Bronson Arroyo joins Joe and Tim in the Booth.09-24-17

Boston Baseball
Sunday, September 24th

Joe and Tim are joined by Broson Arroyo in the Top of the 5th inning. Bronson talks about his time with the Red Sox, mentoring the young pitchers in the Reds system, and what his plans are for retirement. 


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We welcome Bronson Arroyo and throw uniforms great to see your Bronson. Amends for unity every day I mean I've been travel with the team on that I'll be on the dug out here in a minute haven't shut it down completely yet I know a lot of guys when they don't disabled list the kind of kind of going to. Hibernation mode stay home don't travel with the team but I I you know part of the reason I came back it was the work with the young guys and I'll let you know on everything. That's great to see you did so much for the Red Sox is divers files and off. Always to. And and often we get a player up from the dugout during your game and you know it's it's straight out to the backstop with the last man standing and at least an active player of the 2000 your Red Sox got that that's got to be yeah. Very frightful thing for you. No doubt about it you know I jokingly would say all the time there's no way Ortiz and outlast me and then and then bomb. I had two surgeries for the first time and I thought well he might he take the good of the that was a defense that's given decided to shut it down. There's a drive to right field hi Dave toward the ball. Be out there others. As I think. Here my body here. It brought her home runs were laughing hysterically at the air we're tied at 125. RBIs tough place to pitch here. Yeah the ball the ball much fallout honestly when I look at my career numbers in this ballpark out of did it is. I give a lot of rumors of my career but I put a pretty good he in this ballpark but. Yet you know as years go on obviously this year's been ridiculous for the home runs in the balls are flying out of the Clarkson came from for her alive but it makes an extra tough issue I think he had. This in the small that you here's a Jacqui now might elect its first half topped one want to crappy stand homer. Low ball won't win the day yesterday Iran before the game. I you can do get time beautiful post game concert and fireworks popped up on that was fantastic I mean honestly don't know what they did for me yesterday you are reserved for. Guys like David Ortiz and Derek Jeter of the world hall of famers and you know coming back here is fantastic open. Here you know nine seasons and I could have got that anywhere else and and it was. Some I didn't expect honestly all that stuff that they don't feel the thought of gonna play a little highlight clip and let it wave. To the crowd but they had they had all show they're going and it was fun to play the music as well so. I can't complain about anything. They get to walk off through the center field gate in the fireworks doing that the only thing missing was like a cornfield to walk you through her thick. I know honestly guys I for for a guy who's. You know been in my mind a good solid Major League pitcher but nothing nothing special. You know I feel like I've lived a charmed career I've got enough to win the World Series of when a gold glove and and have things like that happened last night you know play music show walk out of Satterfield play enough. Of what to Pearl Jam song that I've listened to the weight room every day of my career obviously in the weight room those things that. He's right back three city better had a message for him video board to yeah absolutely I mean you know stuff like that just doesn't happen every day you know you get an opportunity to. So give up that you do it and I. There are really treasure the organization that's here and you know I thought when I was in Boston I thought. I thought I'd be in that uniform for about a decade and it was such a surprise to get traded over here. You know I had to try to find a way to make it feel like home and luckily I got to stay here for eight straight seasons. So adorable so up until a couple years ago ball forty Jackie's immediately don't caps up brats and I remember having the privilege of BMC for your concert at overhaul America's auto top up Plymouth mass that was just about two weeks after the docked boat parade. It through and that you were flying guy is talking about that. The famous play where they ride. That's right the player they write I remember that night because Curtis let's get it was there and I remember one of my childhood and hit the panic right that's right that's right and if you got there yet seen the show and I had little childhood friend there really didn't know I've played. Tickets are all that I didn't play and of the kid. And any any we did sound check it was looking around the place and that is it it is going to be full of hate it I think yes. It is that this is ridiculous you played 15100 seat theater it's not a guitar. With a got a saxophone Oregon kind of an editing and you play you know I've got a big hit I've played good baseball with the all I tell them last month just fantastic Paul won the CD you know look out there at third base GGO Wednesday he's the guy that. Overturn the call when he arrives slapped it out of your hands at pivotal play a Red Sox history that was I still that's probably the most talked about things anytime amendment that we went area fans of real time that's ever for the the Alex Rodriguez play of its level of quality your hand and you know that there's going to be you hope you have two or three memories of your career that that our our people will remember before. And that's definitely one of them it was such a big play. I mean ever for the right crew coming out on the field after that they were throwing stuff Francona was trying to huddle stuff in the middle and I remember. Orlando Cabrera was argue with some guys. All right that he can argue with the whole nice hands yeah the fans over by the dugout and think it's going to game seven it's going to game seven it. You know those days I do all that stuff was unfolding that was probably the greatest of them was ever gonna happen in my career. And I mean it was just an absolute highlight. And certainly did in the highlighted Red Sox history want want pitched to sandy used at double off the walls last