Bradford and Villani - Lebron and the Cavs give Celtics a dose of reality 5-20-18

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Sunday, May 20th
HOUR 1 - At least one team showed up to play last night. The Cavaliers dominated the Celtics wire to wire and it was never close. What does this mean for Bradfo's "Celtics in 8" prediction? 

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Sports Radio guy. I better do. We'll back together. Final. Reunited while he might be sorry to hear my immune system is. You you know evidence that. No I didn't know I haven't stood. They could get so that you missed all three hours the show with Gil Reyes. I hi guys just told you IA. So it's piped in the demographic that show clearly is. The Fenway Park media press box right staff. I think that's why it's not so much about all movements and obscure Red Sox that's your win at night he's laid out audience. And I whether it's warranted and I heard Gilroy ranting about Abu Nader. And I'm like. At I I almost won it this hunkered down there for awhile. They've endured to do that anyway while it was an opponent that. Good god either way vita just that your average reaction out donated a beauty know who he was right and B wasn't gonna pretend like you knew who he was in so. Yes I I understand average and if sake we hope our thoughts and prayers are with the lot of thoughts and where these relics in all of them the drug Finley being average and easy go the friends and neighbors the community yes absolutely not I think your baby week coat poke the bear now you might get out of his sick bed pull a Willis Reed incumbent here. We like pierce the wheel of men and yes he speaks. That reside here but you are I am and that's. He said he was gonna be here yesterday that's all I can tell he's got a whiny brat of the next three hours and change this hour. Is brats you buy nor the power equipment broadcasting live from our WEEI Old Dominion freight line studios. At Fenway Park here in center field. And rob last night was ugly. Your Boston Celtics that you guaranteed in and I did two were going to win I see an eight. Yes I yankees in which discovered you are you are writing that joke. All the way up and I I I said it's like him back off I don't even know what it means buy it I. Might all point congress is that the Celtics will windsors are you backing off that. Now but a couple of things that were concerning that philosophy to well starting with the doors blown up there aren't they are behind by twenty points interrogate that was that was concerned with luck. And the biggest thing for me it was not the fact that they issued the ball that can happen over the course of the seven game series they did not shoot the ball well. What was. A little bit more troublesome if you're thinking about. Okay can this be the first Celtics team to blow 20 lead out of 37 out you've heard that Staten at times the last few days almost many times we heard drought was sick. The two times it's happened out in nineteen NBA history. Will broaden his men on the team that did it is the cavaliers both times and need to that in 70016. So. He can win and I do you mean he can win four out of five in a series and the way the Celtics guarded last night. Hope that they that was glaring to me and the offensively without carrier Irving. Without Gordon Hayward there an animal year there's going to be spots where these teams struggles a little bit to score but you expect that. That tenacity that toughness that deep that it presents to show up nightly and it usually travels pretty well even though the Celtics have been great on the road in the post season just one airline. Easily travels pretty well you would expected you buy it want the ones that came in everyone's point it is look at the cavaliers can win. Is that road record on it during the playoffs. And this is a different team this we can't start we can't ignore that anymore and we we can't. They bought one post season road games so that's skip and what you see them come out. Yesterday in and I know that the mosque he had this in his article rosier saying you know we'd use him but will open whatever was. Is right if it didn't seem like a team that was sitting around for four days being told how awesome they are that they are so awesome that they can't get anymore Austin. And by the way their awesome. And it was it was amazing it really nothing of what was before and to go back the defense. You look at Kyle Korver five for five wins. Larry Nance junior for for war. George Hill start out I think you would like four or foretell 111 quarter points yes and it you've basically what when that happens. It's over yet somebody get that gets eleven from the cavaliers it's not LeBron James the first quarter your touch and LeBron James by the way April 12 so. This is separate from the Celtic defense. The the mental fortitude all of it it was out the window I got in. I gotta be honest with the I could see it from the get go and I'm so I was surprised. If I was saying they are more mentally tough this team this is how they're going to win. And I'm still sticking by that I'm digger progress on that and then they haven't felt today and the next game but the next day that is when you say this this this could be the game where youth day. You know at everybody. Okay you get slapped across