Bradford and Villani - John Tomase joins the show from Cleveland; Media Stars 5-20-18

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Sunday, May 20th
HOUR 3 - John Tomase is in Cleveland where he saw Passive Lebron turn into Passing Lebron. Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez are due for some national media love. And who won the coveted Rob Bradford Media Stars?

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Sports Radio. You we EI. That's addition by subtraction who knows his welcome in Johnson Monty was actually out in Cleveland. And just caught that he read what things cavaliers played on the Celtics last night to Monte I don't but. You can never have to WEEI dot com people in the same place at the same time. I'm starting to think they hear the same person this is kind of a Bruce Wayne bat man thing you've got going on. It's possible. The massive weight losses kind of throwing that landed in tatters. Awaken 182 spoiling everything. Speaking of tatters the Celtics after game three last night orders some of your big takeaways from what you. Watch live at Quicken Loans Arena. Yeah I mean I think a couple of things that no one was served here after the game saying we needed you know we needed to get our butts look. Like they were starting to believe there are practical things that. All of you know praise and everything they've been receiving for how great they how hard you have to step back and they wait a minute this facility in that at the seven man rotation. They're starting their third string point guard they're playing not 3 time defending Eastern Conference champions. It probably wasn't going to be easy view they've made it look in the first two games and he's not totally different Cleveland in game three. But one thing I keep coming back it was how good the Celtics have been at bouncing back and you know they got the easy shots in insulin suited me Cleveland work for everything in those games and amass script totally flip flip in game three. I gotta think the Celtics are gonna let Cleveland just go back or for dunks and lay out all night like they did last night that organ is very different Celtics in. For game four on both sense and it wouldn't shock me at all this thing comes back about some brutal. On the offense and and it really seem like early on they got out of sorts I mean the markets more as Terry rouge earmark is Smart. Isolation jump shot game is just not what this team. Is about Annie did they talk about at all why they fell into that why that seem to happen. Really right from the beginning of the game. Yeah I think the big thing with Cleveland was really aggressive early on I was there's some general brown are rather well. They recognize that Jalen brown as a really quick starter you know you go back into the brunt of what they like gentle brown at fourteen and that kept the Celtics in the game of Cleveland made a concerted effort to take him out of the game. In the Celtic like to go to camera later likely get him go under the hoop he couldn't even catch the ball position to do anything other question about beyond the three point line. He was covered there's no open threes nothing for him so once they took him away. The Celtics got sort of sucked into that pull up jumper game. And that is not a you know the series has been a lot of Al Horford inside there's been a lot of ball movement is that a lot of sometimes into the hoop. And it became an isolation game in the and that's not Cleveland you know they credit Cleveland for that particular in my out of what they wanted to do. Safe to say we can now on May be buried the the Celtics don't need carrier ring because they have rouge years narrative. Yeah I mean that was stupid to be yet. Yeah I mean look congress hear about it the more effectively so there's that. But let's. They how quickly we forget a carrier being two months ago at the heart and soul of this team and he will be again assuming he's healthy. A few months are now so yeah I mean act like a human both of them as they can figure out how to do it. You know markets Smart restricted free agent you're gonna make that pretty challenging at a gas but I. You know I would like to see them just keep the arrangement they have in the backcourt whispers here at the back rock star. When you look at the way LeBron came out last night and this was something that I dollars a little bit surprising you didn't get the LeBron James from 1960 garden several years ago where hey I'm just gonna take this team on my back and score he really seemed like there was concerted effort for him to be. Passive might be the wrong word but to get everybody else involved and that was. Mean it can't come down the simple fact of the cavaliers hit shots but that was something Celtics didn't seem like they were prepared to deal with defensively. Yeah I mean what impact it is happening in the second. And you know. We've Rick Ty Lue and I mean you know among everybody. Searches being wildly out