Buck and Bradford - Jeff Goodman on Robert Williams, Kawhi Leonard; Can Buck learn how to make a lattè 6-24-18

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Sunday, June 24th
HOUR 2 - Jeff Goodman joins Rob and Steve as the guys discuss the state of college hoops in Boston as well as the newest Celtics' draftee Robert Williams. Lucy Burdge calls with advice on how Buck can join the rest of us in this century.

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The Buckley on. Sports Radio WEEI. That my friend is my ride and cover the the replay of that to buck was just putting on a tip on TV get a chance of dead and we played at opened one more time. The Buckley Sports Radio WEEI. The magic radio goes if that doesn't rule you back I don't know well it sounds like the highly produced open back to keep from weeks and we eyes audits of course exactly and all that significant let's get after it. OK I'm rob Bradford along with you anywhere now or mentions the Buckley and on the line we have we are honored to have Jeff Goodman. Jeff what's going on. You know what whose beat you you tell you whether you. You being yes that's lethal Jeff I got to realize that going back to we've known each other for a long time you know that I even back at school sports magazine I could deliver the weathermen packet delay in the weather now I just they went. We use those what's magazine about Jeff and I were there together yeah are you there and Chad monarchy was an emotional hour absolute that's like that's quite correct Chris price on Iraq Helmand. It's a job where this and that's got to the chase first I wanna get the as we said as we were praising you up and down. What is in store for you now that you are with the yet yet on where you've gone I know you go about what you Tuesday. No I'm not officially about. Say we're gonna set it up broadly I think tonight's. Yeah okay it tell me tell me if I'm right or. So you're going to the state stadium. The stage for a correct updated stadium on about it what. Yeah I am going to the stadium you or use ESPN's ensemble school can I call the ballpark. You don't that would not work and URL doesn't work in the URL now that the odds but that's exciting it's good news is like Ken Rosenthal ammonia athletic and you know I'm I mean that sincerely is that the big deal. Well. You noted that it's me getting back out of our roots and in writing a jail if you try to build something here. Look he has beaten it was awesome. For for so many reasons. On them but there you know there are a lot of people there are a lot of people there. I counted need to get back to moderate so little bit. And be able to do. A little bit more of kind of what meet meet me back in the day got meetings here would choose who's really working. Terms all of college basketball. Writing each and which are more later in I think honestly and people that you know be a Life Partners. Didn't have any idea that a more in other I was more. Or TV person. Which are not but I will do. Boat and I got better TP. I'll do a lot of features. Albeit of the coal teams it analysts will play Utley. Person that's the place that you mention that I am going to. Which is in Chicago streaming and at a Puerto BQ is like listen. Our kids nowadays don't watch TV game. So let me out of this afternoon. I don't know if you can I don't know if you can answer this kind of won the finish that answer for our kids don't watch TV on or go I'd go ahead. They don't believe it or are altered and and stating it has its own Twitter FaceBook can. You know they applauded in click a button. And then watching streaming service will operate now with the injury suffered but it is diving play softball. And I've been laid up the last five weeks since by abuse jokes. And so I Dolan I'm looking at these shows on there were so well what network or if you insurers argue that he got all these different. Streaming services now I picture myself already. A eventually you can get a B where people are stressed I wanted probation from that person. And that's what I'm gonna get revenue outlook on ESPN or the other day. It is giving a major part in I think it is going. The good of Peter trade work you know you get that person to the region no matter what or there. As Jeff Goodman of this through to be of the stadium but Jeff I don't know contractually. Answer this question but. You talk to go doing things ESPN that may be wasn't your we offer you can feel is in your wheel house. We're in and we've got a lot of stories about how he espionage try to change in and catch up in this and that what do you think it. They went awry. In recent years and the I guess I don't know if you can say any thing beaches of contract for the if you can't this move on but when you talk about that stuff that's what jumps to mind for me. Yeah I mean listen even even the ball police something if it's all Buckley said it into art that it. At out of it to you that way a spot for