Can the Red Sox Keep Up the Hot Streak?

Boston Baseball
Tuesday, August 8th

Hour one of Red Sox Review kicks off with Christian Arcand breaking down the 2-0 win for the Sox over the Tampa Bay Rays.  Arcand can't get over the pure dominance of both Chris Sale and Craig Kimbrel, but can this team maintain the great play especially with so many games against the yankees fastly approaching?


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Did WEEI I'm your host Christian are canned nice to have you this year tonight Red Sox. Now won seven in a row that is a season high. Decreased sales pretty good arm. Chris Sale at least one strike out in every inning of this game and you knew right from the firfer from the very beginning. After after the Red Sox stranded Nunez on that bubble and you sort of out cowboy. You know hopefully this is gonna be another. If these sales start he came out there and just bone I mean it was it was immediate you could tell right away they Chris Sale was going to be giving you a special performance tonight he did he loves pitching against these Tampa Bay Rays boy. That is thirteen strikeouts tonight. And whenever he plays when every pitch against the rays Chris illustrates that at least a dozen album. That's four straight games now this season. Where he struck out at least twelve Tampa bearish. And according to the Elias Sports Bureau sells the fort different pitcher all time which grow twelve strikeouts in four games against the same opponent in one season. Which you like to know the other ones are of course who. Sam McDowell against the a's and 68 Nolan Ryan against the twins and 73 Randy Johnson against the a's in 93 and and Randy Johnson again against the Padres in 2000. And wind and it. He may not hang a beta be quite as tall. He may have had B is weird looking may not have the hair flapping around there whatever by Chris Sale on what what he's done here this year is about as close to. A Randy Johnson season is I think were ever gonna see. And what I mean by that is a big strike out heavy lefty. That comes in here just blows people away like this I mean there's been good lefty pay Jon Lester was great year for years don't get your eyesight is the first good lefties teams ever seen. OK so I'm not even I'm not even going there I'm just saying in terms of it now I'd give for me anyway there's always sort of like a statue you know like there's that one guy who's on the statute that you look at you think. If only we can get a guy like that Randy Johnson was that guy for a long time that it was Pedro is guys like Clemens Clayton Kershaw up all these different pictures we just sort of consider to be the best at their particular tax Johan Santana like there's. There's a lot of different examples over the years and right now Chris hale is really sort of becoming that guy here I mean he's really. All season long with a few notable exceptions has been so dominant in just saturated. Such a great trade that was the I know we decide Yorman cottage in the Chicago White Sox. And it's easy to sort of look at that thing dog got did we ever win that tree I'm not saying that I'm not saying that this trade is a win it hands down right now no matter what. It is right now. We don't know yeoman count is going to be in his career you go on and be one of the greatest infielders of all time weeks we have no idea he's so young and clearly overmatched at this point in his career right now. By there is a lot more that trade in just Yorman cot obviously Andy I think date. Even if you take that into consideration. And and realize that my count is still as many many years left to go here Chris Salem what he's done this season. It's not. It's not enough to make you know one good season is not a great trade make it a season like this one. What he's been doing this year and how consistent he's Ben it's just it's been great to watch it's really been a lot of fun and how about Craig Kimbrel. Craig Kimbrel did not to be overshadowed. And if your call last time Chris Sale pitch. He got knocked around. And then Craig Carroll came out and he got knocked around. And I have a funny feeling that those two guys weren't really trying to do that again. There were trying to let that happen not to the Tampa Bay Rays in Tampa and by the way. This rays team I noted they certainly did look better but they're not a bad team they're really not I mean look up and down that lineup in there are some guys there that. I think with a grin Red Sox uniforms honestly I mean I've I've thought that for a couple of seasons now. And they really developed some pretty good hitters there and that team and you know what the kid pic tonight not bad either break. As great as this when was and I'm certainly get a gush for probably the next two hours sure about Chris Allen Kimberlin. And this pitching staff in general and the fact that this team is playing its best baseball now here in the month of August which is exactly what I was hoping would happen. Two runs on twelve it's. A cool. I it seemed like everybody on the team was three