Buck and Reimer - Patriots vs Titans; More Jimmy G trade conspiracies 1-13-2018

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Saturday, January 13th

Final Hour. Buck and Reimer finish their thoughts on the Patriots vs Titans. They take talk to some callers with crazy conspiracy theories on Jimmy G.


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And Reimer the rambunctious way China are mostly coming to phenom Alex rare. And the old time baseball do the six people who don't know what I'm getting the sixty who didn't know before I'm gay priest is definitely want to. Koppel DC is definitely pocket Roemer. Our number two bucket dreamers. After this and going to the comfort of my home. A watch patriots and titans tonight on my bad. He cranked up. Looking at everyone out there Gillette Stadium freezing their caucuses off focuses caucuses while. Like fifteen degrees. During game time tonight Casey you know that when I covered gains that corrected by what the sidelines with a raccoon coat right tackle like that vigil. I like that vigil it is a good vision is that I there is he in the past oddity and very firm copy clam chowder it's nice and warm. What I am looking forward and you rooms we don't have to use like. Those big trial is trots troughs that is the worst part of going to any sporting goods the bathroom situation it's awful its never again that's why I don't like going. And only doing it have we done games she was apparently united we did one show at Fenway in the winter. It leaked a member was that show where I got configure at a pay for parking lots and a secret admirer. Paid for my parking or do you intimate that limit marriage has never done no I don't because he football game yes yes I got out of a ticket. The power WEEI was there any reserve follow up to that story now this don't know who did it I don't really know how they did it because I believe you can only pay with the out. But somehow they got a receipt at ending the apple gave you receipts so. Still a lot of questions about dot. But I'm not I'm not thinking about it too much 'cause summons and a nice thing for me and that's that I should take into space guy. Kind of like pre and trying to hide myself b.s out and I accept that you. Don't believe me when I say it now he doesn't think that's the but he must a little bet. He must a little bit we knew I eat I'd I I don't know where or being kidding seriously but I I believe that part of the reason. He has been so successful is that and you hear it week after week after week account in cart. That he that they tried it acumen. You know throwing a verbal and make it someone he just lets it roll up his back publicly. Publicly you and I had almost sounds like withdrawal daddies you're going to two extremes that's what you do though you're going to extremes yes I know it when I seats at the parent of Boeing. Just superficially Easter yes. Brady is not seeing or the voodoo doll Boeing Gerry Callahan occur committing and reads them a wind from an ESPN article. That says friend a friend says he changed. Patriots staffers say it is declining your plight patriots staffers say as your for Jill as his fragility has increased so has his nervousness. It does not just go in one year out the other doesn't talk about it publicly but he remembers it and I thought I could beat the titans tonight but. The wind will send a message to the naysayers for a couple days. Before it be to jump to literally one of my it's things that might one of my outlook I was in things yes. Brining another to the last remember the titans are huh. What some see how that and headline this week no we didn't it was in the headline but wasn't in the car right against us the headline writers hot weather so I give I give special distance they dispensation Dan I don't think he had it. Body that story I chuckle that out now forget the titans a III laughter. I will say was a little lap now but it's still play on remember the site I I'm well well I thought it was an odd thing though. No more that no more and I'm not a minute read Steve Buckley tomorrow in the Boston Herald and I don't remember or forget the titans references trust me tell you and I write off this game to BB I dot comic packed with you right now I would not use remember the titans upon I'd learned weren't knocked out on this day which Shaughnessy has an article just posted. We've experienced trouble at the top. With the patriots before going duty split between Bill Parcells and Bob Kraft in 1997. DC any comparison. There between Kraft and Parcells in 97. We've heard about odd check in Gujarat a celebrity's right yes sell arms and sons he wrote it tastes are using as a jumping off point today but I know he wrote about it. So sending you our soul. What I wrote four days ago. Was that. You should not take anything that Belichick said this week as a take it to the bank guarantee that he's returning next year because. If you go back to 1997. And I was there nor loans are covered this. That when Parcells had this