epic got you you'd kind of what I want. Really own something own college basketball IQ eight. More decisions. In the top objective that we cover. Rather than being. You know listen our system that's going to pretend based also. Ten days. I wasn't thinking. Wasn't worth waiting it was the other torture school people were cool but dealing with them for ten days now. We just gonna talk about Jeff pollutants on basketball I would talk about a half mile long to have had that you know it's wells I was ever gonna object of an anti well we talked about his tennis career well that's the that's all right with me but it terms of what his career if they we go back to school sports -- you operate like you have acquired them. Will we get to the inevitable Celtics question Jeff I have a question not nice to see you all the time IPC. But in recent years I've not covered BC basketball games for two reasons one. Because of the way before proteins have taken off in recent years they demand are constant attention so I I spend more time the Bruins Celtics Red Sox and patriots. And be in recent years BC aegis was a great chase that the tunnel program so. All of a sudden this cute Robertson void don't know. Vaults in the draft becomes a high draft pick. Eight what he tells about him and B this is really the most important thing for me. Where are we on DC and UMass basketball and what can we expect that next to a five years. Our supporters Robinson. He stressed that he did really well and it's so people's well I receive junior Stuckey is what it's. Just some degree curriculum Robinson if the track was there. Would not have gotten number Kirk. He went member Turkey. Team's gotten flooding in the saudis terror he saw in these huge personality. Used security. Work out and get important stock work. In other guys can all. In work outs or brother things Michael Orr junior was second the orchestra he threw the actual Robertson. Because as it goes in check and that was a big historical are trapped all the Robinson is city. You know from the first day I saw him practiced it was freshman year. He's got a really are or you don't start the ball. But you didn't see it as much about art is frankly be it at the Phoenix and they needed him to be score and improve your shot he's got size. Not a great athlete. I was Jerry West. Loves. It Jerry West. Is a consultant right now for the clippers and really really involved in the decision each juror. Jackson and we won't. Be seeing you Basra comic court sewer you see to the Benedict that would term Q which are probably sit. But it really hard to imagine it will be without it they utopian key team. On young democracies that are cute job I mean he Curtis got our chart all the appeals audit. And it turned out to be really really good players. But I think without all the page really cute pics. You probably look at an achievement that media that he sure they're lucky. Are you masses on the upswing a little bit. That at all terrific young coached. Over achieved with their talent. A year ago. You know helping get a goal and Golan I think teams he had he got fortunate. All right that's very exciting. Was but he insisted it's too bad because we all Vista knotted obsolete by that I just did not enough I cowboy yeah I remember several years ago and Jared Dudley and Sean Marshall and BC basketball is exciting. And obviously goes without saying that you know can be treasurys opened the year those guys. Lou role cool you know going back to the mid ninety's and and the thing everybody knows them on a college basketball guru it's not my game but to have covered those teams in those years was a lot of fun. Oh absolutely butter and oil also has a lot of fun talking about the celtics' draft Nathan and and Jeff Jeff Goodman of the stadium where this. Jeff should we be concerned. That they could not tracked down Bobby Williams for the conference call the day after he was drafted. A little he had to do this. It's MO little bit right that he's immature. Naive. Comes from us all battling. Oil City. You Q school and get those guys when you come back to school would consider louder you figured a lot game. Record your during the right but I was so poor region each year back as to how to get out of college college. In and out the get better pretty short. It that's needed to be honest I think he'd probably enjoyed. College it would be too much his sophomore year and it doesn't surprise me and I looked at kids are really you. Do you get a CDC OQQ. In your arm. But he's got to maturing at such put his locker right next Kyle corporate owned. It garden in the U practice facility. And make sure or permit to resume an adult shop. Benedict and it's grace now with their. Yeah I think so to speak as. Job is to protect the rim to Egypt they talk about. Ought to run the work at each other for a broader. Terms of a guy you two run ball screen we've been it's just. You know here to the rim get on the ball there's