Buck and Reimer - Adrian Walker sounded like a fool 12-16-2017

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Saturday, December 16th

Hour 1. Buck and Reimer are in studio recapping Adrian Walker on DHK. They break down the interview and Alex hammers it hard.


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And read her the rambunctious way I am mostly coming to phenom Alex a rare. And the old time baseball team to six people who don't know what I'm gets the sixty who didn't know before the game face is definitely want to. Koppel he sees definitely pocket Roemer. I didn't just get a set up a cot. At the station this weekend as your last nine till ten and here today your tomorrow morning at nine. And I'll pocketing any good to save everybody a lot of time at say mile time. 212 ballots is this is a great. A great it's everything is the only thing over saturation. At least as it pertains to me yes. But aviation attorney turns the dot com office yet in the back is like my pseudo locker room. I have change of 'cause last night I went out after the show and I sweats when I'm doing the show him Donny you're directly and how it applies. Yes exactly right I saw my eyes I slept there would be it would be easier I slept here so I've already I already have seen a change of clothes sweatshirts T shirts and not back off this I I could just a little cot there. They got it would be fine. But it's been a wild week here WEEI in really a wild week. At the Boston Globe so much to get to I Kirk Bernstein is imply not Carl Bernstein not Bob Woodward Carl Bernstein on the case. Tweeting again today that he was on the phone with the wind at his duty. The big boss Juan out the globe about their sexual harassment story in the sexual harassment scandals on shore. They'll be more fireworks and can't see this week yesterday but I'm dale and Holley. Bespoke Adrian walker who wrote jock the sports section of the globe spotlight series on race title debated in the stands. And other stories odd it was a source of a lot of controversy of course and Adrian walker right dot net interview overall. Did not do a great job of backing himself pop and I wanted to. I wanna believe I want to leave the gloves well item on their side and Boston does have a problem with race but that's why it was especially hard for Reebok. To listen to that interview yesterday because I he did not give good answer to the questions that need Nancy. All right so you. Sent me my talking points this morning as they please familiarize yourself with the agent walker interview and please give you more respect that it I I I have read the piece anyway about your swallow when we did that podcast on MySpace that you had not read any of that stuff that he's at right. Nobody that I just wanted to make sure I know you know you got a lot of thought it appears to for other Errol I know you're applying for all sorts of positions I mean that. We are taking internships at WEI dot com thank you appreciate it a little old buddy Ankiel I I know the box and rob Bradford and Nick Edwards. Report a storm. So Sony over a couple of points here eight it's obviously difficult for one paper it's you'd critique and that is why yesterday so as not because it is a great sports and kind of you're here to bash the glow in my unit that you're still Steve Buckley of the Boston Harris and lay the hammer down on the spot spot here's. That doesn't mean I don't have issues with with the Pete Sampras on glad they were series I pay a share your view of the Boston has raised issues. But in the lead. Sued the sports piece. Some wanna get points I would have made anyway it was illustrated. In that the authors highlight racial incidents in Kansas City Detroit Pittsburgh that's right that that word covered written about. And and acted upon. And yet in each case those three cities. Didn't inspire the nation to stand up as one and say this city's racists like Adam Jones stadium mosque and yet. In the aftermath of what happened with Adam Jones the deal was that so the question becomes why. And the answer quite simply is because Boston continues to pay a price but things that happened in the past. And that's not going to change for a long time. People. Iraq and in this is actually one of my problems with the story too much of it in my view. And if you wanna get instant yes they should contact it and if Adam Jones was the jumping up points this entire episode. Which I believe it wise yes then then then getting Adam Jones. To be contemplated after the fact Heidi feel about it now what's been done and so for black Jack a major in locker was asked on day on high yesterday did you reach out to Adam Jones that he said that was the driving point for this specific piece begin in the stands in his referenced. Constantly throughout the piece they said did you contact out of Johns here's his response once. Another can deduct Evan Jones the cook book opens door was more impostor. Quote while the perception of Boston broke so mr. In retrospect. While he really was that that jump off point for a lot of the discussion of that topic in this town right. Benefit perhaps those in particular aspect. Perhaps it was a mistake that was mistake of the story is revolves around. Right I mean again I'm not Bob Woodward I'm no journalistic expert by Adam Jones is the driving point that I'm not attempt to reach out to wanna. So I was able to make this. Conclusions