phony pony press conference wearing set alternate talk about that after the season's over. And blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah we all understand now the majority had his deal lined out to go to the jets right. That was done so so anything he said at that press conference should be tossed out. So. You compare that now and tocchet was part of that because he went with him to new York and they need then he became the phony baloney head coach and had that famous. Speak of foam press conference that we giving call I was there for that and then they resigning meet seating and Elijah I covered all that. And that was it it was all wise on top allies and our allies and top allies soul when somebody asks Bill Belichick. I pay a U. Claiming I think the question was and I I wrote down exactly what planning on coaching the patriots next season. And applause and he said absolutely yes and in and that isn't worth anything because. He can still leave and say while at that point I was planning on it but then this happened and that happened so so. Right ice I think he's coming back. But not based on anything of. Heard or read this week I'd base it off of that he still wants to coach in win in 2018. The patriots are the best situation form even I agree with that but you don't agree with me though that nothing that was said there. During these quick fixes not really because I feel like Belichick if he was seriously considering leaving. Would have been bad ballot check on Monday when he's asked about that day on holly and in the conference I feel like he would have just totally. I shot the question away instead focus on titans and take it day to day are even though I'm doing tomorrow we got big practice tonight. I feel like that would have been attacked Belichick would take is Belichick is really really Smart with the media. He does not let anything out there he doesn't want out there. And and and just feel like if it was up in the year. Even though we can't take it totally yet faced guy acuity Whitman said absolutely and coming. Also it he would've left a little more wiggle room I it was almost like at ten sec implies. That and somebody I don't know who wins bird career. One of the people who covers football suggested. Obviously couldn't confirm this is he would have had to have been in the room Belichick. The team that because it was a conference call. He made him asking looking at Faneuil run someone asks is what what I mean we saw the patriots like documentary years ago he media I was eating fruit salad like on a conference call Robert Kraft his boss and what he's doing that. On a conference call Robert Kraft I'm pretty sure he's not fully attentive to the media conference of those aren't the same you can be eating fruits I would be fully. Okay our news on call are looking at film we're going over scouting report was not really listening. OK but they what they ask me now only one okay yeah yeah I don't I don't buy into the pot theory and I do you think he'd and that it was up in the aired a politic returning next season. You're not it's an absolutely. You Woodson and focus on the titans or take it day by day eerie kind of big practice this afternoon. Something like in the day but the good natured which the question was posed deep in the out to say. In my planning on your reading too deeply into what's what we do it's the same thing are you planning on returning you going to return and real people talk it's the same. If you read it he wanted to if you wanted to put. Says some of the guys that cutting this out but. I mean I've observed at my whole life and attracted. That's when he uses you governance you is twelve years old Red Sox finest actors obsolete when yours ago and I've been 97. 2100 keen observer very long time a bright lad. Making observed for a long time but yeah it looks like they're gonna have to remake the coaching staff looks like Matt Patricia does make. Point six waist waist up we getting hired in Detroit or out of bounds on one thing we making it putting it mildly and acted just like. I'd do it again. It's crazy mcdaniels seems like Indianapolis this is the year price wars the linebackers coach Everett today still a favorite with Arizona. Forest about Brian fours or what Ryan Moya Brian Forrest Brian where is on the mind about the crazies to be deacons BC the that we heard last night's that was lined up and saying. They traded garrote blow to ensure that Brian Hoyer we come here to back up. Which just makes no sense whatsoever. Azeri out of court you know it's. Funny is that when it that we talk about these guys. You know right now it's prime Laurie is Josh McDaniels. And of Matt Patricia you go back a few years it was Romeo canal and Charlie Weis. And Dean Pees you know there are these guys that run in and out over the years. I spoke on an amazing you know who's a wall Booker a wanna read. But he's gone back. 1982. Was his for you think of all the good news is better than I would not like three lobbying and being hyperbolic