Buck and Reimer - Does Aaron Boone hiring reignite Red Sox Yankees rivalry? - 12-02-17

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Saturday, December 2nd

A truncated edition of Buck and Reimer begins with Steve Buckley insisting the two talk about the Yankees hiring of new manager Aaron Boone. The guys discuss what that hiring means in terms of the Sox Yanks rivalry and how it speaks to a new hiring trend in baseball. They also talk about the NFL becoming boring, and Buckley argues that the Harvard Yale game is one of the most important sporting events in Boston.


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And read her the rambunctious way China mostly probably the phenom Alex rare. And the old time baseball team the six people who don't know what I'm getting the sixty who didn't know before I'm gay face it's definitely want to. I only sees definitely pocket Roemer. I budget dreamer a long as it's known but can remixing it till 330. I don't know Howard and a naked but there's so much to discuss. Did you read your hole you go to Harvard Yale comic coming to Fenway Park as a city attorney and Tomas needing to get it all I don't know but yes 61777. I was a good column. I took it so good we we have so much at we have enough time to delve into it so I'm just not community because to it. Analyze an issue like that you need any need a full four hours I don't wanna sort change I would rather you mark economic base you do right now than to do what. Everyone else does it in the history of the planet. Which is market climbed to back pain I I'll say it rates are based at but also you always say it right records. If that lie was and also tell you that you wrote I also wanted to get into the odd bruins' goal ten you after the call asking who dolby yes I do not policy to keep reading. We always talking about the truth I dale Dallas I want the Bruins that was it was now I talked to write and direct guy who got warrior ice everywhere eraser that's exciting. So I. I I I I didn't make it all the way through are you team to or team who don't I'm team to ya watch you throughout the hook hot goaltender you. Need to open has been Heidi and say with a straight face at a few that aren't as I'm glad that which even if you're mocking me about the average yield column. I was driving a western. Was when show didn't like I do own minds on that cars and hang out. And now I'm with the Mediterranean surmise you know I love them both. And my god thank god we get away from Mac and I'll listen Dallas is in the studio that it's the next 45 minutes and you. How can mean the past few days you've been consumed with the tax reform that that report and yes I odds repugnant to him about yes I what did you odds on scribbling on the margins. The culprit has run this country ladies and I am not enormously. Enormously disappointed instances and that they might she's Republican I hate I other took callers I understand that and and you know I always worried that McCain would flip at the end and it's too bad because legacy is going to be MP in affected by this. But I'm disappointments and will be catchy name Republicans have always been cut from different clock and Republicans elsewhere she study she stood against them on certain things like a bomb scare her in Lisa Murkowski how strong Murkowski voted for this keeps at the end of the day. They want to satisfy and placate their corporate donors that's all they care about it's all this country is it's run by the co writers it's run by these billionaire donors. You don't matter that people do not matter and the Republicans have sold their souls for trump for that spot Brit tax cuts that's wanted to get it passed. Now they haven't passed so there you know we email we email die to queen turning to Nazi but at least now. You know hot Sam Wal-Mart today is tax returns and so that's a very exciting so I. Is coaching noted the and the breaking now is that what it's called trending trending down seller. That that our show begins. At Celtics have tons of people looking for a respite. On the Celtics can continue to watch program programs such radical by the way have you seen. Totally removed from everything we're gonna talk about today you seemed Justice League now of course. I don't see any movies and I especially have not do do not cease superhero movies I want a couple friends last night yes they don't like superhero movies I don't like come. They're childish I'm an adult I don't know what his name is but the guy who outweighs the flash reminds me view as a Miller. What's his name as her Miller do you see a connection between him and my co host and both gay. Always get a little they knew that he got he reminds me you know a while now but I just watched the movie in do you do you see any it was a month at all. Resemblance or personality spoke quirky nature of lot people think that as a Miller. Last year it was on the spectrum so is that where you're trying to say well I used to memorize the flag of every country that Morales it's been so without that knowledge today. Terrible eighty I've got I've lost more than I now. Now I've I've I've forgotten so much. I forgot he always does anything about like he he does not mean that little thirty sick and I traveled Bob brunch. Couldn't get out seine net I guess you stay out says eighty on the on to say that. I visited formally diagnosed. That is something mostly to diagnose is now our. Only see it now do you look and how are used and it's okay you want it sure it is called and then totally as a unit of society they say people don't want to admit that your kid may not be a good boy may not be a good girl in May be this behavior and and you wanna blame on something else that's why I'm saying right now. Eighty diagnosis known my parents and not do that went out Scott trouble in school it's sad it's 'cause he's a brat that's why. They. Go suggest is no I don't see superhero movie you see any movies a superhero movies in particular. I'm an adult I wake up every morning I go to where you see lake Indy message films. I don't know what his oh at Atlanta to play and that legal immigrants only Coolidge corner message yes if they angles where they work to if I were to see a movie I would see the Indy I say Indy message community and what that means it's an independent decide ultimately is it means. Indy message like an independent message in independent film as a message of Islam and the most secret as opposed to escapist films. That have chase scenes as superheroes and buildings exploding I'm I'm into deeper meaning Spock whenever I go to the movies we all hold hands in the small Coolidge corner theater as the nineties and who and I being wise no it's true. I was like movie you know note you know a test of blanket which is one of the great ways was it. You know majestically which just came out we can after the two weeks I've never seen Superman that man none of it. Not at no interest and that's when your child that I had no child had my childhood was spent posting Red Sox podcast talking to organize and that's what they did and that's why I'm here today bark. I mentioned. Ninety minutes but in Roemer than we have the SEC championship op arbor in two out of whatever. That's so yeah I'm not a cut and not college football guy on the right up from a sports writer Boston with them out of college football but it's Gerry Callahan will say if you like football. You gotta watch college have a Fareed he's probably followed by the right now and he's cut copy and humvees in seven go to get his feet up and haven't brutal time. So and I think as I spent all Sunday on the couch watching put law so at least I spent all Saturday on the couch watching football too. Income ot not he got a I got highlights at some point felt all. That's an arms I make one desperate attempt to tie exports but we do give me because we're good friends give me five minutes. That ambulance by it's we have a truncated since I admit I do. One to talk about not only Aaron Boone being named manager of the year yankees. But a litany of tweets icy out there. That suggests that somehow Tim Wakefield life is over. What I wish him focus and if you give the home run in 03 Q why don't watch and it feels like below that my whole point is who's tweeting nestled shorten your I think he was being led to answer he seriously said the wheat fields like this now over to parents nice iron yet easily but. My my point is. That if it first the ball. Emblem being named manager of the Yankees is great for the Sox yankees rivalry because he's a name with which we are all familiar going to. No we mean it's great for the robbery is great but I don't think it's great for I'm not X I'm not anymore excited about it and it was yesterday. It would be great for the robbery if the Yankees and Red Sox actually play in the playoffs again will be great for robbery. Until then on the so that would address what it needs that's what needs yes we need a real real games that happened I didn't meet the playoffs I was in the sixties and seventies until 78. And they were brawling at home plate every other night but in but when there was not a tight in the ninth either of those who doesn't mean that in the playoffs that may never reach that again. It would definitely never reach out again I don't I don't I don't doubt that while we can't predict the future but. Willett. 