Buck and Reimer - The Brady appreciation show 1-13-2018

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Saturday, January 13th

Hour 1. Buck and Reimer are in studio and they are tired of all the Brady hate so they are having the Brady appreciation show.


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And read where the rambunctious way can I host Carolina phenom Alex a rare. And the old time baseball do you talk to six people who don't know what I'm getting the sixty who didn't know before I'm gay priest is definitely wanna. Koppel DC is definitely pocket Roemer. Shows are already off to a tough start. That has had a so optimistic here in trending. Are you after a tough start I lost my earbuds last night because my raincoat got stolen in my ear buds were in my. Stupid move an odd on mine in your raincoats get quote unquote stop a trophy room. Where I'd run you want me off yeah theoretical relationship what can I how we do a study get an atrocity doc app I'm a simulated. Yes so I putted on each Erica there's no coach there so I put it on its share. And a million times before and I want to leave. No coat looked on the floor no raincoat. Gone to some dude sitting on right now where how is by your by pretending any effort to Augusta AM Alan's Roemer or don't clean my ears OK it's an adult disgusting who is wearing my earbuds I wanna think all the great people at the auto show last night we had a lot of fun for the new Lexus all that Alexis but he. Nothing. There's anything serious they gave me nothing. From the oddest couple you needed got nothing. We it was when you get the Lexus we dropped to jockey did you circle back and you can always typically a certificate yeah I pick up like that I've described it Austin's and that's really an exciting get a yes I union ran out of circling around looking to find a way to exit expect a that's look at the show us four hours it took about eights to Picard had a let me rephrase it vengeance and we bought this big line rip all the way to the west and the doors locked and now some edit circled back down and you we just had to and you we just had term this walked out what got the front. What got you right the first time I give you credit you know but we've done a lot of Brady bashing yes we have on these air whereas for the last years we have now MySpace last month. Eighties in decline yes this is like Peyton Manning circa like every 20140. Peyton Manning's better column titles Rite Aid when he named and at that at the time he could have made a case for ousting by. This was three symbol 49 move that Manning is better com that's a long ago that wise and pre Manning decline as well. We've done a lot of it down tears twelve Alex Guerrero the ballot check rafts that a rock below trade. I believe set wicker Sam I think Brady was exuberant when gravel got treated but as you write today's Harold buck. Let's take one to appreciate the old Tom Brady I'm ready to appreciate your old Tom Brady and the new Tom Brady's gonna go out against the titans. In light them on. Fire figuratively speaking of course last night to read the entire column on it. Yes listen this is like him now and I'd I believe he was guilty deflate. I know we disagree on that and now I do not think he should have received a four game suspension that was that was that colossal overreach by the commissioner guide should have been like it's when he by her and doesn't all the whites aren't I don't know where angels are not known and not density and although it's a veteran Michael. And somebody ought to call bureau and that Manning that Manning is better com listed the test hey I'm inundated almost every week. And so so I think there was some four around the foot. All's you know this spy gate did is this enough stuff that that big goofy thing with swing Galley Guerrero. And and the magic concussion potion in TB twelve on the cook but in all that it's all a lot of Holcomb. But at the end of the day. He has been able to withstand the torment them whatever happens on the football field and happens before rise every Saturday and Sunday. He's managed to survive his lead to forty. And there ain't a whole lot left in the tank I agree with them to my C said if he plays past 42 will be Americo life concur completely. So if you wanna put all that crap aside and just take a moment to say you know what it's been a pretty impressive run. History making run you wanna get them all mount Rushmore a thing he's out there. Now and tiger I believe it. And being bought it DC at the RB last night he could go see the real idea and I just got an RV and the Lexus wow until Alex if they give me a thing like my choice I would have taken one of the armies and driven around the country. To civil war battlefields that would have been my haven't. I smell but in the making ago. It's your book about the dead presidents grave sites there had been done at that didn't work out right so new yellow and you and you counts a new challenge to get the artist and as god knows that was written any civil war books I read it do you think he can corner the market on an act that posse got an RV as well yeah. I a week it totally agree on that and you know blossom spent some time talking