Bradford and Drellich - Why the lack of buzz for the Red Sox as the season approaches? 02-18-18

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Sunday, February 18th

In the final hour Rob and Evan talk about how their seems to be no buzz around the start of the Red Sox season and why this years lack of buzz seems different then past years. Rob also goes on a vision quest and defeats Evan in wrestling match. 


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Sports Radio network's sports radio and. Rob Bradford on dot be happy that I'm. Yeah happy holds what happens. Who who says it'll bring enough energy it's just weren't doing them right. Those little over the top of all this. If you're gonna call up my turning which by the way I hit it too I know what arms talking about your friend Lou Maloney. My house mate who Maloney. He said that was a terrible irony it was fine threatening because I'd just one row it. And that was that he won a little more energy I gave tool. I give what the people won if only one person was listening and his name that will went well that I gave Lou what he wanted mare. I'm here to leave its many people it's like the week and at it and you can't please everybody I think that's what you and David prize she does that understands. You got to be yourself man you gotta be that tickets. Don't lied people. Item ID there's no more authentic person myself I was authentically and it aiming at energetic and that turning now. I will be authentically boring in the next publish the paper or zone to you might actually nothing today. Gift cards if cars there are none the all paid now. The only payment waved when he accidentally dead. By the way Harold Devin according. Wealth comes on the NBC sports Boston airwaves. Windy it sure there which are because of the way already paid a lot of money is exactly the way the world but they do it because they love the podcast. It's a good time we went last year joked Kelly sees some light. In the bathroom we were there for two hours people and there it's a great time. This spring training should be. Where you go out to these places the players are much more approachable this went back in the day when Comcast with Comcast. When you and Jerry tang away Greg Dickerson. Doing every show for them 6:30. At 10 o'clock. Haven't you remember this were you. You probably power around. Its laureates. Chip ever dale the producer would get these players to get the limo go out to the beach and they were doing their shows on the beach with their drinking Beers kicking back in front of the fans. A good time. That was that was how it should be. Everybody the players don't wanna do anything except go to my podcast 28. They are doing nearly the NASA has been drawn weight back on the stuff that they're Dylan. You guys same thing used to be this thing where players are loose and everything else I I feel like players are so much more Cardin now. How much it. The guard things how much of this justice of the routes. Here. If they win a game it's you never got to match that the that we saw in the last day. It feels like a rock our political side to eighty Martinez. It's going to be so much hold it it's like the curly chase for months and months than my other quietly. Happens at mile and there's so much resentment at that point. Yeah that's my thing on JD my accuses I think dubious story for today and man. It is just is in the same excitement when you sign the big name player because. There is something to be set for owning December for Major League Baseball. They all in the month of December at least early December that's their time you have the the end of the NFL regular seasons I was not the playoffs. He you're in the middle hockey sees your middle basketball season. I always said you know what the biggest sports in Boston Red Sox offseason but not anymore that was because. When you hit that first the winter meetings that you're having these huge signs that David Price. It is a big deal of your feeling this is the time to do that. Now when you Judy Martinez science tomorrow. Okay it's a story we are right about it we all talked about it. For Dave may be too but don't think it's gonna get people to the stand any more then then you know little. Well let's this is it. Ferrer knock that nine figure contract you can write something great work very very rough there are not in weakened compared to eighty marquis is life used to engrossed in and there actually terrible. But it's not the saint. And it is just not the same stage and I've said this team. Before where we get that Chris hale conversation about is that the got to take you apart you have to Chris Sale tickets right remember that. Yeah you think you were not on myself I said that he will absolutely it was a spectacle and you're not you you took the stand early last year that people were not. Go to the park specifically for him right in you that you acknowledge you were wrong not. You really think that's the case. I think if they're happy they had because they'll game early personal urged burst. There's cards are for us so that's the stay on track there are the base of the baseball's problem in the Red Sox problem right now. Which is we talked the reason we talk about that Chris Sale conversation there's not a lot of those guys. Where you'd say that guy I have to go to that team because it right I like Trout might be a guy but even if personality. There's something missing. So with the Yankees. Those guys. Absolutely those guys absolutely guys were not erring judge. That's which you judge stand together right well I