reached its conclusion on my own without listening to that which I also heard herded one on the familiarized yourself with a child with a yes. And given that what happened and Adam Jones arguably something happened. Given that what happened when Adam Jones was the the the beginning of this entire side. Well they would have to reenergize it it would behoove them to. To talk to Adam goes to see if after the fact how does he feel now what what. What outreach was done by the right docs and so that in just a great thought on that he's on the few baseball players who speaks openly about racy dance. So again we have a situation where again they talked about what happened in Kansas City straight in Pittsburgh and in each case it was not national uproar about DC being racist. One of the problems I have at peace is through much of it relied on Google searches. And what was written in the national media which is not always an accurate portrayal what's happening in the city. I didn't read this series in the peace. To get a global. Search on what's being written elsewhere I want to see what they had to say it and the reason I bring this up. And I'm gonna give you two examples. When we. As consumers of news. Talk about events that happened historically Warrick in other cities. We don't always get it quite right and I'm gonna give you two examples weigh in on me. Number one was the infamous Santa Claus episode in Philadelphia in nineteen in 1968. Which is an adoring story in Philadelphia. In any story. That people talk about Philadelphia sports fans via such bad man they booed cynic I'd said that a few times OK so what really happened. Was it was toward the end of the season. The Eagles with a posted goal when mostly a draft OJ Simpson all of a sudden it got to win a couple of games. It's a snowy data didn't double up the stands at Franklin field the guy it was supposed to play Santa Claus didn't show a lot. So they went into the stands and they found a guy who was like five foot six app into warnings and Nicholas. And they put him in there to watch out. As part of their halftime with the pad. You got bands it's called the stands when felt a lot there appears stuck in this pipe with six guy who looks nothing like Santa Claus is an old tattered sued on. They were bullying the presentation. There will blowing the big the the casting. More than they were blowing Santa Claus ad and so it's not an accurate portrayal of what really happened to say these Billy Kansas so bad it was in place. Does it really get the heart of the matter no comment another one is 1946 World Series. Pesky held the ball. You know slotted. Hit and run. He he's rounding the bases. We don't call with against the bought those pesky kobasew was in as a defensive replacement on the man Hugo that are you can. Pesky Torrance he double on T pros. No he would've gotten you know slaughter anyways fought away with it money was at second base as the ball was going over pesky sadness and appealed. For all these years later it is pesky held the ball is not entirely accurate he double pump. But either way he would no he wouldn't of guiding a slight anyone who who with any scholarship we study that plight. Would tell you that pesky didn't held the ball. And you thought it was you remember your in the press box covering games you remember vividly thank you felt so in a case like this any time as the racial incident Boston. It's going to automatically trigger the Boston is a racist city I happen to believe. That all these old East Coast cities have racial bias. That that's in the week and it comes out when something happens. But because it's Boston Boston must pay a price and again I believe there is racial tension in Boston to a degree I am. I think it's all in black members of my family blood relatives because your best friend. I'm psyched if you give black friends as well known series and it's so so so I am much less sensitive to this than than than other people. And any time these stories c'mon I'm I'm interested I'm involved and I wanna read about and I think that the idea here. Of the globe doing a series was well founded I think in certain spots and since we're focusing on the sports p.s. I think that the U there was some missions they should talk to Adam Jones. I'm not as upset that dated type equipment and well. Look like I tried I had to be so I want you wanted to to be up on this so yes in my well boiling up on this just you but you you you passed with flying colors. But here's the thing with Kirk. It was a minor part of the story no doubt occur Italian was referenced a couple times yes agent locker says it reached out to trick men hand he did not respond to requests to comment implies that he. Called her on a cell phone or you know message them you know message to a minute when a way that he would have received that and Kirk opted not to talk that's not really what happened. I called the station clerk before it was voicemail. Electable voicemails that you're gonna walk around work on a story about was we need to talk cure all my number's called them within one billion. I'm going to be honest with you and I'm just telling of I've been back to with Michael for three years now. I've never checked my voice mail at this building. I if you left a voicemail for me today I wouldn't know it so you know if if you were looking to reach somebody that probably wasn't the only way to. Do and I gotta