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Saturday, December 30th

Steve Buckley and Butch Stearns start the show talking about the Red Sox and how they should approach the offseason.


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First hourly short showed two hours from B&B. I'm doing fine I I thought that the like shows a little fluffy and light night that we can't get serious now so. Real February it was the calls are aware of where we don't serious stuff the other planets are good and I quit and find a good good stuff from John intraday admire the spirit and their passion. And their honesty so good for them. Their honesty in the last segment training being very honest and we wanted to indulge ourselves and talk about the world coming to when and so and how Donald Trump though we'll play a role in them I won't mice my year will land with the what do mingling in my mouse froze up Salo. So. Like we got last week meant little problem was that the puppy the new puppy was biting me yeah tests that. Now we got to get the what I mean the notes so if we can fix that so it's so what what this is your how should live. We you know rental property I keep thinking on August the private I uses apt rental prior use guys running you know you've got to understand mornings I've got a house. A lot of different issues he has little little critter issues policy. And deal with those so I'm top of so this would be I assume from the should do like the pregame show tomorrow this would. Final appearance. For both of us on WEI for the year 2017. Idea and I know I gotta go myself. It'll be when the clock turns 2018. March 1 hunt they teen. 93 was the first Tommy repute the station with Jimmy Myers. So really be 25 years tiny Babson College. Jimmy Myers and those Jimmy stoves chimneys line on channel four he Babson College was in the where is in I am going to go with the sun apps on college yes is playing for. The division three soccer championship by America and for like a month. Jimmy would refer to them as tiny bumps in college that's in university. And they did have one more thing before we get you irritable mean which I don't it's a worthwhile topic about it dive right of that car. Would we talked a few weeks ago about in his last Saturday. About people who we when you met them a lot taller than you thought they were yes and we also went the other way we have people who were smarter. And I any match you are regularly greatly pocket and you know how close it was so late great Johnny Pesky said he wouldn't mind because I was very close to joining. That exact utilities wake that I that this person it was shocked at how big he has. Cardinal O'Malley. Really using Doris. A man he could be right guard for Providence college's community of blessing 66 foot 465 big feet tall guy. So tell had to say about that. Ali diverted to a 61777. Ops is evident rejoice in him a nicer way he said I used I haven't thought about anybody else besides tiny Archibald which you get to have Dino. Pile on with you to gang up on why seven people supporting me who also said the same thing right tiny was a lot bigger. And people thought when they first saw him but anyway I don't know it's is a good weekend to be using piling on with Dino that the city comes you know and now. Now morale taking your phone calls at 617779. 7937. Lot of Jimmy drop or talk to me a lot of Brady toppled a little bit of that. But I wanna go to John morose she story that the Red Sox are hot pursuit. Those were his exact words of the many which ought to they stepped up their pursuit of meaning to China I guess they've been very simple question book. Do you wanna and if you do at what expense. Ed love to have him. Nitty gritty of contracts and all that in meeting column is that of all it's a great vengeance but. The only way you can get Machado is if you backed channel in or it would work got a contract extension. As part of the deal you'd need to acknowledge his people its Opel within which begs the question why on earth would mean the challenges that. When he's dealing with a field the one. With that being the Red Sox where is if you play out your contract with the Orioles play out through next season possibly get traded the deadline of the Orioles are out of it. England of freezing you've got five or six teams. Not every team because they're a whole bunch of teams that simply couldn't afford you. Oakland a's and marketing pay for instance. So you Whittle it down of the four or five or six teams that could afford him thus creating a market that's creating a big contract and presumably he would get now. Unless. And I don't know that this is the case unless he is like hell bent for. The Boston baseball experience and use secretly dreamed of playing it all these years with tight. Give a summary of remarks like steroid doll but. To close up at bread. If the red side to do we do not get meaning which I don't I guarantee you what absolutely zero. With what happened with Pedroia last year. OK I would agree with all that money go to your point about why would he do that. Why would he sign a deal with the Red Sox so. I'd I'd I'd like to believe got to believe that gave them browse series about this and he's talked him again Duquette. Arm that they're they're