Buck and Reimer - The Sergio Dipp era has new life; Buck predicts the future of NFL in Europe 11-19-17

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Sunday, November 19th

HOUR 2 - The legend of ESPN side line stand ups is back in our lives once again. We hear from Sergio Dipp, live in Mexico. And with games being regularly played in Mexico and London, Buck sees the NFL in Europe trend. In fact, put this take in a safety deposit box. Buck is that sure.


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And Reimer the rambunctious way China hosting Carolina phenom Alex a rare. And the old time baseball do the six people who don't know what I'm getting the sixty who didn't know before I'm gay priest is definitely want to. Couple DC is definitely pocket Roemer. Coach van filled the premiers. Watch him now on the screen. This diversity in the background it's helping him a lot tonight quarterback at Colorado defense the best in the N. Now why did you get a good. They're great surgeon to look at surgery dipped a pocket and Sergio debt is back in our lives he I had the worst like that ever. And my debt upon equine. In the areas he semen studio on our TV screens ESP and he's doing stand ups on sports center this morning from patriots raiders because they're playing in Mexico City. He's from that he can't air an hour ago Eddie House Sergio debt. So he's been kind of the next I'll. The last couple months duties he's averaging a little bit something already answered you guys get together to mystery we did yes I thought I thought man make our offense is where the same as well talk about the man in the mantra to keep us down is via toll screwed that up this so they had predicted that her rent a standout. And appear again the rest that game they should about do another one might not have some way to that it had to have some fun with that now. I would tell you this that he didn't get enough credit for if you just play the last ten to twelve seconds of that. He ratcheted up his emotions is very strange as the crowd noise was rising now what wasn't just what he was saying it was the heat it's as well. I think that tied up his likeness but but can we played the last fifty is the last fifteen seconds of that when he threatens. A possible. It is a watch how he raises his voice as the crowd noise is it to kick up happening right then and there notes during a break. But what with the the crowd noise he anticipated crowd noise. And and rod as in this stadium with him it was great stuff and he's the professional yet. Import bans just it can't live that down either. Has a lot of holes that what he has other things he has to live down but hate it that's the wind I mean yeah I want I play the field players in the well and played everyone tweet afterwards like gets bad stewards of it's no longer happen it I was like so it's it's port bands Josef. Surgeons it's awful and this has now rubbed off on him now somebody tweeted out. Joseph Cohen having period period time period yes during the during the later stages of that game console and went against us and inevitably gets fired at the end of the season that's gonna be in a lot of khaki columns. And Joseph dollars no longer hadn't towns like he was hired to use rockets head coach. I figured your pre supposing everyone's league yes that would be might even packing heat is once and while those wonder word. Takes buy ads Raymer dot com summit to go to. Sanity that's what you get on top of that now right if this guy gets fired at the end of the season common. He will be everybody's lead. I'll I'll tweet that out. Beat that he tuchman two sides now. Eight. You don't get out in front of that world that I thought surgery tip was in dealing with that awful stand up music boom goes the Mike guy right. Ever happen to him is he you know on guys. At least in the business ES promise of something happens and I know that for him for because you what. Boom goes the dynamite guy. Owens his failure he owns the bad. He owns the bad segment certain disability act story about that boom goes the dynamite accused tossed in at the last second of the College Station and some of those both do that could do it eat eat jumping and things I'm prepared it is that. I'm I'm not saying he eat he would have then. Howard Cosell Marv Albert and you know Al Michaels the world in one. Had he prepared. But I did dude there is some measure of an extenuating circumstance involved with the blonde joke goes that I respect to the greatest five minutes history Utah right now in its respect him because he owns it Sergio tip that the knotty issue deceased range like apology statement afterwards the post in the wee hours of the morning. You got good Thai army invoked 9/11 we think we have some just to refresh people's mind and Sergio Depp is back airlines to act so what was you're we're what do you do when you go. At a pro here. I came here and fought for and I was ally there was a public discourse from you there's no public apology now. Now I came in fighting your criticizing this kid for the manner in which he conducted himself. And yet you ran away from the