Bradford, Drellich & Villani - Paul Gallant is bored with baseball; How to engage young demographics in baseball 7-15-18

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Sunday, July 15th
Hour 2: Paul Gallant has pissed off Tom Caron with his rant about the Red Sox. Fenway Park is always an attractive destination for Red Sox fans, but how can the Red Sox and baseball engage younger fans?

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When. Sports Radio guy. I'll be honest if I were. Not doing Red Sox should be today some in Boston. I'm drinking. Deploying the blue jays at an afternoon game but what they suck they're irrelevant they don't matter about watching Nikki I'm not going to that game. I'm going to get a drunk probably somewhere basically its annual hall and end up stumbling my way home on the tee or something like that. That's what I'm gonna do not. I I just don't find. A game against the blue jays particularly compelled. That's Paul globs that lawyers the first mistake Paul made me right into it that say if I was in Boston. Right I mean now he is so this is Paula blonde who was on the road such review I. I don't think that's that to me that's saying Paul's ball late. He's not here. By why seed why is he on. An X not I'm not knocking Paul I'm just saying there have been aunts and he's not here anymore. Young talented up and coming just need experienced type radio hosts and they don't seem to get run. By where poems dude from Houston I'd I don't understand. I don't get out I'll come I'll come back to wrong with Houston. Nothing wrong with used to develop the news how many I used to work in use Khamenei and had how many how many people on the problem happened this. Okay how many people at 790 using a mobile home like gotten him go how many people on 790 used in our how many stations in Houston in general I'd they have manned by guys that are here in Boston. Not entered this year by troops let feedback consulates. About him is that it that Paula Paula. You know but this is Chris and come back my original point. You know you have to do things here in there and everywhere this. Don't say if I was in Boston if it wasn't in Houston. During this really really good baseball but he also hits every like Whitey say it shortly watch the Freedom Trail to be just hitting every fraud and abuse I would this I. I what is your dagger into yours if you hear you I think about if you really think that and all of the only place he knows I mean. Apparently it's what it sounds fortieth birthday it was painful enough. I'd well I would stagger broad audience there are parents there after getting up at shout out other directing. Other ways to identify treat you I don't late night crowd are they part of the pilot of that era and all I'm saying if it fairness are the late seventeen hundreds that's what it's the most in the mix between a week for a that it isn't so fine we applaud launch in Houston is it past that what he was talking about what would this lead Q how did you let the past I know -- said that was his first mistake. Well that would lead to what is Tom Karen and getting it would be for Tom Karen right right right. You said that the Red Sox games interesting that he would have no interest in watching it although you do a drinking what better place to do and I would argue and baseball game but she's it if it's expensive to do. And the pain albeit expensive wide you can make an argument if your only goal to date. The public event in a home if you were to save money and just forget it just get a six backing and drink by yourself. The custodians of baseball are not helping out and just get a forty heroin just resistant to change. The unwritten rules and hormonal that crap machine. Individualism. Nolan would recognize my strategy Martinis that they went to a bar. And it these guys have no personality. What's the point of watching. You'll think that people recognize Mike Trout dreamer accused of the went to a bar maybe their pain all day drinking their daddy you Brown's birthday it's possible. I try what do celebrated around I think that is in the words of Evan the the campaign is not quite nuanced enough. Duke being Judy Martinez walked down the street in every major leagues in America has not stopped. Now I think you could say that about a lot of people would consider about lot of great athletes and a lot of sports. All the guy has anything to do with baseball's popularity I think the vast majority of the same thing the vast majority of football players. In the NFL if they want you to say OK that guy's big east media athlete of some kind that most people would not know there. We'll keep asking how awesome you know talked about great. By when you talk it anyway and was being recognized and he's trying to sell zone Jersey this right this chris' point use a great point you when you talk about football players. No no chance no chance is if football trouble as is the problem with football. I don't well I think you could are so are always in trouble but not because that's why I know but this is is this the problem of football with football and in so far we get the few soundbites from Paul. And he's talking about what baseball is dead because it's of the conversation that we've been having all week is baseball that you say I didn't wanna go to game is that rather they drank and we don't recognize these guys in the total bar. It's over he's only socialists and also for here I think he's fine fine job I appreciate people from Houston and repeatedly brought me news news what was Tom Karen some of those cons here until we don't redux Tom Tarrant weeded just listen to somebody had never heard of those two radio post game show. By eight telling me Red Sox teams are too boring moments after a walk off Grand Slam and he put a space between boring in the moments after