Bradford and Tomase - Bradford gives his own Home Run call 02-24-2018

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Saturday, February 24th

Hour 3. Bradford and Tomase close the show with some final thoughts about the Red Sox. Bradford gives us a classic hoem run call.


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Sports Radio WEEI welcome back soon. Rabbits must you be taking up 2145. More C Miami I think acknowledged it was a bad time BC Miami basketball at 2 o'clock this afternoon. You hear that 97. Red Sox are about to get started against the rays and M I guess I should stated there irony if we can it actually has more on the same team we could you play by play one play by play it right between where the rights shall rise exactly. So who's pitching and who's hitting realists that Duracell yes yeah lefties that should be him and dismissed that's. I would acts. Napier. It. Good stuff. Yes wrote a relative ballot tricks like Eric outfield devers though this vote is hard ground ball to first base Mitch Moreland scoops it up that's one out of stocks I've liked this could be are trying to interpret it. We could be full time fill in spring training broadcast RV I feel like it's good for the company because it's your news double barrel actually getting the basketball world that's true you're getting rat points in my seat endurance and and you do this sort of narrative the broadcast. Baseball broadcast to more like art shows so. Maybe this is the restaurant I practices the tests on like this and now unfortunately I decided to sit by and poll. So I don't action to clear views you gonna be nice yours. Obvious color man but anyway we were at this is rabbits Massey. Starting our final hour it's not a full hour it's more like thirty minutes. Forget it's not up for alerts are a book or right now its antlers thing. Yes of course to handle it well we're gonna get to David lives it's the mass be gas will be the second part of my question might two part question is. Your perception of Dave price are now that you've been broken yet. So here's my overarching thing on price I just feel like. There needs to be a little dates consulate in me to start over and say you know lat. Let's all the troops. You didn't like us last year we didn't care for you last year. Let's start fresh in just see where things go outside a dance Odyssey. Started to write that column yesterday and of your creditors got a funny site. You know David Price ought to talk baseball so I want to ask him about baseball after like three baseball questions honestly suddenly lights what was going on last year so miserable. So there there's gonna be an element of that but. David Price came in here as a reputation as a good team as a decent guy. He had never played in a market that size and we all worried about battle that would like a little play by play yet he seems to be paying its bullets have element game. He just raised our over hall cut the ball at Rona Elliot and that week or over so. Great start yeah Alex Cora. Influence on the right side defense is paying dividends on the right side yet he was also very impressed that Jackie Bradley backing of play left field in the northeastern game a couple days ago I read it you know we can't let up and I'll continue so we were. Talking David Price. And I just feel like hi we need to start he had site clean slate. We will judge you by your actions you can judge us by. What it does work. That's that's the beauty of that in. No I mean. Let's let's just. Go back to what he was the first year which was yeah a guy who could be sensitive but that's not gonna change we know he's sensitive but at the same time. You there needs to be. There's certainly needs to be accountability but I also think we can sort of call off the docks like. I don't think we need to crush him over actually more like. Everyone has admitted that what he did Tankersley was uncalled for stupid. And childish and counterproductive at all of those things. He knows that we know that anecdotes that the fans know that I think that's been established so that we need to keep going back to you right though. Let's just let this thing play out and see how David Price conducts himself this year. I would agree with most what you're saying but I looked edit. You have to do with the way area. Because number one a lot better for it yet which is an important thing and number two. We've gone through other spring training at this point where we've had sort of similar why vote David Price he's about it even last year last Italy got her. Well it until well until listing growth story now in that was right before. In where that story or whatever inexplicable reason. Halfway through that car ride he starts talking about no anathema charities and get to know me. And you've rep that rightfully so it went in that rapidly starting criticism that he shut it down. So. Like we don't know if that's gonna happen if he's been good so far he was good and his mass media thing. He's been good across borders at the nightingale store which I do think with sort of people this is the better that Doughty lost it. Once the excuses that they but said this it was ridiculous but. What do you think about David Price speaking for the entire clubhouse or equity talking about he was asked a question if David Price could you answer it better. Like should he be the guy telling Judy Markey is how to play in Boston though. It because he did because