public just let's just play do we have that back there OK let's play just again just to refresh everyone's minds instead Sergio tip is back in its. That I truly meant no disrespect. Because. All I wonder do. Let's show some love too it's too. Historical. Her coat on. Hopefully I'm lieutenants. Shut up and seizure. On collectibles. To get a rocks you know are horrible get a bad stand up get over to Napoli in the worst party invokes 9/11. He said and I did it for me I September 11 he he stood up there and owned it maybe you should have done that did not you only have given what he album going out for me I hope. I hope. I get another opportunity to let you mess up why you went viral but at cited you stuck in the side door every morning accused count in incurred as of now I did I tried to do that once incurred clapped. There. Right in the with their first down on their forget and I'm walking in here someone tipped Kirk often Bradford and I was coming in south who. I walked in and icy Kirk's back he's darting down the stairs and at that point and it's what it's like okay. You why level to light bright chase after him and lose all my self respect. Or what you kind of what remained of it right the little self respect act like to start out the window and shakes and downstairs. I do not to that was that I ratings and they weren't the jobs in gravel to Jerry. Then came in here to the parole hearing to the fight to Jerry except it grow now it was viewed very poorly easily congress acts. Grow up you have more Smart last. We came in here we spot not to be dead but I bring upsurge a dip because I think that is the most interesting component. Of today's patriots raiders game debt Mexico City because the game itself but. The Ford five raiders this is not we thought it was going to be heading into the season mean heading into your you circle that's when he said this is going to be a tough game for the patriots this. As a potential loss and I like no way. Up forty counties it's. The patriots. In dip is doing Simon reports now during the it was on both ESPN is having and you stand ups for sports center and whatnot CBS has the game I don't think Sergio depth. Is doing anything CBS. I is good to ninety knots that's what we are the patriots that doesn't have to see some of these standards now on CP's. Ratcheted up his game senses. Failure that night yes what the patriots now. I have just reasserted himself as the dominant team and see and where again dips return is the most when there was passing things in this game. And I'm talking game itself there's no doubt the patriots roll of the readers to write. Now that's going to be of that's going to be very one sided and try and the reason I pause I'm trying to think of a clever dip at line. I think we have a stint of two of that car and his his stand up where according Michael that you stand by dipping is bad for you kind of thing and until does that for you and trying to. I'm trying to take his name with the dip the people use that put the Wrangler jeans the back pocket that is so disgusting to me I don't get other disgusting I'd I'd I'd I'd amend a lot of bad habits I did is not land and thankfully. Actually we have to stand as is he's he's at his return to a high ink lace and ESP Yuriko. Thanks Kevin that's standing outside the patriots team hotel which ironically is about 100 yards away from the raiders team my is that the policy and all teams that it's ironic now that is under heavy police escort. When it came to game preparation the patriots stayed in the air force academy in Colorado acclimated to the altitude. Wilder raiders elected to stay in their home facility every now with more fundamental than the vikings yours to start smooth very gal all right. Out again this year so there I didn't understand the irony of the played a lot of it of their hotels it would now is that coincidental. Oh did this is not at their hotels and Eric Taylor. I say I'm standing outside the patriots I'll tell which by the way is a couple of hundred yards away from the raiders so you don't miss these Arnie all the time they do in fact. With that Thomas had this discussion with neither of us we would both very careful use of the word irony because 99 times out of 100 it'll be misused. So just I just don't use irony because some BU professor that you had you saw a year in English with class was say oh that's not really ironic. But they're different types of yours and weren't in high school Ross these dramatic irony yes there's situation alive when he but most people. As you pointed out use irony when something's merely coincidental right in this particular case. The placement of the hotels was not ironic nor was it coincidental. It can't be methodical way incidents that the patriots and raiders hotels have not only yards apart. Addictive and information are you talked about how the PGA and spent the last week practicing high altitude in Colorado got. I think the raiders have been doing that. Between Al Hayat Mexico City is an out is something for us the mulled going into the game because it's information provide you read these reports that