formulating a type of deal but we're also is right alongside of it. He's talking to his agent to try to sign a long term deal let's go to the question of why would you sign a deal appear Manny Machado will there's only one reason. If John Henry does what he's done in the past with others Billy Beane and others make sure when offering you can't refuse them why bother waiting. To go to the fiber sixteen most guys do I know Bucky pooh poohed that when I brought up yesterday and similar scenario. But if I mean he's aging came Doumit said look. It won't pay you. 250 million dollars. The woman paid thirty million dollars a year plus for eight years in guarantee seven of so the question becomes would you do that would you trade for Manny Machado now give up what it's gonna take to get him. And also. Signed him to a long term deal. I have some type of deal that's a price to pay. A high price to pay not look I'd love to have Machado he's 25 years old. His career numbers. What do you think it's Korea line is bucking the baseball reference line it's in black on the bottom is the average you know if he played a 162 games. But he has a couple of things remarkable about Manny Machado he's a three time all star two time gold glove three times finished in the top ten MVP. He's only missed eleven games in the last three years three years ago we played all 162 games here then put a 157 in my issue played 156. Now that number stand out to me that's. That's important and this is this is important here I want to look something up. Yankees' offseason moves that would go to college stand up. They re signed CC sabathia I think unless I'm missing something those that it would be offseason moves. But a reading into what Jersey dot com it's it's the first reference I saw. So what I thought that I read somewhere else the Yankees are already planning for 2019. Ordering Hal Steinbrenner repeatedly has said New York intends to get on the next year's threshold. Of a 197. Million. Which would reset the teams based tax rate from 50%. Through 20% in 2019. The first season after Bryce Harper in mean maternal potentially become free agents. Where the Yankees were being said it's rebuking the president the Yankees we always wanna get better so in other words the Yankees I believe. Our position themselves to tell it to be the next great Yankee dynasty. And that adding Gian Carlo stand to Erin judge is just one step in that direction. In two for the 2019. Season. They I think our positioning themselves to get I don't mean people I don't know Bryce Harper are really good shot. So if if you've got a year a a Yankee ownership in the hierarchy. That. Really what's treat. Nixon a lie which is why would you do if you mean in China why would you locate it contact such threats the odds are you wouldn't start because I went so then the question becomes so let's go to your room. If you're Dave Dombrowski E*Trade from any child of 11 year deal. No I don't think so I don't I'm not even though we we have to believe non not selling lauer on the great baseball. Hitting sage he did drag the trains are dying Jerome and it did ride the trains and devers has a pretty good swing. Game. He I don't think he's going to be great defensive third baseman disciplined maybe a look at around the world maybe DH and the first baseman. But twenty years old. Waltzing into Fenway Park and hitting home runs in the book they. Home run he hit off of raw this Chapman from Yankee Stadium with twenty year old kid does now lefty. Lefty batter up a lefty pitched in pros I think BP miles and now soon as he had data pops in my head all the time about rookies Bill Parcells famous line. They don't know what they don't know yeah okay fine. And he he he knew how to turn on a raw obviously I didn't know enough to be scared as my pa and so. Again it we've seen flashes in the piano will go to Brooks had a great half season and I I could go back to Ted Cox a thousand years ago so we sink but but this is not that this is the guy that from the they signed him. The greatness was projected for him I don't know it. And again I'd I'm not the baseball America minor league free you know about that prospect I used to be but a lot more. But Deb is to be. More so than that it can be. The bandits and he's a fine ball player probably have more power maybe than than that then devers. But I think Gary's as a higher curve. As a major league baseball players via four. I don't wanna see the Red Sox trade devers which means. If you. And I certainly don't wanna see them trade debt raised to get it Brent the player for one year and I. Let's put it this way let let's let's try to project went meaning that shot I was gonna do in 2000. Nineteen verses the Disney team around. Verses what Rafael devers is going to do in 2018. It by sitting right now listen maybe devers is hidden to 22 they sent it back and AAA and made but but. Given that given the fluidity of his swing it means is is columnists. Didn't have a great post season but still. And on in the post season you have it but but it did give it given given. What I think he can do. I don't think the difference between human child it was going to be that fast but I am and I'm guessing I certainly don't went to the Red Sox. It I don't wanna see them trade stuff very