Buck and Reimer - Alex Cora The Next Manager Of The Red Sox?

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Sunday, October 22nd

Alex Reimer and Steve Buckley break down the recent news of Alex Cora being named the Red Sox next manager.


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And read where the rambunctious way Cairo say call me the phenom Alex a rare. And the old time baseball do the six people who don't know what I'm getting the sixty who didn't know what before I'm gay face it's definitely wanna. Koppel Casey's definitely talking and Reamer. Our number two plus. Roemer Sports Radio WEEI. 617779797. Is your phone number brought out score watch. The masters how advanced the World Series. We were getting word that three year deal with the Red Sox Ken Rosenthal reported yesterday Johnny Damon had it everyone else had it. But Dave Dombrowski no comment told your buddy Jason master not a of the world that there's no comment on its know what what is the I don't like Dave Davies usually very gracious though yes we saw that after our press conference a few weeks ago so what what to remake it just just pay port needs he filed. Then want to announce it during the Alice yes. This is pretty much a done deal. I I take the national media and always post that there weren't local guys that that there has been an agreement reached in the Al scorer. I'll measure will be by any measure will be the next manager of the Red Sox the the thing is that quarry has. It appears to the bench coach but he team that's about to play in the World Series and it wouldn't be fear. For the Astros. Or their fans or the players for him to step outside of that now and he's a baby already half as by taking interviewing we think that's fair job. So what so I'd never understood like so what let's say that the Red Sox released a statement saying out score is our new match. So what to you regarding no that's gonna is gonna back at treats and I think the eighties when the Yankees named. Dallas Green manager during the NLCS. When the crosstown Mets were playing the Dodgers in the NLCS. And all the New York media was literally this is a fact or on a conference call on telephones. In the press box at Shea Stadium during batting park mental cius. Major League Baseball civil war is this is stupid. Which trying to which trying to put our. This is the penultimate this is the and Althea. We can have. Press conferences to announce that manages to this so they tried to rein in a little bit. So we'd era oughta know seven right opted out of his deal in the middle of the World Series yeah. What you know and it got him back at it with a very. So so. So open to reason Major League Baseball once the focus to be on the post season. And number 20. This is falls under the purview of hot stove talk wolf if if you let the post season play out. And then it and there's a reason they have all the post season awards after this so that we keep its of that football is done. Beyond anybody's grasp. That football has as meted out its stuff. In such a way that football is relevant to all of its involvement here sport an NCA a are behind wrap it opt out day's sign up day. Region days fake free agent that day care how much about the foul right any pop and the NBA two is almost a twelve month operate national baseball again is is trying to grow the game so. They they wanna keep baseball relevant into the into the fall months. So. If the Red Sox having a press conference in November. To announce South Korea's manager well guess what would talk in baseball through three days. Wow cited while maybe not on six to ten but you taught it's Augusta or chewing him. Now we know they'll what do we could play a Red Sox because. I think the manager thing as we said last it was the easiest changed meek we need a new voice we like. The sound about sykora right bilingual guy like Lee I'm Alex like the sun about to set a good day to be outs in Bosnia with the Boston but the big big changes need to be made in and the first big decision you have to make this offseason is amateur Mears what to do with him say I get rid of him I detail. I'm the tight and I IP keys. I think he's done. I EE is RBIs one production drop had shoulder surgery near the shoulder surgery. And and and and listen I think it's great that he's running around hugging kids and smile innings in the NASA's spots and all that good for him. I just I just don't think it's it's something you can sell moving forward he's not the warranties god bless them for trying gave it the old college try. But he he is not what you wanna sell will import entirely sure what they want less. On the can really hit anymore. And union and if he has 497 plate appearances this year is an idol of the options and again through 2019. Via. So that's not good either so you so basically with Tammy if he's on the team this year. Yeah it to be got healthy it pointing 97 plate appearances. You can pencil and an additional 22 million for 2090s I cut the cord. Eat it's point two million this year but then that puts them up against well and has backtracked on that in in your crown when your route about. Again being with fans and bodies and stuff is out script is that I wanna hear what people say is out score resonating. I'd say I think a lot of people pretending to know lot about outscored in Hollywood that in as a manager we have no idea is human but I haven't heard to say I haven't heard a whole lot of Noonan and in no Campillo score it's gotta be this guy been outscored fits the prototype right he caught he made fun of me for saying this but I like the way for is that a Saber match quickly