Bradford, Drellich & Villani - Evan Drellich continues to display nuance; Media Stars of the Week 7-15-18

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Sunday, July 15th
Hour 3: Drellich wants to know the idenity of this Red Sox team. Bradfo gives out his weekly media stars of the week.

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You we EI. My guess I just say this. It it was loud here we crews on the mound you could fill it in and then about who was called sea of fans standing now. And associate them all of this what this place them crazy. I think the the C Stearns like this team. Is a likable group and a big play hard days. Iron. They show up every day and regardless of virus also showed the next day so it's good to see. The plays like that now very loud and into the. Alex Cora liking his teams of the city is starting like this team the 37 games over 500 of Iowa plus three refinements. Your job and quickly. At Kyle lives you're Twitter poll who's up poll question for curious him relic which I'll let you prefer for war. Its winds vocalist is everybody was that. Everybody was thinking about is graphs for baseball reference fit grass I think it I mean baseball reference pulling away Perez 64 votes and we got baseball reference that 55%. Before seriously weighed in on 64 people and waited and which typically is a lot by looked. Kyle you have over a thousand Twitter followers. Right do you are who are still in college I am are you by far away of a viewer dorm room figure your for your your apartment a minor offer campus how's your fraternity whatever. You have more Twitter followers and anybody else that at UMass. I don't know if it's U mass I would say the people that. IA hang out with yes and there's also some period. Journalists over UMass and have some decent Politburo in your journalism is yours your instincts are all time high putting up this Paul thank you yes. As I told them to do it so I exactly as your Twitter follower. Counts ever helped you any romantic endeavor it has not. No other feeling really. Do you really wanna be with somebody who is going to be impressed by your Twitter are no I president I says that's your that's your old old one line anything that's hash tag relationship idols for having drought on your home every year I don't know if I told you before Brian Brennan used to work for NASA encampment. I'm running the John mark and that's exactly John Marin LS yes absolutely. Polluted by one of those hats are off some. But. I always told Brian Henson you listen you know dragged back to you give a girlfriend now but I if I if you had a tender occur whenever count. You've got to put your liberating there. Right palace that was when your better if it is true this is as good as the like the diplomats also debuted you go by MVP vote the deliberating would be better. I think than that Twitter followers can't that I am I just to find so socialist you somehow get to be atrocious from now to define its currency. Nobody really rates that you would. I don't sit ago. But they've all but if you show us I don't rate I have a regular overall rating which shows you that your polite visit your good person to people. That your valued in Europe over drives right I think it's it's a check mark in the blocks of hey come take me. Yes. Now you know you've been well thought out well what do you work what do you look forward to override. But what I would look for someone who is not going to be able to me. I look for somebody's gonna say I'll honey I think I just want I would rather see someone who rating then the people that they follow on Twitter exact number of to perform but I can see Kyle be listened comfortable or are gonna frak. I am not for art to us that Kyle's a bar with his buddies and Andy and there's like you know grow kind of hovered around and and and the body goes to the early round where all of this guy's got a count not a setup a lot of things that happen eventually. And then he calendars and you know next thing you know the manners hopefully if you happen when an aphrodisiac. Now on I can't it happen. It's variety and you've been there you speak from experience I easily lead with my MySpace page to be honest with you for eagle at data graft you don't like corporate announcement number immigrant from. She's at to meet its gets wide YE proposed that yesterday were driving she asked you what's what what pickup lines you seasons and never used to pick appointment. The court has pick up line never asked anybody if they're from Tennessee. Was that even mean you're the only ten I think though while. You must be tired. Why because you've been walking through my mind all day that's the only one I remember those on like fresh prince that's you has picked up lime rock that he got then. Did you get to and i.'s watch the toolbar Twitter follow us to twist at Brad for hope but getting that Brad Letitia feel like by fax number. They think the what it's all you have a lot of action auto in anything quite like fax number. I remember it it's not ally ago month for twenty years now without a long ago in the greater scheme of I guess time that the I think he tees it. You that the facts in you could back senior Sports Radio how it all out fervently deal ever doubt about that the first thing they found the fax machine the first incarnation of the deal in the mid day that's they would do about the here's the on number here's the facts number two at bats in the hot sport as a stand over the machine just waiting for Paul as he's added attention. To the person just paged me. It we that we call then backs and get them on the air and then have them you know