the base now what do you do in in this team this team to me if the team and says it will show. Yes and at that doesn't necessarily mean the winning game. I want these price they lose game four I wouldn't be surprised this well at a game series and it's just the home team's holding serve maybe I mean if they don't when but the effort got to be really really. Get nervous of course today. If the cavaliers Wii game five you've probably steering it border route they get this bad road team that were playing this thing out. Eased one and six in post season road games going back for a must win game quickly at Quicken Loans game six so. Yeah obviously if they if they were to get to that point institute to go when it gained five okay you start puck will be here but. The fact is this team the way that they are constructed without the guys that airplane without. Is going to struggle been on the road how it's got to be better than it was last night don't get me wrong I mean again they got worked from from the start from the jump by. It wouldn't surprise me if they lose tomorrow night. They've just got to be better they've got to show a better effort they've got to you. Not give the cavaliers so much momentum rolling into the garden in game five that you're looking at Cleveland's team it's they. Can I tell you something and other things jump to the surface and from the importance of this Celtics team with Al Horford. And it is what is now we understand how much pop he's gotten off that he's been. But if we're looking at these straw through different markets markets not do in brown it's not Jason Tatum. If Al Horford yeah Abbott selling side in the I'll realize what an odd that that they I have visited with an explanation for that I. I think catch one after the game and a little like you have it's Wednesday with with the Red Sox last night but hiding catch one afterwards. That was really really strange is much is you wanna let Brad Stevens off the hook for as many things as possible and the guy never gets criticized. Some of the rotation stuff last night and you only defense I guess you know the old John Farrell defense like when. Nothing's working with the bull that was his throws that out there and see what happens when it Britannia with LEV team with stool with early on super early they're down double digits but it but by any sort of felt like if you were gonna get the tan and then go from the audience and with Sally comes in and I got the Phillies not the guy you think of let's bring this guy in we need to run I don't. It was weird because there was no obviously he's you know with time off. There was cricket match you are saying oh my goodness they're getting killed in Davos LEY lockdown. LeBron James. No impact weird isn't it one of the other surprising things of last night is. The because you know we've seen this before LeBron back against the law arm that teams to exit the garden on two years ago he comes out it's only the whole time yet James Posey is all over on the east is scoring like crazy so. That wasn't abroad he got last night. You've got passable Ron I mean that day in a negative way. He was very focused on getting everybody else. Touches and everybody else shots early in the game that was a surprise in the he'd get out LeBron and it was easy way to reads we go back to Al Horford the importance of it is what is now agent left now. Yet at tackle now. But in the future return to get attorney was not going on now that got a lot trying to this week but that was that was blown out Al Horford. He comes out of the gate and he doesn't take a shot at here and take a shot I don't think before yeah we sell acumen for its and in not to go full Al corporate toady here. Don't put that as much on him or online retailer brown or Jason do you do not like shots are well either why was that. Because terror here in markets Morse were growing up MO REK that they look at but back at the end they all did not move and at the other day Al Horford plays thirty minutes. He goes through before a campaign to for. When I saw those thirty minutes. But these 50% from the field right here before right. How dare I blame Al Horford I'm not blaming how or numbers Davey what I'm telling you is that what you're hall of fame player like that in it big game you'd say with a straight yeah. Straight bass hall of HOF bow. Would you of that hope they've player you have to you have to run through. They threw him he set the tone he set the tone in the first two games he's at that don't work multiple playoff games here and the other part about it is what you brought up. Marcus Morris is dangerous he could be Dickerson a good way any could be very very dangerous in in a bad way. You look at eased to operate last night. But when he feels like you shoot like he comes out of the game ivy gate on game one. And all the sunny down his options yeah you know that helps. But the flip side of that is now he thinks he can shoot and now he's shooting he's coming down he's launched inquiries youth it's just not give. Because what it does exactly what you just takers it takes the ball lot of Al Horford because the one and done offense. That's not what you want there was there wasn't any of that that we're gonna run everything throughout. War there wasn't Howard ran anything there anybody they were so stagnant the