999030. Ward given all the drama acumen comebacks given giveaways. Joseph Torre Don Zimmer Pedro Kareem Garcia we go on and on and on our quiz Karim Garcia. Right exactly that he had the right you know will robbery was so hot I can put that off the top my hat and but eight it's I mean. Yankees dot Dodgers and giants who is still flying high in May not ever be what it was back in the New York days or days in giants retired this year. Win and the European countries other outsiders like in general in Europe the stock that you don't don't don't boil it down this one season but it was York. But why why why why does the average what is Arrington ending imagine yankees I Jews to the red side to this robbery because he's a pivotal. Pivotal figure in Red Sox history who's now being entered back in the drama but the Red Sox won the World Series a year after the as they did TP hot at one. And I think it's yes OK I mean when the World Series here after such an almonds and I think indicates at Fenway torches and pitchforks you know looking or both arm indicating Yankee Stadium in this case. In search of arable. I'm just saying that if it is gonna add some juice to I don't know I think so yeah all of baseball doesn't so I doubt it the Red Sox yankees I. Not every every used to it Apple's never have reduced to a began Alex every time we don't have an answer you can't keep only back on you will be no. I am I got to come up with some substance at some point your wife loves that you're always going to be working with me on Saturday afternoons. Substance that here is the substance you need a big go long distance. It's a baseball they bought a Red Sox and yankees in baseball all the Jews is not air the entire sports a Red Sox yankees will never reached the heights anywhere close to where wise and not acerbic commentary in the Red Sox it's a commentary. On baseball and the lack of interest in baseball especially amongst younger people. Inside buckets over kiss it goodbye. No more Red Sox those threats I take these games they want not the appointment television this year and you'll be appointment television next year at your after that your after. Can you you make into statements no one. Will it be. What it was in the late ninety's and early odds now I would stop you talked I talked. Will it be again what it was in the late nineties early part of the 21 century perhaps not I would say most likely not. It will it ever again be appointment television and that's where you're way off because of falling back on the you'll baseball guys he's you know he's talking about. So let me explain you that the rivalry rises and falls based on the personalities. Or part of the drama. What we began seeing in the later stages of 2017. Now we are seeing some personalities Erin judge is a personality let me talk right. Sanchez is a per hour in the face and how deep is now it will be to being lyzard shut up per second and not let every blogs I get Erin Malone. Who who is a part of the history who's now coming back and is it is it is gonna turn it into. The biggest thing in the history of baseball know. When I'm saying is there an and we start now toward the end of the season with a hoping with a Rolex Watches and who called who. Cashman thoughtful pit stop them brushed it off our our our. Lapping at it saying it's no big deal and then turning around in the organization that slapped an embarrassed. Yes that there is something neared its bubbling that I think is gonna bubbled to the surface since 2018 because Aaron remember is how do you not what I said. I said that is part of the drama so don't take don't miss Kass what. His parenthood over this test what do you could've come out there is now don't miss you could help with a more milk toast personality and Erin do and I watch him in the Sunday night games that guy has been L. Manila ice cream that's Erin blue eyes so he's not an act and he's like an obvious taunting their rights not to yeah I'm back in charge of the Yankees. It on hold on to note three set them homered to do it again and I'd say yes. The robbery and a ticket back he does not gone yes anyone who thinks that this and anyways ruined to repeal day. You have to go back to the baseball writers' dinner. Among the team I have to go to AC go to those every year this rise how I know you yes I'd say hello everybody hi I'm the annoying teenager you know to come my podcasts here I am in person and and others here again he gave up. The moment Aaron Boone game seven and he thought as he walked off the mound at his name would now be etched in stone. With the likes of Mike Torres and Bill Buckner and and the whole thing with Joseph McCarthy and in 194948. Playoff game. Any gal house Red Sox goats in years that that he would be. Like added to the capitalist. And it wasn't until we came with a baseball writers' dinner in the dining Norman standing ovation and a it was staggering. And he talked about it in spring training you know for saying that I thought. That I was going to be the next Bill Buckner until I got that because. Media fans announcers. When you're really blaming Wakefield what are under but Grady Little I think not that's my point. But Wakefield didn't conceptualize at that moment. Was that he was not the balance he had won two games in the series it was that what the twelfth inning. And and and no matter how that game ended at the Red Sox won it was on of the World Series let's beat the Marlins. If the if the Red Sox have lost no matter how that game turned out how they lost. It would of that it it would have been ratcheted back to the paying Pedro going back out tomorrow. Grady Little point make. Could write about what did lead to his you know you that was there's another regulatory called Wakefield right after the game to him. Insignia on the V keep your head up not your fault. So I don't think that weak fields like will be thank you weigh whoever's tweeting I think is totally wrong and I think they might have been well glad. I'll but it is like with the Red Sox yankees rallied to beat beat me do this every single year it seems like it's like off. Is this what's it add juice back to the robbery is this gonna make an appointment television and I get back to hold signs stealing thing. Got testy at the end in them browse Ian Tom Warner descended on these airwaves the acting communicate with the Yankees after that they are upset that the Yankees publicize that's. But you know the baseball season doesn't start until April that the those feelings carry over amongst the fans you know 67 months later I don't think so I don't think that's a it bubbling people's minds anymore the whole sign stealing saga. Deal means eating that the average sports fan even really remember is that occurred. The white think the average yes yes Alex the average baseball that was such a stupid L a laughed out today it's a question. It's not once okay you talked for three minutes of the truck that you look at the history and Saturday night Torres asked me at my partner and capital is to your question. You just asked me if the average baseball fan. Will remember opening the Rolex Watches about the role of what apple apple iTunes. The average yes the average and will remember that it is part of a building drama between Red Sox and yankees. Yes it will be an it will return. If the two teams a competitive team does he eighteen now again. In order eight in in the mining area in order for the rivalry have juice that you would agree this is something in which we can agree both teams that be good at the same time. Right which happened last year it was their first time in awhile without I don't. 617779798%. In usually buck I don't go to the calls right away what I'd like to let the people wait. Like to