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Sunday, February 18th

Rob and Evan discuss the biggest free agent left on the market and the likelihood that he comes to Boston.


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All right. Rob Bradford along with Evan relic all the way up until. Last segment Lou says Connecticut existed that was one of the worst earnings and violent as the because I portrait yet be all that energy used is those very so global all all all start at a fund euros during your talk about George shows on the turning out you were threatening now that the tires that I. I ticked about what would I love. Your shows earning now wait a vision that orderly desecrate I was thrown ultimately reap what you host here our great hosts. Great writing a lot of energy I can learn a lot from you mean you're writing college guys reds are not announced that it that I could just talk. I did this toxic read anything yet you know it was a blow to the overall he fumbled and there. It certainly on WB guys of that now that would have been Ottawa sides exactly what I did out of your listening that's Lou overloaded along with Avant rock and rock -- and talking. Solely about the Red Sox for good reason because there's nothing else. They know that and layered got god bless this'll. He he mean art tried forcing the Malcolm Butler rock. The Bill Belichick like. The the Bruins okayed they want are they lost last night the Celtics. The Celtics are off for a week and they stink all the time look I mean you got to show tomorrow studios on every week define when you're gonna be on this so. I'm Garrett and o'clock okay to win. Birdies this I think really first of all segments and then you guys you guys know the problem is that 1145 everything's over. So it's eight to stick around like eleven look at pop over and watch one. I tell all the non roster invites throwing hits and awed and they're trying to get to see stuff sword combat got to concede what I seek. I told you last night I've seen you plenty of times down here to and I go beyond CO lot of times it's the fourth when you went on because you wanted to tock. About what you just saw and they were talking about whatever ball whatever. This time around this week something could happen but doesn't feel like this anything else going Iran does there. I'm missing something I just saw Rob Gronkowski is the oldest known. Yet while that's a good one to tell whether that's a sight no indication what Robert 'cause you'll do Y wonder what will do one dollar and WW me I wonder when will there he's the he's done out here a lot of penalties down now it's marvelous to tour. And we go to the other restaurant the restaurant that we go to weapon once while. The clam make where they have the Rob Gronkowski shirt up on the wall side by Rob Gronkowski saying. Thanks to the claim date. The claimed it CLA. Item. Yes will be perfect god bless the rock and house arrest of a lot of this JD Martinez watch yeah ovitz and that get that thing done. And they won't be able to talk about for couple days the situation soldiers and here they're didn't you give it to 84. I felt like you gave it the like mark something for I think is it that your never did get a JD Martinez would party JD Martinis he either baseball or get another one can't say it's postponed to march 7 that's our what does it gets a point well if if if it does will have a that it would be a great. Well in my way. The pressure on the right now. Yes it is because you're in a student. It doesn't matter I think that's the case high. I guess you could push aside if you get up there clearly are not condone. Data brows ski. Chastising. Steve Buckley at the rest of the markets were column. We didn't believe that paper round ski. Was sitting duck and don't get more square talking and then to come out to hand it's at Celtic is usually the teams that. Buckley. I don't I out with Bok I don't believe that either. With right now he said he said he was out on the field which by the way these people here that is there. Yet jobs. Mystic thing is that though is that you right now I pattern on I hear a lot I see a lot of social media. Don't do anything stupid this guy Martinez a bad idea waded out waited out that they could. The cut play that angle you Doug what do guy like Logan more civil war. Or another type of bat out there that you see you know what opened the market so squabble this would GD we'd we're not really just it. What's the Markey called Jake area. Now now we don't know what was the port scale. Okay fared even better you callebs gods it will leave a new. We'll talk to me about area at a soup with a most dockets whatever you wanna do what he could just it that's it we're changing where we're headed. While who's your third starter I would wanna touch was sort of starter who's a six dollar. This that we hear that there was a 70 look here's the difference is that. There's a lot more teams out there with the potential for each spot particular area Marietta the RT my all of Santas that with every day passing. Then the numbers go down and that's the way they pretty bright they get older reasoning well yes that is an area that that starts dwindling to support or say listen. What do you say about a two year deal would they book is the one year deal whatever you wanna