first half and it was on for me mostly mores and are here also a little bit markets Smart. Those three guys. It was like watching three versions Carmelo Anthony. It was isolation. Mid range jump shot and a couple of things are gonna go on their number one RD to the free throw line nearly enough and on the road where you can get you were called. That's something that's important and number two. Is what you said the ball's not moving you're not getting great looks you're not. Getting Al Horford or about war that people think workers overreact are evidence cresting not getting Tatum and brown touches it and and Tatum got it to adopt that's more in the second half but. It also seem like Cleveland was perfectly comfortable. Letting Jason Tait and yet he is BK everybody else was either yet not in the flow the op answer just wolf. Lead effect and also if it gets very uncomfortable and through guys combat the Marcus Morris in markets Mark Martin those two guys get a mark that the mark. Why that beat them at that I don't know has to act that differently now. I'd still Wear them via Pakistan. Eight to a HOF now it's to a bow and the mark in the market I've put like Illumina will put up or political poll on our art shows to a perfect. And shoot when we I think it can do. But markets mart also when you're coming back Toby is all the good things that you bring tell me today he does not make you view. Very very uncomfortable. When you're trying to come back from 1468. Team. And they come down in daily market Smart wide open it's not one compact on this team. It's and and good for the cavaliers advertise Lou yes. Me yeah I got a bit gradually instant for well maybe they left these guys open they said go ahead Mars doing it Smart beavis that's. And I don't. So what's let me ask you this Paris which you think it was you'd think it was now old news but win. And we've been reading a press clippings for four days or was it something cavaliers. I mean it's easy to its combination of the two I would give more credited to you to Cleveland I guess I'm on the solid it's always the clip obviously he's think they're clicking on the cardiac dot com I had read what about you wrote this thing about Isiah Thomas bearings have wouldn't you know thank you liked it. It is obviously accommodation to me clearly the Celtics were bad defense leaders stagnant offensively eating every and anything to anybody. Al Horford Tatum brown none of those guys are getting touches early on that said. The cavaliers did make some changes defensively they did a much better job on Jalen brown and they've done in the first two games. I think the way I give title lucrative this or. You default anytime something goes well typically LeBron is the guy that you'll you'll probably get ready to before the coat. It ends and it goes bad LeBron nobody can remember Ty Lue lost the series that'll be LeBron wants the players by. There's a lot of truth to that and I think last night. LeBron concerted effort to get everybody else quality looks good shots early in the game George Hill in the first quarter. Who we vote leader George delicate yet I apparently LeBron dignity he made it happen I didn't think games and play out that way figured. This would be one that I wouldn't Wentz writes cavaliers won I was surprised it was that lopsided but if it was going to beat out lopsided I would have thought it would have been like. You know one of these 45 in in twelve games from LeBron and I was neck and another thing is the show with the Celtics mines or. Too much complaining about the rafts. That's too much complaining about the rafts that you're down and get that feeling of theory they want to in the eighteen point deficit on the rafts. That's not how it works you should on exactly what you just that. Talk about the number it. Would hyper by. Nantes. Well for war the insane. LeBron James or genius. You taught them how to shoot in the last three days athletics three to laugh at the way thing I not to make excuses but the three day layoff. Only helps the Andre. Only helps the team that they got beat. And yet be badly in the first two games that does the Celtics and up until they want the world with their three day layoff. In professional sport baseball it rains or all football but there now. If all of barely you might play authorities whether I did like Brady was a sloppy if operas and editors' favorites this has been a problem a problem a reality you'd be NBA for a long time this is it is dom. If dom I want basketball like this to every other day while it kind of made things worse bird itself experience to its bad enough that you getting beat that. All week long countryside to rob there's build up on Twitter this interminable wait until game three finally happens and here it is. And next thing you know 74. How is the worse it's you know Christmas morning finally showed up and I mean you have to calling your stocking you to do yours particles stick to put you get here for the fourth inning third inning. Scoreboards sect importance. I've of course the news that. You had started in the second. The second was the. It's good news I can tell you problem was rushing through your being absolutely at the fourth that's the brewers in that drama this because I did the fifth inning. And I still was like talk about this department that our self with 