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Sunday, November 19th

Buck and Reimer close out the show by addressing Gasper's column on Colin Kaepernick, the Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell feud, and the groping allegations against Jameis Winston.


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Final hour puck and Reamer WEEI in clearing the way for an up on Sunday mutton keep the take you up until patriots raiders. Pick up at 425 and now one. You're about to the first half the season they're really the first six weeks of the season meet not always gonna meet every year for the patriots. They're gonna be some competition in the AFC east perhaps. Nope not at all look at the AFC east now the corner Dan Shaughnessy the tomato can that tomato cans lined up began. The dolphins have lost three straight games with panic. The bills replacing Tyrod Taylor with something named Nate and Peterman. It to be Yemeni mr. Imus signed BI and they can expect a cornerback named Nate and Peter man I don't think there's any chance success to spaced on his name Juan. It's funny he was a bit about Tom Brady in 2001 when he first ago from two bullets and heard your first Steve Buckley even Peter and Tom Brady. And died Ajax is always lose they suck they're terrible I but is amazing how just all falls in line for the patriots. So I got a question for you weren't you among the ship of fools that you booked passage. On the ship of fools. Who back in July. Wrote that the patriots are gonna go undefeated that they were pushing all of a chipped the middle of the table and one big glorious run in and snubbed in noses in it they'll run it up and go undefeated. Make Mercury Morris those other aging weekly Miami Dolphins players cry in their Maalox. What public so as bush now as it did like six Wii's got the patriots are seven until. And not nine and out with my point right but they can go thirteen three district was talking on Alex I'm talking about where you wondered may be wearing away from the now. That you know why you not that's not to not to get into it if I do a gold mine and if my older pets again Agilent to do it don't have a lot of sites like a lot of hot takes. And I think it's not like I never had to media news tell the truth objects out banks are to write the Google search for it's it's not just producers as arrogant as evidence showing up Spago over the Walt a little something in there on their game there are on ranking him bail once they also before we go back to whatever it is you're talking about. Sergio dip as weighted out now and I read tweeted this Joseph geezer channel four I took his tweet us. Sergio dip writes let's. Loans. What is your eyes o.s with exclamation points ash tag NFL Mexico the Mexican flag and he has a photo busiest in. Eight very excited about very censored it up what a guy I was on his side until he had that ambling incoherent apology post in the wee hours of the morning as a Sergio dipped. Until then I'm mister Ditka now. Why because he is going to go go go blown up the it's a good bet. It's a get bent but honestly you look at the I mean that the only interesting game they apple have to where there's a lot of Audi is the outcome is December 17 against the Steelers. That's a good game young Pittsburgh how. Got Pittsburgh top three defense that here out there. I have to check it might be there. Might be there's one. We Somalia in that trip with Portis carried yeah you're you're Pittsburgh guy like or none of the steel city governments mean it is a great city to Pittsburgh. OK it is it is one of the most underrated cities in America what sits on his arguments on the up and up identification it's a very cool city very hips. But I wanna go for reasons beyond that I just think it's going to be big game really going to be games right forty points on the titans there's -- at the Steelers and Antonio brown and helmet catch juju Smits Shuster minute they receiver in the NFL just like the name as a great game you know this opted for a bit difficult. Insurgent that would get you to kids you should contact center safer Sergio adept at touch and happened. But I did the patriots just again the Steelers game the only. Interesting game remaining on the schedule and know they have a top three defense this year and the offense is clicking the offense is healthy but. The Steelers still on strike fear into me from the patriots mean you beat them and beat them handedly in AFC title game last year. And tolerate it always gets hard Pittsburgh defense no matter what the personalities. You've got to go to Minneapolis at the pats play in the super mobile I'm starting that campaign now. I do not go last year whose but talks those ones which are running and get that trip I've no idea. Bye bye new ads mr. right but taught to read it would that be a mark cannon things that you always are bundled paying all of the above. Cartman and thank Eric many camping yes it all goes back to Turkey nine to a acoustic and Laird Chris Curtis perhaps. A new executive producer extraordinaire as well I mean so you're backing Kurtz good graces rate. Police training or relatively speaking never care does give you pat the back in the hallway at the sale now. And you look me in the eye when he's doing so that reminded not to be outside this. But you see your cuts teapot is comfortable saying this is date November 18 book your tickets to Minneapolis the patriots will be there nothing is in their way. A little better after that Pittsburgh game but if I had to go one way or the other I'd go book your tickets now. I would tail and it's