Brock Holt Player of the Game Interview 09-18-17

Boston Baseball
Tuesday, September 19th

Joe & Tim talk with Red Sox utilityman Brock Holt, who had a couple of big hits tonight when he came in for Dustin Pedroia after Pedroia foulded a ball off his face and had to leave the game. Brock also talks about the Red Sox playing so many extra innings and it being a running joke in the clubhouse to finish a game in 9 innings.


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Somebody could chip is benighted right. After breaking upon. First pitch after record gets hurt rip a base hit score runs and that had a key hit that big rally yet. He had to be taken by surprise or the games are quick. Yeah I was I policy here watching the game in and solve the now that ball off of this awful hates. And ran down there. How much batting glove not bat. The game so. I. Rated they're pretty quick with two strikes not here yeah it would you out with two strikes a law already out there gossiping is jostling for this does it yet he got to. I was gonna swing I was gonna swing regardless of where it was unique it on the purple that bounce that we played now swing so. Fortunately I was it would two fastball. You don't base there and that wrong. Well fortunately the good part of of that. Them what you might do that the next time up to maybe go up there though with a one to approach. Yet. Ellis on act got up to the to the plate and Marty the home plate umpire. Looks at videotape rocks are it's it's still want to count for food and us at each year we can't start 00 com. You know it's changed a little bit. You know they vote catcher in the steal and march vote vote at laughable it. The lights and also there's going in and let the game if it if I put a barrel on it. Do something wit. And trading when of course but you have to look at that comeback that you were big part of it in that the six run fifth inning that was really keeping the line moving. Yes it was he acting that they get that first that it was Jackie's. You know looking back and at that inning it that it that that he puts it they're laying off some tough pitches I think he was down in the count currently on all battled his way back to full count. And you know drove and got an icing on the right program run and you know comic at the golf course and I think about people come to pass that. Delicate delicate market with two RBIs in the look at monkeys you know double but you know that at that Jackie and really get the force. Albrecht. Ballclub now is come from behind in nine of the last thirteen wins as a team that doesn't quit her down six to one Doug had a tough start. In the bullpen had to cover a lot of innings tonight but you know that fifth inning and that's the one where you have the two run single. That was just such a huge inning but in doing it that inning without the long ball and you have the double by bats but other than that also in the. Yeah I mean that's that's been a big store for the Sox here but I think we need him more home runs but you were first place and due to what we're due oneself yachts I mean work with top offensive. Do little but everything we got guys that can leave the yard but. Got a lot of guys who put the get a good at bats and get on base and now we got some guys to rattle that so we're still steal bases aggressive on the base paths and on yet now's beginning showed it you know we don't have to hit that hit the home run when not to wait around for the reruns you know three round four run homer to a around them. Has the feel good for you and it's been it's been a tough time with the concussion this season and they contributed September. Yeah I mean this has been a tough year for me. You know from the beginning this missile that time and you come come back try and view. You know trying to get things going to myself out of a hole. Com you know knocked it. This and that that's in the makes it tough you know try to stay ready. And tonight you not think it helped me not really being ready this kind of being thrown in action and ended and they go fly so you hope that carried. Carry distance you know look this competence and you know next you know twelve games where we got that. And a help body actually. A big win here tonight and and here's here's stat might be amazed that no Major League team Brock. Has more two out two strike extra innings going and hits this year than the Red Sox fan and these tonight more on that one. San really don't have one those are really hard to come by. Yeah a lot mean nothing reason word we're beaten that because we've problem. Played more extreme. Heat and baseball. On electric plant trees every other night so. You know we've we've we've liked when the game and iron in hand foot you know we've got a pretty good record extra innings to take. But more than seven dumps more than six extra games yet been it's been a lot has been a lot of mean it's kind of on going joke around clubhouse like say yes the stroke just. In time more homemade. So. They need an art nine games. You take four hours more hours ago do you are only twelve there's little it to you yeah he started the twelfth fifties in there it's it's a long night these guys you know these guys primary day. A little tired so. That we backed finish in nine in them out on top. Practice regulations. So happy for you that you attributed such a big way yep finally right guys. Yeah last night's operated one for second baseman in the case. They go yeah I guess that's the second guessing game and in you know for four days we've played for four guys at second base so. I'm just just rolled through September baseball yeah. Are right Brock thank you very much that you guys Red Sox win it can't do any. Lebanese means keep the three game lead over the case.