Buck and Reimer - Should Sox get Stanton or Otani? - 11-18-17

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Saturday, November 18th

Alex Reimer and Steve Buckley start the show talking about the Red Sox and their offseason. The two debate whether it makes sense for Boston to trade for Giancarlo Staton, or sign Japanese star Shoehi Otani. The also talk about the Celtics big win on Thursday against the Warriors and the Patriots upcoming trip to Mexico City to take on the Raiders.


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And read where the rambunctious way China coast they probably the phenom Alex rare. And the old time baseball do the six people who don't know what I'm getting the sixty who didn't know before the gates is definitely wanna. Koppel DC is definitely pocket Roemer. So away we go we're live here otter Old Dominion freight lines studios at Fenway Park. Out streamers Steve Buckley mr. Buckley how are you today good afternoon out welcome I'm doing well Fenway Park that's yeah I used to walk by the east media does not. There's popped their sound like I would I would wave cap on the glass even when would acknowledge me get out of your kid here and act kind of cereal I will say I'm ninety years old so like it yet. I drove here. I'm real and it look like ten minutes down the road as well on beacon street could've blocked a students and parents earlier that I had to pick up month by our energy. And while from Brad though and at Dunkin' Donuts and which is well. And starving and I ate the sandwich is Dunkin' Donuts. People make funny but I did while would announces that it can roll overs here because Europe hit young guy now who screwed up how to get the Fenway Park. And in win it's news that change place. I am the so called old guy. Who took it over here so hamlets like independently owned copy shop not too far so did you happen to like copying of days so it's that Alex you're more on for writing here and it's a football game at Fenway tonight piece that you wanted to use the word mark you were very impressed he said what you do your ethnic seventy dollars departments that that is correct. So I went to beacon street party as if it does so and so I did not think it's out now but here's my issue. I don't know how to pay for my parking spot they know meters there's no machine they told me to download this this past were barking out I have so I downloaded app. And it's I I have an app that you don't have again the old guy outclassed and young and it says and treat yourself in like an like every space hasn't zone. I don't remember what my zone is so I don't know now my card stations you you're the youngest get off my lawn guy and why that might like why did we have to get rid of the meters what is up. I don't understand it's download the app addicts they're ops obviously looking cool with the lead analyst at Wilkins is glad. I don't know if they spoke this stupid parking capital probably never use again in my life and now they all my information it's another thing I would I would look at your bank account Monday. I don't know I don't know how to I want to paper my parking spot but it's it's enters your zone I don't have his own numbered and I don't I don't I remembered his arms up it will be took a twelve bucks so the folks out there any and cure aids or listening that politically correct certain. So I don't think wait what they parking attendants parking enforcement office if any parking enforcement officers are listening. If you are at your if your area is out that you just read meter maid. Yes I might add a little who might I don't even I don't even know you anymore thoughts coming up next to a body to a remembrance it was a terrific. Terrific career that you read my article stay in the article he injected him that fast like when he minute Butler passes. But as an article up Boston Herald dot com and in wisely I wanna. To Wallace's. Only about strategy Alex correctly surmised yes that the peace had been written. Well pre reading what I used to work rest nation we have years ago Eric. Three years ago apple because I I love Bobby and I actually in ouster this not to go up and it's into but. The IEO four I did or B I did beat her up on the desk I did an interview at the Marriott Charles yes. That lasted two hours that people with staining by god because Bobby was just regular commute stories. And I saved at all and I I'd written a feature on that I saved all of its cigarettes on the right. The kick ass column on Bobby to a run when he dies right and Tim brat who's. With the general manager yet we tweeted out the other day he remembers me he was the general manager will tell. He remembers me sitting in the lobby talking up 305 the feeder up and we got a buck Bobby to restore our beautiful Greta body or lobby door. I brought up lobby door with a decent those people who brought up I did adoring him I don't know what don't and won't even try them economically going to treat it on these are doing. No I just wanted it. Lee to the parking enforcement officers Austin. If your area is beacon street near the whole foods you see Jeep Liberty don't take it it I want to pay I'm going to try to figure out how to play. There you can look upload. The lack meaning of the housekeeping items store number one. I heard from sources last night that today in the play football league with the league championship it is I missed and on and that's out. And I told this person dies at one out some three persons although that's impossible because. Alex's team in the playoffs tomorrow. And they could be playing a plan on all the teams. If you win you keep you keep playing we did win an app to leave Neitzel ultimately I want all of our listeners to know. That day you know. Tossed away the camaraderie. Companionship