and it's a combination of hell and all peachy is really up was just another cool city by the way and of people again whining cattle wall because it's not warm and they can't turn into big vacation. I'd rather go to warm weather may pursue blood rather go to warm weather I wish to. I tell you that but the patriots really need to do you look at the injured reserve list is just keep Tom Brady upright. Just keep them upright an acre Darren and in Minneapolis this yup and Roethlisberger is playing well as of late. But his history shows he's probably not to be healthy in January always has that nicks bruises in a distant happening aches and pains and drop us but just brought the rivers like the anti Tom Brady. I think from guzzling down a few cheeseburgers some years before the game is like the anti agree. He doesn't look like and an apple quarterback only does he view that wears iris I respect him not cents. Is that he's he's the dude he's succeed out loud about than some balls I'm I'm tuchman is account payments are about. Is when he gets off the right. But it's just another reminder of how injuries can dry you look at the Seahawks right a couple of years he got in the young quarterback Russell Wilson the great defense team they're gonna mean this long dynastic run. Can't cancer now out for the last year's been injury Richard Sherman out for the rest of the year chances out as early thirties Germany is getting up there. That legion of boom that feared secondary Earl Thomas they're old they're injured they're hobbled. I've got a offensive line proms mean the Seahawks even cannot equate that run just time and time again the patriots. It just does this against a little re run rate here is so it's just amazing that. As recently as early October and I was singing are you saying while the chiefs are undefeated on the tiebreaker the patriots looked out it may be different here. It's not doubt it's the same old same old and I think Sunday night's game against the Broncos last week. Perfectly encapsulates where the patriots are a comparison the rest the league Denver that's a team a couple of years ago John Elway is pushing all the right buttons making all the right decisions. It's a lot of talent on that defense and a good wideout spot. Awful quarterback play awful coaching not prepared to played the patriots won that game before they even took the field. I know you had kind of a late night last night that you gonna go home take a little that be game ready by the time opening kickoff comes absolutely all right I'm always game yes napping and watching the 1 o'clock games on the reds on channel is one of my favorite pastimes. We have the rounds on talk yeah tonight too much too much from too much for me and I want as one game set Alley somewhere what's going on here at I just wanna watch one game and there's no I these types of our news and it came at me crap about that Ali just now to anything. Can't we don't have parking pass by and it hurt this. They've heard this part I've heard sport out and I reminded why oh why did we take away the meters that's what I'm saying there is another angle on what the media was selected genes under your bed looking for quarters. So big you peeking at your debit card. They're metres with with cards and I considered a card thousands of people in the Greater Boston area with figured out this new parking system except my hip millennial Alex. Departing systematic is just cite your debit card and Amir. That's all it takes that's all it needs to that's only goes through a credit card statement that you never see your dad please know I pay my own debit card thank you very much. I Red Sox debit card. All can talk about that from and I I don't deny there you know if you were tight we talk now it's it's a deep dark secret. Perhaps maybe I don't here's how Alex Raymond and happened just a little tough guy. I tells it like it is I'm not afraid to go after the owner is in the red sides and they got to make this trade at a accumulate as soft. Outside at the dinner awhile back. We take up the credit cards. Alex Roemer little tough guy Alex has a Red Sox credit card. With my picture and as well with Europe not only Europe picture but he Red Sox logo. Must watch TV it's in candies listen right now he's right way to go Alex whether it's like and it. Glad to have you on the team my friends and have parents on the all summer on reentry get back in Carrick cal and that's why you know I have the Red Sox to Africa and the net current is the corporate media relations spokesman for your Boston red sites and she is proud of for a boy Alex right now yes beating Alex has a Red Sox knowing that lies you get little perks to get now make no not that I'm aware of it's it's so bad it's it's about like. Whenever I bring it out and south of conscious about it I explain it away before anyone else can see I do apologize first time you have it's a deck critic Arab my presence. You saw me you saw my eyes glance at your credit card. The annuity into a way tap dance routine. That's at five it did what they critic I got a fourteen years etiquette of products like you know I have my picture it's. Because I stood eight deep and I was in high school Allen about the idea and they want I work and that if I did and they shot would. Asked for a backup ID right Michael Elliott you may give us a back up. So the backed up and always helped if that picture. That's why haven't picture but the backup tight he doesn't indicate theory if it's a red over its cellular unit has your legitimate personally since the fake going to be at here. Name my real problems