walk off Grand Slam. Or emphasis. I mean our our our our we really being blown away by the sport that we bought to me baseball for the most part during the regular season. Is something that's a line. In the background and yes this is even for professional sports broadcaster. I try to pays much attention as I can when there's like five minutes between plays in action. I mean how much attention cannot. A two point unusual to have that ADD. I'm not be able to pay attention for an entire thing I don't get it high easily. Walk off and a lot my phone and start swiping on bumble and all those other dating asked. I'm going to get bored and eventually do something else when there's nothing happening or when it takes 45 seconds for some crap relief pitcher got five. ER rates would just as you know released and it's out whatever to back east you went just to get into a week and play. Well first and this is your read sector view he's dragged it very hard to you out and drug cure almost the exact same age I'm not that much older than you guys but he's trying very hard to be young. He's trying very hard idea millennial. One that's on what if you know I'd had advocates on I want another like baseball I don't have to eight DD that's when it comes down here all of this all of this. All that's how you fix the sports stuff and and I'm all for. BO sports being forward looking and what can we do better and I think that's important life self improvement self reflection Evan does a lot of that well judged by himself. Oh light. And this of that that's a good thing however it does come back to a point where sometimes you just don't like the sport where I can give you fifty different things that I think would make soccer more interest and they would mostly be stupid. I just don't like side of the ball carrier I just don't like it I'm not going to like it I hope Croatia wins I really don't care and ages with some people I don't iPod while whites. Baseball which OK I don't think Paul now I didn't take that way that Paul made a very original point that'll bring politics going on that in a deity I think. Because they just think that actually 88 he'd he had never heard that hey CDW Canada are pretty. The the the the I think what's happening here is that we have a Red Sox review. Main theme cruise line that you might you'll threatened by this rule. So I'm featuring and should be I have time on everything I can to avoid doing Red Sox are viewed it paid off the entire sees it like being paid could be doing work at skylight going to hole you like going home and gains and privileged to be involved with the rats that they can pass wonderful. And you you're you're actively asking off. That's fantastically people who kill you your job I had to sit there all thought would literally kill you to view he be tried a couple of C. Being in Houston native way it'll work it would when he's told us if there. Like ball a beneficial malbec consulates when he needs somebody from Boston he calls me two gonna show up. But you're from out of poison of some medical authority and I was gonna be back now that's one of my vacation you know you're from Easton. I don't remember I don't think your breath man you know like there than ever talk. Texan to all the time yeah he did not he does not like baseball. As part of it too. He's in Houston he does like pace. People like I don't things that you turn the ball away or your leader right now larger population Houston where would you when you talk about the whole baseball conversation. Yeah hold baseball conversation at 29 hundreds of. What it 29 years old these things 29 he doesn't necessarily wanna watch baseball that's his prerogative he's not alone in that. But as we sit here where this where this Red Sox team. You look at and you guys have been to the games in recent days recent weeks you can tell them the crowds are we're back to the crowds that we had solid five years ago. You look at the TV ratings and TV ratings are much higher than the basketball and hockey there is a a pretty big element to all enjoy. Basketball it's very good ratings the best ratings only the best re not really great into the bigger and nobody. In defense off Austin. Expertise that there third nobody by third if you mean third yes you're correct the biggest review who got the Red Sox but if you mean turn out to the rated you mean third you're absolutely I don't sell an NBC's I don't agree that while talking to you yet ignoring drought for a moment here in and bring it back to arrest him before but soccer to discussions that knock on anywhere for in the last twenty years wine is they've based all of you to Rawlings baseball is dying and soccer the sport in the future America and always will see if I I think I think both of them. Are patently ridiculous. Right some of the baseball stuff is is measured in context is it. If you look at declining ratings in baseball these the declining ratings in everything else because people are consuming content differently is declining ratings you've YouTube make it relative to league average of all you use area there are waiting around replacement is there or are. Ratings above replacement program. I salute some of some of it is quantifiable but it's also. And he needs the NFL then in trouble because its ratings are declining or is it a product largely. The fact the original content from all the trouble because players killing each other retirement please sport that way and baseball doesn't that is what would you say so what would you say has the better long term and long term I mean at least twenty to thirty years out. Prognostication. The NFL or Major League Baseball Campbell Campbell. I would say that Major League Baseball is much more likely to stay relative to where it is now. In line. I don't think there's going to be a big drop from MLB I don't