in competitiveness. All of your weekend like football team. To come here make if you book it's called being opt paranoid and being secured I thought this might get shipped you know some young kid. You know younger hawks evil coming Eric Steve Buckley they'll be that. It's been great year let's EU leaders so that is. That is sick that's a that's called the I want it to actually won the equipment and the anti trade turning never does your weekends ago. I leave my flak for alternative to com host re just want that out there. House once and feeling under the weather and I'm still here today as under the weather in here quote I have a terrible that become at least knock on the glass buck let's talk to the people do I would talk to you under any other circumstances. But I will pop in your face that house in item one the last time studio used. Was the pregame show we team for. Of the divisions here at sites in Houston Astros and I noticed because he would not wing. Where you guys here right on right where you're sitting there Red Sox game with that game notes and you know war the media notes. This isn't archival material this is an tribal item. So I will ever forget upward ELO the first person when he normal while studios and now industry. With 8101000 dollar donation Jimmy Fund will get. These archival. Dean the last Red Sox game ever played. Was with this is to gain. It's it needs to be 101000 dollars to the agent or best office that you come down here toys in and with a check if but the Jimmy yes you'll get the maggot he's game while we sign any outlet the yes. Al look at Harry and acted as honestly like the voice from gotten a privately some god sees that this is archival items here yet I waiting there. Well according to Dave to browse accurate sex may not need to make any big acquisitions this went on I don't know watching that series watching that game in particular that the Red Sox. He's a power. But the routes Kia group so in right in his game at that says do not pitch Chris Gayle Ellis regimen. It says that right here. And what now. I think I that this isn't enough buyers that's the only member there it's like coaching staff bodily from last year whose point right now does this answer that means this is a teacher I'd decent senior is and go to your. Ruben Amaro is first base coach of the New York Mets. Brian Butterfield third base coach tubby to Chicago cub right chili Davis hitting but it costs cubs. And missing. And well out the parallels here with is now the pitching coach Cleveland Indians that's right on back going back home again so not do it every member of the coaching staff land. Good work. Lee and work. They always did where we need to contend the you know the New York Mets. Big money team you know if if they get. Lower back and Harvey bad word on the horse and cart and our doctor 61 years to come that's what he's on the hour. Says the guy who's complaining about these parking I don't understand why they have taken meters away it. It doesn't and it's ice it's my formation for mile three miles to and. Martina why at my car you know pulley pulled back the curtain this is so embarrassing I don't have a printer in my apartment. I so what I did once again the old guy as a printer I Droid technology. Hey I'm back China to waste paper much or know there's this climate change thing going on out of that work out today well so here's the thing. I wrote to our studios in Brighton two years the printer baton. And I drove back in the times too tight I don't think I would have been able to park my apartment order it left or neuter and get down here in time for the show. So that's the full story as to why at nighttime soap addict. They can't do was show without these notes you know why do these notes but to be to stay on task and Abby quote from Dombrowski right here. It was gonna play and start sox' bats we're dealing conversations taken that's not direction that's how the ball just outlook on its organic yes. Dave to browse it this past week at the GM meetings. Look who the idea. But the Red Sox need to go out and make one of these big acquisitions right that victory Giancarlo Stanton GD Martinez Aaron Costner. The Brodsky says I think you have to be careful. Is that your readers need to think you're referring to I'm not 100% sure what will plus I think you have to be a little carried away it's not Richard the direction that we're going. In today's world to not only make decisions on a player's ability but you also talked about contracts while blob blob up lots of basically Democrats besides. Don't hold your breath when these three big names and I'm saying. Are you crazy the Red Sox really last in the league in home runs and he really can not sign. Retreated from one of these big bat this offseason can they do that. With the first baseman and fear that him and what has so many don't make a big absolutism Judah. Where Logan Morse now I have a thing about Luke is due he screwed at the 2015 World Series. Could you pick and that's when it beat the Mets to win any debt he held the ball and that's why as in Shipley and that's today as the app. Apt word mentioned clause is breaking for the plate due to get the throw from David Wright third. And holds the ball like the statue of liberty allows them going at rooms so see you're down on cute because of yeah I'm Donna do you pick as it is the opposite sex sound and hundreds another guy do to get it 29 home runs would like 23 RBIs it's very strange town right look at Morrison at like one great year this pastor -- 38 home runs. He's been mediocre the rest of his career so not that statin and any of the Red Sox really your last week at home runs this is your window by the way right now. Get David Price could opt out again this year Chris Al is up the year after that