what I'm saying is I'm a merely pointing out. That he is beneath a solemn and and so Lester and Ivan fears. These guys that they. Like went went dot disconnect you first joined the team. They had white. On Hasselbeck and Grogan and Billy Sullivan was the owner of the old stadium and it was just a different world think of all that one guy has seen these stepped out back a few times but. Think that what what one man has seen all these years that's incredible. Yeah. And I think it would Ivan fears yeah I agree running back. Coach yes but so. Patricia looks like definitely make Daniels looks like probably Flores may be the linebacker coach sedan he totally. Have nothing on defense aside Abbas that's a lot to ask about a 65 a Bill Belichick. Remake your coaching staff endured in a situation where. You do not have the last call on the most important decision this franchise has made in a long time. I'm gonna columns tomorrow I don't think Belichick is sticking around for the long haul certainly not post Brady. I don't think through Brady's decline. But next year with a 41 year old Tom Brady. In a week AFC even with new coordinators this is still the best shot for dollar check the sins are exposed weakness then. Because you'd you'd can't say that it's Josh McDaniels met but he can't say bill O'Brien the titans Texans are bright and a five year extension of TBD. To use her as we've had maybe a name that's crisis it is funny three months ago it was all planned out garrote blood takes over for Tom Brady. Josh McDaniels takes over for bill ballot check where Patricia or somebody on the staff. You're gonna read that I wrote that in an early call tomorrow I think I've parity you put that this is exactly in the early call them right now the future up. What does lessen the patriots feature what this uncertain. I would say a minute and a half before Bledsoe got sacked by Melissa shorts on seventeen years ago. September 2001. That you know if you go back in all seriousness if you go back to that game that was a a post nine a living game. They had a ceremony on the field before the game. To me it was 9/11 related. And Andrew Z his Brothers were involved and they were what firemen in New York yesterday and they were on the field. And I remember at that point in time saying so one of my editors should just write this this is coal cares about the game please this is season's over. There are gonna go into they were gonna they win maybe 45 games a year and and and this was me just being negative and cynical. This was the general view most people. And then Bledsoe goes down Brady comes off the bench and here we are amazing stale right so. Since then we've not had uncertainty like this I am not talking 2018. Brady's gonna be here in politics can be here between nineteen the fact that ballots checked and I do believe there was that Andy from. The fact that ballot check did not have final sag. Over the most important decision this rant has faced a long time to me means he's obviously not sticking around post. Brady sticks around longer than Belichick. Thank you you seem to think that I'm sorry. I think toward the caller. The guy and over yes your body and head that I can't I can't wait for that Steve Buckley Nicky to oversee that to a radio related to the lead you go it's so. Cody because he was tightening in night you go Ike attention when he wants to pick. That that Brady's legacy. Depends on him winning a suitable without ballots that's. Now you eve if you wanna have it another side to that silly calling. Could you make an argument that that Belichick needs reasonable though break. Now a gated I don't believe either I just wanted to see if there's any it isn't right now but if Belichick were to win a Super Bowl teeming metropolis score a couple of stayed here. He eats EU source even higher than he is. These enhanced legacy people yes that some and had legacy that that. If it's. Try to pretend it's thirty years from now and you reading a vote. Tom Brady's story. At any point would you stop and put the book parents and cool. He never did when a suitable help Bill Belichick know but with ballots Jack you would say. Wow he won five Super Bowls or six super balls or Tom Brady seven with Brady however many it would have been. And then he won the other cheek Palau wow. He found that scenario wiring that I'm like yes vaguely quarter great commander in chief I'm in the enhanced legacy camp. Which is why might there and you'd dismiss it and laugh about it. Jimmy droplet better he looks and separate Cisco the better build out because Belichick needs that he need asset positive reinforce us he he needs he needs something to cement his legacy it's a little shaky right now aids people talk Ali another quarterback in another city in a different conference. Could succeed. We could then say all about it at all. He has and right now he's merely the coaches won five suitable for the patriots and that I'm now proud framework he needs people to now that he had the next great quarterback