people can do things like but did in this situation. They're gonna do it you lost the benefit of the doubt but I will say so far. Is that. As we sit here it does seem in Iowa say that because I talked to a for the first time I talk to home. All spring training yesterday about something else. If there was no semblance. You know I'm I'm I'm yen are you from looking at the places and in news's. You know attention. He's fine he was fine and this comes so this comes after you wrote the little bit for the night deal. So that's a good sign that he was ripped a little bit and he's continuing down this road a donated shouted a being a friendly guy but. I I agree with though it start over the they've started new but still a it's been two times now two different years now where we started going on this road. And we tried to give you the benefit though in you'd have to write in turn even even addressing the price the accuracy stuff last year. In the Red Sox about two minutes he did what we'd. Thought and hoped he would do and then he took a right hand turn and veered off. Yeah I feel like it's been a little revisionist history at his bar when he talks about Paula a little bit out there like. I already told you last yet messed up it's like last year that typically seen you have no regrets. You know and you had no intention of apologizing. And all of that stuff. And so. He's gonna have to win that I agree when I say start fresh I don't mean like. We start over if you do something bad we say you know what we're start over that's one strike note you have all this other baggage though. He does he has much a much shorter leash than other guys would when it comes this stuff which hey that's that's how that's that's how it's got to be. But so far. Just seeing his demeanor. He hasn't been that angry dog down like wives club closed was last started to close to last year in terms to write me. The weird thing is this the mean any. Might not mean anything. But he neighbors like around us you were never see him smile were never see him laugh you're never you see you smile and we bowl. Though we had interactions with him or witnessed him when he was in Tampa a lot. And he with the guy prints them through the clubhouse and play in the music and everything else that might fun loving guy so well and so on. But he if you could have the exact opposite of that guy it was David Price last yet you know but he was last year he was like. This is when you know that someone's relationship with the media is just wrote game. He was the guy who. He would be clean in his neck to here if you were interviewing Kimbrel so he's lockers nearby. U peaks or a crane in his neck just waiting to give you like. The bar like what are you know what you guys notes too quickly you know like that kind of stuff and we've seen guys get to that point you don't know bar with the Red Line as an example. And a lot of times when you get to that point there's no coming back. So it's it's kinda unique to price and that is much heat as he is taken. It it really none of it's been unfair I don't know other rare like many times we get crushed it was like are you just pressing him because he's Manny. Or tease like all right we just were getting an Arty because it's something you do like. Price I felt like every bit of criticism lobbed his way let's it was. Both for the price timeline or go through the last few years about when everything went awry. The first year legend says spring training that's fine and that he starts pitching terribly he pitches back. He's being criticized being criticized in Boston is another level of anything that he would ever gone through so now. Things start get a little little anxious a Little League rules early GAAP and then you start entered into deuce in the playoffs stuff are going to be able to in the playoff. And it's released early toward the end of the year so now by the end of that first year. With thinking David Price is not that this is not a good conversation the days. Celebrating their vehicle dog name Astro are over the locker is gone yes for a locker has gone yeah. But. What are weekend. Fine you sat down with you would you would try and yet view is viewed as the race stuff for tomorrow night yeah he addressed it. It comes to camp music I don't wanna talk about the race about still okay. That I as they said this in growth feels Torii comes out not stood the injury then definitely not good and it just goes down this road of now he's protecting guys in the in in the locker room. Obviously not dead yet shows his head was night and you know he had maybe in the middle of all that too so that's invite by an overture psychologists. Part of that. But I remember it right. This is not making excuses for him this is me trying to figure out how this guy became what you laws yet. Like going back to the Beckett Beckett. Government in 2011 that that that month or whatever you back to be a jerk him in every we understand that. Back to gain a lot of ways he became years earlier toward even toward people like that he was close to I think. And in some incentives to me and I think yeah actually money sadness to me was you'll. When you're when you're selfish about yourself your whole life and then now you have this mentality of of I have to rely have somebody else who literal I mean it's baby thing. Like that messes guys out. But it's no excuse for them but a reality. Of win win this is your world and and not wait