Bradford, Drellich & Villani - Has Mookie Betts surpassed Mike Trout? 7-15-18

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Sunday, July 15th
Hour 1: Rob Bradford, Evan Drellich and Chris Villani are in studio breaking down whether or not Mookie Betts has surpassed Mike Trout as the best player in baseball.

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Sports Radio. You we eEye yeah. My tennis leave the pitch swinging a hot. It's. Yeah it's. It's the okay. Who says baseball not exciting all jokes to Leo wanna sacrifice fly there the Grand Slam Estes icing on the K here act. Episode. Yesterday at the end game. This move back toward Johnson their backs excuse me. And that definitely happen. He's starting today backed or Johnson yes by the way at turning out right devaluing the Honda dealers Gilani Bradford relic altogether as we knew we would be this week wasn't at all but it was a very unique open now is very unique and do the best that I can ride no but I advised that he was good on this thing very unique you like it because it's the audio is it's on the spot this work and yeah accurate and you lucky because it's it's the music to the Brett pollution if I expected something after. Brad lawyers thought that there was no let's get after it there was no aberrant relic in it there it's time to. Would have liked that I got a good oil Russia keep up with she should make it time to party he's line now I yes the united did you read blog posts off of Cullen Tyler Clifford sweater garbage yes on that yes as a traffic and it's very differently I collect this from that yes but maybe AP if that is unique and how many how many how many jobs you hear announcer call it carpet not too often goes wrong. He thought on what he just started taunting him for or against us equities credit and and then Millwood when Bogart's as the ball you hear act in the middle and that's why I like it be the reaction of the guy on the couch. Get out get out you know like in the middle of the of the able Brian's call well it's like the in become like and his name announced early in the morning blue jays. Because answer yap that's against the blue jays candidate who cares it somebody won't while I was in Canada. Watching the game is killed at times all of slight risk ratings are always before and he is the same kind of thing like the ball get up get up get down get it was like he's playing golf is willing the ball to go wherever it wanted to sell Harrelson. It's. The occurred Carrollton about. It's not a party should be continuation also the walk off was not nearly as exciting is cookies thirteen pitch grants. Thought that was the out of the idea of a lie because this could be a sacrifice fly made different plots like Joseph it's that he says it's deep enough balance. You know the he weight lifted off the shoulders OK the Red Sox to win its deep and up to sacrifice fly them when it went out that was just greedy. Yes actors act wanted to go he said get out right when I wreck act buck Martinez. Buck Martinez that's accurate form Clinton's yes who could Africa while we all remember we are remember not our moment to camp and was crisp on. Our carols in the into the White Sox games anymore. Exit last year is last year was last year is last year basically that is there might Wear my college buddies that are they're put Utley now let's hope broadcasting I would really bring about any let's bring it back to me here and totally honest or anything wrong well this'll last time guys and have me to kick around for awhile. So you don't run out the next month. It's four weeks on the on Sunday they say show a month of sat well. There is scheduling staff who are supposed be out this week there's change that was made certain temple or no cranky angry Texan from rob Bradford and I got. Now I could and I couldn't advance in Washington. Getting ready for the celebrity softball game right now. My fifth newness you are doing a company better by exchange year I know I agree guys were on the question that's why did your original plan was that once. It absolutely it. Art we redirected to the drama schedule in the show why Chris would you not be here next four while I'm working in this week's hectic next week off a moving. Then the week after Adam and Matt voice it week after that I at the pan mass challenge it affords all of your donations. PMC dot org slash CDs yours or 42 and the weekend after it had an ages of these thing. The weekend after that oh back and Matta points. What does matter poison. Now at a point six points or it's on the south coast it's like at summary you know hang on the lottery long utilities and you're glad ice treatment life and show I'm gonna have I skewed the ice cream shop had some lobster rolls place in golf that's going to be the a very good job for another month of no all I'm dedicated to my job. You the united beer next week. The line are you are coming back let's you think we should. I don't know what I would also tell Carol okay. Yes and the play announcer it's on Saturday nights like to be back for the show your girlfriend I do her even mentioning girl who propose are now. You woke up up to book yeah. Do you woke up or it is that he won it earlier Sunday morning joie we are gonna stand in line otherwise cause or doing airing of grievances who wrote this trending now. That would be yours through it okay so if the Indians and let my eye Ron Burgundy did in just read what you wrote but. The Indians won yes earned the yankees won yesterday right correct sir the Red Sox. So out of the lead shrink report yet. Route to a rip roaring start Red Sox are still three and a half opportunities I feel like I'll give you a lot of momentum as the show goes on and you don't feel that way I odious stipulate got off to a little bit of a slow start as early with the open and befriending them as I say it's fine thank you have nothing left field and spoke at the open is next target maybe and maybe I'm wrong in your integrating the broadcast its synergy it's good. I take that back maybe it's trending threatening to