what you're really speaking of girlfriends he played golf yesterday you played Dallas yesterday and you played with Tom Brady tried not play with Tom well I played I get them into the story I got a very good I got a very good view of the house. In trusting and had I duck hooked a shot on a certain hole and it ended up. In his back yard Whitman says that my public golf course some who it is not a public on some heat relief I thought. I'm. There's over a cape there. And gymnastics yes nice nine hole there was some cute title track of beauty course senate Everett. The first question I asked you was did you see anyone running around and shoulder pads and helmet. I did not now. Which is sort of flights stilts or are no move to me I know that people say well he's just trying to simulate football by. Running around in your backyard Q you don't think it'd be you know they it's different than. I that you met likened in practice yeah no no I. If they declared a coastal Rica have thrown at the coast of the road Kos agreed he agreed on flights at the kid out of school modified by on this. You know every time every few work out he's in the shoulder pads and helmet but it's different throwing a football. I know is throwing a football I know but I think he's done it enough. I think he's done enough he doesn't need to do anymore practice in in regular if you should keep the keep it limber but regulations you played with Tom Brady. Yet will do push that there nothing happens. Let's go oh let's go I want to criticize me and it took away. OK I wonder what Jon Garland or let's talk about go ahead John surprised us. And so ours that was quite horrible Kurt invitation imitating brought. Yeah. Then there are inherent. How the hell did you let pass without comment when rob says free thirty year old sitting here talking graceful exit. You do that. Whose club had very accurate statement. I don't know you took such offense about the the data might burn. And and I think the tone world told with which I I then say yet 330 year old mediate who oily on the way at a race right now. I went. Not all the it. It is an agent crop rappers as much as urgent urge. My podcast hampering demographic it's it's actually in and that was I was hoping from work sharp criticism there John that's gonna happen then it's good to know that he did for rob his across all demographic is ruling out. That was good producing because Kyle knew that belongings can give away the tenor of that call. In in fact he'd he'd he'd program that you wrote on the screen the opposite of what the call of duty good job Kyle brought you think you would win a race yes that that two of the three of us yes nodding no yes. To race yeah. Yet short on any time at all. Now in Peru wanted to distance spray made clintons would do at W doesn't matter bureau. I have run to now via our run five I win I'm faster data that is not how it works. And we'll get your soccer takes coming up next excellent at seven absolute and I especially the subject of an MB to generate not how it works Jerry in Brookline on outs coral Jerry. I get I Alex I understand how little introduce new. And it's a likable team because they show every day regardless of what they did that they are the does that mean yet eighteen don't usually. And that that activate it and pay has no bearing on the backs they should show up every day in and play at all. They apologize they also play whore I hear and settles into puzzle you don't solid team where they might glance and didn't show up at all since they show up every day and regardless of the missiles those of the next day's. Yes I think he's talk I'll be talking about literally show. I mean if you wanna like don't like them because they're their winning games that you bet you know very few teams have. Have a lot of confidence that our they did good pitching a lot of the time by so I can make that show up everyday. I. Think here. I think you're taking out score a little bit are literally an introductory press conference we sat there -- a lot of questions Alex about whether the attendants would be good of of his players you know out to beat these guys to help us down on me or against it's like an American legion team we're just so we can get the guys through this summer vacations and their families go away realism for a couple weeks we'll get him back for the state tournament back and that's that's at the team is likable now does that mean when he took the job of veteran team like isn't this I think yes and that's the case created what and he says that he still count all upfront and honest people like adults have a right to rip the guy who you was just before you even got a good movie thing that's movable leader Evan. These restaurants with a little leaders or. Does that mean anything if I were you informed your face what's the matter of I just asked I tried to have allegedly caught all of this idea that like everything he says is always you know I think he doesn't get jobs thing when he can say more like yeah me every time you get frustrated with him well because the because I'm counting down the minutes until I'm off for a month. Probably bothers call you understood the stock market just keep with all adults nobody nobody nobody is a much of IU item. While a hole in the hole trying to get this thing somewhat back on the real hole like ability conversation with the Red Sox to me is somewhat tiring to 37 games over if I'm honored and very well on team to watch very good team. Very likable team out there are many Red Sox fans they don't like David Price one member of this team but I don't think you can. Take that that is like Ford