Bradford and Tomase - Alex Cora is handling things well 02-24-2018

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Saturday, February 24th

Hour 2. Bradford and Tomase discuss Alex Cora and how he is handling his new position as the manager.


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Welcome back to our number two. Been rampant Nazis. Not on CDs ran. We are talking Celtics before the break we've been talking some Red Sox. Off we are talking about this crazy story about Sean Miller and the coaches and Arizona among other dirty college basketball programs and the thing that blows anyway it's like you were saying. 100000. Dollars they caught me out to touch on Miller the Arizona coach the former Pitt point guard. I'm talking to who's he talking to. With that and agents are facilitated and our guys are guys who yet basically like from the get go RA to have a good golf and yes well yes. He's the facility yet he's he thinks there. He is like when the other day when Michael Cole wanted to compliment Steve buck these calls do you like we were thinking for him for good story yeah he had to go through May yet where you're there Mike lol deep drive yeah Phyllis yes it's the same sort. Yeah how many books did Buckley have to abide before you would that really is much like the Sean Miller thing when we keep that under. Not editor I feel the FBI as good as they were on the wiretaps kimono so. Yeah Andre and I gentry Eaton who is like one of the star freshman. In this year's class speak guy. Consider you know possibly number one overall pick in the draft if that lakers pick. At conveyed which it doesn't look like it's going to for the Celtics but first time in the lakers in the bottom five. And standings this is a name that we thought of this kid might actually come to Boston you know the guy shot blocker all this stuff. And they are talking about not 5000 dollars or 101000 dollars or 25000 dollars. A 100000 dollars to pay that did to get and Arizona and what that. What does that say to you. No I gave them this the first thing that I thought which is. A 100000. Dollars. That must mean that if they have to do a 100000 dollars that means they were bidding for his services with the other places that in the world of college basketball. This isn't the tender and this is in the tractor this of them. Would have racked with it whatever and there and Ricky whatever David blue chips that this is it that. If if Sean Miller feels like it needs is this kid needs a hundred ran the and that means that someone else is bidding seventy man someone else's bidding fifty minutes about the bidding. Whatever but it's at a level that I don't think that people understand it it's it's it only adds up I don't know how all she can look at. Right yeah I mean that that this this is something and maybe this is why FBI agents if everything's up but. Hundred greatest this guy's a great player but there are other great players the kid from Missouri. What Porter reporter yet my order or via Michael Porter Goss to Missouri I mean. Unfair for a may be unfair for him but. How do we not at least raise suspicions about this this kid ends up Missouri he is a better player in the queue that we're talking about yeah. And yet so I mean I think it across the board all the calls coach issue. Beat who put their pants oh yeah and in this past would be only the start and we've had. We have we've had national titles vacated raked in some but he may well wolf. You notice the yes though like all of this stuff. It's only gonna get nastier it does it actually sort of like. Shows little lie it is when people talk about. Of these kids are being taken advantage an end and a lot of college athletes and sisters you know the NCAA the rules stacked against them. Like I how many kids that we heard light. I didn't even have. 25 cents to buy myself impacted gum it's like yep you're driving a Mercedes. And you had you know whatever it's Johns Hopkins at a guy's name is not Shonn can be different. Christian docket was the runner for the agent not Johnny doc not Johnny Dawkins. You get these people lining a 100000 dollar payments Horry. Yet in dirty and what do you think the coaches again. Like yeah advocates of the coaches get players and that increases their program's profile be don't think there's any money going to these guys it's almost like orally. Now. It's it's the whole thing like you said the coaches must be crap they're pants over this because it is going go on throughout in and I mean we got it like this has happened forever but I just the Harvard grand thing is that is that it's such a level. It's sort I do not see this coming with Tino it was this this year's sort of confluence of prostitute profits says. You whatever. I don't think those that Apple's situation costs a hundred grand. By auction there's money involved yeah yeah yeah about prostitutes what is a flat out hundred ran payment for this guy. It's it's crazy it's gas I don't know if this I have no faith I guess I woke up this morning. Answered all the security that I thought with college basketball. Out the window innocence lost businesses right now in any notes due like. So these guys have operator of impunity for years and they've always known deep down. And as long as the NCAAs in charge of investigating this they don't want it don't take down my ex jets needed help the NCA did not want to take down Rick Pitino you wanna take down any of your. Marquis names. So when the FBI gets involved and their wiretaps that's news today now another part about this which always has baffled me. Was that why we know that this stuff is going on how players. When they get the NBA when they graduate. They are still so tight lipped about like. Think