know the growing greater than the rate of inflation but the revenues are continuing to grow into that common with some sort of starting next week and normalized. I won't be here side over here you wanna you wanna numbers that I gave you numbers you look at it when I say one. It held actually said you wanted to evidence. Yeah I like discussions writes editor there's that I wanted something quantify exactly is that he did in solving this is quantifiable Brian I think maybe something I gave you television ratings in ninety he's at the Red Sox are doing better ratings lately you know I'm well Evan you talk about this season all we can do is compare this season compared to the Celtics in the bruins' season. Right that's all we can literally the only way we can have that discussion that no other way in the world I won't look go back ten years ago this compare the red such ratings ten years ago compared with sultry it's not just the rats to help the sport right on ten years Arnold won the NBA title eighteenth and in but we're talking about the health in the sport Boston because Paul go on to said he had no desire to watch that game at Fenway Park begun Boston right not represented but it does that's my point. But I'm sure there are a lot of people in Houston that had no interest in watching the Red Sox and blue jays need to. And make it we can pick of them and rhetoric apart and we're going to with the all star game happens in like you said the demographic for The Who was watching that comes out in the mid fifties and many here at all again. And there are plenty of things to point to is wrong. With baseball. And and including by the way when teams come into play the Red Sox which is one of the best teams in the Red Sox have had an along one time when the most exciting teams threats like the bad along like time when teams come in. Who would you say I wanna see on the other team. Go ballistic teams have come through here you know you'd it to Detroit Toronto Baltimore all like at the ticket to see Justin Smoak. Mean this is this is the other problem that of this year with baseball and attendance is down because of let me give me the long term. No I'm not uploaded because of the injury thing in the other part about you have to factor is the gambling. Is that is the gambling which is now getting better Red Bull to give the gift when illegal everywhere gambling is going to has always helped the NFL fantasy football has always help the NFL they finally embraced it. And now the question is is gambling going to do for baseball what it did for the NFL when this becomes legal is gonna do the same thing. There's always a reason why baseball braced wrapped things like he did a couple years ago right reverend. It's pretending to some degree that it gambling and on all the sports now is rampant in available anywhere nobody other daily and. What a way to that we they're going to win they're gonna have that whatever it was gold not uncle win whenever they. Building and right casino thing yeah what do they call right now they took Quinn's name on that but yeah so what went on and when they're when they have that. And you integrate legal. Sports gambling and that that that becomes a lot different than a let's pretend there's not gambling anymore whatever it is fair and graphs or on Mina. For Angel or. Or drafting or whatever now it's going to be completely different it's going to be taken to the next level and we're gonna get behind it because can be great for money and the team sports are gonna get behind it they would we sought a couple years ago with draft things. Rob Manfred was asked about this what wiser drafting is everywhere you go a baseball signed up and he didn't shy away from it went really. He's talking about I think they could be perceived as gambling. It is can we could be perceived that is absolutely there are great sponsor loves them it's a great thing to do should I am am I hurting sponsor racing there in knowledge and opera and the measles and I really don't know the answer. They have people try to push back on it saying it's a game of skill I think that is easily but it was it was wasn't it bizarre though when baseball the the insecure world of baseball the sense of world of baseball. Is is saying hey you know what that's OK that's OK that's OK even though it's an insect gambling. You know baseball is very sensitive to all that topic there was so much money into it and they knew that it was gonna build the game so much when they know you know. I wonder if this is related to gambling some bit of attention to do you see that the Mets but he warned about teams and yes the we're gonna do it anyway but refuted the Mets pitcher. Henry Mejia was just reinstated right news and three times for diabetes it'd lifetime. Banned from baseball. Commissioner rob Manfred his merciful mighty Mets decided to reinstate me he. Give my final chance at a career. And when I saw this on an idol and even wrote about this took this angle but in my head I'm going interest thing. If somehow a blueprint like eight. Test fire four may be reinstating Pete Rose because as rob talks about as baseball heads in this gambling embracing direction. Well how do you do that and then maintain that ban. On Pete Rose so by reinstating one person who was banned from the game lifetime you've established some sort of precedent that's a legal term. Thank you Chris for appreciated to maybe reinstate Pete Rose that was my analysis when I was driving in my car talking to myself. About the heat of being allowed back and baseballs and maybe we are paving the way for Pete Rose to edit by the way I had no problem Pete Rose. Being reinstated. I would a lot of people don't and I think like music out of the week but apple up there when you're quite the reaction that the and grabs the baseball reference very powerful