deal. Now these two guys that still out there. I mean as other ways to go even better Michael Scott's it was the it was doctor speaker of the Q the first space aliens are DH and we get you know. More like it would do whatever it is. What's the deal was stuck with that two years three years public area edit two years. You can you can bet that I got hit it's nice that there's a you know is that it wants to give Martinez anyway. Here's through the exit also factory number one this note not a beauty piccolo contracts with dockets. That does the one guy everyone know won't may be guilty to a contract cup horses too Smart. Years and well OK avoid next is mark may you know you just aren't doing a one year deal for to get in the next fool you with a two year option. Up up a B is that accurate and I have to do. And the other one in brought up this before with in terms of Martinez is Austin Scott Boras promised them something like you prompt you with Hosmer forever right. He's been with God's presence beside. But with Katie Martina is not part Garber as well former agent at the very end this season. Because Scott bourses thing you know the deal that Garber and get you. And in that to meet the whole ride it out probably a little bit more than odds were because our law what do you do with yours if your bowlers. So obviously at a Red Sox they offered you five degree ball boy is to say hey wait a lot as well what do you want a two year deal from Arizona's that we promised you promised several at duties as a ticket am five. Talked. It appears to want to feel like. I as a media member and a part of this conditioning in that every dollar spent the machine. You know you don't want overspent much damn money. John Henry Tom Moore the entire organization not the point this. Point to a certain extent they'll rob because we can or hands are that are going to be super cost. That's better the official with the money why are you concerned with the author of the organic hey I. I'm not first while I'm not and when you talk about it Edwin Encarnacion I'm what do you mean that was. That that's exactly what they were doing it the whole time we're screaming like that stupid I don't care what penalties yep do you have the paper certainly at some point. What I said that's stupid reasoning is instance because. It comes back to what we're talking about the beginning of the show. It's about business it's about waiting out this market is not about oh my goodness dirt cheap you're not citing JD Martinez. It's about what Lou said over and over and over again but you wait for the market. That's that argument with people but that day. Now let's let's hope that's contract they can off. For the people are just doughnuts to particularly well which is a lot of people are you they signed JD that we people that that are excited in the should be. But for some reason there is this group out here. It feels that he is over rated. That he is that one time wonder that there is no consistency to bring it up for years ago when he utility guy it's very similar to the east exit new player. And this is what you're getting. You know injuries. All of the go red flags he's fed up with Boston doesn't sound like he got accumulate so there is a group large group of people out there. That don't want any part of this. And they wait until next year at harper Wellington next year at the Colorado Leo wait on next year this big market comes out Donaldson that are Blackmon however it is it's. Icicle gave this guy right now yeah but I think you can sell. Moving on from GT and spending it tickets to see it shall deal what was doctors or area and what yes. Let me ask you guys this is Judy Markey is are we view I'm like I think the guys do that he's going to be good for awhile I think you paper certainly. You say hey you know what I don't hear what year was his last year next year whatever he used that type of players that you meet. So do you guys buy into this whole narrative of yeah you know how these these hitters swing slowdown in in pitchers are getting. With more below and don't become a problem after you get past three or four years I mean do you buy into this has to meet I think what they know JD marquis is in where he's at and how he's evolved. May be a moron but that doesn't concern me as much and if you eat one year yet to eat one. And it's not about like velocity and that's probably heard this sort of stuff to me it's about injury body breaking down with guys it'll put that but we've heard that before about how they can bring up the numbers and examples. Hitters hit 35 so if you go beyond a five year deal. They do with six year deal whatever guy gets to 3334. Is basket a slow down the numbers have borne that out. Like to me I just don't maybe I'm maybe I'm just too often. As I don't have the numbers inform me but I'm 95% sure he's got the best out there the tents. 