Buck and Bradford - The glaringly obvious importance of JD Martinez; Media Stars featuring Michele McPhee 6-24-18

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Sunday, June 24th
HOUR 3 - When not writing about the importance of JD Martinez or rating the new Celtics' training facility, Rob Bradford is gauging the stature of his fellow media members. Rob and Buck go through the Media Stars while being joined by (number 1 star) Michele McPhee.

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The Bartley. Sports Radio WEEI. I do not understand. Why. Why why why you would listen to. For this Red Sox I don't get a big game is going on we get enormous ratings we get even better ratings. Than ever this year. Because the popular in the Red Sox apparently but you know. Because his socks I've been running around the Red Sox clubhouse. For the last three days out on top of whatever the days leading into it. And you have the other station and you're just sitting there you're saying in this I've heard. Some of and it's like unbelievable. To me how many wrong things they say you know it's entertaining he. Why wouldn't you be here. Come back. I have read ago why block. Why I asked. This to you why they he I personally people say why I person whereas if freeagent we're trying to woo back right yes. We're wooing. And I if it baffles me that where here we are at the Old Dominion freight line studio at Fenway Park. As rob rat problem with you about. We're here. We hear we're in and out of the clubhouse threats I've club. We have the Red Sox pregame show part of Red Sox pregame show with Alex Cora is. Every single day episode with an average of you know you have the actual game you look tent where breaking down after the game. And that's just today that unknowing today but every day. And and yet you have eight stupid reply baseball reporters you know on the at a station at 6 o'clock A what's. What they grab one subject make up some stuff in and try to and by the way can just tell you. I don't know if you know your Boston sports talk radio history and are you if you ruined my rant is now we know. That that's a stolen idea they stole that from W yeah. Yes the court that was Sunday Sunday mornings no W we. Guy or invented the rival station during the pre game show. Okay and the immediate better yeah it was means Jimmy Myers nick part of the Red Sox tonight. Back when it was 590 AM and the rights arts on WH so. I'm saying is enough. Enough enough this if this is tweeting the ratings in this than that and not because I look at it as. Starting at 6 o'clock when you have a game at 7 o'clock if you really. I assume that some people who go listen to a show called the baseball reporters. One talk went on and it really baseball right wanna talk about what's left on the podium as a Roddy was in the club and I know that you'd be home. Right knots seven years yeah. And bring which means he's not as great or radio hosts don't not based not a bit of radio host still have to go in a clubhouse that I wanna make that perfectly clear but don't. Don't call yourself something that you are not and say listen to our show because you can talk about baseball. It is the best place to get baseball talked went. I could cite all the things that we. All of it in the water is not a veteran. When I ran I think it was in Baltimore I'd been in the clubhouse that day and and when you have our greatest wealth about entertaining treatment well what's wrong without entertainment engagement in the right information. What's wrong that and by the way exclusive sound from the what it'll last night's when he was in the club blows Nomar was wearing shorts and you're not kidding. I mean I thought that's returning roaming around like I thought my cousin roaming around its returning to make him report does it well hopefully there. Anyway and you're down. We're we're gonna change that narrative because that's that trust me it's all very nice people sure both the bill well I can and united we believe it but kick that is a given. I don't want I don't hit it damages it is and it's no way. 6177797937. Resisted an excellent segment time block in Boston at buck in Boston. Lifting do we few birds learn how to make a lot which I captured the moment expertly aren't you glad you did which this unbelievably befuddled look on this. On your face because. She said all but it's easy. And then she went on to tell me how to make a nuclear warhead. Feel the ground that. Right that. Well. A bit but this is the challenge you don't think that it sounds like you neatly 300000 dollars of equipment to make on the it's much like it's much like Callahan learned when you want to do that ran from Lucy's much like you just learned. This isn't going to be a turnkey profits block of learning how to be young. Visitors are it is difficult to go back in time that's what we're trying to do is you get comfortable back in time. The pilot received at it makes it very very difficult as they have not worked out the kinks that. I know for a while you just threw a bunch of coloring and hair to let's let it ride I did doubtful I don't know that I gave that up right but that that is easy solution you have for a guy. Didn't really yes he said what are you doing the Communist rally. It in and I think he can't put the genie back in the ball on how did you get that. Did you get him elected these initial attraction start when years here there will be relaxed that a guy in that way if a guy like everything about you mind later bodies that he. The in thing you know guys don't like everything about you but you do off the fun kinda a populace that's. Yes now you look back you say what was they doing a 100% right if I see people dying in Saddam. Now and and that's the point in this election itself. The movement in so that the point missile exercise. Witches. All these people Callahan or way you everybody out Rihanna just roaming client the UK. We don't carry a lot of Sarah Britain's good error restoration of our society is what's real right. But there's also another step in the process which is learning how the kids do the other things. Like in program like making a lot and it's not easy but I can't be as good as it's now I know what I'm doing. I'll I'll I went to the audio efforts. That sounded so all we got this whole process and that you interject this story ending with squeaky from from the office though. Which is a couple of and really the opposite that they've lowered the demographic accidentally pull it though what's the opposite shortly do buy it the. So you