going to be or other jock McCourt now with coordinate and carry. That can score the ball. Social rude nobody's going to be pay attention Robert Williams. But defensively he can really major impact. It's long music and he's locked in picks things. Or are all the things that are really got to be questioned him this past year. Jeff as someone who covers like all the different teams in rob does too is where columnists. It's been cats were at such pets for instance at Red Sox for several years and I would see the path of the B team now I recognize that but. You can clearly see the Celtics are are on the ascendancy. And I think unless something goes very wrong next season they are going to be monsters in terms of media attention fame participation and so forth. Do you agree with me on this and how big can they get next year's so. Yeah I think if you get you. Again with what he did this year. Want to watch this year the without carrying Gordon Hayward. They outposts and initiated so VP maybe this into our local state. I'm not sure they're there yet makes her look at the outrage recruit players. And they knew each you're salivating adjacent seat him in Cuba right. An editor budget travel visas I never it's. It Tatum I cabin view this as Tom and I didn't Opel after this year if they are here is a court they were. Would be LP acted admirably which has put it in the game. So I think that means ought to watch. I don't know they can be Golden State in keeper of it is due to this character two wide later. Because you can give your age you can get why letter. It's just what what's the asking price war we will keep up one way to Cuba you brown yellow. People that could vehicle while it was. Let me go to historic is it out of more interested in the glow of the green then in the make up of the roster and in the reason I pose the question that way is that. That are on the Red Sox the last few years and they've got these younger players who have not faulted into our consciousness as. And that everyone's going to be David Ortiz I get that but but Ben attendees in and that these guys tend to be lucky. And that I'm kind of seeing the same thing from the Celtics which I didn't spend a lot of time in the regular season but a lot of time in the post season. And you get. Tatum who's using a very pleasant kid but very low key just it's of the quite who was there reading this make up the duke and beyond its just the heat can be. A marquee attraction a guy that everyone wants the listen to or is he just basically low key guy. Yeah he's a Saluki. You don't look he got the best part of it as its mother still to this day it will catch them things or to gain. You know responder resembled yes ma'am. And that type acute. Here at IU soaks move to watch. Right so you're you're gonna love him despite what he doesn't court at least to me from Celtics are Red Sox these days would be. Decades are growing as he in the case there's more baseball cents a minute that's the point and sent me yet. But without that personality no Tyreke. Listen I'm. Lawrence. You know if you. Herded out and you look at your notes you in your like what some are. That's kind of what I was go to the ground with me is loses his friend died early in the season. And he he addressed the media after the game and the eloquence he displayed for guys that young was mesmerizing. Yeah he's route right he's really bright and so they. And so his or her and so his word and a lot of these guys what but it yeah that'll that'll say it they're not. You know edit servers here's problem better wants you know terms of talking giving it a little bit more for the media that it not a great team they're not. The gap last question from the so we talk about the draft. And then we know that wooten was it was the main date that don't read out the NBA and want him tweeting politics. You were under notes sets guidelines because you were I would imagine between jobs right right that's right so what you hear when you hear that are you thinking. Mrs. Smith is this is good because I gonna do what quote came and looked it up doing it in a different way about what was your sort statement now. So sure that these deals in place for years I've worked the last the telecast last year's work they tell us. You're not supposed to protects. Trying to read a quote did not I could stay out of it completely dispute appellate. Listen that was the mandate so I'd never miss. So I didn't know you are I can't sit here much outs or. They default all. And I'm upset your laid up for. With my knee is getting ready machine machine. On the couch and people are out here and try to rate pictured. I don't know economy. Quite get it easily oust corporate pay so I think more stops. It official remarks on or use and guys out in your arms. He did the first one of their you know these pictures dictate yeah great. So that I've got the next or better. Admit that they. Won't blow each it and shot champs on Yahoo! people