go I'm not gonna go around in Iran about its I left him a message Charlotte or averaged out. One of them respond to one of them to knock. Are you when you called Gerry Callahan you call him what his voice Valerie cellphone. I call them on a cellphone I didn't have courts also. We'll get the support we're gonna talk of. That was that was one so says it or here's my take is the right talked about like last night. Eight and locker said he spent a couple months working on that story. And he couldn't find Kirk's cell phone number and a couple of months. That tells me that he legitimate attempt was not made to contact Kirk which stores into question the reporting for the entire story does it not. You could've bunker it's right so what that's what that is and I've I've used this before I mean I've written stories where I'm ripping somebody wrecking organization Mike off. Do technically have to reach out to them for content for united for comments spots. I don't really wanna do it don't really wanna have to back imports that we go to their website. Let me find in the generic contact us page let me type a message sending the best and I have my ass time and I can write you know I reached out to selling so they did not respond to requests are con Hillary tattoo them I just I discovered my house in knots when Adrian locker and the fact that he again took a couple months to write the story. Only forty of human nose yes for people that recorded on the record Howard Bryant. Sam Kennedy Cedric Maxwell and Harry Edwards a sociologist. At university California currently we all know he's done a lot of work Major League Baseball but yeah. Except for people he. He couldn't talk he didn't talk to Adam Jones no black and Red Sox players no black boss not beats no black recently retired athletes nothing this sourcing is incredibly weak and that's my main problem with that story. The sourcing was weak this is the spotlight team buck they made a movie about it. In a movie about it. Not the best they can do Harry Edwards and Cedric Maxwell and Sam Kennedy. Line come line. I call them on the cellphone I didn't have clerks also. Out of getting to highways traffic I was surprised that. Red Sox players didn't equal and that's obviously puts them in a delicate position because. The the African American plays on the Red Sox are very popular in the city milky Betts is extremely popular at room of the way Jackie plays in and right on down maligned. And eat it obviously. Obviously these players are are treated well by Ritz that stands because they had their marquee players there's solid players and so forth so. It it it puts them at a delicate situation but you didn't make note that these players according to the peace. These players have privately. Expressed concerns that Sam can't write. A nightly an agent locker sad and odd night no reason to doubt that the reds they dictating wanna talk about it he said I reached out the Red Sox. Asked what date black players would comment and they didn't which is fine I I get dot net and that does speak volume or lack of you know it does not when he talked about it speaks volumes finals you could talk to recently retired but I blacked out clean up it's only to our mail listen the media are for example on me harp or Tommy however are hurt or even recently retired somebody played here. Recently you couldn't he didn't do that he couldn't do that's so block. What I'm saying is that that if indeed Red Sox players who African American have expressed concerns to Sam Kennedy. And I I don't doubt that that didn't happen at the public but I would I believe that that happened. Because Sam Kennedy would have come forward and said no let's faults that did that he didn't do that. Tells me that yes that com those conversations did take place which tells me that as that there is something here about which weakened have a discussion. And soul that there certainly was in the peace is no doubt about that I I I am wholeheartedly in camp those who believe. That Adam Jones fitted in conflict is I stories without him actually have. I genuine interest as someone who who covered as it was in the air that night that. The the episode happened I was the in the next couple of days and that was one of them many who talked Adam Jones. And now it is what 678 months whatever it is later. We're still talking about what it thought that was built with the talking about because of the series but. It was dormant and toaster I believe until the series came out as as a talking point. As it on radio as a radio defeat and add up quite a bit yeah that might point out her neck but my point is. That OK so now the season is over Adam Jones is doing whatever he does in the offseason work he does it. I'd be interested in knowing that OK and he's had time to reflect on it. What do the red side now we do know the Red Sox met with him I topic but Showalter the next day. What known the year disease coach for the Yankees and I know that the Red Sox thought Buck Showalter they talk a member of the team they talk with Adam Jones. So so the Red Sox were proactive in in the after math of this. But now that we're in the off season how does Adam Jones feel about that pro activity by right at eight. And here's what that tells me that Adrian walker had a conclusion in his mind. About Boston sports in Boston sports and race and that's what he wanted to do when you say I'm going with this I