mean even before stating that there be judged a neat. He was the guy a rarity in this game where you want to make sure you're in the sea you're in front of the television you're on the radio. When he gets that back at that and there's not a lot of guys like that stay at the same way the Red Sox fair or not. They don't have anybody like that. And they also keep hope in this office. And had our score runs through orange scored in oil. You're tricking ourselves in a short years and in a playoff game when you're down three I don't know outlook for doubles doubles we'll look at pro walker singled home. What do you see against Houston last year but that was the perfect example. Which is okay you know you'd you do everything you can't string three singles and doubles together. And poked that you got a good hitting and then go about the movie hits a three run homer this guy hits a three run homer and he is basic questions like OK they don't sign. Life goes back or one here reducing those guys in the room with that will know but it would say it like the Wayne need for them think that way. So really the little guys I don't feel like I don't know if you've ever or another Arafat. So maybe you were never on a team. We're playing. Really. Four for you JV team when it's useful to be a professional team. It's part of this market they have these polyester. If it's beautiful waste right here say also that you played on. So you when you play on the team like you're blinded by a lot of things that we DC. On debate day that they're existing. Through personally. And lack of building while it's down down down down below the I don't I don't think they do. I don't think they do this it's not like that admits he's looking around and he went on the record with. Where he said listen you know I got Mike Napoli getting alchemy. I have outlook from my car Grady Sizemore. He. With. Guys look around and they say oh my goodness we got enough Bogart Bette divers and it can be. Nobody wants to call. You know if some of these players that walked into the skiing instead. You know particular he's very social and slide out there I think you would have seen the fifth vote to realize that it is slow. So much stock goes and profane I feel. Goes to what players say the players cannot say we need more here the fans are gonna believe. They say you know what. Create this is wrong with what foolish old isn't doing free agency. That's fine that's perfect corporate Evan it's. You are still I hit the market getting where this conversation because I'm telling you how these guys are thinking in this is typically what happens. Especially when you have guys in there who have someone to track records that it's cool that I am actually not me. Thinking that I but I I think you're being naive know that they're not you know I I think that I've actually being the one who knows what's going on as well from experience. Of dealing with these guys who know that they you know what. That's the thinking that's why they're thinking it. You might not agree with I may not agree with it but that's how that team works especially when you have guys who have enough record to suggest our you don't want. Bogart I believe he's going to be two when he wasn't that 68 I believe that's going to be what he was years ago. But I wanna ask you this do. So casts a lot of comes out you know that story can plug Antarctic treaty Martinez did you see this story it is okay. But the other Detroit Tigers he talked entity mart news. And he says. Judy Martinez told them it's best offer with what we have heard. Which was around five years at a hundred million dollars decathlon houses basically saying. Hey listen don't play him this is the opera guiding you should do better. One of his quotes also wise. That. If should pull this up right now but it was all along the lines that. Eight he also knows that. Whatever deal he has it's going to affect future deals and you've heard this conversation I've done stories on this before. You talk about how the players feel. And how like now we can't relate to a one thing the players feel and think and have conversations about about pay. I have to do this deal right because it's gonna affect the next guy in line. And that's a castle out of is saying I on the minded. The difference here I think is that like Jon Lester Lester would say the same thing the difference here is is that. There's nowhere for an echo this isn't like. This isn't like oh well you know what if you if you don't settle for that. You're gonna be able to get that deal that's gonna make all these other deals better I think the players lost in this one. This isn't that they're just gonna have to accept that this is going to be threatening. Well I think you're wrong because the pressure certain point. Jane Martina is not going to go without at certain points if he's if he holds out for being. Then you'd also be destitute. He summit payment or so let me picture. The pressure enemy is on the team is on the people in the product out there in Europe you know your team have done anything to which the Red Sox. If it's literally the same team last year. With one difference a manager in your being sold all through your sport and wind. It doesn't work logically to the work in ticket sales in at a certain point. I. Brought maybe if it's ultimately if you're able care that reflected. In everything will be great. I just don't see how how the Red Sox can you game. At some point they just dig your heels in and say. Now we're gonna meet this price higher but still probably reasonably compare history output value