quite criticizing the right staff of the office were dropping squeaky forum. And you know that the active please read in real life new squeaky from which is out why it is real name is creed yes you know you'll squeaky fromm who by the with those who don't know. Tried to assassinate Gerald Ford nineteenth army something else favors obvious appeal about the office will make you feel this team. So. And he and now something. It would create anything you know in the chili is from Cambridge but didn't go to public school perfect. Park their. From my hometown but it's it's like you know join calories easy yes and another another great youthful route you know they've lost the New York Times object your musical I. I got all these sneak through all of it ultimately Caylee did wealthy New York Times in joint held they'll have in common. Is that they're Cambridge natives that I don't acknowledge because they didn't go to public schools they would like BB NN. So so media real cute average. Again nothing. Doing nothing for the demographic. John Keller a mini note is that about a cold show no it absolutely is but that you morphed into these other guys like I didn't block a it's as if this is save him from himself going to be more difficult that I ever thought what we're gonna get their 6177797937. At the all lined up here. So we get that back farmers these conversations to blow real quick buck about we've talked about in your bears talked about Jeff Goodman on by the Celtics. We certainly aren't you the last word on young in cool water when I wanna point this now. I guess I'll wait to get to talk about by one point this out. That I was trying to tweet out the word lie today and the one that showed me how to put the accident due line right. So I do not know. All that's good point three. I know that if you press the letter the volt yes. You can get. Various options exactly so that you didn't know that mist of a guy not I I won't be part of the process I'll be the series I'm not. Saying I wanna feel younger. Maybe look at it not do. I don't think it's that you shouldn't get dye your hair get attacked you know that's not what the exercises you know it's not mean. That does have. Former Minor League Baseball player named Matt right. Who is very cool yeah as they almost minor leaguer website poll by 25 OK you can talk about them and and his last name is Peria. He apostrophe. But he played five years in my league baseball in it every single ball park human and so. They would introduce them now batting Matt pair and because they didn't know how to do that accident. In and taught me how to do that. Al losing 25 that your team with a BC. The stay with that this that you talked to a 25 year old we're gonna keep it there were tried to keep your your demographic hello and that's squeaky fromm. Bold thing I'd ever heard ethnic. Six foot seven 797937. Let me creating somebody right here we go for the lines here Brian Weymouth are now now not ready. Yes for now now. OK not that now night so we're gonna talk about something which I wanna talk about we talked about him the Ramirez. And before we talked about the Celtics but but we haven't talked about businesses we talk a little bit about the trade deadline story that I wrote that a year ago. The Red Sox actually tried bill acquired Judy Markey is that the trade deadline but now we flat fortunate tonight and I wrote about this off the game last night of the game with some terrible. But there was a report that. From Susan Foster in this if the chronicle. That. Once opposed so there was a report about the Red Sox in stressed it in Oakland a outfielder. Coon Acuna who union union right okay. And I should know his name should know how to pronounce the name little insecure about the name. But Susan Foster how this at this report the Red Sox have asked about this had tried to acquire. Mark who Kenya and arcane. Go ahead and wherever it very difficult time in in saying the name of the first acquisition of the Boston Red Sox betrayed. Mark Kenya and and the reason was that they're going after my thought with the most interesting thing which is they're going after an outfielder in right handed hitting outfielder. Who. Can play center field. Because why dark because we're getting to that point with Jackie Bradley you can talk about his exit velocity he talked about all of this. But we're at that point where you have a guy in the 170s. You get that point were you have a team can hit lefties you have to start solving this problem problem and you can't worry about playing time you agree with it yes. I mean when it's late. June yes and I'm them on the resident Jackie guy. And. I love the defense I love the arm I also know that he. He gets to a point you gotta provide some measure of offense to back up the great defense that so there's no argument for him. At this point in the season I mean we we eat in May. And and authorities I don't like this whole thing they keep doing Corky doing this would PX of the law he you know ball parties unlucky. He still he did. I think on the fourth before with. If you ask a player. If you valid gulf war before with Tubal singles and ground balls that's the second baseman. Or all for four with four line drives of the second baseman he'd rather have the fourth before the bloop singles and so. He except the the issue here is that the suggestion is that poured Jackie. Is hitting a litany of mine right credit people which is obviously not the case what you eat. You just aren't back on locked in right you just aren't and there's two guys right now qualifying guys who have lower batting averages. And that Chris Davison vector filed excitement it's so terrible my dogs Davis which is a disaster was cited both of them both disasters sign. The big big time creating sign but you'll have two guys who were lower. And we're at the end of June June so you have to figure this out out on top of not only you have that one. Player. But then you look at against lefty pitching. You're having problems across the board. So you have to figure this oh in this this is re ever officially reached that point in the season where you have to identify some guys. You do. Edgar Wright videos with goes back to our. Human EU you would mention. The GD Martinez was on the great allies some. And you wondering how it could have facilitated that what they needed home runs though. But noticing how they could've done it yet and in in the suggestion I made and is it would've. Want one easy option would have been selling really high on Jackie Bradley junior. So I just