about how silly it is. That out you know they did that this notion that all the negative patriots coverage is why the patriots are gonna come out in kick ass tonight. I mean that's we agree that's ridiculous right the patriots don't need set wicker Sam to motivate them for a playoff game. While that that it was the that was in your thing and I'm done and some of the callers people's incentives we laugh we agree it's laughable but here's are going with us Brady tonight. Can send a big message all week this is about more than just winning that Dan Shaughnessy annual tomato can round and I. This is about showing he's still the best on the planet has joking with that returning to my seat in the crossover. But in serious in this regard if Brady goes out tonight in Paris or three touchdowns spirited fifty yards no interceptions 220 quarterback rating. For the next week people like me. People like you like mossy liked Freddie like Kirk all the Brady haters out there. Lefty edict per week lefty eats. Our comeuppance because and for one week you can not say all Brady might be in decline move radian ballot check I don't know about the future if he goes out and throws for three touchdowns tonight we can't do it but we would look force and that's the message Brady can show tonight. I don't know but Barry Bonds still appeared I don't lead Greece and the delivering a message tonight of course he has he tell you that I now he's still here he's not human that's a hole I doubted that he's still you you can't always he'll go to it seems some time outside I'll tell you oh you're on the view and show you where to start now and I don't. Actually go to a game an interview Tom Brady used not human I'm an early start thug thug type of buy minutes quiet. One of the reasons he's been able to play at this stage of his life. Is because he takes a non human approach he he he lives on seaweed and ice water. Mineral water he gets up at 5 AM goes to bed at 8 PME eight he has an entirely different lifestyle in the normal person. Which is why he and how many times and listen all the times he's our curtain Gerri before that you know over the years. All of the onslaught he's received over the years he's turned a blind guides all of a all of it publicly. Do you think that he's thick of the voodoo balls back privately a I don't know he's making a list. I think oh I'd like toys I don't I don't think he is acting he is the bigger man I don't think he carries these deep seated personal grand dad is like most of us do but. He is still a human being at the end of the day. If you cut him he bleeds he must. Hear some of the text cliche even Jamal is saying it I am a dork he must hear some of Spock he must yourself and every change to flatten your life as southern world it's not nice of them on the air like three times I think strength. Finance are being terrifying that you've never done that now has never been opportunities are presented to me. He's always have like a brand new car that you Dag yeah somewhat pitiful outside dad buys you new car ya. Latest yeah every year new BMW. Dodge or Jeep Liberty growing up a command change tires not the measure them and thanks now since that's not the nice liberal marine Atlantic Matt the most liberal and former member of the armed forces little baby killer being out that's me meet you Matt Spock trainee to mossy that's what the Saturday summit did not haven't changed somebody tweeted their late like that test of manhood is like five things listed. In the tweak one of them I cannot do it will never do. Wanted to racing form. Peter racing form be able to read a race I know what that is so I don't go to says about me go to the track is of the league it would mud goes to the track right addressing right now is killing over he's definitely listening. And when you go to the track you by the racing form and has all these little numbers and odds and colors and history in analysts and you make an informed choice. Based on you were reading an interpretation of the racing. I cannot read a racing. I and the and again on you know what it is you don't agree that Brady. Here's a little bit of us. Sees these articles on I 38 race Nate silver's porky minions volume parity in Orlando it is messages dance like me don't think Brady you know that is a message is Alex. He he does that hospital commercially it was a little locker and put those who will rings and that's his message. This message is he can put a hand out and has a ring for every digital right that's his message. He doesn't do you call me to work for saying economy -- that's dead torque he cliche to accept that this matters is that is that Israel he's been jedi mind is based on some stuff he actually does Allen writes yours is the semantic belonging. He actually has posed for photos and he has in the massing with a ring any swinger birdie I actually done a commercial for a what is that thing down and shields MRI showed them all right thank you where heat than nurses on anti you'll be a lack. Like that and he puts all the rings and that's it. It's rooted in reality it's not that he's actually done so don't call it dirty stuff now he. Has done. Those things that is is acts right message and blood thinning