second I can't be just selfish for myself. The masses guys up. And I don't know if that was a 1% of David Price but you mention it quite. There's that's part of that what he was going through his life. I don't know that maybe changed him and made him happier person now is get his head around it all this is sort of we're trying to figure this out. Because he's an important guide it went holy one and eighty degrees from where we thought it would be when he signed here right. Yes and and on top of that we're now all it's stunning on all of us all parties Red Sox media rights and that he's not going. Between his elbow and the landscape I mean. Put it this way if anything's possible but would you agree that the odds of him leaving or a lot lower now than they were a year ago this time. Before he was in well it's all what you wanna prioritize that conversation yeah prior to I've been marketed in the park today. I always defer to the MRI yet still no how no matter what market news me you're going out into the starting pitching market. Dallas title. Hey you know what even drew cormorant through numerous as the years he did last year. You put him up if he's going to be thirty years old he's gonna have to. You know clear and well prize to shore but but from what we know. From the from the conversation the prices elbow and congress is noble. Their prices noble sort seems a lot worse when he's thing I would have to have surgery if I was younger. That is not a good jumping off point for contract that's gonna pay you for four years. At exactly dolls exactly so and I've said this before but. You go and you look at one nothing right side exit that divers they there's contracts. Haven't they scored decider cheering. You Bradley single flick gets is coming out Mitzi two bags. And you just that he's had a great team defensively. You guys though this is one of the examples. Where thank you go where. You have a great defensive play and then you come up the next any. Drastic yeah. It's it's and that's totally for regular season that goes to spring for a tax cuts this genetic as the index sort literally anything in Rockville Emerson double scored Jack currently in third mean. The construct of the property disorder that is. The court's objection. Is if I knew. That you only get into the general quick about the not this line clock but one of the things we this week Lewis in the bears' number three hitter yeah but it. The price thing opting out. It's EUS can't get past the M I is inactive the Amara ideas. I think if he had elbow that was going to be okay for teams. I absolutely. Believe that you eighth lightly less money. They simulated. Yes yes. Alas I believe that Cuba when I say we're stuck with each other acting and it's not just about the you know the salary landscape of the league it is about is now. That ended the outlook to me it's a bigger factor than anything else because you have to you have to have an MRI you have to let another team examined you sign off on. And look at what go to analogy Martinez don't know what's wrong and I'm willing to as a gas that it is the last impact will use future. Ban pitchers CEO and and by the way if priced pitchers well this year it's what you do year. And he acts like he in spring training in integrates himself in the clubhouse and in view of the media like you. Then the reds likes Google these days late they should know as. Well I'd I'd look at it I'll let you know ideally if you get the best out of him. It will be you still need pictures this is the problem once you know that last couple years like once you know that that's incited it's hard to say. And it's gone an and people always liked John Lackey ads like. Will fans love black he would be and yet they did an ally like you know you want to lead anyone he still want it out and held it more against. The found in the organization in the organization. Against the area. And you know and I think that's probably ruling in price. It gas though I mean I it. I would still say the best case scenario is that he goes out he has an unbelievable year he turns back the clock a couple of years he's in the Cy Young. Consideration whatever and then you can have an honest conversation about him leaving anything short of that. It feels like well this in this imperfect man it. Amare eyes eyes. Silent you'd like Batman. Back. Second Amendment and it's actually hurt amendments and back the Second Amendment and physical one MRI and an outlet that when the reds like look that. As I've said he would like grenade off his shoulder right. I in this day and eight if that if that's the case like that trait probably. Right. Though and a top that somebody like David Price they're talking earlier about Martinez now. The market never materialized because you melodic yet across the league now all think the same way. From the EO bill we'd been kinda school. You don't overpay pitchers you don't pay pitches in their thirties. A lot of money or a lot of years and David Price like I go back to darkest darkest. At that he had Tommy John writes that he did you have a guy he's RD at that procedure done which way might even make him war. Attracted to a team by east two years younger than prices going to be next offseason. And he basically got the amount of money that price he got a million dollars less than price that's remaining deal over two more years a six year deal and if I'm another team I animals feel like Darvish is lucky to get