for five tonight and they only got through right. Nunez who is again very good he went he went three for five Pedroia back here DH Ing tonight in the two hole. So the new news to continue playing second base which is not exactly predict it would happen. But I did think they would have to get the DH sort of involved here date keep all these guys in the lineup what I didn't UB Pedroia that we DH and we always coming off an injury Nunez is hot then let's leave well enough alone here no problems there. We'll see if this continues like this another guy who sort of in the in the mix for. I don't wanna say a position changer may be a night off year. In order to keep the Nunez devers Pedroia situation going is it Bogart's in general urged very good to me went three for four with a run scored so. I don't know I look at Bradley threw for four PR BI and Bennett and he was two for four with a couple it. You know it's it was it was one of those games that really sort of took me back to the beginning of the season. Where this team was getting when he hits I mean there layered hit totals were in the top five for most of the year there on base percentage very high batting average very high. And they just couldn't drive the runs it. And that's a little bit what we got tonight and that. Was I was there was traumatized but I definitely that'll PT EST from that as we went through many months of this season when this team you know unable to drive in runs and that's sort of one way a look at the other way to look at it is it. There's a seven game win streak that this team is in the midst of right now it's the longest of the season and they've proven over the course of this week street the big wing games. A variety of different ways. And that's what we've all really been waiting to see years and it. We know that this team can win a pitcher's dual rate we know they win if Chris sales out there and he hands a one run lead off to the bullpen. Even if the Red Sox who are leading one nothing and they're probably gonna hold that down and I'll probably be okay. We've known that all season. We didn't know if this team could win a game like I don't know last week almost exactly a week ago against Cleveland. Workers sale didn't. End Greg Carroll and had in the offense bail them out both times. They've won that type of game and then they've come back to winning this type of game. And if they're the type of team they can beat you when a pitcher's dual and out slug U. Occasionally not every night obviously I mean you know they're not that kind of team Eduardo Nunez and rob failed devers a very hot right now but I mean. Two guys on hot streak does not necessarily make did slugging team you guys they've looked that way lately not so much tonight by. If they're capable of that's in their repertoire that's something that they can bring into the into the park got a not a nightly basis but a couple times a week at least I mean I think were really great shape here. And that the results are pairing and out by the way. As a Red Sox continue their winning streak the Yankees who seemed like there were busting out of whatever funk they've been in and they lost to Toronto tonight. They lost to the Toronto Blue Jays in JA happ who owns them for some reason. CC sabathia chased in the third inning. Or after three innings he allowed four runs on six hits couple all the runs to Josh Donaldson. At a Donaldson homer both times he faced them yet most of and Red Sox now up four games in the American League east. You got Porsche solo and order re easy going tomorrow. Get a day off on Thursday two days off for one week of weird. And then there weekend's series here with the Yankees. Which just hypothetically best case scenario. The Red Sox by the end of this week. Could technically. Be up eight game. If they keyboard and the Yankees keep losing now I'm not saying nested locker or anything like obviously it isn't. But for them to sort of be in that position playing such hot baseball right now while the Yankees are struggling to you know maintain here. That is a great position for this Red Sox team to be a great position. The rays are short of falling out of it. They were a team that I would always sort of had my eye on there in the rearview mirror the stamp debate team was not too good but not bad either and they got a couple pictures in there any worry about it. Right now I just that and what they did two games over 500. Red Sox fifteen games over 500. This is this is what we're what we've been waiting for this month of August. We've been waiting for a stretch like this all year and and purity is and it is glorious always a glorious. I'm saying hey you know listen I'm up and down with this team I make no bones about it. IE I go to Iowa there I go lower their allow it's it's just the way to spend like this my entire life. Can't help it. We need to invest it at this point. And right now this team is writing a real hot streak in. Probably it did well not probably definitely is the best baseball they played all year long is when street they've had all