David Price and eat the entire team. In general. Outside of price this team's overwhelmingly likable and I think there are a lot of what they did change like so. When we started when he started winning and oh yeah it was it was great that's one OK they go to was the start of the they're coach is seventeen and you'd be in the year there were still of that that are be likable factor and people were still throwing that out there. Rather not really worth watching a seventeen to root for them but they did it in part of that was to give the Bruins and Celtics were going through their playoff runs. And you you Ager has always seemed to have some run out of storyline so but I will say this today about the 2013. That team that talk until the end of August until anybody cared. Anybody cared about that the combination of factors coordinated team instantly more likable their jobs now recently nor. Likable JD Martinez was finally something new and fascinated but it does a long time for him but people latch on him. Well I did it it's like a week. Well I remember the first week yourself to get up to a slow start and then after I don't know I think gravely longer than now after a bravely predicted that in his first home run the care. And he hit it. Will always remember that moment I it was it was like a couple of weeks and people were on board Martin I thought they are now and I think most people I wrote a column and he's he's more Boston's JD Martin should be the talk. And it did today and you knew that the today we were not talking about Judy Martinez. I think cliche. It's essential. Question. Is something I wrote about and reported. An elderly or agree with me. That smoky bad every one with old SaaS and we'll keep bats all the way through are through June. Until he when did he get bank went right in and right right up until that when your attack now. That what he's their middle man that McKee that's the most that's banged up com dig down. A you'll Boris the critical. The game away but both you best of dominate the conversation and even their JD Martinis with hitting home runs all over the place after that slow start. It would still. You'd eaten gained nearly detracts from that do you think hosts. This into a good two months into the season. Now it's two months it's may fourteenth he says no but but which are bode bookie that's one than the Alamo Soviet shift their attention that the treaty Martinez in Tibet comes back out on the used as mood keep bad -- think that are difficult or any baseball team MR IS we had a Lola. With compelling winter sports teams to really take a foothold until you and that's what we've seen time and time again even when the Red Sox are successful in their perfectly likable and people are watching them. To really start talking about them you kinda get the other sports clearing shelves base. And then it's OK let's see where this team is in May or June or whenever the Celtics and Bruins are down I still. Think my question that you guys laughed and you'll have to whatever casting the future of two of what is this team's identity are coming back out as one expert giving. That's what what they have to have an identity. But what are you talk about. What what is. You identity showing up every day is out course would you think that's what are you Maggie can I Red Sox can I answer your question with a question yes why did they have to have an identity because I think why that important. It's 88 ads against storyline I asked the appeal so it is so this is for years. Now for them with the current. Separate and I don't like interact like gives her identity beat. They're gonna be a hundred win team Red Sox haven't had 11940. Sauce you might hit that simply they're just good that I just began and what you're getting the 2007 Red Sox it was that's eggs they were my team and great great baseball out here. You're getting you're you're trying to. All of that put this. What level this is surface level I think that you try to make existential in some way to try to be the smartest guy in the world and ordered it. Smarts and if people discussing the team we'd all be the smartest guy and then we think back to the truth of I'm gonna go to the bat from though it the next breaks and Daniel shot we think fighting each other team. I've talked about it today somebody with a Red Sox are Sega has gotten seventy within Canada last year there there are saying that this that the things like the 2070. And and I got me about it EB are still good but we don't have any other are gonna find all you don't have many people were outgoing like oracle we saw McKee that's. Freak out yesterday and that was awesome but. Teams do in general I would say become more enjoyable when you have this other trait when you have idiot cowboys doing shine dance repeat. With windy answer Pete can really sell. I don't know how many people grab grass on to them well halfway through got. Thirteen and play along with Yemen to them thirteen you had the beards right you have the beer find efficiencies to the the city's need right at that so via I'll come back to 2013 it took for ever for this -- few actually get this revisionist history of the whole thing about the marathon bombing in the beards. It took until the end of Vargas for people to pay attention to it and Chris I think they'd. Through the error and end this thing with 2013 correct yet when that happened. So went from the winner sports conversation. Through wanted Aaron Hernandez. That was I don't remember that oh I don't believe me awhile while I was here that that was the that was dominating knows that arrow game that we are many. Every every minute of