hair I'm not speaking symbolically outs these are things he's actually done beginning where I'm at defeating. Cared what people thought cloudy flock of five civil rings wanted to take urine go home missing the point I'm not advise that is how he chooses to deliver is that just so he obviously wants to deliver a message into night on the field I'm not saying it's immediately Sally well Belichick livid about stats of the day. My stats are for geeks taxable loses these clowns are second in Belichick is a statistically I mean we all know and on prepares more and him are part of preparation is knowing my statistics reading statistics and that's a lie. As well but so a little part of breed doubt he he's still a little bit human I still have faith why because I saw always the bit that human life. Who can bring you a little pets just a little word from Glen and fat and yet inflict your voice at different times. Heck I went from the best. So in the east and today I mean. Nineteen touchdowns or three interceptions. 68 is completed 60% of his passes six note it's my Malarkey. I mean one seeded titans numbers against the top five QBs on the schedule this year Russell Wilson to Shawn Watson Roethlisberger droplet Jared golf. Seventeen touchdowns one interception I mean that's it titans get eaten up by now. Quality quarterbacks breezy not Dick LeBeau you'll roll tonight. I said this less fascinating and eat it Nash Tennessee's not gonna dot. Nor are the patriots going through put up the kind of victory totals that guys like you would talk to cease and a but you look at those numbers hockey come to any other conclusion. It's gonna be methodical patriot victory while it's going to be there. It's gonna be that that's the Indonesian garden variety the board certified 33 to seventeen. Where they get the extra touchdown in baloney going to say about it besides your got a buddy got the that is my. It's a gutsy but two minutes and I tell you the titans I'd seventeen touchdowns one pecking at the top I've QBs on the schedule this year means nothing to. Again they have to stop any good quarterback all year because it means a lot to me in the stands on its causes and what states can be methodical. Because he played a full complementing games this year he got the four game respite last year that was great event for pats fans they everyone rolled that out. One of the reasons they won the Super Bowl we have that extra gas in the tank latency is true I believe and so forth well. He didn't add the extra gas in the tank this season he did spotter in December and I think he's gonna try and pace himself to get for the post season so don't look for big air show tonight. See that I look back at the last five games save Bagwell gonna play that next Saturday while I improved. To be right I'll be right he's can eat up this defense out and I've been leading that charge of us by week's rate is now at the same be look at those defense that is leading to try to have been leading a charge and giving myself enough power in the city. To be leading the charge okay outwardly of getting you out of the morning show and you're leading the charge now it's I was on for six hours yesterday again and keep doing I'm an Iron Man and a radio. Iron that stand out I heard yes. Odd as raincoats film but he's an iron in about every day that I didn't mention why I hope because I must make earbuds so that these headphones today. I had funds they have. One of them. Is broken one side had phones but not to say nothing effectiveness in Europe. It is message while not going out tonight I don't think they aren't there and Larry go to TB can wait during the break Matt I'm not that pass progress we have to come in in the middle of the sale. This is bad I Kerry Jesse Matt and Mattson nicest the nicest veteran I think in history. Yes he's a great guy. I don't know I just I I've been I've been fine not being charged in a part of that charge. Look at the defense is they played bills jets always play the patriots top the dolphins were bad team but they are now from taos ski knack in Pittsburgh obviously acting too. The only team the seed coming in potentially win so I factor in those opponents the titans are the worst defense the patriots have played. Over the last six weeks and I'm in that dolphins game including not because they were an outcry which obviously is a major disadvantage the you have these five things that titans had to do in the game did I forget that next hour I'm looking forward casings were pacing. 