prospect between pitching price mix because. They gonna have to do something with their pitching down the road hopefully agree was someone's gonna have to step up unless they just plan on. Citing free agents I mean every every pitcher they have was acquired in a sale with the court Priscilla was acquired price was acquired. Stephen Wright was acquired by Eduardo Rodriguez was acquired emirates was acquired all those guys were either free agency trades. Native who develop pitching anyway they gonna have to do that at some point and really develop pitching since you know Buchholz Lester Papelbon those that's a long time ago. 6177797937. I think the bigger question you when I went this route last week. Is after the Yankees acquired your collar Stanton. And you add him into the middle of that lineup with a Aaron judge in Gary Sanchez. You know there's the talk of the 27 yankees and another murderer's row. It's it's clearly got the potential. To be would Ortiz and mini war is a 34 for a good seven years with the Red Sox right. Yeah everybody focuses on every judge in an hitting fifty plus home runs. Let's not take a look at that entire roster I believe and at the look it up I believe they were one shy. Of the franchise record for home runs in 2241. They had last year and I believe the hole for yankees to 242. And then you've got the Ruth Gehrig yankees Gehrig DiMaggio yankees that in my vehicle yankees and and and be at the marriage yankees and always great power houses they've had. In yet this team 2017. Goes out falls one side affect the big the greatest franchise in baseball history a team known for its measures. Balls within one home run of the franchise record and then what do they do they don't get a guy with fifty plus a revised it to add to that next. So yeah I'd be a little feared of yankees moving ahead. 6177797937. If the Red Sox are going to pursue Manny Machado how would you do would would you do it and if you wouldn't. What do they need going forward he went to the Red Sox need to. Keep up with the Yankees after the Stanton deal. Last week I brought up the fact that the defending World Series champions right now have Correia and a two day. He pooh poohed them as sluggers but I still think there are formidable middle of the order to some. That just won a championship it'll only get better that are still young off throw to other names into the mix with Machado. And at different levels Josh Donaldson and Bryce Harper. You mentioned harper before Harper's going to be free agent at the end of that year harper is a better slugger. In the China. He just go by the numbers Machado after five full seasons are warning now to 79. 27 home runs in 86 RBIs. Harper to 8532. Home runs 89 RBIs. Better on base percentage better slugging percentage almost 100 with the on base 386. And 515 with a slugging where's Machado. Is on 329 of his on base percentage in in the one hundreds. Donaldson's Phoenix they want to me because he's 32 years old not 3637. Like a lot of people think he's going to be free agent at the end of the year. His numbers are twos 7734. And 103 he's driven in a lot more runs in both of those guys he's been an MVP. And he's gonna be free agent at the end of the year. Mean I guess to go back your column buck about your underwhelmed by. The Red Sox offseason while I would agree with you were also throw question back that you won't what are you want at this point. If you underwhelmed do you want them to make moving get Judy Martinez. And give him huge money. I don't. I wasn't it I'm not particularly high NG eighty Martinez's it was is that they have to get a ring now Ole war. They get a late in the weeds and slowness sockets Sox some money away to sabres are perhaps the next year the sit tight. Can almost guarantee likens I can see in my eyes. Excuse me Bryce Harper holding up the pinstripe shirt next year at this time right this time. With the number thirty. 63434. And 34 and at the C a that's a retired yankees hammered they they all are. I just had this feeling that the Yankees are gonna back up the truck in in in just. The next ten years make him do it the next iconic Yankee. 61777979837. Start with some baseball amidst all this football talk to kick off for the Angelo from ever O Angelo happy new year. Apnea aboard buck I guy don't you do would send its black men have been a couple days. Bullet in the way I look at it is larger the term Riggio we've always heard that. I would think personally glad to Jane Martina can you need a presence in that lineup needs someone with a compliment Andy Ramirez. And I think you go wait a year I would go left of alma chop. Which I was a great hitter. It in February I think bright copper going to yankees put measures that I think they got a pigeon. The book and in their biggest one bat to complement the other battered in the batting lineup I think they'll be fine. So our image you're doing both the target so I have two questions number one how much and giving JD Martinez. On you don't. We can look at their waiting game. Both good and bad from a money standpoint. Bad being that Boris always does this and by the end the guy always ends up getting. Over you know hundred million dollars. Good being that they're on a lot of suitors out here and maybe the Red Sox