deliver an instructor monologues but I do wanna jump to in the car is on to something Joseph what's going on. They would talk guys reaper you're making me cringe here. Incredibly cute kid in the candy store you very eager and on the report. A one hour timeframe outlook over and under that you're gonna completely. Blow Barkley. Well partly because soft you can get under an hour you gotta have walked out that's like Jerry here at an. Kid in the candy store right now he's put up with Cuba an acre below. Why am I especially antsy today in comparison to other days ago why do you think that may I don't think you're. I don't think you're any improvement I think Barkley had tolerance. Is barred not. It is here at all I think not as much as Kirk and military. About what is your public meet you came in guns a blazing did not you you. I made a simple statement for your fun in my harbor yoke on I mean for holiday fun in my Bruins column and the guys are you're asking why am outside where friends and ripping you bucked me and I revenue bad you don't. The problems they eat you Jeter Tino does not act on it I want to clarify if they seemed to Coca. So you can rip two columns that I wrote in the when Michael backyard view it later but I mean I'm dry I am I'm Taylor you're asking me why commitment and attitude. Who came in the the attitudes who made one who's writing today I told you I would get into the Yale Harvard game at Fenway but they only know ninety minutes overtly you know it and that you know that that's a shot. Just. Six icons all the time and many times you've brought up that I'd year old Boston Herald column about a team Manning is pretty may outlast Tom Brady. The Brady now has now lasted two Manning's go to immediately in mind and usually have to pay like 99 cents for us I talk to us almost moment in my professional career and I was applying for jobs a couple of years ago I'd say that's an arrow icons but at the pay. And Harold dark as I'm just saying about the Red Sox yankees hired me it's gonna cost you you know why I had ascended media buys it and here's my password to get it. Tanya about it is over the Jews behind the Red Sox yankees robbery it's not it's not going to be anywhere close to what it was does it matter to teens as Alex Alex we agree on that point move forward but in the Aaron Boone the Aaron Boone I'm curious what people say 617779790. What you look here guys want. The Aaron Boone moved get you riled up about Red Sox yankees do you feel more juiced up about it today that you did yes and the answer is no. The answer is now especially because they won it the year after. As the difference there one year after so Aaron Boone is negative effects have been negated. And one year after that you're you're when you're broken 86 yards out of town here. It wasn't what it repeated here is 20077. Instantly it 6177. So I make 797. Buchan Reimer back after. Points out. One hour time frame of alternatives like you're gonna completely. Globe box both Barkley has bought and get. It is 226. Bodies we get used to it out the Harvard Yale game. I did yes I told as I said last segment we don't have enough time to delve into girls they would discuss its. That's an issue that it's just that's the table they have enough time to get into all the guilty party is who keep the party but you should know why. It's it's it's that the 29 point nine times in Harvard Yale in 1968 is one of the biggest modes vause is what's history. I don't it's not the biggest moment in Boston and I know I guess just any old URL will come from if you don't understand that and you can't work in this town I got news for your buck no real person cares about Harvard. Not that I did they are real bribery I said any organized and how that is not part of a plate into real people don't talk about the Tampa Harvard. I don't even knowing it from Harvard. You're here and elitist you apply to Harvard document as I should apply to Harvard and an I don't put any Ivy League schools I. It might be used to lecture today Beagle I think you're an elitist Cambridge that's why you have to specialist on the spot it was a truck driver and so beaten yeah but has spent his entire life in the walled off communities in Cambridge and Somerville folksy you call me for being brought on prospect street and chambers in my father's right to kill hearts and with a long post Columbus blue collar as anybody you government you know life. 617779797. But banks at a Red Sox yankees are now going to surpass the patriots and be a big historian town. If not the country because Aaron Boone and has been named the new manager of the Yankees and people actually agree with Mike into a house at what's going on. Hey what's happening in Alex you've got to listen to part keys right on target a lifelong yankees began. Lived in Boston my whole life and the best thing that would happen for Aaron Boone says he would sell out his. Coaching staff with Sparky danced. Complete game and bring them all out so bad do we not used its east. Otherwise Christmas Day 1989. Number right hand column. Absolutely. You know you're absolutely right so baseball in Austrian Jews to have them last yankees in the Red Sox both goods and they have some personalities. And bucks right on target on this so hopefully it'll come back to life because it's it's the best thing for baseball period. Thank you might your voice of reason. And not a and it's it's it's a baseball thing in the Red Sox were one how many were equipment and then when 93 games this year just because sentence now they want anything games this year right 9394. When he at least they did I'd ratings were down 15% yes prime time so I started on sandwich gauntlet that as late as it has added him to Red Sox saying he's not gonna be resuscitated here just isn't just isn't a baseball they thought that the turner that's exciting it is a baseball. What problems you know why it's even though there are educate me because I know Red Sox notes in another Red Sox ratings declined 15% this year they were still one of the highest rated teams. In baseball in terms of local market that's a Clinton leading you read my mom always positive headlines and make fun when you don't write about the Bruins goaltending situation Harvard yeah I read your cons yes did you read maybe three or four times this past baseball season that the Red Sox face. The a a future in three or four years of playing to yes thousand fans at Fenway absolutely they got ignorant of if they're not as the days you're just barely clinging on your I'm hoping it's online at least that's really drawn to the actor sleep ice thing for months on UN Shaughnessy leading a way to defend that portend a set grossly. He was still pledging by David Price and outside and I held meetings to plan our it was that I was viewed and it's not a coincidence that Steve Buckley against John CB to two people most riled up about David Price to Cyprus. You think we're just the two did you were the rerouting the guy bill Madden of the new volley aliens and has a fresh face just he was angered I don't feel bad habit test today tweeted out of ten biggest turkeys in baseball. The 2017 David Price was number two analyst Scott attending camp I needed on Thanksgiving and how little little leap on adding side. That's a good question I don't know Tim maybe took a while let's go out. And then saw Alex he basically just locked at critical what their I'd love it that's when it's actually a pinnacle in yeah is clean and tell. I can I gotta say I I like writing uncle CRA and Alex it all my Lyle my passion and. And Alex is a 100% right. Can you tell me what he's right about because we seem to be floating different topics here. So like when you got about the apple watch our welcome our article got a lot of luck to do because it's uneven a quote haven't you routine Seneca. No personality I would not next gave it a lucky stand by IBM I respect his leg and he brought some flights to the game. They know personality on either team. There's no opening rivalry anymore I don't have special when one instructor at the apple will get out to be the other team. I disagree that now now I'd like I know that 99030498990. Real for 78. What makes it easier special is that they were going head to head and they were both at play even even like 79. 