Can the Red Sox regain popularity in Boston, and which social media savvy Red Sox beat writer has suggested the team examines how they use social media?

Mut at Night
Tuesday, November 14th

Mut and Keefe are talking about the Red Sox ranking in popularity among fans in Boston. Both guys agree that it's Patriots 1, Celtics 2, Red Sox 3, and Bruins 4, and they discuss if the Red Sox could do anything this offseason to make a splash and get more fan interest back to the team


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At night. When I'm at cal boy she. I accomplish he's that good every joke it's your last meal like a moment here. Tom it's like world do. Holley show moon. Enters the chemical labs Davies and gentlemen go out. Now we're on about the only get the world and that's. Wow well let's go but I go to our slots on Arnold and her. Our dog Jack is seventh overall real real snake eyes and the full time as I'm sorry of them. Now here's my. Night on Sports Radio W. On the a lot of I'm sorry excuse for a lot of I'm sorry your apologized for. Things you do things you say calling random Red Sox fans racist on Twitter apologize those things. Happens every now and then he goes to do it. How about the for live journal already side beat writer who did that he apologize how we get up. Couple weeks Leo. That week later silence at all or spend I thought you were someone else it was mistaken identity I'd call wanna call other Red Sox last race and then on social media and he is front and center again tonight this is Monday night's Sports Radio WE I rich keep it here. We'll take up until 10 o'clock Evans relic of NBC sports Boston to meet studio. At 8 o'clock he's that is history with Pete Abraham others on the right side of people get his take. On Pete's latest today. As reporter's notebook is in the past really pissed off relic and but it's in the text messages I got today from heaven and this thing to happen again today which is good Frost's eyes said it will join us for fireworks and starting right in the clock here in studio. Are your calls delayed 10 o'clock tonight at 6177797937. And appears there's. Couple that factions here amongst Red Sox beat writers there is the circle what it is something big crew. And there is there you better hold your horses they're probably not going to do much in that quarter would be Pete Abraham which petered out this afternoon. The notion the Red Sox and upland Haas for Martinez or Stanton is starting to appear unfounded bigger expenditure could be extending a player or two. Already on the roster. Yesterday 10:45 AM rob Bradford WEEI dot com it is almost a lock solid certainty. At least one of the top names in this offseason for rumor mill JD Martinez Eric Hosmer Giancarlo Stanton will be holding a Red Sox press conference in December I. I feel like. This is a direct response of that line by Bradford here by Pete Abraham fan but. You're seeing this back and forth now or some people or sand Stanton might that way that Drake and they will they're gonna do something big they're not gonna do something big. I am against Ian calls them or get into that here at some point here this outright big part of this for segment of fact. But the idea the Boston Red Sox whose ratings were down 15%. On TV year ago. Would not do anything this off season and sit on their hands until Bryce Harper Manny Machado Clayton Kershaw a year from now. Seems utterly ridiculous I say that somebody rich who is. Okay we're passing on stand given the court asking price of this guy. But to think they're gonna really stop gap at for a year would just. Luke is due to. And just Jake McGee lot of dollars a smaller and do that for you are hoping get price. When it comes to pass on stand. A good look in their quarter on this Pete Abraham and I actually agree on the stand is the wrong approach in my mind this all season. But to knock it Martinez knocked it Hosmer after he hit like normal ones last year and there was nobody raised up 15%. Seems about as dumb as you could approach a saucy and to the Boston but I would be surprised if they didn't get one of those. You guys just based on the year that they had zero the Bradford Q yes I am glad to get there's a big difference between saying hey they're not gonna trade for Giancarlo Stanton and they're not gonna get one of those three big bats that are available to free agents in one via trade would. Why why wouldn't say of of course that would mean we have here completely different propositions. Looking at Stanton vs the other yeah that's my personal lump it in my dad used to say what are assigning and they're not penetrated for a guy. I find that hard to believe because they know. They need a power that I got to so obviously when there's a rusty said last week you hope to get it back right and edit what is the browse to do what he says he needs over the Eagles and does it. I immediately ace pitcher are they got an ace pitcher now. And whether we need a closer went on got Craig Kimbrough right and I was a year one yet they've they've made moves when the when they even if smuggled before the brows he just you know John Henry ownership team. When that when he said the franchise when they've had a glaring need in one out and addressed it. Hasn't always worked but it needed a left sitting at a left handed hitting third baseman they got policy and what didn't work that filled a need at that time and so. This year that they're clearly gonna add a power about somebody active in 3040 home runs. How they gonna sell this team you Red Sox fans explain to me if you if you understand what the the short term approach is going to be at 617779. 