they've heard Schwartz or anything that's right that's right game and was arrested once in the parking lot at Dave Matthews concert you were I was yes two of the minivan full of cheap vodka. Down there the ladies it's warm I can feel well. Alex what are you sharing this I am open buck buck in its in the past some reformed now voice at this against the enemy know which side you begin to go exactly right I would stand up. And over hard or the National Anthem and they would sign me 617 we gonna do anything about the Red Sox themed Redick credit cards keep it for iron I irony at. I think you need to keep an eye for Arnie guy in the picture like little nineteen year old Alex. Need to be on 617779797. Let's go to Jerome in Worcester Jerome what's going on. I can't just continue actually was in a box so but god directly to you. Wait a minute European. But buck and they're equally under. Drilled on the power of Domtar the fun driving drunk at the moment I mean habit Alex's king master here so. Okay say Alex you're Greg now keep them a well known and an old Alex you're great radio talents I enjoyed listening to you wanna hear more of go ahead. Thank you note drawn draw all all you need to say Alex you're a good radio personality and I enjoy listening to. Thank you I I now and I've not talked to Steve okay. But Hydro. I respect a respect your opinion on on a baseball just curious dog your thoughts on Richie get me and not getting up. Hitting coach position for the red socks you think you would just stop core bringing his Geithner and are in what's the next side stepped from the chief. I don't know what the next step drop another recall. Great co written broadly thank you for the phone and allow this pulse on what's hot to romp thank you for the phone calls for the kind words to me it's the man's question shore. And I it's does all lied to do that since I'm such a nice guy yes. You're that you're you're the daddy of this show I am yes that's right term thank you. I gave from the privileged asked that question nom give it a privilege answered go ahead. I think the problem the rich get Edmund had was that he didn't have anybody in baseball ops who's familiar with him and his back. Nobody it's in baseball who look at the crowd now it is Allard Baird when GM royals. Was not with the Red Sox before. When Kevin was there at Dave Dombrowski. And Crockett farm departs the bowling alone. To go up now on the line anybody works in baseball ops that I know a lot of was not the rich Edmund was a minor league manager and in a Major League player so he unanimity when to carry the torch for him into. Put it on abides in the table. This fear is there as I can be he was even in Buford then so I I would assume that. That you probably move on next year in two different organs why is why is our Baird still involved with the Red Sox baseball ops. What it's funny should say that because he's terrible he's terrible GM he's the guy will put all that aside. He had one main job with the Red Sox early on he had one assignment which is to give us a dossier and Carl Crawford right and it went right that went right into whether or not. He was a right fit for the red sites and there was even talk about the Ritz at the going to profit trash pilots though. And Al Baird was the point man a pitcher Jeremy caps team like hiking and dumpster while I am that they don't end. And pick speaking confidently say Kyle prompted. Did not wearing out with a red side now is what I was six years ago and almost seven years ago and are buried still hanging around so he's a special assignment guys in. I'm sure these and other things that we don't know about that management has. Thought very highly of Jim in the card gym it's going on the snag you for the call. Who's drove it was to remove and on Jim arias a. There are good morning gentlemen I. Director jeopardy yes more so. Awestruck. Or heparin has to do is is the leading to the cause of the police officer and all that. Yeah coupled with the knicks on missile talks we mentioned you mentioned. OK you did mention that bridge to that sort of feels that match. All we know we know that don't eat you can make your point is that Kim sorry it's Tim Timmy can you can make your point beat us up all you want but don't accuse us of glossing over the pigs in the Sox this year we've we've mentioned that so I'm glossing over at him he was just it was a stupid mistakes stupid Sox but so what it means got worse and domestic violence it's not where's the dog fighting it's not worthy of being black ball from the week. Or talk so this country that people who make the stakes. And apologize. And come back aren't you won't for that we wanted to give people second chances that's what Christian society. That's right yes corporate. Art what is yet to apologize to order for what you're standing up for racial. I just just zip apologize for that GM. But coaches you know with the country. Or hurt but I. What I could. Say that you. Ornery but then people like to apologize. To Michael Sim card out. It could easily and just. Like epic political. Brandon Cox apologize for it. Newington the National Anthem earlier this season for the patriots. This is color carpet goes. Nobody would but I'm but that's they take the you have that he didn't apologize for some asking you to those patriots players took me during the national glory this season that it. Let's and I I understand this is a tough take kennel for a lot of fans and the cabinet is not easy to embrace I'm with you on that. Notable for its own the team. Want dot org your. Don't know but you do need to Michael YouTube