77 in in that neighborhood when the Sox won 95 games and still willing prix of four games out. When I had pops and George Scott. What I'm saying is that that's the part AA and you know you're talking about them called you disagree with me but where I just knew if you his. Now the rivalry works better when both teams are high level. But I think baseball is so freaking watered down these state of I'm more traditional I wish there were wrongly. I wish they won't even immediately like okay bye to its date anyone where I break. Because the Bosnian to paving the most again strike outs and watch uncle a quarter to finish what about an Irish and then a strike utterly an issue. Keep its team also need to watch reclaim the pitches I blame the bad but my point assessed. It's salt water it down all these guys ever in the wrong club. That they all know each other beyond that same agents. I already agree that suits hatred but it you know. That they're all bad I got to save up watching them and they will all at a picture yet I used to brew and became against the Yankees and watch every game this year. The first Jerry do. Don't they opens at 1010. Just to reiterate that that were closer than you think on this topic. Three or four times this season and I mentioned this to Alex a few minutes ago I wrote in my column in The Herald. That it if the if the Red Sox and you can say based on general but at the Red Sox don't address some of the problems they have in this organization right now. We are looking at 181000. And showing up at ten point three or four years I wrote that three or four years so tell. I'm glad I have always thought I think people always go to Fenway Park can be viewed as a as a night out or better than I now get him what. Let's questioned him maybe jet is display it's the culture and I hate out of the original team marine. Irma and. Tells I sole guy in marine you're. You know that's the topic are different shell you just you although I just disappointed. And in the way I used to be number one president. A great club yes it's where you went off the rail out you went all or to us as blackmail. Are gonna borrow. Actually what you you don't set a car that. But when it jumped doc it's when you on the radio about weekend in major case of getting back on your soul whiny so actually it's. I sell outs in the body I want oh and I love what you bring to the table or when he went that route I'd sit and you got just Orman it's what he's. If things continue to bring you back him I lost forever like Nixon lost lost contact yeah. How are now. How can I ask you how. I 68 jet. Pot to walk off showed today. I will be I will make a cute shirt I will have they and it I will be back as president and you constituent. Let's have a problem but that's rather appreciate the call the problem that is now I can't because it would be organic. Now you're getting close when I when I jabbed her neck crossover you disease angers an obscene communion to seeding selling Alex when you seem equally angry on the Josh is in Brighton Josh what's going on. Today. I. I gotta I gotta balked at a buck I love you a low yields on baseball game. And Alec it can't appreciate that neighbors. Yeah I am and I'm just here a lot bigger campaign that's a deal. The ala. But what buck. Greatest moment in Boston sports history Harvard Yale IR yeah a lot or else it got played but bought period. C'mon. I didn't say the Harvard Yale game you said that Jennings happened in 68 I said the 29 when alignment. Stuff. It's 2929. Tied to Harvard you know 1968 is in point of fact one of the greatest moments Abbas is what's history. That your ignorant of it doesn't change the course of Josh are you just you disagreed when you in your seem like a well I had a knowledgeable sports and not one of the greatest moments aiding apart. I it it it can't be but oh well but moving I'm. You know I hit that we attribute. I'm. Say what people say he triggered a lot and that's it ever ever ever v.s and it was as I completely agree to me. But many here take out there good and and this one has not. That the Red Sox are yet likable it's that they are just not likable. Obama entertaining you tune in yet it is is you can bet that that mock the at bat. It is going to be open. No but it did you Carla spent about a month the course it is or metadata Ortiz to bat moxie of course it. Oh do you judge. Little young but he's twelve years younger than the average baseball be you know everybody on who is 57 years old preaching to acquire in this I'm not because every chance you get legal Red Sox yankees are coming back every chance they're coming back there rivalries area Aaron debt. Nobody here has an opinion on there and judged. Either way. Nobody think people dislike Aaron judge here. Tall he's tall and strong arms really what have you heard any visceral reaction about Aaron judge at all. Around here. The last twelve months the rhetorical exercise US envoy here Mike post and asking a question or sometimes you don't ask me questions you just make statements with customers the black and ads like the top backs if guys get the it to about that straight. Really who has a strong opinion either way and Jack. Oh. I'm gonna go down this road with you you don't understand where I'm coming I do startup to show saying I wanna talk about Aaron Boone because this is I said resuscitate. That Red Sox series is a piece of the puzzle is that it is bubbling. But the apple watching as as a Karr said what people at about I was wrong was a two days you're wrong and you it was the latest Eugene story of all time. It was it was all important lame it's cheating scandal while time because Major League Baseball decided to room. It was actually pretty president Harry's is stealing scientist it's like it we all that happens in baseball. Distort what's apparel and to be aired it just come on nobody nobody bleeped out that's part of it. When you meet the fact that the manager of the Red Sox and then the guy who's in the dugout running in the dugout. Claimed he was unaware that it was now out barrels a booby he's gone now now to out score outscored it would be aware that that's this year. Jim is in Connecticut Jim what's going on. I guess I'm. I until open is saying about your perspectives on outlet that I've got to go Alex on this thing that would ruin. We're the best thing that ever happened in the red. Without all of all the while. For that while even cleared the fence up clear the monster. Up the argument that is mine I'm gonna go out gonna get a real close or. I'm gonna get a real number one sector to complement Pedro. And they made a couple of them or an addition to everything. That happened. Between that and the 2003 and 2000 foresee it is because of bad loan problem so. So what do we and that's what we had a key folk we have shelling and we got a biker rally picked up quietly went through that that would have it would do anything to win. So what what did we get out of out of four out of it we don't have an out of it and then you know that continued to ride the train on into thirteen. Much later but it and. It's also nice Doug you and Tim Tim Tim. I too am favor in the dugout now what Matt. Jim now are you as a hardcore Red Sox and everything you just said you get that wrote that and Aaron Boone's basement of the easement at Fenway Park ho no one's also there is all water under the bridge and all forgotten about Pat's attention of the night. The problem but that I've ever I don't want it in and not. In Saint Louis on doing what and the people walking out assigns him about it gently picked video yeah said we've seen I don't know those signs that a I got a I had as one committed. Memories from that night was not the politic knows what to do so but that's kind of what what it was it was just who cares now. The battles package that as a matter. Those things that mattered not that matter because they want the I. I don't let him bat as a matter anyone out there and they're good. And I suppose that's fine if you want to resurrect a rivalry with a manager on our team in the yankees' dugout I don't doubt let's elect a battle resurrect the Arabs don't Arab owned not that he's. There are gonna handle those personality is locked in a car so he brings and Bucky Dent and he brings in Johnny Damon starts throwing a Red Sox I'm one point I want it noted for the record that that last college him in Connecticut escape from two minutes and twenty seconds a pack which is three times as long as you give most of the callers and I've noticed the trend. No border where trek. That win. Aren't great at the knees and quite orderly in his acts. They go up and I have noticed that winning color agrees with you or not but there are a lot of them. You tend to give them a lot more if they're better. They're better team and again you know he's