get much one for 21 particular look we live sports that the community does the Red Sox three and how obstacle. On the Yankees no need to worry there. And yet so we'll scheduling staff who some angry tax and things are set up the next four weeks and things were said but it's what I hear when I walked in the studio. You give me a hobby we argue yes as I do for a everybody in the studio audience and that's that's par for the course. Rob is embracing the media embrace me a drama of the station characters we've done a morning show here he's he's decided that he used to play to heal and he he couldn't just be happy. He's one of these people that needs to basically you're David Price has got to be something wrong you gotta be cranky at some point and. I don't know it. I really hugged him in an. Honest and to say I daybreak like I don't play you know I embraced embraced being mis admin and bringing those that suggestion. That the Mandela he would tell which side of animal and I'm not me but it was it would not and you if felt like you're gonna be pro melodic. Logic in 99 this kind of situation you throw anybody not me I'll tell you not only that decision I made two hours ago. Oh it in the episodes that feel good Chris they. Evans on your side well usually does not field and I don't know. And Emeka had continued well ice is there is this scheduling snafu I ended up coming in this week so now the is gonna take a stretch of three out of four Sundays off but with the switch. It now becomes news when you do that now. Like to do that too yes. Please an excellent job. Shore. Are you still have a job after this week so it's that it actually made a minor and technical. Parts. Yeah now nobody knows merely pushed back. Is the only guy that's got to do a life that summer man yet you know again opening with Everett's if you Red Sox questions that have been OE. Oh. Well lately this guy here is the joke you're bored shell. If Ike was a Red Sox questionable get on the races first you watch his first half hopeful that this feels slightly unbelievable Obama talked about this question of days could obviously very good team that is what they haven't lost a single game. That that you go back and go man they really should one acting opening date me. Maybe there's one virtual vision go to and they let that one get away with a one every of the building here pentagon in other certainly let opening date. As of Venezuela start early on May be that that's your only other thing I can they wasted a couple of those ways that a couple crucial sort of by and large every time their situation like this the bullpen doesn't blow. There they've fatal inherited runs or if it just hit it feels inevitable that they will solid even. It seem like it's it's like a dream type scenarios seem to meet a little bit to me appeals more 2007. And 2013. In that there are machine and there they're executing like a machine 2013 to help dreamlike as it was so unexpected. This is they were really big daddy am pointer to music community back right and and it even even if you wanna set that aside attorney can't but that's part of the story be if you wanna set that aside there were a last place team. With a eight calamity in terms of the managerial situation turn that around. This year you're really good team last year they got better in the off season. So you could look at it and say they're doing. In some senses what they are expected to do maybe not the total volume of wins the fact that there are almost assured to be a hundred win team for the first times nineteen point six. We expect to this this is what they were supposed to do. You come back with healthy David Price JD Martinez. We'll keep that having a better bounce back here than you thought we knew that Martinez could change the entire I don't actually this is this is. I believe the feud played as many gained this crowd at this point he would be the wins above replacement later but statistically I don't. Soledad he's better than Trout. Let's listen I mean and in everyone's gonna lean on you and you heard the key loss of the world and how dare you even bring up that conversation. With little cousins that. It's an earlier and earlier earlier what but I I'm guessing that there's still an element who art still digging an enormous right correct. I think the only reason people still doesn't or it yet but but. Meanwhile lot of happy wars you go to war and that that true Trout has done this for a long on this is always been the argument when the Red Sox played the angels for the first time in this came up for the first time this year. How dare you do this because Trout has done since 2012 and moved he's only done it for this year and maybe two years ago. But that we're talking about right now we're talking about. What we're seeing right now would bookie bet vs Mike from this was a war a war and yes there you go. It is that's exactly what's helped Kyle to Detroit could drop Kyle. Plus one read giving we really are used to do that is to do plus mines that you're plus one Kyle regaining some sort of speech in a hallway era men's room or something like battery US anti Preston was that I'd definitely not fit correctly with NASA NASA. It out of the end credit quality needed short there ought to audience who it is it's short it half the season that started. Is different than a month I think the smoky Trout conversation sparked early in the year when it is like arts among peoples who -- you bet is doing but you look at all the underlying numbers are locked in a read off the exit velocity here we don't have to. Going to all the fit for the politically metrics and all this. The money bookings guitar player he's a different player that he wasn't when he sixteen points. As it doubles player that he was the first week of this announcement. Is over is well maybe don't know that's what he says he said he's a different energy change the way he swings and we're. But they are in spring training right but he has evolved into this play or what I'm saying is that the player that we see right now. Is the best