you wanna dance past my question you want an apology calling Kapanen. I honestly and let me finish on that I have I'm. A ROU. That's exactly what you said you simply said a minute and a half ago and you gotta let me talk here you can't wanna rent. You asked me a couple minutes ago or a couple of seconds ago your big sister was a clone capita never apologized for taking any did you not say that. It. The number and that's not what you set and Jimmy and sent him were he were stupid Paris actually happened over a year ago I mean come attempt to learn how. I'm going to we got to go step by step here. Did you or did you not say did you gem Tim look at it a lot of you can't let me talk. Did you or did you not say that. Calling cap and it never apologized take you need the national did you say that. I guess it's not. To get you did you say they're calling cap and it never apologized to take me deep the national media say that. Oh okay what part support your particular yep like Hitler. Okay so are you now boycotting the patriots for those players that took in the during the game earlier this season. Know our recovery effort ever opened the NFL. And a couple. They're conflicted. On. This or mistresses are rather old school. Go to. Liberal. Technicals and all the football as the market. I don't know the Michaels and Paula Jim doesn't like you shoving and a gay agenda out our roads and in a degree does have exposure so there Jim a little bit Jimmy up the dated him yes hybrid and brag about because they did you get an argument aliens. Yes he gets you buck seventy gay agenda that Ireland's throw my fan mentioned Michael Sino Michael's it was a do with a comical sense even in the NFL than what you're talking about. 6177797. And you're seven Buchan river continues on right after Buchan river ligaments on new in times and keep commend. Trample Sunday. In every Sunday morning bike show after Adams chapter house the big bombshell. The one I had yesterday when you well know seed and your wrong on this I never doubted that Roger Goodell contacts it is there wasn't the only Dynegy did that lie. I never said it wasn't going to get dire I said it's been delayed in Jerry Jones did that and I said Alex I guarantee you next couple of these things going to be all ironed out on your dues thoughts and t.'s. The contract is all the awaiting for rubber stamp and you said and I quote I don't know about that has been held a rubber stamp. You say did you say I don't know about that it's been held a rubber stamp answer. Yes I did say I can't I don't know why because they started negotiations over the summer. And according to show after giving out the given this guy all the credit were it was something I guarantee was gonna happen young kid like. But it happened over the summer and he started the contract extension talks right. And according to step through December 13 is when it's expected to be ironed out. That is a hell all the rubber stamp that is a long time to rubber stamp something. Jerry Jones never and always knew he wasn't going to stop. Roger Goodell from size extension her ousted doubt he just wanted to make it Dallas light I'm comfortable and that's what laid out Terry don't know who cool to whom. Is that is that there's an embarrassing video out there about him now. The east I would not be he's he's quoted as this making disparaging comment about your fellow. Owner. In the billionaire boys' club acting cool well at those at the gold plated water cooler at an appeal on music I like it now. Island LL tell that fact that a weasel like you likes it. Doesn't shine they believe on Jerry Jones that's a whole point. I'm Jerry Jones guy off I just I just think that he mean who's looked like a fool to mean cal wispy and is looking he doesn't like deport Al voice all I don't know I think why cowboys fans you know a couple of good ol' boys aren't local bar code to Michael fool he thought. Griese to tight suspension he showed that he prioritizes. As I said earlier the cowboys star. Or Indianapolis shield which are Robert Kraft not to inflate to each his shield over the patriots. I don't Jerry Jones looks like a fool OK not really got little phone video of him. S economy is so talented well sitting in somebody but but were with me. That video was sitting in somebody's desk Droid and it though Eric Wedge yes or no. Absolutely okay so there's it's that we agree that it's not a coincidence. That the worst I got. It's it's it's now it's like the first inning of a nine inning game if you him. You know I was happy that I said this yesterday that Jerry Jones not these a lot of pull back for that matter. That the directors. In the gut and a man in my position and Opel would be made to look ridiculous but you get Al lot of hair but so we know Jerry Jones that was a drunk and so what you wolves is trying to set an off color remark mean. Jerry Jones is who we thought is and he had not used to an apology via here's the look the look in the eyes of the African American players and they don't Deion Sanders rests his defense right away they know it adds that Jerry Jones is telling stupid Gerald L employee DNC Anderson what. And I'll play Deion Sanders that that is not necessary John hi it's my right in my right he's not entered into a public players at a private John scene back to a standing. The crazy thing about you got be there with NFL employee Deion Sanders becoming a Jerry Jones is the parents I have not and it back on now how else I'm gonna help the public probably split Arab commentary Jon is demanding he stand for the National Anthem and not everyone was doing nobody