by. Who what he got 5446. And graphs baseball raced all right I. Some understanding that that gambling is disease more than in the past to amuse looked at as as purely of bison and there I believe now there's a sense of this is an addiction issues something where people cannot help them yet baseball hold it in addition issue that baseball is gonna wrap its arms around in about a year it was so it's a little bit addiction issues yes so people can make money off the wall and then you know screw it and acting maybe we may hampered sees how hypocritical this would be. If they keep going down this road they don't. Let Pete Rose back in after this many years because what is the harm at this point. This guy play again it can be involved in baseball. So under whatever promise he was once been hitting coach somewhere so here's the other argument is that I would not have an issue here's the other side if gambling is more for a all of a sudden that you actually do need to keep Pete Rose as an example for everybody that hey. As you face these pressures as as the book he's approach you when you're the that your your your gas companies you'd you'd better make sure that dude you don't do. How likely end how likely is it I know the Pete Rose to monitor player it's not like that the Shoeless Joe Jackson comparison when you look at. Even the Major League minimum these guys are making half million dollar salaries how likely is it. It's somebody goes down the road. And would have bet on my own team. It dates. An addiction issue an age is truly can't help themselves I guess there are a lot more pressure rewards are so great the too risky it would be unbelievable powerful. Over crime I don't know how these mobs work you'd been booted it you can easily see a situation where younger players somehow. You don't know if you're staying in most people and organized crime or not making a Major League minimum. He organized crime doesn't really exist in the same way anymore but eat it they were making. A few guys work but most of that they were making big money. I don't I don't know oh blackmail almost stuff works I just don't wire. He talked yourself when you went to about from the okay. So we can take some of these calls I am worried about going down the road of though we're gonna save baseball let's have two strikes and a trap door of another guy who portrayed Tom Caron upon a lot of reports put that poll. Roy what's our people Steinberg's vigils knocked on its like nothing New Jersey called flawed should Paul Golan. After after that dean yesterday which was a very expand their very exciting Red Sox game and read such review. Said that I had it would have no desire going the red sized game a nosedive in the park rather be day drinking somewhere. And Tom Karen taking the stance of hey listen buddy this is baseball is exciting and here's an example of. God I think Paul won by virtue of the fact that we heard 10:28 AM in this beautiful sunny morning talking about it. Had a great point eight it is the job raw IED I think I got tired but beat while he wouldn't. We wouldn't be talking about it from the not for Tom Tom carries he had time Karen points out I don't know aren't coming back to plot line a venerable arts hasn't hit that wonderful walk but that's the point beat the the contrast of saying I have no interest in this game it's dom. Right after a very exciting one of the most exciting plays you're going to see I thought yeah let's talk. Is an odd look all blonde clearly a single young man by virtue of his reference to bumble I hope so or maybe he can just say that because he lives that you stand in his girlfriend listening. Regardless we have soon and we infer that he's a single young man so if you're it's let's put ourselves in the shoes of a single young man. Where was more exciting to you. Going to annual hall perhaps picking up lovely lady or man. Or whatever gender. Fluids and that you might be interested in that day okay. Or going to Fenway Park and having the slight possibility of a walk up although we I. Validity what two look at everything everything you've actually I spend your time if you if you don't like baseball. Iraq Iran evident in but I think that we come back to Houston thing I think that this is where the disconnect is because. Up until recently in this town like when course as the other day I think this the city starting to like this team and if there was an element of truth to that it took a long time. For this team this pound to actually care about threats on the burning question. Really okay bye but when. When we're talking about him being in Houston. He probably doesn't have the sense that hey you know when when you're here it's bad place to be at Fenway Park compared to maybe even two months ago which you like that. And really hit it as an independent parking cubs say right now happen. As we see here right now getting the fuel for what was going on if that's what you got yeah throughout the park to get that feel it doesn't hurt. It's the right. And sit there are a lot of people oversee a lot of people are getting that feel just fine on television too would go in essence ratings are doing my understanding it and this was a little earlier in the season tell it like and beauty even in the younger demographic. NASA is doing quite well. So young people are watching games this is a compelling team a compelling product. I don't know they're good enough to win the World Series will see bite right now. Yeah they either worth your time on Saturday afternoon to end to a burning question about the affair while I'm not now do it after the break now stood out. What is this team's identity. Can it done after the break. I would stake my fart app that give me an attitude commitment tough guy. What is the word if you let your answer you give me an answer. You don't we