inclined organism and on the I didn't make fun of your heads their rewind the tape. In put it up in the black board member how it. Yeah one sentence on the subject to under the predicated just have the arrows and if I had a breakdown in the sense deceive or and it did. So you well I yeah I want to replay of the quarter over my head. After the sideline guys continue with the stops. Comes from today and nobody is all a's bench coach for the ouster as one of the more innovative organizations and base my people forget the roster is work. The process before the process as you say SI cover. Five but this year. Are you years ago none on the 2014. Spring tree is says dad the Houston NASA's 2017. World Series tonight sports Austria was right for once yes Matt Carlson stay inside the win the World Series congratulations to size so but we think we think he is. They mention he's well spoken played recently think he can relate to the players he crosses off all. He crosses off everything on paper you would want the next Red Sox manager debate and the fact that he has no managerial experience doesn't mean much to me because he played. And he knows the media has relationships already with a lot of MP it's so I don't think that's a big factor there. Elation that some of the summit but he knows the environments you dot he knows what would be expected. A big deal we making a big deal that an alias or I think as you mentioned Brad Ausmus of your guys blowing up a Detroit beat your rise from asking you simple questions after the game a widely pinching here logic and run here. That's like and be great that Boston especially because it's going to odd. Additional distraction to the team it's gonna treat an additional it's gonna create more firestorm you don't need you need a steady hand manager. Can handle the media to can be friendly with the media who can put out flames sparrow cannot do dot especially at the and not score we think will be able to judge you idea. It's an actions as a place you ask a question in Russia that I don't have an answer to which is at an wanna go this a couple of minutes because it's important. Outscored let's just say for the sake of this discussion everyone's correct and he's an ex manager of the Red Sox. You have to assume that at some juncture during the interview David. Dave Dombrowski said Alex Cora what would you have done with David Price. So that's one side of the coin the other side of the point is what does he do moving forward. But this out score how the authority to do anything differently with David Price why why is David Price can or something secure and has to happen you can't have another season. Where where the entire club buses fractured in my rose in San looking and just going through the motions he can't. They have to sit and listen. In a vacuum Dave Dombrowski is president of baseball ops. He's got assistance he's got Brian Haller and these guys although all these other people on they have meetings think over charts and diagrams. And they try to assemble the best baseball team possible. That's all great. Take a step away from that they've got a product to sell. And they've got to fill Fenway Park and they have to inspire listeners the listens of the games on the station in the Red Sox radio network. And to watch the games on us and and took for companies to buy the Al appealed sign it for companies to buy the suites. For people to buy either of the Red Sox T shirts and plastic batting helmets and all that they've got a product to sell. My take is men and it's not just my take is that people are not into the product and they did it did sell up the season for the most part. Arctic Audi that's got a much to do it does proceed now actress it was and I I value product recklessly I didn't. I'm saying what you what you don't do much against it saying you think the question why is how would you handle that and a sectors leans right. Why said David Price and David Price actress in a good because that David Price thing is in jest and as a recklessly. It is it is on the it is nice cloud hanging over the thereby saying is that he sucked in the playoffs last year and was a non factor this that the David Price. Because this post season he pitches a few good innings in relief is slotted as a hero around here and myself self except. The date in game went through in game four in three when he pitched that great relief outing in the walks off the field he gets a thunderous ovation. There in the post game press he was asked not once but twice. Basically the question was eight say something about post in that cheer for I don't have the exact phraseology but that's basically what it was. And in both cases these as though is a great team effort world the track and he took the question down a different row because he didn't wanna get caught. On tape saying while these fans are Rossum they loved me he couldn't give that back. That is a problem and I don't have really care about if if David Price twelve well where you hang out here I don't know we hang out but. Well watching baseball or hang their hat and I fortunately. Shockingly but it you Utah decides in seriously and on and on here and not outside the items up in a Sox reducing their way to make it more last night so I I do type sites and and it. I can't say how many times people would say. I only this team. They don't like this team Italy David I don't I don't dislike the Red Sox as as a as as the company has a brand. Institutionally. They love the Red Sox they do not like this addition of the Red Sox. And that's a problem again have people need to be inspired now. Have like a company that might