coach but you've got Cleveland make legitimate adjustments and active especially and the Celtics are graphic switching so. That cavaliers are aggressive diving to the hoop every time there at the switch and when they're mismatches you saw Kevin Love. A market Smart in the close to use Tristan Thompson voters here like they were making a concerted effort to exploit that stuff. As far as LeBron goes. In you know being in facilitator mode he tried big game six bringing games do you know he tried that I'm gonna come out yet what the team on my back. And that's that and it didn't work so I think you look data at. You know I cannot win this series myself like he had great is he would he cannot win the series itself. And so you have to get the other guy's going and you saw George Hill being really aggressive in the first quarter you obviously saw that range resource everywhere. Though that was LeBron recognizing that the only lakers to win. Is to get these other guys and often don't work. I know that we don't July criticizing the Brad Stevens around these parts and. I'd not La La La La La I can't hear you did well it. It was sort of swept aside the waiting game played out but yup it's only in the first quarter intimate irritation seemed odd. Last night from Stevens. Yeah that would cut rates and that was recognizing already you know that things are down south and if you put it. You know date they have such a tight rotation basically placed seven guys and so. You recognize that we're gonna need something from somebody else. In game four and so that was the way of sort of preemptively. Trying to figure out who that might be Greg Monroe offensively. Is OK defensively locked them in agency TDs law. So when they do their thing. Indians are switching that some of these smaller quicker. The game over you know you saw in game two it was a miracle like admit it. He's writing letters sort of basket but then he got LeBron on the switch engines. Well I'm not into that so he's trying to figure out how they can extend their rotation a little bit. Yeah but so am sure you saw the play we're being tried to let that happen I don't know whose book the cut bait like their response. Think to the corner for three but whatever he did was rock. And pain was so hot you. Screaming Adam I think they have a Mike that they later in the game more talent it's all right all right let you know yup that's Elliott that. He's probably got a long way to go as far as letting his teammates confidence. We have mentioning Al Horford yet which sort of mirrors what worker did last night but. There was even a shot attempts for him in the first quarter page is two for four is this moron or bird or more on the back he had. Three other guys there that we're. Sort of black holes of basketball every time they they got it and wanted to isolate issued time. Yeah I don't look at a lot of corporate you know I mean he can't set up his own shot I know he's the ball and land would bring the polyps sometimes but he needs to be set up in the post or are. Somebody needs to driving kick in when you're pulling out you know are dragging and kicking and in other one play where he did get a lot of three point line and he tried to Russia three. And I think LeBron closed down on them and try to the internal revenue well LeBron on the other hand. They were just they are all over him and you know Jalen brown mentioned that a lot of favors you mentioned there. The fact that corporate had zero shots that means they are you know that that means the rest of the offense sputtered out because they have. Get him involved early in the game. Got my Seattle Cleveland what do you think I'm not necessarily speaking about game four it is in these series in general. What's more likely that the Celtics certainly winning game at Quicken Loans Arena or that the cavaliers come into the garden and went. I would say the latter unfortunate I think you know the Celtics have been pretty bad on the road. And Cleveland has been through all of this before you know many many times that I know they have. A lot of new pieces but you still level broad you still outlawed east village Eric Schmidt. You know you still have our corporate guys who have been through these battles with them before the so if you're asking me which team is more likely to steal a game. I would probably say Cleveland. I'm still predicting the Celtics to win but I think game four is going to be tight. Yeah what kind of response are you expecting tomorrow night I mean this is a situation that not all the lot of the Celtics players. Had not really Danny and I mean they they've been through to post season series already including one against the sixers where. They lost the game and one that went to seven against Milwaukee but this is LeBron is the cavaliers there on the road to different animal what are you expecting from them tomorrow night. Yeah I mean I think you could literally may indicate that this is the biggest game any of these subjects