player in baseball he's better than my tryout and a lot of people are still in beta throughout baseball are still dug in. On how dare you say that in a lot of it is illogical because of he's done it still long and and smokey hasn't done it long enough well all I can tell you is the player that we're seeing right now. Is better than my trial but that's why that's also an up. But it's clear it's about a lot but it's clear if that makes cents it's not a huge margin but it's also to the opportunity to. All so basically you're both saying that you you would guarantee and promise that if both stay healthy from here on out the rest of the year. The numbers from rookie best would clearly be better than Mike trots I don't think anybody can look at home runs slugging OBP average. Whatever and one players better than the other question of competence in movie for how much of this is predictive of different questions. And he's proud proud I had a longer track record so you'd. Probably have to defer to him in some of my okay at a certain point I think I think half the season of this smoky starts for meat to make me believe that if you were staying healthy he would be. Let's say better just as good as. Avid I have two questions and I number one. You have a girlfriend number two. Mu you've got to go on things right reads a lot of female and Mahmoud bookie bet vs Mike Trout who would Corey if you had to guess right now with gonna win the MVP. Q that's because the voters he is what's gonna happen here you have the if the Pope help to assume and let's play I wake up every morning praying for world peace and that will keep estimate there's someone next to you when you wake up. Depends on the day OK today yes focus via its Felder around and good for you just. Kirk to walk column this morning but that's. Well course now good equipment on a mute that's that's what a pro does and many addresses that I and others. Almost getting this so close them as I'm learning I'm thinking as Lego like making choices. That we all are. I chose to come in this morning I'm already regretting at 916 the police that brought out contiguity Dicey if their child deaths vs might for a health if girlfriend right slightly differently praying that they that they are both going to be healthy. I have no idea with a point of can make you think that you're settled out if they're if they're both healthy at the end of the year that's the direction you're calling of all you'd think the owners owners yet because if they're both healthy it's not to be too far apart it's one wins above replacement even to. The winning team moved back its team is gonna get Akron. Moved he's gonna get the pace all right so when I voted argue it would you don't have a problem did this keep your OpenId when I vote I MVP vote last year and I. Terrific idea smokey maybe give them late vote for. I think I voted for him in the top and by Mike Trout I think devoted ninth or tenth. As those that why he did he play that Florida why he played in he played in 115. Games. I just went from now for a but whatever play is what he's doing these six in the ninth place yeah he knew there you lose me on that I ever buy this is we're talking top three is my point with trials though is there every one. Licenses themselves in the nods to defend my trial in usually come back to war with the argument with Mike Trout at voting him in that. Third and fourth of the MBP doubt even though he was. It played a 115 games they would forget what is more look this war look it's a war OK but my point is pretty even those wanna look at war even if Mike Trout and and the angels don't make the play offs. You're gonna people are gonna say okay that different out right now out net write right now right no if the voting happened today Nokia bets would win the MVP. If we're talking about value though it in sometimes people like to harp on that awards is the best player award is of value award. Whatever you want to by the rural what I definition write whatever you wanted but if your harping on that that one word value. I know he hasn't played in the field nearly as much or nearly as well but I per JD Martinez in there the weight he's changed his lineup. How many home runs and eating Red Sox he wins the help that he is get it that's the biggest direct impact is. Other weighty selves so that's and I still maintain. And I know avenue and I've thought about this before and it's not necessarily statistical argument but I don't think there's a better hitter in baseball there's just things that I agree with you and I. I agree with what we can Parse because statistically that becomes a tougher case to make but he does does things in the batter's box. The don't feel so that's the problem is that most a lot of these voters argument immediately go to war as I used to be pointed out on NASA. By you have Judy Markey is right now he has a three point one war he's 23. In the major leagues and more 23 act. You don't dare get us the situation where people are gonna look at the Red Sox and go okay. Moves he's got no TDs guys you split the vote between looking JD joy and then Trout can sneak in waimanalo like a high school analyze every of his students I do right voters who voter election city. Right soul what he's splitting two. Also the looks and says I hear. I can see people believing now that no one cares if you're you're voting ranked below you wanted to study in your body Kansas City you know caring saying oh my goodness I can't vote to Boston guys back the best out of well Boston guys at the point being that if if this is most valuable player in the league out of pocket. Once he certainly people who feel that one team cannot have two MVPs essentially that is done this guy. Who who who packed. You know apparently apple gets logic you know can steal I think and I and that Albert Doug bell. I can't football JD and moved he had Mike Trout you'll think somebody's Connecticut think that why he might have a eager and I I think every. That being burn risk your if your question I can seize some dumb person thinking