thought what am I saying this is what they're going to do but a scenario might have been trade Jackie trading high selling high on him. Acquiring. GD Martinez as a rental planning and in left field in putting either Bennett's any of that's in center field in the New England play. App right so you sell things sales hi Jacqui rallied back and bite you kidding about you Wheaties you'd serve a purpose and your selling hype for a guy. Who was at the envy at the in the years gone the players that they in Arizona and training for for Judy Martinez. Were all low level minor leaguers none of whom god that's exactly what Arizona did they acquired a renal that it don't run that's precisely what I would say I would make you strong argument that Jackie Bradley at that time. Had. Much much much much more value that these three guys and Arizona pretty minor league infield with I think yet remotely infielders a look them up yesterday you know none of them are really doing much. And I said before when the Red Sox inquired want to trade for Judy Markey news. People in industry feel that. That Detroit was asking for significantly more from the right side and work from Arizona and Cleveland with the other team. In on that 6177797937. By its wanna read you these two paragraph from through cluster in the story. Oakland's 45 stars on the DL and goes on the with the starters. As a result the eighth have been trying to act starting pitching depth and according to sources they have discussed possible deals with Boston which is looking for outfield help in which unsuccessfully. Asked about mark in. There is there is the chair of the team to revisit things. That's next month's trade deadline approach this the plumber in straight. So that's the that's the question to the other parts of and we know that they are identifying an outfielder. We know that this is the type opulent that are identified through a couple other names it may be might fit the bill and the line of the shields and taxes. Though. You have you have big guy. But then you have what you would give up what if if you're gonna make it trade schemes are asking for the Red Sox focused asking for the resides. For starting pitching that the perception is that they have more starting pitching and they are starting pitching willing to give up. The US is effort through parliament and initially heavily Bolton apartments no no no he's a legitimate starting pitcher why would he do guys in a deal for a guy who might beat it's being played part time. But to Barbara it's arguable that. Departments has been colonel. So maybe it's troop Auburn's maybe they're asking for Stephen Wright we know that if they're asking for starting pitching you're not yet and sale price ports LOR Rodriguez. So. Who knows maybe the reds I say you know what will trade Brian Johnson. Four and maybe that's when the Oakland you know I don't OK but it's but these tonight at the conversations which we have to start having. You can't just keep saying well we'll see we'll see what the bullpen stuff on the other thing with relief pitching. Which they're gonna go after relief pitcher I still think they are by two at the nationals did yeah well yeah. Yeah I mean. Big that's a believable that they keep going after guys paying high prices for guys Keith stock in the bullpen going to make it's got. I talked about even going on in a brat dealers giving the wrong with RB brother four right they go. By. But when you look at that still there was that narrative and I was thing is well well you have the number coming back well you don't know what I'm granted I don't know you know. Now but what we're getting up point. Where you can't really keeps you. You. Can't you can't rely on Tyler Thornburg now can you. We've had don't work coming back quote unquote for the year I have the teacher it's. Like the welcome Judy Martinez party tease it out of them those rates. I well as does the plausibly radian line one what's going on. They 89. I had good morning. The lone guy in here and there is is absolutely disgusted by the whole ten years. And say one quick and kind of a question. Loans duration or. Yeah I wrote play our game rock and I could show you my hockey picture that brilliantly acted through athletes everywhere I'm sure you guys this scenario that. It right especially painkillers ran ran it through actually everywhere. My heart you betcha there's about lava glass stated. Either of them a debt now I'm one of the water so I thank god. Brought I've grown up out of Brockton. Yeah absolutely. Disconnect it today is banging in big demand in connection to our hands. Big daddy literally didn't rock anyone else's name not in getting nothing out. The first being the mandated Sunnis either arrested which 430. Tried Lorraine Adams. Shaq and elements locked in and grant tick act without its 400 and berries I grant you know how many children being acting general. Or get out it's unbelievable. It you know I have are nice aren't I hanging in the Ramirez cherry. And that children are wrong and should it back and I can guarantee you in the next week this man is gonna be. Shutter we charged for having eight. Yeah I don't hold or guarantee on any area. I guarantee anything is this. I did parent here but I outward display Irish are armed Shia entry and I mean eating just struck a name you can stand them. I mean even disclose any. Should be arrogant and Kendrick Taylor Ole slow down slow out Florida. With tonight that stuff is nasty you know need you know need to tell me and I am I was reading up on a Friday and I was horrified by what I read. So so. Coming in on that but I'll tell you when it's at the very beginning of this for him this morning is that you can you can believe every single thing you've read all the although little rumors in you when you can believe all of it but at the end of the day. Can't we could very easily just walk away from all this because nothing obscene so far. Directly connects Hanley today. Right you can't you can't just say you can't just say oh Hillis and the Dominican community the large community the this is where this is emanating from. That's not gonna that's not gonna pay in hand Lee in the co. Law or not you know blah nah I'm not go to court on the court of public because it may be good enough core of it yeah yeah absolutely I mean. I pray to god go back each does that mean I'm totally dark potential ally in him armed or not. That they got a strong enough case against him. It touched truly strongly believe action that is yet to lions are a coincidence that this man. As