95 but that's not what that's like that's that's not my point and saying that. A lot of people are saying. The people say no like Alex spirit when Stan got blessed out some of the best buy he's saying that he gets it this guy. Numbers pro prove unit 34 there are a lot of guys who are going to be able to sustain what he's doing now in terms of pats beat. Going up doing exactly what you just said Lou I mean I'm sorry it happened going up against that philosophy. We are under selling as a group. How good a hitter this guy Thomas 600 slugging percentage hitter who also hitting 300 it's truly elite. Its top 456 hitters in the game his defense might be. Abominable in three for another reason why you should win their zone fine. Fine but when you talk about the money you're gonna pay for that kind of back even just three or four years and maybe this year peace talks are still saving money. For every one for the fan out there and wants the profits to avoid dumb decisions who wants the team do right now marked as they exit on old. The whales that point now where you know if I saw some would cast a lot of she talked to GD that the best operas that's 11100. Your start entity area where this guy's now a bargain. Yeah I'm that this is like everybody is marketable is that the housing market crashing you can catch you buy up all the homes. Unless you're offered a hundred grant for some mr. Beagle for six in just an idiot right he just you're you're trying to get your deal. It's trying to get too good of a deal in you missing out on what is already looking at how my mind like five years 101 end and how well this is probably look this about this now what he's done I think we all agree we think that. But how about this you ripped through straight years. Where you have the built in replacement for that guy that David Ortiz guy in the middle of the order. A bargain price last year Edward Encarnacion three years sixty million holy mackerel are you kidding me. That was that with a steel this year same sort of deal is that you you're absolutely right because next year. This don't isn't if you want that is no guarantee you're gonna get. Right. On point justified because larger tax structural whether that's just not the argument that's what they would tell. That that you could Spain now you're into this week it's been a year from now you can have a Theo Epstein average. You do for this moment so they don't. Well it makes us all looks so it's a stupid do because Jimmy brought it to actually teaming in the going already. You're going over. But birdied hitting theaters yet first you get it was due a slight under taxes ever again at recess. There's also two to then blow through this total and at some talent. We are practicing heat now it's time to go up there and realize you have a bargain. In the terms of its bars baseball salaries going production in my mind. And it was a one year player fears that gold glove defender we have a different discussion he's not. But for the winning point one million dollars put a guy like that and only Carolina. Right now it's just you get that thing done by. Abatements so that's the question I want that degree take off gospel the go ahead. You say get this thing down play every keeps saying don't be cheap don't be cheap in recent well they're waiting at the markets I don't know what went second so whatsoever I'll start with you. What would you do if you're the Red Sox in this situation what would you do in regards to Judy Martinez of this say they'd be sitting at five years at twenty mile I'd unarmed. Right this so what what you do you would you say you'll payable little bit more discuss you wanna get this deal done or did you what they're doing writing you know. I would I would keep the course for now but I would not get to the point where he can't get a reasonable amount of the past and portray. One missed the first few games against the college teams get the the rookies out there and and give them affording guys over about five I wanna be a full slate of that that ongoing need it's that selection by public money. Has Dave Dombrowski in a inefficiently spent as much money you can do about it IG OK all have a little bit more all right how much money you waste and now it is essentially nickel and dime. If it's ten million nick at this thing done alma shortest but that's what it is. He's got to do you kick it to date for the season finally signed and have a guy yeah. Well through the throughout the tune of 37 million. Would blow through that luxury tax Russell. They're gonna have to I don't particulars I am concerned with there and opening. Because if you go for it all they Sony 5% tax of four million via. If that's the thing going to draft that the still think it's a test at the tenth they'll money as he dropped and draft it's all a draft but. To me it is spent the next couple of days. And get the wording right on the sixth year option in the awarding right on the seventh year option. And make everybody feel like the wind. Just like he did with lost right now that's unfortunately a year yield everybody knows that it's a five year deal so you give him five east we walked. And it turns plate appearances. Buy out mutual. Player option option whatever figure out the language. And try to convince each side the big goal would feel like they want. Fluent arrogant ego ordered an UB going to do all I ask would we give back the house you know the put their scheme right away. Are you fully closed. And and I'll feel much better about your occupancy and court. It's us it's just you know we don't comment there's real real. This silly things this today. That I am not going to. Have not that I dealt with. Him and mine go in. Another oh I today grow. We edit discussion. And a non appreciate it. With edit the indeed though it could that really. Wasn't. So no heated conversations Lou Maloney this every one of these. On dejesus moment. It's emotional like caller emotional composition of the people but now Pedro. Obviously. It will but I mean you know Sony systems finally Everett was yelling at you all they prove it prove that. I've played. Anyway thanks Lou I boy's eyes 6177797937. Lou Maloney. Esteem partner which they go to my. We get Evan relic Rob Brown will be back this. That person rustling is Mike around that seven Gorelick I'm rob Bradford world with view all the way up until. 