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Saturday, December 30th

The guys finish up the short show talking more about the Red Sox offseason and discussing a column that Buck wrote about instant replay in sports.


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She does we have our own open air park. Yes I did notice that I just noticed that yeah. We work together that often where we need no open item. Radio I don't I don't think it had cutbacks at the time but the problem. I'm very fond of YouTube that I can help thanks for clarify as promised we go to Dennis in coverage you hang hung on through the break thank you and it's happening here. Happy new media guy stealing your family's sure everything is predicated on what whether or I'm gonna talk about now are. Because if I was the Orioles are up I was a Washington team. Why would they let those two shots just walk away and not trade and get some body for them. But it did not traded. I wouldn't mind she in the Red Sox getting either one of those guys. And maybe keep them which I don't with irritable when gathers the forest. And possibly. If they do shine and that's. Employees get that little old now I think that's got humbled this year but we get will keep that was second baseman. Did you think at this stage of the game after all the times logged in right field that spirited. To make him go to ask him to go back to a much we're growing position to go into it in right field. Exits. It's a business. Bob I mean not if if staking it. Yes it did the guy to stay that but Dennis habit in the business of baseball. You achieve a certain money cachet as a big league veteran as Iowa parks where is it awkward. A. I hate our Ted Williams lake tribal PS was a 1016. The so I mean. Now the vessel to go back to point originally about why would be. The Orioles or nationals. Not try to trade those guys well by all accounts Dan Duquette has put it out there and he's taken. Every call he can Ali we haven't heard data boat. Harper in the nationals. So I don't really know I'm not into what's going on there but the trading deadline certainly going to be interstate. Because you said why wouldn't they do everything in their power to either trade them or keep them. We get to a point with a guy like that just like the Red Sox did with Clemens and other teams have and others if you're not gonna sign the guy I mean what are you gonna do either keep them for the rest of the year and let him walk. Because they never re sign with a team wants to get to free agency or you trade them to get fifty cents on the dollar by the all star break. Yeah oh and another thing. I'm sold under skate Raphael got news I'm sure you guys remember this when he hit that. Home run to left center field off 403 mile an hour fastball from Chapman. Did you see the look on Chapman's face. Yeah and I'm off funds sold endeavors though I like what I see I'm intrigued. It's a great called Dennis thanks for the call. When he says he sold on him buck I mean there's no guarantees the kid's gonna go through ups and downs I do like what I see with him McConnell liked the kids make up. I'm Deborah ya the way yeah I like his swing for Fenway. And I don't think that's just thrown out there I think you I've seen a lot of guys. Who have had swings quote tailor made for Fenway and he seems like. He's one of them every one from mobile on itself to. David Ortiz to that inside out lefty swing. They can drive the ball all parts of the field and also pull a ball. And into right field kicking over the world twenty year old thing. I was twenty years old. I would have been the soft. And college if you mess there. Packet I could barely find their way to the T station back. Reduce them by my life. As a twenty year old student U this was so simple. It was all in all I have to do is get a loyalty amassing dip I would bet the Christmas it did show up every day but puck you're you're making trying to compare it to yourself and another lifetime ago. By the Arab basis I'm I'm I'm paying a mice to two this kid. At the age of twenty years old that he is able to achieve what he's achieved at at it at a Major League level. In that ballpark in this city which is meeting with these kids in the playoffs and while not trying to downplay it I would say this. You're not giving your eyes enough credit because you're a baseball fan geyser coming up younger and younger in Major League Baseball and stand and rise to twenty year old but there's a huge difference between. Even 222320. Well again I think you're not given enough cash day. The statement made before which I often make from Bill Parcells but one of the best things about rookies they don't know what they don't know yet. And I think that's part of Deborah success I think he was in Saudi king walk out saying that given credit for that I'm we give credit for I'm OK okay what are you 22. At 42 of my college in a mop with a buy myself an important for a tiny newspaper and a and a make it