a hundred million dollars is gaining you know which aren't nearly as. In the higher calling him Cristiano in his personal three start and I count on his personal phone number it's not some agent he called this down eighteen. GMT. Any immediate and strong. And the guys come on annually gently that that isn't near a little more. Thanks for the call appreciate. So buck when it comes to when it comes to the end game in this. What do you you think you get the feeling that it's it's gonna it's gonna go. I don't get the feeling it's going to go away I just based on what I've seen so far. A whole lot more have to be laid out I mean that there needs to be the FBI saying yes this person as a person of interest. And so far I am I have a guy driving another guy's car. And a box in some face time and it it isn't enough to make the run of the Thai party. Do you do you believe when. You have we've had other reports we had and I think now Jorge Ortiz. Reporter for USA news today. Report citing the Dominican. And that's a police investigate SS saying we haven't heard anything about this. And down here in the Medicare and if a high profile guy like this if he is it under investigation we would have heard about it we have heard a thing. And Niedermayer through his agent Adam Katz says you know he has heard anything about this do you believe that you believe Haley is sitting back there with his Ferrari keys with a cigar. At Cassidy got toppled down in Dominican Republic and he's like hey you know what I don't know what you're talking about and I'm gonna keep out a good time down here. Well my way of answering that is is I don't know hole. How news travels to the Dominican Republic if if a police official in the DR is saying. That a high profile Dominican athlete in the states is under Vic we hear about it down here. Before it's made public I don't know that that's the case if he says that fine but I I can't take that to the bank. So it's entirely possible they Hanley does know about it. Yeah has known about it so just somebody making a blanket statement that the blanket statements to meet on doing. I I can't I can't okay is agent says him he knows nothing about this I'm like all right let's just run statement. And it is knows we talked about this an hour ago it is boosted degree. The Boston Red Sox produced an official statement saying that it's them. You can run that statement without being held liable all you rush to judgment no we ran the state. Much like it but when the bus they would call the Boston Celtics were on the statement thing and if Obama does not have a broken job at that nobody seriously that's when when the team releases something. It is officially news work yes and they recognize they are not blowing this off and as we said before I did the Red Sox. Judging by the time line in what they can lean on. Really they're probably just sitting back saying whatever you know we hope the best for him lead but in terms of us we're moving on anyway 617. 77979370. Everyone lining up outside Fenway Park it's actually. That look too bad out there I know the weather bock. And the weather lets you read the weather on W I I am though the best weatherman we have a WEI. And the weather doesn't look that bad here at Fenway so they'll be taking on the Seattle Mariners. Pregame twelfth when he media starts coming up shortly where the Old Dominion freight lines studio at Fenway Park beat back right after this. Steve Buckley sworn yeah he'll tell you we kiosks. All right we're back draw breath you Buckley. Fox thirty stocks. And yell at me you like rob a field. I please. These people. Where Fenway Park the Old Dominion freight lines studios. People behind an ice creams and yet if not re great positioning. I was what I got here this morning quarter and nine. And almost turned around backed up to the Brooklyn where ago because it's like an ice cream stand yet more made for these fine people on the street Thursday to look at us but remember the used to have it. It just an unbelievable location that corner or game on its Mario that was the rest you'll walk you people were walking up on the original windows yeah but there walking up and you're right near sideline like Steve Buckley baseball dude I remember right our aside why he did it for. Game show on 03 during the ALCS. When Bud Selig himself came and it was meek land inch on McCadam and blood was openly rooting. For a cubs Red Sox World Series but thanking Grady Little misty apartment that didn't happen. But the Commissioner of Baseball was sitting there saying he was dying for cubs Red Sox Walters if. This if we were back in the studio right now this is where I would silently noted rhymes aren't they played a drop of bluesy thing that fueled the thing I've ever hit it. My goodness of Iran saying I'd ever. That was Lucy birds resigned earlier teaching Steve Buckley had to make a lot today successfully. Well we'll we'll find out I think you're doing a follow that up with the actual. Actually act of making a lot there on video like we did with Terry talent and good drop tomorrow learning how to do in Seagram. Would you think if we're glad they're glad is the that is obviously going to be one of the ones that general without. What you wanna teach glad about it. And to add to think about that. Okay you think when guys is here. That is great great. Yeah there's a this group or I don't care. The island that made it here died thing about me for years that I think he's like 73 years old he's got this rich brown you know what things suddenly. Not like over the top you're like you're basically you work freed in the job that you took the toner from the predator. Let's throw it on you there a steroids like where the toner now we're out of toner at the meant by its. I think suddenly made the but it's I of those got what year was out cold where you win you you went from. One how many years did you actually happen here it. Thinks of seven. Now along here and in what you're you stop 1001. Older you. A 55 OK fifty. Some gentleman says ideally you allot. But hey you know what you gotta get in where you were you reluctant to you would be drought scenario that I know now. The city not maybe year note you know why is it was a pain in the ass. There was yeah was it his idea I did it differ so I had the united Shiite. Diana. White mark beer it looked like it do with substance I'm here you know. Unfortunate placement of my grade here my mustache. So I want to try disputed that the coloring thing like all like to admit it and the Pena is on the lead it into long