617779790%. Of car on the line keeps calling and dropping off was criticisms for us not dodging and we like to critiques but. We have a man who wants to raise a spot meaning go to whoever's Trace you injured in Melrose Andrew. What's up. And then there's another person he says that we he has criticisms for us. He keeps dropping up you're on you wanna praise us the floor is yours. Now I I enjoy guys. Separately and together but like like when I was I was pleased to hear you on the air because last night. I had the good fortune of listening to you you had a great show stacked with a lot of good people who had actual insight actual. Now thanks so I wanted to just. Encourage you to keep doing that and it would be kind of like shut downs and the insanity that is the morning show. But a little insane though and you did they give me an outlet. Remains sanity. I know I knelt and networking it's all good but. Anyway to get it. Enjoying the show thank you for the analysis thank you for being civil. This is what I love I my mind because you know cartwheels in pretzel and are trying to look into the more extra. OK and you're. An emphatic yes state I didn't mean to interrupt thank you so much and you warm regards that's a tough one for you because on the one hand I'd accuses each redundancy as a compliment to you yes. On the other hand you think about youth group you would kill to be in the morning show regular basis so. You can't abide by them once a week and a glide by with the guys defaced you know. You can it was a while the phase out you can't abide by the notion. Well I agree. Well it was a change the rumor yeah respond by. No I think using two different show. Think he was I don't think I was very respectful last night. I was listening back two of them are shutting down a car like within ten minutes of the south yelling at people the auto auctions go well one guy go watch my good he does get me a shout out and no we're not giving random pats they. As you can. He said would you mind giving myself on the night and I said now. He didn't use it. There so what it would it would it would business not charity where radio show. It's a ticket anyone shout out who wants us see it again do a good to see it though you did Michelle did. Trying to curry favor the oddest courage I guess that's why he walked out with a Lexus that's. 677797. ID B seven cars you see there we still love all car on the board wants thoughts on the Jimmy drop low conspiracy. All we know we can't get enough Jimmie throughout we'll conspiracies. And off to continuing this Brady topless and I've been part of that charged. The last five weeks. Read the to the decline reminiscent of Manning into when he fourteen. Hot reading Guerrero ballots sent graft and I'd been in the middle of all but fighting for tonight's. He's gonna roll over the titans. And the sense like metered enacted eats. Are my spot it's gonna happen 617779. 797 but in Roemer rolls on right after us. Sports Radio network sports radio and lawyers for general. You're competing as you better you. The warriors. You're not gonna beat Nina not gonna do that we've now yield. And bragging on green for the warrior spirit for all first three days and are not doing it today. Not on TB twelve day. Not to at buck he's gonna roll tonight against the titans after. Praised Brady for the entire week senator Arlen ennui so you've been you're being you're trying to play it both ways trying to be tough guy Alex but you're listening to him. No I'm saying listen I'd always I was recommended science. Oh now listen the science community is in full agreement there is no truth to deflate this is because the guys in the morning we're down under for a decade now going to be that's that's Iowa I was even hearing WEEI when that everything was happening and so why would jarring Kirk have to do with my isn't it opens up from time to time and you wanna be on board again not true and all you know I know all my heart. My heart tells Maine a fax Tommy more important I don't know Hartnell Hart as far as I am thinking that maybe freeze if the facts Tellme. That there is nothing to deflate eaten fax Tommy Brady's delight at the titans tonight I agree is not the same with a five weeks of said that not nauseam but he's gonna light up Tennessee tonight. And for the next week we're gonna look awfully silly criticizing and you just do a lady luck tonight. Mean hotly. A text too well how men are taxed you on the way home thing. See you think Brady has it think it's a slot tonight for the patriots and Brady. Ugly to watch it's I just think that without the benefit of his little four indication last year. He's going to want to pace himself because they we me we guys that we presume it and they lose they're out right. So we can't take that risk union at the playoffs but if they what you're talking about him making a statement issuing them message you know that yes that well be this year they get a nice big fat lead the second half the and a little bit of cruise control. Has not to Deon Lewis in a run or the titans line. I'm it's against a net that's his life on the base of your three touchdowns one what's gonna happen in the first half then maybe you'll light up misty three touchdowns community as the first yeah first half. Oh the titans can cut so the message I was watching football last weekend Zeum football guy Travis Kelsey was eating the titans a live last week while Ian in the car pats lose tonight I was making appointments. Because they cover Travis Kelsey never interrupt Alex so how can they cover Rob Gronkowski. The reason why the titans came back and won I think the biggest reason lies the house policy got hurt in the second quarter. And that she sent out their biggest weapon in tights had no answer forms of noise with regard to. 617779797. The offer mentioned Ian in the car is the patriots are going to lose Ian is this true. And Hulu tonight let it die