Bradford and Villani - Up and coming Celtics are not making injured All-Stars expendable 5-20-18

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Sunday, May 20th
HOUR 2 - The Celtics are powering through playoff rounds with a team that, at least on paper, shouldn't be powering. As exciting as guys like Terry Rozier and Jaylen Brown are to watch, they still haven't made the injured Irving and Hayward redundant.

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Sports Radio guy. I thought Muster. Second hour Gilani Brad postwar period WEEI. Some technical difficulties. Mentioned Liz Warren and John Dennis somewhere cut hay wire. They took off the air amazing amazing hour you acts as a lot. The key here there. In Florida and hours feedback for any comes up is on its I don't know how it does how how you keep in notes something's going on when you deal with the city's. At least we think this is that this does that for can set up we have here you'd never know this was a major market radio station. The call screeners are working its iPad that somebody's calling right now I have no idea who it is back on stage in their colony iPad Ryan strata hold this thing together what's. Watch tape back in the studio. Y two has been out for how long now there's a part. But they're trying to get two weeks. Where's the part where's the part located and they made the party out there waiting for the part to be invented. At. Some point you have to go like sent out for apart for stumping 19920. This insane. I can not work like it's rob. I thought I was management Celtics. I'm a bit of what did. Maddening. It's it's very frustrating morning across the war yes. Across the board Mary you would want everyone to put it Max effort. All the time the Celtics didn't do it from from jump street yesterday. And we're trying we're trying I'm Mike Abbott Sally. If I've got a lot of gotta tell it like now I not anymore. But I am I name called in this game I'm just doing whatever I can they should cut the wire in they went the later time I am soldering. My butt off here. I don't I don't know what I'm doing I'm I'm putting wires together. Whatever I don't know what I'm doing might be the most I don't want I am I know exactly what to do I'm trying to get every one. On the same page understanding. That. The Celtics should be frustrating that we cannot let the Celtic stuff from you not buying into the house money count is not a house that was the dumbest thing you've ever sent by the way on top of that they've rolled and I scripts and we see right in front of the door to get it to the studios or basically trapped in here lets you want to eat our way out through chip which is this is what it is on balance I'd love the Old Dominion freight lines that are studios will broadcast it live political team of people. Blocking on on down three year to witnessed our radio broadcast. I literally don't think there are also used to be an element where you can if you were in the park you can also. Revel in the frivolity you know and I get industry now dedicated to get a nice tree. The only person could do it if the person serving guys Manning the ice cream today that's like this person on the fairly out going over there well look like they're changing. Big if he gets clean container now they're gout you know you get the fresh and did not quite open for business yet but I can tell you we have berth in knowledge. The ice cream station right outside studio will be read ago when when the Celtics are not ready to go all right what they realized in game three let's get back your calls its excellence that it's at seven nights at 93 said the timing Connecticut. Is up first this hour hello Tom. Don't do law while not doing terribly analyze that it would god. All of argue about it all out flat out like you'd take how that played the role on the pulpit and could you got talk about. Have you or buy yen and I think the people by all too much on this exactly because I was the not render people. Actually. Things that we should be treating carrier ring already has sort of Hayward. Am I loved it you know out here and other I bought. Do you guys think that this game but I really brought people back to earth that we need our Q all of that hurt. Right I mean he's a he's a legit scoring threat and an idol to turn this into crap Oliver Terry wrote here because I do like him from the perspective of god gives you scoring depth and scoring punch. But. At the same time you've got a key. The legitimate top ten caliber. Scoring threat in the entire leading carrier Irving. And unless there's a eight long term problem with a knee which we have no idea. Guy who can if Paco need to guide increase though John you think guy. Who carried Irving left for Cleveland last year below will LeBron James was really team to. When nobody else there in that game yeah we're going to win that game. Because LeBron James was insane and in its not that they necessarily win last that if they have Tyree. But there's a run at some point felt right at some point there's a right it's a great strings points together it takes overstretched began there is some games and last night with a perfect examples of games you just meet that guy. In the gritty Getty defense in this spread out offense. Isn't gonna take. In its new big guy and we saw when Carey was playing there or what those games. But in that has a lot of this while this isn't carries team anymore and effort from the national Talking Heads. This is a carrier Irving's team and he upset or disappointed in some way that there having all the success without an eighteen out expendable. All of that is ridiculous that's crap and not to mention the fact that you don't need to make that decision next year you still that everybody except for markets Smart. Under contract every important. Under contract next season including terrorists here and including carrier and and not to like rim that are here parade thought I'd like Tourtelot. I like it personally is what it is I carry out of his opinion if it's. But you're right maybe. This is another it is what it is player right now is not the debt absolutely he's the guy who's this scored twenty points a game. Irving you go back to when he was with Cleveland the bad yours before LeBron got there you still averaging over twenty points a game the guy can score no matter what were tortured erosion here. Yes he's got a great postseason run he's had some great moments in the regular season. But we've also seen in the last week or so that this guy coming go. Like you'll never get a team public high area every scored four points right now. Well and that's where rat right now with her which year you will get that game we have got back you get in resource point 52 I bet you're going to get by that focus but you cannot you cannot say you