about this to think about like like. Yes that's exactly is exactly like plate club. We're you know you you are told not to talk about it in this is a fraternity. But you would think that there's so many of these guys union BA not even then in the NBA war and paid. By a similar situations. And you don't hear them this coming out and saying you know again I was I was paper this is paper that to DC a thirty foot birdie on the the the big that iPod yes I was leopard. Now it's likely even that wasn't like it was like I was paid a bunch of money yeah it is never. Elected so yeah latter wouldn't participate right it's never it's a matter of fact in an idol. I guess loyalty but you figure like so many guys have gotten this money what this is how dirty systems they dirty like nobody wants to break the chain. It's like. You know I got mine in Iowa the next guided it is and it becomes a closed system where nobody tells its sort of. Like you know Jim Bowden when he came out wrote ball four like everyone in baseball knew that kind of stuff was going on but it was. Agreed it was an unwritten rule that you don't write about it you know about it you don't reveal he suddenly reveal the inner workings and the goat that was just one guy this is. The same kind of thing like you nobody. Who wants the glow lit up this debate all Bennett yeah well here's another example yes and you think on back a few years and where do you rate James at net and yes that's and you death penalty the football team. And if you watch that 3430 to do. It was basically that was blown out by this guy who does it lose and then Yahoo! ID yet drug problem and it was like all the stuff that was going on and that was an enormous enormous thing where it hides it. Everybody was getting paid it was easy. And the only reason that comes out is because this one slip up by this guy who was disgruntled who had you know whatever his own unions. This one and that's it and then the whole thing blows up to the death penalty and it was you you listen watch that thirty for thirty bio. The payrolls and and what things they point out well you know if we do this we can't stop doing this. Because. We're still having eight team. Who and all these guys on this team. Are still sort under contract to get near a that you can't pay half of them you can't slow stop paying right. So it's like the juniors and seniors get paid in the freshman and sophomores no that's not bow and you know what if knowing what we know about the Arizona situation. That source seems like that. Might be at play here I mean. We would be naive to think that Sean Miller isn't paying other guys that the course. Like it's the first time I was like pitino in the restaurant that woman calls that our time. That it never happened with seventeen seconds over rad yeah who impressive devices that regret being Nazis tried to extort him is accurate I'll give you. Another name I mean if you're talking about beat scandals. How much less would we know about steroids in baseball without hose state own totally one guy one end and everyone tried to discredit him. He's crazies that wrestler he's itself from water. He should be on Big Brother you know whatever all of that stuff. And yet he turned out to have more credibility than anybody on this stuff and he really helped blow the lid. Awful thing it Jose Canseco doesn't open its mouth you still have Balco you still have you know congressional hearings and all that kind of stuff. But you don't have the same level detailed yet because of the one quote and quote crazy yet and it'll autopsy are crazy but it. Is the people were nothing to lose. That was sake I remember being on syringes. That stuff I would ask the tech nation being. But I remember that team now and I was I was it's guilt as doing in the act. Adobe got a month. I say that the it's it's it's it was wet with Canseco you're right I'm glad you brought it up if we forget that. That that would take it let's be clear he has alluded to seize. We aggregated view of an Oakland like a year ago and yet and change at all. These rates now he's just holding it but now yeah now I'm I've I took steroids that it went steroids but still that steroids yeah I. You play right now fight any odd that he simply right now I played a wrestling thing that it might need to do via instant it all month more than anybody else. So yeah yeah Perry aides. Used the great point it is. You know BS and you did. You know Jose Canseco. All perceived as lunatics. In that way by probably people. Portrait that everybody. But if that is not going away. A bit that's the thing and other about the son bill a hundred grand thing. Did you ever think. That we would be hearing about a coach paying a player honored and I could see that that's not at this wasn't like that shocking from. I'll use your words from earlier in the show for me macro level it's not surprising it's real notes dirty but that number was like holy cow. But I think that it made me this is the will work right now is much more is maybe more checks and now now we hear that baseball. Football. We have that soared albeit probably better it's probably there's probably better. Bowl this the worst I've ever heard in college basketball I heard a 3030 I get on the I know I know and and like you said there. Are clearly other guys he's not the only kid and that team got a little they pool all of their money together. Like we just gotta you empty your pockets we gotta get up a hundred. That's it's it's minutes it's got to be good for all of you in the future playing with this case. Will raise your draft stock via more TV debut beyond TV. Eyes but by playing for us. You're gonna get more exposure and your parents will be able to you so it's worth it