work at bats when he. I was just drink and dinner. Yeah it's a big difference even eat between 20/20 two is a big difference what that's all say I was drinking it anybody Antoine I think if anybody that drives around fifty I think at any. I think of anybody out driving round replays of their lives. Particularly guys. If you if you replay your life in it think about twenty and 22 I think you'd agree with my point. I liked to. There were a group a point not a one. Go to Mike in Providence who wants to talk about the Yankees middle of the lineup you wanna pound your chest and brag about it. Mike. No Marcum actually it's porch. Which actually it attracted up to about I'm not so sold on that some not so I'd better and be okay and I'm not sold on rabbit. Go to guy. Parents are alone. Hurtful. Stanton Aaron judge and Gary Sanchez of the. It's going to be that they'll want to hold political motives are there any hope under all right EP IC it's bigger problem that yes there is a problem. There is a problem except we're back and Martinez at the moment have picked when you don't know that. But then you'd like a quick meeting where we get somebody day in we got not a. Well let's go to your point about there's a problem. How many home where do you have to rank in home runs yesterday in the top five get the lead deleted resize image what was so let's give them credit. You don't say Michael like. Well no there isn't a problem with Mike I'm not denying your point there is a problem. When you look at the numbers and Bakken I did this on the show we had at the beginning of the week. I put out where the playoff teams ranked in runs allowed a run scored. Everything and home runs included the Red Sox. Were in the top one through five and all of them except home runs they were dead last. In the American League that is a problem these when he got to the post season it was a glaring. Problem they would scratch and claw for one run or one guy on base and move them over and play small ball and bulls' Carlos Correia. Or around who's the rookie kid for the Astros who got second and third baseman can be pregnant. Break now with Gregg would hit a home run us off Chris sailer David prosecute these chimera is going to be a big name basketball in the coming years Syria agree. So so there is a problem Mike I don't disagree with you but I don't think he can make it up with a one guy. I think they operated the polo field. We need me overrated the whole house you I think they go back to go to be an MVP after what people are not. While being a role was put out slowdown he he he was an MVP candidate. The year Ortiz slapped his final season and in taking a dip last year. And I don't think is any doubt that is remember how would you like to have an off season it would for me. In which you get what reform runs. Under two RBIs. 264 batting average at 344 on base percent. That was his his offseason. And we forget. That he won another gold glove and did you six the MVP balloting. In 2070. Here it is our season. He was six in a BP. Yeah I mean if you wanna targets yet didn't each year. You you're currently pull pull him a little bit. I agree Bach and I did w.s that I'd I didn't either and the other thing is he won another gold glove he was an all star again although you don't. All star you don't rank up there is much. I was looking at the strikeouts and I thought they'd be a lot higher he actually struck out less last year Hewitt's hinges on one strikeout last year eighty. In this is three years as a regular he struck out 79 last year eighty he's gone down each year 8280 to 79 for means. He's he's been very consistent. So you look at lashing any walked a lot more last year the 264 averages striking. It really is striking we just heard what. Five so next year will be his 25 years season. You see I always hate to say getting hoping trajectory. Excuse me. As I can talk from now 9 o'clock tonight and guys who. After three or four years seemed destined for the hall of fame Mo Vaughn Don Mattingly don't leave it bill Barton and go on and on. So I'll stop short of that but take a look at rookies you've all got laptops and ipads and whatnot. Go look at will keep bets that baseball reference in considering his age is relative good health. The fact that he appears to take great care of himself. Projected out of her fifteen or you project it out over the next 1012 years to earn. Go to show on a hole. Shot now at age yet on how you deal and you I'm just curious are you mean a misplaced new Englander you. I will always be your Red Sox and patriots L. And heck yeah I would think about history and all the great model we hear that you are you from the Arab one reason I go. Well I was born in Montana but of course I I've been in Massachusetts. Or. An. But I that your new England sports and a art our idea you only want and I know there are others like Cuba. What do they do you know I come out wherever I go out in the community I usually a lot of people wearing Red Sox