hard at that. Well they always struggle against big back I think there are occurred here are you really a lot of issues bet you bet. Also have possibilities. Severity we all thought they're gonna obsolete which they shut out but. Period they're coming out of here come out with a lot of fire I don't think about it. But the guy who just don't like I did you you can you can gracious self and and hunkered down and make the case on the big backs and all that. But when you point to an underdog incidents and up and lose. That that's a blanket statement that would apply to every underdog in the history of professional sports and why don't more of them win because they don't have anything to lose. The reason they lose is because they aren't good enough in the hole they have nothing to lose monster very rarely works. Yes but they're up they're coming out that you went on some incumbent at the aux. So they had not in the loop I. You think as a single play not to stop to think what you're saying. The titans are ready to bomb through that door up the ramp and out in the field. You think any of them is saying only that close you know will will get will get out props back in Nashville. Regardless of the scheme turns out you think that's what people be saying in Nashville tomorrow morning. Now by running our Ian over the running in and in what the register up two touchdowns or went patriots are scoring their first possession and seven nothing and then. They're never gonna come back. How they've nobody no biggie came back last week Ian does it cease could barely Muster a first down in the second half. But what do I do agree. I'm struggling luck partly yeah if the guy that's. I mean I can't. Rate Alex is down. No I'd said he's been mediocre the last five weeks but in aggregate status titans defense is terrible Brady eats up Dick LeBeau they're not gonna stop and have no chance. Like got side. I'll call back twenty to 23 about the. Are looking hard to eat endless status 120 entries in has declared war on last night today sing the titans away. I'd love to make the arguments but it's just there's no way I can make a better argument from buffalo. The patriots are paying playing the bills tonight instead of the titans. I can make a better argument for the bills pulling off the upset I doubt the sincerity in the qualifications and credentials of a quote unquote diehard patriots fans this is gentleman said he was. Right win in predicting that that tennis and anything else and that predicting Tennessee is going to win. He says that the pats in a lowest point it's one entry. Yes I would I wanna see is papers I want I wanna I wanna know his resume as I see your die hard patsy you're nitpicking as our car last time instead my segments that I am I'm respectful. I don't and dropped so I'm not going to make fun of the collar for download that from daddy Dino he was kind enough to go to college or a program I'm not going to I am not going to mock him so. Are saying scored the wrong way I will mock you know for saying the titans are going to beat the patriots because Derrick Henry is gonna run forty times. It's well and good what happens and it's like 140. Ben Watson in a row and you got to throw in markets Mary go to fourteen not a for the challenging and win the fourteen and nothing is on the board what team two nothing isn't. That call to start drawing praise. It's a call to do more than just hand off the bought the role it is yes but it's not like throw. The markets are you would add more picks than touchdowns this year and mean. And I love the no red zone interceptions OK rusty through an interception on 21 yard line so a yard away from no faith in the titans. Steve is in Beverly Steve. Hey guys agent let's not. Eight I Alec I am eerie scene noticing it this. Come and you know you'd think Brady's gonna you know go over Pitt are tight I don't get out they actually you know like. We're just gonna on the all ought. It did not even saying it out sizzle here. It didn't take control. And I repeat. Was it the Bravo my twenty leopard looks extra child out the idea that happening I think we're gonna control the game. You gonna go like 21 crew like what you'd like to pick he. Probably yeah it's a shattered Q but I think the ironic he really practical an open date really you a ticket but tightened. That they need to make this part of the state in the we can't let that game regardless. But here's my thing as Steve and all of Steve's here's my thing except we know that Brady. I believe is the four agreements don't hold grudges at the central tenant two with a man never publicly criticized Roger Goodell yeah publicly. He'll never get any you know any of his daughters and his critics a moment of this time. But privately he must hear a little bit out it's pretty think he's completely walled off. The way he carries himself. The stuff that he's written the forward that he eats the company he keeps all indicator person who has found a place and you and you can say this is way too touchy Feely. At that my friend. But that seems to be the guiding principle way he conducts his affairs is that a fair assessment from what we see publicly yes yet you think he's and I darkened room liked. Rolling