when he got. Is that China offered BO if David Price that a hard time believing now. Humans evolved so you wanna compare also losses to Charlotte to eight month all eight months older. And you are when he signed the cubs. Oh. I understand Tommy John you can spin them that while it last innings where where there its arms and feet hood. For six year deal point nine million dollars last that's how it's supposed to work in business. Especially baseball and everything goes up everybody. And now it's it's going down down down and and auto the not that the factory with a price is you know now you have to deal. I mention Dell's cycled through armor and I mean those are a couple reasons starters. The markets can be loaded the going to be loaded with guys now. Starting but it does not like some other positions like closers. Closers it's crazy Kimbrel Andrew Miller in Robertson. Is that on the closers Ferrara. It's still there are going to be a lot of story which is more than there are this year and you get in that market in your competing against those other guys added. At a advanced stage with a bad elbow good luck to you yet 61777979837. Rat votes Nazi. We are talking David Price talking Red Sox needing to be a little more bonus split by. Play by play and be able to do the play by play line you know I don't I can't say it probably I promise you a home run is unfortunately no moment at this park now at the left field wall I would vote I vote if you Michael Bryant now I can't wait will stay tuned for that we have one segment. Welcome back to the fine gold. Ten minutes nine minutes in nine minutes. Rat votes Nazi. The united states of general quake now you can't decide what I'm gonna say Islam or in the round it's about the days I was gonna what I was gonna say is I really opens on run listening because I won nine iron Euro weather out there is Europe Izturis and I knew I was assay can you just give a slut anyway it's always again and on TV I guess it is it is on. This would be misleading with. Let's see who's sitting now it's as if that this is batting gloves or non this year. Match yeah that hasn't had a moment I wanna I wanna give a shout out to patio today yet who patio day's news won the most talented hardworking guys that are stationed he's moving on to. Big things. In his life and had been doing the Red Sox broadcast been doing Monday night in doing everything. And basically that is covering for everybody at all times and doing great aplomb. IE. Autopsy say you'll miss people by you know me you know early especially agree that you don't really mean it it's I've done but you farewell shows us. And by IE I am going to miss you like when Tino left reviewed the rafts well what's the word US. No I wasn't part of that. Yeah I was that par that was part of the I've been part of some weird shows like. As like it on the Wikipedia page who is part who's the other person farther show. The book coming out so I was a third interest I was by the the Kirk's or last year would get suspended it but you know written about the. I am. It's part of these here bad influence the final I think. With the big show that crops or would fail. Though that the whole life missed you well maybe part of the fun Oakland's I don't know. But gas and what you say it is such a watchman the as I want I'll miss you miss you terribly but anyway yes. Yet no second. That he is the best and he's in today I think working yes it's about it and go far. That idea will once he's actually gone yes yes that we are just finishing up here we've spent actually been jumping all over the place really. We're talking David Price sykora. I you brought up handling. Yes a one of the things that news items. This this week was. My question it was your costs and then you know what you didn't you did the wrong thing I've noticed today's reporters. Tend to be like. I asked so and so it's just asked in a press conference and you didn't do you take credit you know what I did today you're down now. They're talking about. Kind slot guys in the rotation righty lefty until you might ask or. Are you ready to announcer opening day starter. Because we tiger what the difference between corn Farrell yes like federal it was Farrell didn't announce that he is guilty and in my view it not announced it will be on a lot of times it was obvious. Yet the view in. Not announce it until like ovals the last day. Thought they game hate. This is that differed by this is the difference the who knows you never know unless asked and we hope those can be Chris yeah. But tell me it would at least you would in headline out of it saying a few notes this is opening day started when you wouldn't he wouldn't do it why did you then look at images go why yeah why not you looked I. Shrug my shoulders like if you know a lot learned now yes we will weigh on the outskirts of admit it just admit it but yes you blew the lid. Off of Hanley Ramirez being outsourced choice to be the number three hitter of this team and I mean it surprised me a little bit. That a he would announce at this quickly but be that it would be him just coming off the year that he had it. If Hanley is healthy then you can totally make a case because he's pretty dynamic hitter we know that but. Based on what he was last year's when in one handed for most of the year. I was a little surprised it took me away is so that was the day basically energy or the dipped to eighty Marti stuffed him now. So we all the