year. And it's the first time we're really looks like the pitching hitting bullpen all three of the elements of the steam girls are working in unison and you're not. You're not. Watching on a nightly basis the pitching staff bail out this office which is really what we've been getting here for the first three and a half months now here we are. Red Sox team clicking firing on not on all cylinders I guess I can't say on all cylinders. You can't say on all cylinders we score two runs on twelve hits but they're really clicking right now and I'll just leave it at that 6177797937. As your phone number here. If you can't believe in the game publisher data damped by supposedly they gave it to every wanna call in feel free although look like there's only about now roughly. Two dozen people there. Man those Tampa Bay Rays. Well what do what do they. Every time they got to place is so depressing is it. It's late it's like an old crappy geely your played sports in high school. And the you know there is like you go to play added team's gym in the gym is being worked on her sums if a player like an armory somewhere. That's what the camp that's the trop reminds me of your minds may have played in the sold armory over in Cambridge but I was in high school playing basketball arguments get work done and we had to go play in this dirty old nasty armory that have like sawdust on the floor. And we've just he walked in there and he just didn't wanna be in our area and you can tell people data do not wanna be there that places have places awful hawk got. What an awful if it's. With those catalogs and everything and just do. Not and it's not even every indoor Parker and I'm not I'm not one of those I against it but that one. That owns the worst that one just seems like it smells bad in there you know they just seems like you walked in and just like. Last summer as there are gonna three dollar ticket the three dollar ticket two tickets for six dollars. The degree to eat out her first row of like the upper section. Our ailing right next to the camera guys so I just left of home plate what do you suppose would happen if he's knockdown of the goods. It's nothing I don't know on what is that. See if you raise. What should just like yeah obviously you wanna sell you tickets and sell your club seats and all that stuff Blake if people go to your games like if you get a crowd of people to go to the game. Why not just let them like they came into the game give them give them whatever they want. Hit it in make good the posh Sox made like a Lowell spinners just throws the better you have to you have to retain them somehow. Let him move up into the ship right behind home plate there was this army walked just for coming pleased by our target. Please buy a Jersey shirt were diabetic or. In this place smells. What a look awful awful part. Anyways. Your Boston Red Sox. As they continue through and I'm gonna have asked this question a couple of times this season. I haven't tested lately but I'll ask you this right now. Your Boston Red Sox. Now with the second best record. In the American League. I think only way it. Nine back in the loss column from the from the Astra single digits in the loss column from the minister of after the 71 and forty read section 64 49ers a seven and having an Afghan. Are the Boston Red Sox or the 2017 Boston Red Sox. A championship caliber team. I pose that question you here tonight. And I have a feeling that I'm going to get. A lot of affirmative answers right now because. Her the entire season. Nearly the entire season they have one really bad trip for the entire season. This team has sort of suffered some slings and arrows. In the very beginning of the year you remember to bring up a full member of that team that a long time ago and as an otherwise whose bag and tag and April. By you know this who is this was a team that did things didn't quite come easy for David Price missed all that I'm back on the DL now. All the guys going a bereavement leave early in the year. Things that you know might news might have lampooned another team a lesser team. And the Red Sox come hell or high water mostly based on their pitching staff and I'll even give a dish out the job fair earlier so. And the management of John Ferrell of pitching staff the bullpen jumper all it. Were able lose tread water not ever really fall out of it. Never really fall under 500. Never have an extended losing streak I'm told not until very recently anyway. And even then it was only won four games. So. You know for all for all the talk about I'll finally there start in his play in the end. In our show what they're made of and everything else yes that's true but we also we also did see this team that was. Not at full strength and certainly plenty of guys that were really struggling at the plate. And questionable situation at the back into the rotation and a bullpen full of guys it. If the beginning of the season nothing was expected of our right that's another important thing to remember here. You had a pitcher rotation that was supposed to be 81 did