gear new here pay here or you know they're around. But anyway I can brag about the Red Sox beat element I don't the first Barry cinnamon or thought about gaining market. I have and I give this whole thing. If they're so serious about it in many match got oh why don't they released JPJ and then bring it. JB even set release the politically in the out. Our. You know this EBJ did release Bradley. I think it might be an idea you know I've been released because because like he is great at that but he is not what you would consider to be a clutch bat. You're great Sean hey aren't we can't get past this right just gonna cut him loose. He got him under control for two more seasons. Well I. I don't know I just think that he is not what you would consider to beat a guy who could get the clutch hit. Don't just cut him loose. Meet you try to trade don't you. I don't understand the logic of tribe just cutting them loose and it will for a guy gonna give thirty million by the way. Is is unproven is is JBJ news. JD Martinez. Yeah that's true and by JD and they want to even consider playing pretty out peel. Because again be whole issue is Hanley Ramirez that's a whole issue to we got per couple more years and stuff. Now Hanley has next year and many as a vesting option for 2009 and he's probably knocking him. I every Parker couldn't pass via. Release Bradley a UG just weren't gonna get rid of it is ironic goma after that Aaron I think I was I was I was worried about yours and I was looking at some numbers. 6177797983740. Minutes to go in the bark and butch show. Connor Holly's taking your calls quick break we're back with a more. My line lives that are merely telling Matt Matt you're about it. At the time. What do you know I don't ever think ain't it. It's a little bit yeah that's why now. So it's easy to look at Raphael devers and say all the things that we've said here high on him. I think he's the real deal. IED column untouchable. Pretty much. Ain't the point could be a few minutes ago about being twenty years old. So Raphael devers at aids two when he hits a 103. Mile an hour fastball off they left the into center field on Sunday night at a sunny day based on national TV in the right. Yankee Stadium that's what he did on a Sunday night at the two torn up. It's funny we were out eating pizza at hacienda in Soto right. We've bite my boys' bodies Gary meg mark would only those guys. That's what I when he Clark they're two when he was a high sky now but that's what I was doing it aged when he look at this kid is doing and it's when he it's amazing. Well look what he's done. Yet a third of the season he played 58 games he had 240 plate appearances he had to 84. 338 on base percentage slog for 82 is OPS was E'Twaun and in nineteen. It ten homers and thirty RBIs you project that out over a full season always dangerous but I'll play or 39 yeah well that's easier said than done. Okay 25 and eighty. Troy O'Leary. Yeah fine but what I'm saying is you don't just recognized numbered times three and number games played arrive at this MVP season. I'd say we can say ought to make adjustments it's going to be a full season in the being in the major leagues which he hasn't done before. Sold travel. Lights scouting reports expectations. And occasional later in the towns Trace the path the decency all that nonsense. He being kids. So just don't don't just a solo. Eddie's gonna take those embers in amplify that what do you worry that his defense might be an issue. I don't think he's going to be. A great defensive player whether they'll be an issue or not remains to be seen I'm not prepared to. I'm not that Smart that I can sit there based on the small sample size. And maybe of Scotland IQ it no I'm just saying we've seen where. Obviously to start his career that's not his strength right and we've seen it they sit away by Bosnian awarding a gold gloves that true. So uneasy young kid and yet seems like he's dedicated to a truth is a bit of a bottle ball and I will say that. He he. Weevils wobble on an Australian are suggesting he's gonna end up is in other published in a ball. But he he is not like a block a steal. No but it's a block agreement. You know sometimes. That the reason I bring up his defense is sometimes. Factors beyond someone's control factor into this where. If he has an error that loses a game early on in the season. Now becomes a bigger issue. Now it's a thing they could snowball we've seen it before for example but I could argue would you that in 1977 I believe it was. When butch Hobson led the league with a plea 23 or 24 errors and wasn't even a problem. Partly because he was hit 25 to thirty on the exit number nine in the lineup. Well but again you could see it snowball with a kid early on at the end as an Arab it loses a game struggle buddy John in Medford or John. A it's forget another John I know when you got a target. It. Lou race. The bag so what's back home when Wednesday's herald. A horrible instant replay it means