830 looking at the clock Celtics start shopped at that studio. What that watch the Celtics of course what the Red Sox record I. By and peripheral vision is like ten minutes later. Said trombone. Yet it's. And in what may even it's it's not there's going to be Iraq other. I was okay got it down to fourteen. And they were down 22 against the sixers came back edit down a fourteen. Day. And I think corporate. Man in dad did you every time who can forget it they had the answer every single time it so I I. What made. To watch is number one of them you would lose him for whatever west when you for being there are numerous bad and worse yet kick in the first quarter rock paper but I mean it was self though. This team you have ball low. Didn't like this team that you would follow what was this what you thought you noted that one man. These guys when carrier and now you're at play. This is what you thought you and yet that's what you got to a certain extent in in Milwaukee games. Yeah and we thought that was all but what happened. Communicate back quietly and they won. It's not known dale became act one series that and that's why. I mean you're looking for silver linings we goat curse of linings playbook coming out awful I get to your phone calls six I worried trash bag 7797937. A year you're getting dressed up a little bit. Yet the medium of television the big winner. And that's. The I thought maybe once look nice war our radio shows here in tonight. The Milwaukee and it's a win win for everybody. They seem by between by the way. No I didn't like to go there right now this provide via the television broadcasts did back in thirteen. Well land partner him racing me. Yeah Abbott that was three. As pre Jerker. Way while this is the arc. This would be mutually Oscars it was on on the 44 yeah am. On June 20 2013. It pains me to write this from rap vote the party game. Where you at 6:44 PM. At 7:44 PM and we've been tweeted it I don't know even the central time zone. Eyes Tampa central that are now I remember it exactly where it wasn't without that I did at the end of Cisco shares of the I don't know by an odd but anyway so that clearly that is a testament to my broadcast deals on TV. On the radio and also years and that's why dress up after the power you give you some immediate start a couple of hours. You know that's if the rules that we get one for drove it to the thoughts and prayers media if he's in the Mac you that I would actually think I actually was thinking he was going to win one. But you kick you merits might not showing you. Six what evidence that the country. 7937. No average Ehrlich this morning he's six and prayers rob Bradford here Chris a lot of you as well. I Celtics fans after that pasting last night are you at all concerned heading into. Game number four tomorrow night against the cavaliers now are only two games to 1617. 779 iron 837 will get more you're Celtics got. And our silver linings coming up on other Sports Radio WB yeah. Look over them go back. Seated. On the State's main content correct London. You know and I believe you Monday either you know we got to come home plate it. I feel like we mean this. You know it is bad policy needed this week. Music we need to hear what you were. No commercial reality takers moment. We'll carry here and get our butts quit that they did that. Afflicted WTI exclusive. Feel to mafia asking me what that's classic and well and I was to. They give me the but what. Quote. Absolutely I mean he'd be happy for you what I don't understand what was going on with pretzels so enamored of dot com and it. Think he did that he had heard you know we've always. Money around here provided via the the exclusive. David Price interview that a certain W yet comer. Where. What was it you feel like this could be your best. So you're saying this I see that ever. I think this could be my best season ever I don't reading the script like a hostage I don't pull words about Chris I don't put words about it at some point you know where it's still real in the Celtics and rightfully so because the more I talked about the more upset I'm getting. And I just think fitness. This should not have happened. OK okay he might get behind and I say they're going to win this series. I predict that they were going to be Eastern Conference this should not have happened we can say how great they are. And how great they've been and now mentally tough they've been. But to go into Cleveland. And actually lose a game like that and roll over from the get go and blame it on press clippings that it's unacceptable but before. I get that. I view at them what I wanna bring up that T he Marc. Talking about which idiot equity marquis is Frank Thomas Honeycutt and Oates and never last night and he talked to somebody agrees talking. A lot of people elaborately type a lot of conversation a lot of those guys contacted by I. Just really quickly to that you only get to it later Frank Thomas called Judy Markey of the best hitter in baseball too and thank you. Man. Team Martinez when I talked to him about it number one news latter did I would be as well. But he also said that apple the quote second or on the line. That baseball gets behind their guy if you after his word walk on water in order to be one of baseball guys to be identified as such and he hasn't been identified