what were getting into our rob. Besides that the other team right. Bye bye what are the main side. If he's made that time I mean it's the ads that it really depends I don't think that. Honestly if the cop out answer but it depends where you are with a team and you could say well they can be great when 99 games by. Ultimately they're gonna get blown out in the playoffs because they're not constructed that way that's fine him use it to think that way. But if if if the Red Sox have a really great start. And make it to bay and JD Martinez's inside and all of us on these guys are getting some more on all of a sudden Hanley Ramirez does it rate. The electorate is back in the Red Sox scored just be honest no matter how projected for the playoffs. At that point the leopard is back in their quarter projecting. It will not right you don't know what that can improve your. I was so who's that who's to say is well. What is his job. And it's all about projection Evan because you can say you can say OK you don't want that EP 99 win team. In your thing that could be 99 when team and it's going to be a fact that it flowed out because they have a good enough. They want the World Series. Or failure goes. It's obviously. If you do not work. You get knocked out at war you make it feels like last year burst I'll do that shot but I don't the end of the. You don't put that you're close yeah pleasure. But get no the pressure on them because it doesn't. They came as I said you can have the exact same scenario which I pointed out you can actually do the opposite of what you're saying they can do that. I agree with you I think they need to be Martinis I think they need another bat the air I agree. But you just can't say well you don't want. That's gonna happen and an echo what that there is a scenario. Where they had this team actually wins game that you all right. Play uplift your day to browse through the risk that. We know what the time being and all the playoffs it's in the should really take the that you have a good team that if you get there that you lose. It's. Well I don't know if you noticed the playoffs are tomorrow. They played college teams on Thursday and did the browser doesn't have to dude we'll talk about the area where. Right right do you think this this but we were talking about criticizing the red side which talk about where the pressure lives and that's why it lies at the. OK so let's go back to my point is about my point of where nick got the Lotto as the sank but it Martinez path to sign a deal not my answer and I'm saying well you want normally that's the case. By that this doctor. So it if but here's the thing at the pressure is on the pressure is on team Martinez. You don't accounts a lot of this thing it's up to him to stand up for everybody I think everybody knows the reality that. Everybody knows both data and the players lost if you anymore example of this look at here costs on practice looked the other non. Contract. For. I haven't opened up it's like to talk to the middle your organs shore is at the right rough day shall players. Q you. Think it's okay we'll let them money both. You know what to security and we've got what forty to war that he thought that he's making eight million dollar that you're okay. At that game that you would be. Well be in the offseason when these season ended. Yes or no if you said this is where these players are landing would you say the players what are they lost. They lost okay relative to it doesn't matter what not and there are people. Law. Small that horse if well it could be better. Here. Who were criticizing the deal worse than they spent way too much which already things. But that's about it or yeah but not until it. Don't know now because you know it's wells I do there is this can't put Hotspur it was very very this side that side. You know with well I do the heat loss of the world's they'd be undervalued or I don't care if you valued him or undervalued. The perception perception if the only thing out here. Coming out of the offseason was that this is 25 million dollar a year guy at least. Ended up being eighteen million dollars a year now so. As we sit here whether you wanna say Hosmer with a UNC unions what you wanna say. Tony Watson and beat these guys the players lost their loot and yes they have lost in the days and lost collect the mark 6177797937. Will continue to yell at each other right. Sports Radio network. Fight we. My. Craft an early break guys mention that you. Your its sound like go. That's go. Here consistently you're here or we're sorry you there hello. There. Yeah hero. I want I am requesting the music requesting that vision quest. You may not know it. If the problem we all vision quest but I want music vision quest. Quick Google search because pat and I are going to wrestle before 4 o'clock. Every team will leave it request almighty what your exit from. It's it's eighties but it is important eyes it was a classic. It is it was the Matthew Modine so he can reduce this please. Oh for your idea I got it. You're a man thank you very. Day. Paging quest music let me know edit. In nineteen commenced the rest were not to wrestle with some news on the there. Those scratching there's no don't be don't that your figured out the trick your fingernails. Let's talk baseball and now all pot where it's at the ground rules for our wrestling. It. I will wrestle usually. Proposal to alarmist view year rate of my new body might you're awake and 180 body of more I able. Portland where we eat my vegetables. Vegetables. So it will these things. I get up. When Jack