4 o'clock. Connor Rodney Gant who's on after us on line. Ball a lot aug line. While I think is my good friend down in Houston hired him I think he's from Massachusetts. It's amazing what a global circled the euphoria haven't you Wikipedia page don't relic well I'll make one for you not want. Now instead this winter's not gonna like what's considered. You'll come Alley out of accomplishments. What guys up a bad thing that you writing a feat because I know you published work you put into it and a lot of work to. And now you tried really hard a lot of effort what's the name of the book the big fifty. Last time your were told not meant from the because the last time viewer who who if you look at them and all that well the problem laws and in. We talked about the being that shows review all you rhetorically. In the last time her on good just B units which are not that I item. I'm hit my I'm on apple boss capacity right I can only maintain. Same thing when my emotions I can only mean game I can't majority couldn't be better. You Juan so you have to what went with that time on the oh anytime but the Celtics were Celtics were. Undeniably the lead story undeniably. I out of the gate with Celtics. And that might go on and what do you do. I haven't I don't knowing about I don't know about Celtics haven't you have four or. No there was no 44 warning in what did you say he said all right how my supposed to watch the Celtics went on writing a book all. Two. Since there was so I have to focus on if you're gonna come on much like I am I in the arbiter of all things W yeah. And I'd much like I criticized -- for not selling authors show when you come on the show with me Evan whether it's before whether it's now whether it's in the future. You my friend come prepared today you've been fine. Thankfully it may be because loop Maloney came by for the first hour and a half now your gonna be put to the test. OK so those arbiter of the Red Sox clubhouse and couldn't say enough good Segway so one what does a rowboat. It kind of you're almost there you're getting your very very close. So what are the topics of these week of the ship lollipop everything rate which by the way we sit these exact words last year. This is how it works the first week to meet the theme of this team is go out and prove it David Price you nailed different press conference now prove it. We don't know he did at the same way the last spring training that he takes this bizarre ride misting gross field halfway through it everything changes. We don't know it works Pletcher would jamaicans yet that's always a weird I don't know I don't wanna be so cynical as saying that the sort through that haven't talked about David Price showed up. Do you work yesterday wearing case where Richard Cody on the back it's thing we need leaders so. You know these these cynical person and they and I'd guess they have every right to be because you know again rule that it's not this way. If you're mocking you're doing he's Yates you guys are talking about leaders. How dare you talk about leaders because we have leaders and that's why it did this same exact thing is when retarded about who's the a's they made at the Easter. And it in the Jordan brand torture. That's. Why well he's departed Jordan it's not like he went on line that dad would make and they catch somebody to estimate this to taunt. Or well yep. It would you put it on their point anyway that your body part of that so okay so. So be not a cynical person and say if Europe the patriots if if Matthew Slater come out. And where is this or anybody patriots and where we need leaders everywhere it's act. Al we meet leaders that's that's if they get the right idea. So you could take that through different ways I shows like cutting care enough that you either way. What was your we it I said he'd get a new body that was notable because that's exactly what they were talking about all. They yesterday I think. Shall go back to manager John with the price of humor he said manager John in his press operative day in the best about quorum and oh he's asked whether or not I thought John should be fired. I don't know when he ever meant manager John to be this mocking. And I think sometimes we see things with him with other people this budget for example. That we take is not even make it out on the beware of activity but we need leaders he set himself. I'd become the drain the drain sucked the ball kids he wants to QB wants to be the Boston again. I believe it. I I on the train of give David Price action in if I can get it intransigent so. So and you might OK that's fine silk and any listener. That's fine and is Rick fosse a very good pitcher fetal rights of vets and