Brady's book isn't for the common man and Midnight Moron. 09-21-17

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Thursday, September 21st

In the second hour Alex continues to talk about Tom Brady's book and all the problems he has with the book. Lawrence O Donnell is the star of the Midnight Moron segment and him losing his mind in between segments.  


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He skis and late night on Sports Radio telling you guys let's get it going with the Alex Roemer on late night on Sports Radio to. Yeah. So expect the first hour of this show. Railing against Tom Brady. This book the TV twelve method. I love the pictures and it it dreamy eyes. My favorite part that are of much use the rest of it. Filled with other common sense like eat healthy. Stretch. For quackery in the house and alkaline diet all to supply ability training stuff that. A muscle a professor of muscle physiology told the New York Times it is. And I lost the word that island so much it is to to do what is this news. Like can I find out balderdash yes Stewart Phillips professor muscle physiology. And McMaster university in Ontario calls knot breeze liability training balderdash Brady wants to make your muscles soft. Professor says your muscles are soft and your muscles are sick. But these brain exercises that out while have been debunked a company called little mosque city. Also produced a lot of these brain teaser exercises that pre talks but in the but the FTC fine in two million dollars a couple years ago. Says their games into anything we stop selling them so it's not a common center quackery. In the TB twelve method 6177797937. So I am not a fan. I am not a fan except for the bizarre. Pictures here that's the seductive pictures. You haven't Brady. I'm sick to say the Bill Belichick act. Is not a fan either I of course this was the topic is your down until it stadium yesterday on Wednesday. I've Belichick was asked he's going to buy the Brady but figure him on little question for the coach. Except well he has not wasn't having much fun with it. So ballots checked into Arabia on back imports and a little bit here's Belichick's response announced about it TB twelve. And you know she confidently. Put him under both. Okay. Right how does Pereira coach other dogs Carreira you know Guerrero is Brady's. Body guru his mind to guru. The master of Tom Brady's body the reason why he's so good how much Alex Guerrero went what are your thoughts on him. Her whole team. He's here and what exactly. No do people. Person can be taught. It's out. If you look at some of our players. And that's pretty well documented. It's not on staff. Who unchecked clearly like no not buying this book. I don't wanna answer your Alex Guerrero questions. And I said wow that is a lot of animosity from ballot check towards Guerrero in particular. Why the animosity well. This story's been forgotten but I think it's worth bringing up Boston Globe published a report in December 2015. About how the patriots paying ETB twelve sports therapy sent her odd to provide treatment and nutritional advice for their players. Often against the wishes of the team's medical and training staff. According to the globe and when he fifteen the patriots pay dissenters market rate of 200 dollars per hour to treat their players. Now here's the Belichick parts of becoming the globe also reported that several members. Of the medical and training staff have approached Belichick with complaints. About the partnership. And Guerrero is nearly unlimited access to players on the club. A source with direct knowledge of one such complaint recalled Belichick's response. Tom wants him. What in my supposed to do. So you read that globe story from 20:15. Tom Watson when am I supposed to. Patriots sending their players to Guerrero against the advice of the medical and training staffs. Pellets Jack apparently annoyed again a source says when he broach the subject Belichick goes Tom wants him. When am I supposed to do. Patriots reportedly allow Guerrero and operate them players inside of her room and Gillette. They regularly grant him sidelined credentials for their games. Even as Pereira was undergoing a out fourteen month investigation. For practicing physical therapy without a license he's being investigated and still on the pat sideline almost every week. We now much of a control freak bill ballot check ins. You know my question is. Belichick probably v.s Guerrero is somebody who's impeding on his ground. Like OK fine you can work with Tom Brady bite you gotta bureau and ruin my locker room you gotta be credentials on my side line. You know this seems like something that's out of politics control. TB twelve sports therapy center of course room prime real estate and patriot place. Estelle OnStar from Gillette Stadium. That is a craft operation that is not a bill about tech operation. So it does not seem as if Bill Belichick is buying into the hyper on the TV told method. Certainly does not seem as if he's buying to the hype around docs Guerrero. And again you read that globe story just cited from December 2015. And you wonder if Belichick views it as an encroachment on his power and his control. We know that special rules exist for Tom Brady but is that something that even Belichick today is a hard time swallowing my man. You're not going to be our program fine. And I get it try to persuade other players to not be on our program either with this guy who the FTC. Has sanctions time and time again. This pitchman for phony cancer cure is. This guy who makes phony concussion prevention drinks this guy who's been investigated. For practicing physical therapy without a license this quack. This wire. You can have him on our sidelines again I refer other players to him. Belichick is not a fan not Terrero. Not a fan and on came out today. In his press conference. 