if you give us a dollar every single day so we get a and yet you think of what a year it's been pretty NCAA we are he's always known it was a corrupt organization by. You see the basketball stuff you see Larry Nasser in Michigan State and how. Athletes were complaining about him for twenty years and nobody did anything about it because of his stature because of his connections to USA gymnastics all of that stuff. And then you add this on top of it. It's like finely. You know where healing back the layers here just this you know rotten. This places and it also every time that everyone digs into the NCAA. In this goes with glee you know the college of view culpable guys. Whose job is to Wear the orange jacket. And go to the games and sit there and I have no idea what revelation you have made the article and no crap yeah you know it's like that's what works if you win the game. You are slotted into the apple. But these these fifth the old guys who are on the committee who have actually be now you are I've yet. I've guarding you in Orange Bowl participant. That's the NCA there you go through via their masthead. And how many people are doing. Stupid stuff and getting paid obscene amount of money it's crazy. It's it's it's it's not like it in the IOC. The committee yet. Mean this is another thing that has been served with banks that awesome awesome. Signal real sports on HBO you saw that right which one it was like before the Summer Olympics. And it just exposed uh oh core rock number one or you'll the World Cup's. Where they lit the Olympic thing it's the same deal. A BU you have you have these people. Who bomb the a lot of this surface with you what is going on these these olympians. Who have the workers mechanics or whatever and meanwhile you Olympic Committee guys who are doing nothing. Getting paid outrageous amounts of money just sitting around this the NCA this is the Olympic Committee. And I ideas. Think like what is gonna stop what is this. This idea of these old school network. Guys these older guys who have found their landing spots getting paid a lot of money just sitting there. What is this trying to maintain their grip on. That's all but isn't that what gives is expected. And this is what you Olympic Committee is. It includes what the world people are there and it's this bizarre that there is no checks and balances with this this this is accepted. Because NCA with something like this happens. Give us in the NCA wiretap. This is the FBI wiretap. They showed that yesterday should come out of this wired and the Mets eight people about the story in the back office. Like getting paid like 500 grand a year yet notes though. Listed sixth on 7779797. Rabbits Massey we are angry we are angry at all the secretive basis. Federal the world they're angry about injustice. We did it take your calls coming up next. Welcome back to Grasso has not seen from. Nor Myers Florida. Just to recap. I'm so far out peanut allergies and the NCAA's dirty and rob and I share a lot of Bret Stephens that's. Is totally. 100% appropriate while I was seduced. Him you've we were seduced by him on the back fields. I was seduced by in the first time he ran an eight CO playing at an easy lay up that that I cracks me up like. If you wanna sound knowledgeable Viet NBA just nod your head and you decision very knowingly. Stevens justice and that's after time TO you know it's also I wonder how much spreads the difference. He mines in that regard or effective. Is the analyst. Right and I don't I don't notice in this I talked to somebody about this once I only have a very tiny little bit of insight into it but. What I was told is that Stevens is a big believer in how numbers say. Players play together it's airs so like you know I mean obvious one would be to Harriet Horford our eyes and Horford you know play. You guys but I guess they have numbers that sort of breakdown how individual pairs of guys playoff of each other. On the floor and like I think there's a stat last year that became publicized summit about orphans on the floor. I say is three point percentage from one of the wings was. Way higher than it was anywhere else and it was a direct result Horford. And picks in the pick general threat and all that kind of stuff so they do that that mean steal back that yes that. Yet that it is something it you have to be accepting of it right to limit on the middle the third set at. I was default the scale back as the NBA retread coach so that he ego although I would imagine there's a lot of other ones now. B.'s current reach. Coach doc. Did Tony. Maybe. That's a great question actually I'm not I'm nobody's spring and right tonight and other places as being Gundy. Only Koppel now. Detroit and land and its. Sixth. The that's tidbit though it's now it's being done it was campaign candidates. But you know it's funny you brought this up earlier with the best coaches in the NBA and our partners to the line. Yet reconsidered Brad Stevens we have in front or phase yet but I think you legitimate. Go to Idaho like I'm thinking like who is right go you know. The guy from Elaine that was perceived as a yeah I was gonna say blue notes there but they've fallen off there was the worst team who I think is. Terrible coach besides. Lou. Waldman because I get the sense that U coat yeah I happen. I know he didn't lose a game when he had the best team Italy yeah yeah although the lakers have played a little better than you would have expected you know I mean they're not great night. Kyle who's ministered to be pretty good where licensing office the value I apologized to. Bill Walton and the tire wall family yeah like it Steve Kerr. Let's bring I don't know I raised three at the most your team in and so