unionists the best media moment after a game Ty you're the CC sabathia thing. The blunt remember that the bow at both though all know I'm gonna talk around it. New music yeah yeah of course I apologize that I apologizes needs are so bad infield upon. I mean. The total well yeah those clubs like right exactly every ninety tech yet what you are you below you talked about core about -- it's measures and everything I think that that goes across the board a not only does the manager out to be less measured but I think a lot of guys in there have to be blessed man I don't know avid have you seen that at all totally yeah. 62 reports on publishers are just getting but I you know I didn't interview with and that hasn't aired yet but it was more lighthearted. He should you know what sorely I do it feels different in the air this. You would agree with that right. I think so a bait doesn't mean they're gonna win more teams and a lot of this all the stuff all the way up all the stuff that we're talking about him you know listen you've been deployed through replacement ratings. And her at all it's lighter it's we're gonna have more follow. It on it's it's always rather it should it better be like they're yours Broderick with with Errol I think it's different you compare this room. To last year to returning to think that you would hear that urged on by the middle spring training it felt like it different here. With the you have to use this go here's one you Wear when you're there for Hanley last year. That when he did dispensing last year now okay Hanley to dispensing last year and they keep people came all my goodness. And leave America so go but he was so Lucy was so funny. This and that and that you said you were dropped in the middle spring training the beat us for entering the glue like who said. Everybody's fun at everything fun everything's good years last year it would raise the price was there at the beginning alas your spring training as painful up. And as it was Christmas but those who is which is which it is it's like all the solid now every troop that's coming. This is the slope rating about it and with him when he says he lost fifteen pounds any game looks good. Andy who's swinging with one hand last year all these different things yet we lost a close. Are you just lying to us throughout the entirety of the season that we get desperate to do we know how. All of the truth here that one month three weeks where we're actually here reality from the department at manulife. Arguably we've talked about because one of the things you heard about this group last year was you know how unhappy they seemed in miserable. Right and then if you ever present a player with that new big guys know like the right now we're we're we're back in each other we have a lot of bonds grew use the standard and you know his narrative of American blamed for that it takes a coop yet in this commodity issue in the league I guess what it sort of have a group last year right and that's just the way it is a -- then there were. You mean like say Brian Daubach will be talking about how miserable this thing is a minimum ago micro footer for euthanasia. And all of a sudden talk upgraded is. And then they turned in my softly go back and say it this is their right you know but it's almost that you don't have a right. To say that about my team he's here in the media you don't know even though you're right. I'm never admit it you walk because you don't have you know you you're not one of us so that just it's I don't have that there's a war eagle that it could happen sooner. With a different personalities with. David Ortiz or later Martinez isn't there what. They were not been fun. Now if that they have got me was speak Lou those and I'd do. But for me that you're in the U you'd get caught up in the middle of season you don't wanna just come out Tuesday were not having fun right. Casey think that every single team that goes through. What threats that you know it's alternative health and it's what I know another both of you are avid listeners brought podcast right but of course when it went to impersonal talked about this with it I think this with the start for me with the start of the honesty that we're talking about. Which said we went the entire year. Thinking that it was right around the corner of right rob McCord Kelly said like we were in first place almost every day it felt like we were in last place at beat. And then they said we understand. Really help that it was or didn't wanna accept how bad it was. I think he but the option that that group is my point. That group of people let it certainly I don't know if the yep the other isolated at all but there's no word is at risk I. Right don't get it just kept waiting 'cause it's they did they under performed I mean individually. As a group that 193 games again. And actually look almost like 2016. With the year individually these guys hadn't how much they underperformed win wise when totaled 2060. Ameen. They had a lot of guys with amazing years and one night three games. Last year that a lot of guys that didn't meet expectations and they still won 93. So well which wasn't. I look at 2016 that it should 198. Given the years some. But I have been do you imagine I mean they did but they did that your signature win 98 they have Chris Sale with the airports cell right imports so it's like