sanctity Martinez. Yeah so and we know that he said that since hitting first indictment and he is hitting second so. That's you who's in his third could be anybody. When he says and we are. Does that mean in the for the unions northeastern against the rays or whatever does that mean. In the an opening gate expert Chris archer right handed pitcher who if you're gonna do platoon Mitch Moreland would be hitting. And we found out that that's payment and Lee is the guy and then you start thinking about it. And to me this is Alice chorus saying Hitler bears as the most upside. On this are one of the most biggest upside of this on this team. I gotta get him feel good about it so I could get him feel in the right place. You looks healthy he he looks like you swing and added that he can play first base. I want to make sure that he feels like to build the order hitter because we remember. This is the guy who dropped the seventh there's the guy who can start a playoff that first playoff game. So there is stored that are devaluing the other trying to get me under now 497. Plate appearances. But whether or does it come to fruition in the middle of April I don't know but right now this is clearly a tactic or a talk with interim mayor's thing. You Victorville the order hitter and I think your mentally you're that that's the message and yet know why I think it's clearly meant as you know it's an incentive. For Ramirez and it's a message to him as much as anything that's. You're right two weeks into the season three weeks in the season he's not hitting and media Bogart's there whoever gets that. Moving things around by. Just go back two years I mean it's easy to forget. Who carried them from August through the finish of that season when they made the run you know they won close at eleven and around September. And you know he hit the walk off Grand Slam against. Yankees you know Saddam's hand Hanley was a monster the last two months of that season. And that's the kind of guy who can't aerial and so. If you're looking at candidates. On this roster to fill that all I think he actually does. Well especially the way the game on the it team Ortiz 45 home runs and they did whatever. But you don't know how these other guys omens and they still need dominance mean they still need. People at home runs he hit to say all these guys in the pattern hitting home runs because there a year older we still vote note that. By him Lieberman errors is that guy we've shown as it was in two years ago. With what he had 3030. Any real masters like I hit 12223. Point three with one hand. This is what the guys who is tibia legitimate birdie home run. A year guy in this team needs and baseball. You have to prioritize. This crap on Moreland writes only the good there. And cut it short of it because you play with a broken I would still what do what do you. In the keys that I've been maybe Haley has. We retrieve it we probably has more upside right. Without quite yet Moreland it's easier right so yeah Hanley does and when you're talking about Handley Angie Martinez. There's going to be opportunity for a third down because both of them are injury brown. Both of them are probably gonna have stints at some point in this week or two years so. There will be at bats for Mitch Moreland these things as they say ten to work themselves out. I look at in the when you talk about you know a dynamic force in the lineup. Not all home run hitters are created equal right move key hits thirty. 94% of them are gonna be right down that left field line in debt all hour. I he's he doesn't really have power off field he's not a guys and it imaginable and he's not in debt senator Handley is somebody endeavors of this last year's well. Hanley can get them out anyway he can drive the ball to any part of the park there's a little bit. There when he design is more complete hitters and that's the kind of guy that I want in that Third World you can. Also I want to go on record I ID in the use through the ban. Is no way he's doing. And I. Yes he had them yesterday. As he came to the clubhouse he's certainly not like you thoughts and regret that but he like. Yeah he looks like a weightless yet. And by the even with a man like. Cute. You know fight does that not doing the bands that mean I don't know if you say yeah he looks pretty big Hewitt's but he lives. Rob Bradford looks tremendous uh oh awaken one in this manipulative. Via like. Poured snakes though my eyes I saw you drinking and you shake. Some broccoli so it is doing amazing things mushrooms and asparagus that's all I can smell them by EI if fairness to you you've also been out with. And I have not held back right this is the great thing about that's true no I mean if you want a pile of crap Blake's it's like bringing to sixty of these things. I'll live at pro team Haiti right that's it for a wait wait wait it out and call it off Steve sells the trees and legal rights. To raise them and he's that your. One and one. Of. Are going deep deep it's all putting it blue black. Because of on the booms. You've been dying to use. Well on that note I feel like we had a great show and maybe a little bit of a whimper but finished but loans. I'll moves us I was I take it I mean we should also make news. Actually nine nobody nobody would care. Yet so that's expert MIC and Brad oh thank you to map behind them. Glass there patio is in AG Bennett was in earlier states in the BC basketball coming up next.