this Airways and for good reason I get it. And then you're gonna get out bubbled Iran that that's that brought the our bubble is pretty important when it comes the conversation of the city and it was then to. So. That this I can tell you what they got packed great. It wasn't I admit I think you're more in the bubble. No I think if you're just you're just in a baseball even in other baseball expert on this panel graded out last out by you or more any bubble of gist I'm following this one particular sport more than any other facet fifteen year old from 2013. Well. What was going on with did the right or a member of the night and into guys' thing about it ladies it yeah we rejoice with hormone he was a teenager he beat a representative of in his younger days and even arguable is like it's. Are you kidding me what if you don't why he won't radio Robbie is not always what every blogs I understand that. But what if you're talking about how this team was followed 2013 you have to remember Evan. That they came off of 2012. The hero of the 2011 chicken and beer Barea impart the 2000 that was identity here at there yeah exactly 2012. Even though is entertainment Bobby Valentine a very unpopular team you go to 2013. With a bunch of free agent signings for three years of Mike Napoli is of Shane Victorino is these guys. Still very unpopular prove it to me prove it to me and people didn't buy into that team until the end of August. This team a B obviously when your forty games over 500 you can buy into it but it's completely different in 2013. Completely. And I think the 2007 comparison is the best they just a machine they're just really really good baseball team that is outside of now the the narrative may end up being at the end of the season they were great team they couldn't beat. The other great teams because. I you look at the record right now there what twelve and fourteen. Against walk on the four contending teams. In the American only down play Cleveland the Yankees the Astros will throw Oakland and are out and Seattle in there. And Oakland so those teams there about a 500 team they're trucking everybody else. There just aid they show up in the win and in. That's that's identity enough as net. Anything jump out for you that whatever anybody what are you and a bumper sticker businessman who can actually morons I'm not saying that that they need to have something else I've asked I think I just pulled this question and you've escaped thoughtful answers one if you want either one capable awfully well who are well. Identity of the when he he cares. About actually yeah dazzled people don't care you have Chris investor is well thought out what I care if you're actually around ideas. You'll remember the beards of the 2013 Red Sox you fell again do you think this team would be better off that there was some sort of be heard. Quality or something about it now tied together doesn't it. Does matter I don't and I member of the team I think it does matter if they win the World Series idiots matter if they win the World Series are people going to lately is that people look back less on Lee. On the 2007 season because they didn't have this great identity about 2004 we all understand was different that was the first 2013. Was different. Because of the again external factors what was going on the city after the marathon attack. I don't think people look back in the US only in the 2007 season because he didn't have. Is great narrative to narrative was they re great team even when they went up against one of the hottest teams in. In memory. In the Colorado Rockies they just for can truck them because they were so good. I think teams can be there is an arid area. It seems to be more enjoyable if they have some sort of personality trait that others to courts force feeding back there you know. I would say it again your force feeding them there. And I breakdown every route record radio device went back 61777979837. We've got media stars coming up well Kyle knows how to do media stars the normal everything else in the outdoor okay excellence we get back coming your way. About fifteen minutes from now it's like assault guess tees here fifteen minutes from now we give them. Sports Radio WB yeah. You EI okay. France is up one hill by the way guys an own goal. Mario may end. Combined to pitch although it remains engaged. And I don't know Mario has to say. Accidentally knocked the ball into his own. An awful and no body no French no but we know compared Djokovic now on and Djokovic Djokovic yeah yeah he won you won Wimbledon. Was he burst not liking me paints them via royal duchess of whatever Essex Sussex. The new one yet a new one suspects not liking your pants big bell bottom pants. Big bill I can Markel that are named yes she's royalty now she's royal where it went up on its fuel lines and looking Betts is also royalty. As elusive bird also wrote years few courses like what you own towards Connecticut. Parliament and yet as one. These are shot down I mentioned that I am a horse and Lucy immediately trumps my one horse tale with a two horse tale users use of a private jets she carries their horses. You noticed the birds to the truth it's always great. The replacement for the birds one. That's. That's that's that's man on the street burning shoe leather cutter portage screamed we can't get him and I honestly report back even if you're here Friday. That roving the sidewalk. And bar stool is gone he's got a dollar bar stool jets or. I don't know where I decide jet Friday. The keys to round the round but he was it easier banana country club. Now he's not the country club to use that assembly