it up. I went. Let's get good doesn't did you get that I care about hype and I pay and avid relic hype it never Gorelick and you want to wrestle me you've got you mess with the bull you get the war. Since. Last Robert Redford along with the seventh relic collective. The wrestling. We all way up to 4 o'clock all plot will follow us. Cross or at all that possible. We have that capability. But this I believe so. That's why can I wanna do that last site I get some questions asked who use of one contribution to our Boston radio audience. You like that you're from Houston. Yes born and raised in Houston just in the masters rightly. What you work in Houston is where you're not familiar with I don't remember Paul while albeit it a bit across the bills. Maybe OK Josh Gloucester eight Josh are you. I'm demote both tiger and I'm doing what's the sorry about your lot Evan. I know well it's pretty humiliating a B I get in fairness. I'm going to be Eddie went and wrestling if you put on vision quest it's as does the fact. Hey maybe weren't when WW lease sign robbery counts unit has given package you know you're not doing wrong we'd like that would yeah. Yet so I didn't get and they don't think about the back end of the stock roster. I think we would agree one of rent or Judy Martinez is going to be the sport that killer right. Yeah shore less my good buddy Jeremy Barfield. Or wells who or root routier's logs but there's every if you don't sleep on it but go ahead. Continued but yes so my main thought there regarding an appeal with the union back. I think they only have room for what what herb went ninjas into jury if they're both on the roster seeing time yet on and I know that won't happen on opening day but. I think they can only carry one of hole that's why hurt and Guerrero. So yes wondering if you agree and I don't think any of those players can be sent to the minor league some wondering at which you'd think. Should be kept at first you know could should be the first ago when camp break and finish due respect. I think I think this is a very real competition between. Prague between Brock coal and Blake's wife heart. Unless you know Devin Murrow and that's our customer are today a little bit east thinks he's made. Some significant adjustments to its wings that will see it means yet. The guy's gonna playoffs start but right now as we sit here I'll help average things differently Evans are paying attention. We're bringing down counting your name roster. Breakdown rods I've answered thoughtfully and I'll tell you my pants it's why pick I think ultimately is. The guy who's in trouble here. Why Hart has more upside the money. It's not just the money if its ability that Guerrero please bettered that article. And Blake's wife art has. Actually better that much better treated than may be in the situation where you'd treat those the options got. With four guys you can do it where it's why are rants right or all of options. At all you can't. Trade him and. Is that correct me if I'm on the brand. I think it's situation just type AD because they need a fourth outfielder on the roster for me when I'm thinking is they have. Three. Middle and third second short third I don't think they have a solid defender and he of those positions right now and looking limping directly back. It's a good point you know I don't want this summer are because you you make a good point about. The defense thanks for the call Josh. Because you look at hole that you look it's wild card in and so they got an offensive guys Nunez right now. If you want to defense of guy Guerrero is the way to go right correct Devin does what he got for rust did your roster simulation. Give me roster of one point. Uh oh for American probably down the Red Sox dropped bubble that is what you thought that he's the one guy who's a true backup middle. Blake's wife are not good. You cannot play in you have to carry one of where wider Marrero oracle right. And on my inclination before where it is the upside but law is so great particularly the other guys roster. That's that's hitting it you have new news or who's here for is that your first law. We talk about how slices or bring in Gordon is backed the guys ranked second base open at home. Keep it to in the knee in his ability overall he's probably a seventh eighth inning to yank him out eight inputs on the. Could be worse I mean he could be worse than he was one it's healthy oh last year right. And we that's sort of things and when we come to spring training. Like I hate it like that leads the talk radio narrative vote this nothingness the spring train you can't learn anything you can learn anything our batting averages. But people weren't stuff we've learned through years ago they have a bears could actually play first base nobody was listening. Andy's dealt from that mountain tops say hey we laughed so we have the watches everyday it could play first base and then lo and behold the season starts he can play first base. Probable Sambo he can't field we've learned that down here he couldn't bend over or ground ball so there are things that we can learn in spring training. I can learn that Avant relic no matter how much he stays in the sun he cannot get an. Right and springs rancher. Actually really nice girl I don't know what's on the Sheen I don't know if you've been using too much science has election widget counterintuitive I recommend that early to Wear sunscreen that one day or Sheen is it's not now what do you you could. You can care until Torii comes back I think you could carry all colts won her own brands are