ball bearing exaggerating I never said anything about it darkened room I just said again when you read the ESPN a story. And a friend of Brady's says he's changed or eight quotes. Patriots staffers who say as Brady's fragility has increased so has his nervousness Brady knows those lines are in the story as we asked him about a curtain Callahan this week and so he knows those lines are. If you are a seventeenth human being if you re living breathing human being that stop pass to (%expletive) you off. It has to I don't care what and a place here and I don't care as and you become. You must hear it and it must take you in houses are being serious now on I'm sitting across from him and talk show host. And columnist. Who loves to go against the grain. Who frequently it's mark pretty were ridiculed and criticized on Twitter and you claim not to care. I do not so subtle retreated so today you need your stomach pumped this morning blackmailing weasel DB that's a some tweeting me today out of the blue. So yes I take it taken on Twitter okay so so. Because I all because it motivates me every time I come in the studio you know every time I commend. I'm reading on searching my name on Twitter reading all these tweets now that's what fuels me. No no I'm not quitting myself to Brady at all. We are spec but you don't you you've told me a million times that thought doesn't bawdy. Yes it doesn't bring me down but our courts and go to outside you're changing that the dialogue you'd totally you told me a million times. That stuff doesn't bother. Correct or not correct stop. Why then. These Brady. Why does he lacked the stuff that you add a sterner stuff that you have to rise above it you can't but Tom Brady forty year old five times bowl winning quarterback. Can't do it the way you a spot and used all eyes are proud of Florida Europe as he's and I hate it is so how he said on these areas a couple weeks ago I have tremendous courage everyday and showing tremendous courage knows that. But I think something can bother you suck you some to not bother you you can still use something as motivation that doesn't body. The far right on me you can still use out as motivation even if it doesn't body. That's a philosophical question M philosophical got. Go to billion the card Billy. River. But I think. It should not Roemer is at level completely skirt but I want to get the act Stewart it. Are you got your last couple we. You know and the last couple months and what you ought not. You're all sure rate would be you know I thought you were incredibly weak. And let him walk all. No you don't just sounded like to blame jealous angry bitter old man. The unit instead. I Amir Ali yeah I would the support you you see how did not stand up to dean. I think you know you would say it would be Horry orchestra or not. He pushed back out and eat in a lot. I you're just. We call your wallet and an abject failure he pushed I mean we went back for a one or what we hit it didn't attract this week I I really didn't. Really meant soul sucked out much Turkey's EU under that particular Pierre. Yeah that was that was often am I am and I was disappointed that I am unless it sounds. But to the patriot. I am a nobody that I went connect dot. I think we we ought to be scared about the yes the other day the ticket I played a team but it at all. You'll wait a minute stop stop I know you you want that balance. Did you you didn't you're saying you're not worried about Tennessee and and you eat it Bill Belichick be here right now we have you and I have bought not only you're looking dale stopped. Not only are you looking ahead to Pittsburgh. You're looking ahead to a Pittsburgh team that hasn't even made it out of this round game yet. Let them with Miami and Billy let's be realistic split horses and not winning any road playoff game. We understand that but do you think it. He he's he's already talking about a make pretend New England Pittsburgh nominee is no way you solidly portals last week there's no way he beats the Steelers. Right you know the aerial who rose up in the patriot that I think a lot. It but I don't think I don't think it is chant the patriots can be like a check and or you dire that's been. I am old black and 88 with the rate up. He would die and that the Steelers they beat the Steelers last month. Without it O'Neal ground and we are caught in the nation of laws not guns or Jesse James dropped the ball that was pretty. I don't realistically. It brought played Beckett. Whitbeck. Debbie plays football game I think the Steelers have a great chance of winning I picked I in that hypothetical AFC title game I've picked the Steelers to be the patriot temerity on the racquet. And and you had when you back thanks for McCaw. A lot birdie on the record and oh yeah so we were I'm gonna be cheerleading Brady. Next week but. Also again bock a realistic Monday to Wednesday he got about on the Brady if and when he goes out tonight three touchdowns 300 yards but. Ask your prediction for the game the Steelers. They showed me that can handle them they had little better last month and they have quite a while appearing in Italy anymore. The Steelers divers at 1 o'clock. Yes well saints vikings is the