6177797. Nanny through seven is your phone call gonna miles has been waiting patiently. In New York miles what's going on. Hey Alex and thanks for taking my call. I don't agree that calling the book use are stupid and if I'm looking to really. You know become a professional athletes not gonna happen because I'm stupid pork or that I don't think it's to escalate. Really people plot by Tom Brady care to con people I think he really believe that skull. I grade he went by as a hook line and sinker absolutely he is it true believer no doubt in our line one true believer. Put your life. Well I think that there are I think got the stuff that they're peddling it is a wise you know I think I think when you talk about the ousted alkaline diet and the importance of it. That is alive and has been disturbance that's what I mean by now. They did their their deceiving people. Perhaps unknowingly Brady's deceiving people but he still deceiving people here I. Okay well I just I mean book artist I'm a fan of course while I'd be calling Sports Radio where it. I wanna believe that it is a good guy. And it's art you know injury report Scott. I don't think you lying about the applicant is known at Belichick likes to mess with other coaches have a psychological advantage. And that's enter what editor. I've known joke I realize you when you're talking you're calling you know you in early like that she works technically right about that. So our miles of magic can't rely on injury porn is against the league rules to lie on an injury ports then you're saying treats. Well better than the patriots who lied on injury ports everybody knew in the NFL never putt I mean Roger Goodell we Saudi did to Brady during deflate eat right. Clearly doesn't go easy on the patriots here to tell me that everybody knows the patriots have been lying on his injury ports and no one's done anything about it. Yeah okay I mean maybe. I mean are back there and could ultimately have a doubtful work the patriots currently does not think they where we're still bloodied body. And it was more like king mention I don't think it was a lie like. And I didn't affect the outcome and again. But then forget injury report into my housing just use your head here do you really think that Tom Brady hasn't had any shoulder pain since 2004 at all. In thirteen years. No of course sure certain in Bangkok. That's a lot so when he says that that is the line when he says and I know soldier pain he has had some of the pain he has to. To quarterback in the NFL. There's varying degrees of pain. In after injury maybe it would wreck like I would just say one good thing about the book. They can I have interest and it just from the perspective. Of being inspired. I haven't read it snake eating its complete opposite lock and crap. Like just the fact that he got our long a lot of scientists. And doctors just the fact that he cut the unbelievable career any right thinking doctor or scientist would predict. The great couldn't do it and he has done it in the confederate and firing. That's one of the recent what people laugh Tom Brady so much. Sure and and that's only happens that's is proof yup he has no studies to back this up is no additional research to back up these claims. But his play on the field bomb their ego forty years old better than ever help you than ever. He says he's faster than ever again I'm not sure I really buy dot. I think his mobility in the pocket has increased I think it's pocket awareness has gotten better certainly. But is he faster. Than he's ever been at forty. Again I find that really hard to believe but there's no way you'll find out because there is they're they're they're not held accountable here this is just it's just one guys view. He's peddling it is backed and people are gonna buy it wastes when he dollars I think Jack in the car Jack what's going on. Nader Alex. Our new science that's actually you do it that I doubt whether or not these apps that B he ran forty cop by. You better or forty at practice all I had to go all quote where they need to practice a don't you bats. We were pretty well you don't picture that off by you why he's certainly better shape now there's no doubt about that. Which state that was I was fortunate hopefully we'll all Wear yours college the patient creek so. I can tell you that they're that the art that I read about it. Op I think it like it it's added it's the sub watch the eat up. It they can buy up but he wrote about it especially if at all about the are you sure are directly off what you that it was the affect. I wanna believe it meant oh this has worked for me it just at that's why I missed you guys ought not try all light but I period we're also. Our work with appellate that it that aren't. A couple of different property. That are we expect to help the people they're weak and it. They peak or topic all it after Al Hawaii I would but he Opel are now they'll leave it right. People you get all the calories you eat better. In a letter to Google what Carter. Up at all that we now I know he. That the treaty that right now also edged last week would speak. Spiritual or. I don't want you quite accurate that that is what which are all out there that they. I'll add it up with a lot yoga. Up but it bears get older. Like it that's