know what we're all right we're all right with terrorists you are you scary Terry is get Drew Bledsoe. Damon Huard the Michael bishop he's got the whole grow on its side. Said simply last night with a night where they finally missed carrier in the playoffs. It's happened before I get paid app in game six against the box too but we're really stood out he had a big spot. That was the game where you say okay yet this is why they need carrier and Gordon Hayward I don't why you know why that is when you when you're this big okay Cleveland goes on the run. And so the results are trying to come back I said before what their answer was world markets market down through the tree. Markets smarts shoots the three. Away let's get to Marcus Moore is iso and mid range jump that Hillary that that's the answer where everyone knows the answer what you're really going that what you do. You'll isolate Tyree Irving you say all right get us back in this game yet we've seen before Andy by the way getting Cleveland even with LeBron on his team. Rush back and shoulders and and carry that team to stretch as Jimmy Quinn the next 6177797937. Looked him. They got the dual. So why didn't it appeared in my I don't know weddings. Yeah I didn't get to watch it I'd say the 121 minute to Jim Brown. I was wondering what could that have little big planet in you don't know which 100 all of us off. Foul trouble rotation as weird site CNET again go and yap has Sally early was just odd. A clean good job on Jalen brown I don't wanna completely take credit away from the cavaliers beat the only one on brown. I'm sort of lightweight so many like only twenty minutes. Well I would be dancers in us the answer was because he wasn't cute they're getting blown out he went back and he wasn't did. And then you just get that I don't know if you do this but tell everyone at your wedding party the next day how is the wedding about it. Always great and our hockey kill all of our great dot I don't know them but all I know I asked a very important collect open bar. Off course OK all. There's no it was a great time and use a rug out of bed today to listen to this show. Augusta in the box or during the game that ebitda. Did not know right makes us since you bought in and you're gonna be upset when the Celtics lose. But I will say this is that all of Lachey I talked to this you know whole year not only the series over yet you got to act like no no no I think they're gonna win a series Cleveland. And I I don't I wouldn't mind if they want. Nobody could beat the rockets hit the rocket naked and we bet that's what they. Better with the warriors and tapped the go these yeah everything everything you're saying. Everything we're saying. They don't we yes. Slipped out they don't. We are not know we read a Muslim materiel or not that it's like pocket appreciate. It. I get now we're done we we we I ever we circled the wagon enough. I was go to praise him everything he was saying with BB typical Celtics I would like if they win. And I think we advocate and we're gonna jump straight to Golden State Houston I think riveted shot against those teams. And also I'm going to a wedding in because I know they're gonna lose game three but they'll be okay. Like all of it all of it that that'd be the that the Celtics fan and I'm not begrudge him for doing all of that good for him. I hope you enjoyed your wedding ID get all the details I want from the wedding. But away and we put together his body and I don't remember their names get married the same as the royal weddings adequate. And who now wonder. Several hours later to catcher in a row now. Because they're totally forgot about it woke up guys but it tweets and I was awake early and it was ons I watched a little bit of that was it everything you hoped for guests. I don't know Herbert nobody seemed like her dress that are dress was too playing or something does rookie that's feel more regal now. He's related to royalty these are milky. If he's going to be right. A what are wires here around sort. As we waiting for somebody is it had happened upon the shoulder I was my eyes are looking at bats and I think that march into done the monthly count of the royal wedding. Very today watch it. I don't they that mark brought up at one point about the things aren't the seconds before you go to these. The Q the queen was dressed like a Highlander the sun that really. I guess she does that intentionally so the people spotter easily they I saw the queen. Okay and they see that bright green. Blurred in the distance. I am sorry Chris you know inch I have knowing none whatsoever now I can't get worked up over I think it's the dumbest thing of all time. And in and else. If it's just this is the second son. He's married. And I is despair yet there are spare air yet I can't a ticket or to write I was so into the Princess Diana back in the day and I was like two years old. Like you might black and white TV where we're here to get married two year I don't know I sort of clicked early nineties and an early nineties. But he got married mayor in the eighties. That drastically eighties yeah he's easy I don't know there's a lot of poppy I think I was two years old you were a little there was a lot of puffy yes to that dress that was on like Megan marbles which was very playing very play you know good for making remarkable I could fork regulations of the callers friend who also get mad at his wedding maybe get overshadowed. Not only by the royal wedding but by the Celtics game if you have a Grossman. Checking your phone well they had their wedding or gets later in the day though that into like the NHL with a schedule every game at the same time to stagger a little bit on the shelf space open that's key all I'm saying he was the voice Celtics answers oh well. And man. And man we're going to be by the way I'm saying oh well but we also are going to compete with the Golden State Houston. I used when it come back to what you said about house money I dull. It is that scratched me where it is in terms of I can tell. Because that that this is this is a new level Celtics and and where it wasn't there in Milwaukee and we help activists. They were out radio on TV by the Red Sox in game one of the playoffs and that's that to me still is insane. I haven't seen the rating for game seven Milwaukee that was one of the worst rated game sevens a lot. But there zero buzz for the Celtics in the box series and in. Really not much of the sixers series I don't know what went so when made below that team and they end up coming back and winning it overtime in Philadelphia. There was still that element. You know that stinks. And they lose this game awhile. But now when you go up to whoa when you go up to blow on LeBron James the guy everyone loves day and you also Chris had had three days. Four