he's been present team. The Carson in Haiti did you with a wink the car's cigarette you know and littlest they bring it to me aren't you agree with you hate it with a wink. I know I think it's real hatred and attempt a tenant is off the bandwagon yet not called in to making NC appearances since I've been back continues to be present nineteen marine. He's off the bandwagon but not the people greet me to bring it to not gotten masses like they're young they're with that it people greet you in a fallen asleep when they're on halt all it would do in the old days when there and they go out this look at every time you can't when your argument you fall back on that you need to material desperately underwriter. Six and 7779797. By the name rolls on after sees the deal. I've Sports Radio network. One real point that you want to bring back yard. Having pot. Now it's a real point it's a real point. There's this trend in baseball now where. It's we're going to this thing where you need that first year manager right we want somebody who is recently retired from the game who isn't an old stodgy guy like they hide it fired Girardi. And whether explanations why seating connect while the younger players right. Think back to all the players in general so that's why they brought hairdo and in conceivably write yes. And Red Sox same thing with apparently fired John Fallon one of the reasons we heard it's because being connected young players they connect to the players in general Sebring and outscored recently retired I. I'm you know it's there and we have this trend based on whenever something goes so far in one direction you wonder what's the breaking point where it's gonna go back in the opposite direction. What you think this trend is just gonna continue. Now is always going to be trends and it it'll it'll switch back to something else and in five to ten years ago and decide they need guys with so every five years on the Marlins did it with Jack McKeon. And they won and they they did very well with that so that's what happens and everything it everything's a copycat league every league is a copycat league. Teams that throw the ball like crazy now released on the ball like basement like crazy though the little wildcat offense was a hot pink while Miami. As stated anything you know lots and tiny gold it's not a lot of weeks till the wild pack every tire wildcat congress actually that haven't 2008 Ronnie value we know yesterday to today mentioned it. Yes they did on the pats game yes it was after the game site I would have known as the dolphins' only moment of glory in that patriots already recorded a good thing I did want to mention here on baseball I have ever combat this is weak EI dot com a video game. I'm not Harvard Yale I'm taking great pleasure. And watching Derek Jeter completely fumbled his way. As new owner of the Marlins horrified by some of the youth youth segment the guy with cancer that Colin Yasser light on an acting great glee like well I don't Marty Scott did it's like a guy who had for those who don't know. Derek Jeter's Marlins fired a hospital I scout who's waiting for kidney transplant. After colon cancer surgery this is from Jeff house and Amare he's got into an MRI is vice president won eleven in recent years and worked as a scout. So he was told this contract not renewed October 16 Cleveland clinic in western Florida where doctors three days earlier had removed a cancerous tumor. From this coal and doctors initially on the cancer in late August as Scott underwent a battery of tests in preparation for kidney transplant needed because of diabetes. It's Scott told passing that he was informed of the decision. By director of pro scouting Scott and Jim cup Burt. He described the moment he's our comforts number pop up on this caller ID. And he said my heart sank a little bit at the same time I thought they're not going to do this one in the hospital. But they digital he's a hospital. How heartless from captain jeetz our. You know there is doing the right thing and and is doing the Smart thing. This would have been vote Smart and right the right thing to do is they have this guy's back. He's at a pivotal moment in his life he's got concerns he's got families and kids what's gonna happen to him do the right thing take care this guy. If he can't do the right thing to the Smart thing because the Smart thing is to. Is that. Keep him on staff. Help him with his medical situation. And not get drilled in the court of public opinion as you were doing this very moment. As to pass is doing as I'm guessing talk show hosts around the country doing if you saw the tourist on the ball from this. It it it makes you look cold and. Are totally does and it means we get speak takes over the Marlins in late September early October as first ordered business as a dismissed. If you franchise and now when you sort legends but the few recognizable if they listen affiliated with the Marlins and I and I'm Tony Perez Andre Dawson Jack McKean and why why would you do what is the point of doing it. You may lapping Jeff Conine being. A pivotal figure in the franchise's history and he obviously is a couple championships that he was but he. He you kind of have to be there. And during the all star appetites weeded out a picture of Jeff Conine and because he he came through the press box with a big box a hot dogs. I know it sounds dumb but it's a conine thing to do we use in a hot dogs to all the writers because he's this kind of local iconic guy that does loopy stuff and everybody loves him and everything and I'm trees probably rep wrapping somewhat Doug company but. Nonetheless he has that kind of cashing in town. If you're listening to the program right now no because Jeff Conine well okay I'm I'm sorry the Marlins Opel back to 1903 or whatever his with the red slacks. So you know French so slack people yeah so you know it's it's the same thing with the that the Padres retired. Like Nate Colbert it's number one Lucchino was running the Padres and Elvis and he comes that Fenway all we can't retire Johnny Pesky number but he eventually did. But he admitted to me what it was a different market. And different players in that market right and Randy Jones and I think about it. And different players have different cash different amounts of cachet in the market depending on the legacy and history and so forth. So long story short for the Marlins for Jeter sent to get rid of Andre Dawson Jeff Conine that was the third guy. Her eyes Tony per Tony Perez. Just a tossed the mobile board would admit tantamount. Suits at new orders from drowning hanging and firing collar cards this from being a special advisor while is there any Johnny Pesky night as he checked the Red Sox to just the opposite right when the I don't know if you noticed but. Has it been marginalized by. And the new owners came in and they all of a sudden Johnny here's a locker is a uniform. Go dress up before the games go around talking to people be a part of our franchise. Yeah what you want to do it right is now so when John Henry and and and crew took over the Red Sox or they wanted to ingratiate and you need to ingratiate themselves with the fan base right. Derek Jeter I think abuse that he so arrogant and so much hubris. He views it is the mark Woodward and Marlins need to the Marlins fans are and he's a singular where it needs CU and appreciate themselves to meet. I think he's saying I don't need to sell myself to amounts and they should be battling before. I had a great Derek Jeter have decided to purchase this this ailing power and Tariq Al Al that's why fifteenth suppan is that we've right government. And I know that that one fan the guy who shows up but all the Marlins fans yeah. You know Marlins fans. Of the one guy shows up. No he goes the ball parks and yes I do know that yes I actually went to the old Martin's items baseball games two dogs I even close every ball through the bulls got a lot of money. I would tell old Marlins stadium before anyone it was what it was about where Rodney oh my god. The worst are ballpark experience pretty bad in the world it was awful. But you know that there's so few fans with the Marlins anyway and Jeter. He doesn't care about them again his viewpoint is you have to bow down to me. It's ultimatum now Jean Karl stand to us not relaxing your new or near taking over in a forced order business is to police. The franchise player and say accept a trade or else we're going to trade everybody around you. Does not for rallying cry we're shedding payroll baby. Get on board Derek