7937. Yes we are starting baseball tonight we'll get a some football stuff next hour including Andrew Brandt. Blaming colonials. On the bleak outlook potentially for the NFL wrote that enable Italy and the monorail is all ideals ball avocados colonials faults. Restaurants one heels fall and now and NFL. But if you're Red Sox fan. Possibly could be the approach it they don't sub one of these guys and they end up what would get Logan Morrison. Luke is due to Jake McGee stop gap guys for year 2018. And that they throw up the promise of or going to be involved in a Bryce Harper and many which I don't Clayton Kershaw on Dallas Skype call these the guys the huge. Free agent class next year. This Seles came we change the manager. We hope the guys we currently have are good at not and absolutely terrible sales approach. For a team's gonna go up against aid Boston Celtics club that has now won twelve and row and pride gonna make a thirteen and against Brooklyn. And is gonna play for eastern conference on commented it's I am now barring injury they'll be in the Eastern Conference final and right now they thought the best team the Eastern Conference. You down 50% ratings. What is the sales pitch if you dole signed and many use undersea Hosmer Martinez out of withstand the Cyprus around circle back. But say you adults on one of those guys or trade for Stan. What are you selling. Alex core. That killer bees are back baby well Heidi it's out of there go out of their 2016 stats please please we look at Colorado last hurdle look at the year old that lived through years ago not last year. Dated prices back at still job on the rights artists that brought. Chris is now talking about predict Chris Elliott a had a really big first half of the season holy smokes he's got. Yeah eight hit it hard to bring back the same team when you knew. Even though he won the division back to back years the Red Sox in knew there was a problem there that's why they swapped out the manager. But nobody thought even the the biggest John Ferrell the tractor would not say he was the reason and now they're going to be pushed over the top well. He needed more he needed a veteran and going to help. He's wanna help the core it was well should be an upgrade shore but you need another bat in the middle of the lineup is just one. The reality is that could probably use more than one by one be realistic about it sorry. He did you invest you know the money and one of these guys great if you feel it point eight of the the trade demand comes down for the Marlins that you're able to get something that you agree to that great. But there's no way you can take. Last year starting lineup and just trotted back out there this year you well it's and it sounds like at least to be read Peter Abraham today gen McCaffrey bass line just posted a very similar story. Red Sox the inning put it is standing pat excuse me. It feels like they wanna do that and or is that negotiations right is so Judy Martinez. 4218. Way everybody 200 million now I don't know maybe not look and say you better get that no matter what are Red Sox Amy multiple teams involved and Judy Martinez and and our cost but maybe you wait until the money is is reasonable for them and with Stanton. There if there ask you for everything in the world Rucker get that so a fuse if you fair or out of that because you're gonna wanna get the Red Sox involved here I don't wanna get the red sock it. So she tell you take one of the young guys that 120 fives on the Major League roster. If you could take. You know hey look it they're offering Andrew bad intent hypothetically than you take that to the Yankees you take that's all these other teams are able we heard an hour at best. So let's see what what you guys can offer side I think they're gonna and European back in the. At least in discussions on on all ID and and by the way they should be I don't like the idea trading for stand. They should be in on the stand and trade right up until the final minutes and let them be the team that says thanks but no thanks if it is this work staying away from it. Because we don't want we're just that the cost gonna be too prohibitive. That is absolute bull crap they they should they shouldn't overpaid overpaid for Jean Karl stand they should not trade. Bad intent the plus room plus Bogart's plus