young yeah that's I guess that's pretty good year and yet pretty damn good right right so it's like this year. Goodies he's a guy you know. Talking talk to him earlier but. He just doesn't play does that play nice view that it won't go out you know all on to say he's a guy with a lot of career for two ERA. And it's most deceit think where you've ever seen that he's never fought through. He's either 33 at 32 winners Cy Young was a 48. Yeah donate averages to afford to go well you know it is the only and that's a guy that needs to be. At that average which he's never bow then. You know I always that it didn't say okay should fluctuate between. In 038 great year to four to five bad years so through you know that's always extreme to think there wanted to get through after the break review Lou in to a certain extent haven't. Give you the Yankees the Yankees number one you talked about the pitching in matching up we we've mentioned. Okay how the matchup with the Yankees and you'd yeah you can start with stand you can start with judge but really to me the difference is will let's look at the pitching. And you go through some the guys that you mentioned with a Red Sox the other one obviously is Judy Martinez we already gave our opinions I want Lou Maloney opinion Q. Right after this. This. The months insanity. This week inspired dream we're using I was Sunday. Every Sunday. I was track you know out there it's legit every ethic on. Nice fire in the mountain ESCO JD Martina thought let me let me set the scene for scene setter ordinary doesn't use outdoor. I'm rob brat for the long reverend relic Lou Maurice pocket onshore I am for a few segments we really appreciate it. We've been talking about the rats like that lo and behold in Fort Myers. At Red Sox spring training and things are getting heated in fiery. And I don't expect that it will calm down anytime soon because Loney is about to give it JE RT Tuesday. So low payrolls and Judy Martinez it'll look like a seven year deal. Just like Eric costs looks like an eight year deal that gave you eight million is it lets me honestly. Let the eight year deal is a stocking go back over tickets eight years but it's a five year deal with a three year insurance plan. I mean the thirteen. It's a five year deal for a 105 is that as it is amazing it's better. Wouldn't you rather that. Twenties are thinking if it's points eight it thirty to 320 you know it takes it 37 you know an outlook launches there but. Does that it's it is what it is and outbid themselves vision that doing the right thing right now and again probably a five year deal. And it'll pack a couple of crappy. Whatever you know one year option in this office I was worried crappy apps and it's got to be go to his clients negative seven. But that it's it's amazing it's amazing that so we have through Boris Klein so far off the board Courtney Watson in our cost. While this is going to be the year that Boris doesn't get his numbers then bowl this Prince Fielder signing game in almost certainly the role the color. Death grip deals a hundred million dollars way to say it's not a threat we deal and it's been real world in baseball I think everybody thought they give more. The sport has ever and we were walking and talking with someone about the Tony Watson Theo wants relief pitchers on the giants. And I think he made he's making. What three years like 9900002039. Million right in this state or. The guys over three riders. But the guys that we're talking to is like that was not what they were asking for more note that was not what they were asking for and that was the first forest got them off the board. As you mention Hosmer comes off the board last night where is this accurate it looks good like at first glance they need to get into it. APU eighteen million dollars a year. That does not push the needle pretty Martinez at all now because our 32 of you still playing well as the sit there with three years 39. That's only there because that is insurance policy Casey gets hurt blows out. And he's gonna get like you know thirteen million to three years he's not plated knowing guys in this is that it or Newt is the good example of one happens these guys who had to wait hours or chose to. It means Eduardo Nunez said this before. Today that their first task at 585. Which is obviously unrealistic. To get the idea that they probably wanted at least three years okay. You can get you can get certainly think it three years guarantees. So he gets this DL one year four billion with a option which we said that about Eduardo Nunez after season. Oh my goodness are you kidding me right note Julian Tavarez would like. More than Mac. So you have back there and have a Mitch Moreland. Mitch Moreland cited two years thirteen billion dollars like at that time while it's not a lot. Mitch Moreland be sitting right now if he doesn't sign that the. I don't understand. The criticism. Aboard the Q in this market in this the I think it's in great job getting this much money. I think you get the most money to be. On a horse rides that he even got them much the fact they're literally. I don't think it's people people are surprised at the beginning when you coming off that the off the season people say oh yeah Eric Hosmer and Africa ET don't the year it's a little lower eighties probably like. Not without a partner is not a bad job I thought