I couldn't I couldn't agree with anything more in part it was because you know. You mentioned the opera soprano bush gets mentioned which talks in 1977 I mean. We're going to do now because done what we've got to misty interference call we go along with respect I mean we gonna like Phil can definitely find champions of the reds could not Wear a mask or we will we call on what. It's public so I don't have one question about the article on so when you. Well when you quoted DL possible girl's own or by saying that we need to do something when a streak when we need to fix it again said no I wanted to get rid of that. Is it because we can my question it was is because we have enough time to work on this thing that we just holding field with that that that's my question next. All right John and my answer is simple it is it's more philosophic. And it is technical. And I'm an island and myself on this well although surprisingly. I am a little inside baseball blitz when when I. Would erratic on you talked your editors of the certificate writing you bounce ideas back and with some time veteran of an idea and I talked to shortly. Who is he sports editing today what about this and Wasilla about that. When I hate. Said I want to write a column saying let's get rid of all it's their replay we batted around for a few minutes. And and he said okay and to be good column by I don't agree with it the U gotta get out get him report. I was hammered on the little comments that people leave it in the coming and that's what people do that kind. That's fun to me like attacks line in there it's fun it's called a what the people who took the time to email me at cook to mean public and you know when you're out about. Or people who who club on Twitter and FaceBook which is a different form. Surprisingly. Surprising kind of of people saw my viewpoint which is that. If you view sport as art. Which it issues. It is a performing art it's it's not unlike Pete being anything else it really is it's it's it's people who are. Singularly talented in what they do. There were only a handful of people on the plant. That can play these games at that level which is why you commit refine the quarterback because so few people can pro football. Under those circumstances. Correct yes so but yet at the end of the day they are flawed human beings. A flawed human beings in the examples I use Tom Brady greatest quarterback equal time five time Super Bowl best buddies to best buddies. All of that cool simple moral light beaten ornament. And yet. How went up while while an interception he through. The other day that was written back for a pick six among the Super Bowl and a Bill Buckner and media four decade player. 2700. Careers meaning three plays taking and so law is Bill Buckner condit's. One of the most popular vote errors in the history of baseball. Lotte human being. So if the players. A flawed human beings is good as they are. Why not put every but make up may have a I have a philosophical understanding that when you're watching the game. It is in jest flawed human beings playing the games it's like human beings officiating games and let the human beings. Performing art. And we will sit back and watching an argument convection winding cattle wall proteins in the TV. And then just watch the game and watch it play out in watch it play out in real time. Without that constant study an easy if you and McNamee but commercials and that's a different topic all it takes on those people at fox. And now all these different network understand why it is the identity should. But why not let it play out in real time without without a six minute interruption to see you guys put him up the base by. 116 that it shouldn't as the second baseman hopefully the ball was spy. It because one replay of the seventeenth try shows always publicis a little bit up the bag in the pop applied always out. Is that what we want. No on my argument against you would be this dinosaurs had their chance and they were extinct. We had this forever and offer that makes perfect sense go ahead we had this forever we had your utopian world forever. And we had the the cardinals a famous call on the World Series there was the wrong call. And it's series of the spirit of replay is to get the call right now has as a replay go under I would think engine yes you know has the spirit. Big loss absolutely has it gone too far absolutely. Have when may do the offside two minutes later and hockey when they do the around the bag thing and and it'll. I'll go to replay about that and like you said before list shopping yes so the spirit of it has gone out of whack but I don't think you get rid of the completely. You know look you're not by yeah I'm telling you like field. 