am not going to do a legitimate effort. To really report out this story because again couple months working on it no attempt to contact out of John's don't talk to recently retired black eyed Internet lets Cedric Maxwell. But you must wait here in the eighty's did you did you talk to anybody you played here in 2000 this decade. Really it just doesn't seem like a legitimate effort was made to report the story to the fullest extent and I like you I agree with the conclusion. I agree suggest I I like a while the stories in the spotlight series but this one the sourcing fell with the sourcing was then. In this one. Major locker I don't think that a good job explaining himself yesterday. He didn't. I agree I agree and and listen people on the radio and then I was comfortable in the form it's it's. And I think he was arrogant sounding did not sound so Heidi. I Hugh I decided not clean that he was Eric I think says he's sorry I glean that he was a little uncomfortable being on the radio. I gleaned that he woods even more uncomfortable knowing that it was WEEI given that is that a thing between WEEI I. Does that sit well that's where the cut not where he goes back important de L about the hospital and health care section car wind persists Gaza as a sickness doesn't help. But the segregation of health care which. I don't agree to just that story the fact that you know African Americans. Go to Carney hospital in Dorchester Austin medical center a white people go to Dana Farber MGH except Iraq. By an outside of the sourcing not story to the unnamed and Monique looting give her last name. This other African American woman who says that she waited too long a waiting room you know dale questions him on that heat he raised his voice but the I disagree I think he did sound. Agitated and and had an attitude for instance at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute were deeply offended at the inference that medical care was available. Differently. Depending on the color of your scare. You know I compared to influence that strong inference it's not in stores or in stores. If their hospital put during the overwhelmingly important people. Am an airman. Preponderance of people of color from the Boston Medical Center and there are engines. Confirmed. But it it isn't the inference that that's for a reason isn't it simply. Where people choose. Well it's where more than notes were more than one and it's partly financial and it's partly about where people are comfortable and it's partly about. Both groups historical experiences most institutions and got by the way nobody in the story ever post marched in our. And I wasn't talking about the institution I was talking about. That the good men and women who work within the halls treating people know we're certain about what Gordon and implement a mile a lot of are all like old Adrian is what the good men and women felt about your piece. They were deeply offended by what was written. Go wiry arm. To be honest he got kind of an attitude that brings it out in me. I mean EUU you've arrived with a certain. Home to have to meet you as well and that's fine all I'm saying is the people who work there I feel that way. They know they are armed. Jessica sent agitated and annoyed at the whole process to me why are yelling come down I didn't glean I I listened to the interview. Last night and that night before on the BEI dot com and to run Bradford. And I didn't glean arrogance I glean a guy who's on the radio trying to and his peace. And that came after the Adam Jones thinks of these kind of on the defensive now. And what I gleaned from the was that he's on the defense inkling Eric. Yeah. I mean that target but I'd totally buy it that nobody else but that's a real gripe yeah you ever get all the time. But I aches I would explain myself better and again I'm not some great journalist and I I know Alan job what I see when it comes to reporting takes a once in no one. And again that just the correcting alone you took a couple months to write the story in he couldn't find the cell phone number you're the globe spotlight team. Molly to put in on efforts to me. Again just poorly reported piece and not his that was my main take. 61777979%. As a phone number that again 6177797937. I gotta do something we go to break OK yes are you do with race and by us are now everybody into it and everything to do with the acts. The arts I was the bush now I want everybody who's listening. If you have kids. And you wanna take them to a really good that. The at the Boston University dance theatre read a mural beloved BU campus. What the Dickens it's it's a very famous ballet when they take Christmas carols sect of LA Cambridge you'd dance program Akron got Mason went to great program. They have a performance tonight at 730. That you out right around later on tonight at all could be you also tomorrow at 2 o'clock. And tomorrow night at 730 I was the narrator last year at one time couldn't do it this year because of commitments and and and my schedule and so port but. It's it's awesome make it great crowds. The the ballet dancers are all kids to adults and they do a wonderful job came would you dance program what the Dickens. Tonight at 730 tomorrow into tomorrow night at 730 Boston University dance theater. You can go to CY. DP it's Cambridge you'd dance programmed auto exe wide DP. Dot org for tickets okay 617 excel what 7979. Days. And any time like somebody's gotta and Dendy elders we gotta let them you know once in awhile if I year old male before the show you're all good to have you phoned up bottles you know what he's dead at. I began an annulment and on the guy that I'm only practiced on the weekends ago and I'm gonna start my start mass happening I'm having lunch tomorrow. Where Alex Reid and dad ray yes indeed the eighty arrogant a hole himself not Roemer who's still banned from these airwaves he wants to call I said no doubt I am still imposing. A ban on you coming up next Adrian walker also took some shots. At the morning show here correcting talent and saying that there dialogue around race spreads animist throughout the city will tackle that next with your phone calls Buck Henry. Guys point three. 