as good as he gets. With David Price increase sale and it and reports all the guy won the Cy Young last year. David Price. And no can do here not now until June report cell. And between Eduardo Rodriguez. Drew Palmer ridge. Doug Fister occasionally. Hell Hector the last Kelly you've you've had the really kind of mix and match some guys here. And the record reflected the Red Sox had a hard time putting together any sort of extended winning streaks ahead there'd be announced couple's six game win streak over the course the first couple months. But nothing really other than that other than that there were win one lose one win one lose one pretty much every week. And that was good enough for them to be in this position now. And you look around the rest of the American League and how almost every other team went through something similar to that and did not manage to tread water. And did not stir to keep there their heads up and keep their. The Cleveland Indians I think are probably the closest I would say. By the Yankees fell off the rays fell off. The twins fell off. Everybody in the AL west than than the Astros fell off. You AD VDs Red Sox have managed. To withstand not huge devastating blows blows though. And haven't all come together here. Late in the season. With in infusion of talent from the minor leagues and former trade may buy a GM so really I mean just think about it thing about what this all means. For all the crap that we give the red sack the position that there are right now is something that a lot of different people can take credit for. Chris Sale can take a lot of credit. Craig Carroll can take a lot of credit John Ferrell can take a lot of credit and were Nunez can take a lot of credit and by proxy soak in Dave Dombrowski. Rob failed devers can take a lot of credit and whoever was it decided it was time to promote and again Robbie Dave Dombrowski. John Ferrell and the way he's managed his bullpen can take a lot of credit. And really you know the more you look around. It's hard to believe that this is a team that we're talking about a week ago with so dysfunctional in so unlikable that they're season was basically over. Okay which is not something I ever said. But I took a lot of phone calls are at a took a lot of phone calls fighting keep receipts on our Gannett in on the August bring a money here tonight or anything like that but I did take lots of phone calls. Now admits teams and frustrating this year. By what we're seeing right now I think it is is what they're capable of when their play when they're clicking. It took awhile for this team the click open now here we are at a good time in the season for this to be happening and hopefully they can continue to do so going forward and hopefully they can. Really make this weekend town here and put some space between them in the New York Yankees 6177797937. Is the phone number 37937. Asian. Morale text. Got a couple open phone lines go ahead and grabbed the reds are interview right to your calls next. We're back here and Red Sox review Sports Radio WEEI Eric in here with you on this Tuesday night. Red Sox to nothing winners over the Tampa Bay Rays in the first debate two games set a play game two tomorrow. Couple applies autos on the mound brick or sell on Jake arteries. Arteries he's having an okay year. Or Seles having it not okay year. Authorities ever pretty good years Chris Sale making a real case for the Cy Young award. With with what he's been doing this season I'm not saying he's Chou win but he's right up there it's Ben a pleasure to watch him pitch. I'll tell you what else has been a pleasure. I've I've been doing this particular job for about a year now. I've been working at WEEI for about 34 years. In between three and four something like than a minute Red Sox fan all my life. It is very nice. To see a high priced high profile. Picture coming here and not have that first year where they just suck in can't do anything. Always it's great. And I'm not saying that David Price had that last year you didn't shock and he's not he couldn't do anything. He was OK was fine but he wasn't he wasn't fish he wasn't himself. Okay Andy we all agree on that David price's season last year. Was not up there with the season that you look at the job man that's the David Price we really would open we guy wasn't bad but he wasn't back. Chris still has come here invent that he is Ben Chris he's been everything we could've wanted. And more. There's not really too much the too much else he can say other than that. What he's done here this year. Cy Young award is gonna come down to him and Corey clover. Sale probably get a I he's got more winds. Better ERA lower whip. Wins above replacement slightly higher but not much they're having very similar years. At Cooper's been. Filthy this year but then again so is Chris Sale and he was filthy tonight thirteen strikeouts. One walked no runs. Eight innings Craig Kimbrel striking out the side in the ninth it was aid 2017 a classic when he seventeen Boston Red Sox went. There's been a few of these this