as such as open. One of baseball hasn't walked on water. According to Judy Markey almost sure looked that way and lots. Two years yet so I just. And sort calling out baseball for the earth the Twitter count the program account the MLB network was addressed to me. Something that we can get you later in May be becomes tools wannabe star I don't know. But about this right Thomas. Right it maybe maybe because they we have asked acts to schools distinctive to a big it's all that's very very big and I know from previous experience. Extra cost what's right let's export. I've I've. You know he's taken a lot of the stuff that's true that battle. Charles H eight marriage equality and in the ladies like if you guys are out quite yet so I'm also really more talked about the Celtics. The more I don't think. With the way the Celtics fans it's sort of like oh well the I've said this before that oh well we'll get them next you should pick this time. To be this mean this team it's posted if not supposed to do this there is a sense though that everything is house money at this point. Not all saw not absolutely. And I think our way there is a feeling. In in it Celtics fans will be disappointed if the cavaliers comeback in this series however. There's not going to be what's what's the the call going to be wholesale changes are now because at two all stars coming back taxis as not to do that is not everything about it through with what is neck as many things to do when you're Q well. On the Cleveland Cavaliers knew you chance to Barry Barry LeBron James Donnelly do that but you that would that group that you're saying it figured out. This isn't like maybe he'll figured out this isn't that Brad Stevens of pushing the right buttons and and able to be to more talented sixers team. You had LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers by the row. 20. You have you had the plane tickets booked. To whenever Houston and Gordon Golden State you had it so when you get to that point Chris it's not that you're not that's going to be like a house money. House money I think a lot of Celtics fans are like that goes back to your point. This is 88 grouping the days they tend to say you right back problem I'm not saying that's right that's reality. But. I don't think that you should look at it with house money I don't think that there's a lot of people. It off the sixth put this week. They lost to Philadelphia the law that there that was more of the house blow we're playing with house money that it would be if they lost the cavaliers believe and even though it's a a round later. Because of expectation to a with the troops there on a roll there are more talented. Oh well after you get up to enough. That that's the that's the part in the coming into the series. I don't we we picked him to win. By I don't think there are a lot of people that are looking at in thing at they're gonna beat the cavaliers by here's the difference and if they do great if not. It's still a great I think that's where a lot of people and here's the here's the difference is that. If this goes back via. There with me but the paint after the rights why do people get upset when the Red Sox lose because they'd bet money. The the the big cat the people wore on the outskirts who invest money because the kids wanna see the game and then when it that was really what effect it. This is what I body into with the Celtics at the same thing. People weren't spending the money they weren't buying into this team. Nearly as much in the sixers areas certainly in the Milwaukee series as they are right now they're all led. When you get up too low on the caps you are pushing your chips the table and when you get the bad hand. And it's not what you expected then you do a little more upset absolutely I'd tell Europe's. A topic and I fed I was telling there was screaming from the mountain tops this is bits of the team that's the key leverage generation. Like Bob Ryan I heard it the other night on the other generate a few of which ever written anything mean I don't know I think that it regenerate the best Celtics team the last ten years team of a generation credit okay. Click generation. It just wanted to. Or maybe it's what this company I don't know. But I heard Bob Bryan Davis and I only had actually been here Bob Ryan says it's because they went through it interview. The late night radio one are you read about Bob Bryan's I heard fast Freddie Coleman talking about. For you know for a then that race so just get it back from Fenway at 3 o'clock in the morning. So. But he's that we talked to Bob Bryan in Bart Bryant said this Celtics team if you most likable you've been you've ever I've covered using quotes but. Covered you think about that. About think about Bob Bryant the guide mr. Celtic the guy that you defer with everything with cell now you know I know that's not true though. Catches Andy's not gone you know why I know that's not true because Charlotte wilder told me that they're not likable. Because they are from Austin. Air go itself back to though. They are not being like a beacon of speaking of misguided generation not a likable that had to be one of the dumbest. Takes that I can even imagine it she did so did she get a new jobs in the last time we I don't know I honestly I I forgot she existed in the world and it'll. Until this