including Horford and ever you know because they're. Conference final last year they had mentioned we knew they had no chance they stole game three outside but nobody was pretending that they were gonna somehow win that series about Isiah Thomas. This time around you have a chance to win and go to the finals Al Horford ever been in that position Jalen brown Jason Tatum none of these guys the purpose in that position. I think they're gonna respond because that's what they've done all year and Bret Stephens says I'm paraphrasing but basically set on the ineffective you know. The fact the fact that we don't know stuck helps. You know there's a lot of these guys. It's the first time this CNET and though they have that sort of we don't know we don't know incidents they're playing loose and free and I still think. They're playing without letting him in the pressure's still on Cleveland might. You can't go down 321 heading back to Boston Celtics haven't watched yet. And and think that your in good shape so. I feel like the Celtics will answer the bell because it's what they've done all year long. I know you have been listening to show all morning and that's why you just use the buzz word that is as rob Bradford on Broadway all of how is money what you're about eight phrase that rob Bradford like now it just lobbies. Okay my point was rapids back. But my point is nobody I know exactly how long it takes to run around Fenway Park improvement. Of but my point was that people have invested themselves in this team in the last three or four days last week. More than they have in years. And because of that they'll still be a little bit Il well crowd. But there will be that this disappointment that wasn't going to be Philadelphia series they realize that there was certainly that would block the Milwaukee series. Because. After a wave going up to zero bearing LeBron James the guy everyone loves day. That game and being told that this is how it works rehab but he. Actually beat the superstars this is how often does it and then if you come back and you lose this is not so much about all that's okay we get Gordon Hayward carrier ring back next year. There is going to be disappointed because John my point is that. That they had in the last week certainly last few days people have. While the itself up into believing that this is a national thing. Yet you know but I still think. If you ask people what they're more excited about that you're the next month or next season I think most celtics' physically next season. I want you to what has been gonna do. When carrier ring Gordon Hayward come back I think most people are still thinking that way that's why I think calculating and on the money are out. Who who I think a by his most money on the money is my rebuttal. Is that our style it's two different it's two different things because this Celtics team isn't going to be like it is this this is. This is the end of this Celtics team. And that sense because you will have Kyra year and you will have Gordon Hayward. That's a completely different team that is the superstar team that everyone says that's how you win the NBA at the Celtics are able to do this. People are going to be beating their chest say look at look at what week it. Yeah I mean I believe that that would be the idea I think you just sort of edit this team and don't want. You know that isn't the Celtics in the people are gonna be written for this disappointment. You know of course will be disappointment but I don't think it's the kind of thing where. You know it's not gonna be like the Red Sox in 86 as something they're like oh my god out of the globe and I'm never gonna get over the for the rest of my life. If not going to be metrics baby book amusing contemporary Iran in look what we go it's sudden the next little. While waiting times and Celtic history. So I had just you know I think people recognize this team is. Wildly over achieved they shouldn't be where they are and there's delay we're just enjoying the run aspect all of. Awad is your product to be wrong but number two. The if you think would you agree with me that they'll be more disappointment. If they lose this one then there word though there was would be an in Philadelphia. Because bid to get more a lot of people they are known earlier greater if you've gotten DP your government deeper into the playoffs that's even more house money it's it's all fun and games. But there will be more disappointment if they lost this compared with them off. Yet because nobody expected them to be fairly and so what they did back and the expectations are of a sudden it's like we'll wait a minute. Cleveland just really got one superstar and. Getting back there. What an set up slowly getting you back to my side. I'm slowly getting you to my way of thinking that an onion got hurt there are actually started ought to make sure that. You get a day out today in Cleveland what you don't. There are on the upper brackets like an hour and it's