it's it's pitch like inside her op Spock about it. Got a picture we don't get tight. It battle out there that we're ready to vote should I I proper art show our ports. Are we with cal. Are you talk about what Al back just wait ball. Well you know I I play golf with realistic at all what are its you know they don't he did to hurt it yeah. Building at. I want to root out there a suspect religion the date and wrote about they're. More op that's fraught with some people look question error certainly does it though. Have a weight problem cheers. All players not only the right people. How big. An idol lately there's a real right guys off late are up right it took all of question all her judgment regarding the rock whipped up a rare he would want it. I know I kind of look at it that way if if it worked for it that's where it struck at will we get up for it yet why your fault that. We are rep but it at this black op. People are why I. It is the L Brit is vital that they are. Not that you have the chipped the plate that. Indy they get we'll it'll latitude especially with diet it's quite billion dollar district where you know get a little of oh I guess latitude in what you are but I. Now. Yeah I would I knew I would buy that book you know you can JaJuan are really ridiculous which. You know or go get a ideology. Absolutely jacked I now and bank thanks for the comment rap against the break yeah absolutely on. Yeah there's a lot of truth to align the supper he says right I mean yes I believe you need yogi need Pilates that constantly weight training and porn and pressure and strain on your muscles is not good. And raise right on the money with that stuff by. Again that's mourn the common sense kind of thing I mean that's stuff that anybody can tell you that's not unique to Tom Brady that's not unique to Alex Guerrero. You know be talked about again this intensive. Viability training in talking about making your muscles soft well again a professor of muscle physiology. Told the New York Times that muscles are softened muscles are sec. He says that's who we that's crap now that's wrong that's not how it works so. The plight some of the viability stuff is woods yet but the explanation habit that Brady says is just you know word salad. And they're they're applying it runs so. Some of its common sense so that is quackery. But ultimately if you're buying this Nagin treated as gospel. A means that you were following a cult of Tom Brady because. That's the only evidence that he's putting forth his play on the field. 6177797937. Is your phone number Tom others receive you there. We'll get teen acts wanna sound off on this and I think the brewing wrapped. Between bella check in not Tom Brady the player but Tom Brady the marketer or should we say ballot check in TB twelve. Think that's that Belichick school with Brady the quarterback not court TB twelve some pretty curt answers today when asked about Guerrero in the Brady buck. And Brady I think with a little uncontrolled responding won't play that sound for you next and WEEI don't going because sleep. Is for losers back to more with Alex Raymer and late night Sports Radio KI. You know she confidently. Coordinator of the book. There. Like for health care provider of fifty every day he doesn't need to be the through it for Christmas. Pretty long and comfortable Posner on. Like it seems like you click we like yellow book yourself that yeah there at the like they have that electric definitely sounds like in my it's almost like slights like when Brady was asked about his relationship with what may what. Similar kind of pots similar kinds applies Belichick not down. With the TB twelve method now. Fine book seats on every day. Ask my dogs Guerrero. And in any more thoughts on a bill now. Seemed buoyed by the team now. He works for their players that's been pretty well documented whenever Belichick says. That's been pretty well documented means that is out there stop asking me about it you dummies. That that is that is Belichick code for shot the weep op when he goes it's pretty well document. In this Boston Globe story two when he fifteen again talking about how. The patriots and players. To ox Guerrero. In the TB twelve senator. Against the wishes. Of their training in medical staff. A source with direct knowledge of one such complaint because Belichick's response Tom wants and what am I supposed to do. So I think Belichick he's not Guerrero as a necessary evil with Tom Brady. It's Brady's guy. Brady buys and rate things Guerrero is the prevailing reason why is still the best quarterback in the world at forty years old. And if he wants him. On the sidelines even as he's being investigated for practicing physical therapy without a license if he wants them in the locker room okay. TB twelve center stone throw from Gillette Stadium that's a craft operate Sunni controlled the rent they control the attendance there are not balance Jack. You know I think Belichick views Guerrero as a necessary evil with radiant thinking gets annoyed. When he feels like Guerrero is impeding on his and his medical staffs. Work. And you read all the reports about players is getting sent to Guerrero in TV twelve Greg how is he now. Buying in to some the regiment and they think that a noise Belichick you mean we know that Bill Belichick the ultimate control freak. And he doesn't like cede ground to anybody and dot I don't think he respects ox Guerrero is medical work. I don't think anybody Qaeda again aux Guerrero. In the TB twelve method Brady introduces them out as. A guy who grew up in California