Bradley plus paid a contract that cost is too high it's why an odd one of the reasons why I'm out on Stan. But they should be circling back to Derek Jeter or is making the decision there Miami now. Every single day twice today three times today that's a good teams do. They might not have been the team that makes the trade but they know up until the final seconds the trade is made. Obviously what the train went four and we can sleep at night because we know what the final Doug said that the deal ones. What what would drive me crazy is it they just it's yep. Walked away early on that this this early push. From the Red Sox beat. Is the Red Sox putting it out there to try to give soft pedal the fan base to let that that no. Iraq and get this guy about Oneida Indian ball which is anybody's if you of the Red Sox you have to be involved you're not doing your due diligence view not. In it till the end on even a player I don't wanna see entry at any goes for 7580. Cents on the dollar all week that we Canada that we we we we had that would offer you that I'm excited but receipt you gotta be involved you hope that they are we kill the patriots for two weeks ago when they traded Jimmy drop a load everybody know just through the four digit did you sell we saw all clear it's not exactly the same way but did you maximize. From the selling standpoint you maximize the asset they didn't. If you the Red Sox did you get a ball to the bitter end on a player. Who would full body and he got a lot of people are all in on she calls stand most notably since social media. Is Derek Robbins who is just all we stand he's talking about writing about a visa's new David Price again and bank bow about the most Fed's fifth and are living together rice's apartment there in New York. But the cost is going to be a lot. The contract is insane and we gore list of contracts like these big multiyear contracts that never ever work out in Major League Baseball. And by the way he's got a history being hurt. So those are reasons are our reasons why I would not be bald the Red Sox should be and I think they are doing themselves a terrible disservice and they are really. Here's the riskier for the Red Sox the alienation of a fan base off a down year from a media standpoint anyway in new year where this'll be. To be a battle the Celtics I already think the number three team in the current standings here in town patriots Celtics Red Sox. If your big movies Jake McGee in the bullpen or Francisco Liriano in the bullpen or. Logan Morrison at first base. You're gonna have a real hard time. Fill a ballpark number one in better creating a buzz feared teams starting in 2008 ticket out for year one of Allen's I was surprised this year about. Eric David Ortiz clearly the most popular player on the team faced the franchise he's gone. I was surprised by just what kind of backlash the team did yet except metal will keep pets people like him served Bogart's you'd like him. You still have Pedroia sale and price and in prices obviously depending on who you talk to me a loan or hate them. But a lot of big name guys at least I thought for baseball fans but it wasn't enough. And I think. What did admit it's over simplistic but. Home runs it's it it's absolutely what it's at absolute very easy thing to point to they were dead last in the American League. People at home runs chicks dig the long ball dudes that long ball so they needed to get somebody in there to record a hit 3040. Home runs in the lineup. And there are those guys available so. And it they got to bring more of those guys in an and that could turn things around you know ratings wise. It would it would certainly be a step in the right direction and not I'd I don't know what they expected. They're gonna get people to remember what guys did two years ago. You were first place team last year your competitive all last year people still. On its interest in your team as it was the year before your before that some that is baseball. But a lot of it was the perception of this baseball team and maybe Alice corps helps with some of the David Price dolphin. In May be just the John Ferrell beat out guys like me. I will be quite as critical of the manager at least initially. But that's not the end all be only recourse sadness press conference. It's about the players not about analytic it's not about the sex appeal it's about the players and yet to to start to lay the foundation and start to leak to people on your beat. He we're going to be there we're not the year for me being here it's it dat that is a tea what again I don't want stand. Al fight Red Sox fans on that Chileans have gone somewhere else. But to be out on all three guys who just say. It's. Oh my right and let my winter weather hands on you clapping. Horrible. Terrible this is not Kansas City this is not Milwaukee it's not the Marlins. They should be involved in. All of these guys even yeah I don't wanna see them it's it would just be silly to and then it would be them