wanna buy a sign out in left field. Plumbing company you know whatever it is they have to be inspired to invest in the right Sykes next season. And in if they aren't inspired the man buying the size and buying this we stands on buying the tickets. Which which takes us back to and that's what you say act as I say David Price because. It's a bigger thing than actors that David Price comes out and when he eighteen in is awesome about Al inspire fan title inspire hybrid except that except that they have. November December January February and march to sell the product the next season. Well if by next may David Price is lighting it up at those signs him and so this is the selling period they have people who work moderates on whose job it is. To take the product. And awhile and playing an all out performance let's look at the last two years or Red Sox acquired the two best pitchers available David Price. Increase sale is hard to have bigger splash is the net. And there was no subsequent bye is last year necessarily this year certainly. Because the brother William you and you're wrong it was a huge Chris Sale by as the seed otherwise I don't think so. What will will win with Chris L lighting up the tab on Chris Sale tock really don't yeah would I can McChrystal. Early and often topics and end. But they did have. I don't know what the eggs with two point nine million fans this year now of course those that so they were selling out but also that's a lot of relevance the Red Sox as Dino and my part to tours attraction people going there from ICC everybody takes that is back I don't know. I I have a genuine concern. That listened to date baseball is at issue in a lot of markets in the United States. Football is king football is that mode that tries all sports engine in in various cities around the country. We seen here to the degree that you know patriots have won five Super Bowl champions championships. Tom Brady Bill Belichick. Hold. They are worthy of all the attention they get because. By simple bulls the man's. So you've also got the Red Sox who do not rule that Tom wade needed just a few years ago. Now I remember in the not too distant past when it's not in thirty years in the attack in. Even even even after the first Brady's Super Bowl championship people generally didn't go nuts. About football until the Sox season was over. That could be some time in our 2004 and the patriots trying to Super Bowl run it's all about Red Sox all season that meant my point historian tells. And that that's my entire point. That's not the case and now far from eight it dubbed the patriots become one day. As soon as though much of rolls up the footballs at training but that's also more of a baseball in just a Red Sox thing right so this year Red Sox ratings dropped on NASA and but they were still one of the eight the top one of the top five rated teams in prime time ratings which Posey got. The Red Sox were down but everybody else was down to. So I think that narrative is over onto an accent that's not just a Red Sox thing now is he baseball. It is a baseball thing but the Red Sox are still. They they they still petroleum markets to the degree that they do get the great ratings they do sell the ballpark date they are in the same predicament as some of the markets are. But the Red Sox have to be mindful. That the that they might take dead yet you'd you do see. Good baseball cities we're in in June and July you'll see 1822000. At the ballpark in good baseball cities. I don't wanna see it happen embarked an a because I'm waving the flag for the Red Sox but because. I happen to be eight I consort baseball. And I all I want pace but we will relevant and important in this town the rest of my life while Lincoln is this for you but I think the Red Sox this is just step one naming our score how to make big changes get some big power in here. How did they go about it 61777979%. On our again. I'm sorry I'm so cocky across an analyst and I'm sorry just a little cost 617779797. How to they get more power in your candidate surpassed the Yankees ouster is Indians. But I think IG and Kyle stand a little Jean Karl stand and perhaps yes. Well diamond that Burnett lava dome going. Gary. You crowd no. Now I can't. Some old old school tunes on a Sunday monitor. And yes yeah I know I know aside this is the the soundtracks on doing and we went removing the Vietnam vet. No reason I know this is because. When I was that you mass. I worked at it like a special needs place. And we had to take all the people out to a movie West Springfield. And we took them this every week will be in this with the music and movies like as well as we things I remember my points. I was if nothing else does when those middle schoolers who for whatever reason was into classic rock viewer there's a whole breed of like ten to twelve year olds to. Liked to classic rockers a little bit strange phenomenon in my opinion. But yeah I like it would cost up there I to Led Zeppelin you're shaking your head is that's so strange yeah I hated those kids to be honest the right where I was sent you out man what it's doing cars at two before you know it was more like it's kids like Kansas they liked Led Zeppelin they like in Eldorado Iran and I read it Kirk Cobain not autobiography and not on a speaker can be in the third time there was man with a phone of their previous story yes not about the trump do crowd apparently for whole day Japan that the Kurt Cobain. I committed some senate added one G side to me I was like I'm dark. You know. I was confused on the section that's without atlas. You turn to classic rock and turn across across it Kurt Cobain. 