and city traditional Chinese medicine in college. Brady forgot to mention that the Chinese medicine degree that girl holds. It's from the now defunct samurai at university of oriental medicine so awful. We know that the FTC violations. The phony cancer or pitchman. Phony Blakey catching prevention drink which Brady endorsed. Apparently wasn't that effective because Gisele told us this year Brees had concussions in his career dot. Wes Welker also endorse that strengthening after work for in my there. So it's clear that Belichick I think he's Guerrero as a necessary evil with Tom Brady. In his annoyed with where is constant presence in the locker room. And I think perhaps annoyed that other players and I'm going to Guerrero going TB twelve and circumventing the patriots and their medical's. 61777979837. Or here's the to a clock let's go to Tom in Westwood Tom thanks for waiting. Me and appear that your your recruitment rose amid. You know I ma. I'm computer but I just sucked. A few yes towards your talking about. You know not been shocking a lot of vegetable rights league in natural incensed and yeah. And then. There Guerrero we all don't get a paper degree in the enclave all sorts are preying on people's emotion. We're also. There's karma for the you know there's a god university and in that university get him I think people's you know what these my question but when. You can imagine. You're talking. With all the players right. Hundreds of interactions can you imagine a variety of play yet here in Asia should make that just you know are his back. They shouldn't Taiwan but huge huge actually right in all the other thing we're assuming you're saying Belichick things. A man look confused on deep they come over exaggerating what Belichick may have meant today with his dismissive comments. No I think you're right it annoys him and fighters and marketed to but it clicked it you aren't new issues right imagine. Interact using complacent. This is they get up I heard and seen that. You're going around what you call. What you see on the bench so an opiate till they're trying to. Q you an idea of alternative homeopathy natural which you'd be sure well is all they ever do so he got some stupid. Perhaps one bad angle. Now unfortunately takes away from the essence witches all week at the trial group thing. I agree time that totally and let's I'm not know Buick guy I mean I think I've been following in FL painkiller lawsuits I think it's disgusting mean not painkillers that these teams just. Dole out there Willy Nilly but I'm not sure that if the answer against that is to go do the opposite extreme which is out Guerrero you know there's there's a happy medium. Right in. People forget. Surgery you have to have the opiate the what they call the the basis for all of the pills for the world. It's from the opium poppy so when you have an addictive factor in particular ballot mountain now they warn you they tell you they in my view. They cut you topic you'd get chosen state locked up in your box. A leaked or stark wake people up to the effect as people end up in the streets ruined her life in an impressive each. Totally yeah I mean I'm not nope we're diet off I think they're an evil more times than not. I caught the medical as nation of society. And you follow this story about NFL teams in NFL doctors doling out these painkillers without the proper prescriptions people not authorized to dole them out. Are doling them out so certainly listen I am. You're an NFL player. I don't think you should be be holding your team's medical staff I mean it that is an inherent conflict of interest rate eighteen doctor. Who are they looking out for it looking out for you are they working out for the team while they're collecting a paycheck from the teams in the day you know where their allegiance probably lives by. You have to go to the opposite end of the spectrum in go to Guerrero. You know a guy who the FTC is sanctions a couple of times. Under investigation for practicing physical therapy without a license eight proven quack. We know all of that and guys you were saying Tom Belichick is the ultimate control freak. I think 888 probably v.s Guerrero is a nuisance right so. A medical personnel goes at the met member of the medical staff goes up to one. It complains about prayer as presence of somebody else complains mercker is presence that's another thing you asked the deal went. That he doesn't want to you and we know ballot check how much time and effort he puts it to the program how seriously he takes his program here. And I think he v.s Guerrero as impeding on that and that globe story in 2015 again the money quote. From that story about a patriots are sending players to TB twelve against the medical staffs wishes. Tom wants them. What am I supposed to do. That's a Moneyline light there and Guerrero got a Super Bowl ring a few years back. Who's in charge the Super Bowl rings it's not Bill Belichick it's Robert Kraft who's in charge of putting who's in charge of the tenants that. Patriot place that's Robert crop that's a crowd spam so who. Ensured that the TB twelve sports therapy center and be a stone's throw from Gillette Stadium that's not Bill Belichick that's Robert Kraft so. Absolutely we know that Tom Brady operates under different rules. We know the Belichick puts up with doubts and we know that he puts up with Guerrero because Guerrero is Brady's died by when he comes to Guerrero is constant presence around the team. When it comes to players going to Guerrero and not going to team doctors. I think Belichick has a problem