that. But I would hope that there aren't a lot of dumb people vote you're gonna have the Bernie contingent is gonna screw over Hillary in this case and you're in a trump that's what's gonna happen gets the superdome I IA from this crap article the Rockies feel proud as sort of the trial hyper trickled Ross Perot contention today. This played or demographic you can't patent. Well it's a bronze plated a Democrat I'm not complaining are guys vote for a late Rita people asked. I don't why I voted for us and it was the first time I get a chance to vote. I was trying to be remember anything about what you don't W what what she didn't and I remember I I distinctly remember voting for Ross Perot in the we did little. School memorial elementary school actually with the hot candidate Milford Milford there is certain 1992. Is fantastic everybody was loving them some Ross morrow but your point M and I just can't see. I. I don't see why there's such a far fetched point. So that people are gonna say it's a point everybody to Marvin fluid and an eager to have. Because because every time you don't vote this year your oval for anything this year I think your rookie year okay. If you had a when you have rookie of the year vote him this is a bad example because usually you don't have Brian Rogers went to if you read the gold dust twins beat Jim Rice and Freddie it. Right and you had that the situation real people and out of modern reference Zach and I if I've played the demographic buy ideas that read I appreciate that tees it's. People say oh my goodness I can't vote for Jim Rice and Fred Lynn back to back. I will go I will go to in newspapers dot com archives in the break and find some if somebody is thinking about Jim Rice and Fred land. And and I will prove me wrong I like the kind of their chip is probably be one of their lives over art it's easy to just know. It is JD who would detract from boutique is Nokia is gonna be overwhelmed candidate because of defense that that's just about what you're talking about how how JD mad at. What moved you over the top in the implement a lot that's up is great it's not gonna be the most voters look at. Yet his most voters aren't looking at this team and dated it. We're scared Twitter that's that's left come to realize how much they don't wanna be around waiter yeah I look at what I voted Trout for Tampa whatever was last year I got heat for it. And care that journey. Mean it was duke does or what I I could do I can defend I could easily defend that vote easily easily heiress from trouble to be found on Twitter. Yeah they earned that. 6177797937. The ball number we got the entire band here together this morning I signed it last time ever. Made the last time ever and I are places to be like Wally Pitts and over you're saying you're going to be away forever and then by an admiral do some stupid then and go on its merry way so a month there's a long time a lot of things can happen a month and it's the developing I'm going to be doing the next. Month of Sunday's all while Summerville on it and somehow Gilani and what's its name of the political place and Matt poison Matta police voice and data points voice when they put on the sign. Home of the ice and ice WT AP all lie SS ET. I don't know if you lost me out when you go there's actually a lot of spell does a you're going there too weak and eighteen a key ally as he remembers them in for when you're coming to Thanksgiving Day game. Right there the SE horses Judy debated there or anywhere else we needed the line. And his big seahorse they've salt these in the middle attack wrote yes. I from produce to local market ice cream and a few hours and to see sourcing great lobster Rolston who. Reports are bright Connecticut wants to chime in on two relic in he says he's wrongs he goes right to the top of the Q. O'Brien I get more guys that you're good morning Brian how are you today I'm fine thank you. We were the this idea about like. Baseball teams play off attitude impact seen. The MVP vote for a guy I think I think one baseball player can have. Really it's a memorable act on an overall huge performance. I like trial can. And wins above replacement or whatever you want. A cut of 500. Men and. Bryan Wright limited scenario really quickly. OK if you have let's say move Keyon and and Trout are basically tied in wins above replacement who were giving it to. OK I yeah I admit that that I don't know because I just. What does what it's unwinnable. And just one or more and pay out oh. Or are about what you happened at about eight. Because the round and other baseball players socket at apple and you know one guy in the in the bottom line don't or coat or blows eight or nine game now. I agree with you can't punish Iraq for his team for his team sucking I think there is something to be said something some small monkeys that our team performs. Down the stretch now player performs on the stretch in an important run. Question I have is where do you draw below it if two players are equal. Where's the point where you say or close to equal reset OK you know what the performance matters more than winning team if they're one war apart. Either way which were using aircraft and they are. And and a lot on eaten something like that are sure especially now it. If you rookie is performing at the same level as trial you know in. In you know or one month playoff stretch or something like that but I don't think the team overall performance. Should respect that I don't think you should summarily dismissed a guy from the MP raised. No it is not summarily dismissing it it's a scenario that's probably gonna play out here were these two more clothes and no matter how many how much performance difference would make you overlook. The difference in team performed. I think rookie better just because he is slightly better than the player I think right yield. It got much more challenging position than center field and you got a much better Armand Trout and I think that little new want definition. You. Yeah we don't do nuance and the station Brian sorry