get a lower than they thought. And if you're giving him over a hundred million dollars he's still going out and signing Manny Machado or trying to give him 300 million dollars next year. What you look at this great. And it man which got a younger I think abject Martinez's ability to regenerate and play book plate come from correct. Bob gaining market it here right your left no reason right obliterate it created. I would take JD Martinez. Which I don't know what you said gonna get recognized it I would give Judy Martinez five years 113 nine. DJD Martinez 530 million dollars a year for five years you're gonna lie. We don't pass and if that's what that's the price it's gonna take to get a mom how. All you've already got a thirty million dollar guy and you got a decision to make without Chris Sale to. Are you understand that I don't know what I don't know what can dump Arctic Ed I don't know what he got Dubai I think you need a president. Just to that bridge that you get by 2019 Burma court. Putts and Angelo happy new attacks to vital way that's an important tasteful information that you can only get an WEEI. The two players would emit 34 for the Yankees in 2017 where Dustin Fowler who fled to get one at bat. And journeyman pitcher I'd be here receives a free agents of they have a 34 is available I just checked in at four and I was gonna give you that'll bucked the yellow on salary went up zero RV ducks and the Yankees don't have a by the way. If we were gonna hear from Angelo from Everett who else would surprise you today. I'll. An odd name the 10-Q. Public in about. Eight minutes. And what a yeah you my friend I don't know I'm I'm an eagle and you know I know I'm still ugly it would suck at it. Outside. I would like. You get did you have fun whip rows back still give you gonna give you front proceeds. That's every bit called low cost and shabbat in my number one Oregon Portland ever to. We'll if I YouTube got their own bit why do you all at he didn't rebuild what caused by the media I caught yup click I don't crowded ticket a solid game. It's just plug your and he bought just keep coming at an excuse to do that. It might Cuba where a guy out don't you look at a cost Yankee game Beckett actually you know what I'm looking at all of our chief Steve what it again don't all. All right I saw frank called on hold on we shook you out of the weeds by talking about the Yankees are part up retired numbers so what you wanna go with the stay at. Two championship number 27 wood John Carlos can't already run. I'd get one ST IP and all of that time gave what is Google search and get my equipment. Humans out of low. So would a big I had my legs stuck with Barry in recording and I got. See scenes at the Montgomery. And the sudden Greg so yeah. It's sad that would like that that's you know. I didn't want to head out the question Bob page. I'm not only on the net but worse and I'm not only a blockage. I did you know that group. At. Sony it's the question is right to live there. And that if this was alive and kicking Ingle Austin I've got one of the frank cards and one consulate but he might be. The most might Atlanta so I got one this year. You did you pull up the list of big flow. Again recently dean. Looks you know ultimately. At. Oh. I can't take a quick break Matt morale taking your calls it six months 777. Angelo from Everett and frank from Austin. Who's an export from the cape. Six seven jury will not be so I don't. Set in the semi in nine information that he will not be 79837. And it's being BF two TNT stick around. And I can't name it to my IQ keyed up ordered three minutes. And what a yeah you my friend I'm bowled out. I'm I'm an eagle and 89 or bad I'm still I would Sumpter and argued that side. It goes all over bock francs from Gloucester chime in in here on. One final days of 2017. Answering the question in everybody's asking is frank from Gloucester alive. He's alive and well unless that was a recorded phone call that he. Pressed a button and and just chimed in euros the most underrated player in baseball. Underrated player in my baseball. American League nationally. American League. I would say the most underrated player in baseball. Is. I don't know. TD give glorious now you look younger gore because when he home runs question because he 25 Romans it's all so our. And yeah pretty seven RBIs C 287 got a big old BS guy but you know three. Oh OBP rather. I preteen batting average twentieth the MVP race. And the deal with him is that. Because we're so enamored we were selling their with a great Derek Jeter and it held up badly his last 34 years if two degrees doesn't get enough attention he's es es kicked around the reds at Diamondbacks. Last three years with the Yankees. Tony I've read last year so great players like Angela hall of fame but you put money yankees team. Again they they came with the one home run on the franchise reckoned last year. And looking at you know Sanchez 33 home runs ever judged 52 more runs. DD 254 runs and Castro's sixteen he's gone. Brett Gardner. 