617779797. Peter in the car wants to wait and on the unlikable Red Sox Steve Buckley's seeking disagrees though Peter what's going on. The young guys he's not. I had to actually thought you know you hear that people like achieve but they generally like the branch I don't think that's true it. There's nothing likable of urine nation top to bottom I think people are tired of the ownership. But today I would love you to expand on this go ahead give you all the time he needs I think that's fascinating. That's a kick your zealots is the boss I it's fascinating to go ahead. Certain business certain segment of the population would certainly include me who. Doesn't like a political correctness. You ownership that extend to out of achieve all our spirits. Okay why because they are not because they believe got him Jones. Now he cited by the tunes you yawkey way correct. It's not yet no. Real problem you have missed I think. The political correctness or changing your way in terms. Do the image and their their certain segment of population. That. There's another larger segment of the population to include me. Which ethnic extend chew. You know I'm I'm frustrated that Theo Epstein. Who rulers lenders you know out law and that the dealership. You know about that. I think you know people around electric car and then a big issue right now mr. You know this C ownership to let you know and then went with then churned in with a faster. It was a disaster and he did win a World Series. So I don't I'd like you could have refused it will almost what I got quite a format. So let's go step by step let's go backwards bench Harrington. Made some serious missteps one of the main public send volume and being in the primaries there they were both knocked it signings. So if you wanna look at it through that lens he had to go but disaster no human World Series so that takes a mother of the disaster category. As far as the ownership goes. And I've been very critical but a lot of things Red Sox particularly this year. But at the end of the day I am usually supportive of this ownership of the simple but one simple reason but arguably the most obvious one. They did not win a World Series during the entire ownership of the yard key Euro which includes the depth of yawkey when it when John Harrington and his mom boring the shot. So from 1918. He'd get the team until like 1932 with 33. So 1918 to nineteen to 2004. They do not aren't till 2001. They do not want a World Series championship this new ownership takes over in spring training 2002. And within three years they've got a World Series championship of the wall. And then two more so. So they won't let me just at the typical large appoint a lot so all I hope I don't like though they went three World Series championships okay. And they made. Dozens and dozens and dozens of renovations at Fenway Park. And they they took the red sites any time when baseball's popularity was at being throughout the nation. And they took it and they had a sellout streak which I admit cut phony fraudulent at the B dispute is something about the Peter just seems unlikable T. Some shipments something welcomed at this Sony and truck. And I and I think you know there's something but the ownership to you know in that not been likable hurt. You know since that 2013 chipped chipped. And the ownership a large part is just about you know you don't they're not out strong. Just as you are shipped out and. If an owner is apps in what way. It. I'd I think they went through that period three or four years ago on the about the soccer team they got a lot of criticism. For a seemingly not being president I think the last couple years they've been everywhere that maybe that's just me when we do the old time based on quota. Your circles and Orion and. Yeah they're running in my circles my circle is Fenway Park. And whenever and why I frequently see John Henry and Tom Warner. We do that old time baseball gaming Cambridge and in analog in on that road but the fact of the matter is that Tom Warner showed up at the game this year. Yeah and it made an I think Peter speaks to a to a good point they'll block I don't think they've been abstinent until I agree but. They they did not outsiders anymore they were carpetbaggers in 2002. When they bought the team because we all wanted to Joseph a delicacy some Everett went to Malden Catholic he's our guy. OK I get that we all wanted to old Donald on the Red Sox angry but they aren't carpet Aggies. That was fifteen years ago I want us Frank McCourt town team. I don't know I I I wanna Jill bottle I bite I took the Kool Aid because he was the local guy from route sixteen. Who Melissa live but they don't know how she is right here it's also the what I what's the stock. So they they aren't carpetbaggers fifteen years after the fact when both of them own houses here. John Henry owns the bus and the wall and I know but then married a local women so I don't know at what point did they they still consequently. Of the story a craft was growing up go to the street's gains and partly to raise games that's right the Braves as well but that's that's is one thing the other thing is that the way the Tito thing was handled the left a sour taste in a lot of people snouts and and replacing with Bobby that sour taste remain in the they won the World Series in 2000 there can't detect enemy forgotten but also the fact it's John Henry and Tom Warner just come across as so. Geeky and above the break. Just bright just not even humanly can you imagine sitting down and having appear were John Henry of course. And not as a problem a lot of people have but I think