this is a former US soccer star Eric. When all docked. A look at that correctly once called that Azteca which is the field they're playing at tonight's game they're playing out he called it the worst place to ever play sporting event you can't breathe. The pollution is so bad. They beat on some form of rain that's that's brought all that down you're going to be sucking wind so the patriots and raiders are playing. And according to this former US soccer start he worst place to ever play sporting event you can't breed and you know what you talk more reasons to rail against Hidalgo against you know foul. This is one of them why they're playing into Mexico City Keteyian. Pitching and to have leverage as well as it allowed did you if that if I city your state doesn't wanna put up the money to publicly finance a stadium. They like to threaten looked okay lobby not gonna build a stadium for the billionaire owner we're gonna move elsewhere. But now have a team going to Vegas if two teams in Los Angeles they need new markets. That's ready going lines in a city one didn't. Next a city that's why they're doing it and got Sox batters off when they're playing in this high altitude pollution hell hole today. Patriots raiders. All for the purpose of building leveraged to strong arm cities into forcing taxpayers to finance stadiums for billionaire owners. That's why this is he played in Mexico City and that you took sides in the whole craft. Jerry Jones thing look at the owners are up because this is all the owners to knock it down acting unilaterally and I'm saying and you you you you you became a guy and the patriots. Shirt thing which our guide downward Jerry Jones did what difference right Jerry Johnston for his team Robert Kraft and not make it look a fool not me took a fool. Jerry Jones's influence or not lean one iota. As a result is it Al contracts not at all. Not at all he's still the shadow looks like that's cool so what you're thinking what is apple all right our particular trouble sleeping at night that he looks like a tool. I think I think Jerry Jones has yes yes I don't think so. It's cool before you kick it looked more like it toward a during the whole dealing fiasco does that dealing look like it was because Jerry Jones that's what it's a looks like a savior that time dealing with those players before the hand them out wily coyote wink and then demanding outweigh widows make the cover of SI when they know that Roger Goodell to ride to get their arms and its downturn in the front games it was somebody in that. Pairing that did belonged on and Nat and Mac coverage of such force north of today's sock on capitol and other of the movement. GQ citizen of the year puck. Not featured on the confident side did have the Houston Astros free agents are important yes and I don't know if you're known as they've they've been kind of shy about that now no one's brought that 617779%. To 97 let's grab John in me John what's gone on. But eliminate my call they can Cramer I guess you know I take from Latino farmers like erotic scenes smackdown today. You know John not a wrestling fan anymore but no there isn't any more now I used to ice is a wrestling podcast. The John I am always team raw. Raw uninspired and smack down. I agree acts of with this topic I think he got it right there is a lot of excitement and fifteen last year we had an excitement around for the last couple years by past seasons. Mean I'd say comic played a part out so that he'd lead it never had that feeling that they would get over the hump and be content of a championship. Kevin Kennedy Center real quick that's for me wasn't because in the short coming on their part it's just that Cleveland was was we all knew. The dominant team in the east and we knew the Golden State was the dominant team in the NBA. So to me it was they they just worry it wasn't like they couldn't get over the hump they just didn't have in this is just my opinion they didn't have the depth. To overtake Cleveland or Golden State wasn't like they had the talent but couldn't get over the hump they just one at that level yet. I absolutely absolutely agree with you I mean that they were obviously seeing solid part of the rebounding that it could decide not put those in in the habit that. And I agree that 100% but if seeing this year after the shakeup in the even for everybody is trying to. Replicate back to thirteen on the K we're going down. And out or not the winning streak it's almost like it creeping into our minds that they can contend that he didn't even know so early and that's pretty remarkable. Ya what John again I think the Celtics have battled tons of adversity Hayward goes down opening minutes of opening night or for Mississippi games Irving has amassed the facial fracture. John Brown's best friend passes this week is too big games Leeds and two big wins so again it's only a month into the season but no team. In the NBA's puppet as much adversity is a Celtics the first month. They won't play that's myself it's like early in bath ice. That's Lima radio professional at 617779797. But in Roemer taking up until an apple Sunday