time pop pop that he shallow laugh. Duvall is there. And make the catch. You battering these young pitchers here in. This kid Stevens looked like he has a bright future. Yet you know we've got like ten guys going for five spots next year and a lot of them have great arms they're all I that you guys are seeing and all of the league guys are throwing. You know 9400 like it's like nothing to hit the if it's to do that the new age no doubt about it with the velocity stuff out of the mound but that doesn't mean that the mature in the minds are still young guys that are twenty point three points we're trying to find the way it we've got a couple of guys brought Stephenson that's our model really turn the corner this year and and improved big time and then forget that the Jackson here who's sort of looked pretty good too as well in the got a couple guys who still. You don't have to command the strike zone and you'll their own emotions out of amounted find a way to get deeper bowl games when that when they're doing a lot of pitches early on so. It's been fun to rework these guys especially on the disabled list that at least feel like. Of giving something back to the organization not just kind of hanging around for no reason. Present simply wanna do Bronson when you when you finally are done don't have the uniform on anymore you wanna work with players. I would love to live I don't know how all five are definitely not gonna be a guy who's on the coaching staff and I mean these guys put a lot of lot of hours and about what to do mr. blogs have bought one on one account and played for twenty years since 1995. I've been thinking about the games of the farms six year old kid of the I was. Working out the weight room and in a way that only professional athletes do it at 67 my father and so. I've really been kind of doing this for 35 years and I think that is a little bit of a break that would love to be the guy. Becoming the spring training to you know pop and it now and if they say hey these guys you know use some help. Or just let them pick my brain a little bit of I pitched unorthodox poker to a lot of breaking balls. Which behind you know kind of backwards and it counts and so it helps to give a little bit of a different perspective than the average guy because of the young the young pitchers. I'll but attempt by mr. such what do we didn't but the first time up with a runner executive fly ball laughed. It a couple of home runs that should. Yeah I hit six of my career and I did so when I'm for you know when I first got traded over here with here's another bunt attempt with. And he blanketed the pictured a chance for a double play. But to strike bunt. Eyesight when I when I yeah I got when I got traded from Boston over the Cincinnati here I had swung the bat three years and so my. It was the last ten days of spring training I was trying to get a feel for I didn't feel very good at first about heroes. Did you get the cubs and I missed a couple of months and it was a vote to count tonight. I hit a homer it was like OK and that we go to Wrigley five days later my first at bat we have an 02 count I hit one out of Wrigley stadium in here in Wrigley Field the Cleveland avenue with a wind blown out and blowing hard and are yet big time and and it's like oh wow let me miss the step and honestly I didn't feel quite good at the plate I just got lucky to life. On pitchers get home runs there and then secondly if you theory tells us about it viewers through the first runner thanks in with Bogart's not. Apache durability over the years up until you had the shoulder. Had a Vista two years was a credible but that was a big part of all four. We don't we give ever started that Vista start because of the injury absolutely I got an opportunity to do that twice 2004. The rotation in the 2012 rotation here we did miss the start and it shows you you can do that those teams usually make the playoffs it's such a key. Part of successes have five guys could really compete every day and you know. Me get an opportunity to watch Curt Schilling and Pedro Martinez Derek Lowe and Tim Wakefield do that. You know I'll just kind of thing on their coattails that time I got to come over here and kind of be the front line. Of rotation here that did the same thing at twelve which was John equate oh Homer Bailey that late those myself of Mike Leake. And those are probably the my two favorite seasons because that's something that's really. Fun about being with four other guys that everybody thinking the ball every fifth day to kind of feeding off each other's. Tom you know excitement for the game going out there and doing it day in day out. We want the cap to Bogart city takes a little lower a way to want Roderick first two down and a tie game 11 with devers tonight with a home run here. I gotta say I have a bit from the Booth very much of my career it's really enjoyable watching it appears you like to do this fantastic. He got lazy. But I think that's the aspect of the game as it is scary simplify steak and lobster they bring it to every happening at a it is not this happening came in the wrong how right the wrong athletic but you get that he get to see you know what people don't realize is from the dugout we don't get to see as much you think you can't. Especially from the pitcher's perspective he gets it bubbles that are out you only see up and down from up here but to get a great view of the game. We do well we're very privileged three want accountable cracked would you like to sit up here and do game. Application. Yeah I think what's well no doubt about it I think you know. In a strike on a breaking ball away I I wanna pop in and out of the game in ways I just I'm just not so sure right now we'll have the kind of like. The change to it on on a daily basis. But I would love to you know do little radio to TV you know come industry trade and help the young guys out how to go to the clubhouse and clean the spikes with the guys you know like. Do the stuff that nobody else wants to do but I enjoyed the human element in this game and I love being around people. On technology try to hold up I went too far strike three swinging hold parents is now. Across there I wish you the best you've had a wonderful career we're so glad that that it was really spot with a time for the Red Sox thank you appreciate it guys.