he needs them which is a reason why he only called the 49ers he knows how Shanahan he likes Kyle Shanahan. He likes the system they have. He thought drop low when the ride was actually think they had a big meeting after the Super Bowl Shanahan said what did I do wrong not. Left a lasting impression on about Jackie said this kid acts. And that's why he wanted to trade drop what took place or drop low where he would succeed its not about getting out of play against his legacy because he wants Jimmy GD do well and he knows that team EG goes on in Meeks tenn pro balls wins a super ball it lead ballots that look like a genius and even more quickly does the company award we've never used to describe him yeah it does anything for about -- the fact not nearly eight the next great quarter rally in this league if anything eat it would be. Oh he got screwed by crap because that told them right yet but that debt that is doesn't his legacy it does now. Because it shows that he would have left the patriots. In great in great position without Tom breezy what you're doing you're being equality should go home and Colin from your apartment I can have a lot of on I use a you just try but you wouldn't let me on June that's usually how and finally let me on what they used to do is ready they wouldn't be on hold for an hour now. And hang up on me. So they're so mean so is there a time in my life if I could role back in and see myself like that lacked merit thing we concede the in my eyes. Could I look back on the call screener like 1012 years ago while I was taught in England and I would have seen. Alex from the Natick nine or ten years ago but I was well beyond calling had me on platform dies without a curse the Red Sox podcast it's that X Treo yet tell Max. The out there wasn't out street Michelle as a high school on a small am station now. Added Needham you couldn't get it. In the parking lot of the radio station but it that exists the option which they must put a lot of people in that park and ride my my father who is ready to and from. Kevin's in New Hampshire Kevin. Hey I expect my call up. God will soon to be you have to show yesterday with a ten boys. Should they allow arms and Britain's feature of these armed. I don't know if you heard the conversation that you eat eat eat things that the patriots got completely fair value for our own. Ridiculous and ridiculous notion. He did is the most ridiculous argument. I understand that it often goes by president would 49ers they can look back in hindsight that it is. Well pretend that that values their war. We talked about one of the most tree and I Simpson's fault nobody's second round pick you look at well you can look at it in two weeks. One as the heir apparent Brady and has an asset bubble arms they failed. Yup totally cabin in and you and you look at its you look at the price of quarterbacks across this league. I'd teams trade multiple first round picks for rookie guys who have never played before and I know you controlled for five years but Rob Lowe. I think a lot of a lot of guys item highly Belichick IBC died of highly S would have been worthy of a first round. Note it. You can't argue the patriots got paired for I still not very convincing argument to. Nor vice. Now that was a I don't know where I was what I was doing lawmakers heard there's just remembered being horrified. Yeah it I had I like it was it was one of those like fake. Take us to roll me for a you know in graphic interpretation yeah leg between gentlemen who's who's putting this out. They just it was so hastily put together as well so hastily putting out. 61777979837. Coming up next. Robert Kraft Bill Belichick and Tom Brady reportedly will have a meeting after the season. To sort out attention from this year this was broken today from Ian Rapoport. On an iPhone now or will played on its on the buses the attention they all sent value right no attention whatsoever so do that next Andy you wanna go to towards the end of the show. The Washington Post the fake news Washington Post five reason the titans can beat the patriots do that and more Buddy Roemer WE. Sports. He ice Sports Radio network. But words will you alluded to that there is going to be meeting after this season whenever this season and between Robert crap between Bill Belichick and Tom Brady to clear the year and get through. A lot of this tension that as odd that they've backed the deal would this season and there is tension from the Jimmy duopoly trading who want and what did Tom Brady's. Trainer and all of these issues they battled this year. But my understanding is this is expected to continue. Pass this season first Bill Belichick is really sad under contract for several more years and Belichick and that he absolutely. Believe that you the patriots coach next year and from what I understand. I don't see any situation a lot of crap allows anything besides that. And then there is Tom Brady of course he also is under contract he would never getting traded on the patriots he's gonna