with that I think he views it as an unnecessary nuisance. And I hate being that was apparent in his real curt answers today when asked about the TB twelve but. And Alex Guerrero. But you know again you read through this whole block. It's not all garbage there's lots of his stuff in there that used fall eat healthy sleep writes. Yo guy. Stretch your muscles. But you know again that's not specific to great braiding Guerrero in the stuff that is specific to braiding Guerrero. Much of it is proving quackery. And we are karma it's this last hour it's a real good points. If your your average GO. So much of the stuff is just unattainable. You know again Brady talks with the importance of hydration. But Benny tells you a tap water spring water and filtered water is bad for you. This well Brady says of a top wired quote drink tap water only if you filter it first. Which it raids of many which gets rid of many impurities. OK fair enough so hollow that filtered water well. Distilled water is purified. And any containment. Unfortunately it's also been stripped of its mineral contents which means it doesn't give our bodies and nutrients it needs. If I were drinking distilled water I would also odd electoral lights on gastric and purchase electric lights. TB twelve well would you know what it once it's this Brady says about spring water. Many bottled waters contain bacteria in chemicals. In addition. As a result of their popularity and demand. More than half of all Bob waters whose label claimed to be spring water or nothing more than treated tap water drawn from multiple sources. So okay. So Brady says stay hydrated drink lots of water. Fine but then tap water filtered water in spring water I either three types of water that normal people drink. Not guide not guide Brady says the only water it's actually good for you. Is purified line. My question is what the hell is purified water. Honestly you're talking about his diet right tight you need. Warm property foods cold property Fuji big appear not not to do this cliche but he picked appear. A mother of three. Shopping at Shaw's. Or market basket. The yeah you think to be asked the cold property through dilate they can get an answer I think they don't get laughed out of the store. I mean come on all of the stuff is good if you have a personal stuff like Brady at the F Brady's bank accounts if you have the time to put into all this. Then networks but so much of the stuff is simply just on the attainable for the average person out there and. It's the TV twelve method for the 1%. People ask me know who's the market for that Tom Brady nutrition manual. What's the market for the TB twelve method what's the market for the hundred dollar infrared jam is. The market is like rich gay men in the south that. Honestly my people and I can say that those are my people that you got aside go to parties assault and you see the nutrition manual. And on the east tasteful copy tables. This TB twelve method to mean just the book itself it's hard to read it's massive it's like three or four pounds. You can really only read it on a desk it's meant to just sit on a coffee tables so. This will be a big topic throughout the rest of the week to parents not to me big topic down Gillette Stadium has Belichick and think is. Wants nothing to do with that and at that answer from Tom Brady today. Move big pause there a big pots when asked about. His thoughts and politics dismissing the book out right. Almost as large applause he as he tucked when he was asked on perking Callahan. About his friendship with Floyd Mayweather so and comfortable pods from Brady today. A real curt response from Belichick when asked about the book in Knox or arrow. And we'll see if there any more interviews so we have the CBS interview with Norah O'Donnell waiting cover any new ground. Began it you know tomatoes. I'm sick and that you know avocado ice cream tomato tock I feel like. We need now chapter two of the TV talk method because this stuff. We've heard much of it before. Now all the quackery is and one pray what one place. You can get it for 1999 and Amazon to number one selling book in that country by the white in the country. In the country's of people say well I mean what does it matter while Tom Brady's voice matters to people it is hawking a product people are buying it. If you're buying this book thinking it's gonna make you Tom Brady you're wasting your time you're wasting your money. And I bought an I as Leo examine man of the people and setting up for the consumer here. 6177797. And 97 midnight morons are coming is coming up next. Tom Brady out on anyone who buys this book in you know. Buys all the stuff sure you're a moron putz Lawrence O'Donnell boy and his NBC anchor Lawrence O'Donnell. I was reading to the Brady but tonight and laughing my behind off listing to warrants Adonal I'd go off on his technical staff. For Michelle last month I've you have not heard the sounds. It is Bill O'Reilly asked let's do it live. Is O Reilly asked we'll play that for you next minute morons to close things out Weaver after dark and WEE. Who can sleep when there's so much Boston sports to talk about BC's Alex Roemer. And late night punch Sports Radio WEEI. So up until tonight. When he most infamous meltdowns in TV history. Who want this race Fox News host Bill O'Reilly. But why the well now move over bell here on Fox News here off the most infamous meltdown list. Because Lawrence O'Donnell Imus and AC Gaby how to meld on the AG's media rights obtained exclusive video. O'Donnell. Melting down and his crew during a