on that team with healing for the National Anthem nobody whatsoever. Lots of view of profit Terry Jones he elected not not the stupid joke. And that the best Roger Goodell got. It leaked this idea I it's also what iconic a blast that you know what that what is it that is closes is that like at the fish wrapped up mobile the Sicilian message. What that was was telling Jerry Jones. This is this is the beginning. We've got more widgets and this is like in order. It's gonna put this on the plate what people want to on this seeding maybe Jerry John is out that'll video. Is a full course meal awaiting him if he so chooses the Jerry Jones and have that video gets leaked on Friday thank you waves of the white flag naming a frightening indeed particularly violated addressing that. Three days after that video services. There's a report from the from Adam chapter saying that. Science still delivers just around the corner are you don't know why does it with a oh no it timing is timing is that is is beyond Quentin. Okay that's what I mean you get the story on a Friday Jerry Jones was made to suffer that was not what he suffered. He obviously has acquiesced because they have announcing the contract extension is done that he ever had I think he always knew he was in his heart of hearts Jerry Jones new eating up the power to overthrow Fidel certainly you're delay improved signs extension. The majority of owners still want him to sign. I Dickey wanted may be to make good sweat a little and that's exactly seed that's what I had a living like the last two days as it. Going up the second point while you forgot it is sweating then okay. But Roger Goodell I don't think enjoyed. I the past couple weeks where his contract extension tot. Was the primary topic why can't you see guys that bowed out you know about right now with his speed is this government but all of his thoughts from the domestic from the butchering of domestic violence taking cautions to deflate go one down the line. Has now come to the forefront that's been the big topic or on the lead the last couple weeks Roger Goodell is failings banks to Jerry Jones thanks to Jerry Jones now. You are now writing joins may blossom influence with owners. Hides the whole pop John's the scale on his buddy John Saturday complain. About how by the NFL and kneeling protest were affecting pop Johns is Papa John's is the official pizza sponsor. Of the NFL if you want so that is waiting jones' and influence are is how the Johnson sponsored WEEI. I don't believe it's okay I don't think now. I got pocket I mean I act I detest Papa John and it has popped. On YouTube. To test the guy behind the product of a price guy behind the pride they've never pounding about the price as the dominoes in college. Coca as a rebel and EU they'd make a difference Mondays he made us eat healthy food on Mondays nutrition is make you guys. I think they DI cafeterias turned to need turn to begin food on Mondays at BU you know. And so to protest my friends and I ordered Domino's. We stayed in the dining hall on Monday it's I don't know I've had Papa John's pizza GQ citizen of the year right here it kind of Peters and it. And it's like crappy fast food pizza hard targets. Of dominoes much. And Papa John's I and I love that then Papa John's that is your retraction this week all we apologize as it was a -- we easily thing that due to end look at than the neo Nazis took up the cot it's like Papa John's became the official pizza of the neo Nazi movements in and had to say in their tweet to Papa John's a great pizza except for neo Nazis like a complete totally lost this war. I looked up to open their face I also love the fact that so throughout the healing thing and everything else and in ESP yen to go back to just a whole suspension everything. People are obsessed with placating to make America great again crowd right the trump crowd. But how come no one cares about placating. Asks the loony lefties Spock. I mean we take great offense we take great umbrage when Jerry Jones demands players stand for the anthem when Bob McNair says inmates are running the asylum. I know it's perhaps talking about are protest that are launching against the NFL against these businesses. I commits only with the what notably a practice so we want to that I missed a meeting I'm just saying that may because we can take it a little bit we can take it difference of opinion. I said this a million times I'll say it again since the topic is at hand. That the whole taken neat thing my major problem with that is that the people who were upset about it had somehow. Turned the National Anthem into. Where the year with or against our fighting forces our military. And my take on that is as someone who's written. Columns for years and years and years and years and years. On people die in combat those heroes square is. That every year for 25 years I've written a full page story one of those people because my enormous respect for people fight the military. So that that that's in writing we all know my record on that. And somehow. If you take a need for the National Anthem. In form of protest. That is seen as anti military I don't get how that narrative was written now I mean them in the National Anthem means more than just military. It doesn't sign in in the fact of the matter is that those who fought and died in the service of our country did so so that we can have our freedom of expression. The finding is too at the end of protest and it's now again like like a dozen players in the it is such an irrelevance. It is such an irrelevant. It is and it rendered irrelevant