you can say you'll that lakers team look better by it. You go back to Brad Stevens for those. For a few years the mean girls teams are not good. With Stevens yeah yeah the first team was terrible and then in light very short order there's suddenly a playoff team and then a number one seed I mean all of this happen like. Three years and it's it's making the most of what you have applied to go back to this sort of the analysts I did an interview today. Where is the Red Sox in its people. And the differences. How they're doing things now compared they did things before. And I do think this is an enormous part not only with baseball but basketball Brad Stevens being the example of like. The you have to have an open mind you just have to have an open mind. And about having all this stuff in Alex Cora. Not to get too deep into ambulances summons for a four page views yes later when average. It's that next month. By but there is definitely they Alex Cora before he became the bench coach Houston Astros. I don't think was oh where oh all the stuff that's going on on the stuff that they're implementing now would that be at with Houston because. You know Puerto Rican national team what that did use it but he gets to Houston he sees how things are done detox the people. And he sees how things are done here and say well this is how we should do it should be. Definitely different. And go back to how the Red Sox used to do it before this current group which by the way just to say it was way ahead of the curve of how other teams. It used to be yes that's an odd thing like when they started this they were at about it yet when he started it by. It but then I don't wanna say they got past. But they sort of just kept doing what they do like they had the information wasn't like oh my goodness we're. We just like listen to the crack of the bat the ball and we think we are that's our exit velocity we don't know anything else. They still have the information it was. It's going back to Terry Francona. In going to terror. John Ferrell. That coaching staff and that those managers will like to do a certain way. And and I think that. So that's how it was done now you over new manager who's more accepting of it and says out of the gate this is what I want and this is. Everything's been turned over. And I'm not saying that like all while how did those guys do before us in the 193 games they won a world championships. And everything else. But at some point. That there is gonna to be itching to can't keep doing the same way and that's the danger I think that you have with or any organization in any coach in any manager where. If you keep doing the same way you're going to be passed. And in that respect. They were. The route the Red Sox were passed the the Dodgers have twenty guys and analysts department what do you guys not to long ago the Red Sox are hopeful time. Yet and and and that obviously game changer here stack that stack cast in. Being and every team's. Access. This new kind of mace or whether it's. Outfielder routes in tees off at the loss and now. It becomes an arms race how quickly. In the best deployed its data and it does elect its belt I'd heard about it Clinton now behind the sense that. It way they were comfortable with the way the light arms. In Brad Stevens who's comfortable on the way you do things. It goes along you have to be you have to be the we have more more mission. That's no knock minute you know if bright butter over incidents are a lot of real bar at ways of doing. And it worked for him. So now it's okay if it worked for you by your manager your coach. Work for the eyes. In this stated I think what coaches and managers are looking for the for coaches and managers. Are you can view. It. And I think that's important immunity it's one of the most important things. It's not just relating to players in in knowing about it and enroll or annoyed at community clubhouse. The eighth and you have changed in the guy I would be nice that's the accused of Franco. I don't know I don't know if it's right now my idol the corps has changed certainly. From one he'd play I mean as a former player I admire him last year on trial and it's something you probably not an analytics. You know you're not. Yet not a Stanford educated mathematician. Network so most former players come and this. They have to learn. And you know this generation of players now coming up with them. So it's going to be different but certainly the guys that we covered. 1015 years ago becoming and it now action corps. And whoever else Michael Robinson day those guys need to get a speed on this core. Made an interesting time you know he needs for example so genes he said when he played. I've Francona loves to play him against it was the answer eat this well Padilla yet is that the so. Francona knows news by Fareed against the Indians star's career. And so he played against yet or is like the problem lies my its oral cheat they were like leaders I. That's were universally uncomfortable it's not a match. I had numbers that would basically. And though. If you just look at matter earth Nazis that rate each play. He ended up finishing it's been one for well. Again if the media something but it's got the double plays in though it was worn out that those simple. Surface level numbers did not tell the real story out in another girl alone remember covering. The theories that Red Sox yankees series where. He started against. I swear to god the forward like diving catches by Bernie Williams. Ball to the triangle. And like in line drive shorts he was on him later in the year when the Red Sox played the Yankees in New York. Most ingredient that was man I remember nosed in eighty. Didn't play him against at a member