agents aren't likely target that's not worth the if there's emails today. Let's an answer my emails like well what it OK whatever what you started with our ports don't get protect don't vote on payment on today we're about elevenths and I am not here by human beings in the B test. Fine listen. Like when you average you have to admit I'm not criticizing stop or several laps but I'm saying that we can't look at what. With the perception of it wanted to win this season and it Eric with can edit it okay. Obviously rob see the season and now has been drastic change everyone's oh that were idle the key to look at that that's my point. I would not just it was porous. It is it's the market you know my only complaint that McCain now that spring training is actually going line. Now you say you're hurting your client you know army it is what it is the theater every part of it not sunny here. Now is that they normally are out claims that aired today on the senate November's your first off for good await the problem was nobody else that the table. So if you think that Scott boards that I get their costs growing its region of two teams bidding on Dominican because it eagle Padres in the Kansas City Royals. Are you kidding me them all by the way edit JD Martinez would 45 bombs team's gonna want this big bad who's in the Red Sox and who else. I don't know them and gonna continue to use arizonans hopefully meet publicly they can say that still interest and it will pay about that they are that there's no. The supply and demand there is no demands on value at the point where. Make that deal. It's your players here. Annie's fine agent mark does it make this kind of money before. Of course he's gonna get any decent mean you'll be happy to be able to use it's it will be amazing but I'll go back the Mitt Portland thing. Think about so he sent two years thirteen million. Logan Morris well Mars it's gonna get. Like it's Logan Morrison who had Tommy armour on last galleries there today. It's gonna get that deal probably not no that's apple. That's unbelievable that by the Red Sox and bring him back to more loans that weakness now believe it look tomorrow if there might guess look at more person. Wouldn't you know it you know they got leverage right away. Four at least some elaborate or JD marquis I think that's garbage does no Lou retreat outside it's more. The report publicly all while we brought that. We are. Particularly. It's more leverage virginity Martina the only key to listen if you think it's more you know first baseman you know a week. You could you got to feel the team you can't say you could side by side Mitch had a team right by citing Mitch Moreland you could come into camp and say work. And they've got to do that you. And that the eight plausible situation is plausible situation we face right now but anyone who would look deeply at the team the two YouTube would heal the real hole wasn't. Simply helping a warm bodies above average at first base it's a line at the power out of the ultimate moral one on sites that he. Warm body guards are talking about that ball Orleans you know like what they assigning JD Martinez what it does these easy DH every single day. And your fourth outfielder that you left the moves of people around. But and audit partners of people audio agreement I mean it was your first baseman everyday. Every day first baseman Mitch Moreland who cited two year fourteen million dollars it was the same country that Chris Young did the B of fourth of mean Moreland is a role player he's your best diplomat that left the bat off their bench that's certainly one way and if it gets hurt it can't do right now we start. Moreland in the mix it that image every day this goes this goes back to the everyone's happy and everything's everything's gonna work doubt. We don't know and that is a plausible situation that out absolutely it happened if you go to the air because gotti's he'd be twelve it bans the avocado ice cream at all. But we don't know we have no idea and the other part about it which they'll never say course that if he'd be produced play. Is that option or the million dollar vesting option for next year he hit 497. Played there. That they can say they're not factor that in but in the perfect world. You what those guys. In their you don't play apparent that the I'm OK with that they're not stupid enough while I don't I don't know I don't know if that's the case it wasn't breaking last year he has played appearances all right. But you know this year's difference right list items that last use the DH that that's the thing now right now I motivate him yet point throughout the U wanna go get go to first. And raked. And it's not really you know yeah I agree with you haven't because if if they are mirrors is doing its thing he has played first base. This spot that they're not gonna let him get to the F Bat's cut block in July adventure when you better hitters and impact I was in fourth or fifth is you don't wanna get too. I think the Red Sox quite frankly would sit there is a veteran don't mind if we get the point two million dollars because you're always gonna do is beat rate in and we get in the 2016. Back if he's not. Then eighty I player last year then we start altering things and he's never. Look at us or you're absolutely right you also know in baseball season in recent years for training in we