at noon on WB. UPI Sports Radio network. I. But agreement. Here till 12 o'clock today. In the NFL Sunday guys come mutton key to football guys. Dig a little patriots raiders that we weren't they weren't a lot of organized they are football guys sending look at what the Sunday in Basra and I like it in the all around. During corrective much crap going roundly I. Give dale a hard time about that when dale did that show it was like and drive it out of Foxboro. All I wanna talk about is the patriots game that they all wanna listen to. When I read about is that they I am one of those deemed eight guys I didn't get pumped up I get pumped up the game and about the cover I do I'm driving out of Foxboro. And it's talking about the patriots and say the dolphins. Who's gonna play is not gonna play what has to happen what happened last week what's gonna happen next week and they say and I will be right back are gonna go around the league. And then for the next forty minutes a all right buffalo at Cincinnati and they play the music in the baton at that time to act on that and might owe it to give I don't give a rat's ass about how do I tomatoes on the victory at Cleveland I don't care but that team. I and it's like. And it's hired 20/20 five minutes and games I don't care about my aliases and not and dale is sponsored they had the UID do you decide you know that is not loved. Ellen I go back to 1970. Your main daisies to work in Maine is that correct his sister in Portland it's democratic Richard things what's the program. 617779797. Robs in Chelsea rob Harry of. German. And Rob Morrow morning. Mark I know marchers Chelsea whose regime can actually go dark yeah Cambridge rules. We'll play Cambridge paperwork vote each game EC. Yeah. I love you bark taker for its work Roemer yes our romance. That's when cars and set about me your right. You're wrong. A vote he and I throw him Mexico why. Because you shared the only reason ones they're trying to run around cities. In. Aren't stadiums and whatever now they want to squirrelly. Currently sixty cities. What he wants the NFL teams where you have. That's what we're doing that whatever team China nor have a team in England there are teams swing that Agnes came in Mexico that I agree with you have a problem. What do putrid watered down version of football would be in the that's an area here's my question around we talked with a little bit yesterday. I haven't done already we've heard for over a decade now you know those looking to expand to wonder how they haven't done it already do it because they are going to be let me let me help the kid out here. It's the Mercury program. In the gym and I program than the Apollo program. You can't just plop the team down in the Wembley Stadium and that's a whopping even playing games or for a decade not a slaying they and. There after the unit division thank you two aren't so that you can't just have a team in London. In the NFC west or whatever you know I mean OEE. Cigarette pack right you can't just have so. This game in Mexico. Although it's annoying it's not really going to be average. I don't care at all I think it's kind of cool I like I hear you you can write this down. Hurtful to appease paper put the piece of paper and a lot what opened up twenty years in a B one out as an actor you ready. It's already here is you you know you have like NFC east northeast and all that you'll have and FC like say AFC New York. You have. You have to London eager to Robbie I think he's going to be sixty blunders in the NFL London Paris. I don't about sixty blog they'll have landed Barcelona. In the quade NFL embarrass my flag football league getting in the this ticket price sometimes get two minutes to regain disagreed the mile bicycle next to for the it was a good I'll just it was a good Bravo brought some disagreements straightened out without a few points he did so the BB London. Barcelona. IQ than you and other Hamburg Barcelona. Barcelona Hamburg or Munich. What with the went up for windy. Or Berlin Berlin I loved. Or exiting Germany. Never been Oprah is like going to Germany very international I've been very Turkey I've been all over Europe but not into Germany Germany is April and is a wonderful which I guess means that Manolo beer I recommended and recommend it but I mean the NFL certainly said he want to expand internationally league with solo Boris and so I went to what the bars are -- you can smoke in the bars they're still selling you out even walked out you smell like cigarettes and it doesn't bother me. It is cigarettes smoked as a second hand smoke not afraid of it like a cinema manager when you old days if you went clubbing. You'd wake up on Sunday morning. And you lift up the clothing you at one minute before you want to burn all I went to a US satanic clubs and I was in Berlin just an all black beast paint it was very fun like you do eyeliner right I enjoy wearing I was on yesterday like my last three photos and more dynamic and enough. It has got certain scenes and has garlic when was going on stocks. But no but it upon Mexico City short yes they say they want to expand