not a well I would definitely chances it's a practice like we can listen. The week it was I heard you talk with mark is about like what the duke and Cleveland and it's funny how you just keep defaulting to. Suit. Well what's that rock and roll hall but there's the rock roll hall fame what's that neighborhood or all the bars are canoneers yet flat I like that I mean I was only there for the one week. Two Summers ago. And unlike his go to. Delegates breakfasts instead of celtics' practice but I thought it was actually diesel town. The delegate record armored. Secondly I think if Texas won was particularly good to define them mr. Edit the casino straight through back in right downtown yeah and that doesn't it look like a real plus he jumped from what I well. Really back out there by. As our run through the stands at Fenway Park everyone's saying are you hearing this interview are you hearing this interview and and so I guess it was a good interview it's a good job by you guys. Now I I've I've I was aware that I assume that this would really create a lot of bugs. Moving the needle you have it done tonight you have any immediate before related Yemeni media stars nominees. And if there aren't girls coming up after nine down. Was under charter bank. None we'll go from Cleveland. Now yeah nothing from the Celtics. I answer your questions remain in Syria that book I told her that we play that's on your voice on. I missed the opportunity to be like I ask that please lately you know the question. Is that that we get credit. Told WEEI dot com. Never mind the sixteen other microphones in my have been in his face he told WEEI dot com. Are you know I might give immediate start to build Messina of the error and for our. I holes I wanna say Comcast with NBC sports now. They did one of those like first you well it's a very busy game experience here we have a make height man is really loud. In every single time out there and they're constantly it's all a new look like piped in music and T shirt cannons and all that stuff a lot of things they do Victor parachutes from the ceiling looked like scratch ticket the fact that I don't know what it is but. Moot Scott one of them and end up on the Jumbotron. And magnets snapping a picture I like milliseconds. And then it turns out that the scratch ticket you needed to redeem before halftime which you noticed the left in the game at the federal that make them are not. It. Barf would be used to yeah I think the whole flight. I think that's got to Nazi WEEI dot com enjoy the timing Cleveland people in all your coverage on WEEI dot com. And to have an assault practice later. Eric are your birdies today. Now BC. BC to all mine mine poise my coworkers. He's in Cleveland not Syria like woody woody things can happen Cleveland is the Syria. Now come last lovely town. Have you been to. You said you've been I was there for the Republican convinced of all that was not a good Robertson. Now there were a lot of a lot more Secret Service and police state yeah and you might normally that and it's this guns but there's not those type of other confidence right now I don't have a by saying there typically there guns. But there were leaders of Ozzie was done essentially. What that product on the idea that so by the it is it is. I heard them talk about Cleveland yesterday and Tomas knows that he's been there once and for a city that you'd. The key thing is revitalize. Its its its pretty desolate. The great thing is everything's right there the read is right there the casinos right there ball marks right there. Barred everyone goes to it right one Bart the ones who win can I do I did like it better than Philadelphia. Was the next week for the Democratic Convention because it was smaller. It seemed like everybody evacuated I don't know what they thought was going to happen in Cleveland and everybody left that's that's always our and maybe it is but you could just easily block from one place to the other filly was nasty Soledad I think that's why well mannered mark topless some of the slack from the Republicans that that was better. Mystery I got I got it again and of zarrella you to disagree with them but it always gonna give more matters when I got an umbrella that I still use that have bared very nice umbrella. In the slack back to go test you for people throwing rocks exactly. I heard Mark James Davis is that those cities and fold up their tenth win LeBron leaves McDonnell noble that. But it's they have picked on the big poster of him like he did the last time. If and only I don't think it I don't think it's like building a ballpark at a city. Remember that era where they with we built the ballpark it's gonna revitalize that because what you what you did in Baltimore. It doesn't work that way believe me Cleveland's a perfect example. They have 6177797937. Won't get more your phone calls coming up you've been dying to talk G Martinez on mornings will do that. Media stars or at the end of the hour we're here