6177797937. Com anybody agree with you that they think she get rid of it completely polite. People greet really and not and not all of them relate and up I want our. There was surprising number of younger fans. Who. When they watch a game that big a kick it into a rhythm of watching. Because of all these thought it again I had to stay in the TV is an issue I get frustrated to fix it seems apt it's his scenes are constant. Tossing 22 breaks. Well against both the games when you bring it up that way and you think of the generation that corrupt with three. Imagine taking that away from imagine taking mapping key away from. Well. Now it's any weak you know we have history out outside US talks replay that's not used. The internal calls on gobbled it up remember what instant replay as a novelty was all new and shiny. It by the way if you watch an old game like YouTube the instant replays like really bad it's it's it's it's it's not what it is now. And if I'd have been that there were put three cameras sometimes those old games. So. It it would end and then Babel actually say and what's now an instant replay though they'll adults that instant replay. In that they don't need to do that now he gets I've met he goes through instant replay in the same you can see right here bubble Bobble block. So it it is the heart of the cadence and gave the instant replay. I don't buy it's a replay as as a com. As being part of the broadcast. A matching get rid of that. And I also recognize what are the problems with the way I look at stuff is that if you don't use instant replay to review calls. The the TV networks will still show you the twenty different replays. Stop frame still frame freeze were to go freeze frame. Reverse angle backwards forwards ups down just look at the ketchup and a bit of depth. Patriots on bills are again so soap EEU. Is a media person deals have been neighbors and fans watching at home will still be privy to what was replaced we will go in in it into a world where. There is no longer replay determined calls that a change calls that will still get the bevy of replaced in we will go home at night knowing that they screwed up the call. It will complain about it but so what. The so what argument would be Jim Joyce at every phase of the perfect game in Colorado perfect camp. So what you actually got to kind of image and moment the next day out of what the privateers and many people came to Joyce has defenders. And that it was a human moment yeah it was a moment in and you don't know what Jim Joyce is he's a flawed human being. Unlike human. A disease of what you wouldn't. We've got about twenty minutes left before I have to go to work you work tonight. I'm I'm gonna go home to my frozen pipes of stuff I'm hoping. That there is somebody and still waiting I tip my text every reform and don't want it and acting a waiting so I'm already a catchy man widening Indio house is on frozen. Money it's a you have to go to the death from outside for Lola talks to sizzle was growing up which. Outside Dow hacienda innocent there and that's overnight rise to the us. With a costly defeats it was the high separate subject delivering up elites are a couple things against the wall before we leave here today. Wednesday's repelled by. Haas house toward its pour it all go about what's it took the name of bill the casino and villas to tackle it as it. To behold that's going to be windows. Wednesday night Cleveland Cavaliers who come to town it's been reported for awhile that that. Could be Isiah Thomas first came back it's starting to look like now that it won't cavaliers play the jazz tonight. And they have one more game before they come to Boston next week in and in. It doesn't look like Ty Andersen as good article on WB I dot com summing up some comments from Isiah is a wise about Carolina and a Tai Anderson if I do is always like a good way sarcastic yes. Isaiah commented. The other night. Asked about what he thinks his reception in Boston will be because whether he plays and he plans on coming here it better be good it will be good he said. I would like to play but I don't know. Thomas is not gonna play tonight against the jazz and there's only one more game he said I'd love to play back in Boston. That would be pretty fun game to play in I don't want to play but we're just making sure we're prepared from my. I do want to play but we just make sure how my body would feel the next day Thomas was then asked to be like the plane that came. Even if it's within minutes restriction of sorts given it would mean. To return for that game what do you think Thomas responded with a grand I'm able to play it's going to be really special game from me. It's gonna be probably emotional cause I gave my heart to that city and they showed genuine love back and that's how we feel about each other. I'm able to play that game it'll be good. So I freely do believe their eyes is gonna get at a couple questions one is which and audience to these Anita great reception when you as the show at oak as you issue. But the more he keeps popping. About his relationship with the Boston. I don't need to hear it anymore. The books of Isaiah while they've been well produced have you seen any of the