she'd resigned as saying yes that is opulence and that is now again but I added I do it like it but in the mean what is Saudi as giggling about it. Does not what is that rap at the Superman of being teased to being bullied on my mentality about what was gonna locked out before 330 I'm gonna want to repeat the last segment will do they all superhero. Trivia contests before release of juror no timeouts timeouts. But I need and the thing if you have a plan networks like the Oscars the tank and when he eleventh when he talked when he thirteen. But it worked for right sit yet the planet works great by the masters people forget made the playoffs four years after when he left. They're the worst team in baseball right so is this for years after he made the playoffs. The mar sucked up a quick turnaround to a cheater or else he's he's not. He is is destroyed any goodwill that he I think with the Marlins fans the way he's running things even even foursome the fired their their network broadcast right. That I did know he did yes I fox sports Florida dismissed Preston Wilson and I'm not top play by play guy. And what is going on with Braden played OK for twenty minutes gonna bring in Michael K between doing your eggs that are going let's go to Jose and branding and once talked at the end and Jose what's going on. Generous ideally they'll say. Buck I don't think big all gonna appreciate trust that the music director. What what all went well I'll that I I would cars on The Who agrees me absolutely absolutely trick if you got a like bullet that he can do with that he's you know. In fact maybe ask a question what was what was the last minority yankees ever hired as coach. That never had one minority not an outlet I gotta tell you right now to my knowledge Tony Pena are better rep. They are blue duck it at any given day. What I can I can recast what you just said Tony Pena has a resonate as opposed Aaron Boone has no resonate. Well what I liked about this is a few minutes ago the royals wasn't. Yeah he did an undefeated I'll leave it where all of the quotes that you. Although all you can quote me character that he didn't play well quiet that quit yeah I mean. The opinion that panicky when he called. However there is no way no way Arab. Well being there what do you do I mean yeah very big change. Well and I thought I hate the Yankees and he got cold would that make odds are eating you have to make it what. That was the open saying they have it may. And by in my time. We get to object but it would mean that you did bring it but I hate rate. Right aria I hate to wait wait wait to bring all of worded it we'll walk into bloated identical to be yeah I'd say. They don't want this where there's. They've got I haven't Ari ballot bowl. I doesn't want to do I I I do want at this point out Pena did resigned as manager of the world's yes early in the nick sees it will it was not fired so I just wanna credited the eighties most of going to be a minority can write a draft him. Henry Hensley bam ambulance right that's right they interviewed him he was a finalist in the game attendance that and they give Turnbow got the gold Girardi. Firing was curious to me from a far. Does that mean to meet he made the most of those teams the last couple years to really to submission must teens when yankees trying to get into the luxury tax they're having all these random veterans and and tardy in my opinion got the most out of those clubs. But it when he got fired on very very few to a New York are coming to his defense they are talking about again how yet strained relationship with the players was a great communicators. Nadia yacht. I thought that Girardi had a shelf life. And he said Robert did well. There was this. A lot of times I thought Joseph Girardi hid behind the pinstripes who we are the New York Yankees and this will go well yeah I'd be you know I I know you played on championship teams and you part of all that but. Don't hide behind the pinstripes and argued the classic example. Where it and I wrote all column on this tonight that Indiana. Had dug this up on the back of his neck three or four years ago right the pine tar the pine tar and it was so blatantly obvious that. That John Ferrell had no choice but to c'mon that was the it was the only thing he could've done there was no gamesmanship it was so blatantly obvious. That he had to come out and challenge it yet it was fun out of the game. And when he was grilled about it after the game Girardi was very arrogant about it and and I put all the blame. Well what happened that night not on the pitcher. But on Joseph Girardi in his pitching coach Larry Rothschild because this had happened with that guy before they should have been monitoring it every single second. If under is don't sitting up in the press box. And I can see it on the monitor you tell me that someone in the and that club both monitor who couldn't see that. They're good people watching every single thing that happens who couldn't walk up until Friday that. Even Cashman who was in the club was after the game. Disagreed with the ways manager handle that and it was like if he was being to use the old line from Shawshank. Redemption to do ICC shots and because Gerry Callahan told me he was being obtuse he was you why you so it's easy that's why I think what movies that. A dirty possibly one of the worst decisions I've ever seen this postseason meeting challenge has bad and so yeah as. In his indictment read out that by a needs them right he did so yes I guess he thought god and not open arms to righty lasted Joba isn't missing and baseball now. We toll at this trend it is go towards the younger guy the inexperienced guy. And that's our top flight teams and I've done it right it means go through the list are creek Robin mentor in the White Sox are not really worked out Brad Ausmus out of Detroit already. Walt Weiss with the Rockies you hide your inducement to them why don't study by the Fella I look baseball guy told you block us so. I just it's a wake what do these really worked out. The inexperienced manager coming in our late Dave Roberts that's went up at Dave Roberts osment compared to meet our payroll that we say inexperience you mean without Major League experience without any any experience right because courts a little different 'cause he of course was the Astros bench tonight. I am on board the corps hiring because I do think it is good to have somebody. Who can connect while the players adding managerial job coaching in sports is entirely when he needs it comes just without doing any racer Bob brenly with the old one Diamondbacks came out of the broadcast Booth to management team in the one more answers for Bob Bradley had one and I think the worst alters our selection of all time I was watching you all star selection show in 2002 without that little bit and he's sad and now he sat on Dick from opting out and he says that a you know I can get an all star team that Damian Miller. Like why in knowing this journeyman catcher. Puppet of the zone dot but I will never forgive Bob brenly for making a mockery of the Austin game. 617779797. Buck and Reamer rolls on right after. Our emirates Dubai can Rimmer brewer guy Ellis would you say girl or guy. Where is that from another movie like you guys teasing me again it's just a little business on you know keep growing nude side we have of people we have to keep growing I like it deems. I knew I wanted to open. Mean you can you can make one public back and next week you you work here and I just collided when you tomorrow night announcer says he is something really good at getting us into. They did you knew I open which is very exciting not what your thoughts and it's buck Jack and you find my late night opened. And company and they didn't see how we Korea Russia oh no that's planet and planet making up planet Mikey. With the Mott begin in new weight I'd open an I I like it when I get new opens its buildings and Yasser investing. In the late night announcer ran ran. Yes Monday night excuse. On Sports Radio WEEI. Boston sports conference on the acts in the graveyard pack. I don't revel in routes would WEEI party boy Alex Roemer. Let's get a gold. Late night on Sports Radio WEEI. We'll dub step back. I feel they don't like about that. Is he lets get it going that's very seventies. Lot intake and they're calling me I guess I'm not calling myself a party boy so it's odd but when you refer to yourself as a party guy likes to lose what you want it's the open. Right so I don't know checked with its only referring to myself