don't insult like. Are you know it didn't do it. We're gonna do and figure out a way to blow checkbook with arms are not the sport. You know I felt all whatever for me it doesn't matter I can do not do it sought or appliance I think everybody got to work or they're going up on the back. It Iowa Jeff Goodman soon to be of the stadium the stadium is a stadium dot com as notice watched me. Watch stadium dot com I mean he can't say it but we will we was reviewed from. The rafters because he is the absolute best when it comes to this sort of stuff Jeff. Always a pleasure thanks for thanks for pop in on by. Enjoyed big Bob Williams and it is never quite well. It blogs blog has no other I don't know Dylan little hobby. Don't let up at all while Robert strongly till twelve blog that's Rudy has called that girl well that is now I would agree outcrop rock. Spot up. Caldwell. Back to this is the type of stuff that we re that's why Jefferson commit such votes I agree I appreciate that are right now and we'll talk regulator. It. That's Jeff Goodman through the BO. I guess watch stadium dot com that'd be seeking a few years ago and Dicky V lose here and slobbering over him. Over Jaffna. Whose full name and it comes to this eight in again to declare Jeff was not slobbering over Dickie V Dickie V was slobbering over. This is that a BC us he's OK I did you look at it really you know I was talking about that a book a he was hovering over Jeff but. But absolutely take your name off the open no I like that both legs back as that little bit of release that we talked a lot about Celtics and Bobby Williams and Jeff Goodman and I actually found in trusting your stuff about ESPN and also about the next. But we're gonna we get back and Hanley Ramirez retrieved talked about the first hour also later this hour Luke Hebert is going to call up in her series the red hot series everyone's talking about it. The series retirement recall. How the bleak the you do that where Lucy Byrd tries to show won the old guy this station out to be young. He did. She did it weighs Gerry Callahan and to team Twitter it's a grand. And she bock is going to learn how to do something is going to. Bring back down in the demographic this station accidentally confused saying here's a also meet you start coming up in the 11 o'clock now all of it. All of it stay tuned. The Buckley. Radio WEEI. Look after. Hey let's get out you know 617779. Bruins Celtics patriots breath and got at all. Agenda free Sunday that in all but if it. So connect in my shut up before lifting yet wanted to Lucia to Boston Herald sports writers Steve Hewitt. But he yours buddy of mine just finished the VA ten K 4556. Two minutes that ends well or time and rain with the carry teams dot org probably differences in the early. The U guides work every other out there America on raising hundreds of thousands of dollars owners charities. Are running Boston Marathon today to chaired teams those guys and girls there is these are training lines Gary next year's so. Good pursues an early good for marts are low good for state. You are good for all that crowded for humanity good for humanity yes. 6177797937. We're talking about. In the rarest for the first hour we pick through that entire equation. One interesting thing days and this is morphing with we had some of the media conversation. About the coverage of this and and because that's part of me it to me buck and maybe it maybe we're in trusted more than most but. There's a reason we have media stars is because protect but the Celtics as the most popular sport in Boston will media is not too far behind and that's three out. Yeah it is it is so difficult to hasn't written about this at all. They have not. There and I'd just giving Google news in the last time I did go to boston.com now loses not that I see I may you've seen something in Boston Tom. Well I I can address is very simply it is a way to covenants. And he knocked it caught up in the morass of this information. All you have to do is his site the Boston Red Sox produced an official document. In which they said they know nothing about it so you've got the official document the Boston Red Sox. And all you need to do these two little dot but dot actions say the Boston Red Sox issued the following. Statement regarding the meeting mayor in the premier essentially you're absolutely right. In you have the outs chorus saying in a press conference addressed that so to answer which by the way this with a good move by Alex Cora. To do exactly what he did it with the question was asking him DiCaprio lacklustre effort. Ask the question after Friday night's game because by then people were talking about it. And he could've just said about you know what we're just I really had nothing to say about that. But he said he said what he needs to say about which was including day I hope it's not true we know he covered all the bases basically right. We know about it I didn't know