here looks like. Caught a flier lies might like I've. My bathrooms a mess it's like a process that went about it in in the Joaquin show and you look that rain all describe it out yeah even in union now instead we are teaching people how to make a lot gazing going through there and we're gonna find something Portland do you. But that it was cheaper to its job that he's talking to people's minds. And by the way I've gone from dying might care to explains that ten years later explaining how I got my that's code to secure our. All very secure about her authority everything else cells in the break we're also talking about one the other events that we did you start coming up after this break. But one of the media events this this week was going over this optical drive you practiced with Hilton. Kirk it's at why is everyone making a big deal this is them. Big to do about nothing and everything else what is the red hot and I do it must be 1140. Because odd thing Steve Buckley. Your red hot take on the Celtics practice the field. I'm sure I I think coverages over the top. It's it I agree with cart in that they've opened up a practice facility. And somebody might as well who might have been and it should be given a free our photo on a deep caption. But but it since then time right cruise over there and documentaries. Was that it was weird how much covers the glow an eyewitness to the idea that him and I think he beat it beat it. And it faded it's the old facility. Like you say it is now because you're done a lot of college and on the night now what I'd I'd back why why why use OK why but the opus so that he at health point. You can just walking in off the street. Yes there was no security now you can park walking in what promised the viewers and stand there and talked to Jason there was tighter security bench press and help point yes lots to actually go watch the thump and a in the way they did it is at the desk in the if you walked in. In May be no unity assumed you were sports where you go ahead sir go right ahead. To get into the new Bruins facility is like breaking in the Fort Knox you've got to be I should in turn key EU got a lot of it was safe. And it's up in the third floor it's really hard to get to Bruins practice now well I will be at it again it would stewardship you'd walk right. I will say this I think the Celtics have have done a great job in this sense they have the best shares would be incident that virus that. So that's really all I care about I don't care about the court I don't care about the hyperbaric chambers and don't care but the weight room. I don't care about the barbershop I don't care about anything to be good chairs to work in. And it's right next to our place. Sounds like a bumper stick I'd give me good cheers David or did you have to work it out a good. Maybe got get a bit maybe we'll get a media start to for their chairs I don't know but that's what we have coming up after this break. The highest rated segment I think in all week it WEEI the media stars that's coming up right after this. The Buckley. He'll sell a few weeks EI. But yeah. Gave England was free to write them. One and I've not sat in on you not that it's now recognize me out of my hands now because I know that awaiting them here again it that. If well they don't feel like this is your another year change is that chance if that's what gets on the so here it is like when you get the post season yet you can do in the regular season McKee do in the post season high. Our Steve Buckley rob referenced time for media stars though number three media star. There ago number three if is. Our own Steve Buckley. Steve Buckley and the reason for you winning the number three media start I'll let you explain. He's not having a soccer party this afternoon it's not a real. Thousands of people spinning around cocktail glasses it's to a primo buddies coming over. I am cooking steaks and anyone who knows me knows there's one thing I can do well as I cook it in good steak I'm gonna watch the match between. Of know what's poll on this afternoon. Apple of their life. So let's let's have it. We don't like the backbeat three dot dot dot where watched poll I know it's fallen. Well I think it's important YouTube you start for that event because I think we had to do something World Cup. And up and we've had to that issue that's the vast recanted it. We'll put that Steve Buckley tells a lot marquee ego. I that's number congratulations number three you start number to me start as a guy who. Yes thank you is the guy who won on occasion and I think he's cracked in the top one every once in awhile but. I know he's won at least two or three before and that's Chris Curtis of the morning show morning to a producer and the reason you won was because. What they do when they found out the Celtics drafted Bobby Williams Bob Williams Robby you're Robert Williams the guy who went two for authority Texas in them. Or does it sit back and criticized Bob Williams for going to the thirty. They are gonna think Chris Curtis out to the local Y to take three pointers to figure out how difficult for there this morning. Player you find out if he how hard and I think he I mean exactly you actually. But it was it was now it's up on W yeah dot com and FaceBook beat FaceBook live if you wanna secret Curtis run around. If nothing else of doing its secrets are thrown around it's worth the price of goodness and what the media star it's beyond right poorly okay. Mean just eat eat eat backed up as you know get out there and he participated in life could you can view it what would you go for thirty report. Right by accident I would get a couple. Boy into with a two out and. Maybe if you do it next week you can rise to number two these are. Number one immediate our lord please. Is really a no brainer. Considering everything that's gone down the last couple days fortunately we have number one you start. On the phone to make snap. Murrow award hundred dollar gift card to schools to the clothing inactive and that's Michelle McPhee who surfaced the news about any repairs on Friday Michelle eyeball look of all the awards you've ever won. This may not might be at the top right correct. I'll bite. Yeah I'm back at the back and I do feel a little bit eutectic occurred at considering acting you might be on idea wild a streak like alarm tomorrow. Although that's right that's right okay so let's get right to I don't want to get too much time it's. You've been on the radio station eight times to begin with them because that's what we do we get the