93 point seven FM. And. I'm sure they'll be ER you're considered vice. A lightning rod for you know controversial element sort of you know Brooke Bennett have a history of on the storm apart on racially. And I think that affect the composition. This. Those aging locker. A Turkey Callahan. Saying he thinks they eyes shut down the conversation on race to sit down and Chris Gasper is podcast in their day. Said he thinks so a lot of the feature on the show alive day tie it adds to the problem here which are all take on they did on this last night monitoring Perry you know every week pretty much. An attempt for the last year. Odd the way with somebody is known ME and listen to what Lazar taking do you think that they did they do an honest job. A discussing race you. Just as her son is closet liberal. You voted for Hillary and I thank I think that Jerry has evolved significantly over the years but certain trigger points checked there try. And that it will but I would also say is that carrying cart equal opportunity bashers they bash. We're living. They are not there to do sought pills. They've dashed right and I mean what if if you're listening to Dachau. And Jerry incurred all on the same Saudi Adam Jones story yankees' line you don't think it up and down like I agree I don't I need till we thought about that for months and I can see where fear a black person listening you know wait a minute these guys are doubting. They're not taking a black man that is word why I concede that but I don't trot lines yelled racist and you said they're equal opportunity bashes the question everything. I do justice greet him vehemently and Johnson has always been my thing with Adam Jones why would he lie you know. I go yeah I always thought then I also think sometimes they. Tilt more of them right they would otherwise because they have you into my C and training in the show which by the way. Gives the shows some bounce right anyways back to the same thing with what I want to survive. I did not endorse Donald Trump but he is yet viewed as the Tron newspaper in Boston has the Johnny Colin Powell and the car has got to 'cause of the punditry it is yet viewed as the Tron newspaper in Boston. Which is why I want Errol to survive so you get the opposing viewpoint I I would they're there are column is site read like noble part start. And applies the globe to I'm gonna disagree. I'm gonna disagree wit with certain things in the globe. Jacoby did just just just to pick one. That there are certain things and I disagree before you start so so I'm glad I have that viewpoint everyone's so I read something. We thought of it that way it's. Seoul. It if it and be right wing nut jobs in the morning have added ports. As long as they have some balance which they now have I think it used to be when it was you know this is not a shy Dino but. During the time that the you know it was the it was just the so there was no. Third man old white guy radio Zellweger are mixing it up right and I knew I was summoned as a part of that joy I do you take offense and they go it's a one sided conversation. No it's not as decent everyday there is somebody in that chair over there who has a different viewpoint need you on politics race X Sadr what Harold Dow public see The Herald. Take a cotton to this story bock the aging locker store just figure this theory that right now why Alex what do you any light they can't write about the globe they can't say the globe is calling you racist plastered on. I mean Imus left leaning as they come to Byron The Herald that would be my headline this week I can't I would I would I would do hold counter series are good good shot is number I I do your doctors number just that that's stranded at all other numbers and as instruct and tell you down telling you got to barrel to running counter series so every day this week globe did a boss's race series Carlton gonna count or story every all right with the way I like abouts. Eight to 10 in the morning. Is that if gore on. If Tomas seize on it turning them like Thomas he's brilliant conceit he'd he does his homework. He's got very strong opinions. He delivers the opinions. As an attorney isn't solid the raging lunatic which is what happens to me I respect and and you and you can be a raging lunatic trying to be raging lunatic but it is what it is. I'll bet it it is all good spirited raging lunacy it is it is not a clinical thing is that. It is it is to people get very spirited with a discussions I don't say that it's any kind of an and so. Mossy tends to be more cerebral about it and doesn't very rarely gets worked up Peta says. This is that the