as Debbie guys resident party boy there sounds like you've requested them to I did out to see it guys I'm worried about. Wait about what that's what you want you can be known as steady as party oddity known as the man who knew that the union army to 2000 you'll start Ulster while they want to note for the record that it was out Roemer. Who started waxing nostalgic for the 2002 lost her game it was a great I used to while battlestar selections to my parents all the time. We go on vacation in the vineyard like the average folks we are not it's a bit of legal box in my life meant to Nantucket once and beneath it wants him. To interview three women overseas ticket holders for forums. A tactic it. A page it's at and Antarctic and known to all you know all the late night host annual opens yes as you know I know that yet thank you can't always Henry Jessica if you -- all right all right Jessica Illinois open is less detailed it is it is as node detail you know dollars is is is literally what'd I like are you doing. Yes that he has an army dissidents get a going to patch and all right it's here it is here is not really myself I would change so let's get it going it sounds very. 1970s well you know we we knew we got him anyway and anyhow like punk rock rejoinder so it's cool it's like we sent our circuit year. We go to our North Carolina so bear series and it's obviously Joseph is open the piggy bank he's investing all kinds of money in new opens tonight show yes. Why not a new open portions I like the two outs OpenId it's fun it's it's like just by just one guy who yourself how many times you said who's gonna differentiate the podcast and reviews. On the content type but the contact. Content tie Christian Fauria this week it still don't believe them. Says he sees us on and having sex on the streets of Provincetown. Defending my people we do not act like. Sex on the streets of sex and private bedrooms and private street and private street right streets alleys not mainstream not done commercial speakers and given parties and waiting almost an hour to talk some patriots patriots don't need to know that the AFC puck in the states and telling Tony Romo and Jim Nance doing the patriots bills games. Best game on the schedule David what's going on. Gentlemen. I got to I gotta but they then it would appear that the direction. For a while I mean. But lobbyists and in the thousand. And I wanna ask you a little adult doing what ya what do you got arms as if you ever ever read our Tom Walsh. You mark the madness electric cool laid out that. Yeah oh wait twenty years ago. How it Iditarod it its outstanding. But I mean it's it's it's that Tony probably the I was WB Gavin erratic so yes that while. Some Brazilian to I don't I'm Malo and but. Each. Of the patriot. You know you know that this is something that that is very very adequate. Unhappy about. But the becomes the best if it bit irregular and that it didn't matter anymore it's just told the old boy. Careful now you get Glenn one way upset because I wrote that wrote that column cup would still that's a little boring when these games by a thousand accolades like decorating not getting enough respect national down there like a home. Something's not quite in that respect I got hot tickets he does. Three. I mean I'm really I mean I missed the game I've missed the hold didn't last week it and I might have been a I'm not even. Angry I just I didn't mean to I mean it's the it may take it to be kids that you're expressed regret you know whatever. They did ACC title game late January David that the curtain. We have the jaguars coming here for a divisional round or they're teaching to a Los like I street. I wanna I wanna acted without. I'm. But I got it and the old prediction for the quality. Like. Smith David we say Merry Christmas now. Now would you would your mom. I'll compare prices and outed in Britain any way back when Manny being Manny and I'll that those nightmares things I mean who who. Have a problem I mean yeah granted them back but at a batter in the any. More republic Egypt if you look at another back. Manny Manny being any upright in price. Thanks so called David and mr. Buckley what say you was a question of getting us and we are saying who is a bigger headache Manny Ramirez or David Price. Guru who brought the team down Moore who innocently the bigger negative impact on the T. I would say David Price rate because the regular victories yeah it's nice group to rise above me. And all I've said about and because nanny was like the best hitter in baseball to New Zealand's prime yeah that's that elicited a heated quit on the team which is in what's the trade he quit on the Red Sox not statistic that statistic number that it was chaos not likely he quipped it was a gate. He took himself out of the lineup and Francona didn't even know about. Writes I was there with a look at those numbers I was every player quite like nanny quit in July 2008 those were big time numbers department the Sox. Yeah how the second half with the Dodgers if you float above open. I would definitely vote for me gas to I don't differentiate if you are the best player of your era. You're an. You're an I don't play those games accurate and you knew we type of this last week seeger now you I guess I'm like guys like Clemens and bonds but no on Sosa and McGwire. As yet at. It's it's a tough call there is no way and eat it if we are going off the rails here to a reasonable proposal aimed shell. Maybe we can say that but what I will say is everybody's way of voting is flawed. To my he wrote about it the other day and Amy great point and Manny if Manny didn't give a rat's ass. About whether or not making go to low and why should we felt pretty dug protests is the best tennis of his air I was there there was a sign posted on the pool. Don't know throwing for one hour and the rules were clearly posted by this point. No more this wink wink you know ticks of the long ball looked the other way now everybody out of poll generals. And any pills Friedrich press after that. So it's not so no marketable for many areas. And is ours Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire ago that date they weren't very good ball players whose stats became so swollen. During the stat there in the steroids here that I can't testified that. Bonds didn't tell guides in the three home runs and a season. Look at bosses and again you followed that trap of drawing a line do you think he it's flawed that it if you wanna beat me up all that get me in a headlock go right ahead. But it's a it's everybody's system is flawed and I'm trying to make my peace with the fact I'm one of those guys who. When Bud Selig in all payments it screw this I'm not going to be the gates people for the rest of my life while paying. And then go to Cooperstown on that Sunday in July and look up at the state agency blood sitting up there with new living hall of famers. I agree Joseph Torre got seizing and and Tony La Russa right what Russa who says I don't think steroid user should be an offense OK going to the hall of fame. All my career off the backs of McGwire Canseco and all these years that was. I to a recent as a nation decides Binghamton so volumes seriously thought of Joseph Morgan's letter. It was as it was a sham it was hypocritical. And it was done basically. As a representative of the hall paint is on the board. It was sent out as a hall did you get. It went directly was an email or I I I still haven't received union fairness and meg on the office and I've been in the opposite like three weeks check your mail be I descent now in fairness I've been in the top Islamic. It was cents all fame voters I am a hall of fame voters so it it it's there somewhere forming. I'm I didn't need to see the actual letter sent to me because I thought 0% to a million other people. Others including jet passenger traffic and other you know they wrote about it I didn't because I was thrown our video football column and you. Yeah it and political greatest robberies and executed by the greatest robbery in all sports are taking out what you take stuff by said twist it. And and then regurgitate it and it totally falls minutes maybe look that said it was the most important robbery modes as well as well hide it now I think any added that die every year in Boston his strategy toward sixty got an and now nick saying in as NetSuite also wrote click on the patriots go back to David. You know. Two months ago it seemed like it was gonna be different but it's not in in in three teams have really. Jumped