square in and some OK now that's jets prior former producer I it's important produced no way jet was baseball show. Jet said that he was going to cool. Well hot Kirk jets had you seen this week and don't intent on hanging out with him says and it was here so I think he's still working okay there I think look at night OK good average. Is chip it around I have not seen in. Kerosene cavaliers in the other Booth would be if he wasn't preparing for via red like redeem it sells. We resent them and I mean just the idea of an own goal. In the World Cup final now and go like you Roland. If oh well there's one guy I was at Columbia the guy was shot. These instances this wouldn't there's nothing happens if he's telling and I lose twenty or thirty years ago now and the story. When he got I don't know that in Croatia all of that to worry about but he accidentally deflected a free kick into his own net. Oh. It's. People being sucked me I did dad and he tell none of us had anything and those are out an ad on us early we'll take recycles the number. 61777979. There's somebody who really covered the crap by the World Cup we view of you start their. Not that any of us that you've read monopoly. Nobody I'm a lot of people did hideouts Fox's that I have the likes of fox has the right thing you do high enough what do you not see one minute in a new one day and you cannot do that the screen shot. A look at wacky moved he bats and their remember seeing was a all the people and Iceland in the crowd. It looked like everybody who lives in Iceland went to the World Cup and they were jumping up and down and doing this. Viking war chant or something like that it was pretty cool so back I saw that on Twitter what was it what was the it was again do you Wednesday. Another. Photo where they've they've basically had. The hottest women in the World Cup stands a gallery bright. Write it but they've added this is what they were giving all the news outlets and then they apologize that aren't we doing that anymore. Which real screamed why. This I don't remember OK I would've been opposed to open it and now remembered Alex in the car wants to chime in on the Red Sox their identity and everything else slow Alex. Yes Leo great balance. Even though there almost 4550. The other creatures since its partner corpses sort of aside by the it's not their confidence with restrictions. Our step in period until breaks down historically this sort of David purchase flat out such against the Yankees are good in the playoffs. So Kelly's it is possibly you know as he gains in those two which is called out are still that it cooled so so I mean I don't know how anybody has confidence. That would redeem your carry correct your piece Senator Clinton kitchens territories instead corrections. While the yankees' pitchers that are great but it's easy to beat these machines or sought some reason. And they don't have the pieces to go get these guys oh I don't know what. You always have the pieces go out against them this do you wanna do it. On MS support well here's here's the thing Alex is that. With the Yankees there's no team that needs a number two starter more than yankees correct and that's what they need. But whether but the guy the guy that everyone said that they could get is Jane happens they have this came a year and lat team last four innings. Cole Hamels isn't good anymore there are not logical guy to go on get I don't disagree with view. About the rental concern for the right that's. What. I thought I'd like you I'm I'm I'm mavs if they go into any series right now. They are the they are the underdog in game two the Yankees the Astros the unions not even close. Right you have Gary Cole you have CC sabathia on the Red Sox and you have a Trevor Bauer good luck with the technology. You get to the restaurant is the Red Sox now. Need a starting pitcher in addition to relieve that good with you rod going to DL we don't know how long that'll be and with. The 22 Palmer and human rights situation do you start thinking about starting pitcher. The I don't. I'm I'm with you still on May be my can be convinced on this but I I don't think that I just don't think it's worth their resources is not enough who we gonna get. Well that's the thing it animals don't get to the should they BK is the practicality of it doesn't seem to be their number one. Who is realistic. That there are willing to part with the there's not much that as Robert's pretty there there's a crap load of relief pitchers this visit tonne relief pitchers you can always get relief pitchers because there's all these bad teams and auditor relief pitchers. By starting pitchers like you said -- happens the guy right in ironic that the only go by years perceived as. He's perceived as the guy that the name on the mark right wells will ma am I missing somebody Cole Hamels and be in the year was but he's no good anymore. So who is. There's a Verlander Verlander changed everything last year but there isn't as far as we know there isn't that guy in the EUQ was there. Your point you want to allocate whatever you around. Society it's move one of Erica and what do you archer was was was rumored you know if you blow away breeding give us. Not for the Red Sox then a shot Alfredsson that the conversation got the look the race obviously look at the bad teams OK which of these teams has an arm can. At some point there are guys under control them just call a huge amount for it at some. Boy you just have to say this is what we have this is what we're paying thirty million dollars a year for this is what were re re traitor our prospects for an Chris Sale. This or paying twenty