retire there's a rich. He's really on these three guys to come together next year to Gandhi had after the season figured out and move forward. That's Ian route reported full network. About an hour ago adding to what we were talking about earlier in the future of this team Belichick Brady. Coming back into any teen. Such of course that the patriots confirming it that's Rappaport reporting something but we know that route board is very. Not tied in what's going on a patriot place so when you're out port says there's a meeting happening in Kraft Belichick and Brady. I believe it which tells you there's something that'll Tyson thing is they're not all not been. I've been in lockstep courts route now if Ian rap was correct and I believe he has. Normal one times a really good football writer he's very well plugged in. If he is correct in this it takes the statement the patriots issued ten days ago. And turns it into. Like bird cage bought her when I think about that statement wise it did not deny anything specifically. It was vague and it spoke right and but but John and always it was a resign resign remain calm right and I have always believe there's something going on there in this to meet. Adds fuel to that that there is something here that they have the work things out of debt the work things out that means is something to be worked out. I got a huge kick out of the people last week who sat onstage nothing to see act take got. ESP and the patriots say the article is as wrong a lot of people who look at this week yeah. I thought there's going to be a pro Brady per peach street show was our network outlet where Michael I used to play like half an hour. Eric you know poirier was for half an hour and again Rappaport is is not announcement from the patriots is Rappaport reporting something by. He's pretty tidy net and he was on these airwaves yesterday. Saying he thinks the patriots. Did get fair value which Jimmy droplet that he doesn't think there's anything wrong. With that second round texting the browns would have never offered the number for a tropics of Rockport on this story. Has been taught in the pro patriots camp he's been. Honorary member of the patriots are you tell me if you also and so what he got like this reports you know it's not a starlet except wicker Sam. When Ian Rapoport is reporting this then yeah I certainly lend a lot psychiatry Jack question. I appreciate it again uses he was just trying to beat support Germany economic. Boys now we're not between I each other once in awhile and how to mine my night's show like three months ago. Now everything that he dropped one of those arrogant things I knew I appreciate that now has been with me was I don't know I don't know I asked him for more information on and say look that I roll yes I don't know one minute I'm. But tortured writer asks what's just like I wish I can tell you more but I just can't it's like he's he's real journalist by capitol Jack. Oh he needs to protect his sources who doesn't I speak out of turn he's a real journalist that always when you were definitely feel a real it's a high level sources this man sent to Pakistan appreciate. NM and what do you eighteen again I think Brady ballots Jack become that Brady is obviously here for the there's no doubt about. And Belichick into any eighteen knows this is the best spot for him to all giants stuff I always thought was opportunistic from not. Unnamed source in the daily news last week Gary Myers sounded a friend to. Hasn't spoken to ballot check since the article but is a really silent counts right now is that we'll when you do that you start waving and is familiar with what ballot check would be thinking it's like okay this is opportunistic and said yeah I mean come. And then today would it cost to eat first round at this week rather would cost 31 round picks the pride Belichick and the patriots please bill ballots checked again. I think his absence has been expedited as a result of all that's not picky sticking around post Brady. I don't think he's sticking around through Brady's decline but he's sticking around for next year and that's why they're gonna have this meeting as the half. Two guys salted forty united make the play as next year is that it would Belichick and all of the amounts it what it would just be an added bonus to his legacy the proverbial. Cherry on top of this Sunday as host. Gerry is in the cards Jerry. Hi Gerri. Leo I'm well what's going on. Let's work charmed web address the asset value of Mexico while a lot so the. You always have to in this case which human rock well you look at the height to that the actual value of that ethnic is not determined by you. By the marketplace which you bring up its sale now if you can be up on the still out there are. Jerry can I it's a couple of seconds you work for commodities company on a milk street on the news this week is is well explained that likeness. My dog walker now expect it. Second career I didn't care much I know you sound grace I was in my opinion I'm