until Red Sox pregame bloody and Brad both Fenway Park sports hernia WB yeah. How is this game is almost. Every every day it's kind of make sure that they're searching for this plane. I feel like the mommy thinks that all figured out. Homey earthquake. Still work in progress rather than have figured out. Pretty big about me if you don't win it could be when he. Entered. Well but you know what what more you articulate. Yet punitive move the problem would move keep it in Triple Crown is in Leo yeah. And I still. Question the wisdom that. He and actually a two run homer last race the rounds on but. You're you know you're not getting that kind of production on the bottom line up that Alex Cora stopper in Houston last year that allowed George spree here today and do what he did easily. Yup I agree that I'll probably move Cuba hitting leadoff applied if you do not get better production of the guys leading into them. That's the problem and it was a miracle the other night that he got the plate with the bases loaded is I think they pinch hit me Moreland he watched you get to that place but. This is why he's having solo home runs yeah. So anyway so that a lot of RBIs for a guy who's. And that's the prize to yeah present and yet it doubles and home run a lot power yet. The by the go to activity marquee and so the Frank Thomas. Went on fox at the look it's up to remember where laws you know words right now with this fox sports fox sports. But on fox sports today in the did one of these segments. Who is the best hitters and be in 2000. He says JD marked my take away also use a lot of nicknames. Hooted Frank Thomas Nagy. Yeah Goldie yes Paul Goldschmidt audit in my story. In his quotes all his go yeah yeah yeah he said is actually Assam might so anyway Frank Thomas says this about Judy Markey CD now in his. It's not easy to interview him he'd be good interview and but you thought you'd like Chris aliens are thrown around with them like grab the my one question. If you saw this actually two questions did you see this is that yes it did. And who is who do you think the best hitters. And it all time war. War right now ball a case that may he has like note you know we've talking about Miguel Cabrera he's not now it's all I'm the best at that. Peak performance that was him I would disagree with it but whatever. And then right now Joey pot now I I would disagree with it but whatever but what was contrasting with his responses quotes where tort basically saying. That it's nice to be recognized because MLB only recognizes the guys he wanna recognize and has not been me amid that terror. Pricing what he but that's what he said that's when he mentioned gold because he said in Arizona anytime they played together anytime Goldsmith would do something MLB blew it up. And it feels like Arabic MLB or. And maybe it's a media thing in general talking national media now to the other one that I'm I'm blanking weather is ESPN. Or someplace else and it was ESPN's said that Mike Trout could have won the best seasons ever. Right yeah they are you looking rookie that's is better than him and almost every statistical. Every Eliza that storage and I'm looking at remember how sacrilegious it was when the rats that's what the united I was one of these people wrote them keep that's Mike Trout thing. But you have the key loss of the world how dare you how dare you how dare you. Well we did this is week yes smoky Betts is not to audits of 2012. You have to get past that. What he's doing now is on par with Mike Trout and so this is the one of the quotes of Judy Markey told me yesterday. To me baseball has their guys and they go and advertise that it's not if you're not one of them you better walk on water and the response they got on social media from that. Were people yeah. Yeah and I think that's total road you're going down. The thing is yeah this is. And it in Judy Martinez mentions and Coby Twitter account out if if there is the grim account MLB network. Clearly paid attention Clinton is is that narrative. And I can't disagree I I couldn't disagree with Frank Thomas thing now because if you look at the numbers he has one of the best hitters not the best hitter in the last year and a half. But I can't disagree with the other part about it either like JD Martina is now. He says like people are wondering who with this guy asking all the world money I think he knew he was a King Kong flog beaches ports at the but he but I think that overall and four guy who's done what he's done over the last three years he hasn't been identified like frank I. I don't know how many times I did the side by side comparison of JD Martinez and John Carlos Stan. Over the last four years. It is one of them got a tremendous amount of buzz the other guy was free agent until the eleventh hour when the Red Sox I did he get yearly to kind of money. That forget about it it's got that he wanted. When he initially went into free agency talked about what you look at contract is looking