note the try to extend improbably but you know the Yankees. They have all that money to spend in tears tonight have that big free agent class and chart out Bryce Harper Josh Donaldson everybody's gonna and I can this is exactly the cloud ripping the segment. Guarantee one of those guys and opinion absolutely little city yankees will be much better two years from now than they are next year if you're the Red Sox. This is your window you have to capitalize on it and I just can't imagine especially. The conversations we have all season on nest and ratings being down. Interest being down setter I cannot imagine that the Red Sox would go into this offseason. In not make a splash signings by the way they do need at this lineup needs powers Lucas Dudek does not solve their problems. He gets home runs we hit them in bunches. And when you hit home runs in bunches. That necessarily clutch home run to be hit seven home runs in twenty days which he's been known to do right. You hit them in the 78 inning of a nine regain it and so forth. He he he's not big bottom of the ninth down 43 material you know I mean not end you know as far as parts Harpring goes. Like it on the New York Yankees I just backed up the track and say take what everybody course Irma China's past and my heart her job as of his personality. He would be. Ricky Jackson famously said if if I played New York between McCain and Barak to me which of course they did they did and even on. Even proved proves my point further your other threats like this you need to win out I know that's kind of weird for people to think right then it's on court to keep acts Bogart's rock you'll devers and integrity etc. but this time and with this team especially on the contractual commitments they have. They do need to and that means making big acquisition. This offseason and so are so I just Andy do you really. Thinking about it just bluffing when he downplayed expectations that you cannot. I don't believe daydream about ski and I'm not casting aspersions on his character and a plea any. General manager slash president baseball ops when they speak this time a year. A minute covering the Yankees usually generated while Quinn. And they signed somebody. And he said in a conference call and that'll be it for us for the offseason we've done some when asked specifically about him was not we're done. A week later they called the conference call on the sign and got so eight that system rusty laughing and he's bluffing. I geeky plays everything that none of the press conference and fight Farrell. Yeah I didn't hit it lingers on reason why you couldn't even that's what I'm it was right volumes that would gonna keep you spell check without the facts are boring and with better parent bibles. And in with better here and buy it but without the that is something. Duke football writers might disagree with is that something kind of amusing about Belichick's. Attitude when he does these things the way you look it felt stiffened up and turns its eyes doesn't Bosnia eight. He's got to make it like fifty grants come on it's wanted to ask a question. Would stop being a dozen of these yet on mr. Buckley. But you don't get into about this ownership but he right when he has won by some that's right we must respect this ownership group now. I mean yeah over at different on a book Tom Warner in 2010 need to get sexy guys. I passing its ownership group is gonna pushed him brats your day in baseball ops to meet in major spots to Europe acting eating out okay in the press acrimony except that the a cut Edwards care. If you believe the Red Sox went on that Sandoval that to sell Indy hats masks. And had to include headache I've and that's mascot that was that and it's. If you believe they sign Carl Crawford Geeknews. He would sell tickets. That was a bad. If Bigelow and signs a trade war Stan. That's a good in my view I don't think it's again I think we've had thought before I'm not I anti stand. You are anti it's anti state and yes for the money in the players and his injury history it's just I have a bad feeling I'd rather RT Martinez. For a 160 million and in that there isn't there is embarking components that you need to sell players to the public. I don't think GD Martinez gets people rushing down a not that he wait corner and not today but what if it's 35 all like he's done the last four years on average now and that gets people excited. And cherry tree or stay economics that you're citing the people now but he's over 200 million. For the rest of his deal and what he's missing games strains this and now now if you cited. A couple who got who wrote it but a few baseball exacts. And said. The Marlins should not expect to get B hall of minor league prospects because. Any team that acquired stand is gaining a ball. What that aggregate view of the region right now so it's more about absorbing the contract that the Marlins trying to get out. So in other words. There is a scenario out there that the Marlins will rid themselves. But Stan. By getting someone to basically picked up most of the contract but they won't get this league. People think and again I'm not saying this is how it's gonna play out but disease school but that holds. That the Marlins are not going to get rocked by Gail Devers and and this kid from double A enacted while I. Because in order for them to continue with the project. Went to begin a project which he's got themselves in the salary they need to you know when that well I don't know I am and a lot of plays out of Miami needs like Gloria tight move right what's it did not answer B boys only cares about the bottom line only cares about the money. Your decision bottom line this week this is starting from scratch. But how does not look Delaware beat up this guy led the league in home