impressed. Oh no you really want it to the market that you can't get on that it. We're not gonna talk to anybody in the area the American League right we don't want my life yet and we want to see him. Are we want to make a hot oatmeal cookie about what you and number you're gonna be at the and that you know if at all possible. Now the content itself that. Get all the kinks that yeah I'm not in play. What's not there's theoretically sixteen is that correct is thirty you can double take yes and you're bent on eliminating. The Arctic. And although Jerry that that that's like the patriots to be afraid of trading Jimmy droplets the AFC and now the cost of like a first round packed. Dramatic and values are dictated not. We don't really know how it technical or edit. But I knew what she thought suspension or how good years and now get a bond in the equation that they out of the back. Most mathematical equation that says it won't do it gets all of our talk of where it was much trepidation Atlanta. If you get out from the public which stinking. If you want to expose yourself that's left. They got a note sixteen teams that they're like. 32. Or I'll take the plug in each round correct. So they did and the first round pick 320 yeah let Iran take 64. Cents. Can't smoke in those second round pick and established yet. I guess it's going to be closer to the middle of the round than it was at the time the trade mythical right now which I zealots at that rate. And so that's what forty. And that bridge that. We noted that blunt. We're not where we have a number one. While but it could please Hillary got what they reported this week that the browns and have offered the number for a girl panic. And I don't know our round does for AJ McCarron. Which to me which proves my point did the browns going to offer second and third for AJ McCarron not offer is for apple. No hitter actual. ETech yes he did not believe are right I don't believe Rappaport reporting I'd buy lottery the other report and if you wanna believe in this case I mean we don't know. I guess because I don't I don't have enough knowledge either trust or missed trucked. What else might go to eight. I go at gap and Jerry we're we're up against it Gerri thanks for the call and the explanation about that asset management. Does that that was good he got asset management neck what crisis of low housing and got a lot of stuff and it caught on cell is the dark. And dot and it names us as prayer which I like is well on. I think Rappaport stopped all comes from the patriots camps of course the patriots somebody not building is telling him that this number fort peck. Was never on the table and obviously Terry put out of the Cleveland plain dealer is getting now from the browns organization yes we were in accordance with guys that like. But here's the tiebreaker. Your brain. In this look at the value of quarterbacks across the week. Haven't talked a couple of years ago rain without using the tide pods rate but yes that's important enough to this point we'll see other as the weekend goes. Kevin Kolb gets treated for 22 round Tex. Charlie Whitehurst it's treated for a second round packed rounds are going to offer AJ I a second and a third for AJ McCarron a fifth round packed. Go on down the line. Rockwell was worth the first round. For like a decade that's been the price of a quarterback of his Albert even though was a limited sample. Guess what not when I had just one good game with the Packers and got paid a ton of money in free agency doesn't take a big sample for teams to go god got over an NFL quarterback so it's very clear you you don't buy rap was reporting. On that. What did you patriots spent do you buy news reporting on the fact that Belichick. Craft and Brady and hunkered down the season's over. And you know I opinions N'sync who is number one at its minors and number two the real reason why is because. His sources are coming from that building so when Rappaport says the patriots were not gonna get a first round per drop was never on the table that's coming out of peachtree place. So this is coming at a teacher placed to and why would somebody who works with the patriots is affiliated with the patriots lie about politics craft and Brady having a meeting at the unity I think that meeting will take place and it it it verifies. A lot of stuff them written palpable patriots for a couple weeks yeah absolutely and the denials. Brady didn't deny anything specifically which are incurred to I think he was. As specific as he's going to get publicly at this point Belichick denied specifics in a conference caught and with dale and Holley but anecdotes right so. They get dealt Belichick meeting that it happened last week that it happened last year. That's a separate conversation in regards to Genesis of the peace which backs apiece season's worth of report. And his people play that game in gacy while one aspect of the story is wrong then isn't the whole thing called into question I say end. But the Genesis of the story is backed