event during the course and and a ball Sunday again. But yet you know people eyes it is still it you're using it as the ultimate boogie man to rail against the week. You know and I'm sang Gibbs says it's it's the ultimate put him in like in Mexico City every patriots raiders payers will be standing in honoring our flag is a plane the smog infested stadium. Over there at where the patriots hey I'm telling you the raiders are sucking wind. In the second half today. And the patriots are and you'll know why the patriots practice for a week out in Colorado thanks to information provided by the greats are great energy I don't know I am upset or knocking it Sergio debt. On the sidelines. For CBS I went Tracy Wolfson does a great job she has got got things Arctic report up. Fantastic reporter but. I want Sergio dep alongside Jim Nantz and towards Sergio dip more surge or dip in our lives yeah I mean come back if you that stock if you was a stock I'd buy him Alex they go black you know I think it's it again the collective weight is being handled that whole thing mission of how to do another stand up that's a pitch at a patent. Import bans just like local Winchell between now and again at eighty years old to get that reference. Dance Jonas I do that the issue of you know and support against Joseph is nice and early now has to live without for the rest of his life. Now he does not SC guys missing the point ever and Joseph fails now everyone's gonna say anything about him is like any more laugh that. It's not Christ the beard some ministers your dip has to overcome not the guy who was the quote was referenced in now. No no no no no four bands you know you really missed on this one port Vance Joseph now the rubbish anything it makes it easier for him. But because because any time this criticism of him it's some odd shifts to that through your we're playing sound. Boosters GO dia when I'm talking about ten men on the field all men in the field and all the other things went wrong. Because we're too busy playing in the Sergio dip clip when that didn't happen now. When that did happen. Everyone on Twitter is tweeting guess against Joseph is an outing that I am his life anymore. Support me suggested that he doesn't care about that I guarantee you. That he's got much bigger problems than in the follow from that certainly does a team that is I'm prepared to play that's pitchers 617779. 797. They're they got national NFL story today that I'm getting a lot of play across the pregame shows that these. Allegations against team is Winston. Can run on Friday that the NFL is investigating Winston for allegedly groping in Cooper driver. In March 2016 will today Eagles cornerback Ronald Darby has come out and said that he was in The Who variety in question with Winston. On March 13 2016 is vowing n.'s college team in friends nothing inappropriate. This is via interceptor dar released a statement saying about the need to come forward and clarify. Seven actor to counts of the evening on March 13 when he sixteen and myself a friend James Winston. To can override in Arizona there were three of us in the car not just as one not just not just one house has been reported. Myself endgame mystery in the backseat and confident that nothing inappropriate nature happens in the car that evening. And Davis not any physical contact with the driver the accusations are just not true Lisa Friel the NFL special counsel for investigations. Found out about the Wednesday case last week. And shortly thereafter once the league's investigation now Winston's Cooper attacked has actually been suspended as a result. Of this alleged incident so there ain't another investigation going over with the NFL general words and don't I'm lift. Deal with its right moment if you like it's blooper. Our look at the airport road they did something that's right judge I don't make a great political stands. On make a difference minded view. An offensive being to begin today ordered Domino's Pizza. And that night to the incident where they when you're not driving three mile not track and weary miles and party and again. We still have fifteen minutes left six all evidence that it went 94797. If you are my parking. My parking ferry might take that does that the proper tags you can buy meter fairing and paid my meter complains that don't have the iPad magical parking fairy the passport parking out yes I understand these apps and is on all this. Don't get it because you would on the air and went on a rent the ball. Parking in the prospect getting a ticket. You announced where your car was parked the make of your car. And the time a day old debt and somebody. Somebody. Took it upon his or her self. I'm going with is here and meet him. Beans are up in age your parking that's right the receipt and you wind its hour of WB at the par out X our proxy. In Rio and also their compliment to me about their stalls at the lord that intent I am I'm guessing if I was in a similar predicament my car is sitting out. My fourteen year old Toyota Highlander was sitting out there. There wouldn't be a magical parking ferry to surmise that you awesome I think is so I say can't pay for it can't be got a pavement parking it's paid for me I should aim high. As a come on here and say that I campaign Mirant. I had trouble being I got you go to Hawaii for spring break oh woe is me having what some would but its ticket to Hawaii to merit system is all we can pay on mine which they do likes im not opposed all technological innovation I love and and it was one of the best apps it's. Ever been invented never again there IOUs. I've friend