41 home runs meet. That that's that's all of a ballclub a well look here. Out of him this you called the most underrated I'll give you this to DD group glorious offensively. Has had a year I don't know if he's the calm but had a year that everybody was projecting the Zander Bogart's. Yeah. Bogut had twenty home runs two years ago. We have last year twelfth. In that neighborhood know what it'll read the Red Sox last year it was ridiculous. I guess the bigger question with the Machado by the way rob Bradford is a pretty inched in which auto article up. So don't hold your breath so what can happen on WEEI dot com up tomorrow's history he said it and that is that what I said meaning additional. Rub copied me again. The title of the article is Red Sox fans don't detect down here to tell you to tell his article no. I often do this don't Connie Manny Machado deal right isn't the bigger question of the Red Sox who were they gonna make commitments to. Meaning Bogart's. Nets. I'm you have to worry about an attendee right now for wobbled Bogart's beds in Bradley. To three years you get decisions to make on these guys. I drew upon rants as one year left not that he's in that category but and an arbitration is eligible this year. I'm Chris sailors two years left if you pick up both options. Not David Price of course is the inched in one at the end of this year his option where that opt out or not if he doesn't opt out decides to stay here. Red Sox are committed for four more years in a 127 million for him 31 for the following year in third it was a you know David Price yeah yeah. So I mean. Aren't you isn't the fundamental question for the Red Sox before you gonna offer price opera mini which out of money who you gonna make. Commitments to between Bogart's bets Bradley junior. While they Bradley's on their radar and that's regrettable. Everybody knows I like the guys the players ease exciting to watch. He's the best. Public apologies to Fred Lynn privilege much better all around ball player Jackie in my view my personal opinion much better defensively. Bogart's federal fights than mucus which guy you paying for. If three. 21 year. Doubt it through 94 down at 273. On base percentage from 355356. Though with 343 it's been. Boasted constant. Home runs cut cut in half but 62 RBIs. I am 635. Plate appearances and of 62 RBIs. But I still don't know woods into the action accidental RBIs and while I know that cinder Bogut has the tools to be a five tool player. But to me fall short on a lot of them in a lot of ways. He had a few of really good defensive year I think he's become a really good defensive shortstop but I don't ask don't I don't don't know why. I I'm the island an of myself on this one. Deborah he's a he's an okay shortstop. I don't say on average. Did you you don't you've never seen above average you know it above average OK Bok. And I'll tell you that I doing a shortstop. I saw Rick Burleson play I saw. What's his name who came to the Red Sox in the seventies for half a season. Gonzales on. I saw his season two that was probably one house progress. Well into Cabrera all before long our other place just needs let's just talk Radio One of the greatest I would have put him I can't think of his name and let's not play guessing game was with the twins who was an MVP candidate. Let's talk about the real world look at. Without it was into boulder guess okay is in a book rights is going to be his tools he got you talking about is gonna hit home runs and then fine put a shortstop. But if he's gonna have. Ten O'Brien's 62 RBIs. ND 273 batting average guy and he's got to be really good shortstop apparently not at all. That's in in so what's the back to my question what do you signing. Well you get two more years he's got two more years before he becomes freeagent so Europe to answer that question yet. But the the the bigger question is out there are who you gonna make commitments to go to Daniel in Needham would Bakken butch hi Daniel. A guy's arms though at that actually. Leadership and well art art barker. We can pick it I don't commit to either Bogart or back up I think Ed. Whoever bought other ones. Yeah could probably get much I don't know if you if you could current art you creature can hire them. All for Beck probably straight up or maybe a low level prospect in addition. To get. Image so you're gonna trade you gonna trade bets from which Otto. That's has three more years before he's a free agent. And you gonna give up three years of control for one year of Machado because I agree with -- if you're Manny Machado why you signing a deal with the Red Sox when you know. That the Yankees another two probably the Dodgers are looming out there. Well it went out at Eckerd Carter out. We Lou Gorman where we gonna play Willie Mickey as in any act and I guess what we've gone. It could appear. But at the Dodgers. Many but go back to your scenario about trading bets for Manny Machado of Manny Machado was signed. The whole different argument but he's not guilty either you're trading for one year. One year in China so you wanna give up bets under three years of control. They're gonna if you if you are prep the money fuel. What's it like that's gonna cost you what that's up three years and then you're acting. Don't know yet I don't mean to before we can answer that question with any of these guys that's Bogart's end and Tom JBJ and even an attendee. I headed what do they what is monkey that's easy the MVP runner up he was two years ago. Griese is he the guy