think it's that cut and dried but it never does that mean there's always that room for. Ambiguity there justice communities. What can happen what would you say well let's make a play heavily hit it can be good and it goes the Kennedy to be good for a while is once there it can be good for awhile and that he really goes into details peninsula. And so buy it he's saying hey lobby played through it when you play through it and they're saying well you know what. We wanna mix things up a little on this thing. It's not it's cut and dry is just say Heatley of Meredith has got to go out brake at least delegate artist played a parent does and that's going to be that. And Mitch Moreland who by the way had a decent year with a broken oh you just got to put on the sidelines. Well it's. All public has any immediate and at least break him and you have to any merit to any of that and if both guys do what. You would want them to do you know on the optimistic side who would you rather out there every down. That's a no brainer. Right of course amid good at least better than a good Mitch Russian soul. If they've but these you know I think and motivate Hanley play first base that's how you gonna get your of that squall they're rate now now you look at. Plain and about him that you can't wait for example somebody who's. This guy Il lost the wake of the wants you he wants the money so why it took the experience that you're motivating me bullet. The guys that reminds beat two of the likely be tag not a machine right. So if this goes back to spring training where we are we're only a few days away from the rule games. And it's it's a weird schedule because the position players report tomorrow. And then you have the games in three days agrees that Dave Wright that never happened I'll think about a couple of years ago when Hanley showed up a week before. Play position players were words scheduled. And he Indy goes well for this week and the weekend before the final couple days where you go on before yep that actually lives in. He gets killed four remember he got. You get decimated port that used Mike Napoli glove when playing first base he got decimated for me think about where that compare to now. I don't know it's a product of well. Whenever we all get it now or that no one cares as much I don't know but that remember pigs at those two things which are. Ridiculous. Where of this huge story lines as we sat here. Right that was that was a couple years ago right when you see every day first baseman right ages grab like nepalese glove. Say it was totally you know if that was a story on all but I mean you know remember how big the that he went home for the weekend but that's my point is that I don't know adult. If we get things now I don't care when and these guys show that initial two days. What the data report to show today were it makes too big of a deal but when they show walked in. So associates owns those not so what does that mean. I'd probably back home somewhere working out what's the difference Nigel what do regional national early due shows a week early all that means he's the means business or whatever. I show up the other day I tell you are always good players would show up and our meal last you meant business I did after a late I read it still meant business Russell. What's going on Ross before you break. It Russell what's going on. Rough start. They. First saw lots are borrow money. Well we'll enjoy watching you play enough time river yes a girl. Nice pieces. Lucas said he's never played on river avenue before it SO tour. Twelve months YouTube so that the people cruel though it is in the new courses. I know people. It certain will and belief that a lot of common sort of gross the last called bird to. Crews are out since. We're a long ski. Squad car coal. Good to hold up. In fairness Russell half of those guys on him thanks for the so I don't wanna hang up on here because now it's keys but think about guys that. Get hurt her healthy now they can hurt again. Other guys and give her what happened river Africa was going on Providence. Relative really illicit bogey. Yes but you're right because their keep this guy's gonna be helped it record Zander is gonna be helping him he's gonna be helping Detroit's gonna be healthy Iowa oh pokey is this year. Right out but it didn't does that that's why Newt you know I hear it ticking yet to send to resign GD Martinez oh. He stays healthy telling call from gonna stay healthy to brows ski on New Year's and I wasn't there Iraqis should dimensions that you were there knew you were there in the little sewage juggernaut. Solace. Depressing says a new needs me at times he will feel. That is now it's and he will do we also that doesn't mean anything of major consequence that this is something he's given if this thing has gone. They put through this testament backfield and he showed them right how great shape yet he's still telling us. That's why he signed a one year four million dollar contracts. Six. Whatever with a two to listen we get a little break 6177797. In 937. Lou's going to be witness for at least another another app that would get those that aren't that get a bye get a bounce you William bite him a buy stuff I tell you lot I know having lived with you before your product team getting some product off. I start it's a product art we'll talk about that another thing that's.