thing you have what might one day was back I don't know what the issue was was back at what back and forth back and forth. He felt that he was hitting a brick walls Lisa you know which distorts what is climate change my climate much climate deny there who you know I'm still convinced much political stuff is solely to placate Jerry. That's what it is I think he voted for Tom just to placate Jerry that's like saying a notable for anybody for president the placate anybody would lack the time last fall his spot on the casting couch is all ten US. He decides a puller for trumpet lucky now feature part at every moment last week for the first time somebody I voted for president has died. Who is also John Anderson what's right or nineteen I couldn't open Jimmy Carter he Carter. And I recruit good liberal from UMass Amherst he would vote for Jimmy Carter. I'd vote only president disbarment 76 military never fired a bull when he was in office out of Norman or inside that is that we present know what Laura I voted farm and 76 I I did not like him would the end of his term. And I a and I will never do this again given recent history. But it was me saying I don't want the media telling me. That my vote is wasted if I hope the giants and I've changed my view one that week you'll be all the vaults hopefully. And I'll I'll never do that again I'll be more strategic with you says I think anybody who votes third party is any jokers you are ruining our democracy that's the reason that's one of the reasons why trump as our president. All the people vote for Jill stunning Gary Johnson Johnson Campbell for Hillary people Blair for Hillary when you let while. Eight the Wetzel up exactly. What these young people who voted for Kerry Johnson complete body was liberal that he wants to legalize weed. Meanwhile he couldn't beat you Somoza did not his conservative out there once connected gilded age 617779797. Davis and Dave hello. Yeah I'd buy your euros discussing this aren't there reporting earlier. And I Islamic all agree that you I think it if they're ridiculously poorly and irresponsibly reported story. There are so many reasons but that's true and I think it's a shame that it it reflects poorly both on the globe and the spotlight team which has got the best recognition. I made a movie about the spotlight team and he couldn't find Kirk many hands number c'mon. No I I agree a 100% and I think it. Also this is a reporter who's avoiding any rigorous discussion are questioning about his work which is like the worst possible thing that report. I don't think he was in that respect me EEE at least conceded. That he should contact Adam Jones he wasn't it in and that one respect he's not avoiding. Criticisms sort that. Well I I wiped out big bill's question about it was very valid it. I agree with that a 100%. Yeah I think that the out of jumping right he admitted it but there's no excuse for avoiding curtain and edit it and I'm not a minute and then I think that he's he's running bash at and I think it's gonna Wear out but I'm but I think that the reporting I just want I agree with you I think the reporting it's really shamefully shamefully weak on this story. Got an and nick gets me about Dodd is yes some of the anecdotes in but you've written thousands of columns in your day. Every anecdote is slightly back to the nineteenth which is exactly right at 46 past you can forget every anecdote. Has a point right everything you put in house appoints a what is aging locker getting out when he says. In June for Abbas now leads me Forbes's list of the world's highest paid out beats David Price of the Red Sox to find a more of the patriots. How orphan of the Celtics and hand their merits of the Sox all four are black as it happens though since that was came out Gordon Hayward who was white. Ought to play Horford at high speeds Celtic. What are you getting out there and Gordon Hayward who was white. Or what it's it's he's trying to say that according to Celtics paid Gordon Hayward more than corporate because of his skin color. Yeah I went I went what is the point of citing god and how the editor of a packed with nearly I was an editor would you say AJ and what's the point about. Getting. I think I read it to I don't think they were trying to wink wink you nudge nudge like all the like I got more money but the way it was phrased. Invited that kind of question from you. In others but like how does it even get the group that's the obvious inference when you're reading right. Gloria Allred who was light you can also take it like that which make the point that applies played paid athletes and a black. The listeners and and yet. I think almost parenthetically. You'd you can say okay. They're all by the way Gordon Hayward is now you know as as a parent that mean the other one to the other one that got me a star pitcher David Price consigned to the bullpen this year after an arm injury. So he was called the Edward by fans municipal have a dot Astro was criticized that's you have a point because that makes it seem like. If you're not from Boston and here in Detroit or Chicago. Kansas City year Omar you read this piece. It kind of makes it if you don't have any of the background is port Edwards dog got the feel progress today and why and we blew his dog with when. What I sold it really was desist orders in and day out. How staging locker about that locker even laughed and sell left