thinking that you're big market teams Carrollton outs for his all you did due to the content and the Astros the apple be something right that's what that's what you'd be saying if you if you brought back the same rotation in the in the same lineup and a lot of what is the bigger issue supermarkets in rotation. And pretty much the same bullpen that you will be fine with that it's not it's all about the one writes about the offense until we start there if you L what what can't. A Red Sox fans in I guess is the Abraham camps and not gonna get one of these guys has a rod Bradford had to be shocked if they don't and they're not going to. How do you draw you back is he Red Sox fan but I just I don't see it right. Nobody does more Red Sox programming on the station not income stately old or never and I do you. Pregame in game post game reds saw interview award winning hot stove show us those are guys arm round tables that tomorrow yes they had their hours and hours and hours of Red Sox programming. Hours a calls from people. Like I'd pick it up and another sword die hard Red Sox fans who care about this team what I care about his team how they gonna sell you. You why is that Alex Cora and Logan Morrison and Jake McGee and the promise the promise. Of being involved in Bryce Harper when he's up next year or Manny Machado when he's up to actually from may. Having taught you folks the last couple years on these shows. That hasn't seen anywhere near enough 61777979837. Is your phone number on Twitter at much and UT WEEI. And a key 21 you guys already lined up we'll get your phone calls we got back on this restart baseball. And I got to know this this Pete Abraham thing we come back this ridiculous. Note in his reporter's notebook today. About the Renaissance associate you talk about hypocritical folks this might be the most hypocritical thing ever written by anybody in history of sports media. On a region that it'll get your phone calls 617779. 7937. It's Mott and night Tuesday Sports Radio WE. Yeah. Streaking positively or negatively. Yeah. Well we had a lot of discussions I think. A lot to. But I think it's. More information gathering right now I'm. It's at now. Heads of general. Again get here can you potentially. Anything happens. Our that is data browse fuel cell for starting the portion cold water on the Red Sox offseason this even. Which are meats and GM meetings minority slow play in this thing which does not make a lot of sense to me. Other than. They know in the back of their mind they're not going to be aggressive and they wanna get Red Sox fans mentally prepared for in a year where they were down a 15% on the TV ratings a year ago a year where they. All their ticket prices across the war for 2018. I would say this is not a great look I say that is somebody who does policy. Sheehan called stand here based on the price is currently being a listed. Eyes sticker price for a trade in acquisition. It is still a bad look for the Red Sox Monday night but keep your phone calls your second 6177797937. Pete Abraham is. Reporter's notebook which annoys Evans relic to know land and I don't packers' Evan said that before attack on the show we so that would Bradford don't want the weekend shows couple months back takes the notebook hates the notebook about that he feels like he gets on his high horse especially here now does a lot as you know. I've been in this reporter's notebook he really does it. And I know something in this reporter's notebook. God relic that Texas a four letter words and oh so early it's our current hot and his confidence high data we've we've Marty I think we've established that when he joins me here okay about ninety minutes. On Twitter that's fair well this one got me and I I. I plead this out at Mott and UTW we unites lengthy thing fellow baseball and so it's boring stuff like things like. You know. Now that David Ortiz retired no Red Sox player makes as year round home in the Boston area. On anybody managed Jackie Bradley Jews expendable and trade hasn't pulled the pitching staff was because of the defensive run see all of these rather hard defensively yes I think that they that's sort of thing. And in this high horse here at the end. The Red Sox need to consider that as it stands today. The area less interest thing relate oval and likable team to fans and the patriots and the Celtics to which I would agree and I whether I agree or not. He's going outside the use the how the Red Sox use social media how they handle media relations. Other players interact with fans. All needs to be examined closely. And improved. There are some people they could say it is. And you'd just be glued move onto the next that. You would move on get to the next paragraph which it which actually we're gonna get your second is another ridiculous I voted for his take from us. A member of the Pete Abraham who covers the Red Sox reliving his job is to relate to the fans interact with fans. It is columns it is no port on social media. This