I just I've stepped friends who took advantage of the high values like Alley Alley out biggest problem is I'm always I don't wanna know every single friend of mine did. With transactions yesterday to go Woodstock people. Like Alex Roemer bottom that you know bottom milk shake for. How close what's a good way to say it's a good way to find out what people are up to he split into variety. Where were they go and how come I wasn't invited yeah. That's social media is certainly it's a way to figure I've been mowed transactions and not public it's a way to figure out what I'm not invited to. That is what social media is for me all well look my friends are all here at this party and then Michael get a snap story and agree played like six times to make okay what. What apartment is that okay recognize that couch so who at a party and didn't invite that's I spend my time doing. And social media James what's now might be left guy after his Kubrick counted spanned. Which is currently out with an injury but I am and James Woodson fan and I think he's always been dummy. Does dumb things interestingly enough Ronald Darby. I was also also witnessed Winston's alleged rape at Florida State two years ago. He's an ongoing guardian at the game used or whenever there is trouble involving jima as Winston has Darby there is Ronald Darby there as well and and it is amazing in this arid hours since post the post Weinstein are. Or sexual harassment sexual assault all the stuff is rightfully getting exposed on that G Woodson rape case chemists. Under the radar lots of fishy business went on there. You know they could have been Major League Baseball player really and he played College Baseball played at PC once I was gonna do column on them but I didn't. You can get into it now this is something it. You know beginning of the weakening on and implemented this them do that has some ideas that would never go to the drawing board Tommy back to your right and 45 was today a lawyer ideas on the table a good batter in different. That's what happens click made the navy vet. Unknown and a clip in places as it did those subsidies you want to surge adept at either enough now but damn well trust isn't good very well the CI good looking at me and very well addressed this is the best way to enjoy surrogate took in my opinion does sound odd. Just because accounting no sound local fans are calling today's game the Mexican Super Bowl. Between the page and RAZR does it come out what else dot EL as tech whatever excited and the people Mexico Easter getting a quality game it's not like London. You know now I know they getting him 49ers who who love it prior to the season this was supposed to be a big game patriots raiders. All I know Alex is that thanks to my friend Sergio dip who did some reporting it changes wrought a bit and crawl into the office this morning like you did. He made simple uncles any city anywhere raiders' training this week oh really what did you lock retained look at all these papers refute this was the crap I've put into our show. What do you can always hear prep that does print out for you. You don't Winston story when you know. Number I'm bringing things that table so when I sit down to watch the game a step in the perspective I have. Will been provided by Sergio debt because Sergio dip in warmed to me. That the patriots for traveled the column or state and Colorado. And they trained in high altitude as he can read guide notes from the beat writers and what Italians Sergio did have called up you anywhere you guys really. He is staying in these day okay Ohio pointed out there I don't yell meeting bills now okay all right thank you very much. And then file the report that's very informative to to patriots it's coming into today's game a bomb went on. As another tweet on Mexico Mexican IPA pretty. Pretty god and bones and joints and team when you tell but I want you to have more these pictures Marty sightseeing pics I've done that before yeah. Type of people we have to when he went on year tripped trying to visit all the president's agreed sites and I've just taken a picture every single graves I did actually get that are Saddam like hey look who's coming in the two qualifiers in green there in Mexico City for today festival too bad Green Day is on Sunday are now spend on would have done I am enjoying the football history years. Other football guys they are a football man and done done done. What the mustache you look at clips like red mask football jot down. Act Canadian East Asia where we're not Gatorade or about is our heartland closer. It's it's a charity is for charity and help. Through Amber's moustache you are out right away we shouldn't mustache topic posted -- at tweeted a picture you a few months ago of me in a mustache but goal keep this for weeks out so we got 89. Years old Saturday. That Abby got right back to get into Clinton by Alex always gets pissed off and make historical references and 7080 years ago and I do adjusted to some partnership in that spirit and I would tell you look like Thomas. Obviously again over the had a bad policy doing back there I'll be doing. So I then went on is doing. Eddie when not because I want you presidential candidates and Harry Truman in 1948. We are I've you know my idol winners Spock. I Audi are the winners. I wanted to get my two cents on this Bradford feud that's going on here I am torn between a rock and a hard place. My in my late night lead and who by the way to spend now on Tuesdays and Wednesdays I won't be seeing you at 90 I officially I ever having an event Tuesday Wednesday right wing NASA