thoughts are paying him. Partly to apologize and appreciate Kyle can you put up a poll please. Which people prefer baseball reference or freeing groused when it comes to war. All that's what he's out in war wins above replacement units that we we have to notice. A lot. It's 6177797937. Phone number we get the whole band back together the three best friends show is opt in running Sports Radio WB yak. Sports Radio WEEI. That at the bell kept the ones. He comes home foreigners goes well. Let's go Red Sox. Let's go you have if you shivers haven't you resigned yourself I shivered. Being okay what would you have done it really cool moment be over modulation carried out a little bit whether it canceled you blaming Dudley for that. Idea. Moving on now and. And I think he does a great job he does about the modulated with a perfect for great my body 95 modulation was terrible I. Excellent that's all it and I that we talk but in the morning show me count probably take a quick but this is why voters so silly that. Hockey stick freaked out or shall parceled that double pressures there. The exact same level of excitement from the state. Went for cell that the going to want that to be excited yes but it got a proposal will be tough to force acoustic sound like we're selling just one world's listen slate bookie that's what the World Series and we are really in wood and Rich Hill get us. Aiko Joseph. Would get excited he gets exactly I think I'll probably tell us if we don't get excited over random things and don't talk to do with it because he loved rich still more than life itself you doesn't attend Tito anytime the ball gets airborne to make you think that it's going to be dog not not like god not like troop almighty yen and every everything was high on that was the dad that was bizarre. Let field is I don't know love waiting for it to come down just behind the shortstop and you think it's Dora the monster. I have no problem I have no problem way and getting excited over moments in baseball because baseball's a glorious. It's okay for us to be sincere and and enjoy. The girders from fresher feel to be cynical always. But I. It was a but we attach to find moments in the Red Sox I think there are few days of the year we can set aside to say how this is great baseball awesome guys. And that type of what that I yelled when you were depressed part of me when you go to that got me now looms off the hot it's actually. I Wear my noise canceling it upon which. How a lot of us who complain about other people in the press box chattering during the game was canceling headphones on and ignore these people over. People try to talk to me. If I'm out electricity. In fairness you don't talk back you talked yourself a law by the people wanna talked to her not want people talk during the game. Auto business Erica stream of consciousness and like you it's like whatever but I think that with Alice just sit there and I don't really showed up at a press I don't think it's evident criticism is fair I am in the press box I'm in the radio Booth listening to the adults atone that to an average Joseph distinctly out of watching juggling properly modulate ads in talks to himself more than any human being ever since true but I this I mean probably it's it's a thing whatever but I do talk to you do. With the wind or without the headphones you're sitting in our turn to you I'm like avenue you're talking to you and you're just talking to yourself I don't hear it to them that play from now iTunes is bizarre. You know is where you asked him you know you say I don't hear you know what you're saying to yourself it's almost like you're talking yourself you what you're saying to yourself always exciting move Cuba should be the MVP over my trial. You can't spell VP without them. Yeah but they both start them. MLB move markets and that's. Our 61777979837. Rabid Charlestown up next on WEEI hello rob. What are you guys ought. But a lot of it. Why didn't work out. What it. Again I'd like Richard tell us so. Why wouldn't consider yet. But wall why give their give it to him over sales. I get. Other. Got a well we know it why don't. Went. Down I don't. Aren't so. This is all in. All I don't remember. Backed by a player. Here. Are not the rarest. All I want to. Chris Sale. Entering today has a four point nine wins above replacement. Her fame and grass and thank god all lean. It's not the one I'd go to you know baseball forever war is yet for all athletes in between do we what do pole there we put a poll just posted by the polls as we had to know if baseball reference for frank Bradley Center arena das has a four point zero point Preston's been so so he's seven. In the majors in pitcher. I I was in more detail it. But it does feel like voters rightly or wrongly also fall back on some of the traditional. Statistics when it comes to evaluating pitchers these ties awards of the fourteen and two record. Which I understand you might dismiss a little bit is somewhat of a products are also has he also has the eight past the ERA. Mentally it's if you have that you are gonna win and MVP as a pitcher. Right thought I mean well and any other aspect of these two wins to win MVP is a pitcher if it's also. Circumstantial in the sense that. If there's no other obvious position player candidate in this case there's multiple obvious addition player can't bottle it's just not that it's not a year for a pitcher to you to win the MVP to go back through whichever war you choose and the baseball reference or fan graphs on the Quaker school conscientious objector to go okay. Whichever one you choose it is going to be of Judy Martinez sister Judy Martinez the say he's in the mix he's in the mix for Triple Crown. It's not out of the realm of possibility you won't win the Triple Crown. Yet we're talking about the guy with the 21. Best war in baseball so. Was Miguel Cabrera is war the good that was the big debate right the the NDP debate pitted are getting out there that they tore families apart or communities apart. Was Miguel Cabrera winning the Triple Crown vs Mike