who who bounced around the lineup and it was a black hole for a good part of last c.'s question. He's the MVP. I don't know they grieve you to the child what's the argument to the Dodgers. Yeah when been against seeger for a number years and Justin Turner is a pretty good ball player I think they've got him through. At least nineteen. So that's obviously done a good fit but so you really haven't explained to me how much islands of the Red Sox. And in it in if it includes a trade from bookie bet that's liken it happened. You yacht in. That's not over yet they'll brought here we I admit I know that you do it I think we're compelled to. You you thanking you marking it for 29 point partly about year. They get a real money out there are a lot of it now as good as he yacht anchored yankees. Add to that the Dodgers. International. You know and depending on national the other keep our. I appreciate guard Daniel. Is firing is will he goes. I don't know this is on your radar I don't know it's a deep breath he's radar. By. Who keep pets is the most right now. And an egg added that the part of it because he has cool nickname kids like that he's the most marketable player whether it's like seven. Easy easy easy near an MVP who's scoring quote offseason. Was a 100 RBIs season he's he's he's the best right fielder that had years in truck Nixon was pretty good Evans of course was the best ever. Drew was very good but I mean EE he might be. Just a notch below Dwight Evans without really giving scholarship. Pope and and oh and so. On top of that. Win when the Red Sox have made it a stated goal leads him Kenny was all over the last year. That that that they wanna grow the game with kids. We win you lived you get tricked traders. Yes I I don't mean streets of Braintree yes so we still wanted to try living and able when witnessed a Dietrich entries. So there were like fourth by people over the house for Cokie we have been a fun event. And I noticed that there were ten kids dressed in red such uniforms. And are detained kids stressed the Ritz at uniforms seven of them would rest with smokey veterans. Really and I told us the sand and say it was not surprised. So again you don't you don't sign players because they're they're marketable solely but it does go into the mix. And all this is merely another reason. Whether it's not so marketable and we'll keep pets well Peter JP wants to make the case that smoking is a better player than Manny Machado. Glad you are so that ago without power player and he's a better hitter armed. But panic regret in the picture in a book but I would not see a. We have a wages will point that point make your case that because I don't think it's without a doubt that move key is a better player than meaning the China. I mean I don't think it's without a doubt by any means he while he does. Of ideas for your equipment and short of mean much government that's a different argument you've been playing Belichick and better player in here and I think the better player Arco order. I think better order. What Robert oddly Tarlow let's go by the numbers which I got from him Machado ought potato is a three times in his career has been a top timid VP candidate mortgage twice he let me just a whimper and compete so so you've got three you've got book he opened. Yes okay so. I'll give you much out of three times he's been a top ten MVP candidate more Kiely and you're let me give you whisper rock let's go back -- dull for a verdict that is that people should confuse. Smokey Machado is a three time top MVP candidate up ten. He's won two gold gloves. He's had three consecutive thirty home run seasons plus he's had. Ease. 869695. RBIs that works out to a tick above ninety RBIs this season. On bases and a size of the ought to be 279 career hitter with a 329 on base percentage point to get the state. Our world I wanna see which give these numbers so the compare apples from move key commit charter where this. 292 average compared to the child was 27920. Points better roughly. 329 on base percentage from which out of 351. From Milwaukee's. Slugging human child slugging it out and have with 76488. So pretty compatible do you have is oh BP. A PS or be people PS oh PS is 805 easy moved easy 39 and move keys line. Is 2922599. To 92 averaged 25 homers 99 for three full seasons in the America these numbers would make the call. Problem tournaments are made. There are. Getting well what's interesting about the stolen bases is more key has eighty career stolen bases he said when he won. 262621. The last three years three years ago Machado had twenty stolen bases he's decided not steal bases the last most Wear and tear the body again. More or your girlfriend or shut up. I would look at the tree I would like to be movies. Okay and settled their date and I'm. I think everything untouchable. To. And into current and current untouchable to a page aren't a multi. I'm not eruptions and right now. And they have written printed and I think everyone how it is. I think. That's pretty but are slowly in and start from there are longer and coach the bird and that we had where you have got. Right. So you answered the question that I asked thanks for the call Peter is where do you begin with the Red Sox making a commitment and will keep Betts is a pretty. Good place to start we got to take another break Bakken butch. More after this. Hy drive the last few days it's been. Any job. All rubbish I was. David Mason. Early June 3 last year mean image shot at with a home run off from David Price 617. 