for. Bear. Actually I think they're the same hitters JD better hitter. Did I did not close not nodded and question and then hit 59 home runs last year so obviously that generates a tremendous amount of buys an ML BE. Pushed that. For quite a bit of the play I mean he's in it was a national media thing to all of these pat Phelan moved up to the top the order get Maxtor bats and cutting and to whatever their broadcasting to watch Carlos the end of bats and hit sixty. That sort of thing. I think creates the image along the contract he guarding signed. That this guy is the preeminent premier power hitter in baseball period ended story. And when you match him up side by side with Martinez he sees statistically. That is in point of fact wrong. He's just wrong. By that. Goes back to achieve marquis is that he is right and in Goldsmith is another example polio. Gold gold in May be like me with get dogged attention gold he wasn't getting any and so. He's right in even if we're talking about this team this year so far. Book it was. Bet deserve all the credit and all the attention in the world he's a dynamic player and he's one of the few players or you might say OIUMBP. Overtake you Martinez. But you'll agree Chris I think that TV Marti has not gotten. The attention he deserves for the years that he's having maybe you part because everyone's focusing on more debt. Yeah and that's probably a big part of it but the only time they JD even got a ton of attention around here was the first week when he struggled. Net debt and they snapped out of that only tell you predicted all right I predicted a home run really I deserve a lot of credit for what JD Martina has been able to do. But not since he since he broke out of that that we call it slump it was sixteens but the first seven games we're taking 67 games are taking a phone calls of while this guy gonna be Abbas to what's he gonna. Now all he's done anywhere he has gone is hit that is it. And any that it better than. Carolina student by the way in Boston and write a monkey that's doing it than my trip. Yes yes and in two parties is doing in Boston the whole Boston thing hasn't affected him easy exact same player if not matter that what they sign up for what we were promised and because I know you love the golden doc I am going to read this attack I do it on me in gold beat. Used to laugh about it in Arizona because whenever somebody would do something MLB would blow it. They would put on there is the Gramm put it on Twitter put on MLB network yet and we're talking about it musical he would be like. Did you do that few days ago and Wednesday thing we were just laugh about it gold hit three home runs in the game and it would be like a local real run. 01 of these other guys it would be monumental. That kind of the way it's always been. Goldie tool cool logical portal media stars. Coming up next here from Fenway Park sports rated W yeah. WEEI. It. He. But can they play this of the royal wedding I was this Tuesday that copyright laws. We we should have been paid I think they did played the royal wedding I think we have secure the rights to go those horns. They owe us money than the horses were trotting down the street I think that's what their plan the yet the royal family oh with this show money we are going after the duke and duchess of Sussex but. Maybe who knows maybe were can placate them making them a media star. Who knows that big idol sweeten the pot spoiler alert none of those people went to London to cover that. That event. That blessed event. Are going to when you add that and that was the thing that was my biggest take away from the whole wedding thing was speaking about the people that are doing essentially play by play for it. Like to call them the wedding. And married or we're gonna find out next Sunday though if the kids so. That it'll be very similar he the old timers game okay. Ira go media stars do it. Number three. We spent. After curry favor with part of my family last week I welcome to what you thought this thread. They give a number three media start to my wife Jen then that's Jan DEC JE NN who. Forget the what was the other it was the other thing yet you had the laurel of laurel forget that which you hear herbal laurel again. Oral iron Laura laughs yeah it was going to be close I think it's alive so the gen verses then controversy. Both thought that because you think then that but there. What we go play play again play the Jan. Right what you hear I hear Jen Jen. Jen in this with from you awakened the great weakened when he he had but I also know her name is not Dan Bradford I'd. What is the fraud. Bryant with a problem you heated here that's. It's it's the same thing as the laurel and Yani that's hurt doing you'd doing that's cart yes there. If the guy who who. Went on record saying I immigrant broadcaster and third. And the keys eased distance himself and that opinion since then what you say it that's your initial response that's your initial that's your