runs across and premier power bat in baseball. In the trade them for less than what he's where because we want a team just I tell you you play that you listen opinions I'm being honest with few. This organization. Needs of reboot we need to start over again. Look at the Houston Astros over the famous since I covered that would team that's I picked it then and see exactly once I may have come across that yes. But EEE if you get away from there there self promotional bit. The fact of the matter is the Houston Astros were losing a hundred games a year it's with three years. While going low one free agents. Getting draft picks signing young players developing young players and you get career and springer and a two day. And Reitman and all these guys coming up after the farm system is it good scouting system it get a by the young players that they wanted. That they were in the World Series so if you can sell he could sell Marlins fans let. We Marlins fan. The one Marlins like your point if it's so the populists that you trying to develop a fan base. You can tell them we can keep Stanton. And Christine yell at guys like that. Ingle 7882. Very twos or you know whatever. Next year or that's not rates up points we knew ownership we're starting fresh and our first initiative. Lose a hundred gains. But you're missing the point that almost but the Astros did an outlet yeah Oster an upcoming credit saying sell. The Astros basically said their weapons were up here but the Marlins have been awful sense of victory but one of them and that was a little bit about your eating monster theory. Beating the monster wasn't so much. A plane and left field wall. The monster was the annual expectations and right sides with the sentence you can who interviewed on my podcast nest while some very nice you know up to the heated and so set and so you've got feeding the monster which is the annual expectation. But the Red Sox win the World Series. Delisting was. We can't always do that we need to have down. Which which has some merit. In a city like Boston you Kean announced that in his city like Miami in Houston. Which doesn't have the same tradition has won the World Series doesn't have that Ted Williams yams and all that you can sell that Houston basically sold that to its market. Yes but the Marlins happened at that they've been awful since 03 it's been like fifteen years of awful so neighbor and waiting but another at a new ownership they are ownership. Needs to get out from under the. I I think it's always tops out to be treated the best player on our team premiere power hitter in baseball we get top prospects are top players in return but all of it all the stuff like that. That's is only the tops out on so I think the Marlins beat it big players stand and take back the Red Sox. An anti Stan and the 88888. Acquisition because number one the need out there this line. The it because he really is there's not ready to make big thing but not that guy. No not that I'd like that that's the right move to Martinez moved in and treat for Jose at you if available would be better moved stand just stand to meet the cost. On a financially and the cost in players in the chest it's in the injury risk it's just lots of its routine costing lots of rescue team. Too much mr. 6177. At nine Euro and 798370. You're here and it important ally given you plenty of back and I am mr. I don't know how to drive defend like. I kept to during the break mechanics but through this parking parked passport parking again. And here's don't forget to click on terms and it's it's even more I have read the terms and conditions and agree to like Google don't do that meet cute little thing over again so I searched passport parking in my App Store. And I downloaded the first topic came up without reading what was that was the one. So I called her help desk and screaming at them okay like I don't wanna reserve a spot to spot. I Wii is just part we've just so cool this is this is not passport parking sell even download the wrong app originally called the wrong people. So they. When he forgoing any work. 61777931. Eagle and 37937. Out you were Steve Buckley liked the Fenway Park back after. One set. Two outs I've got my card vouchers. But itself. 630. Giving way to EC UConn here that you have crafted that you guys sports network but until then here here. At our Old Dominion freight lines studios at Fenway Park. Mike's always on ST I can tell him coming back on the air so I told you Janet can I can't talk about race because. Here seeking a cute kids now they can't and dial it's a still still trying to figure out my partner situation. And then one night after the nation's latest on the outcome they're very they're very concerned yes but until I until I figured out what's going on here they got some. We got to stand dots for you block against 61777979837. Ten is now over ten what's going on. They are you guys bill and I. I afford quick things out war and you're not gonna get a ticket Alex. At least the lot I ski slope on the front bumper in the back. And I don't bumper stickers and I drive a Jeep Liberty either marry I'll eat truck now I'm a man yeah. Now are spot on those I can pick in the paper the more taxes Ted we do a lot in do they haven't he would be big. All they got me big poppy. Relate to show me any and his grow up the adult Pedro. You you're trying to make you try to work an agenda here saw this play one off or it. I've had been up there in here isn't that what you. Dick Nolan Sony it I don't know written by David retreat to you and that you can do it go right ahead. But if not they ever want to have a big phony statute. This blog quoted teased the angle broadcasting Latham and made about the you know it's an outward about her keys here at -- I don't know Ari continuing