year. Where the offense was meant not good and they weren't good tonight. And the pitching carried him and that's what happened here six point 77797937. As your phone number there's one open phone line go ahead and grab a inaugurate your phone calls now we'll start things off with talker in Los Angeles hi Tucker. Hikers and I didn't think it's up. So last week he said that he thought would likely would gain the stock in a turning point in after last week acting. Which one would have to agree with you why one guy and still wondering about in the I brought up a couple times. You know reigning American League Cy Young winner report so I don't quarrel and you know just served well something touched on earlier you know we gotta get a ten game win streak on which is great fight. It is just collapsed I mean any industry going to eat recourse. Out well obviously can't not counted by hitting count it's not. It's not that reports your fellow in this this assertive he's had a weird season Tucker for a couple of reasons. He's not been as bad. As his record but he's been bad. Like he's had a bad year like he's given up a ton of hits a ton of runs he was leading the American League while Bob double check and see if he still is but he was a one point. Leading the American League in hits and runs allowed. And he's not anymore our DNA is still in the American League not at all baseball anymore second behind Clayton Richard hits. And an earned runs he is fifth. In the behind only you ball though you managed in the American League fifth than in all of baseball he's not having a good year so you know. When it when it comes to it's in him taking his turn in the rotation if there was something wrong with them don't you think there what it may be. Buried him on the day on the DL at some point our given him something to. Today is take the edge off like he's taken the ball he spiel okay so part of me thinks target that he has to get better than this is we know he's better than that. Yeah but I mean sell I'd almost rather there's something wrong with them that. Mean no actually. It's kind of what I was saying is that they if there was if there is a technical breadth of physical problem with him. Then yeah okay he's you'd take him out he put on attending the Alan. In you see if he can work through what are at least get some time often Tryon and regroup wait. That hasn't happened and that makes me think that you know that's not what it is it's just for some reason the season's not going his way and there's been play any games where yet he wasn't at his best. But he didn't pitched terribly and he still lost the game because he was getting such little run support so it's been all bad for reports Ellis you're nothing's been good. Yeah and I completely agree with that and and so my worry is we look at game like today okay did you step off the you know they if they get like this for Purcell tomorrow yup what does that mean anything if you're beginning to Ron. Cable side last time you know you'd Iggy get nervous about the street and it's hard when they get irked about the streak every single time one guy shows up. Well listen in thanks for the call Tucker and it's it's a fair point. It is tough to get on on as real winner street when you have one guy and irritation who's constantly losing and this would pour solos on the issues no nice way to say. But also you know it's seven game win streak don't worry about the wind streak coming to an end when streaks come and if they if they can withstand a bad where Seles art. And Palmer as does this thing in Eduardo Rodriguez goes out there and pitches and price comes up to the island everybody sort of back in working order. And Doug Fister makes one of those who cameo appearances goes six innings for your stake out guy. He can we can survive reports Ella. It's unfortunate. Any really really tough follow up to one of the probably best season they'll ever have but you know here we are. Let's just be happy with the win streak and also by the way you know yet if the offense it's like this tomorrow in the probably don't lose the game. By it last time Chris Sale was on the man on the offense was awesome and they are and they knocked around and Carlos Brasco. Who this year has been on hold hell of a lot better than Austin what was it that was stupid that I. Also really written. Brewers got bad and actually actually like Pruitt in Salem in their court. Kabul fast workers those of it's a little guy though there may be just compared to sail. Any scene plays out there and a white lies just got really short term victory that Mike Messina there. He's five pence is not tiny 510. Aaron well compared to salient Leah. Sales substantially zone five that if he's five to enemies probably 59. Is on the list himself if he could be 595 things effect on. Exactly especially with like 59 and a half you always gonna go out exactly roundup. Let's go to Charles in Boston nitro. Charles. Juggles. Put you on hold let's go to Pete in the car IP. A year ago and I was up. Just I'm column I didn't get to see much of the