up by season's worth of local reporting from Tom Curran guy Greg Bedard except. CK and the courage get a set us straight buck on the Jimmy. That is week. We become the hot matte that was a really fiery comet like it was called unity that while green is an idiot. Well that's the size point dominant defense Jimmy I'm gonna start doing a minister answering the phones during breaks a and people are passing me dreamers idiots Omri woody woody got say. Ten we actually did not like a month ago they filmed them into weeded out and the person I ate Gary in any as a loses tang wide and you are alive actually enjoy you on the show. So they go. Penguin was answering the phone levels he was yes the goofy goofy Gary tank like last night the died when Madonna show. There is some teaming representatives out there that worked there as people were shot and shouting in support of my crowd you've you had tons of people to. Tons of people. And you. The gentleman you are introduced me to those two. Only went up to you when you said this is out streamers sale I did do that you did do and when the young bodies came up inches without the use you would not introduce him to. Well I don't share the Treo I like that Matt this needs to stay. That he'd stay next time that Thursday night late night we need to be out stream shortcut not help and or cut not the late night doubling in Cairo early onto open. Perfection takes. You're watching and I am not working on it I'm not the imaging department. You told me we're getting new open and then get the same way although I requested an open the emergency I don't. It's like requests and yes he has like we we did have regional games. I think we definitely. I don't know we too bright last week we had rejoin its that we had rejoins 6177797. Acres of integrity integrity of site there are people like that Dodi why don't behind the fully well that it that I let's like let's say that yes that's like Kirk is such an unbelievable radio personality and I was appointed by Forbes profile he's. Holds back the curtain. And put it on in the open people like he's broke and Kate Spade teaser wrestling time. We and you know SK. I don't know I don't know what that means breaking character. Can they keep you know Rick what is. I don't never heard that like in wrestling you do it to shoot promo make a wrestler I shoot like a real trauma go out to right right right actually address real issues that are going on. Now to Kirk's taken that style to. Terrestrial radio that you what does it again Sports Radio Kate Spade. Don't don't know anything. It up on your wrestling pocket now I am I'm gonna be blissfully ignorant of pro wrestling moving forward I used to and by the way I was into and executed when declare him. I posted a wrestling podcast and he's you have Russ was on a couple of wrestlers would get on. I know duke the duke of Dorchester nobody would have heard of electronic. I do know CM punk. Scene in January and in my marketing are always fans are good guys are doing out on rob van dam. I lethal for an RV. ED. But can they are back acted as the Washington Post five reasons the titans can beat the patriots of which trump this is eight news. Can we are on Sports Radio W. He guy. It's that. Her show. Tenure rejoinder. Out here Michelle. Three months by two very been walled off from taking Saturdays. Is it the odds in a show with Steve Buckley with puck and he can be the meter Kevin went your choice I don't wanna be any of them any peach up. Wanna be buck on me but will we not played. Our new rejoin as they have been found in the system. And it's about accounting puckered. Oakland's he's reached at do you really want them yes that means that market we are on Sports Radio WEEI Atlanta journal that that some stuff there you go SE that's Jim Cutler himself lease payments so we got rejoin us and we'll get an 8888 they said perfection. Takes time the Washington Post by Adam Kilgore five reasons the titans. Can upset the patriots stop laughing. Like that is that line and we are five reasons or do we buy it eighties the mobile quarterback. In the defensive performances. In which the patriots the most points this season. She spent it in Texans. Three team those three teams and play running quarterbacks and read option grants. If Marietta can replicate the success of Alex at Cam Newton is and Shawn Watson. The titans would have a chance do you buy into that now. Either July because number one the Patriots defense was bad in the first month month of the season has been in regrouped. In those quarterbacks are way better than Marcus Merriam. We agree red zone improvements. This one the titans will be able to move the ball. Up and down the field between the twenties. Because the patriots have allowed the fifth used points in the league but surrendered the fort most yards on lots yards. The titans can get in the red zone and just got to capitalize in the red zone I think they'll get near the racism. They will move the ball. I think easier said than done all agree I