break in this is all in one show last August. Right after hurricane are the axis O'Donnell. Jab at trump for the full hours usually dies or not Serena and the for the victims center accent. Which by the way to attract to attacked from four and I'm always two attacked from. Mean really I mean I think some of that stuff was nitpicking and he's a bumbling fool us by. And wholesale line like Donald did a bit much. But that's and he did last August 29. But between breaks Lawrence O'Donnell is not happy with dot. We was hearing in his earpiece. From the latest cut out and a video and what I like most about all this is this is about eight minute clip. Only one Schaub in need rage builds the rage built so early on like on the third spree O'Donnell was little annoyed. What's going on why am I losing this one and I have sound. Are it's back someone's pressing buttons and turning myself go. Who was who's asking for a Labor Day rundown in my year. Someone that control rumors out of control. Yeah. Somebody knack control room is out of control. Annoyed. A literate. Notes are at moderation alike got like you moderation summon that control arm is out of control. Nice kid stuff. Then he thinks bill's a couple minutes later next break but Donald ratcheted up a little bit. You have been famine in my Europeans. Don't only look at. It's not my ear piece of somebody talking on our lines. Of somebody talking on airlines. Okay so it's. What is out of control on the control room summits talking on airline some knees in my ear piece. Annoyed. You sense of frustration building a little bit. And after these little after these little mini tirade he's like slamming his fists down on the desk so angry Lawrence O'Donnell. Imagine working on the truck must be total how this probably every night right I mean this isn't just an isolated that. That yes my thought there's no way this like it happens one time and it's like oh. Now it fits into the you know isolated incident happened every results due this during every break. And what I love that you watch the video you see like the guy that PA's the production assistant there they're not fazed by it. There's hand him papers OK yeah whatever sure. McCain wins and 11 o'clock to me please leave this mad man alone. While O'Donnell few minutes later. Later in the show. I think out blows a gasket so the the anger is simmering. Then explodes right here is my fair. Stop by hammering stop I hammering out their who's got a hammer well president. Wears a hammer. Is that I'm they got Gordon and got to force somebody go what parents thought I ameron. Sought I have my friend. I'll go down to the dim for myself and stop it keep it and commercial break going. Call and real grip and Honecker who the you have to call stop by hammering. And the output and control room and find out where this is going on at seated there are there or out there somewhere. I think it says either there or they are out then stop the hammering. That is going to so let's do it live. Forever lives and Anthony. Chris Berman here with me leather. Driver lives with it in and the main. Stop that hammering. Stop that hammering. You're going to hear that for years and years and years. April Griffin's like the president of MSNBC I love that caught the Griffin 11 o'clock at night to stop the hammering. Like I is Debbie teacher in middle school. Who and we would talking class he would threatened to send us not the principal's office then but these super attendance office. You'd say all right fine you know what next person who talks. Goes the superintendent's. Office it's like what's. Hot it's more we will that Tom Brady does hasn't had shoulder soreness since 2004. Then you're gonna send kids the superintendent's office for talking civic boards adopt called the president of the network to stop the hammering. But he was just angry about was going on the control room nine now he was also angry with his staff. For the way they were not body. I don't know why bother to say how the couple slots when you don't do. I just don't I don't know why I've prejudiced. So now I have to chase those stupid. And entrails that you allowed him to stick out there. And Ortiz crazy. Sound coming in my ears and who would hammering. I told you why I want to those words cut the gist. Sox did and sucks to be out here with this out of control. It sucks to be out here poor Lawrence O'Donnell it's out of control control room hammering. The sound to think caught up the way he wants. Stop the hammering band and about one more time stop they hammering. Stops they thought that MR I stopped the mare. And that. Some in the control room is out of control. I think that's still that's still that's a nice line nicely worry is a professional. Lawrence O'Donnell. And he did tweet tonight to Lawrence O'Donnell he has. Yeah as commented on this that I love that he commented on us. Instead that. A better man and a better anchor would have handled things differently. Like the biggest story in the country tonight's TV told that the McDonnell. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. Yes he says a better anchorman and a better person. Would have had a battery accurate technical difficulties I am sorry. To lead it almost 100 times. Boy. Racer listening another addition of Roemer after dark. Some of you'll probably be happy and not be here tomorrow night. Most likely be your next week hop. Talk to them curtain time coming up at 530. Emptied out and control room and find out where this is going on at seated there are there. Or out there somewhere. And cancer foundation for.