person on. Who the most important by I am happy that your on them happier excepting this media star. Truth be told we had a little back and forth on Twitter yesterday about. No I asked when the story with coming you explain where you were coven from. So obviously been out there which. Why we're waiting for the story you had treated you had gone on the radio know what it's like what they Michelle I'm getting an opportunity what if this story around the corner. The oriented very much around the corner pretty nice eloquent and I I I am doing it on what I had no idea. And and certainly I would not expect it according to treat. That pretty. So it took off more than on. 1000 attack why are outnumbered I and I think you know I believe I was very very well in what I eat it what exactly. Yeah I heard Eric Barbara elder. Being I include action in the and I don't eat at all about. And we know that as the yeah I'll obviously it would manipulation. I cart dot. Involving a man who is now charged with moving act it out and. Michelle it's Steve Buckley I don't. Aren't that great let me just jump at you you can't feign surprise that your sweet guarded that much publicity. Being why I I you know. I think edu and tire and hit it a bit of Carlisle and ordinary people would wait for our door right. And end in here's what happened. And this is this is kind of what and we talked about this a couple of times two things happened Friday night they gave ET number one the Red Sox released a statement. About this and number two outscored the manager addressed the post game that that's what David T. You when when you went out garlic cumin hot I hope not Terrell. Yes I think it gave I think he gave what I was saying and a lot of greeting that I. Believe I know the story is accurate I know that tore his right eye and completely competent and I thought that at 88. But people are going to be surprised exactly what about. Do you think in. When view. What do you have to what do you think that this is going to be written when you think I Ireland match you are written a big part of it may be filed I don't know. Well what do you think that we can expect. The story we saw the story you retreated in heavy dot com. That story that I would imagine there's pieces of a lot of pieces of that probably I'd be back. There a yes I would so you're on board without story the view that. Reporter many are wondering have I can get I want documentation everything that I know I have a need to get at got McCain and I think they have been at Dudack Kirk. About latest story is I. Heavily reliant on art look what it's like Ellen Trout and are completely. Beleaguered. I thought the night I think to get up and writing and and I sit back. Perhaps we might be able to do it starts tomorrow on the New York City market not another story. Why would enable it to heart that's a quarter Friday or ballot and I cart dot. You understood where it's. I completely I got an and I think it to you why I didn't expect. Actually huge eat kicked out so widely. And you know they're I think that would give it a lot on this story. I am very confident and Mac he has at least India. You're gonna hurt you argued in spoken to by a government not care as part of this you know very Ollie. I don't know if each day that. As saying that he's been talks or eliminated a lot of popular actor. The U saying did you just say he's already been interviewed. Now on an absurd market we have we know we know what prompted equity act as there are thought it would be guide there. He lives. Did you get. And an all game. And act in the big old eight track and merit on track. So I KEN ethnic and let them that I'll turn it on and a president interact because he identified in America owner. A balk. At a search warrant later determined in seeing acted out now let me be clear that it means that in anyway we actually act out what indeed it. He hadn't partly right I am very neat you lobby. I. Reached out and buy into Gator to our artist after it. Well yeah I don't know if you heard of programs on the one of the things I've been saying is it's entirely possibility every single thing it's been said so far is completely accurate. In yet at the end of the day in the walks away from all this. So that they yell at somebody walked out there. There's been one of the execute it as it gets out about that actor. You know in January that he and I ever thirteen to recover unity equity is right back and out it was a back. Kerry the last target seek out a bit of that egg in the world. Right right here and act exactly Gerald armored they call it murder suspect. Art Powell worked and you know that I don't pay any cabinet format. You can write out these gang banger and a little of the gag backed out that there aren't on it actually. FBI. Informant in that you get cap bearing aired out outfitted with secret cameras aren't. That package yet rider Robby Taylor collecting evidence that helped. Federal prosecutors. There. On now what happens is that you stick out. So in January of my team and I thirteen you stick around. You know Lockheed forty effect and an accident on I got my. I am seeking to build our swelled to 61 defendant is every angle why I think I don't. So during the initial attract people roll people what they might think that they're friends you know who get an escrow. So big it is very active and ongoing. And at somebody and has not element I think yelled aren't you got out. Add according to prosecute you need to moving back up at the I think that's certainly it. Last question for me and I want you to soak in the bask in the glow of the schools distinctive clothing gift card this year about the received but before. I'd like ego Hamas. Yes exactly that's what everyone says when they get this award. But at the last question is so weak you have an idea of what you think is. The reality here you have an idea of you know what you're going to be able to write or in even beyond that what you're able to write you have people telling you things. What is your sense what is your inclination how big this story is going to be. Picture your ambient music like that. Okay all right well that was you know again that's why we should look for what's command on the road so thanks so much and zero. Thank you got out of the I appreciate it. Awesome awesome now brought me affords pleased with under. I reckless stuff. That's really get it. When you start us welcome. No not do so look what I get a few weeks of my eye injury like you were not number one. What was it one in the in the week. I'm behind and came back to work like you reap all the files I idea audio card and right now after. But it about a lot is still wait for his youth parties see him every day. Guys well. That they are right there haven't been able to give them the right time but yes and the number one b.'s target goals that the clothing gift card one yard into yet. And if what he did it on video example can layer terrorists intend. 