best game of the outcome I'm always more interested in the next game schedule so assuming the pats win. That things like about here you're here Belichick you know the August. Nick isn't over enact. They get they put me on sir stayed about trying to cut short on the elect has been estimate that you were a little short in the last pack. Act constituents that don't think you're wrong about Tom Brady when we say. You gotta win or use YouTube use you know he's he's as good as he is because of these avocados and so well conditioned and all that he's in good he has. Because he has had great receivers great line. In the best coaching in the history. The football world. Alex you're right where he will win today. I'm only inspecting about a couple weeks ago Jimmy DP testing with a much lesser team around. Now keep growing Kelsey. And in this game one Super Bowl this year Pakistani. Brady is the greatest of all time he's the smartest quarterback Alter so negative the luckiest. Of lucky as quarterback of all. Does that where's it stop once at. Everything you said right up to now I don't have a disagreement with so I'd. I I left my log at home I write down what every caller said so I don't recall what you said last night. Oh win every call is was your message during our previous conversation. That Brady's a look as quarterback of all time did is that you started it last time. Yeah in. Of luck Ernie. When I told you that. I think that you know every night and probably on the result he says or you know what it really looked approved the world that I am the greatest I'm. All guests now I remember. Right that that that is probably right and and okay so you cleverly got a whole bunch in my shut their first. And then you kind of backed an appointment came out of that gave the eyes at night I give you credit that. I. Find it we're out here. Now could you give you back here I was powerless talk copyright on jobs and that about him but for those listeners who might not have been on board last night. I will update them what you said. You claim that late that. You know if I'm wrong correct me that legacy that Brady's legacy. That will be enhanced if he can win a Super Bowl without Bill Belichick that it's expected as that there's a missing piece right now. That it's it's because he's had ballots techies the luckiest guy in the world and and if only I can win a Super Bowl without Belichick people would respect me. We'll go to sank go to sixty that no. And okay giving them a sense. Yes you one more one more thought importantly on this hours it's not panicking over inbox counts on William and it's one more revitalized a moderator with CN zealots. You're. I want to talk. Honestly yes or no. The patriots win the first two Super Bowls. We had Drew Bledsoe doesn't get hurt America where great. I had a simple answer EU EU wanted to backed me two years in the with the you're creating an alternate history. This is what people do all the time and talk radio you create an alternate history and then you want me to give you the outcome of your alternate history you create a whole different timeline. Now when not when not talking about actual events anymore we're talking you'll make believe world. In discussing events that never actually happened. You see what I'm saying. Actually events that never actually happened. You're you're you're greatly and I OK so so I can only deal with stuff that actually happened. Rather than go back in sentences like back to the future where you know that. Well the whole thing going back to the dance in 1955 and a B and the people that beating them picture. We can only deal with one time which is the stuff that actually happened. Right I don't think are not accurate and to the car up against it I think we got we had enough back and forth you two can't take that outside. Maybe you can call on the underwriting flat out did you I don't know if I want pick and more more mean more out of thoughts. 617779797. Coming up next of course we'll continue to test. Brady patriots if he had more Jimmy G conspiracy theories always always welcoming back here on next hour. Washington Post has an article up five reasons why the titans can upset the patriots. I love the Washington Post. I think there was some eight news going on over there will go to those five reasons. Also Evan Daniels Patricia stop looks like both of those guys and another coordinator leading some politic he comes back next here but. A parent coaching staff and also so much to get to rob great Huskies telling kids to not eat once he detergent there's this new rage it's taken the Internet. Kids are filming themselves eating laundry detergent with little pods yes a little pods and Ron on a play off week. How it tablet distractions. Films a PSA telling you tonight Monty detergent but in Reimer back after us. Radio network. It was heard. The announcement today it's not beat it departments as a listener. Like listening to Kirk on the radio guy. He brought me the WEI when he fourteenth when he fifteen mr. deplete gate. I graduated from school was meeting the city per job I held at the time listening Dennis Allen and eat up on 88 people feed upon MBTA. It's note everyday Ian I loved of this ago. I fell