wrong. Off the top your right. I haven't I haven't run the numbers that's that's definitely on Moreland Nunez Bogart's devers in the Ramirez Bradley an attendee I'm assuming Judy Martinez signs. My my this I don't know key count to 25. It's thirteen position players are okay key discount at wife yes it's thirteen working on camera talking about it. Pitchers. So. You're you've probably don't have as much of an issue until. Short and that's not told me out ferret. You've done your unity usually we know you did it just it roster one point go and grow for someone. Else. I'll tell us what a lot and you saw he could play second base so they. There was the there was there was someone missing their exciting Martinez yet so things are working as you've gotta get you're. One of whole why are Guerrero Brent. That's that's the answer yes and so holt would be the most logical of those guys because the with Bryant's it's. I don't know man like you get a good view last year and in the messed up not column marked. But it's if you want this guy give this guy opportunity I don't know the opportunities he's going to be sitting on the bench you want a left handed hitting back. On the bench now yeah one at one level or Brent you probably want to hear all as you point out they I think it. If you tell your vote you need defense he knew lefty hitter there ego rock colts. Ball he plays out of it in the I. Allen native was going on now. Now they know they're good thanks. Good then extra might call toilet and boom. We do something stuck at put in a third days left till. So I don't know if you heard it Maloney was whether it's before and he's he's saying you know explore that operatives on the last I checked that hasn't been the case. And what moves stock is this whole idea of time for one year. No I can't imagine anyone's gonna do that because you don't side for one year and then enter into next year. Crazy. Talented free agent market below brought up hate toward dude two years would he do it to your contacts and that's kind of interesting. Right. That's what Portland and he wouldn't do whatever isn't that. Well I think that you movement starkest. You moved devers somewhere you move my movement DH yeah I've missed I just played DH is the same sort of thing you moving guys around. So I don't think it's a perfect scenario and maybe that's not why that's why they aren't exploring it but you have to a big -- brought this up before. They I think the way the market is going you have to explore all these guys are slipping through the cracks bite. You just have to. Right now right I agree I agree so itself but what he had anything else but Q okay thank you appreciate. Thank thank you out right. If Italy it will eject out holiday IQ well thank you often it recognized the Lusaka thing. One. This is the offense really worth it. You really getting that much of an upgrade that that you wanna do it why would you do that when you have better about it you know home runs our rights of the police ninety Martinez right and I understand you're tied for two years at a five years. It's at least worth explore our findings support Italy you have this moral. Same thing you're doing refugee mart uses yet to rotate guys around. I mean that's I'll say it again Q did you meet. You need to. Who's your DH and there could be Everest it could be missed I guess. He knows they could yet and Alec. Could be round could be Kurt Mann and I want to devers. If you're the rats acts. You want that you want to see devers to do with servers and subtle that you wanna give up on at the Asian insult one. Right it is not. By the way so you've you've been down here you've heard like some people are trying to force feed this averages out of shape thing Europe this. Yeah people would say that he looks at your that he did here last year's. Itself last year he was. You'd I I'm not one of those people but I have or they work for your organization. Remember a couple of count as well vote is that Boston's fourth night stay intact. Absolutely. Forever. Till now do we still stuck on the bottom of the results that you if you sign Martinez. You might need to. Vick is you might get to Holtz wire. While this is this as well is this you wanna talk whenever. Because whatever now I don't wanna talk to eat them Oca. Why would they want our members know what you think will make total offense average. Daily deals in times and you know it it's called on month. When it told me how you feel. That where they were fighting a real a losing battle talk about the and and I don't go well that's changed. Okay this is what we sat and talked about this run I'm year and brought. To. Light the now I'd in my life I worry about my family or my aren't lawyers are very alright job but worried about the web I don't. I don't know I doubt worried that I had to I don't worry about the people who are working under me Whitney everything I've worked. I worry about I don't worry about whether or not the Red Sox aren't getting enough trucks on the day were okay subjects that the ball now. Of course it is like Woodward down years even when we are done to show law last Tuesday. And we all we've talked about the rights. I ever feel its fourth you have to ask yourself but my pocket about this because you're sitting in the broadcast with the jet park. And does this one wanna talk about now I don't think there's other stuff about I don't. You can like and what you are about Belichick's legacy welcome Butler LeBron James bronco and wrestling. Okay. All right fine but throughout the course of our three hours here it seems like all year