your own peril ten I don't know Heidi it's you know cloaked eaten all of us how this stuff. When he polka Saturday against parity and he's like actually got a hit and you know just. I was they that was stupid. Well I don't view I can give you a top fifty of stupid things David Ortiz did so I'd be happy to discuss them with the. So if he's still one of the few World Series. Three RD caught him to make fun to that YouTube to unveil that big popping nicknamed the big phony I liked it. You've got a lot of that. I'm would Brad build any pot or let any play it would be used in. He muted at Houston. He might have yet US a couple of years united in their spring his rookie year I can look it up but he was sort of a sacrificial lamb to rebuilding process tells me. And then one other. One other question bock. Japanese date they've ruled what led you to get at them. I did not. I asked him his. Of the Red Sox that I usually and others getting votes and clause in a way it's on my pronouncing it correctly that you want to show the show way. So away time. That's right he can pitch and by the way. I covered the first baseball classic and I came away like really impressed with the Japanese pitcher. Name Daisuke Matsuzaka I've heard of NAFTA I did the show. Outbreak came back having drugs through the chapter on dice game is that I've sought them out and fight it I came back and it beach Oakland or wage on the adamant he said. You know here's a name human wanna keep in mind is that Daisuke Matsuzaka. And the two of them are. Nobody cares about that but we don't air we don't air it you know they can not the Arctic know that show time that this would get people excited I can pitch Symantec that means spring training to beat. I'm I'd like to know in in all of us here all kidding aside how they would use him. We had this discussion. Whites analyzed 315 years. Frankie Rodriguez back in the mid ninety's was a pitcher shortstop. He got traded to the twins. For Rick gag where in 95. Came the big leagues strictly as a pitcher didn't do much disappeared and it was Casey Kelly who was who got traded. And the Gonzales in dollars right. He was a pitcher shortstop why don't keep me in the big leagues he says bumping into one of the other breast I would come here and you ball he would he would play the field. And then start like once every six days as well. So ten I I I don't know. How he would do that now if he pitches what to think hypothetically. On a Monday. He picks his seven innings right you can't use him in the field for at least two or three days on an armored be sort well yeah indicates a mean way way way back. University Maine is Billy swift it was a solid big leaguer like twelve years but he was a picture left fielder. But he couldn't play left field for day it's you because I'm with her. So in Kirk McCaskill in Austin tonight so what if he can hit to the degree that he could be big league DH. I can't buy anything near by which he could play the field. May be on like a second a third day for the you know them opting fraud. But. Then you're getting hot and called during the course of the game he gotta you gotta throw between innings since nine warming up so that the best scenario I can think of is that he would be a starting pitcher he would be DH and may be the DB for a start. You can play in the field but yeah guest but and also I mean every team in baseball it's going to be an honest I can get what between them and are posting three if federal status and so that's that's nothing pretty much any team can afford that now and his signing bonus this cap Katrina million. So the text and competing with I think everybody else to get what I starting pitcher DH pinch hitters who were there. That's a we're gonna com accidents that they'll be his nameplate each victory press conference show we tiny starting pitcher pinch hitter. DH Xstrata directs the about the 2017. Steve is in Miami Steve what's up today. I got how these guys do today. Okay being done in Florida and and Miami haven't gone to quite a few games but to us. Wins and then hit a bomb and in the new stadium. Broke the left field. Scoreboard. You'd have met the Obama Hitler. The Aragon in Miami to give us a scouting report. Okay world. While I would love to see him with the Red Sox I would be cap and trade. Land line. That look that's apparently get but you're going to be getting maybe 45 years that the most of good stance and at that time and I mean Moya one thing he did has gone mode he created this contract that he paid. Less and the contract. He'd get higher and by that time he knew it was going to be selling the team so he's out of the. It's all right there. Rugs and he's great with the phony contract. Well you have because it low it got to the least amount of pain. Out of those known so it looked great for him now I would rather and and you know there'd be also moved. Players to do have to give to Miami so my thing is. I think him if you ask those that JT Martinez if he has 35 homers they're gonna love him. And it was still what I would look to see if its money's no issue. I would love to see them get. Possible I would love to see them get JD. Then you can turn around and trade a failure of player like him Travis maybe for a took pictures that they might need because we don't know except for. Really casino. We don't know what they're. Pitching rotation will be lit the world so go back to is. Video he continued being. Episode so we we got the Stephen Miami plan we have a trade for. I'd sign Hosmer orgy Martinez yes the trade Sam Travis wants this thing on sale. I don't know. Had a good night's season starts at an early down there and not be tea Barrett's upbeat happy are happy parents of a tea with. When you also you do appreciate happy news do know that we are