late I guess he's right brass sign catches it that's the nation like hard times on that side you know I was with how does that happen I know how what happens happens exactly how it's happening. Which is you you do something you talked about you have enough. Hurtled through the people of Iowa and say oh yeah you know you raise a good point. But if you're that person in our. I even hate to give this any attention whatsoever our product and we'll we'll get the phone calls I see guys lined up 61 sad sad that in 97937. By. Might cut from its reasoning have any knowledge all but the year here fighting you're the you're the somewhat neutral stand to love basketball you like watching the NBA how would you look at these four teams in the fall to a market like Boston because. It's Boston and beat the cavaliers and the polarization of LeBron is not to put that aside. The warriors. And to a lesser extent the rockets are everything you hate about. Free agency and the way the NBA's right now we're stars are just all get together and try to build super teams much more so the warriors obviously. The added top five player in the league to a 73 when team how do you look at that and they knew the team with its two best players out these these lucky. Blue collar ish quote unquote underdog. And say that the team people aren't gonna like because they're from Boston. And how to I annihilate even find a kernel of truth in that. Because it is being intellectually honest. It not been intellectually ought of course not how they built is this seems a good idea because you know what I know that people hate the patriots so it must. To all across the board. And that you have rats even the Bill Belichick really have very similar Q rating I thought I just tell you I'm just telling I don't predict yes that's the thinking behind it by. When now. Yancy here Brad Stevens voice right there it's like laurel nine. Right you we can play can replace Brett Steven and Bill Belichick you can tell us who here's what. And that seemed a logical that if the exercise that I you know by the way I report yet the calls are a quick John and it's Chiming in failures. Really odd letter and a cute now listening to Brad both main Celtic outrage pretend he knows about anything about basketball as cringe worthy I. Who should we go to on the list of things that are cringe worthy about Jon and cool. As distressed durable that media and media crime here this is 60 it is yeah very relevant. Six led seven unthinkable pool that. Six let's add that it's 797937. Let's go to some calls Jake and etiquette up first this outlining Brad Pollard. Today what's going on. Much better. I can't think. The public today before you go on this I respect your opinion I value as a person. By. By. For Chris to say this is house money this is you can agree with me that this is not the house the house monies out to Wendell little bit. When it comes to where we're sitting with the Celtics compared to Milwaukee and Philadelphia there is that expectation. That you're going to be able to book those tickets to Golden State. The united. They had lived there certainly the decision but I as the one about one. That's because to me what peoples and their positions. Don't differentiate a mine. So I got a total of muddy but if you says you're at a point right now I would people are bested that of political book went. They edit edit it out too well. Right but honestly I expected my expected don't. So these little one of these in Cleveland but not every game you're gonna have Cleveland's backcourt ever she wants lots of games and assess our followed. And energy wasn't there but I actually. I guarantee it came forward. All right I like that that's but JJU. Are you making my point you tell yourself yankees are in your satellite you you invest when you've invested in and believe me these last three days everyone is invest bitten in the cell. Almost. Right it's a what you do go with what. And they're definitely bar. Let's be honest some people work that much invested before game one where. And it gave to where people like we did it here with terrorism abroad will be happy if we push it to game. The fact that we put up some warmup but it was sold best suited you also a man because about it as far. Hope we can do we got a good part of a series I don't believe. That a lot of people felt. That's extremely carpet that the subtitle pull it out. And you'll. I I I and Andy you're right about that Jane thanks for the colony there it is definitely. A substantial moving of the goal posts that has happened since the deed to and you acknowledge that rare out. In what way they do pay your goal post moving analogy that it was I entirely at the house money situation coming into this year's. An after you win two games then that's when you moved to go on to the point at K okay you're halfway there now and you look what they've won the first two games. They genuinely looked like these are better for us all right well you're changing your opinion you'd it's not a house money that you had professed before. The UUR I still think there's an underlying element of that I still think there is no way I'm actually moms are no plans. The reaction from Celtics fans what's it going to be. I mean what's what what's the reaction it'd be let's say let's say they lose they series in seven games