internationally I don't doubt that they want to grow the revenue. But they also want other cities and play to strong I'm. I mean it's a saudis in governments into publicly financing stay sets at the NFL and I figured. Not entirely I think this guy's more close to the truth in your now I'm closer why because you haven't. Talk show your your exactly right but it makes sense right to the NFL how does it. Here's the NFL has done for years right. They said either you finance a stadium or we may relocate to Los Angeles may relocate to Vegas but now those seas off the table Nate Naimi the cities that need new stadiums right now I don't know off the top I have haven't haven't quite operating style almost every team the NFL has built the new stadium. Most of the public financing over the last ten or fifteen and why they got the public financing. Because of what you talked about right now deceased or god can't have three teams Los Angeles they can't have another team Las Vegas so they need to have other markets in play but despite ready to play and why not be playing in Mexico City Alex if not the existing teams those teams are very slip by debates. Is selling up again maybe Jacksonville that would be a good example when you got. So in my I don't know but I think this guy is. Closer to the truth that you wore you know because of all I know is that the Mexican Starbucks has some great food options according to ban on better than I've seen the US spend on tweeting. All day yesterday and this morning about the Mexican Starbucks. Time people at the conversion rates. He also tweets out to yes I deserve to be chided for getting coffee and breakfast at Starbucks will visiting one of the best culinary cities in the world more importantly. The gave me to pull seismic image he's Garcon came on a real play pass tag. Game changer secede bucket you took the trip to Mexico City and you could have been tweeting live tweeting your Starbucks cards this experience they got what we wouldn't be hanging out. Would not be told you had no desire to make this trip to Mexico City now is out. And on the road seven B six nights this year already beaten. And I've done might be international trip two weeks and India back in March. So you still recovering from that tonight in a little bit not today but as recently as June yes and the old war of exotic travel is waning this year. Next year there there are out of that I mean I've been to Mexico to that's another thing I Cancun so I guess that's not really like going to Mexico at the go to Tijuana for its. The decay I would missing in Yankee action Christmas morning. Went missing yes I met up with a friend from Boston redon came through and find an air quotes. Good friend and we've shared a lot this put it I got. And die and I I we we'd be party in an except over in his hotel room and I forgot to tell my Candiotti got a couple years ago in and so Christmas morning. They think I went missing where his outs are outs to go back to my hotel is no there's no Internet service is no cell phone in Mexico pzena yet again what do I do rap and ahead. The police were looking for me. I'd go back to I hope they give you good rap and they had and it was it was a nice guy as a scolding and a scolding them tell parents that much to build my poor parents Larry name Blair what do you think about the game today. Well if that's the paper that we're gonna win 38 to 23. You'd take and then we're gonna. Also the spread is that we're gonna win by seven. So. That the patriots are gonna win by seven the scores going to be 38 to 23 I'll take and they. I met you got a winning by seven and by fifteen so which is it. All I'm missing something here. I'll take that fifteen. Where I'll do you one better. Peaches and put up a forty spot on the raiders today you might be honest open public administrators defense is lousy and they'll have to do I miss this guy's point is called did he say. The patriots are gonna win 38 that's when he threw the can win by seven that he kind of just say that. I was aren't listening to him. I think they got I think this is gonna be an old fashioned mauling ID two and it's amazing to start the reason you know why are you haters what Sergio dip taught me. Informed me he helped me he guided me in my opinion because. Sergio did informed me that the patriots practice and I'll how tomorrow I'll wait. Which Eminem and have to figure of the race so hot. The raiders indeed I kind of knew that because we have two people with the team always found Karen Lee went exactly breaking news but he did warming parallel plot in that he taught us. That Oakland opted to stay in its practice facility in the Bay Area. Rather than practice and I L and why likable why well it's there you see now we're talking about this because of information provided by Sergio de. Q why is Jack Del Rio is incompetent at the end of the date they're great at the biggest hurdle to the raiders' success is Jack Del Rio to Tom Brady's career numbers against over your defense is. He lights went down by out of the wet his pants against those kids an just another example so easy right you're