were to secure got about something completely different way it's not completely different because it's related to the attractiveness the appeal of this baseball team. In this mark what do you what do you could pitch a fit well okay court. Do you do you think that they haven't should have an identity a singular. Identity this team and I like new ones you know this. Next month's going to be fantastic news. You we who. For the Red Sox advertisement. Conceded defeat one game. Around town and where I live is. That's us are great for baseball but they're great for Boston based. And we. People are watching and now we have a whole the whole country back home in the Caribbean watching the right size and I think is it's a good team that. Offensively issue is a team that if you're watching the game is cool to see you know duties in home runs monkeys and the same time we do other stuff offensively. Run the bases we steal bases completely defense things. We're grateful. Red Sox are great for baseball says Dallas scoring with not great by the way is Eduardo Rodriguez attendee yelled right ankle sprain. Frank Johnson activated meat scare ever know the to reality is that adding we're about quarter. Email from Joe's our bottom. 6195. PM 2008. Well on the line up on listeners up and take with and we don't need to rush to get on the air. If this group has jumped the shark. The real the conversation robbed and finishes point like he's ever had done a great point Georgia and and we went to a call. Up. Well folks. Right field in the ballpark that you. Martinez back there and let Mitch Moreland at first base. DH sparkled at second base Orton is playing third and Leo. Is catching Jackie Bradley junior the very undervalued and under appreciated Jackie Bradley junior in center field. With Brian Johnson on the mound that usual Red Sox tie up today. I also think that's a slightly wrong use of the phrase jump the shark but that's. Nor that came from hit a high level of education. You know what I came from. Happy days yes happy to find the literally John Musharraf again charred yes there's an episode yes yes that's correct it and bringing new demographic back to baseball so we had Ross Perot reference we had you read is right well Kirk Kobe Abed go to studio it is from fish if you leave you in coworker were going on. Weird like coach lute clearly age specific references did you get any of them now I really didn't that's the new line it was a new one from fish via being. Now finished now with a PH to the death. So I don't understand fishes what Barney Miller the Barney took Miller OK fish I tied at the end I thought actually met finish rehab we have wrote we have familial line through a soft finished the band once they play is a two and a half hour concert I think they've played three songs that are Stoner. I was not. That enamored with them. Cleaned up I just ratchet and I just moved to Vermont it seemed like that thing to do try to fit in with the the local folk and east and manage Ares I did smoke some weed went to a fish show it was. It was a rough night lines are we had there was a Monday at Fenway Park yesterday I know I was who I was and they errors here but I governor Phil Scott Wright is on here what I said when I sat in the fifth inning I almost feel thirties and nobody listened to you brought this please and please I remember which I can't Aaron re saying something and there's not too as not every day that you could to sit in the same seat to the governor of Vermont just moments after he sat. Yes I feel old thirties pros try to play up the whole Vermont day thing a major going to him feel good about their view him. There was a lot of that really there was a long discussion by the way abouts Cabot cheese yes we have been very Elaine a lot of. Knowledge was lax fish. Let's have a cheated when Boston you can walk in the supermarket on the big panel wegmans and you'd you can buy the kind of pre wrapped Cabot cheese. Or you can buy the one that's. Like package I think from the deli and RL there's a difference in the quality. You know what. Jeremy in the car Golisano I don't ages and ages better than Cabot cheese plus baseball Jeremy but. A low they Jeremy how are you today. That's lagged counting on using it as you like your chatter sharp. Doesn't. And it it I do what lactose intolerant so shatters actually black oak tree but oh I call. They'll be amazing if it does it. And. So all I have 41 years old I've used it before the Sox won 2004 I hung on every single pitch. But now these days it's boring you'd. Do you get annoyed with the game watch either price or dice here clay buckled all the offer 45 seconds and it'll take an hour and half between pitches. It's annoying you don't want I want. Yeah there there's a pitch clock it's pretty clearly coming in library guys a dozen but bella bizarre is because news. That it's so obvious what the first step that you do to at least. Carve out a little chunk of this problem and that's the pitch clock we see in the Miley anyone seasons pitch clock says yes that's actually the way to go yet these players. Are saying you're likely tell me what to do you know they tell me how long to take between pitches and Fiorina but I think that they don't really perfect it I think I think that attitude is changing them because as you just said players are coming up with. The pitch clock there there it's more ingrained it's becoming part of what they do in some of them seem to be embracing its I think that attitude. Ease it's kind of a David Ortiz esque attitude and those type players have been around for a long time they're moving out. And that that the overall well are you give us the example you always give your keys thing when that rule came out. Where he he freaked out. When they told him he couldn't step out of the batter's box remember that he