game and I in my band practice but. I am on my wife and undertaken. Are cute kids to the heart of the game in the Bronx on Saturday on nine. Yeah we're really site and a nice. Actually never been aired surprise from and for that present a minor side so. We're really really psyched to be in the game. They've ever it's a surprise. To you from your son. For your birthday. Remembered for his birthday. It makes more sense he's not listening right now I hope is and the surprises pretty ruined roads and. Yeah and should be it admiration. But. I I know it. Our alliances is aging and I was just wondering and I haven't watched him regain and I'm just I'm yours I'm yours like where might you be expecting the you know for the game coming up with a pitching. You know what's gonna look like I'm good interest they'll pitch a couple of times and just been. Incredible DM and and so. I'm just just wondering going into the Europe or in the Bronx like and expect anywhere. You know respect to be represented. Years. Beach Hilton and brood out of it. Yeah you'll be okay it's it's you're gonna old Yankee Stadium I'd say you know be careful rated new Yankee Stadium it's very it's very posh there you know the worry about you know story about dip mix in an open anyone a tie is about your Palmer had beaten thanks for the call. Major progress made two starts against the Yankees this year. I'll win and a no decision is an area for only nine against them in eleven innings. And a batting average against the twos 7914. Strikeouts. Comrades has been excellent since the break. Really he's been excellent all year a day Diaz and create started off okay. In April in Maine good sense really since the middle of may he's been dynamite. And since the all star break he's been very steady he's made five starts he's got two wins any RA Herrera and two and a half. In thirty innings. He's straight and a ton of guys out keeping guys off balance. It's van. He's been a real revelation this year he's material X-Factor in a lot of ways. Without your Palmer and doing what he's doing his team wouldn't have been able to travel are the way they did early on in the season. He has been huge for them. And I feel like he's been often overlooked this year. You know ACMs that's like a pleasant surprise every tie him but eventually you have to sort of realize that this isn't just something we should be surprised. He's got eleven wins he's he's right up there. You know one win totals for these American League pitchers. And it in mountain DeMaurice CN the more impressive he gets I think. He's got stronger as the year's gone on. Considering his history in the bullpen and sort everything else. It's very impressive has been a very impressive season from drew bomber it's one more call here before the top of the hour let's go to fill in Newport I felt. They're logo receipts well. I'd pay you back up that lot to call so irrelevant what a file. I'm rent is not good enough to write I would say Sudan. Yet Marcelo were not pitching him in the playoffs right that's such a no right. Well. If the playoffs started today I'd probably say no if he has a good month of August and September than yes I got a picture. Even if he just has a good month of September even because there's a good last two weeks of the season you probably got a picture. Yeah I mean at the opening you know the deep and start putting up a bigger ball or run critical look at all Europe but. You know. Yeah I've NSA and I am confident it's gonna happen but if it doesn't you do have to bid that lab started tomorrow than. I don't know even then you have to consider he's the only right in the rotation than Doug Fister. Wanna surfaced. I have three lefties and robo. Bout for got a lot to not look that that was bad. Got okayed or topic area. No okay. Now I mean noted. Listen whatever whatever ends up happening I out on allied force August all the hold out hope here that there's a there's some sort of redemption for him this season because it you know he's not this bad. And will see I guess anything else felt Korea or. No when I was kind of gone a bit you know I looked likely wipe out the bridge re erratic lefty can. Wouldn't be asked to capitalize on I mean I'm not probably we're gonna pay or what else. Yeah and pressure adds yet the Astros are there than Bohemia in the season Phil thanks for the call. Any team is Gannon and stacked their lineup with a righty users at a lot of good rays are going to be looking at a point. You know listen out of every the Astros 127 yankees they're going up there against Chris Sale they're gonna have a tough night. You know so they can stack Carolina Voller one bomber rants Rodriguez. Okay nauert now we're talking about some different I guess David Price. Not exactly is playoff superstar self. So you know before you pooh pooh recourse all too hard certain look around. It's not like your other options are obvious ones are no slam dunk here. Took the guy pitched tonight 617779. 7937 is your phone number quick break top of the hour get you trending now Red Sox review coming back.