about it I hope it's not true along with some of the things. But you have that on Friday night if nothing else you are as an organization ignoring. What everyone's going to be talking about the manager saying after the game there are we talking about hit a Jackie Bradley exit velocity. The art now. And by the way it's it's it's not like. It's like Alex Cora swing and his hand down on the table so I refuse to Italy that. It it's it's obvious and I'm gonna project here in its game gets that. When the game and having great pulled him aside he's the mutilation is accurate sites. It's a by the way this in case she didn't I talked about I talked about this of course before but the readable wouldn't okay. So so. By whatever means. He walked in that room expecting to be asked about Iraq yes and and the answer he supplied suggested that he he formulated. A good response. And even if it was a bad response even if he rolled his sizes you know whatever. EE. Let's go back to what he did he he did address it in a forthright manner. And you you can report that the manager of the Boston red flags in a public forum said before I'll. And we are reporting what the Red Sox manager said in this public so. It goes to pick goes to why. Because what you do so the latest when you ignored if not the obviously approached you in the Boston Herald who I think you would agree is very careful with everything. I mean did just aren't these days. The very careful yes that Kevin column thing we I railed about like when that first came out the what are you doing this is your chance to go at the globe this your opportunity. Yet it took them a long time I'm guessing because they were very careful with that about legality of things and everything else. The Boston Herald put it in the let the notebook and they did exactly what you said that she would have Michael Silverman. When you don't do anything what that does it draws attention to. And it draws and what it does especially when the owner of the paper owns the Boston Red Sox right or not they leave. Down today it's like disagree because I don't if anything you would think the Red Sox. It if the Red Sox were calling the shots. The Red Sox would have this in the papers and haven't written in such a way. With the timeline Iran's Rima produced that that would show the Red Sox were in the clear here. If the Red Sox were calling shots and that's what you know. If if they had some editorial control over the over the Boston and I'm not saying this so that they didn't do it I had that to me has nothing to I don't. I am a guy who does not buying the old John Henry's pulling the puppets were not a lot the bought anything to do with the routes deeper with macabre to the right side. But what does it you can agree it opens the door for a conversation you're right. On the surface it would be a well you know they knew it would. Would benefit them to. To have that out there to say we have nothing to do with it in the rose abounds chemical in Red Sox in a glare at such an athletic but that's up the fact that. By. Are you it's been around and say you know the Red Sox don't want to draw attention to speak they don't wanna draw attention to. Because people the deeper and I think that the case. But when you don't write anything about the biggest thing that's going on. You're gonna put what lacrosse players that it. That's what happened I mean at least for the show. I'm sure tomorrow the talk about it and know that all of Mathisen tweeting about this up and down. In making hate talk radio but sorry. But the reality. And I hope. Thought that element that I her with a column stuff we're not gonna cue them the satisfaction would actively guitar radiate that faction. Because what they did cite Kirk in the in the peace out yeah report yet but you know there fingers were leading women did it hit and so. You had a you like in this case in this case that resentment Michelle McPhee who is who serve with this initially. And she was like is that if you write anything but she went on the radio so they would have decided talk radio. For this. But oh at least that's what that a lot of people thought they would if you wrote it extent the story on it you would have to do that but to your point. OK don't do that just say hey the Red Sox it has nothing to do with this and now of course that this move on but the right nothing that we years. We say that publish on the field. I is that that's on its unaudited bring it back to what you he's weird and it that I had even thought about that you brought about by all that's that's weird and different I mean that's weird because. In a story of this magnitude. I just had never seen the timeline. The story deliver that way where you break a story sort of what he'd get to weed out. And you go on the radio station and basically verbalize your story. But still haven't written a story and maybe she wrote the story. But it didn't. Well whoever's gonna publishing whether