wrongly sell because I think this has been a great ownership group they put my what you're saying what we want owners to do you spend my money. Spend money and they do even current Fenway Park it improve the area around and my part they've given their general managers within a given the area around Fenway Park by the city. But they've improved that they've improved the Fenway experience they cleaned it up if you think that. When I was stated in dividends Wrigley Field I have not I useless I used to say that the that the biggest thing at Wrigley had over Fenway it was Wrigley veil. In that you can go to the north side it off that way when an app Addison and all that and you can walk around for half mile or more. And be engulfed in an incredible experience. And it's not it's not just them those old town those role houses and stuff. It's the bars and people on the streets in the vendors in the hot dogs and and might walk. Yet you can't even see Wrigley Field yet and and in your eaten up by by the way that Chicago pride pray when my apparently feel last summer when I was there is just I feel like release and are you love the north's trust me you would love I was sure I would. Generally never had that Fenway it was like you what a adorn cigar factories and stuff and it was really is dank and ugly so. That to take your point and and grow it a little bit the the red Sykes in concert with the city of Boston have done a really good job. Twice I used to say like every once in awhile and with Fenway I have to wait I leave the park like a man in my column done in nine I don't have to stay for the game. And I might leave in the fourth or fifth inning and I walked outside the ball or a wac is a political pave rocket. Where you're saying you're saying like ten minutes I said and thirty cents at that they give you gave me the air in a better you're that you're just give me a headline on give me you anecdote but I'm going boom boom boom going down a mix on prosecuting a case about why the qatari you know you just from a little Petri ownership group. In the fans ever reason don't like them which is also why I think. There's so much fervor around to Dennis packers' lead to see it wasn't just about act grossly incorrect noted for the record that you're the only when the keys and acted recklessly to weigh on the site I get crap because you get a bank easily. Let me finish and then you'll see where I'm going with this because. Packers say was a symbol. People are angry at this ownership group they don't like its ownership groups they wanted something a latch onto Tankersley was at symbol blistered much like daughter are still was the symbol. A couple years ago the Red Sox are losing people are pissed off and others. There's grow and on our cell. So it's all symbols and that's just embodies the fact that in favor would you would you do the next morning show. Would you tell daddy Kirk. That the reason I haven't stopped talking about recklessly. Is because the Red Sox never addressed it I want you went after Dombrowski couple weeks ago at the pats on the Red Sox kept saying it will dawn. Asked the morning guys. If if someone was on their show and said we've moved on from that would base at our tank. Or would they continue to drove them both as the Red Sox. Never addressed the about other lenders say we felt really bad about apparently moved but they missed that the times so we want to retro actively apologizing clearly price was and certainly cleared out and think was important enough to warrant an apology C want to into the new manager has to clean that up now some passion is what outscored retro actively is coming into my adult know it when I said don't go there. They have to make sure it doesn't happen again. I don't know if there's much outscored due to make sure it doesn't happen to mention it changed managers and today. No because I think perilous state bad manager in general I think it was bad in game I don't think his reasoning made a lot of sense like a guy who's. Work closer to the young players like we think core is. Played recently. I like outscored all of those reasons I don't think Alex Cora here was suddenly make David Price respect the media respect and a sack slates somehow works. Thank you don't educated me you know our idea of winning clubhouse is a tough line up at 617779797. Number again 617779797. This is a great Red Sox ownership group they spend money. They've done wonderful things are and I are. Why do you hate them now we'll continue to talk about this with you next WE. 617779797. Is your phone numbers Steve Buckley out streamer taking up until. 12 o'clock this afternoon. 12 o'clock re making now every new time that we got to an off football coming up at one mutton keep. And of I eighty out later version of Apple's Sunday coming up at Ford and previewing pitch here ready for the big patriots falcons game tonight but that. I. Yet get your Mike Aston the united mine might should be on my two. You're in the you're you're you were you relate to the guts of the sudden it wasn't those who are late cannot complain about them don't simply put number two. Oh come on play I'll play whatever I want the public not in the big chance you put the drunk with power here if you drug usually but we're talking about earlier minister specialists on imports from Europe but not to have my coffee my love we copy your viewers Dana Obama did today I was impressed you know these notes and everything I do some show Oprah you as impressive four hours sleep last night but I'm here. Oh wait ago. I'm ready rock and also brought out score lots we think the next manager the Red Sox