out this year the patriots comparisons the rest the league number one Tom Brady is better than ever forty. Leads the league in yards passing not giving good enough it's an outing doesn't sit well you'll Karstens I'm glad no way I think Carson went in and MVP which is an outrage it would be an outrage but he will because that added with some of that and that you know okay we'll total. People want there's but take shots I think it's an Icrc mini camps and that is on the account as the underdog here it is yes this. Yes well that's why sniffed it before I came on the heated and those little much let's Maas sent it before. I take that back but I'm. So yeah it they can blaming Brady this year now is easily outlasting. His peers. Asking is juniors Eli Manning benched Joseph flock to watch any Monday night in Joseph Flacco is Harrell rob ball he's all unused draft in 08. Roethlisberger and goodness twelve X two picks on Sundays clearly on the back and Philip Rivers has had an inconsistent you're so pretty at this point is outlasting his juniors polemic that. Many of those got to go to the hall of fame you like Manning probably going to the hopping in the river statistically is a hall of fame. In Brady's Heredia on the senators Robby does a lot they used to be a dirty song way back in the sixties or late late. A lot of things Newman 162. Best shot Weston was this'll parties on and I whenever a ticket Flacco I think that's on because Flacco has been basically. The eight best quarterback in football for twelve years whatever not this year. But you don't think he's a it and and Phillip rivers is always been like the fourth best quarterback ever has got a better than flat black but black athletic career pro and deep balls and pass interference call yeah drilling hasn't Torre people anymore at all. I don't say they don't hide it and Brady Manning at the top Brett Favre. Drew Brees Walgreen Aaron Rodgers. And and and then like he's always been that next group and and some beef Philip Rivers has been that like fourth of fifth best guy. And then and then Flacco has been at six to seven best I do you agree yes but not another gap is it so it's Brady one car unlocked and over here to seven every year right entitlement to see record it's I mean it is often play portals isn't playoff quarterback is here and he is beyond awful so Brady. They just keep radio operator in the AFC title game you're acting too is the war of attrition. Patriots again this week Marcus cannon outs third straight week Chris hoping for days been out them when they're young turning into one of their top three wide receivers defense in this retreat flowers is questionable account and noise question what party lost on the high tower. The most important guy and that's out of the ball woman's been gone for a year and prior to the season we were all saying I'm doing gentleman outside Brady is the most important guy on not offense right. And it does not matter. It does not matter to patriots survive need to ride with the war of attrition. You watch to gain market all the buddies over the pizza there I watch on that that twelve long you have I want to line. I want to really yes I'm I'm I'm a working journalist I got to focus on regular routes not elaborate. That things you jet that's what's in my convenient thing odd watching. Symbol I would love to have you over but I got to work I'm watching the symbol on not because I don't have any friends but it what's the problem doesn't it. That my parents as like tournament and well that's not what you alone that's a certain Kodak moment no front I don't like civil party meeting invite Baghdad more so allow another year nothing going on. Well my take a yards like you got them for new worries moderate Pilates. My two receivable of course he does it's like when my parents his invite to guard them for new year with about isn't. His name is Jake Jake yeah. Carrots into indict W yet party boy for not anymore jets have been every parent and one of Montreal and New Year's boy every go baby. A city that's right. And that's you were acting and it's very nice of expensing Richard Montreal and comparing its. He says yes what's the work that went for one thing. Update on the battling for us and you need the stories for the guys this. Now they're not they're not that I'm I'm trying to trying to Dimon and that will be my next ordered as as their new president can we can we can I get my trips financed. Yeah I wanna get. It more of a foundation and Evelyn and I make those demands for an ass in the finance indictment reveling causing them to us like teams sought to make the inside okay. But I don't I will be watching patriots bill as I will be watching largely because of Tony Rama that is the most exciting portion of the game to me how we explained Tom Brady. He's not communication. You can watch he's there Clark county's two Roma's excellence is to sell him Romo got so good so good so much good it good press so fast he did that is almost like a stock market correction GAAP EI NN eight so this stuff is annoying like this guy talk which in Nantes is terrible. But just because I think it's Jim Nance more than aroma you really have I talked which in Nantes. Is a man who brings a picture birds host with a when he goes out to breakfast because he wants to show the way with mice near drought he likes this close and it's true it is now. Now I was leaving since Jessie does he does I was a profile in lake GOLF Magazine few years ago. And that is needed thing with the hi idiots. I'm sure that play out in the best player March Madness can't wait Trojan ads give in this time how many of those ties and end up in the trash can. None of them 999% of you think they all keep Jim Nance tie every one of them if they don't keep themselves they give it to somebody their families that are ya know what that is I don't want this to appreciate every gifted. Speaking against this guy. But if it is incredible again not a solo. He's the be the tiger he's definitely would never Wear the same tie toys. Yes we'll keep right now as of now the bit between him and Gerri yes and in the round and post solo. Promised me he would give me one of his ties once never did a better novel and extended to San Diego. And they get to raise or we've got a whiz at it Tommy bahama assured them premieres and we ties anymore. We're supposed to on Twitter to tweet I should do pay out tartar so give me my time. Yes but again just it's amazing with the schedule and see this week in Anson room arguing patriots bills Eagles about a and that by the hole playoff team the whole. Visas of Romo even before I ever heard him because that was probably at the game that he did that everyone was talking about like if you go to games and her staff we now. I didn't say that I said that again died and he got sold much good press like right out of the gate. In Japan wrote about I read them and I said he's the best car analyst in football. And termination after two weeks and that went on with a couple three weeks and for a actually sat down actually. Hear him and see him. There were already knows epic now he's full of himself and there was this lake unfortunate stock market correction and I was like to do his job I think drama is great I think you need both sum up so quickly the the the inclination is monetary and and so that that's expected especially today's teenage we just watch the other analysts like and outs. Always has just white noisy nothing to say they're behind the acts in it they're confused. They rarely take opinions. So is good because yes he's really good at what he does but it's also a commentary on how awful. Everybody Al's it's you think it's his personality or effect that you play. Football solar recently I think ball and he works you can tell that he works he's watching film he's working hard games comes easy to him on these them right now we'll Jay Cutler being down nine and I don't think it Joba. Just take our must be kicking himself that he and take a broadcasting team this year. Asking questions yet read injury. Is a come on right you got it before we go. He knew. You know when our show was next week yes he's what I want our listeners as we have loyalists as we want to know when it's on it's we are on next Saturday at 3 o'clock to what I believe three to 737. Yes in Iran next Sunday morning it's pats Steelers next Sunday night OK it's and I and we know from you. And we know when you tell me Saturday at 3 o'clock it's a big buck I guy joining night. I checked great job. SEC championship coming up WE IC everybody.