playing in high out to Mexico City. So what do you do practicing Colorado spend a week get acclimated it's sounds simple. How critters can't do that this stuff is so simple DT incompetence of the rest of the league. Is mind boggling even the so called good teams like Denver yep it's amazing in the same game they had ten guys on the field than twelve guys on the field. This spell to mess up like that. Once you've you one too many that I convinced us of some credit but honestly like if you reject every after the raiders why did you not. Do you why do not take a page out of politics but in practice and I altitude this week why not. When it came to game preparation the patriots state in the air force academy in Colorado acclimated to the altitude wilder raiders elected to stay in their home facility. Yes why why the raiders select staying home facility so simple if we get to the second half and Erik are in the raiders are sucking wind. Will know why any goes back to preparation another example but the patriots are leading before they even take the field. You never while the wind right nope well when it was a radio guys are way way way back in the forties he was always good putt on the end. The reason I'm saying this is is it just occurred at this moment that Sergio dip. Now susser Sergio dep sounds like a young went out on top who is making his return to our lives times that's when talking about yes figured it sounds like. AA. While the went to the Spanish accent that's the kind of delivery thank you self Walter Winchell was a TV star in the forties you said. Radio on the radio foresee how. To be. 85 have a recollection of them onto I 72 a case. And apologize to my knowledge of history all right that is the art of saying nothing in the way that leaves practically nothing and sent what does that. Gossip is the art scene not being in a weighed at least practically nothing and said Walter Winchell said wow thank you while amity has prospered. And you should it will do so that the wall the words I am island to possibly say that to see people with small minds talk about people. People which large but largely if you've heard Walter Winchell like ten seconds personable the winter and in the sisters you did you would see some similarities. Albeit with a Spanish. I must have been a real star 617779797. Coming up next. Chris Gasper in the Boston Globe our good friend Chris Gasper. Says at. Apple team to I had in my house of there I dig yes very nice example team should sign Colin cannot predict we went back in time it's I didn't know it's it's you. Well it's do you know why we're in November are you doing we'll do that next WEEI. Yeah I Sports Radio network. Yeah. I just England's. This remarkable technical motion picture and is another it's even par 20th Century Fox. It is I'm not in the brain injury I've done I've senate. It is packed with entertainment to stop dependent. Do you but totally dominant on the National Anthem but every beat of your heart. Buck out here at all. It's that's the Colorado at the stopping and pronouncing each word with emphasis on the last syllable each time. Let's has a lot of interest in the forties that's probably you were taught to broadcast and Sergio dip is kind of doing that in his fashion the role of with the spin that's nations. And you have posted his rambling apologies regulation of op Walter Winchell a hike will do law. A split you did you do see the comparison. Not at got to do something years is very important attacked Boston Herald sportswriter Steve Hewitt congratulations. He just finished the half marathon in Cambridge. And it's time of 15857. He made his gold pitching under two hours. Steve Hewitt is training for the Boston Marathon he is raising he's running as a charity runner. The team and mare the mark Richard foundation little boy that died at the Boston Marathon bombings of 2013. This is a very noble cause this is a guy's gonna take four months out of its flight training and run the marathon to raise money for a noble cause given that he just. Is halfway there now he's in his training ran out marathon today I just re tweet Steve Hewitt's fundraising page. For his fundraising but it is yet to raise 7500. Dollars. If you have an extra block of five bucks for ten bucks to thrown a small contribution help Steve Hewitt raise money. If you admit though if you met bill Richards Martins that the work that he and his family have done to raise awareness about all these different causes is spellbinding so. Go to my Twitter feed at buck in Boston and you'll see the link to it and help Steve Hewitt actually consort supporting 617779797. Bakken Reamer here it's. A noon Chris Jasper writes the date is I may eighteenth 2017. On November 18 2017. It's time for an apple team to sign calling pat Burnett. Gaspar I agree to take a hardly I'm not sure why it's coming today. Paris your share that has no idea what advice I swear to god writing its November 8 I don't heights and dismay is tuned out. November 18 it's time for an apple team to sign con cap predict I you've heard. All the arguments before and I desperately NFL teams and