guttural feel about the situation a anyway gen graphic revelations on being on the commercial she's integrating into the world of of commercials. And doing a great job and awaken one AD and he also gave us something it was better much better than laurel and Yoni. Though Jim Bradford. Which family members can get a media star next week. I don't know there's a few in the Max out my son's home my cousin my son my son's gonna go to schools in the clothing for a suit for new media star. Over at the shore up. Does our good friend might try you trash bags that tracks as we now and other track to try and destroy sitting there I know he's an avid listeners shows and I do I do so much well but I generally. Doing things they might distinguish itself well. Tracks that the bullet for the entire media after game two at the united profit for the Celtics. And that was with LeBron James and Kevin Love for up there and everyone's asking. Ron LeBron LeBron LeBron LeBron. And then he's like I'm gonna leave no master question can blow up drags is that guy he asked the capital of question. And I just. Practices you know somebody had to do it. Attractive for us do for the entire media and that is truly what the spirit of media stars all about. Is it standing up for the rough you're right and that's what attracted to congratulate contracts that. By the way this man on Twitter and I agree with them is once they got last year's media Star Wars I liked them that girls. Ryan what youth I can't find him anywhere. I mean I did I read from the exit they're used that we have real musicians that play these as everybody got a short that we we pay him for we paid for the news musicians and we also we lost the copyright laws and he'll be. A cat ran and it pass it. It came from a flavorful it's on there. Number one yes. Through the horns. Do feel welcome. He's been supplied a lot of people. Last week would my mum on and I thought she was well deserving. And you know that this guy had to do something to really get this the war because he's basically been in from the award. And that is our good friend. Ever drought what's. Average relative or even here I now and maybe this is part of sympathy because he is called quote unquote sick he's sick he's in the hospital. He's not Easton youth youth hooked up to ivy he's flying high as eight Chris is that I assumed if he's not here you better be in the hospital. Because I'm at it if you did something with the say hypothetically. You did something like at 830 say can you guys to the show them you know feel like. Hypothetically hypothetically that happened that would probably be unacceptable I wasn't even on that call. I know he called you know while it's to say hypothetically I think that it could be attacks the wow. So anyway everybody's on your barrels a father once a lot Simmons if if if if that's the stuff media stars and I had to go listen Evan was the one call the place like artsy in that department completes one parties in about him wine could be traded. Agent I don't know why the city thing it's sort of baffling to me why what the payoff for that was. But Blake's wife hard in that talked about it beat him congresses for a couple days. And really there's nothing else to to lean on an aberrant sex though they go have in you when you abused our bachelor's. All right Evan your like easier to get his golds and clothing gift card yes that's them again much like you have it in my pocket retirement still have not gotten. Okay but for OK maybe if you win again. You can get annihilated at that you can only win once you're changing the rules I acknowledge and went I've been trying to do anything these last several legal what's the point that was the whole purpose of this system make people tried hard I would have made my case. I had to walk out. A story get picked up worldwide for crying out loud or quiet big guy who got arrested a Burger King. The homeless man who got arrested a Burger King try to buy practice of the ten dollar bill the accused of using counterfeit money. He got arrested and that bank three and a half months in jail. And that somebody finally to the bill from the Secret Service and that it was real house that now he's still a step to do with sports nothing. There media stars not sports media there they are assumed. Sports movie star on how your team I think I do enjoy the the animosity Kristol Juan had toward the put the whole process yet. Yet when he's going for what he's going to the media starts and he feels slighted but also to become the big idea now that try. That's the hope that. It. It I'll wrap things up on the other side congratulations. I always say to all the media stars into the community at large bloody and Brad we finish things next sports hernia WB yeah. Sports Radio WEEI. Fifteen minutes left for get out of here but this hour is brought to buy New England that loss dot com the broadcasting live from our WV UI Old Dominion freight lines that are you studios Fenway Park. And we've