days to. Beat your chest about. How LeBron James stinks and this is at the end of LeBron James and and this team this Celtics team Bob Bryant and this is this is the most likable Celtics team that he's ever covered. Mean there's a lot of fight in a more quiet than this team is that in. Ever since. I don't know roadway now when Doc Rivers with coaching certainly since 1981. That was the year diet. I told you think nineties I was alive I know how do you go written that in ninth I have no idea do you want I would give it everything blends together is true. You're too right now as far as you know. I was not even. And merry back and really one maybe that's on. The great Celtics now like are you kidding me Max stand filled out at the for the for the first time for the first time in a long time. There has been that opportunity this self team given that opportunity to say you are buying it Tuesday. For the first time in a long like what I'm saying is you should be buying into this team no matter what happens and sports. You buying into the no matter what I buy it but we're body and we're talking about through different teams we're talking about you gotta be the primary Irving Gordon Hayward team but we're talking about this team because if not gonna be like this chorus going forward with this and this is coming gone. The gritty Gotti we can do more at the team in Bret Stevens and show the weight scheme it out the window because you have to superstar now on your team right. Might make it sets and then not usually 61777979837. I get Richard I get what you're saying but I I I guess I under. And or will understand the Celtics fans and liked him at the wedding who say. I'm interested Altec box score during game three but you still know the gates is in the eighteen. Right now don't know this isn't the team. So you can only get invested were disappointed or discouraged to a certain extent by you've invested in this. This concoction. Sell tickets are people bought stock in the teenage there emotionally and I. It's to martial arts but you you understand where this thing is going in the big picture and that's why I've. Nothing to do with it's two different conversations because because of what you did in the first two games to LeBron James because you had all this leaving time for everybody tell you that Boston other than Charlotte wilder whenever name is other than her everywhere in the country if they look at. Look at what the NBA can beat it can be about the team not the individual. That's why everyone was saying yes we are Boston we got the Celtics we are something that nobody else says and that's what a talk about buying it and violate that. Last point further calls out how ridiculous. While these peace ones for SI dot com. And she made it about every other team. You reading his dribble but. But for the past fifty years is quoted the peace Boston has been sports equivalent of the perfect family. You know the ones I'm talking about they send out an obnoxious holiday card printed on fixing the paper that softer that your bank chief to cost more than yearly cell phone bill. People that are that she's friends with the now this goes back this torture about the pages if the same thing the water heater you'd like her aunt Brett currently where something came in second commitment this is the same thing. Like this if you talk if you from here right she says she's from she's embarrassed to be from here to ciudad but by I don't know. What group you're running like you are getting the represented Jack has outlined the city's fans make everything worse we yes RM one of them. Are entitled in the rest of the country can unanimously agree that we are the worst Philadelphia is the only city seeking give us a run for our money. This has. And it reeks to me the only time I've got that lead to duty on Twitter. Which was. Went after the count him out and they had to agree in opening the heat and I said in you tweet something along the lines of this isn't the Boston right now or whether I'm like. But bank robberies. Well this yet now the whole like. Talking with accents and everything like well yeah. Clearly you have not been that part of how we get that exists. Right in this reeks of the same thing. Like you are speaking you arts yelling to the country about how Boston is and you are less than half a percent. That knowing exactly how Boston this in this you're just exposing yourself right then and there. Right yeah I mean yeah I'd know your agreement on this point yes on the other pool. On this point I absolutely agree with you this came off as just. Anytime your personally apologizing where you come from like a score and I have no patience for you whatsoever number two. The sanctimonious with which this is just ripping in reasoning is enough to make you bought and this it's it's. And I also disagree with the premise because I think that again that nonpartisan and were putting in Iowa for some reason the back I Eames Iowa. Big hot guy fans love them. He is is that the cyclones which ones names with the health care. He is a big. NBA fan but not particularly tied to any what do these teams. The Celtics are incredibly easy to root for for obvious reasons and he is dislike of bill ballots act. Or the bag and she paints the Red Sox is an unlikable. Pretax too which I don't fight the only people would hate the red talked to Red Sox fans that's it yes you'll play the Red Sox fans get hate is from their own. And it's is very very true made the fan base. It's built off negative we've talked about this before. But from outside this area but no one hates threats that they they actually like the Red Sox are likable team across the country because. You have guys like move keep net him an independent and the yen and Chris Sale like to knock and a year from California worried. All did it eight that. Now now. Me with eight run was on this team if they brought with when a product like the Yankees that's the team you don't like because they rods on it. Don't have any of those guys even David Price only people across the country thing on non known all. I can't I would like to keep the team right. Now oh by the way outlets and Iran's likable everybody each year you know with that. Yes good point I don't like. I don't like him but blogs every so no I everybody thinks he's OK everybody likes of I. I don't adults say this is a little behind the scenes and it thing. He's working very hard gray at that. So flaky but you can appreciate target somebody that somebody with his ability as a player might come in in to say. Yeah I'm a row a lot of that in B Alex Rodriguez but you would gently teased constantly seeking feedback what I do well did not do well. How can I get better at this he legitimately wants to be good. All of I believe all of that my problem is I think it