videos the book of Isaiah in a I've kind of I'm kind of had enough of moved on. It it it's hard to wash your entire career. With. A team overboard in one fell swoop we are seeing it by the way with mr. Harrison in Pittsburgh. Who was I I I don't OP was a beloved iconic figure in Pittsburgh but he was certainly popular tech wreck our salute. He left for one season to Cincinnati. Came back I think it was too but a look at up and bite but he is by and large a steal all of yeah. And not all forget by and large east it up and now EE it's a slate so so. I guess sort of saying is I don't because it Thomas is gone anywhere near that third rail. But he clothes and played yet since they left US what bid but I'm talking about neither was Harrison that. For his new team soul. So I had so they are in the same boat that respect Harrison hasn't played with his new team as there hasn't played with his new team. The differences that Isiah went out I was in Vegas covering the Mayweather fight. When when this happened and all I can think of was. Katie will make moves to improve his team really eat he did it with. Al Jefferson. The one they west those two kids at the timing was very fond of and he dealt them two to three PO seven awaits Celtics. And he he did it this case with. With Isiah Thomas and they were Bradley obviously that's had a whole different kettle of fish now in light of different. What's come out we teams he. But that's he read that as a cold hearted businessmen. That's what you gotta do doesn't change that. Isiah played with a busted up face in the plants doesn't change they had they had a tragedy happened it is family with assisted dying. In their car accident on interstate five in Seattle doesn't change any of that and that won't change with me that was that was. Groupings don't change a me too but I don't need them. I mean. This is along the rest of this though a lot to play out here. Are you by by the way you're right Tom. James Harrison has played this is his fourteenth year and the NFL when you answer today one year at Cincinnati 2013. Many came back and signed with the Pittsburgh at 36. 141516. And now seventeen he's played with the Pittsburgh Steelers so. Yes he is a steeler. I would say that Isiah is right at the top of the list of Boston athletes. Who've spent. Probably the shortest amount of time in this city and didn't begin their careers in this city. What identified with the city wouldn't you are definitely I it really is a guy. Bid in the city that shorter period of time become that popular odd for different reasons Dave Roberts obviously. Yes. I would say Chris sales off to a pretty good start. Off to a good start yeah but the expectation is he'll be your form. Longer right Opel though I like and it by the way before we go to break how do you handle this situation he's got two more years left on his deal. Option years now that means at the end of this current season he's going into an option year. By all accounts. Yet Fisher can't pay that. Again picking up that option you're you're trying to sign him to a long term deal untrue I hope so he's had he's that he's a platoon player to watch like. Steve Buckley Butch Stearns final segment right after this. I know our final five or six minutes of each. Oh hero we are watching these wild finish to the BC Virginia basketball game. Virginia with two point one seconds Lima clock has a one point lead 5958. As you were in the break BC. Had the ball. With a chance to take the final shot they re reviewed eight point one seconds with three point one seconds they reviewed it BC throw it in. They throw it away for junior took the ball went down and look like got an easy basket as time ran out. But they made a call that Virginia does not seem to agree with a here because there are two point one seconds. Left on the clock I think given the ball back to BC I don't know I mean how can that account the basket. In this game by the way. Trauma Robinson for BC has 29 points Jordan Chatman. Has eighteen and again BC trails 59582. Point one seconds left. On keeping the ball back to BC. Can it be possible and I just when it was our listeners what I know the real play gonna mind here's the Wii play again BC throws it away. They don't touch it. Virginia takes it over and slams it home in the right everyone's tuning of the game no it was our audience and what does that might be a now. He's he's got the ball again and radio. So big out two point one left piece he's got the bailouts aren't always good shots ghetto no good. And BC's gonna lose. Look at the clock now this one point joke what took like we're crazy and it is watch the game is. It will you give it to them. So anyway. Com. Looks like BC's gonna lose 5958. They had multiple chances at his final shot. Bock Virginia ranked number nine in the country native native beaten duke and Virginia back to vote in this in a two week stretch. When they go ball game's over now Virginia got the ball and that Leo boy. Replay did