1011 week. He went out the golds at the might stream on the way back he did get it though I can't remember I don't remember I honestly government's opening sounds like a scam scam it's what the highest rated segment of the bronzed bodies yet you know just because I commend once a month what are you talking about it I. At a very high injury here if you you absolutely. Earned your number three media I. Hobby I don't World Cup party like the participation. We got to go to bright Red Sox pregame coming up. Shortly about twelve when he we got a little bit more to it with you talk about that's the Buckley I'm rob Bradford beat back after. I've heard and the Buckley. Sports Radio WEEI. Robert most of. I Hillary go far. I told right garbage my producer. Think he's in a perfect game. We're almost home the first throw thank you for inviting the show well there you go we're testing me off at risk. And it's been the last fifteen minutes or whether you'll find it and number it's true I want to thank you for give me a heads up that you're gonna blow me off when the show was over and run off. In the be standing here because you and I you and I said rob is a personal problem my life wanna discuss with you little depressed lately. And you said start but I've got to run I get into the pregame show at the run of the is a not being rude gonna get run out yourself. There's lets you do. Well here's the thing I'd do that kind of knew what depth personal problem was so thick that which who has you do know who Poland was playing in the World Cup game that you're hosting a party playing Sweden there are they are you looked it up now I knew that all along okay. As I've attacked so in case you don't know Steve buck suggest one fresh off a number three media star for hosting a World Cup party we dynamic all parties get together. But you celebrate the World Cup what by watching Poland Sweden played great game of soccer it's Columbia yeah actually a. Side you know I think that's another way you most people confused when you're a world I think World Cup is that also another thing you can lower your demographic how old of these people who were coming over. Ranging in age from. If the three. When he okay he defied the younger people. The throwing on short assisted up the Democrat yes yes that's what we're doing a project this project this project Buckley yet rightward. What's going and it was me and now that we just these days he strobe lights on in the studio in the Old Dominion freight line studio it's all right if it's up wearing my black checkered shirt from balconies. And all works out the Old Dominion freight nine studio behind the ice cream stand and that's OK I get beyond beyond the Fenway Park. So when you invite him it is outscored the menu for the manages chat on I have never retarded. The F that they are around the eighth inning isn't that odd that I've never been part of the outscored means you get your chats you do all right I'm right but don't you want to extract the most out of the wheelchair and that is missed its own union to extract. It you'd use it feel comfortable enough having done twenty podcast of the guys that. If it's a tough questions have to be cast I don't want to get around yes right you would think that they would make it to take a low. What's going on here you are in Radford. Injustice on the radio. And we're trying to rectify some of that by cute union drove off in replacing Steve Buckley. When. You've what you almost all I'm looking at eight tweet I don't vote you all alive what is it negative. Now it's like great job rob good it's it's great job but adds a lot to the show oh OK there you go I agree. I agree but you got a few more minutes to go a year yes look at all the president the perfect game don't have the guy laid on the by now we don't want that now anyway we've talked about. This recap let's do a little resent. Heading into the premiums of one number one him he repairs. I do you wanna say the moment ship Michelle McPhee was just on what this she's that she's been on the station proxy fifteen times in the last 48 hours sixteen well that's okay. We have at least a little bit if you zoom what the fourth leg today threatened to ask you definitely that the at one. She so she was on with Ken layered Friday nine cad did an awesome job and that for some inexplicable reason for any in Martins that are on again. It didn't add anything to be absolutely well I don't build it built what we yeah what we did weaken we talked about. Between that I had with you I thought were very poignant and and record lot of conversation about it like when she said I was surprised that that the tweet I had took off. Your point was well taken by. How can you be surprised. At what you ask you to set that you heard there isn't as part of a drug investigation Lowe did not look up. But there's a thing like that when little Nell on the farm with a girl as well on this like by three to let the Red Sox have 36 hit the doctor did Clinton had a remarkable. First time since. Oh it's so. The other takeaways from army you start conversations with mr. obvious she clearly that she's in New York partying in the he's got to fly implement new enlarged or if it though but she clearly thinks that this is. Well okay she let herself and out now. It's it's it's a big deal in that there is a drug costs but she's leaving the door open a crack in that Hanley may. Not having to do. Well when you said when you have your narrative which Ruth a logical one which if you could very well at the end of the day nothing could ever happen. Even though everything we've read so that that the key element being that everything is great so far could be true yes in these cars pull over the face that all that may have happened. In yet Hanley is nothing to do yes that's that's where. That's right at that point. At the precipice of going into the next round that's right stop that's where one of us. To say something now I'll be thinking through we talked about in the mirrors and this is all we have to go about it. He talked about him be relaxed in the Capone with the guard a guy can get me out in Connecticut you know notified me. So. We