himself about the anecdote. You while you referred in the piece you wrote yesterday that David Price said he was called the N word by fans. And that is dog Astro was criticized. It come on now. And you don't believe that in with a nine do you wrote in the damp paper. In the paper report and other. An annual annual honestly believe that fans criticized his dog. And stripped off about it what. I didn't. OK I have a these guys talk is laughing I have something I can say about criticism investors Doug you can appreciate you among many. But you above any miles cam I'm looking forward to this criticism of David Price is thought Castro. Is akin. To. Avocado ice cream and Tom very. It's overplayed it not overplay enough and UConn Astor a couple people on Twitter right to mean a lot was elected and I thought if we were doing the show for months ago on David Price was at odds with the media and John Ferrell and all of that. And and somebody called and said well let me go to take Astro play the Astros it would have been net debt that she lounge humor that. Is what avocado ways he became you and I champions of the movement so Moran all nobody's out of auto ice cream because every time. Somebody has a discussion about unrestrained measurement. Almost by eight like plague secret. Like voices from beyond. People will make the avocado is can joke which every time I figured oh good god stop but I am not always any dent in in this story in the context implies that. Date fans got on David Price is died ouster because David Price is African American. The easiest way not funny age and the easiest way to lose me during the season. And I remember the seen this on Twitter and different callers and shows and hosts. And you know I can't and it the date and time codes are now at any time. The dog Astro was entry into the discussion as part of somebody's criticism. Eat it ceased to be relevant. That's okay your go on. You make no sense it's ridiculous but but again eat it. Eat to the uninitiated would have read a thing it's popping game and we bring about and Allred cites players who have if friendly pats on the right. And we you know we we stop that aura or third or any issue an uninitiated again this piece reads an audio and getting on David Price is -- east you know again it's even just call people on Twitter. Because price is black just just outrageous that I think one of the really cool things about David Price of tone by is you don't wanna dog lover. Yeah I am not I think it's cool that he has is the odd that he blondes with and to be lovely to me it's one of the worst bodies about not done to her she's all right says usually. Let's Brad jackets does not help before the break Jack what's going on. Yes. I I haven't had its history the article yet but a friend of mine did any broader appointed by you would know this. I understand there was actually no mention that the Boston Braves actually riots in general. Rookie year 1950s. The must embrace it was one of the three players it was given a trial with the Red Sox an eight or 1945. Along to Marvin Williams and Jack Robinson. And they also Seidman didn't play in Boston but he Altman also signed at Boston Braves Hank Aaron. If Billy group yes. And there was no mention which. And you can read it and one of the things I'm fond of saying is that what you might know this zealots. But the Boston Bruins had a black label whether it's like they did you re I I did know that'll be sentenced and yes that. So it just gives his. He's just gives credence and over lack of quality of the research there was done. Yeah and again it's disappoints me because I thought some of the stories like part one I thought was. Excellent on its belt that the racial disparity in the city you know how the median household net worth for black for blacks and eight dollars for White House sold its north of 240 grand. The fact that African Americans black people make up 23% of the population of Boston but they're not represented in government and not really represented in the business. You that is indisputable those statistics in my opinion indisputable and points to a big prompt in big disparity here that's even greater elsewhere so. That's disappointing you know the premise is correct but just the reporting especially for the big in the stands peace. Was so shoddy and the research was incomplete and in this sourcing again. Two months but at this for a long time to a months long time. And you only talk to four people on the record Howard Bryant Sam Kennedy Cedric Maxwell and sociologist at California Berkeley. Come on man thought that that that's I think the last night like I was in college I did a video project until Russell they were making the City Hall statue. And in in the project is coming up in my professors like I should try to talk to this person try to reach out to reach out to the Celtics did this Margarito took. Tony does in the black dean of students do you. My luck. I actually this as a rhetorical exercise an average of peace and I was amused by that unlike any I mean. I'm like well it's the ideal mores black bill Russell's lack OK so he's an expert not I interned or blogger Matt so Tony the stock will open Russell. That's the satellite and phone number again 617779797. Buchan Reimer back after. There are no help. In the over the map open in 2000. None are. Gonna let this come about no no no it was something that happened fifteen years