after their seasons away. Went on capping the past departments and FOX Silas both conspicuous and suspicious. Given the paucity. Of competent passers and the brash quarterback injuries around the league. The longer and longer this goes on cap predicting this is just such. Eight look pretty NFL is what it ultimately is and you know it's not gonna play this season I think we all understand them. When is that single week for collusion Erica is not in play this year but the cap explainable as cat the Catholic story boils down to its. A bunch of rich white what rich billionaires is redundant it's about it's about to wiretap a billionaires. Keeping a black athlete out because he spoke out for issues that matter in the black CU you wore a cap and excite totally. And you are anti Gerry Callahan on this top yes that is well established. He's might citizen of the year contract and act. A guy sacrificed his career hurt cause. Well look at it is that the NFL will do anything it can. To put the best players on the field to win the Al mighty Sunday game correct. X they felt they they will sign guys who just getting out of prison spousal abuse domestic bounce all all kinds of things. Because. And they and they can sell it as well he's going to be under round bro are short leash with good luck from atmosphere. And in and the body because they just want to win the important Sunday game. Line of reasoning doesn't seem to work with Colin cap nope and I wonder why now now that I I have some issues and cap and that and I know it's. It's more symbolic than anything else but the whole thing about the Sox with the pistons have been missed it it was a stupid mistake but eat it it's something that if you're going to be a leader. Tola of because you need to think these things out yesterday mystic provided way way way too much ammo and praising Fidel. Astra not exactly the right move either though he did provide health care urged people Fidel Castro would you know what I've I've been to Cuba and up in India and I would practice spent a month in Cuba them and India my father went to Cuba a couple years ago and told Lisa Cooley becomes backing goes it's an asterisk. After hours that's not true if there's an election to telecast or win an Olympic flag I doubt anything good talking and it is a Geddes says that in the Cuban who doesn't like our biggest problem I have Cuba. Having spent ten days there. With these board. It be you know why you can't dreaming Cuba Kenny if you live like 200 miles from and you can't move down man. Because their population controls so they they wanna keep a purely consent Fuego sinuous movement of and it can't do what you can't legally move into the city. Because they don't want the infrastructure. Buried. Under a population explosion. So. You can live up in Maine in dreams of living in that it takes this city and moving to Boston like one guy. When I was in Maine oh yeah that is actually true yes and but you can't do that Cuba and end the more people I talked to knows and a manner. The more people the more I realize that you can't dream you'd you wide human caste system. You you can't it's very difficult to raise rise from poverty and achieve greatness and become a business tycoon or whatever. And if you are really really intelligent which featured taken out of your school that you're gonna put the special school and you kind of growth and that way but onto an Orioles ship. Is not in great supply now you because you can't be about an hour. Now although I will say when Obama does it keep a couple of years ago. And type the human rights violations will in protest of some prettier said while I don't think providing health care. All of your citizens' human rights violation I go hot ouster family I hate you. Point hard to argue with that one I'd also hard to argue with the fact that I predict even Al audiences as Blackbaud. For his political beliefs opt just it is it is beyond eight outlook for the NFL is beyond that no team. Assigned captain nick and I Kennedy wouldn't fit every system he wasn't great last year but he's better. In some starters especially with all these injuries he's better than a whole lot of backups as well do you remain sidelined I think it's career is over right and he's not gonna play this year obviously. I can play next year is clear is dot I guess he learns during gosh I have learned never to say never when it comes NFL players might exhibit AA's Michael Vick. I said on more than one occasion Michael Vick will never play in the NFL again because it is no human life is more important than animal life. But that there is something and speak and be cruel blow killing dogs because the dogs can't put any kind of depends at all. And an out of wanna get a thing about it and white knotted in stopping Minnesota court task and it details it was grotesque and yet. He returned in fashion to the NFL Greg Hardy. Through his girlfriend on a couch littered with rifles. In Jerry Jones signed him is like yeah you must stand for the National Anthem and that's in the whole distraction thing. Is total BS this goes back to kind of get out fighting year