passes. Like that whole. Does everything even when he was playing art film. It was like used to me and I just don't like he's. Sorry I apologize to everyone I think David Rogge should be the guy in there. I want a guy with little more generated roster works at it. So I'd rather have him or you know instead of adjustment goes to put David ross' and they have some balance to the the scripted way that things are being done that's my own thing but your overall point about Jeter yet Jeter. It's amazing to Jeter thing which is this guy the entire career without. Any any controversy all yeah that's all he's getting VCU real sports thing we have yeah. Like in my office that do finesse and the end of the one of the writers that are digested that yeah that was yesterday that they've got work because of what the writers went with its Marlins Maine down to. The Caribbean where was it Cayman Islands bank. To find that you'll box where the Marlins stuff is being mailed to because they're getting a tax break so this. Radio reporter went down there with this guy it is the report on the story which Eddie's great upper. Of course how can you be so Patti is that we covered back these are your credentials are no more. And it's unbelievable. If it's an in and what that's cheater or not it is Jeter well because he's you got any guide take responsibility to the what's and he and he would certainly have the power to say no we're not gonna do that or make it to the decision or handled a different way yeah. He's got Howard Dean that it hit and and then come hours whoever did that we should have done and he's not let's go to Steve in the cards 61777979370. Steve. I go to war in Korea that morning. Before it where it's like point. Primarily lotions or seems a book select the country it seemed like insult whatever they are good crowd. Patriots they get what opinions all over the finish and let's structural. I just just because which occurred loops but the like quarter of all on the on the Celtics it will last but here's the deal. It a couple of aren't what they saw the Celtics and red hot you're playing good basketball. They took four days they played two it would ready to go out flat nodded and yet achieved it looked like you lost a match you know. Yeah on both ends of the floor indeed sensibly surprised me more than offensively. Without carrier ring there they're gonna struggle to score at times. I thought the defense the intensity would travel without doubt shall be game three it remembered you go back to the right after after after game one. The heaven would we know gonna get a heavyweight ponds right or something along replied right that's what they say and and they did LeBron and it came out there responded. But this punch with a lot different this punch that they were not ready for because not only because LeBron not only because the other guys stepped up. But because my goodness it's a lot harder to take a punch when you don't have people cheering for you. Right. Backstroke yeah on the road and a good one and five on the road to play out one other point one is this okay. It could I get my scoring. Are they in the police tackled the basket once and what I try to clean and well I mean when did and it collects. It was a predominantly. Being on the three point shot when they have benefited. The other teammate Troy and and you've got up by the way to go inside more I don't pop. The ponson by the way doesn't really good job on Horford by the way in the series you watch the Egypt will put much reached Asian garlic yet embassy. But yeah I wish them all but all he could not actually left her high res can take a look at our. And yet if all the way hashed out drive in the basket that you drop out. You know day in and you have to Moscow on eleven or around thanks to the policy. This is where Marcus Morris comes in the conversation Marcus Mars is is was that it was that guy in is that guy where he's coming back. You're trying to come back and here comes markets Mars he thinks he's a shooter he said as monkeys that I I know I've been bad by him to keep shooting an in game one it worked out. But he's not accurate shooter he hasn't had a good shoot currently. And you're also seen and I've made this point a bunch but it goes back to carry thing that that the earlier caller brought out. The other thing that he gives you an addition to just an elite scorer ID can work through some of those top scoring stretches is. If he's out there it limits the amount of shots that markets Morse gets. And market Smart gets the mark guy yet as we've dubbed them or Terry or his year end. You hope it also improved quality shots you know forcing his many you get better looks when you do get them and also more tensions being diverted to carry. Some guys she only place only met some guys should only take so many shots. I was selling capital they are so many minutes eleven for Abbott's Ellie was a lot. Last night that was a lot of old Nigerian if you told me it was today seven for Nader I waste what you could you reach you through Patrick gill or on May twentieth UB uttering the words eleven for yup with knowledge. I I'd say I don't know what you're talking about what you're Kris Beers after the game I I don't now I'm hooked no idea. But in and it's these first point yeah I I don't think I think the the the hatred outside maybe the patriots. Nevada licensed are fans are on the day. People really is on eight the Bruin I'd now like marched on and on this is all patriots this is in this is where she the 100% as a wise you know her argument with the ultimate service level argument because. The editors of wherever if you were to answer as I write ESPN understands this SI understand with everybody around the country and stands. The patriots are good for behaving the patriots is great for business yet. And so if you can more of that whip these Celtics or with the rest of the Boston teams then you have something that's it that's all they he did right. It is this is what annoys me to stuff like this for six years the Celtics played apart the scrappy little brother in the quarter holiday file back holiday seven paragraphs down. Never got his braces op has figured out what you with the news cast whose rapidly growing unwieldy lags skip ahead. This year the brother groups got that much from cut his book she sounds like a middle schooler and creative writing and this stuff is on SI. And that right. I know them a lot of exposed to imagery now I think a lot of people think we've seen it with routers before like I can turn that phrase like nobody will hear the news keep the 400 words to a point across in dole beats do. Did bite journalism that we told Sarah sitting in and they only started it up and yet icon and let me just give me some advice you could afford it words get your point across