that was true it's 116 would anybody want to wrapper for not being good that's all fair that's all fair by it still. There has to be some cynicism. That is tasked with us what you know I guess with everything with every or skepticism. I guess skepticism. With everything because we go back to last year's that it can. It was it was like this last year and I know that you can have all this other stuff leading up. But it was like this last year and then pulled halfway through and I think a big part of it was that is entered in frustration everything but part of it was that story. Was the bizarre way they don't know needed when asked about my charity was hurt and so. Every week we got to get through this yet to prove it. And you I don't think that he's he sent a lot since then the manager John thing doesn't bog because what you have to understand about insane manager John. Is that he was doing that his first year mean that's that's with us right people took it to beat yeah derisive and yeah out of it yet. Mean I don't really O ruling that this that way I do think that. Price is trying to do with the fresh start yet the press conference. Like Evan I'd come back to a site is yet to prove that in them because because his entire life leading up to this he hasn't proven that. With a one red flag. Comment in this press should remember what was when he said when Dan Shaughnessy asked them. About one on one of these regret them again to local media say yes. He said he would figured I can overload news negative negativity is not going to he was basically. Preemptively issuing a warning slash drawing a line in the sand that's that yea you can come talk to me but. If I don't like it is your negativity crosses whatever his threshold negativity is. Then something you ought to happen to you he can he is he would be within his rights any player. And an interview or to not do what it. See if there's nothing wrong with talk of the media in the rules you can do that but. This is sort of see Ramirez right that's how we got to buy in the first in the rules. It in the rules so let's say somebody comes our job at times is to beat. If to ask about something name that's going do we sometimes. Go too far absolutely David Price and any other personal value we fester on the negative. He evidently you promised. Where some of the essence of the negative and he's not gonna like if that's pushed on the show that it's asked him how does he handle it right there does he lol well. Or they've created distractions at the other medium proceed becomes a story David Wright's two and again were to eat home we let him finish. And just say some reporter asked or how does he handle it. If he's really gonna be awesome pick if not the drain that sucks. He does it calmly he doesn't quietly perspective we professionally. And it's not a thing. OK we have oval we already have the blueprint of how he probably won't handle. Because if you go back to 2000 let's go back to last year first before he got released earlier about everything. The U wanna talk about. He he didn't wanna target set about things off the field so much. A bow. The race issues certainly in me talked about it winner weekend. But he wanted to talk the state of baseball demographic quite as much he didn't wanna talk to buy he was sort of narrow it down to what you're talking about the on the field stuff. The the spring training before and I can't remember what the subject was but I remember the years in people folks came and asked him a question. And like he basically like after the inner beauty. He did not like a lot of questions so he told them that and up I don't think what you're talking about is really unique to David Price. Mean we have if if you go up and ask a player about steroids or something them like yeah I don't wanna talk about that or don't feel comfortable this happens a lot. But with David Price that comes back to what I was saying. Yes so much approved and so many different ways and may be asked to go to that at that extra little bit which he normally would it. But the Hewlett that's the bet that he has to lie in because of all the things he did last year. I mean he. To me. The mean here's one of the things I had a problem David Price with his approach to playing for the Red Sox. When he came here one of the things he said he said I don't have to say I'm not gonna change I'm not I am who I am. And normally be like great you are who you are we want to be that way. The problem as he found out is that he couldn't be that way some things you do have to adjust when you play ball. I was having a long conversation just a couple of hours ago here at this very ballpark on one of the back to somebody on the subject of whether weaning. Was it slow now with a winning cures all weather. That's really all these guys need to care in Europe my stance yet 85% a World Series. I think everything's forgiven for everybody look at John Lackey. I understand I understand reverend yes rerouted via right but imagine that if John Lackey in the year. In the world hears you blown up in recent days that you get to the point. There is a matter of the human connection right we like. Sports like winning recollect when we elect the letter from the Jersey. All that. You also like the people and Pedro Ortiz and the reason the Red Sox that it