everything it could give BC a chance to win another reason not every play sports. Running game right now let me I've got to put this as we leave the Bulldog edition I'm gonna give you my opinion it's on the if you agree with it. I do not have a problem. With Tom Brady. Playing out the stretch however it plays out for the next however many years. No matter what Jimmy drop below does. Stated differently from a business standpoint from a media standpoint. I like the idea of covering Tom Brady down the stretch in his final years in Boston. From a fan's standpoint. I like the fact that Larry Bird finished his career and boss Steven was cut short. I don't like the fact Bobby you'll was in another uniform I like to affected David Ortiz finished career embossed. So I could care much less about how successful Jimmy Barack hello is a matter of fact. I would love it two years from now the niners in patriots are in the Super Bowl the 43 year old Tom Brady. 127 year old Jimmy garrote I sit hoping above Bobby your plane but the Blackhawks but does it does it ain't. You were memories of seeing Bobby your play. Like that's one of the coolest things Ono to a to a live in that period. It to be able to say I saw Bobby your play set up and that the balcony up there there's two dollar seats I saw Bobby who have like there's a lot of grip authentic aren't that fifteen. And I saw Bobby Orr play yeah. But. So wow what tame my memory while it. They were Blackhawks weak spot when when we have this gloomy conjure the memory of Bobby your. Limping around as a black caught in his day. We've all done this anecdote that they actually came out with a Bobby your. Pinball machine and he's at a cubs uniform and they have somebody everybody knows someone who has whatever is seen one. But it doesn't change things that it's it's like yep it's critical that jeered burdened Williams and you as an if you guys Ripken. Played there it's like three with the same team. But. It it's regrettable that were played the Blackhawks but it it it doesn't lessen. Bathrobe and I had having watched them play for the world I would agree is that a little it's a little caught asylum to. When he saw it differently like bird in Ortiz I would have preferred as a fan there were fan not Wear an audience. I give you some names Joseph Montana. Tony United's. OJ Simpson him. As Wayne aggressively I'm Wayne Gretzky and Gretzky played for the ranges he played for the kings. You can always trade from Edmonton the kings that was huge for somebody played an Indianapolis in the W a tape like that was a huge appeal to hockey remember when that happened there like oh my goodness if Wayne Gretzky can be treated Michael Jordan with the Washington. Wizards. Wherever they work I'm just saying so let me ask you a different way. The weight Derek Jeter went out. He hung on one year to maybe two maybe three. Colonel I'd say one or two do you think that's how Brady's gonna go our. No we'll do what both different OK so how's Brady gonna go out. I don't know I've been asked that question a million times it would strictly be I guess. I'll give him I guess. I think he's gonna go about the way he came and defying all the odds carrying a clipboard. Her. Well defying all the odds by the leading clerical pardons he did one game after that it was. Damon Huard job to carry the clipboard terrorist. On a case the last two seasons that your. OK but I think. The Brady story of course is so remarkable women never seen again. But the one thing it's been consistent through at all ever since he was a kid is and he's defied the law it's said that chip on the shoulder. A 199 pick the whole thing and now he's got a chance. For however long he wants to play within owner that supports it. Not sure about the coach CL a plays out but an owner that supports it. And he's still defying the odds he still got the people that are doubting them. And he's got a chance to go out by doing that in what you just said in a sport that's different any other in a position that. May allow him to do that if he doesn't lose his fastball. So I just I'm glad he's gonna finish his career and a teacher teacher I have to into tears in my being sarcastic. But we just don't know that that's going to be the case you need I think your 99% correct I wouldn't bet against. But like the reason admits in Montana. Went too much in a plea for the chiefs who would've thought that when I'm gonna get it but in the war Ron Amadon pottery happening to do bark all of the obvious thing you know Renault. So by capping Julia is a stud the last sit local show put a music station is a go to knob at the last local show at this. Well on this program tomorrow them because it's. Presumably we can give the official of the normally I would play irony. But capping. Pro am real political Hampshire of both emotionally happy happy day everybody all right for content already format morale. I'm what Stearns for Steve Buckley have a great new year BC for everybody. Take care.