where work Jimmy now that the whole world no question about it. But I think that I think it right now it's easier because there's nothing went on. NFL free agency starts forget. It is flipping it. We are gonna force feed. So we are talking about Red Sox battle the brakes on stage in this is where in the morning Joseph comes down here tomorrow. Roberts time is spent on it might spend sometime on it. But they'll find something else talked about. The idea where you're getting that is weird the Red Sox and in and there all of the psyche of sports fans. And don't know I don't know if if it ever gonna leak to near the front other than this sort of well where Abby because an appropriate it's gonna start. The Celtics come back. Monty said this that. There MBA all star break which you hear by the way it's 7 o'clock in the all star game. There off the equivalent of oh start in the second half in the middle largest. For a baseball cities like you are in the stretch drive when you come back. Talking the same thing that this is this a as the calm before the storm of not paying attention to baseball I think right now. What are the rich are getting reduced accountants. Just act summer activity as opposed to being. And don't. Stop passion teams relative statement. It just feels more more like. The burglar in the clamor does not exist there yeah. A good offense knowingly beard and bargain like the green monster that's a habit I'd mention him in America and from a couple of years ago. When he when he epic gall to go home for a week it called that you might now we've glove. Like this does play that out late and if someone came in here and first base and he picked up somebody else glove. Nobody would like and I about that stuff now it wouldn't they when I I think that are at least partly a product of apathy. And I think that we've talked about this this is going to be like 2013 if they aren't good. It's gonna take a long while for people to latch on this team the one saving grace they have is that there's always a little worried stressed. When they're slightly behind the Yankees not ahead of the Yankees slightly B. I think it's close if not now I think they've bitten there is a difference if there ahead of the Yankees if something is on the line with the Yankees and their playing each other and it's compelling match of both in the two games appeal to people watching I don't I think I think it is good when bolted together. But here as you look at the argument the first month of schedule the first month of the schedule is not does not bode well for getting people in ball for this team but the the rays and the Marlins art and the real people become like date. Raise hunt a game against. Team against the raids. Gave that series against the Marlins you once series against the Yankees and then West Coast trip. I mean you don't wanna West Coast trip when you're trying to get a tension for a team that is like a death sentence. So it's it's it's not a great schedule for the Red Sox in terms of getting viewers and listeners. We don't listen to this because this is an electric projects. And I'll be audit sometimes. And maybe sometimes you'll beat who knows. But if we you'll we will do our best to bring out the absolute best at that broadcast but is not going to be easy it's just not get a. So you think you can change the team is to see eye on more of the mindset that. It's a matter of personnel to some degree going back to a talked about earlier where there's just people or not connecting. It took the unlikable it's important discussion summit earlier. That there were conflicting hurt your structure. At the factory workers were complaining unlikable. With. A disconnect with not being gregarious and outgoing and that there be more like Pedro Ortiz or talk about really unique person. Well this would come down to such a high that the war. Just kick it. He can't do it can't do with that quickly of course of course in. And that's beyond what you're talking about. People who follow these teams beat Boston teams and proof of this seed did release the on the air as he with the numbers patriots they lose know what he wants to deal. No let's destroy not like Malcolm Butler. They may lose eighteen people do not want it you wouldn't tell you don't want to like battle that we can put up the exact same stories. And the traffic numbers in the listener ship. Completely different for two days they don't wanna deal with they're patriots losing a game. Celtics along the same lines you see it now there was so much excitement for them when they start losing. Nash I don't really I want the fund Celtics I want the up and coming Celtics Bruins that knows. Right thoughts exactly opposite they want the story lines they want the negative B they want the drama. It when they're cruising along in like how they wanted it went on pro Kabila and we wanna keep it between lines. That's the boring team. But that is. The board who wants so well yeah I think let the 2004 at worked so well. Well no you go with the you know I mean I don't think they'll go to that what eleven I think if Howard is it would Bobby Valentine. That chaotic year Bobby Valentine kept the interest rates are going. Every Wednesday on and on what are the big show whatever wise. Every Wednesday Bobby bell that would go on say some stupid. It kept the interest of it with the drama till crisis is that's exactly what is the hook right now. Here's a look at what is the problem of it that that maybe you're right yankees of the art of the things like that that he exactly I mean I think that there's that