dopey stupidly decided that of Brad well at WUPI dot com about rod. I really frankly those to be three tenets for life Roddick. Exactly keep whatever you could afford it words get two point cries don't have decided to great holiday parties abrasive and mushroomed to revisit a holiday card imagery seven paragraphs down was really no bigger news slide it up. All right great we'll get the line that's coming up next and yet to Judy Martinez spots will do L get warrior call 6177797937. Gilani and Brad though mark Fenway Park studios which are UWB. You we. We're as good as the first two games ones. Again commemorated players connected we didn't play with a as much ball pressure. As we had. In the previous two games. And they did they've they've really played. Very connected and got into us I don't wanna take away from. You know their performance by talking about us. You know they deserve all the credit they deserve you know to be talked about say they played great. Brad Stevens out terror last night. Self described what lovingly according to Terry who are here. Celtics fought the cavaliers. Built two games to one in the series and it you know this round the top teams 370 all time oh really yes and early two nothing in the series another reason why there all NBA teams of wind not only goal. Have only 119 is that it like 300 or some odd. Series ever that have both started to all in favor of the other team LeBron does have two of those. 2007 and a lot of the panic there's going to be a lot of hand. What are you feel they lose game. You'd be panicked yes I will be able to sleep on the I still I I I don't think cavaliers will win here. I know the cavaliers will win in Boston now does that mean that the Celtics. Come out in and steal one tomorrow night and then finish up in five maybe. But even if they this thing goes to seven I have all the confidence the world this team winning eight games that and the biggest thing is. I don't have confidence in. George Hill. Doing what he did last night in the cavaliers getting the in we've seen it LeBron can go off and they can still blow this Cleveland team out is the rest of the roster is not very good. You know Larry Nance giving that kind of production that he did off the bench. JR Smith who was putrid dating game I want to this year he's not good basketball player now. I was hoping he didn't get suspended for the shot on Horford because having an out there was the biggest punishment you begin the cavaliers and he gave them. A good effort last night Jordan Clarkson made three threes up the badge Kyle Korver hitting four. These the types of things I don't think happens and game five or seven in Boston. These things yes. But he is I think here's Mikey are gonna give you might he for game four link to keep skis he. Now that's all I heard that statement earlier. I heard I heard tales of a yard pass yes the yarn aren't yes and so. The key is to get out to someone a reasonable start. Because to me that's way in view not LeBron LeBron do LeBron does. But if you make Cleveland puke uncomfortable comedy that I think that these other guys you mention that George kills the chances the co workers. They're not the guy at the guys were it'll lead you back. Right it big play from up fifteen the entire team. It's easier to do that in front of your home crowd. But if you can get out put that pressure. Inaccurate will laud them and we know about that Celtics will. If the gritty if god is will that we've ever seen from a Celtics team. If you can do that I think you're onto something in bed you'll also. Don't have to worry about markets Marv Levy knew back to Jack it up three quarters full there weren't from Boston might actually like this team. So sent let's go to Polly in the truck up next are you back the phone calls low poly. Hey guys. Loophole. They. OK so I am I I I still ICL. Basically in a nutshell couldn't get a much better shot to win here. And we got away and clear informal what I Cecil bond series. I really wish they went up early no to the second second and so on I really believe that. Who's gonna win it is Indianapolis almost without applause I'm looking at Cleveland when that then if these three bad at all. Battle last night and irritate yet they have to you know command taking sort of combat against certain that command. Well that he systems sent back. There we get days double that it sounds very down. I'm just not just heroes typical. It was data showed up anyway it clearly shows that they were both teams show up little ones that. No that's not what we've been hearing for the last four days. It can't be hypocrites here we just can't that's why I'm getting film actress. Because I think this oh well Cleveland did a and they gonna win the series in their better team. Cleveland's not good this is not a good team we all like to say this is a great player with a good player. With a bunch of guys that in I guess it opened degrees. That's what this team is that the way they were design that's the way they were built a bunch of Robin still bronze bat man that's what they were supposed to be. But they're incredibly limited offensively they shot 50% on thirty were threes last night. You think that's happening in in in box than an apple Broncos opera forty which he already done at one point in these series the Celtics are still shown they can win. I I'm with you of what you I know hostile fighting pol he's not there anymore but still out with all of that but this sort of like. We forgot what the conversation with the last three days which the winter rouge years you know we use outlook and in in. Insinuating that reading the press clippings too much well the press clippings there were words coming at this rate your station there were TV people. Every one was. Going to whatever mountaintop view one note. I don't know at B mountaintop the mountaintop that is Charles Barkley. Partly it's sitting there saying I believe in the Celtics the guy who basically buried them on day one. So you have all that and then you have this game now oh well. You know at Cleveland's better no that's not you're ready trait Irene Irving don't be hypocrites that's might that might much. A long way to keep the 400 words to your point across and don't be stupid. Dole be a hypocrite crystal on thanks to doctor Jeff by the land under earth that summarizes that thankfully free. Yes the dentist by the way that. As an immediate end to jump. Into detonate a point of my uncle Tom man now that it dentist. Six let's add that it's seven died 797 market east Providence is next hello mark. Hello mark. I don't do their thing you try to put accommodate all of promised you guys bashing so bad I mean lab and then I haven't done well. But try to win. We went well I I get some things that go abroad for the winter we bash LeBron I did get the I