here. Well now be known for its pot at least once the I'm I'm going to be intimidated made it more so. Neat thing to me Bible you bring the party hassle to tell the people were on tomorrow morning in ideally our money and these are chipped up the stage is at two weeks and about Roemer 9 AM because and the old guy gets up every day 630s though with the middle of the day for me right fine tune a little pub crawl tonight as well it's a lot to celebrate the end of the flag football season. Poke yes and going to be here tomorrow tip top shape with my notes due to just bowed down to greatness that's. That's all I wanna say but you be wearing the same close at 9 AM wearing 10 o'clock to one actually like sweat a lot on the show especially after titans five hour rob Bradford energy yeah I'd get up at the last I need to perk up and we're performing here when he weasel he shouldn't eat that stuff. I'm just tired and sponsor and I think it probably beneficial energy drink of WEEI dot com and that's what I did so that's what you did at their. My body's getting the story coming here today with five hour energy. A Dunkin' Donuts chicken bacon ranch sandwich and got in cop drops its. I haven't kept up condition here. It's got one more caught you before the break riches in the rich what's. We're 200 and. We are Dylan and equality fairness answer to its highest rated show on WI history. Is that you must original dollars yes use the original policy which he keeps reminding me very exciting I rich. What are no idea that hey you locals under the radar yet literally once you're such care as Mike Trout. We under the radar in terms of you know the inquirer ability. Yeah you never did it and how water heaters to quiet out there in LA by the angels treatments it's because I don't know what some. Yeah but he's he's he's the best I baseball they've seen the difference between the angels. And Trout. And Miami and Stan is the Miami has the story. Anaheim angels we have that much angels carry big market team and our marina is that don't give a hundred no richest. I talked to attack fancy Mike Trout it's now seven got it's not a couple free agents and be right back to the. But but they haven't and they and you know there's still guys but believe it's real or years of the locals deal which might go down as the worst. Concert next Abrams. I suspect that the angels were not moved so that I haven't I need. Research on that adjustment. Yeah I the only guy who also claimed that the that someone park. Wald holes per share. Mom thank search. Thank you. I I I've heard that aligned right here a lot of balls apple Apple's going singles that's on it is so hard off the Watson of rickets and hold them the first phase CI. I was with you that I said that are in the on on NBC sports Boston. That the whole business of stand here on at home runs it and what we we we have an awful habit in the city of assuming that every big beefy right in its letter comes the Boston. Will be calm twice the player they were before and Red Sox uniform of the magical happened stand by the way it exact numbers or 310 million dollars to 28 twice what. It's it's it's very close through the under on the wars in heaven now think that marriage. Actually going to demand Jean Karl. Are you smoking the new ownership interviewed that's very Alex W not yet but it's coming back we have an email. Got email from Joe's or by yesterday everyone meet mark cannon of a virtual allows us will be out. Next week that's the guys who love my straight talk to you and however actually grabbing copier and I can close the depart at the last thing you want to use copy with me that you know it's obvious that you're listening. Mr. pan am guilty pleasure I treat as Starbucks if they don't. Now I spoke at abbey a few weeks in the teens now being that that's might speaking thing paid. Bottle and it tell all of our listeners I. Have the pleasure. Of seeing speak at Ernst and young coming out of that that's right Wednesday night on the 23 or of the new John Hancock Tower. And that you. While the room. You have very polished public speaking skills hopes up I was very pleased to see you did work from notes now now now. Right out of it sounds like you're doing the proclamation. Exactly yes and you really do they keep it totally coming out story you know they also want to I would tell all of this is if you are in position to hire a speaker. Who would inspire and entertain. The two Uma not mutually inclusive. Used to get in touch and out when he scored. Yes coming out story and our industries and other sat me down or having lunch one day it was like a sophomore in college and you know why did she said you know times. You know how but this girl thing you know girlfriends girls in your life. And I know mom known now and she said well. If this is becoming an issue maybe we should look in to help you become more comfortable talking to women very good month and very good opting to say and then that night I was so angry seething with anger Calder and came out right there. They got beat. And I getting you know gift cards from aid it did in and speaking at hop on it all comes closer. 617 as look at you last week and I got a copy mud that's it I'm sorry. It's a nice view. And other democratic they were illustrated apps are written as a compliment six I'm talking about. My job up house is on a night and I don't next time we don't think that won them over the William and edgy young and it supposed to go 617779790. Cents or phone number that again 617779. 