WEEI dot comes rob Bradford on our side right now it appears likely. Out score will be the managers so what does that exceed checks off. All the boxes that we won the next manager but what does that fixed does that make this team more likable and this Red Sox ownership group we both agree but they've spent a lot of money. The give their team their resources to win they wanna win need improved and wild one they have won three World Series exactly want to success. But there's just that bit of that that that that dislike what this group and the car classic and mentioned the political correctness. To me that is code for they acknowledged that racism exists. And not for some reason is a problem with people I never understood I never understood why they take the lead PSA was such a big story around here. It's a PSA that says don't be bigoted don't be racist. And what's the public got a what's the prod and maybe the cars can explain at 617779797. John is imposter this morning John what's going on. Egg I don't I don't know what something to you I'm I'm very concerned about the ownership in this image conscious they've become. I'm I'm 52 years old and it my friends first year. Wouldn't go. Came under and it really just about what this deal was unlikable at. We feel rises from David Price. An hour there was no real apology issued by the end actively. And in short of that. If he didn't release our ops debate. Then that the management should have suspended him. John David Price pitched well this year after the attack mostly incident would you you know forgiven them even if he didn't apologize. Perry did but he was injured her most of the time. Right circumspect as performance mainly. I care about the guy who did I did you ever heard that we. Just they didn't sit out you know his performance like a group. Yeah and and and John thanks for the call it's it's it's again I thought I'm sorry by YouTube going back and boy I was given news of form there. That was that was your price thing but again I think with David Price and also this guy. He is not a friend of mine I didn't set that up this guy speaks for a certain group of Red Sox fans. Who do not like this addition. Of the Red Sox and again. He is this beacon ownership uses speaking to the history he's speaking to one specific. Team the addition of the 2017. Addition of the Red Sox that people. A lot of people did not like. But I think a lot of people didn't like this edition because highs yet David Price is the performance but also just. I think it's also the style of play a baseball you know you have. A third about bats and in either walk strike got a massive that's a fair point that's like that respect that magazine article we talked about. Where you focus on on people focusing on one facet. All of them the Red Sox baseball writers the Alan Siegel piece of Boston magazine. And is Kirk. Beat him down on this that he should've focused he he should have cast a wide a net and looked at baseball writing in general it's exact same thing in this case where. You can't make a case that we're. Where baseball is becoming game when you walk you strikeout you're lucky strike up while the hallmarks of what made the last couple games so great. Work with the defensive plays the great plays at third base the threw back to back catches by springer to catch the judge made last night. I mean those are great place people he's a great athletes people wanna see the great defense. And that's the thing individually adding to talents there have been better homer and rates are opting I agree media and as you mentioned everyone out of the bullpen and earn 98 with movement. So individually the performances have never been better by just the game itself is just it's slow. It's plotting even with all of these initiatives to try to speed up the pace supply. We stolen games take five minutes longer this year than last year of her landed did them squawk and what. The media years that I guess yesterday after he pitched that great game Friday night. And he was talking nostalgic glee a blow late eighties early ninety's faced a you know Jack Morris. It's a great game in the World Series in 1991 against the Braves. And they would didn't really have pitch counts guys went deep running game is a more complete games. And ever want to say I thought that was very interesting pieces in it's it's hard to think of the ninety's as the good old days because to me it was yesterday. But he was saying I would loved to been around back then that that they seem like a great time to play baseball. Because guys did go later in the gains they get tired there will balls put in play. And it was a different kind of baseball and it I'd never really thought of it that way until I read those Furlan a comet just. It totally inept performance of Verlander hiding game six was awesome it was a throwback kind of thing but you don't see got out often. In baseball anymore you end and that's and the stats prove it to be true I mean each time through the batting order pitchers get less and less effective sell. The managers are right to in these high pressure playoff games often switched pitchers after the fifth or sixth inning but it it takes away from the drama and excitement of it. Actually died. System go back the last night's game at the majority went one inning 21 with sabathia I got the last inning he was on the third inning he seemed already be struggling there we had. They were hitting some balls hard up from judge me to catch and all that. And smoltz. Talked about this endlessly before the game it's going to be a bullpen gaming gonna see a lot of pitches well. I think I would