it's ABC news or whatever and in new what is her role in the east unions exist if freelancers in a newsroom this she gets the cover story for not like out front of the White House is not doing them just a cover story for Newsweek. Mean she knows what she's to tease tease he has written some pretty powerful things obviously going back to Aaron Hernandez. And she may or may not an immediate star who knows but I know best qualities I don't this spot before we get when you start next hour we are going to yet. The way he's going to be the hottest hottest. Hottest segment. In Boston social media or radio or whatever USA which if you like my name for a dual party I would see it just take out the the niceties right now how the police you do it just go for broke out how the lead the double were told what were you stadium today. Probably you do this which if he feature released the birds going through these various people in the Boston media specifically at RU EFF. Sure. Could you honestly I'm well well if it's worked at Arnold dismiss first I'm not dismissing new but the first official one to drop dismiss me there that's a legitimate option the first official one is dropping tomorrow where we have video Lucy teaching Gerry Callahan youth and the grim. But this is the ultimate promotional tool. Which had difficulty close unlocked and be part of the actual you'll series what she's not comics he is some video element collectively stock of phony lower are filling in for Evan on the T Stewart thing with Jerry tomorrow. They're basically like where they put to better guarded at midnight that's happened out at. Anyway after this break loose he bird will be calling up and tried to keep Steve Buckley how to be young it's something that you are gonna wanna go to lessons. The Buckley. He'll tell you we EI. I wish we are going. I'm rob rap belongs to you thought we had heard at Heathrow very very exciting these thoughts please on higher. If it food. What it. By speaking of being unified speaking of re branding yourself which is we're trying to do this if there's been a narrative out there that we're a level that some some people think there were little fuel. Well that's why we have the great who steeper on it this is this is a gift. From the god having moved you around if what Lucy is is set out to do is like dirty jobs are and he these other shows. We have a new show that dropping tomorrow on all muscles from media accounts and it's gonna be on a block it all everything else. I'm gonna call it how the bleep you do that and it is Lucy going to the elderly. At our station and trying to teach them how to do things to make them feel younger tomorrow's episode. It is Lucy keeping Gerry Callahan how to use in Ingraham. Today because Lucy is not a round she's on assignment somewhere with you there. I want. I Lucy so I don't see Lucy you're very excited about this new feature we're doing as we've said we're property tomorrow we take that on Friday went. They're very well I heard it and get on very loud very Great Britain program I don't think. Well that that's your job your job your sole job. Is to make it feel young again. And so today's today's past will be. The peace prize Steve Buckley how old you buck sixty to sixty. I'd he says he's hip he's even kept because he knows how to use the Netflix than what else did you know how to use. I'll Hulu originals who already like semi. OK. Does that does that make him young Lucy. I believe it or not. Ivory in the marathon three years ago let's animal that's kind of cool that he might you know people that we would do little. And OK so tonight what to do suggest no doubt though we OK we wanted to that we want and we gave Steve buck the opportunity through what is one thing that you wanna do is gonna make you feel younger because all the kids do right and you. And it requires a quick. Intro in that I am cool enough to recognize. And prayed with. Every hipster coffee shop within five miles in my house. I go to. The diesel Daphne Davis squared through rounds and vaults with thirteen 69 Central Square thirteen 69 him in square. The reasonable. All these different places I know I know them. But here's here's my issue. As as a 62 year old guy who Watson when I'm standing behind the and I order a lot to a seasonally. And the person behind the count on with air in the tattoos in all the cool stuff vehicle two months of being hipster. They start like waving their hands around like god almighty and it's like sand and water gravel aka that they produce. A delicious beautiful lot to the week being on top and I'm a college graduate I'm well read there's a lot of things the world in the stand. I swear to god you can put it behind me for thirty years I could make a lot. I'd just say this lunacy before you go on this working out so much better because box out its sole old when he said that. Like the kids with a tattoos their art and the crowd around him a I'm trying to sell