didn't either but I work a lot to look out for you don't want to someone that's still out. Let me ask you this game one game one review where you were you happy with how LeBron played about the most scored fifteen points. A doctor about lock it up the court letting his team played 4514. That sort of thing. Well he did it. Even get look our great defense effort. I'm David no no not defensive effort you get a good effort today to take a fence about it and and and I go back with a LeBron I go back. You guys but since eight and I've always had a hard time with and I've referenced this before the press conference he did when eliminated Boston win the first time in Cleveland last date at the Cleveland Cavaliers to lead in Cleveland cavalier. And he said ought to together my team my team my team my team a team. A debate just lost this that his team with down the hall. But that was the team you're with reference he's talking about it talent agent it's PR guy and like that note what goes through your head when you're doing. Well you got to prevent a play there individual and an army has just not. Under the clean just lost the championship or all are just lost the game and console like that which you know they are the Canucks. Individual players lately creation and you put it doesn't say it's staying in the when he left Cleveland or Miami it was a free. They think could say protect do we get it as try to achieve the well he didn't know reading destruction and so like I can't return the BH and they want to treat. I only to get criticized from about that we can talk about that at all. But you are what you are saying no are you guys can best. It's not immediately be who LeBron he's you know he's like. Yes yes yes yeah all my goodness it's so easy to view what was wrong. The problem is that if you like you says 1213 your vote. John David Ray. It's. I would happily trade places with them if you want to. Yeah IB. Let's talk that I think everybody doesn't see a man's got great and character go earlier which later is the truth is that. They are doing is saying about it joy you know me and so what he remarked. Our buddy buddy I gotta I hate to break team at thanks for the call I don't think you're calling the station that you are listening to technology creates again yeah I don't now. But we have we not mention Michael Jordan wants. I think marks a little confused but I'll go back to us and if we wanna start back conversations between getting on and and I I embrace mark welcome to our radio station mark now that you're here as it used to get credit for the listener these ashore calling the station even though he's not that big a little account but I we'll brace view it as long as you hear when you stated it's hard to be LeBron James that's due out absolutely lost. I want you keep listening but listen to this when you bar. That is set up on to who. It is not hard to be. A guy who was making a hundred million dollars a year or whatever he's making after endorsements. It's just not far. And this is. Go it's it's hard it's hard in the way that I mean he works hard as Jordan worked hard as all the great upper right to work hard. That that party's difficult and I will say that LeBron like all of the greats. As a especially in in cities media climate at the spotlight on him and everything he does that's different then. Kevin Durant it's different it's that Karim that's different than some of the other guys that are also great but not quite. At his level of being one of the two or three best may be Everett late game. But that's what comes with being one of two or three bastard war I would never ever played game. That that's that's part of the part of the deal part of the situation unlocking a break out the violence form for that now. It's like it's like if you complain you saying you know. Do in the updates second fourth sixth and eighth innings. That's let me tell you it's laid miners that candy that that could be something I can be able today you know after that shifted trying to figure out is Joseph done with the with a pitch can I jump in here. It's it is. It is our kids now who knows. If then you walk that stated whereas when you're in the area China Poland and its. Some spiced. But when you that studio and you. Per person you know speaking mystery that's hard that's hard yes isn't hard and Edwards could keep going up the latter two we get through LeBron James. Making unbelievable amount of money playing the game of basketball. And yes a lot of people want to interview him and he had to say the right things but oh well what he does is marred. Yes you worked incredibly hard not large the Eagles at the time. My heart that they that was weird iso on hard to all of us play but right if so and you left them out to notice that. While he said cavaliers missed a shot he turned over to turn over he's owned earn over out it is we're little recitation of facts there and I hadn't noticed I was at that wrath of the time I have noticed that he is looking now. I've heard you talk about. And it's an idiot box or something and also get the sunglasses on if you go back and yet he's down in and we get these sheets at the play by play she. Go look at that video he could down the entire time which is fine OK you what do you. And that but then doing that and that's where come back to my problem LeBron James. Don't dislike. Like if it mean everybody. Lebanese soaking in the applause let me spread my arms out like the media start trumpets are playing their question problem. And and aren't I hot heat it certainly didn't like them but I do think it's right off I did what as we proved with the Red Sox bullpen guys. And but he ended. Right doses. With dom but he wanted to boost this narrative and that's another reason why an enemy and a lot. They've got it Visio league division he noted that I was able to read the play but why go this. Did we give the lineup if you you're ready job that was legitimately heart yes what. As a Keener that was hard. It was a about it that's hard I worked pretty irrigation company was utterly hard literally digging ditches yeah. Yes it stick this to cross that off say you've never ducked it is I dug ditches yes I have done is to go my first want everybody minutes into the ship that was it was I had an awful you know like I was an insanely hot summer its lowest is that your worst. What golf course maintenance today to start at 5 in the morning that was rough. In a different way. Yeah and that any shift we clocked in at 5 AM dad could be I work did warehouse right to make an eagle mode of cardboard boxes those bad everybody should have at least one manual labor well that's why it is the lesson to all you young people out there brewers in school and college. Do something by this summer job at latch onto it you can do for the next. 48 