freaked out and then a year earlier and he says on these airwaves. He says you know what I was wrong because it means you'd better hitter I was thinking about the next pitch and says the last. It's just a stubborn yes it's a stubborn it's with the east with these players with it you're right Chris there's a lot of them may be the majority of them were saying yeah this is the way to go. But until they actually put it then we aren't there. Part of the view this is the difference between you and me you're you're you're hearing what they're saying and taking at face value simplistic way they're using his bargaining tool rob the union is very angry with the bleak right now. In the league wants this so the union. I understand that everybody's moral very important to you more but that usually the players now a player is doable now I know there are still some players who don't want. In here's the thing out and say you that's all well and good but until it's implemented. Then they are under the umbrella of not wanting it hurts it. Exactly my good friend Tony mass with a terrible terrible show at 6 o'clock it will be. Though they wanted but for reasons other than the clock itself. They're they're they're they want the clock the reason they they are pushing sport they want the ball on the issue they won't let it used to Mike and he stated that leverage rule. And he defiantly. Like pornography you you know when you see it John Maine guide. Yeah I do it. Well let's say I agree without it was a line that. Soccer will never be more popular than baseball America. A 107 agree that I've always opt out. As far as we gain. Being boring. I felt so weak but I'm puritan and I don't think he seen anything make it better. But when accurately that that we have to accept and that belated. Disagree with how do you tell your port in the world I'm I think he's boring Egypt chaotic but yeah I mean it's boring but it just got to accept that I hope you got. Yeah yeah the IA I think John I think you're right I don't think you say. You just accept everything about it and that you can't change it but there as the the game as the game right you are connect. Start a guy you guys are gonna start with a bases loaded every in new York and it changed it to a 102 pitch clock there you're gonna make dramatic changes but you can't make tweaks to this end and that's where you say to your son Jimmy. Or wherever he is saying hey you know what. There are change we can make that make it better. That's sick by yet can't force it on these kids. It's weird you mentioned Chris that the NASA and ratings the demographic is down that is entrusted to me I mean I'd be. The dam the younger Democrat Russ up odd odds are yeah yeah yeah sewn yes sends him yet but yes we know your youth and these other I really mentally demographic is down meaning the V8 the amount of people who are in that demographic median age is being pulled down yes so then you might think the left from her since I've been on behalf that brought the median age I'm gone from the median age being read is 85 down to you Pete Sheppard held the seat. For now. He's got to be used fifty forty right around there whatever it's being sound very young when I talk to him. What is taught you that I was on his on a show I don't find show on what you're cousin molested as well. God knows what a dollar. And well thought out Chris and I were having a nice conversation. And I decided I asked Chris I turn to Chris my good friend Chris won the united said you know do isn't that a little strange when we're talking about the demographic being so high in baseball. What we're seeing this year and is maybe it's only with a Steve I think baseball's in trouble this because this so many bad teams but if we're focused on Paul blog not wanting to become the Fenway Park in this whole thing right it's right in front of us. It is surprising to me that they are getting better rating from the younger crowd even when you have younger players it is the same game read. Attendants are difference you can you can sit at home and and maybe the younger crowds more inclined to watch the game on television related Jonathan fine right now it that is we don't doubt that competition has come and gone well we will leave league average at him Kennedy but it would be interesting to know with the attendance is skewed younger as well because you're inferring from the rating McKim can even do. I gave a third everything that they know the age of the people that are coming through our health Judah. Let's get somebody there counting and how he would do well at all and I believe season ticket holders probably provide. The lead. So they could lead to those of season ticket holder David ebitda go to telling and its friend older I. Right that's undoubtedly is not a twelve year old that it had season tickets went into this nation in the kids' nation is as much would it be interesting to know if we're kind of ratings that show it if if you know what if young adults if adults my age increases age. Who might be avoiding homeownership. Or actually interest in season tickets is that content younger overtime Rebecca and older it's Davis that's information we don't. I don't think that's a great example because I think that when you're talking about the people walking up and buy tickets this of these young people these are the spur of the moment people. These are the people would say that wanna go deedrick now wanna do and at Fenway Park. As I would do Ager can end up at yeah. And start around 11 o'clock or so muted by the opponents say let's bring my apartment to a two and Eduardo Rodriguez is a tutor each linking to me. Which appeal you just get tired at 6 o'clock in the article but that's why again what I cities trying too hard that's wanted to be blunt you hate Paul. Hate him I think people I think he's a decent