itself rescue Lucy buck wants you to teach him how to make them. Okay 88 simple now write it down. Perfect I need as I could be. Espresso you and in fact though being very hot water. Some kind of compress as he. Could not make it. A pretty simple aren't yet. England built in and remove the background of what that's important let's anatomy so quick look at. Oil acting. You have to kind of beaten. And then don't know that within very hot water you know when your to do with the earnings Lucy Lucy what it's doing the rounds. Ground. I that. And then filter that the hot water. And then you have seen out the milk on the very hot and and separately from that you make milk rock. In any all star. She built and then put in by going to become not rock. And then put a hot milk on top of that attacker beamed and the elk are off on top of Yi at brat he hasn't gotten up I'm. And then I thought they look at 9 o'clock. In most important part you can. And a rock to run something like Urquhart and let me. Some people that are designed you know any kind of. Out I do have one important question I do not have 75000 dollars in student loans. Does that preclude me from being able to make a lot today. Yeah did all they don't Haloti. But you do agree that most people make lots a set 75. That they're they're educated they're Smart they sent me 5000 dollars and student loans. I got from my attitude and you don't look at them machine you know or other. It. Are you what you be it would Lucy if you saw you Buckley behind the counter. Without the tattoo not flailing his arms like the kids and what you would you feel like I have to go somewhere else to get my lot today if this truly. Something that only the kids are doing. I think from what I did hot hand he picked you. I think that if if someone young she did not do that. I agree with Webb's point I know he's going if I walked into the diesel and the equivalent of meat was behind the counter. I might go down the street to another place. But that's what who's gonna do to try to cap tried the more the world together right Lucy. Exactly. I. The weird thing is if it but time when this series gets really rolling. We're gonna have people walking around like creed in the office where he's gonna play movie out what you would put the voters there. A Ruth and have the jet black hair and in the bell bottoms and with you've managed your chain the entire environment our demographic it's it's plugging right. Like creed is one of the great carry out his television and a great line along with my second. One of the greatest lines in the history in this this this would establish might cool credentials like the opposite side. But creed was giving dating advice to someone. More of the episodes and he said he would do this this in this and then he says and that's how my guts quickie from. I love that line that did nothing to do what you're just raised demographically if you bring it back please. My oldest thing I've ever heard. Thank you Louis is eight my way okay guys that you're doing God's work you really are big people like Iraqi Callahan. Or it's going to so. No I don't. Jerry that that Burnett hungry and very active on the ground that you won't hate everything. About him. But not great but you know this like wood box you you knew how to get his attention with Terry you knew you put in Britain Henry up. Also on you want to learn how to use instrument what is the so this series if you like the name what how the how the blank do you view this serve. I like a veteran. Of this are those socks what it what is to a vehicle in order way you gonna do it to who else everybody every council. I can do you want everybody got. Yes very exciting everything soak it can we have a likely date now that we are on the same page. It I've. I'm in touch well that there are you are going to be this is going to be a we do this on video did it with Callahan you will be doing a lot today on videos that are pregnant pause and asked about the way to. Wrote off well oldies now that we keep wrong definitely Lucy enjoy the rest of the day you do Dotson. Thank you. Thank you aren't. Okay I'm Lucy urged checked around on all full of media platforms tomorrow which he Gerry Callahan how to use the program. And I was so optimistic intelligent squeaky from reference that it fell flat. Maybe maybe. Anyway very very exciting that's the receiver and that's the Buckley I'm rob that was fun. That's what I'm a better man right now if it did actually take that I take a picture you'll be out. A view was this like look on your face when you elect tried to learn how to make a lot today that it I don't. I. You gotta admit she said it's it's simple that you gonna say something very complicated yes well. You can do start the tattoos and you know. That's what you start a cat right and I'd. The other Datsyuk now. But the days though the trade deadline to him if you wanna talk about it once in the 27 seventh at 97937. Be back at.