7797937. Using buck and butch were talking baseball he bought you something like I think centrist thing I've found in the break. So Dustin Pedroia it's often brought up about his contract because similar not identical. But similar to what the rays did with Evan Longoria all the rays did it in his very first season worried any service time. The Red Sox signed Dustin Pedroia after three years of service time before he was arbitration eligible. Before he hit his arbor first arbitration the Red Sox gave me seven year fifty million dollar contract. At the age of 24 he's gonna turn 25 that year in 2009. Sang think about this pokey batches 24 right now three years of service time exact same situation. Accustomed to jury back in 2008. Offseason of 20082009. A sign Pedroia between seven year. Fifty million dollar deal. The year before that deal was up in 2013. They. Ripped up the final year of the contract and they signed him to an eight year 110 million dollar. So all things being equal. If they're gonna sign. Bets. Like they did Pedroia. This is the year that they did it with Pedroia but obviously the economies of scale when going to be much much different keeping in mind it's a different baseball ops though. True. I mean yep you got to know voted great point great point and I don't doubt. I don't have Dave Dombrowski track record per. Locking up young toe right so is that. I'll ever intrigued by a implement its and he. I don't see vs Rafael devers but what they're gonna become yes let's they're going to be compass. Attendee. It's what ailments ninety RBIs. To seven he would batting average at 352 will be Pete it's pretty good. And let them. Pretty good left field not a great left fielder they have we'd be that great catcher Tropicana a couple of years ago. Think people tend to focus on that was an awesome catch the best of Jesse violent field now but. I don't think he's going to be one of the great left field is an effort people conduct cavalierly say that all trade Jackie and this is when the opponent senator what put TD Martinez left and and it's Indians that are. I don't go to the whole body type thing but he doesn't look like a sort of not looked Circuit Court. No it's hard to believe he beat him shadow over Jackie's and it wouldn't be close and that's not that's not even a dot about a Teddy that's just. That's just piling upgraded the pits acidic it's a great question by you because we're wondering what Andrew Bennett Kennedy. And Raphael devers of the much smaller sample size are gonna become I'm still wondering. Wouldn't keydets Sander Bogart's Jackie Bradley junior gonna become do we have enough evidence to know what they are yet do we really know. Well. With Betsy kind you do get three full seasons with the Tibet's pets is going to be. I I think you're gonna see what happens in the title happened to him he's too valuable player for the Wear and tear still on the basis of bawdy its banged up. So let me ask you this if you the Red Sox and you went to Milwaukee bench right now. And you would offer him my eight year deal seven year deal like the Red Sox it would draw at this time. He's got three years of arbitration eligibility before he's even the freeagent dock three more full years in Matt's situation would Pedroia get final which was 2008. Here's what the salaries were in those three years of that seven year deal. One point 53 point five and five point five in his first year that he would have been a freeagent. Salary jumped eight million dollars. So similarly for more key aren't you gonna have to offer him like eight math nine and a half ten and a half and then. Eighteen to twenty million dollars. And that fourth year I love my body butch but you don't sing and I'm sure they've had talks about it I'm sure they framed the deal. Walking never election in with. And in any time that questions been asked EU doesn't even go here he doesn't even go even meaning to you anywhere. We'll keep you say is a very nice pleasant young man. Who is. Not ever going to be an assist and I'd knock on him at all it's just an observation he's going to be. They Workman like player who who. It's almost a cliche leads by example if he leads at all it's going to be by example he's not gonna be the kind of guy who gathers every what I mean is just the opposite he's the guy you always see prices. So so I know T answered this question I believe you gonna answer the world with epic David Ortiz when he left clearly left a huge following day in a lot of ways and adamantly OK so didn't. We learned last year or start to learn that. If someone's gonna take the mantle that might not be a guy on this team right now a lot of us said that mean that it. Put myself no oil a lot of other people said that I don't know I was on that. I don't think I was that clever but I I I I it was not. I did not think in my wildest imagination that within a matter of one season. At the David Ortiz clubhouse would become the David. Price clubhouse from a democratic column and I can look it