Trout. Who had an even the point about the success of the team was brought up that year. One team made the playoffs the other didn't but the angels actually won more games than the tigers they were just the Toppert division. There were so many layers to that again tore families apart and of people that they still. They're the Brothers haven't been able to to talk to each other since. And I'd just start talking yen because it. But yeah I agree it's a good example because he JD markets could do yet that exact thing I don't think he's gonna overtake. That's or out Tuesday for the all the batting average but he's at the mix Ford he winds Triple Crown smoky in trial have these great wars. Who'd you vote for. So this the sort I don't know Martinez but it Devin did it a good I think a lot of people immediately again camping gear at the Triple Crown I'm putting value I don't think there's one guy that's more important to his respective team and JD Martinez is the Lotto I would I would I respect to move that's your right but that's the problem how far some are to some of that some of that is in is in changeable we can't say this is changeable. I ever since yeah a you know what he helped rock field average he helped this guy he had an influence on Zander Bogart's being better hitting behind. It you know what I still can't put that over. The value of playing defense and the fact that Mike Trout and smoky back Ers and Fiji Martinez with top shelf defense. He can't. I get the intellectual argument and maybe movie that is this good without Judy Martinez but in terms of ability on the field usually if you work should go to first. They're different levels seething even more as a player of the year. Although it might the other the other lesser some really compelling argument it's like it's close you get but if you watch TV Marti is the company's patent. But he's clearly not the defenders obviously nobody's gonna make that are that wide that OK but that's. So all those argument to make it around that aren't enough for me to go. I'm I'm I'm assessing the award entirely three different prison and you're looking at a three different ones yet the ambiguity. And in indefensible set of criteria. You already it's it's the idea that not everything in the world even in the world of baseball can necessarily be quantified I know I know that's sacrilege to that to this that had to. Want every single thing to having number attached to it in some way but there are certain qualities. That are just beyond the scope and even baseball reference war and this is true heresy. Or photographs. That's right I is that I don't know what's up and can't but I had a point 76. He's breaking news when we got the in the poll where react with three votes in this either I don't an explosion. I think there any plan weighed myself I weighed myself everything to the few minutes on the league you might Kyle every day you vote and ultimately. What's the update now. You go go back be why he's a banana go back to the Triple Crown congress I have the department of its 6% and 64% before the. And. I think the best baseball debate these days in this age of qualification. And everything can be measured all the ones where we where we set off an angry at the outset we don't have secretary for example on the way over here in my car. After you woke up with a girlfriend report pulled into the fast food breakfast getting weird man Connelly it's all the more he's saying it's it weird. I mr. tangent right as as a he's not defensive at at and at this upset as a subset of this. I have a question about a war going on I applaud literally in the middle of joy are you gonna get angry enough and just a bottom ultimately do we want to and the interruption of local kid in the conversation. I don't know. Mike what he's got an email from Joseph Biden. Let me ask Michael has now known on this about I think discussion along these lines who work or Red Sox players because you don't set out with. A definition of what its core and I can tell you this is how I think of core I don't think the way to the buying court but I I record that the story yesterday and had had a conversation with myself. Who makes up the political war player. Did it to divert I'm being toll so when you wouldn't normally you verbalize it out loud. I'm telling you Chris nobody talks to himself more than half because that's all these things are not and I'm not what I I think it's an endearing quality vision moral relevance or Red Sox player yes or no now. I think about it yes I think he has OC the year ago if you could that is why this is interest. Because you're because. Cor means something different to each view and and that's part of baseball problem people's analytics had driven the game down this is what you're talking out of the group that is really what are you saying that you stop yourself detail laden is getting really convoluted marquee it's convoluted moderate I don't think it's open to an analytics are driving the game down. Because what we need analytics is there's a clear answer that's that's the problem to some degree is it that you can when you can measure everything. And by the way wins above replacement is not a clear answer and I can circle back then amid. The problem is like we know okay exit velocity. Whatever we would we can tell you definitively something I can tell you definitively what makes a core player that's just inside your heart. It's the hall fire. That's burning in that you throw locks on every time you ever heartfelt while driving your car is this guy a core player which few of. More your girlfriend or analysts world object that he you know let's go to IGP in north Providence has gotten out of voice of advice for heaven and earth and they that's a good transition or JP. Gentlemen but we're go to Juan. I don't like. Yeah go to white screen that I greenery and second courts and you bring Eric green light. Of ABBA ABBA right at the bench that the green beret on naked down not matter where I can be. Who knows. Can we put up that polka gala were against apple up