years that's that's the goal that's why in my life got a certificate right. I was a baseball umpire there you go two hours a night same thing perfect same thing. If nothing else we have educated young minds of the world that's what we're here and and next you know you're LeBron James you often worry about it you wanted to lineup now arguing I I would. Yeah this week we have often OK go for. OK here we go here's. Here is the rats Nightline. Marquis jets leave off and Bennett and the left field left. Something to Mitch Moreland. Hitting third playing first place. Judy martz he's the eight and rock field averaged third base who ordered union's second rock hole shortstop. Jackie Bradley ups like the basket catcher Jackie Bradley junior backwards and mrs. Sanders got the day I don't Bogart's no hand in hand and it gets a lot of Sundays off. Sundays I've noticed that can be read the lineup every suns like the anti can layered new media and gives you know Sunday's I like. Yet so that's the biggest gateway line of no no Bogart's know him if it's. My record against them out bullet still Red Sox three game. More fun. In the box more Sports Radio WTO. You EI. But I don't think it's now whether or not they lose game fourth got it. About how they go down. Yeah you get to what we're indeed kicked upside down. That's an entirely different matter because I think Cleveland. There's going to return to Boston with incredible momentum because they know they smacking Boston around the two consecutive games in oh in Cleveland Ohio. But this is that the relative comes out so why it. It Boston regains its emotional to some degree ample formed similar to wait to the way that they point before the games one and two. Then it's gonna be an incredibly daunting task of Cleveland even if they do end up winning people because Boston what have the confidence. That they can take them one as the series Wayne's and I think it would elevate their possibilities of winning this series. Need to expand your career outside your. I'm I'm with them on that I totally diverse gallery out and I read that comment right. Did electrical and a wise tonight. I didn't hear announced and. Sonoco post game show. I could be argued have been proud presenting sponsor. Red Sox baseball you'd know it does on WEEI. Under the finance. I think many people do things and you'll. Like Jersey Ken's doing a great yet casting candies has been nasty plan highlights during the post game show we got a thing I'll play highlights it's near. I'll wryly it's what everybody else does but we weren't doing it for some reasons I now go to. You can't thing is I'm just dozens of the day up and that broadcast Booth doubling of the great job of making it very extravagant up there yet. And do blockers a Bruins so you know that can never blocking that to acoustic volume locker that Dudley lock producer vote third deserves one. And then you have Mike. And I'm like. Who's Mike Michael it's much like much at the locker muddy here. Oh. And the need the locker. I love the and he brought it Lincoln an armoire something with that thing the idea that that's where it flee beautiful piece of furniture the heat. But he brought it up there it's. I actually think I am great admiration for world view are all of you. You mind. John Ryder I was actually there John Ryder. It thought. I heard there's going to be a new person doing any Red Sox broadcast them on at liberty to say we do pre post. All of that for a new person. That you know who it is but they've never done. This person you're she's never done any Red Sox broadcast for. Unless I miss read the schedule like the old don't you boy he's cedar right now for the Mariners the 73 lead over the jays back to you with a brawls. Possible. Here in new act and not at liberty to. Being a new person. Is coming up real get ready for I know it's a weekend where I've got to landing in I think I'm out the entire weekend if someone who. Works of the station. Do you obviously. Obviously Tom Giles was dropped and nowhere near yeah I guess I considered him some he worked the stage does arrive at march games. Liberty just in case yesterday the third is that not rhyme with marching okay. Were not crisper. Thousand. I don't know I don't know I liked you know all I stay tuned in June oh I do now all right viewed. If next week I've I can honestly say. It next week. Honestly I haven't been this excited for these I now and this is going to be this is dilemma forming. So we have to. The work you're part of the equation. I've all about me and a and an average because I left him deal right thoughts and prayers to avenue Texas ranch. But you had next week in case you don't know the old timers baseball. Which they should have been to the Yankees do it every year. It's weird that the Red Sox and don't want and 35 years 25 years you know another weird thing the Red Sox into a lot of new things like last. Last night to hit the girls thing the song. Thank god bless America with the rain I was in the studio but it it was a song in the fifth inning what was the song. It was early in the club like always do it like it was like a song random sound of that writ of songs you sang about it camera Sally in that. Returning to each other like that route for. But if things are never happened before somebody taking a picture view is that just yet. That the awaken 180 results and had to get the after picture of documents and rises silence that problem. By the game like you that we haven't the hasn't been a one in the long long time in a week from today is going to be what they called the alumni alumni game yeah. It sounds better the all time which I doubt perfectly. During the show so we have requested. That we sit in the broadcast Booth through this. And and give the people what they want. Which is worse setting the scene of what's happening in the loop Maloney. Slash. Alumni baseball bloomer Loney is playing by the way just. Dwight evidently TI to the managers. Yet or this team it's going to be at three inning game if you have tickets to Sunday's game may 27 next Sunday. You can show up early. And get in the park. Died at 930 years so to see the game starts at 1030. But you've got. Wade Boggs oil can Boyd Scott Cooper Jim course the Alan Embree. The game with every comedians throw. I think. Was it like late middle relief that the second you get him in there. I think there's some rich Garces discrepancy in terms of view level of loss. You don't think he's still bring in my I would like you want I want I want bill Lee who is how they make in the team and we know this I had no idea of one billion oil can Boyd on separate sides because people always there and Lou both are documented. Candidates smokers through leery. Yeah yeah. Mike Green while it's multifamily. Now outlawed. You know the dummies the city