million dollars a year for reports all this is what we have. And this is. That the poignant to say that is now yeah other than a reliever these back to be a big addition to this team there's not going to be a splash move. What you see now is what you get for the Red Sox and I pulled up those numbers courtesy of my my buddy over The Herald concept Teddy. Red Sox four and five against the Yankees they split the four game series against the Astros 43 against the Mariners two and four against the a's so twelve and fourteen against the other again you can't contenders and played the Indians yet. So that's the one that still out there. And that's going to be either the they're you're tired identity or storyline with this team. It's the patriots they're great team right now in the regular season. And the problems that were looking at the potential flaws. Were sitting back wondering if they're gonna be fatal flaws and they go up against the other really good teams in the policy is right that Marty could be move you know yeah very well the other is it worth it. I mean if there were little Red Sox I don't think so. No I don't think so either. And I'll say it again you decided all those teams how they're doing it's almost team to everything is about the playoffs everything's about when you face those teams that you just reference. In the playoffs in game two rolls around Chris sells short you can win that game came to rolls around. You are to be decided underdog in that game right now because of the way David prices burst that glanced at the text machine what do you think is saying. Tyler williams' score now the job. I knew that would frustrate both of you says wanted to bring an idea. That that the that a bolt it reeks to me of a Buck Showalter into camp on the try to drive up the pressure for the Yankees which I'm sure let's talk to them. But they'd be what what do you need him for how is he your priority would be given a forum. It makes a little sense for them to be involved and I read because Jon Heyman ultra low would step we not to be EI dot com. That said Jack Britain. And that's my action is well her Zacharias. Is the guy that they would want I. The exact Britain's perfect that that's exactly what you need on this team he's the he's sort of the Billy Wagner of 2000. However that Billy Wagner hall of Famer about bill hall of fame pitcher does that should be a hall of Famer oddly okay. I did that night when he's our. I I agree with you look at Trevor Hoffman's numbers look at Billy Wagner numbers and then tell me we were. And all Wagner and everybody that's how in the early in the late nineties early 2000 and often missed a good. By way it Wagner Mo were weren't league of their own it was a compiling some. The long age it's to say it's that that's what drives hopman more so the legal action literally the only thing curt Campbell you retain eligibility all utility Billy Wagner is wet. If I'm a little who asked Billy what I think but I would definitely Wagner. We'll go from that's a media star taxed. WEEI. Those might be old ones. Now those are the with a new one doesn't know and they're good warrants what are you pick the right one ensco. Is that right our that I plus on another plus one and because A you're are in the second honorable mention abuse starts. So crowds relations on your work today. Thank you Ed throughout the week and W yeah I dot com and throughout the course and it's hard and and throw in whatever happened few in the future your bright bright future. The other media and honorable mention of course is crystal on the gas playing golf yesterday near Tom rates house. So congratulations Chris you the only media member did you I'm pretty confident that yet. There ego number three media star horns please. Is Jim Murray hat and you Maria are are heard. Has confirmed that it. Far for a room. Concealing all of the the real state that I don't in his head became evident this year this what you and that what I've never met them I don't program. I understand he's nice guy and DJ being says nice things out publicly what is TJ the one thing I do know is what like. He's this is why use the term boot liquor like I remember I remember years ago before and put minerals like once this guy who really yelling until he's red in the face. Defending Josh Beckett. What what do you do when belittle belittle leader yeah last year another one thank you can can you give me an opinion on Dustin Pedroia and no you can't ought to you'd only conference. Since the two. Despite. Now reached that being because I 'cause we got the we get the sense of it which is as I said the other day. This is the most glorious thing of all time finally we get the underbelly. Of being re act. Action from these people and this guy is so sensitive all I said was if you had a good luck on clip all I said I heard it the other day five listeners right now might as well you'll have been with enemy. With me. All I said about that poor guy wearing warm on some level guys are not pour pour guy with a nice pad that's all that real state. That I own under. Is that this 6 o'clock show Sox. It sucks the baseball observers show suck all the better go you one of his hat one immediate star congratulations. Number two media starts with something that was and is an easy answer to that scoreboard. Now this far know and now because we know a scoreboard and trying to play the other SATA three years Kennedy fan and nobody but this is. That's the obvious that's obvious this is my point for the start fighting back. Ordered changes scoreboard crests. The start fighting back he is he how he spent eighty scoreboard oh do you how