have taken sabathia right out at three innings. I would have to edit the Astros play that while Morton was very effective but five innings enough that I entered a Yankee order. Get them out of there I'm Patrick in the car want to sound off on the Red Sox ownership group Patrick what's going on. Are you guys don't. Look out. The problem would that messages it. The hole don't be rapists that it played a public park it in my opinion it it was slippery slope that by bringing politics. It's also justice. Your principal at speeding experience I don't I don't want. I was being anti racist bringing Paul how as a political. Look at Gartner tipping it I wanna be called racist I'll just stay on FaceBook and Twitter. When I go to the baseball game I could watch the Red Sox play baseball I don't wanna apple look up. Oh here we go again with weather and other methods. Look at this you have probably picked it worked homophobia. No not at all any anti homophobia TSA shoreline. Which probably it would a beautiful. Sure why not public but when that happened. Between a first setting you'll look up. Well we're gonna write that do more than one night between second and third it's almost Altria and like their point and it at all. I don't. Think you're about smoking doctor Michael got that webpart I just wonder what they'd bought a bottle that. Patrick racism is not it's not a political thing to be anti racist right you'll like racist either assuming. A direct people where it could only reach certain way it that it pandering that's got to really went up quite rape and put all morning. Settled about it in all that high electrical white race for the public abducted that it got to do what they. What they're doing community outreach programs as well it's not just the PSA. That epic. Would represent racism but what percent of people in professional sports is the most of well integrated. Probably. On the field that is. It. On the field that is. Patrick let me just jump in years first of all I don't I don't the employees PSAs back to back every inning in one game. I think you're being a little alarm is there it's just sort of volume and up the wedge there. I Patrick Arnold were boys it would talking and that Samoan. Number number two when you say you don't want politics. With you sports well and fortunately. And I'll be delicate now I say this because I'm going to often trumping now doing TV we do know we do live in a world now where it's all interconnected. The president of the United States dropped tens out of a plane last week or two weeks ago. Sits at two to make a horribly misguided grandstanding effort. Arnold nationally in the bank if he was that did he think he was it what's his boys the colts played football go teen eighteen where they've meaning shared knowledge. Just felt like you're my god I don't want there. What do what I was winning it when I'm saying is trump is supporting it there's so we don't really have any choice in the matter it's like when when when people write me emails let time stop writing about the wall and trump as I mentioned me critical wall shot today Merrill. And people I get to emails carries they start right above politics no a while when the president stops backing of a football stop talking about trauma does that. Let me get but elect. Every blocked an owner who would make our goalie. No one listening because I've talked the more and since the Charlie Jacobs sees that the questions that the gun out what. Arnold why well one near shore up. The hot political correct it that they get the country and what you'll got up in that. Meaningless massive. They played at red sack and toxic political correct that had nothing to do with white racism at every thing to do with patting yourself on the back. Mecca walking together or put it all better now on the back it won't know what happened at ignored people keep. Ali's Patrick pat Patrick thanks for their caught an Arctic and ask questions might we love the passion but I don't. I don't of the technique and I understand the big I understands how being anti racist is a partisan issue at and that's it into the Red Sox are not calling all their fans racists. They're just not they're just choosing to believe Adam and Adam Jones says and it was hurled at me at Fenway. The following that we have that and it was and pro life we had to racist incidents back to back nights offend me so yes of course it's a little bit of pandering but that's what every corporation as the Red Sox aren't unique in an people conveniently leave about the fact that you. Alex Kramer. On earth that tweet from three years ago from a guy who says he heard that uttered immigrants are asking it's yes so it proves that. Racial slurs are sad and I was only one person to said that they're solar is not running Jones and thirteen one person. There's not that big difference between one people in zero people who might one person came poured in 2013 I spoke to the few months ago. There are people came forward in 2017. There's not that big a difference you've been in the Red Sox have moment when when it Patrick cases. If his concerns come to fruition. And they roll out these PSAs every inning when they come out how would be a meeting with like Sam Kennedy and his operatives like noontime to discuss which inning. That they roll each one I think every day's a different PSA is he anti racism Monday's anti homophobic it's not always says he says there are gonna go back to back you got an item out at a spread out and taking a phobia Wednesday's like it 61777979%. In two hours down. One hour ago it's Buchan Roemer Sunday morning on Sports Radio interview yeah.