city Jordan answered some point that Mike Green while image in CM warned Chris Howard. Darren Lewis the Derrick Low Michael Lille Lugo Steve Lyons it's quite Dahmer who who is going to take it the most users. Well Campbell it. That's my pick. It's eagle you're still playing not that they will pull it varies there's still play competitively was black until I'm I want you to them to start against each. And you thinking goes beautiful. The last alumni game by the way it was this same almost 25 years in the 29 1993. And that had among others Jim long board Jim Rice Carl Yastrzemski. They played team arithmetic on the of upper deck heroes yeah I mean he was not that far removed from being one of educators the American community YouTube and do Ted Williams and Ted Williams. But it's yours but they play the upper deck heroes had Ernie Banks by the blue. That was kind of a weird it's great yeah combination there yet but if you if you make it sound like they had in mind that could barely walk but still have a so anyway we're gonna do next week you can of that game on the fairway broadcast home of the radio broadcast Toma the Boston Red Sox. And next week the radio broadcast home of the alumni. Correct and would probably some Celtics are now sold through outlets got Kevin and New Hampshire for you to break a look at it. Hey guys liberals like Michael. Brown and Burris are violated we'd ask you to apologize to all the marginalized heavily as bad you appended to it and you're insults all the jams. Non life. Brock how can you see and I can used to be such out and I ignorant. Felicia day did I has had so much you love you would you would be crushed. Like like a cocaine in it and generator. If you had been tight pressure LeBron James every single moved to guide me to eat he can run it he saw her. You look at his teammates the wrong way you guys talk about this sick. ESPN resurrect he's on LeBron ESPN is practically ill LeBron and and PR network. Steve hates it criticizes him tricky proceed pretty good. It. Yet and skip Bayless on fox sports one builds him up like he's the second coming of Christ of liquidity comfortable I. I missed that what I'm saying is this guy is. He's he's an incredible week. I don't know if you don't want him right so you can say she's one of the best athletes of our generation this generation thank you and I had no idea. Okay well you know you want to but Denver's none 90101. Theory does not let you to Arkansas when he used so far we got. The LeBron James is very good at what does your not disagreeing on. Obviously Bravo what I'm saying is this guy deals would be tremendous amount of pressure you think that did this guy he just shows to work every day without peanut butter and jelly sandwich and bush and you know just throws throws also loops and Brad Pitt. Mel bye bye love yesterday. I can be much much more intelligent human. And in his in here it's where are gonna bury your argument public money to LeBron James. Okay okay okay so how can we how can we hypocrites every time and I know that you brought up this probably this narrative before too. When you have a guy who whatever walk of life in baseball when you pitchers who make you thirty million dollars a year that you witness it. Because you make this much about this is part of these jobs as part of the job description when you make that much money would that is your job. That you have to take some criticism. And to crescent point. The amount of criticism that LeBron jeans takes comparatively. It minuscule. Jack Harris pop. Demand on our. Less than. You've been playing opposite. But the amount of pressure those guys and I'm not arguing that he Betty takes the most amount of criticism I'm arguing that he takes a lot of pressure. You argue that he goes that's every page just shows up at the Cleveland Cavaliers stadium. And just does this big and go. Early Nolan said that there anything else do you think that you think will once at the front doing life is is more difficult than Chris lobbies was when you digging ditches. Apparently not well enough to I I am asking. Yes and no deaths are now. I want you're I want you press credentials revoked. Are you saying something stupid revoked revoked. A lot a lot a lot I have yet to get you if you've been handed out here I'm sorry. Well we're we're working on gimmicks of the doubt here to strip of how to. You're cute I want you to go to Jewish bottler I want shooting it in your press today to issue. Obviously there's just no lights and high end thing I've ever heard in my life are turning you've got a new bats too well yeah. Diplomatic documents in your area. I give you all the credit but it's. Okay. LeBron James look at. Equity guys adding that bank thanks very impassioned defense of Joey is gonna rip is there a quarter of the shoulder here your shirt off there's no patch there is it a rip it up anyway art clubhouse access. Then we're not going to be able to use the media guide yeah LeBron had a rough night. It's. The that's where divorce. It is baffling to me it's. That's got got tough media coverage of the guy who literally moves every time he moves with him my child and that what have you done. My biggest allies Cameron right so. The passion defense of LeBron James of insinuating that he doesn't. He doesn't have a lot of things pretty pretty well pretty cute right if life is all right. And yet he's very he's earned that right he's earned that right to make them money and be in that spot but let's not pretend. Your crystal lot of digging ditches at 6 AM. That's the point against. Gives you an an eloquent and his wife is not bad and that's the overall point we were making it. That rust spots launched him so it was that that was hot. Indignities if that's the did you sort that deep either today it's a sprinkler system it's we're going in light effective vehicle broadest counting the minutes Philly yet the halftime tribute peanut butter and jelly like this is the biggest pay up what LeBron does incredibly hard he's unbelievably good about it he's probably the best athlete one of the best athletes our generation of the best basketball players ever played game. Will we are going out as the previous collar cities like these these difficult right I'm sorry I'm not. I'm not one would never be an underdog I'm not breaking out violent LeBron James find some other charity case is gays did that balance not moving me. Let's article finally passionate defense of LeBron thoughts and prayers to LeBron and Evan drought this morning they could be media stars we'll get that later this hour. Johnson Ozzie could join me up next is rob Bradford media star that he is has got to go talk to. TV radio Darcy kerosene canceled gets about from Tomas he was out in Cleveland after game three and had a game four that's next portrait at W yeah.