back in the states and from Nana I was hooked up our act medium Carla writes I am such once almighty guide. You talked about you get regret saying that I'm courageous. I have a feeling I'm going to regret saying. That basically everything you say in the radio is done knowing that Kirk is listening all hoping these listening. All wondering if he's listening or assuming he's listening yes. So that's why you cried a river on the radio no it's Cherokee yeah I loved the guys who occurred commit and I love acting and I'm we were in town and I'm even went out about it when he and to me from the air I was willing to sit. I mean you embarrassed by that he brought me into W the brought me into the parasite that it was tough love this summer I deserved it. And now what night back in portrait cry and we sound like such pathetic losers in the air. Such pathetic little. Losers of mice or other cars I guess now lost to guess now it's over it's all over for me Marie I'm Resop have gone soft. 617 cents or 9797. I feel like a morning news anchor saying yes but it's good anyway. By the way I read the best article I've heard on morning television and pop and high and wide like it is to make sounds like he'll hate me but they say ready great article in The New Yorker. I connect to the common man. But it said that morning news anchors talk like people having small talk. At a post office. Lot but they discuss the topics you would discuss it somebody. At the at the post office like viral videos stuff like that that was an old John Dennis line is who what a cool we talked things that people would talk a political nuts acted now that that's idle chit chat because I don't hit like an excellent time writes how that's not to the tagline one of the things that Glen was always being on the big show was he wanted people to. Literally pull the car over in the parking lot knuckle and it worked because they won in the race this absolutely. Yes. Yeah now so it that the risk of sounding like you know hold a cot be years Savannah Guthrie here. There's something going on call be tied pod challenged by can I just thought about this. The easy when you're gonna educate me on this yet is annoyed you Yitzhak I want your take on this teenagers are filming themselves eating these tied pod together wanting detergent pods admin and it's great we both use them yes the fantastic it would not be bitumen a hundred out them last year. US poison control centers received reports of more than 101500. Children. Younger than five or expose the capsules. The same year nearly 220 teens. Were reportedly exposed in 125% of those cases were intentional. According to data from the American association of poison control centers so far and 2018 were just thirteen days in the air there have been. 37. Reported cases among teenagers. This is a scary phenomenon Bach teenagers across this nation. Are poisoning themselves being serious yes this is from the why don't you know so help me out here is this I. Or noted there what do you think about what is it T what is eating laundry detergent. Poisons out right you get like Butler maybe go before you pack cellular compiled before you die die. Before you write what you know risky he had to edit excel is so wide and applauds any different then like a Palestinian musher thing making loosening I think that might be at their house to be some sort of high. Some sort of hallucination you're not just eating needs to poison yourself without without without some without a hot. What the what the point and not be the right. It okay to lose in their car fall. They do look like guys look they look fun book they'll pick dummies here physically lately and large can you cite but anyway rock. Has AM PSA. Tongue no no no I don't I don't know I don't know now I don't know know what the there were people. Off. To. Is he talking to teenagers a four year world adding teenagers because we're bad message is directed to a four year old child no no no bat what's the teenager's dad Alex it's it's it is with the mentality before Ural 21 eats. Once he detergent but if you wants that on the teenagers shouldn't go dude. Note these teenagers need to be told in plain English it's not. He's I think it off my lawn guy to not eats the tide pods don't do acts. Don't do did he do this on his own or in concert with side tied treated out of last so. Was there a against the rays with a drunk and that I think ride the tide spokesman yes yes okay so he's but. Open up the people the PS space of Brady this week releases the Tom vs time trailer. In front releases a PSA telling kids. Do not eat wanted her to pop off. Watson in I eight don't do it kitten Nick Saban either. Hi guys now tied. And I don't take a break 617 cents have been 7837. It's eight acre Odyssey lined up on Brady ballots checked all the topics of the week out always willing to entertained that also but in today's Harold has its take a moment. To appreciate the old Tom Brady I say Brady goes out tonight. It's been mediocre the last five weeks but he lights at this titans defense we've had some color spot who. Like you think it's gonna be a bit of a slide tonight so all that more coming up next Roemer in but our number two on sports rated at UB.