up. Questioning. A void in leadership. With David it's he's gone egg and wondering lake who was gonna step up and I assumed. Because it rarely is a picture of the right European team and rightly cause scenario and this guy this team and maybe Verlander of the tigers are you know certain guys. But generally speaking. I guess those Diamondbacks teams and Oleg but he won the World Series is showing him and John Schilling and Johnson will probably quite a us Clemens for a time when he was here Clemens it was his team yeah Arizona had the under the hole he did that famous interview him as of late colleague. When he talked about or it was somebody channel five. Where he made the unfortunate comment about how we have to carry on carry on luggage which was taken out of context that made him in the Red Sox seem like much affect cats. He was merely airing a grievance. That would better have been left unsaid the fact that matters the red Sikes did have a good travel thing coming at a Toronto to carry the bags. And it it it made him seem like per Madonna's. But the fact is he he was in the U never really two point rarely is a picture of the guy who takes over the locker room and it was. For better or worse I try to argue worst David Price is locker room questions go to Tony Bridgewater I Tony. There they are slightly so that baseball talked. I gotta tell you supplemental watching baseball wrap. And the closest I believe race is reduced by at all our brilliance all rot. Janet it's our act it will keep. It's it's it's not just to skill set which at least applied to why it's in between years house this yeah its. The extra base all option went all out like. I'd liked this guy out like the Red Sox it would go wobbly on March and are yet they tried likes. It's that the ball support for the Red Sox right now by this guy out he. Like you would say it would keep what you do is gonna make any sort of next couple years besides the 950 million Paula you know separate appeal. And at how we cannot be right. I gotta be honest if fumble key and his agent I'm weight in the three years out though like Barack Hussein would Manny Machado. If you've got I mean just the economies of scale would baseball malady this. Up which oh and get an outside outside a life. Tell me that they experts like. Coastal baseball terribly what you gotta get that sports can a projected now with seven's I seat tablets in this appears that. Analogue and report on these threats but our place up there right now. You tell me the difference what you gotta get home runs that averaged you've got to get what 56 or march from the jungle would. Don't know you're getting a lot when you got a lot more home runs from China. All I don't I don't I'm I don't know. But would you talk on the channels and even the child was a 323435. Potential forty run guy yet and it just that all the jets. Just to cool it gets a better Willie Mays. Bookie. I don't think is ever gonna have a run like Willie Mays did where he had to fifteen over in seasons and and if so averaged 36 home runs here and handy as well that based on a ten year run he has fifty and fifty and then in the middle. High thirties and low forty several years and it I'm looking at is there is now he was he I have two top five top six MVP for like nine at ten straight years. 012. 34567891011. 1211. Of twelve years he operates MVP the one that he wasn't he was seventeenth and MVP and that was a year in which the forty rioted and we'll just comes. Care and to move chemo he's 24 right now when Willie Mays is 241955. There was. He was the defending MVP. Followed up a 41. Home run thirteen triple 110 RBI with a 345 batting average MVP season with 51 home runs. And another league leading third triples. And hit as this Katrina adult David Ortiz argument where people say younger people see David Ortiz was a quote better ball player than Ted Williams. Which is eight which is disrespect football players. And it again and to reference him Kennedy's that it has talked with him. David he's not the greatest appease the pirates a history of fueled solely at the numbers there's just no doubt that Ted Williams is the most significant according to the start of the B finish the thought. That that. Ted Williams. Had the highest on base percentage. In the entire history of baseball and that sets them apart everybody else now. Q when I've used different phraseology this is what you was starting to say. David Ortiz is the most important Red Sox player hits a sister on a bill we shall at all saying that. What they did in 2004. In finally winning the World Series and a top of that wanting to war in David Ortiz being a before part of all of that ways unimaginable. Before he came so most important absolutely that's playwrights like history. Sideways the whole bookie that's Willie Mays thing again. This respect quotable players Willie Mays the better player the great ball player all around player in baseball history. We'll keep debts. Wonderful player but. Necklace to use your words important and mine significant robs a bank I think the Red Sox are looking for that right now and they're looking for an important significant. Player to lead this team Tennessee Coventry he'll be up right after the break quick break. Final hour Buchan butcher and after this.