would or weekend didn't have a current player on stage. They had eight early in Ortiz at their because of their outsize personalities the charisma how they probably interact with people how they connect with people. So this idea that. It's all winning cures all it might. You want players that can neck with Pete in doing what David priced at last year. Does not connect with people the legal this question of how likable they are or how outgoing mail. That that comes to its winning doesn't fix everything. We like to pay when the world leaders will be more like that they were in the World Series and they're outgoing people liberal label that are accountable that. You feel human connection to do agree with that. 6177797937. Wally is in Fall River was gone wallet. Yeah it was so abrupt go to there was such situation this. JD Martinez Saget seem like it's never gonna end. Mean I would I don't think big guy you really want succumbing I don't know what Scott kind of money Scott Boras promised so. But it seems like it's never good man but the ballot crisis Selassie is. Has been we need right handed power. We missed a bona Giancarlo stand. No I don't know what plan B is by the a one way you guys think about this and India can completely inept dentist who without clean up data we of course already put Ben and ten million bets at the top would you rather. How does this signal down to the rest of all I am out. Our thanks for the call Wally you know it goes back to oversee and before and you and we never got this with Lou I apologize but we'll get to this after the break. The Yankees situation because with a every one of these press conference as there are the built in questions Lotto leadership. And one of them is usually this at least one. What do you think about the Yankees power he gonna handle the Yankees. That is an interesting dynamic there where I've talked about it right after this. Or we're back we're back a rob Bradford along with average relic by good friends with chili peppers right there it's like Jim thanks known Kearse. That's ever relic he's been. The light of my life for the lasts couple hours and will be for another hour at least all the way up at the four Clark Kellogg want will be with you I think from four to seven. Then state June figure dial record DVR radio DVR whatever you have to do. Yelled to Alexa. MBA all star game and BA all star game. Evan you're excited for the cameo really excited and really who which Celtic are you particularly looking to see you play. Kelly little overly okay. That's nice. Ever draw like once again prepares its oh so we've been talking all about the Red Sox beat it down here Fort Myers were looking out. But the puffy clouds in the grounds keepers. And all of that cart before the storm the storm being. Two things happened number one the position players reporting officially tomorrow and number 2 the morning show coming down tomorrow. So that ball which which are you more excited. A morning show. As I used to know would I be excited for there was it was just you're just so we lack the like I hide or grout grasshopper or however you Wednesday. And last year you were so in this and then they have the interview with John Farrow and you hate them to task and Twitter. You being asked about what Jess is that body and casket was sharply. Yes so you tweet that them maybe they did in our hard hitting interview with John Farrell so they liked the confrontation they bring you win. Next thing you know every droughts careers propelled by screaming match. With Turkmen and in this ferry boat. Right correct yeah right there right here you're sitting whereas it was I was more is that you were born that is absolutely accurate and ever since then. That was the peak. Still like stuck to sort of yeah. By WT IP. It's Saturdays with you this Sunday as we do the show. Watch what we do that your son needed to write yet or do that again with your baseball wealthy. Will fight like that askew. Hope we can do well would you like to do. Unfortunately it did a really good job I thought that I I never worked with him with Cuba and I were if we're making good combination of slow okay under utilized. Activists. Yes. Yes and a lot of money like a lot of good people. It releases. I'm glad that your partner or you'll baseball prospectus on projects on 617. 7797937. Average and prospective projects as the projects in New York Yankees to have ninety's as they win injections Ers. Do you pick number one. But you did masterful sleep masterfully. Segue to what we were talking about before the break which is the Yankees conversation. As I said. You're been here almost every press conference it's like the throw away question how are you gonna beat the Bronx bombers. The throwaway question is how well 4000 men Richard. That's an answer. Well somebody the that was a little different but this one the Yankees won it it would it would get sale with America's team but we think we're a team to him. And so forth and so on. So when you look at the Yankees and buster role he was on witness yesterday. And he actually said you know his thought with the the Red Sox are totally being underrated across the board. That they can't compete with the Yankees and if you're gonna have that opinion if you're good news that. And you have to dive in you can't say that