to what's that it Alan I would go to the lighthouse regretfully. Atlanta some very long time you remember your last lighthouse Xperia fly east with a Long Island briefly. I'm from New York City I don't want people to get this confused but when I was younger and lived on Long Island way I do remember visiting his audience. Well the ultimately Siemens American partners. We're gonna or not he would now I disagree it's it's Pete's dragon. When the dragging comes in and lights the lighthouses that the ship can come as a study ultimately team news. American word that movie Pete's dragon matters I had. Great him as the White House involvement will be Manning which scared the living daylights out of me at school I cannot department he. You would like Pete's dragon won her opens are now it's a wonderful movie about a boy and his track and I don't like I don't like the boy named Pete. I'd settle these there was before it's a drought of not content tiger factor drag and Hatcher a fair enough who could forget some young adult reader series 61777. Died 7937. Get back some your phone calls also I saw there was a bit of a Twitter. Mean yeah spicy there was little spice yesterday at a ball I don't think. Any of us it did not involve any lesson that not all the morning chip now so we are diving with these core players who were gonna have word of more bitch why I have I like 2012 DP also want to share very quickly you can hop on the hallway just got to self about it. If you had the break and that's fair enough Sports Radio WB yeah. Sports Radio WEEI. Sports Radio W he had flying Charlotte. Bradford. Bradford rally alive and gets an gets bent out of shape. But his name last thank you. Bradford line's relative to consider. Now like don't feel right now I don't know that. We really need to be decided hey it was by the way hip pocket you guys did a whole lot though not just the whole thing right there is Visio and missed free. A conversation I think when your eyes your your money and not and I I usually sing along like it models that do not talk to myself. 01. I don't talk like us because I hear Buick internally. There's no difference. What do you care there's no one's in the I think anything out loud and sandy when you talk why you know. Who sits me. Okay black actresses would argue it out in the press box where you're talking to yourself how many other people are talking like I don't know walking around the time you can't. I think our average muttering I'm not habitually core players if it as it depends on your value so it kind of an existential decision when he really it there's going to be a good look at it in different ways and grabs a war has an advantage of baseball reference pitches well. That's attends a benefit Tuesday. It Tuesday that got I took online personality tests and it was me too he likened likened election would love football you to. Took it. And we we could be it was like yeah yen Jay-Z here would have caught the young now whatever. A tight affiliated one of those once and actually collect astrology which is you know you really can't believe and comedies where it it's proper for something that boiled people and a sixteen different types this is pretty dead at the mailman had. Fantastic who'd you talk yourself that was the question. Now that was known now the question what letter would that make it to about what kind of thinker you warm welcome. Or was it took a one on one talks. You're one is thinking out loud I think. I sound which I'm gonna say I think it's endearing it's it's at these before and and here we heard your instinct. Together and makes me love you more guys on here about how to fix baseball already wanna talk about Twitter beef from yesterday. This due to the principles that says well they're all other fellows Dave Allred lady this this through their call OK and then feel for the tickets in maybe you would pop out via our as soon be figured out loud here now the preakness that's the way it's supposed to work if I get a drink in the vending machines during the break and equitable I don't know one minute while I can go at the snapple as I was at Iowa now but that the media and fans are really great Mitch Moreland a core plan. I'd rather Sammy Connecticut out that was heat today on W the island stand. Hey it can be bought everyone's favorite radio topic. Yeah spelled. Strung out of the gates and he. Talk yeah. Why are fetuses. Again the point isn't the north Sam is Sam is of the guy on Twitter. Right there was the guy who won the one guy yet the one guy into recess offended racing based on I. Relate to order a lot of producers Sam was listening to the rock stations and looking toward dale. It's it's can't help. I diet I got on a nearly as I actually I don't respondent engaged. In the orange order. We've got people ask you lose the great I I I games. I don't know how that how that's such. I'm who don't you gay sound you can gain some knowledge gave them no idea I think I did I'd throw to loosen up and I voter I've been very pure Twitter account I gained a bunch after the the reader. Week from a couple of nights ago that sums up the Red Sox got some retreat from powerful people like me demographic yeah also did we we gave the address. So every one yet as giving readers. Well letters a factory and there was somebody there is TV. Reporter in Maine who responded to weak ratings like a lot of meeting which he wanted to attract Rita down in and duo little human interest feature on this woman he's getting all these pairs of batons while she listens that Tim never joked Steve we don't. It's gonna take much Woodward and Bernstein level investigative reporting yeah now they tweeted the letter with her phone number and address right there yeah. It's. After a cricket. You get people don't know. Add some context to Rita when someone who said she enjoyed the rats like radio broadcast immensely in minutes garden its commitments right now I don't want him on hand and its missions. She's in she's up to use a pick up the pace a little bit because as whenever they read this letter. I was