done without having drought that's a mirror. Obviously made more again you can't change course there midway through that's get it's yes I am looking forward to next week. And I hope you were there Chris. We are going to be in the broadcast Booth. Broadcasting. The old time old timers aren't these the old time rank that that that is trademark the all. I immerse peace in the alumni gathered kindly calling it the alumni game. The Red Sox are they build it isn't long is not a bad group a Murray doing my research for not a bad group. We agree that oil can Boyd has it taken the most series. Yes Jonny Gomes Mike what do you think's gonna be the best. Jonny Gomes might be. Eddie a couple of guys that aren't too far removed from their point guard Jonny Gomes wanted to play cat though early last year thanks. Offices because yard sale right there yet. Maybe maybe you can Mike to mop. At beaver we're asking how we actually we're gonna supplement Lou I think you're gonna bring down wireless might affect something on it might not. Jobs but who was going to be passed the weight box could potentially that's fares. If you go back the year two and looked up some of these games. It tightly it is is so serious. Facing like eight year old Ralph doesn't matter. And he's like you argue with the umpires or about pager. Now now. And he some of the guys are too far removed like we're done about the last one in 1993. You Jim Wright spleen alumni game in 1993. Yet so hall of fame player with light. A three years out yet few years removed not only from his playing days only handful years removed from being. The best hitter in the American League here's the question that I didn't get it audience for media that threw me define now. Who's catching. This though captures. Than. With a look at the list now. Scott Cooper catch it Jessica. Rich Garces. No no one of the many mysteries of this game which will be answered doing back there what happens now. Yeah why not after the managers Evans TM managed. So yes for. I don't avenues road fort never. I think B Kennelly the old the month in April while Al Michaels and bouts Dennis Miller who is who is I think you can figure out pretty quickly who is. Who was Dennis Miller. Okay so what did you can't thoughts okay. Idol like. Can it be someone else they got the short end of the stick out immediately but I figured that your Al eurobond Al Leiter excellence. I'm the play by play guy so that's obvious isolation that you are also under one. Called the 2009 double H at UA team to Fargo, North Dakota I think that hollow so how should we use of the victims of the gonna decide whether I can use it as soon as the throughout there. You read him. How how cute the fewest rate you use it to it. But it's yet but UBU. Haven't. Stopped somewhere between well that's why it. Al Michaels and bout that is so it is not out if someone else that you get better version to version yeah. But I think it's important to bring up interesting facts about the quarter. Right he would let me get catch this Avery certainly. It took so. I think there is a market for the Celtics I'll figure it'll play. More. Now now or maybe they complain that day yet. So what with a party that. This is a moment of the case. Three and that means yet the reading all the starting at 1030 and it's a 1071. Pitch that I get out of that meeting. We we hit three hours. I think it started a little earlier beat these guys when it's a tier three hours now why I don't want I want somebody answers. I don't want them to be laps now on with some of these guys you think is going to be trouble identifying them. Cubicle well I think it's up these guys have their year are you talking about are not looking unity unity yet exactly. I haven't you O'Leary in a long time there was day 86 ballot drop. This ability since it's Wednesday ruled that couple years ago. That was rough duty and eat and yet has this been thought that's been so challenging. Yet you why you think so I can Larry I yardage questioning your play by play they'll come after getting gated more difficult and I don't know I'm gonna borrow. Tim Everett's Bob carpenter score book. Oh I know we probably adds. Get get that out there and in fill out my lineup card. I think Lenny DiNardo can be sneaky good good playoffs it's. He's yesterday he's stricken Villa side that's all the comes down to I guess it was still in shape who is just plain recently predicted ardently in Johnny Brantley told me drinks shots and apple cider vinegar you. He's gonna do that on the field before it takes them out. Rob pleasure is always always. Well you tomorrow night FF tomorrow do the exact same thing tomorrow evening I'll be justice riled celtics' pregame will be exciting. Great job by rank carbon back in our studio that link relatives out here at Fenway Park in and the girl for not showing up thoughts and prayers to rally you know he feels much much better empress Lonnie. Red Sox baseball with kerosene can start that next every Sunday.