is the guy. Who attacked he ran a Red Sox fan on Twitter as being a grand wizard member of the Ku Klux Klan because he dared suggest. The Red Sox might be better without David Price or that'd be logical jump. With price opposite the headline story with priced out what all the Red Sox rotation be to start the year. Pete Abraham breaks it down. Brad T college umpires there was a guest I think of launch on your afternoon show you out of the launching sentenced for a couple segments are better without him exclamation point. There is meant that's pretty okay that was a take the people a lot of people had with Red Sox this year. To David prices credit he found it down the stretch he pitched excellent out of the bullpen for the Red Sox you'll crippled Al think that he's going to be eight. Ice part of the addition nice portable blood the rotation 2018. If you're off the price bandwagon he's been quiet so far social media wise that's the problem that Gartner okay it would adding he still could not be shocked when immigrants. Dude dude dude dude do college umpire. Pete Abraham response shirt thing Kama grand wizard grand wizard bull thing Capps C a fine he clearly meant. Grand wizard program with what's claims so you'd dare. Suggest that he might be better a lot of player no matter what its calories in this case David Price is black some Reno's that full disclosure you are a racist and heat it took days. For him to apologize when he eventually did. His apology was on social media it was open everybody and he said. I thought you were your friend it. He was the one pissing me off so also part of it I bet Brian anyway I went to call a different Red Sox fan race that social media not you. Mystic Dennis Horry iPad didn't write it goes on because he was getting crushed by as much else good winner of vanderveer radio DirecTV is playing for I'm I don't think it's last this last as long as I wanted to to put every time he eats weeded. For like weeks every comment was lectures thing grand wizard editor is not a grand wizard or as as Leo I don't works is mortenson Mort is instill when he told he's so I retreated ports and last week on something yeah. First your responses were 11:12 football at 11 o'clock footballs and more I just about like a lot I veteran and Dallas guard diaper being it was pretty and other a bunch of the early replies like that so pretty dead peeking get that for as long as more did but I mean this the guy writing. Their ticket to consider that as its ends the day. To announce our tolerance psyches social media how to handle media relations how their players interact with fans all need to be examined closely import. And is that really that's awesome and on days in your right most people if anybody else that you'd greeted you do bond. He's a different nighter washing your hands in a way to describe what's going on right now I gonna stick out here I won't watch your candidate Misha make that clear to everybody. But this is of those things where is that really more directed just to David Price and he doesn't really and isn't that anything of note in a while there. But what else so what's the Red Sox problem social media missed it if I think you can't use David Price as an example. What bothers you about Red Sox and social media. Is there anything or the such as or an old story. I like if you're asking me personally yeah social media I would have no example to give you I don't know how they handle media relations. I would say to meet their times of the Red Sox have. I think been guilty of pandering recently I think the PSA thing at Fenway Park and Pete doesn't mean as the peak of we poured out yesterday. The PSA thing was way over the top like we're not gonna eliminate racism because of a good PSA. Those racist people are gonna go all week you know Colorado. Players are saying don't be that yeah I like racism is over some to stop by not to think that I think they did that to get credit. And so I'd be critical that I was critical of how quickly they believed. Adam Jones lose Euro evidence he was harassed. In center field the peanuts and and we saw that the harassment and the N word we didn't seem bodily heat when he's at pebble at least when asked a police report he never even mentioned that so. I would be critical that other players interact with fans. All need to be examined but that won't pay the price its price is the guy on social media who pisses people off there's nothing else with the Miami or know why laster said. Not to get about playoff losses and does what's ironic is that Pete's the one that depends these players he does Pete is the biggest defender players in the history of the Red Sox beat and there's a lot of guys the case these players asked on that beat. He is numero don't know what impedes pathetic to it comes to if he's saying something nice about a player he acts now hell yeah gas is a very few time don't get me laser show it to criticize somebody which is not that often you'll write their name out