asked him like geez you know it seemed like the collier now that's pretty surprised in. I guess he grumbled about it early. It was so early Lou but let you know by the point is that if you're only looking at results you're not really seeing like the underlying. Guys. It's signals that means. In those scenes like the Red Sox right now trying to get at that underlines I want someone who hits the ball art not that it's if he hits the law are eight out of ten times but six of them a line drive out I want that Mort the guy reaches well. Another coastal the rent that one of the main things switch now all of the rights along lines you're talking about. If you look at it rates. The dots on. When you're not factory in well with a blue. What was the elevation. Will be outfielder outfielders Raines was someone playing right field that will keep that light. All of that in the go back there hitting an example was last here in the playoffs. Government our growth started four. It's great right in in in what they need immediately what's on oh. Was side. Red arrows numbers in September. Against left mute going to give stealth. In adding that we they'll say well. I Tivo I don't know about that because. Are you looking at the quality of your lap later in the aisles Michael's going to be when he put the Euro and also. I know what ever in view again pot nights lefty pitching. Is what you roll the Chapman. So if that's sort of stuff that like I asked that have to be factored in I don't know if these guys these managers coaches. It around and if the ones who do the Bret Stephens of the world. I think are going to be able to be identified those. I mean even though you know what's in last night's Celtics. Great Munro and trying to figure I'd use this light. Sort of slower low post nine player you know and you can use them like user abatement which you go like. Silence there girl in our war bird or any of these guys even last year Mia Johnson. There are all alike out on the perimeter shooting threes are we starting on the perimeter and it's like. You see that there integrating Munro way they utilized these deals. On the block and using him in order an inside out pass a little bit we saw last night. Which probably wasn't doing its much Milwaukee's that the latest like you have this guy whose skills don't necessarily. You do so do you try to make him do you do. You try to just adjusting tool that take advantage and it seems like Steve and yes monthly outscored U matchup if the rays in the game stars. Moment. We get a break one they won. Right the ship your. Due what do edited yet I genuinely want to ask you been here for a few days now be open longer. Do your perception of you guys about scoring David prize retired about or the main differences. But he dressed in recent years the press conferences. With Alex Cora. And in walked out with someone asks. You to. Went on now what difference. For go to for that there's some things that we've talked about it. A little uneasy about als or in its early stages of these press conferences but the differences of everything here you do this story on it everything here was there John Farrell out score and then also compared. The price the price yes that we will do that backs excellent 7779797. Rat Nazi state in your eye out this today. Outscored. You we EI. Sports Radio WEE welcome back breath though it's my C before the break rot. Wanted to get my thoughts on things since I love monopolizing the microphone and pocketing. I answer your questions. At me. Ask but I just wanted to set up in case people visit to the whole month. Moments. We you have been down here for days yeah. So you have been helping cover the polling pulling your weight more than pulled my way about that you're dealing with things might well it's now about three riposte. Itself. Mr. A couple of weeks back in my day yesterday which is fine. I'd keep people listening happy three start. Restart its digital commitments with. Four missed back. But you've been you've been watching Clinton will be doing press. Conferences including outscored. In your take on Alex Cora so your impressions yes I think a lot of how we're gonna view him. Just by you know. Just the positioning our proximity to reveal this is against John would be comparing him so. Just start with like press conference the meters of Farrell. Very buttoned down very business like very by the end like. Desperately wanted to have the right word for every. You know it's kind of like you talking about being the high school basketball coach who wanted to have control every player's movements at all times when people. You out of control of every syllable. Yes though. Farrell I think we're EEE have a little bit of a more. Uptight and yes. There's. I'm so corps has come in here and he's in the more relaxed although it's hard to judge someone this soon he's never done this though. We got to cut him some slack there we just Coco Crisp night Hewitt's thoughts Jack we were we were we were. I we were so Ron forget about the milk. That he did that's still one of the weirdest stupidest no offense ever concede this idea but the Red Sox nine year book that had. David Ortiz pouring milk a cook at lake who what what is that the re at and getting off topic don't. What was the rationale for as it sounds like he has cereal made the gap exists and now the Woodward five something very politically correct. Yeah I mean yeah it is whatever it's still been able to. Yes there you go I saw it again back to core I so far I found his messaging a little bit modeled like when he. When he civil ask him some big picture questions about certain things and it feels like. He's not yet it's hit its stride in terms like concisely. Into us but he wants to