agree and Gilbert and unfortunately we eat and and I like enemies woman globe beat writers of the Sox great kid. I I think what they've got here Hughes. Here's the conclusion. Give with a copy. For the conclusion any credits in an M and we felt part of buying we're talking about Ollie says that marionette hasn't thrown an interception in their ads and this year. Except he threw 121 yard line last week so when you arguing Kilgore to his credit does reference. I've been all this might hear it. The familiarity edge titans general manager John Robinson Bach used to be a patriots. Offensive lineman Josh Klein was here between 813 through 2015 Logan Ryan. Played for ballot check for four seasons. The titans tie the game plan you know it's gonna come bottoms so they'll be able abkhazians and this one almost everybody the patriots played. Has somebody on your staff we've coached or played with yes and it it's not like when they walk out of that they have like file. Like you know like from young Frankenstein how I did it by Victor Frankenstein. Now it it's it's not that simple. And I I. We can go through I mean we go to every team the patriots played find somebody. With some kind of fox for a connection and I love that this week people made a big deal that will Michael Lackey got popular slogan behind talk about the patriots it's like he. If it's wasn't something that was out a little bit edgy I believe. Beat the patriots both but the jets in the the browns he did. He yes I was one of the stranger regular season losses in the Brady Belichick era wasn't at this point trees grass. The size factor for the titans to win their best bet is to keep the bottom Brady's hands Derrick Henry. Was it 247 pounds on the biggest backs in the NFL so. This is ground and pound the old Rex Ryan formula that's right titans are gonna win on the road. In New England with Derrick Henry running 35 times no doubt thanks. It was time the browns beat the patriots to and that there was there was it was a crime we're not talking about you know the 1960s he now. So at this point is so ridiculous that the titans are gonna win because of ground and pound you're not even. Giving get a response. Now. That I had a hard time with this there's the last okay this is again. And I think the easiest disprove which is saying all due respect you and Togo. Good narratives the patriots is detailed but is PN's blockbuster last week might become an apart from the inside torn by tension ego. In ray's personal health to. They're gonna collapse missed all this pressure willing or on the team to that I say they went sixteen you know during spike gates. And won the Super Bowl during deflate gates. You don't gonna go straight I do nights ago the issue do so as I say depending on my guide you rate what. And welcome made all those just. It's a that's why the patriots lost the Jetsons when I'm done did they pulverize them and in April up recently yes and then. Welcome mate quote a couple of what you just a couple and you've been proved wrong I'd much that it was a it was a more than a couple they could not it was late as Martha well done standup routine but stuff I mean how much time. Did he spend on the but it was not well even as teammates help Matt Light light right helped write the jokes. So still the focus of the team went asunder. It that was relevant in the game. Welker spent receiving one out and when that in just yet have they brought you very plus because of the rate they are not about gays they were they so I think of folk so Wes Welker split you know what I thought our welders votes Brady Belichick thanks so. As he sat him for the first series and wherever Belichick being. And other team turnout. It was a jets went into our leg off a fun night picket Michael may have seen a great idea I agree with Ottoman now Adam Kilgore and I'm so I'm simply saying that I'm providing one case. With a patriots were not eye to eye and needed to actually one of the predate ballots. I am convinced. That Bill Parcells. Was not. 100%. Focused on beating the Green Bay Packers sensible. Yes because he was on the phone all week would just Steve Gutman lining of his it and go to the jets. Different different circumstances say a one during the week he wondering if spy gate speaking handle disease the story. So my prediction again Brady rolls 300 yards three touchdowns. If it early ports as next week will be kissing his behind all beating my comeuppance and now and Al predict a Steelers will win the AC 3117 patriots closer than you might think. Now three touchdown game I'm gonna be texting you from group one I've I've given my prediction already like three times this week and it animated glory is tired and or each static I remember. The final regular critic yet patriot pays 38. Points thirteen and mutton Keith. Live from Gillette Stadium coming up next getting ready up until game time they're gonna get tomorrow morning writes a double mutton Keith first installment though. 4 o'clock they get is set to kick up WEEI keep it here.