7937 coming up next big friend Stacy. An existing notes com this week the Boston Globe going now I think well as he says that people don't like the Red Sox because of their social media use. In that players didn't turn out Alex court's press conference or on the right side like to address that next its Buck Henry relax and nice yeah. We EI Sports Radio network. We're broadcast. I think five or Fenway Park. Archery Steve Buckley to outstrip. Little remote action come I say hello. But let the people I deal as a tweeted outcome by your own peril to die and kill cough and sneeze all over. And you eat if you write objected to any I would you view. Game notes wow game war. Division series Red Sox Houston Astros. So where does that go in terms of rate Red Sox teams of all time in six cent fine if we got a clincher in 04. California LCS and have a quick scheme for. Red Sox pastors nailed yes right. I think it's the first. Play out inside the home in that department releasing a field divers in the night that's right see there you go through history yeah you get the puck game notes. 61777979837. Geoscience in San Antonio. Let's talk little Jean Karl stand decide what's going on. Carry out all and end up Exxon C mom really look forward to you guys you guys who have good job and thank Tom boxes sports and our our child care to bow wow really want to talk about the Celtics. There's no coincidence that they won four out of five against Golden State. And councils that cook Silverman and Fred and Rick stay off so whatever the Celtics do they need to criticize. We second movies did you say four out of five against Golden State. Yeah I don't our arms by yeah I I would toss out anything prior to this season because this season beard is very little resemblance to previous teams. Yeah I am saying. Yet the Golden State it's still a good team and some. There's nobody saying you can't you can't say that dot Celtics have won four ratify irony that the that the case we'll take your word for. But this is an almost entirely rebuilt team like Tatum. Tatum was in the role he was in brown was treated at their entire back ivory your saying listen here it's a whole different team. But Brad Stevens out. I'm gonna give you that but saying I think it's and I think it's a reach if I were you I would focus on what happened in the night the garden and almost one that was. And how great they looked or did you hear his press box on cue the but I I still think they could. I don't think they can win a seven game series in its own things that lessons to say that I think it. You groups are not don't think so either way it is still bomb they're good now one more thing about entry. You've got to practice so we won't I'm not give an object he'd relish the idea. I'm not enough now that he's got to stand in half over Cheney. Marking yet why don't you bring a hockey or somebody like that what you keep branding bit to keep our young guard Everett. Seven and just that we've been listening to the show I don't want to treat Stan I don't wanna trade for Stan you're on my side but hasn't drawn say it but has it wrong. Property. Crack him there. You hang out people really good crack at you was admits that it was good radio phones that gave him accidentally it was San Antonio until we got our problems they had no I've been right he's our example you gut might take. We at what point during this broadcast radio broadcast. That I say to you giving up Jackie Bradley junior devers. That's where refugees and Jackie Bradley gee it didn't take any of those guys I told you is that to begin to concentrate and pay attention now players to be named later no. If it would be involving. Acquiring the contract would be swallow the prospects in ball. Tomorrow carriage raging Carlos in the Major League home run leader for low level yet prospects because it's you you missing the type I take up the money that is what you don't get it. Do you don't get because the money you know right now what they want they want other teams keep the money I get what you got talent in turn the tide instead. And has said that even if you got you on June and he got it dollars. Having said that. I think is a pretty good chance they treat Jacqui because there is an interest in him the giants seem poised did you know Bobby Evans the GM out there. Seems poised to roll up whatever is necessary to bring Jackie Bradley junior it's doable on a couple of levels one. They would acquire players that they think could help them number two. It's an easy fix because they can move and it tenured or I guess back to center field probably than attendee however. Just keep in mind and I'll be writing this that the history is made if indeed it's made. The drop off in defense. In center field would be noticeable. I don't think people realize they seen one of the great defense of Red Sox and field history right now. And Jackie Kennedy's is much too streaky so much to east he is an automatic out after the season he he's very streak and I drank and I. I don't discourage you from that point of view. I also hope that at some point become more consistent here eloquent. Are you want to look at Dwight Evans is Korean members and how many years it took him. Become a green here was almost almost out of his career he was struggling yet he had what I call half a hall of fame career. So it's a guide to figure it out sometimes sometimes they come up. Polished and ready for Atlanta and sometimes they commodity struggle for views but if you're the Red Sox though and sometimes they do steroids at 830 and become great players. Who would you think if the Red Sox visitor you're number one goal custody power that's a Democrats these comments this week not a fan and as he also said. In a keeper acting like we're back to him when he scored runs you were lucky to win three games to finish last moments of the way to appease a great a degree mark cannot. You cannot rest on that you can't expect a repeat that and the guys here you know and I'm lucky to be our next season. Not enough you know it's funny Bogart's you know