this week's on the Monday I think she was it 25 pairs admittance what's it 200 by the World Series so I've known. You're getting Rondo may play orange bird but what do you pace is not what you think her reaction to lick the bookie that's grants giving she stabbed herself with. Knitting needles and pretty you know pretty dull is that where your brain. My friends I know thinking about oh no matter yummy or bowling it's breaking a baseball haven't we all react the moments like that who you think that that nurture faster Kirkland and Rita. That's that's The Who who would more spunk in them moment. Who had more respond now Kirk Kirk Korea yes I'd. Yeah. Is that freedom of thought actually notice patterns have read. We have an enemy for now I'd never read on that she's your lady she's your discovery. Though she's not she'd she'd discovered herself she self discovers he sent a letter into you. Did you feel like the process you're going through this journey of self discovery and whether Mitch Moreland the core player. I she sent a letter let's run that now it never we we hooked up reader with Fred from there yes. But it way it was right around the time to read it seems very sweet but it was right around the time where there's discussion about baseball the interest in baseball on the demographics. And next thing you know we're reading a letter on the air from an 85 year old woman in rural Maine which is needing me with his whole life it is bizarre you know. It they couldn't be more perfect as is. It is so this conversation happen all week long based off that Chauncey article right. And usually this happens the week of the all star break because you get the demographic of the age of people watching the all star game it's like 55 and that you have your on your way if the conversation this is a week early. Yep and real obviously kept it going with their size things but it it was this is what we're. This was the news of the day this entire week wasn't real Rita ray got. Mean Rita. Rio smoky best Grand Slam. It is a great juxtaposition about how exciting this great game of baseball was a bet you have been you're sitting in the Red Sox clubhouse yesterday. And you watching this tennis match and they're showing five and a half hours. What are you complaining about. Five and a half hour switch on and five and half our goal right outside dollars over Serena Michael Sullivan the committee Michael's assortment teams turned to me and says now we're gonna find out what new -- made a bomb I actually these words coming out of your now. That you don't rap has made other parents it's five and a half hours in I would be gone two hours ago assets to Reno on baseball. This year in lovely reits meets Maine and about Howard or Randolph go ahead. The money government I don't morning Howard. Rugged based vote for if they correct yeah I am thank you wow I had at that hurts us. I have a quite well about you guys don't not an expert. Yet thing out mostly to himself thank you go right to an hour all it's one of the best patriots beat writers out there. And power go ahead. It's very animated I don't listen intently shenanigans go him the format is for a while it does not allow players to come out yet Rico. Is there a chance lately considering either have to. Borrow on the basis why. Well. Didn't know who wrote this. And somebody write a column or something nobody talked about it and others at the beginning of the year Bertolucci. British attitudes you always write the things that it was somebody baseball to be due in ballot as early as the ninth inning in your team's down you combat anybody you want. Yeah dad ever say. I don't think it was her duty but it was some as the baseball expert on this panel idols today that would make no difference to bring demographic and this is one of my issues with this whole like fix baseball thing e.'s eat very quickly the balls into. What if there were four innings and one strike and everything was spared no matter where the ball went like it it really. Very quickly becomes this what it has appointed as auditors their analysis 40 what is it like it is ready by Dow horrendous problem is what it is wet but it. Up Opel Nevin here as reports fellow told me earlier this week when people buy tickets to a baseball game this is what they're getting is only so much you can do. To fix this team that you're going to see question that the house is on fire was burning you'd you have one minute you can only say Joseph Kelly reports though we've. As they view him. Don I'm already because I need it now because your clearly evident that a baseball I eight birdies out and grab differently. About grab it by the collar that are common with me. Luckily I stayed Pope John. You. Can only fit and I say good and it is skinny and yeah I stay isolates you wrap it David Price because you're both very good for business both of there's your answer got a lot tighter landing not a lie it's not a lie I think you at saint ports LO because I think Jim Kelly that. Well has been in and we got all the way back to 21 birthday party I don't know how much more joke kilometers to uncover I think there's more are well on my daughter and me are I want a media star for my story and Japan we gave yourself immediate don't know you gave me the media star. He had to give yet you AB and B star by the way my uncle still does in the media stars are real until he basically sees it cooled distinctive clothing gift card he is not going to believe the media stars or actually we got on their backed BB. They're back this week where where 1145 there are that they're whereas where's my war. Well I price on them burst into the off a one month two guys yes all you need to know made you win this week but they're back. 1145 that can't wait so excited. Did you something else or you're not a group that's also excellent reasons why it's open VP discussion 61777. Ninths everybody every seven. Twitter beef Twitter before getting to that coming up next we get your phone calls as well 6177797937. Brad bowed to rally the Lonnie Sports Radio W media.