is what they have to lean on out the Red Sox. I put all my eggs in that basket we're going at the Yankees were that the Yankees you tell where Goran at the Yankee. You'll also need a CC sabathia come on say something you need to do you need the players to feel for the fans to feel I'm sure the players to opening to vocalize but what you have Pedro wood tomorrow or drilled in the ass stuff like that. It creeps all the local. Engaged MySpace here's the thing happen is that like you've verdict we asked these players are you are due out this sense that it's not likable team that report that. Here's the answer they don't because they're living in their own world and there are a lot of people. Don't know I've saved by this this this for the thing that we're talking about this perception problem with this team you know when we asked the smoky bets that the world's in Boca of the world. Well if you really believe that when rookies that he did not hurt. That's and he was stolen I think I think they just goes back to them feel like they have a team being used on or me not. Look good. Another good out of the team but like I say that they don't need like extra help this goes back to that they haven't. Orbit insulated environment in world and I think that you realize anyway we get that we got to go to a break and give it to across over with. Your good friend and my good friend soon to be called a lot of gonna take you all the way up to the NBA all star game. So we're gonna talk to Paul hopefully if the technology serves as well right after this these seats. Sports. 01 network. Feed. We're back effort we've made it made it we only had one wrestling match right triumph. I think we get it on video. Will try to service though later this. Vision quests so. We've made it all the way up to a 4 o'clock in now we applaud a lot. All who could take you to the NBA all star game there is no better lead him. Yet the author. The market for Paula Paula you're there what's up guys it was gone until Paul Paul. You view arguing a year year you've been working in Houston right that's working in Houston for the last six years yes last six years all the hold on hold on your passengers with guide all right yeah from Hanover Massachusetts or in over. Okay. But you bet you've been in Houston. You know relic. Yes I was a big fan your work chronicle I don't think we actually ever were on the same show together I think we met once did. It's tough out. Well. Polity you know I grew up playing with football with a guy I hired you would use them. Against yes holy smokes knowledge and I know that Essex Massachusetts yes absolutely. Awesome. I know I've been doing some recon on ball. I've only done a stock like at 9 o'clock this Adam learned from the best every drop a tough tough tough way to phrase that's worth a cool. Odds so. Go ahead I wanted to say this is what the third time this week somehow that I pretty vision quest reference on the radio and seen either and clearly amiss and now. Really that's I've seen tar. And that the thing I don't know why keep your friends but I don't Clinton revival I don't blame that you have a nine that's an old movie like I give them in the past that to. By. This is there it's. If you want to get me fired up play aces Bates okay the bumper music okay. More and or vision quests and written address I automatically have to put in my statements that wrestling. And. Here's here's my question upon mental ability my Houston site here. He's seen in Houston as it is in Boston right now work goes football basketball baseball. Well 100% yeah you know I mean look I think people are gonna be coming to grips with the fact that. This regular season for the Astros to a Ford can be points now I mean really we just want to get to the playoffs and see if the Astros are going to be at the pump the Yankees the Indians and Sox make it to. And I think that we will have a big cause for the Astros maybe the first month of the season but as time wears on it always comes back to Houston Texans in this and he says yeah it's everywhere it's football players. Now Paulus has some melancholy knowing that your you accomplish your dream growing up as a young man in Andover Massachusetts. Saying one beyond W one day you have to cross over. You know what's gone pretty well I'm I'm I'm not on non of them that time right now on another you guys that completely floor with Paulson is working with the profession. It was music. Jacob wrestled in this spring training press box they'll but he. Professionals are debts. Thank you year year year men I know like to average higher you set your good man and every once atlas and ball for the next three hours that's been responsive. So I appreciate Claude will talkies on the line all right sounds good guys that don't want. All right so that was Bloglines he's gonna take you all the way up to 7 o'clock thank you Lou baloney for sitting in. I had nothing to do with the fact that I locked in my house and yet the year anyway. Avant relic lesson I feel like I feel like despite the fact that we wrestled and we had some physical contact we get along pretty well today you know how much like you. How much the key though. That's Evan relic I'm rob Bradford. Keep on listening and Avant maybe some point this week you'll be on the morning who knows. As we know the unpredictable Johnny draws. Evan relic is he going to be on the morning show and when it comes other morning show. Will chaos ensued that's why you should keep listening my friends thank you for all the colors all the listeners who reload Yemen relic a rock rapids.