talked about that but is it to impose an odd is not a coincidence. There in the last 45. These Ferrari keys have been in every single one it's the rhythm or bad and I told you right we'll Robin but could could he be saying hey. You you think that was my card bill might car is right here. And I have the key for it here's the keys for my for our. To which I would say BS because I suspect that a man of his means. Has a car in the Dominican in another one sitting in a garage in Boston right now. These and have it should now shift like that so yeah I'll go up so I think that's and tried to get physical problems. You know like. Right but that would make him there aren't already and there is a reason yet the Ferrari using every single yes that can't be my key card guys that I haven't Ferrari right here in Santa Domingo or baby thing bind the Ferrari in the real clue is right there. I don't know it is maddening but. Michelle McPhee said obviously thinks he said after you'd think that is going to be all you know at the end of the day what you think you're going to be. Actually work in new. Poll there next blows. Stay tuned now a little and now maybe yes to promote story now one read the story written oh please written at some point. So yeah so explosive it's an explosive war. All the kids use you should use this would not be a good week to dragged on the cape to the UK economy feature this thing. No but the globe with that it might be there. Very anti global I really have been idle you know obviously I think tremendous eyes big so highly a lot of people there. Number one Melissa out spewed on who delicious body building on its. And right W dot com so like most I was there relationship without suffered knowing now he knows even taking part the potshots at reality. Now as much. This is this all based in reality it's all based in fact if this was The Herald which I love that global market for now you know that. Different and I remarked I was railing about like when they were going down the tubes before this buyout or whatever right there why are you. What are you doing why are you going full tabloid in the front page you read my favorite rob Bradford Errol moment. Yes the main area yeah you were in Baltimore and filled out your area your membership card merry way the fried yes he's my little dress up a growth in US. And number two was when I cleared area points of the suit at the Super Bowl is terrible moment but but I was railing on the Harold for what you do and I I enjoy talking about that when the column stuff came out. It weighs what are you doing what you're doing a news dump really. What are you doing this explanation your putting that gotten drunk it explanation what for all of this was being. Lack of sleep in front and putting in the twentieth paragraph when in the fourth paragraph you have one out a great guy is like you can't live in that much of a pop also observed to be criticized that mean I don't like the a lot of people the globe aren't. Aren't senate now will you use edited by in this case it's this is right in front of us we said before by not covering by not recognizing. You're gonna have people like us talk about that yes. What you had to do with the wrote notes. The rodent like hit merit in the name basis faction of the things thing I don't know about Steve and Catholic how well one is degree what right do agree. Strong is is the timing of the that the clock. This wasn't a Friday afternoon dump this was a Friday evening my column then yeah up my goodness. Than it was in salt that was bad and very old school. Yeah and it to think that and to think if this is I don't know what you'd 2000 kept reference thing. You can't do acts. It well you can because you're the globe and bite to think it's gonna work with that debt that perking Callahan isn't gonna talk about it because it's. It's a few hours later like come on really you know why. Because you know it's justice without a body mind is that that. Civilians who were not in the news business. Even they know at a news doctors because that term. Has been used in government in our business for a long time. But. Normal everyday people consume news did know it now everybody knows that new system that is. Because a social media and talk shows and support and TV shows about news. News dump is as much a part of an average citizens parlance as it is ours right which means Digg it oil. That I'd taken away Wednesday night I made the example that we had an instance in full disclosure without three routes Reimer how to block. Where's the apology flawed but that it the things like this and things like you guys put him on the air and stop this nonsense I think it's down I mean it's right to violate. What. If I think it's around the corner. But when you have that would you have a blog has to be vetted through not only our core of the world but the big core of the world which is corporate. And so we're waiting that's supposed to happen on Friday morning it doesn't happen it doesn't happen it doesn't happen and we're waiting and I know by the time we get the late afternoon here we go. We're going to be perceived as a news dump. And sure enough when we can publish it 5 o'clock and obviously okay here I am. I'm so today and I am gonna take ownership of this yes you guys should say how dare you do this because this all the makings of a news dump. I can explain it but the reality the reality you shouldn't have to publish something of importance. That late now the globe will be that was at 63645. On Friday both incredible. Was that the and he is giving qualities. Is it like at three month suspension. That it's his job back. And he is for Alex mix of flip comment. Like a year and a half ago he's the only Opel if the writer on the anyway but it's been a pleasure as the pleasure. What will bite union yes and you didn't you need since the ideal time we will not be what we August 16 7 o'clock Tim Wakefield. Re bored yet fund raiser the American Heart Association in memory of the late great Steve Harris. Hockey writer for the Boston Herald died earlier this year. We need players' responses we got the players the players once like 200 bucks so I mean you know as Buckley at Boston Herald not on our goal at. That locked in Boston August 16 and in Austin night you've been there orbit the planet. Grade also Google Johnny lose that benefiting John Martin tonight. Johnny pollute that school will that buy tickets for the event John Mark nail us we get a head out the reds like pregame show box you're awesome a thought you always throughout.