old thought in my account and what he means that on the plane that though again new. I don't idolize you well I provided examples a guy who I would never play unit though Michael Vick did you provided you're wrong example great party on his or pan on the pilot guns. And I thought here is what they backed out critic would be a bigger distraction and Greg Hardy was in Michael Vick was obviously. Writes I mean he's unsigned in this level now between out pretty in Vick when he came back from prison. This is similar it's now gets and how long was Michael Vick away from the week a couple of years right yeah. And an NFL teams I knew was pretty go to Philadelphia his first year so I went into the playoffs so that's a great analogy to skill level between Vick when he came out of prison. I predict right now is the same but NFL team signed Vick the game a chance to get a few years in the league after app. I cap predict no chance whatsoever and if Roger Goodell had is why there's no doubt in my mind account. Nick would be I saw Michael Vick play against BC but heights and when he was in college and came out of the experience thinking he was gonna revolutionize football. In unimaginably. Profound ways. That he would be the ultimate. Cyborg quarterback who could run and throw in the inning he could run 200 yards sideways he did you gain three yards. And he was an amazing college quarterback didn't quite happen to the degree that a lot of us thought it would happen in NFL but. There's a very good and a quarter and writer David is that the author of we years three years you've got a football after the dog fighting so does that not. Change your viewing cabinet and no because wisely you sign now. I do for the reasons stated because. The NFL doesn't want a guy yells from the implement exactly that spits on our American flag while they sign up next here three Emmys and he a year removed of another year removed from the Egypt Iraq and I found this year and because it could easily be play it would cap and act. Says I I like the progress this is how that gets him I'd like the progress is being made in this country I think people have. Rallied around a cause there's agreement is disagreement. But we all want and we all want great country and I almost admit American grating and don't say I don't say that and gone on here being and and that's how you sell that. And the next thing you know called cap and explain in this. Maybe now there are certain red states cities that I would not advise him to play in. Like snowflakes can't handle in the red state he says they can't. Be bidding menial domestic violence. You were on the same page and now we we totally in its decision you look at Timothy Texans even right I mean I understand JJ watts or it wouldn't commercials asserts a fighter season probably. Was over when that happens when the Shawn Watson goes down. They're comfortable starring Tom savage. A guy who gives and no chance to win whatsoever. Opposed to contact and it's just and there is maybe I should've done more research on this but it is kaput neck like when when you know an out of work NFL quarterback. You are working out four hours a day you're throwing a lifting of running you're you're into various play books and so what you're anticipating a phone call. And in order to anticipate a full quote you'd need to be ready. It's a noisy stories of parts and is that it picked up the next thing you know that NFL field goals will act as part tend to erode some local college kicking every single day. And they ended doing calisthenics in the core work and so forth so they are deemed ready for an NFL experience. So my question is and again I can probably look this up but him saying this on the fly. Is calling capita on a daily basis keeping his body in tune or phone call I'm not sure. Mean it this offseason is reps reached at the titans he reached at C oxygen this offseason he was actively looking for work. I don't think he's doing it now because again the moment to decide to sue the league for collusion. Eking kind of wipe your NFL deal field to shield the shields right if you sued to shield for collusion not six eat do during or FO dreams. Out the window of epic Gasparino talked about now the as the calm in the Boston Globe again and then and not really new ground there but they get today's topical from the GQ magazine's. Citizen of the year I had no issue that he knows things are just bands to create buys these dying print publications and that's what it did they gotta hurt. Let's treat her right things now that's why they picked to win citizen of the year. Creates a buzz in the back of that dying print magazine called you up and offered you columnist them and you would say no I gained not to write for you because you're dying WEEI dot com pro life that's right by the way I know where icing not a ticket the next organizer nation comes crawling the U. And offers you fifty cents William making right now. With just. This much more of a better pro bug your body of aid to gotta hit that we got that break a top the hour what do you know 6077797971. More hour ago but in Roemer WE.