can compete as well. We talked about the middle the order right on clones now in in enough they'll line up forget about going one through nine. I'm talking about that element of getting through the middle of the batting order. That is hard to do that a very real thing the Vick had with Edwin Encarnacion they should have with JD Marti is at big didn't have last year and the Yankees. Last year with two guys and then they gave another one instead and so you can't have that conversation where you. If you have any hope for the right size to match up against the Yankees. If the pitching right correct. Yet the really upgraded ball and worked very clear who believe in relievers are oh. For the red UB siege on fees should. The idea that the reds thought could just let. At a sugary walk away and did anybody can give cards to OK let's get pitchers they help what if he doesn't. That are going back and marked every joke tell joke it was a lot on the in the playoffs Austin that X looks good but it's like they've got this group of guys. And that is not opal were to mergers and maybe that's the right with duke football and the volatile but. Why why don't we talk more about the fact protection. Get through this yankees at. And good reliever to totally completely totally arrogant eco fin and that's Marie. Well what what can you possibly in Austin Max. Brought you talked to the 3940 deported that guys on the ground unpopular guy who is Arnold I'd give me your how many good piece how many. Any city up from. Top. Right they're tied with Joseph Kelly for the most noble attitude right. So we had a pretty good. Come out of nowhere and the season. And I think you look at the bullpen if they're under the radar of my stores under the radar Austin addicts. And he's never Fernando bought a balanced at all accurate way before Everett was born on the morning of the Fernando about eat every. This is this I guess I see you try and you write about these innocuous guys hoping they can marked view that you get on you yell about right. Correct yes again. So everybody's that the Red Sox pitching is good news is good why do we see the Yankees pitching. As we don't and we have this conversation Pedro yesterday. Which I find this sort of bizarre and I tartan army IQ over his. My seafood our last night about the Louise Severino stuffed like honesty at all is talking on our right so. When I wouldn't yet Pedro on one of the questions I want to ask Pedro because every time Severino what's that Reno got on this rule. What was that thing all these broadcast brought up about why he was good old son. Holes Pedro Martins is fixed and Pedro might keep its content changeup this is all because the Pedro Martinez. So I want to ask Pedro Marti is employee of the Boston Red Sox. Does this make you feel uncomfortable. That you helped make this pitcher that is a difference maker in the American League east and he gave an answer I couldn't really refute a beam is Sally Field. They might calling is to help young pitchers. Above and beyond what my job is with a Red Sox is that basically what he said in a nutshell. Is being bizarre situation to Severino is really really do it. It it is really great chop liver or we hero of his rule out. Republican bill payment would you rather have said he great preponderance. Com. It's a tough one right I mean recent last couple years he has future Palmer okay. But I feel like historically there's still bigger ring you know named catches on it read that because any gray was better younger would you rather there reprise her tonight. It who would you rather have me or to Britain to Britain who Libya rather have me Urquhart minutes. Kirk he challenges of intellectually aren't you somewhere closer and closer to my level and you that's our I got a perfect storm SATs with the duke. Or you're the one of lies in now in case you missed it the brat socially it's Bradford show everyone's going to yeah athletic. The news organizations in Britain from the province journal covers the red site. Tells us why he went to the athletic but the most important Brad bush news you know this what is tomorrow night. The packet eight year old twin peaks podcast we've joked Kelly reports LO. That is happening tomorrow night's off your area if your swing on by the puck to the podcast for the ages. At twin peaks are you gonna be there have been ultimately be the area I was I was at 7 o'clock. And that's the way and I will post the podcast right after bush. Early edition NBC sports I don't know what that is pathetic is American Gary tangling. Traced back and yet but whoever stolen from them more money maybe Mike GR I don't some turnover on nationalize area earlier this. Unknown on the oh hole MBC sports on Sunday adapted to talk to somebody above my umbrella. Somewhere below in the exactly. Toby go on. But we'll talk about more about it I wanna give reverend it rots the UMBCs were Boston. That night if you'd choose not to listen yet you all star game right year. You can watch if it loop reload that's fine but you want more importantly ever gonna do with all he had this last hour right. To always point. Walls of what you're gonna give you half the last are all whip on the 4 o'clock on line six wants them. 779. 7937. Your views and scream at them yellen. Somewhat with the crime ball after this.