do you have a show called the baseball reporters how do you have packed. And not know what you're talking about club dozens of baseball observer Ers. We are fighting back when OK. And if if if you can I don't know why you're yelling at me because I'm very passionate about the subject I. Very excited about it's the future or zero o'clock and you're also doing a great job and dispelling the mid the you're just two guys yells until he's read the I thought oh that's right thing I've I've Chris I'm terrible at everything again it's too bad governor to media throughout the. I get this fire during the week when you had the opportunity in the morning show and I were a lot Jim Palmer I took I did my best I don't at the time you're number two media star is our two we played O one. It had nothing definite to media star. There's stars co stars Tom Karen and Paul Goliath who gives full entertainment yesterday we cited it the Twitter back and forth reality. On the line I'll be honest if I were not doing Red Sox should be today farming in Boston. I'm drinking. They're playing the blue jays at an afternoon game but they suck there are relevant they don't matter about watching Nikki and going to that game. I'm going to get date drunk probably somewhere basically its annual hall and end up stumbling my way home on the two years something like okay. I was presidency somewhere V basic just to really hammer home what we get the your millennial and it won the streets of being touted death. I think all the fine job as. The players behind is because they got together probably at its and a week of conversation that we had about this subject it was good to have Tom Karen and Paul go on both weigh in from both sides one on Twitter. One on the radio good for you media starred in the person. Who got the whole conversation going for the week wins the number one media star horns please. And Chauncey we cannot did not give dean Chauncey and you start this week because. Really like it's just bizarre to me it was a fine column as a good column I think he came out on what Sunday leading into Monday's that right deadly serious and but it's it's not a unique conversation but for some reason it because there's nothing else going on. As a wrestler doing so well struck court. Maybe he juxtaposition to use the word you like to use it lasted a lot but it lasted all legally all the way up the Paul glut of about it not much else to talk about the other thing Sean did well to talk to David parts. Yeah outcasts Hillary got. There we got some Kirk were Lula the holes OK Erica that are very different and I and that's how I should be in the Booth every night somebody that it has had on the why is this guy who says the baseball doesn't matter to I think that talking about a baseball game tonight before is interest in. I do not sorry. Lou does who has a show they do very well we have Marshall we do know threatening quandary we can Lou I mean obviously. You know Lou Lou mr. Jackson's tackle illiterate. How about what he should he should treat the oldies and it would have somebody goes right right because I was angry he likes the media it was true I think it matter the beak he's gonna replace a legitimate passion cruelty after its authority Martinez didn't have a bomb yet when he bonds' 77 RBIs that is passing. Operative. Loot by the way looted right through it blocks salute Alex spear went right. I've told he had both it but it well. Anyway so it's it was a conversation that I think that it hit home for a lot of people which we talked about obviously today. Got some thoughts on no. A panel Arnold's. Our congratulations to all the media stars including one who's sitting here honorable mention another one sitting behind the glass actually and he gets a gift cards don't you don't honorable mention note I want why are you the final months that you had to honorable mention in one colts are so we it's getting a little by little killed diluted well let there be brought and how it robs the fence. There were no members of the Bradford family that wind media stars this is a eulogy that was a I character is the first time in the last four weeks that it a member of my affiliates not to settle in. And they are dads getting an air budgeted side thank you I hope you guys all feel good movie stars are back. We'll long revisit next week I'm I'm sad to Chris he won't be here next week to an avid mid am and I'll let you generally start next to Marie getting cremated or is he being buried with the I don't know it was a great gifts about community parties need so that was. Anyways Q what it take or media stars next week I'd yourself so you're on your record on your radar I think at that these are under arrest and thunder at the thought about it you're the president and the league wanted to read it right above author the data into the did media star is going to be as third week allies possible you are I'm on the leading Twitter from a so your diet for regular troops are united next week on the he is he'll be back on you and your birthday that work there really aren't aren't here. You get on a speaking directly just about three please cemetery and suggested because I'm not gonna pay attention to I would damn thing you can get sorted get on line. I'm gonna come back and use of the crucial for the also. Couple ultimately have to remote and once you start ask what the Red Sox identities of some current. And expect a our practice what you what you got more fired up the fumble and any other point Schobel six like 77797937. Of the fifteen minutes are set to go till I get the hell out of here we turn things over can Wear Red Sox baseball.