the cavaliers for the third time with LeBron James come back after being down 02. What do you do. If they're gonna be well a mountain of criticism for Brad Stevens is there going to be. This I cry for Danny Ainge viewer of the roster overhaul of course not you'd still like the overall direction this team is building and you still like the young pieces they have you still wanna see buying mark least I do. These eighteen come back. Next season. Hmm that's going to be a reaction that's that's caught up playing with house money. You always put it this way. There's going to be some of that reaction really disappointed our good dog out there will be some of that reaction because in large part that is Celtics fan base that is the old well fan base more than any of the fan base here you really don't like Celtics and I'd love Celtics. I love there optimism we need more of but when you look at it in in terms of percentage of people who are going to be upset and saying you really polluted series. Then it's going to be a vast vast bigger number than it was in the Philadelphia series in in in. I do think it just would you say house money. When you say you're playing with house money I don't know how you can say that if if and I think I just did I get you to the point where now you're you're agreeing with me. Now I'm not far. I'm I'm marketed what most of what I'm not going to be incredibly disappointed I'm not going to be angry I'm not going to be. Again it's it's a relative bang but it's also going to be big picture. 30000 foot view with this Celtics team BK. All he wanted to get these Hollywood aren't they building towards something. And I think they're building toward something at the beginning of the season I think you're ahead of what I thought it would be the season. That Gordon Hayward is not permit the barely played. I was look at it and say well it appealing their building something there maybe one. Medium sized piece away. From being a legitimate title contender they're not even there are a legitimate title and yeah. They put to rest up you get upset if they end up if they lose it. Because you do it exactly you said it before you invest it you invested in this you more than you would best in this he certainly advocates Milwaukee certainly against Philadelphia. After they go up 20 on not only the Cleveland Cavaliers on what the guys that people love to hate around here LeBron James. You invest in that you said this is our answer to these superstar this is our answer to all this. And we're going to the finals. And we are going to represent do what Charlotte wilder can't do which is. Give the impression the correct impression that he is going to win out. All of our superstars and how we thought the NBA was constructed. You bought it after that too well. I'm sorry they've everybody bought in so when you lose if you lose this series than there is going to be. Tremendous amount of disappointment in my view for 24 hours. But still it's going to be something that wasn't there certainly if they lost got that Milwaukee game seven they lost to Philadelphia I'm gonna be disappointed mailing our. Now but that again if you're pro you're moving on to the next bright Red Sox review moving on to the extra Palmer and now as we all lines let's go to Blaine in Maine up next the low point. And I don't know I was doing. Well I'm kind of that Celtics ran neck yes that there is all with a ride out. I'll I'll say Cleveland at six or. Why why is that. Well. Our our etc. law and Intel beat king you're not getting and it doesn't take a whole lot of help. You got a guy that. Could surpass. Troop player on your Turkey it becomes back at forty. All he needed a little Al. You don't need a lot of help others not been urged by are you ulcers. Dispel I would be just ordered. They're at it saw called out. Not good but then they do. Huckabee just when it if you predict the caps. Now this is what to do it all of these people who always it's bought into the fact not a aren't the best team Walt time. Now. You create your beat but you're not going to be disappointed because you're gonna be like Chris you say you know what it was a nice run and then move on to have a better Ullah next Eduardo Rodriguez got today let's focus on one like the economy. They got broker. All that but that's my point. Is that I think that for a lot of people they have proven. And it if it goes the other way there's going to be a disappointment that we said. People the last three days last three or four days who have said. Oh my goodness this is a Celtics team that I'd never thought was coming I am wholly buying it. I Bob Ryder at an outright before outcry and that is with eight. Sorry underdog yet the reality couldn't wait is bigger warrior I don't know how boy lover now you know. Our thanks to the public excellent 7797937. Tom Jason in the rescue guys and get your calls coming up. The regular talk about this the show wilder thing. I thought it was Haiti's he read it. Yeah I you well whatever you wanna talk about after nine year we're Ingrid. Different test its board are not up to get beyond it because I plotted to consult Dave. And letting me down excited that David has started with the Orioles. Are you kidding me that's going to be oil company whose names are we all sixty to 77 died 7937. Right back to your calls next.