say so even like for example. It's from I think they are from Puerto Rico where exchange student sewer rat. I'm Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland in the shooting happened and they came and spoke to the Red Sox. Are they met with the Red Sox on. I expect don't have the details perfectly if it was a little hard followed I think the idea was they would at a prearranged visit. Come here and it was just like you know listening to you couldn't quite. Wrap your eight weeks and what happens if the Puerto Rico and they are going to that school site is that the messaging so far. Act at times has been as muddled as my response to your question about that well. It's addressing because I do think that instance aside. The biggest challenge east do you wish him well the same thing too extreme. But knowing like the injuries knowingly did dated days stuff it where we get in the and we asked. Questions in the days that even like who is pitching who's going to be pitching yet. Correlate. I guess the one thing that sort of refreshing is like I don't know. And why do you have you know you have balance in Ferrell. Barrels understood that you still have to go in there understanding all this and read be prepared well Farrell was right the man he had all right it is as one of the things if I was. Telling these these guys how his job is gonna work. They've got to start with this you got to know all the minutia about. Who's missing in spring training who's pitching in spring training games who you have lined up. Who injured who has an injury that's important to the court this drug in the day yesterday. Of what's to own Judy Martinez India as these quick answers or whatever. Oh and by the way terribly generous person for his arrest them but. This does get that other ways to beat him in. That it Al octave dribble pass and that stuff that this learning process. Knowing how these press office's work. Initially I was sort of like oh this is good he's not pretending to know everything. Yeah that and I think that's the way to go in dollars. You gonna get caught though sometime in the future if you do go all the yeah where you you wanna see one day you want to give off that vibe that you aren't total control. Yet that you're the boss you know like who's going and who's nine. Like if Byron asked you what Ryan animal is writing web site. Would act. Accurately say at this Sundays but it doesn't velvet. Also everything every edit an average everything that's fair. So but you know so what corps has been doing that. It is. Spellings or Ottawa stories anecdotes about. What's going on in campaign. And not to say we had a meeting or giving them the details about it just like you said being looser. I am very wary of that part of it though as the players are clearly. All this guy go up and topped out coral much more than likely John Farrell that means more fun and Emmys and looser and everything else. That's well and did that's probably not about that but how is it France I don't know. We don't know we don't know any of this until. The rubber meets the road and you have any sort of adversity. Like this right now it's fine it's fine and I know that. Some writers are getting frustrated because they don't have that the ultimate. What I really don't care where we're rating on the team yet right now I mean. One thing with core that I had lights is. He's shown an ability to be a little more self deprecating like pharaoh poll out just like Tito this was what he did use greatness. And Farrell. Left that he was just he was just too serious. You know and the thing is you could occasionally joke around there. You know but in his general public demeanor in a press conference or in front of the cameras were never was more buttoned down. And core at least as. Shield and it went on Traficant example. Early on but he's definitely shown that ability laws aloud if I'm out example early on Hughes asked about. What's the message going to be news team when you get front team for Farrell. This was a big deal this who has. The John Farrell has. If this this is this day of delivering this powerful message booming voice and everything else. And score was like nodding going back and forth and really I'm annoyed and no light is. The message was play and he. More so than any other this isn't isn't just me talking all the analysts people these people Rawlins together that's talking a few people. That was different than before it wasn't like they were saying these people don't matter. But sort of the message like we all this is the the huge endeavor in which were all part of it is not a guys lineup. And so the gut is that the message but it but liked your point. Federal what do never miss item. Yeah he had to know everything but you know I I don't necessarily want to fault the manager. For whining today at least you know you're rushed to want it to give the impression but also some legitimately want to be on top of so you know like I don't think we should turn around daylight out pharaoh was doing that all on. You know trying to know everything that was going well he's been managed well another one core with sort of he would say early on network it's like. I don't know the pictures. I don't know like I don't the infielders. Like the barrel at the pitcher there's I don't know what did I. All that's what's so you know obviously cord knows a lot of stuff in but you're right there is there is itself the application it that he. And you know I think they are with little hasn't yet. You know it's the perfect time take a break is there about to sing the National Anthem here you know when it's not do that because your patriots here. The WB yeah that's excellent 777979837. Rat faux intimacy honoring America.