on Monday Thursday I believe after the Monday night and Thursday night football. Oh actually yes a post game actually yeah yes we will not however are crossovers anymore. But annoying so what is the so what is is sued the hot stove shows where these were the Genesis of this feud comes from the. The few right now as one side man that had a few days whenever. And I don't wanna get into too much because we are gonna recorded special. And Bobby podcast with Bradford and Moore really Bradford and hand as the mater has asked to do it. And what's the topic and be just the issues he whatever ha ha. I don't know robs issue are I was in the podcast. Yankees a decency and robbed with nukes have beaten a midlife crisis or. To what's what's going on of confidence here at the radio station but. It just it's a bad spot I bought I wish I knew you don't I'll rob for a long time many years normally very very normal. He's been holed it and now I'm Robert rob it is battery is not very vertical but to artistry I've never seen him get this off kilter rob is. Way off right now intently or suggested that to him on the podcast. He again got very sensitive abroad it is yes man nick for higher QB's and an idea for an hour at northwestern Richard yeah that out out out I thought I had to organize the date ms. Massachusetts. Olivia Kubel I. Have you culpable I don't interview comic Audrey I don't know that that's somewhat general it was you got sheets yet you must on the rough estimate that at the same day the the president of the same bag nick suited up the old time baseball game his feet and brought this Massachusetts with him as is competing. Deeper with drug addled Leach the way to like how rob was in the this year there's LC all right this is Tom is he doing. What kind of do. I try to plot thickens in as well right in my political guy right in my router right doctor right fighter I'd be mentally and partners. But I will say Saddam may have pressure Israel that I got a text today just put the show on average had been talked. Aired what is this lead one caller who wanted to ask but any coach to not get many and tax so it is real entirely unfair. What it like like one guy in a free app our show calls and asks why rich get it was considered mitigating what Kirk does he what he's doing that it. For to a newly Alexy was acting like Alex went a little bit he handled the reality to pick crappy calls all the time and let's let them they had pressure is real and Bob knows that to putting in an unfair spot rock rock if you listen to podcasts summit. Was in the whole thing and attacks me what you think I think most of Buell verdict. Think that rob is delusional. Oh of the delusional lunatic when it comes to this spot specific but yeah that's unlike you bashing has interviewed the other night was on me and it was a finds interview it was a feel like I say you're right it wasn't terrible went onto we interviewed a rob Bradford. For fifty so what's for fifteen minutes I said. You've thought you know you're in charge of the growing. Ice was my fault and I said it afterwards on the final with a terrible it went too long kept saying it. A fifteen in an interview I let him in tropical back and forth I forget the one care is too cute guys think that there are like a married couple did you enjoy the judge should he gestured. On these areas cancer if I am I I was in Iraq podcast and I couldn't deal with rob the last thing in the hot stove show it should be 9 o'clock. It doesn't make sense that it's in the middle of your shot I don't will again it will dress that that's the police to the issues like rob rob is the bucks a boxing picture I. There is gonna deal he's gonna post a picture you and in the what I this house that this is unfair. I've never been able to do two things you've done now on last week's your NW we. On an Arab an able public pool baiting game on the year the way you did work I called it yes see you on the morning he's Colombian where accounts and or did you ever in the parking and I think once I was single most the show today guys I didn't hear that. Call me and talked about and heard the parking thing out of the gate. I slightly last night so some random guy. Who wants so with a view I guess it paid your parking people are big fans might mind he's in there and also calming me about the install some tweeted to me about the stock or debt in ten more it says Couric minute hand is too harsh on Alex three. I'm sure it's not the only about the belly and I think it's ever written about it and it's a button keep an eye on why I'm close to the people there. I am not talked about that goalie breath for today listen to podcast tomorrow up about me all talked about moron and when he got that our son died we got ridiculous Gaspar com and Google I. I thought about it like it's it's okay and now you expect. Except I've got it right after that I read what got us back on I read and are much I read I read the date writing those may eighteenth he wrote the column not November and I think we'll talk about the guys dated. This Mexico game is such a dumb idea we have Soledad the low lights of play a football game Mexico City will lock in and when is around the league. What's that when is around the lead this we're doing live scores in more during the show to exit games going on yes I'll give you the score. Which would give helical step from the game Kelly passes for two or three times. During the showed that aren't animals Sunday might keep coming up at noon buck pleasure. Let's get up I'm ready as you might Tom is he doing experiment with you later decked. Thanks everyone.