you you talk about the Bill Belichick Maine and in the manner in which can express conferences and so forth. Something he does routinely is something the Red Sox need to acquire. Last season does not exist. They want needed when 93 games they won I don't know that was last year who knows that's the way the patriots operate. The day of the day training camp began this past July now Foxboro. There was a 23 or to ask you said part of the thought it's not even out to talk about suitable that one. Yes it doesn't exist in my it was not a rematch heated I hate the wait turned rematch is tossed around. The networks solely as a rematch the media the print guys on like every talk show host it wasn't a rematch. It was two Super Bowl contenders. Playing a regular season game the next year he rematch is win. Two heavyweight boxing champions fight boxer a beats watching beat boxer B and then three and moments later they have a rematch also for camping. And it's not some time it's amazing part of it was not a rematch got stuck somehow I gotta generate some interest in the patriots here I mean. Look at tomorrow's game against the raiders. Coming into the season. Think that's indeed great game that a rematch of the band right call back in 1970s it whatever the rematch of the Todd Hamilton has yet to the hospital you know I. Is tantamount pitchers in a putt putt like forty points on the streeters defense the sub 500 meters or no 123 by. It is amazing how it all falls in line for the patriots right in the month month and a half ago. Myself and many other chicken little is that they are saying awesome feels different about this team got the W one of those. Just because you looked at the chief of that weren't ready or not work and not looking so while I mean Pittsburgh. Having the Steelers circuit matchup for the patriots but did they beat the skewers it's time again asked to do parachute you're just last year not knowing that. The always its hourly plan after. He acts and reacts caught other teams throwing up all over themselves and every word about it through by the way. In every quarterback isn't it looked at the taxi that's what John Watson and JJ watt now with him or another always dreamed up the united moratorium on no no other product of that yet Tom Brady didn't agree USA today yesterday I get on social media. Guess what Tom Brady says the secret to the success and the ability about this about that. I'm gonna put a moratorium on time free health stores to without something. On the journal discovered hydration you know. That's right away Willis was drinking water and it worked out until we discovered that it can state argue firms under its boundary he did that. Sneak in another call here before the top of the hour and in Winchester and what's. I'm right here. Can hear you fine what's going on. Great. The drop was just guys Egypt and we were talking about that this you know extraordinary picked certain that there aren't too bad that. Question doubts dropping out into the city areas. You know it's probably good. And they don't eat out because it and you know look at it actually hate and they get it's mark. Or vice Versa particularly but it definitely coming. Actually Eric it. All in one game. He could hit in the middle of the lineup in that he can close some. You know what I am I yes I yes most obvious question of these European. He does. But what's the specificity student homer collected baseball guy yodel on the brought the topic up without consulting me first was that your baseball experts listen oldest expert in Japanese I have to. I tell my question laureate. If he can actually do you know John that you generally can't pitch in the major leagues. More valuable do you pay you actually are America. Experience based on you know the rules. I think most people would nationally team is used as a pitcher and so what I'm gonna go against the grain and say he's an American League leader. He could be in every DD pitching. Yeah if indeed that I hitter if he proves that by the way if you can hit. At a high level what it high level in Japan you complaining to. You well the differences. And for the most part. But it could recognize the differences. I skew anything games that was the worst team owners what do you think but I didn't say he could be in the hall thing. I said you can play them easily leak and he went Portland game expertise he went fourteen games for team won the World Series in the nineteen games next year so. It's it's he did OK all things considered the live up to the billing and glitz and glimmer. No. No he did not sit at a time but even that's not that can't be the big splash -- a nice big east out my biggest problem is not yours it's an hour gap between pitches as it is a court ruling eighteen Wednesday it was that's horrible. Absolutely are a blessing you know it's Connie it's a great tonight signing to get people excited he's still got out and established power back and that is that is the outs you're edict. The date Democrats grew by Fenway Red Sox home if you are listening double. Yeah power and tampered on these expectations. The Celtics Celtics promised fireworks and guess what happened but they finally delivered the fireworks. Now they're beaten the warriors again everyone's so excited except Charles Barkley who it's definitely a player that's on the little later on. 617779797. But in Roemer lack band like coming up next we will get. Two that Pete Abraham my story about how. Again the Red Sox unpopular according to globes beat writer because they. You social media poorly and now one player turnout records press conference OT dot also get into the latest feud. In the NFL Jones brisket this thing continues stake more and more turns and Robert Kraft once again right in the middle of it back after this WB.