guy I don't care I really don't like it is an advantage out. I loved do you think he's gonna take my job is legal reporter. Now I don't think he's gonna take my job as Red Sox review he's gonna take my job ESP and now I don't you take my job defensively not only here are like the minute break him. Mean like the person he thought very solid look at somebody from you know 2000 miles away was was gonna take my job I think I'd be a little. Movement worry about me taking your gem. Always. Common. I could and knocked out that book in things that are without it chip 36. We always defer its 36 what is chapter elephants and I don't say 36 while. Would match after thirty some excellent look at Joseph has a now in my copyright here Joseph Hagerty. Chapter 36. Chris Sale. 37 to 2011 collapse of the moon that's again on ten to 36 ranked. Eccentric characters in a space man and oil can't play this is my is something there's something unusual could nobody's ever talked about bill Lian oil can Boyd is eccentric than it did the whole book is meant to be range topics on the recycle we start let me start Peter Gammons. Right out the top as and delete quote your games in my dream last. That's weird. That's what is unclear to us evidence that he's out weirder let me just like Curtis hates you that in 837. Lines are full of promise you'll get your calls now I've been much better you'd. WEEI. I am proud that they jump back to call think the only way to do it is just to do it without one of these guys jumping inferred so let's go to Chris in Wellesley alum Chris. You're on the air bad. I'll. You use I'm on the right now when he wrote it out on my way in apparently after the game but did in my generation. Are going more for soccer because soccer is 45 minutes away no commercial break. And then you're out time out panel and they arguments on this another 45 minute. More and more younger generation is starting a quality. Like Premier League because of that because it is shorter game it's quick note commercial breaks up. We consider that for awhile though Chris. I mean I know you're saying and I agree with the then they won the instant gratification over. Your best Christmas and that more people his age actually likes you think you're truly more soccer fans that are torn URL percent that you know I have a debate about what it was Chris hold on I was talking you in Europe to meet you Don. Chris Chris does this mean are you talking okay go ahead and say what you need to start. I grab a matching set but I go to school in Virginia and Virginia where a team that national quite as good. Not many kids my age are just dead and they all lot more than are going to soccer. Well I comes it comes back to every time someone brings up that argument what Gilani said before we've been saying this forever for the future always will be. And I am going to be I am going to put the World Cup game on my DVR and be riveted to it every single moment. Yeah it's I think he's RT what's in the trending now I don't think we'll all read it not for the World Cup. That that no we don't know what does in the turning now calling a true if it were denial of Kyle did not put it in the trending now. And US beef who is in the World Cup final today. I would imagine really think about it and you frantic Croatia and Great Britain were involved in another team do you think that. This World Cup in Iceland ice and do great run to second World Cup tie. But because the US is wasn't and in the that's a big part of that we read on the camera out side on the women's side were ever again but on the men's side we we stay I got irrigated I remember last World Cup people more people paying attention to guess and an end on this talk about my US and Belgian mayor Marty well I hosting viewing party at thirty year old it's good looking people that I hang it right. And what you happen right where all the people talk to themselves through this hanging together we're not Harkin World Cup I think the non US last US not being involved it's on the doing that I will say they'd Chris. What he said it. Is right that's my favorite thing about a sport that I don't really like that much in soccer it starts exactly when they say it's going to start which is nice and it's two hours unless they've got to go to penalty kicks or overtime when they go to the site. Well why mention tennis that those tennis matches the last couple days in you know five hours six hours and in my goodness yeah and a clock and those tariffs of and so what it also but the other thing is no one seemed to really mind. Amid because it's more records is less well. You have it's just so long no matter what we know it seems to Montana's activity comes back to it Eddie comes back to no matter what. You're if you're going that long you're building up this but I think that's also a tough comparison because this is Wimbledon that the equivalent of like a fourteen inning World Series game are people really gonna are ALCS laughable really but I am I going to is better because you'll only going that long because it's a good match with baseball. You have some of the worst games of all time you before our ninety games in a terrible game because you're taking out pictures all the time. So. So I have said that are wildly the anytime somebody goes to. The let's fix baseball by having ties and you'd yet start with a runner on second and extra innings. That's and he's done in the minor leagues I understand it begins. It's not about winning games but developing major leaguers you wanna bird pitchers OK fine get guys off the field I don't really mind that however in the with the you don't. Those maximum wanna take this call we're gonna take this call so he should as he thinks he knows stuff well Arabia home you know. I know nevermind nevermind I got one more hour and change and have to deal