adults in John Dennis doesn't work you are not just. Much easier on the importance of the show good show to talk about welcome to show me talk about. Some are still doesn't show when I talk about Adam's job. It out I don't mean to sound like the WB EI rump swab that's a pipe that's okay. I I I I hate that criticism and Gerri at a racist a racist now again neon Jones viewpoint I think is important I don't understand it. A fight passionately about that spike and he just to say I'd racer show listen to it racist just so easy so easiest thing to say it's a lazy dismissal. I think Adam Jones has a point. On steadfast and totally and I've always said why would you who sold. Readily dismiss. It just slight question up the table is is something that. I just can't agree with. I think Jerry's thing is he hates the people who side without him John so much that he wants and he wants to get a it's it's you know it's it's an and I and that's really what's in Cambridge group the ass and that's who was calling object and on Ali a couple of days ago. I I heard again pal Alison now you get out of town media also have you ever met Allison Cambridge comes the old time big audio every year Alec I imagine I put YouTube. Love birds together next summer fuel. I imagine CI to censor hairs every age graying hair though so you'll Barack you draw stereotyping game of liberal I am yes that's you. Cambridge have not being. You know it's properly now. And I was and I think. Barack Obama sent last year. And the Chanukah lighting ceremony at the White House would slip and now. Answer to that would have cut. Yeah. Yeah I don't I gotta tell you something okay my friend. That we've been working RS is up in old time baseball games is 1991. It's and it comes to negate every single year with husband. And a crowd and god bless her for doing. Are you need to know. Peers in Jamaica Plain Peter it's gone on. And they don't what's I think about all out an agenda unfortunately. I think in. Very easily make them into the appointment parcel on at least traces cities and in the end America. Now yeah now we know now we now know Peter Hamas and the minute you step right what more ice that's atoms are. What attracted Donald Trump as stated in Austin which is more or hear that ditzy things have nothing to do with the I haven't done it's not going to deploy 11 Peter Brown people here. Austin was voted at least welcoming city of people lookup to people of collar and 2010 when he thirteenth when he seventeen among black people they say it's on welcoming. I'm not black so I take them afterward you don't. Try to say I create a way that it. Became enlightened me okay. Boston and you have new beverage Brit so would remarks. A very poor people can't two people can't even move here because it was so expensive. And it's an economic. I can tell you wait. That old neighborhoods that were blowing com. Are fast becoming typify the soap and down by with a Errol used to be used a prime example. I look I Dorchester is our Condo and I just saw it again it's a movement to Dorchester ties are buying like crazy. I just saw a thing and barrel this morning for a lovely Condo to go to the real estate section and a bunch of pictures. In the rose they session arrow for Condo rock's greatest offer almost in 1000 balls so I I. I share your viewpoint the Boston is becoming a city of wealthy. On in the interest of spirited debate though Alex I I I will. Peter's point about how Donald Trump a disaster in Boston is not irrelevant to this discussion. I I I bet you it's totally I hate it it it's it's totally irrelevant discussion. It's totally around I went to meet and how can you look at these stats and say that black candidates huge disparity in Boston and that eased systemic that the systemic racial ice cream lasagna I agree with that what I'm saying is that that that it is it is a fair point. To put on the table that they trumpeted basket and Boston's not unfair so what's that mean we know predators they still want to anything isn't it the when I leave that we would meet agreed to back to school it's thought we won the idea of second outside right. You and I agree on this point. We agree where we are in lockstep but at the call wants to say they Donald Trump it is actually in Los. If white men as mayor right hasn't even come close to electing a mayor of color. There are 200 statewide legislatures in Massachusetts. Only six of them are black right. I'm sorry we don't vote for black people here. We don't do it. And in Boston unlike a lot of other major cities in the country has a small African American population compared with Detroit knows who to root that. I guess but not any comparison to season similar populations out we're way behind to even things that Smart populations like Denver Seattle Minneapolis they've all had mayors of color. Boston is not. So Amy don't and it's those disparities IE I just on indicating north. 617779797. Again phone number 617779797. Will continue this conversation on the other side and also I do wanna get too but is on this crusade with the last couple meters who's in football is weak. Put flags on them their way in skirts or you might be very happy the accept fell. Might be coming back to lead along that yes he hate me and our buck is just hammering the globe peers Harold gets herald's last stand. But is single handedly trying to take on the glove would do more of that next are going.