with these sons of bitches for the next month that it's going to be fantastic early in the cargo ahead. Underdog a ability. I'll also point on all. You guys are you riding with Chris. Now down now from Needham outlook forty year old two of the game at the same can be at the gate. Both have our human down both halves of the need and wells the rivalry represented like this. I cannot two point outburst pointed about you know the ten to twenty year old who are getting out of that game at least from my car crisscross the all and then my other point about younger generation. As far as younger it is. The Milpitas and video game and when I was younger I used to get to know these players a plan and we'll be whatever whatever field in the. They don't act now they have the show Brad getting a chance for Billy and I are on four. On luggage or video games and exits the so you're complaining about the lack of an Xbox. Yeah that'll that'll happen. It's only for yes or there's no taught at adequate equipment computer on and they. Plays cross right. You are German made car right now. Off the German made car. You talked years ago. They tell you the cloth is very expensive. License and let him so let me move. Wheldon. Do you and the it's your money. Yeah this area be dude so we we talk a we're talking about you have a WA 330 year old Sydney here is talking about the state of human baseball up on almost gonna ask I think you are now on how they recognize that setting up the question. Russell got a radio than you she should have been able to tell them it's why is he threw to I was attacking it. That you always have to name rock riff and then Chris I well after you're not allowed you can't picture I mean and expect them not to go back at you that's how this works. Like north saying I wasn't. As gonna pass Billy not Brad is Brad the what next one on the line on Bradford hadn't yet you know assessment rob us of the game on yes S the only guy idol when I want to write for Kyle I will turn to you would ask you without avenue in Iraq thing. When you when you talk about baseball when you talk about going to redeem we have two people were going to redeem right now. Is is this like such an aberration on my eagerness to twenty year olds are going to a baseball game it is it is it only because it's this team. This this city or every duet ready desire are you and Paul blogs camp where you just wanted though. Across three bright and you'd rather drink there instead of a Buick tickets for the game on the total loss and I would rather go to the game but I think that I'm also rare in that category and there's more people my age. I renegades broke all day and just hang out rather than go to Fenway Park as nice weather yeah shore. But still it broad. We see we see that the ratings on TV operate Kyle. The park is full of people and Evans charting every one of them to make sure they're old enough ago. So this this past their house and you try that's a real and people are going. And I think part of it at the age staying and island was member's bill. In Needham pointed this out when he started about it being mr. rich needed kid is for a lot of people their Taiwanese unlike all of us or our thirties. All of us in this conversation around or in our thirties. We get cute thirties would Stearns senior thirties and you twenties on the biggest differences. Now at least you should have some money wrote yes Aaron you're thirtieth serve well and that that's more your forties until time gotten there yet are talking yourself but says for Evan that was all along. But yeah got a little bit of money so that's another. Reason why you might prefer to go day drinking whatever and you 26 years old you can afford it when you're 36. Now all of a sudden open ticket to a baseball game to expense of David when you can afford it this is also a. I'm commitment and I there's also a time commitment when you go to a game. It seems like a for a lot of these people is simply a good idea of the time you go to a game. A moral baseball game it's a great experience but believe me as someone who took young kids to games and everybody can relate this of young kids. It's like go to Disney World when the first time when you have kids you don't get to check off the list. But then when you get there like a maybe this wasn't a good idea to take the boat ride through nap time you go to a baseball game you get to the third inning where is the moon bounce and left field. I can only show up so much food down this can throw. Well I was and it's the game on Friday night but you know somebody was there a few friends and behind them were. Some little girls with their with their parents. And it became an exercise in bribing. The kids and that's exactly what Dennis we'll get ice cream on the way out we promised to get a stayed for six more that's something like that that's exactly what it is in and that's not a pro baseball problem. Hey guys am I right now I don't think they intellect though but that's what we come back to. Hey you know what it's baseball that's what you're buying the ticket for its not gonna. Shaving nine minutes off to gain is it gonna make a difference for that parent saying that that cared. Justice execute something nice and yet and I know that's tough club crest. It's 6077797937. Another hour to go. I'm media stars 1140 manually cars are citing 1145 a lineup is outs in life is good here on Sunday WB yeah. Hurricane Callahan. Was your favorite chapters the picture in the air and told if you chapter is Paul knows. Line more honest I think what I was like a car everyday you are the non Chinese trawler that was are so old great shot that form a we're obviously very crude example will never be ready. Gerry Callahan mornings by thirty you can watch Sports Radio 937 WEEI and WEEI dot com bust. Icy threes it's just sixteen points.