so they can't test. Just either so this is part of life is critical to its youthful culture a second for instance he writes I'm talking about this is a Red Sox and you better. You tell me if this matters one iota for Red Sox president on the fans with they're not one active player turned out for Alex course press conference. Yes players have families are commitments in the offseason and are under no obligation to show up. Others are recovering from surgery but not even one player could have been persuaded to show some public support. That's reached critical and I would say. That TV anything you also as a matter at all and maybe this one. This must abolish some Red Sox people as he does mention this. It was also babble that only the only player that showed up for Pedro Martinez is recent charity event in Boston was free agent Fernando bond. Eight major leaguer for other teams did show up. I'll Robinson can no Nelson Cruz have Reno and Reyes apart and how did you get to the point the more players on the team supported Martinez the members the Red Sox. I'm sure that pissed off on the Red Sox that feels like he heard that drug for Red Sox the fans. I don't let the fans here there are watching less or interest of blessed because. You know guys insure the page cement now I'd I don't care at all they just played a whole season and they lost. You know they got smashed in the playoffs their college feel terrible and they're going back to where they are going on vacation there doing Rivera wanted to go. Wanna be in the area here that's fine. Don't care. So formula I I get it for some people tonight role I just think it's could this guy who has just been so. Critical the fan base and get so mad at the fans and now is and read something better social media when he's. Now he's as a job he called a fan a grand wizard. I works for the globe called global of the Red Sox. He works for the fans he calls a random fan racist past to be prodded to apologize gives a crap ass apology. He still it's a coveted. And so now he's saying hey writes I'd be better on social. I just found actively not a bit ironic it'll fall in Canada and the ever draft pleasant thoughts and that when he joins us well 8 o'clock let's talk to David Brock and on the Red Sox in the offseason David you're up on a lot at night howry. I I'd like they don't connect David. First of all. I think the Red Sox are gonna frozen cold water RG RG it's gonna take a lie lie. Right in hitter. He needs rust lefties last year date it GAAP items say eighteen need. Let let let let it enters and in that ballpark because you're looking at best you can vote archer looked at it looked at basket all all particularly right handed. And I know that it is no compensation for four Martins terms that the Iraq are concerned yep it'll cost you money which I love I'll definitely cost you money. But I would like to see India. Marking this. Have played first base. And it'll rule will in them. Well look you are wrong and you have a hostilities and you wanna throw cold water Martinez yeah yeah yeah I I I like to see your heart when Burress got our Martina is slightly EH. Yeah. I think a lot of people probably agree with you so what was you do want you to Wal-Mart you watch hockey while polls guys both guys. Yet it on eight to. Are you need one to zero they've right thinking it probably do need to. Also want to. Let let. Eco. Indicate that they should allow India tool and I don't want to hear about law in Morris saying terrorists got guys like that. Another gut at that that it would be interesting to me is it is strategic we eat. Carla who let let the arm who they haven't had you here for awhile. Billy Wagner. You know I ain't got what it pretty popular way to look at it is Korea but the desire on lefty was not in the it was lights out. But outside. I Hispanic. Debt is here's the number one supposedly don't tomorrow he's looked incredible one tight reliever. You sound really well that lady got in also if you got. I'm Martinez sort. Of humans you know if if you got here you know you would not been able to maintain beat senator and you would puppetry Jackie. There I think there's been an applause there that they're thinking about doing that bad Bradley's name has come up in a notch again let me see out making well yeah I'll talk pitching staff he thinks that's true we are so he sounds unbelievable defensively if it means to end up with. JD Martinez. And he get you move guys around I think you'd live with that they need the forty home runs as the guy Martinez brokered for the Brittany talk about. You know he it you lefties. Opt against lefties last year he only twelve home runs. RB 376 little PS of over 1001356. He wants a thirty footer. Oh well woody. I don't normally I that you're knocking hit lefties in wreck he had 33 home runs on Fridays last year from the right side how would that look at Fenway Park the current I think he would look awesome of headway in he's gonna cost you. He'll probably a little bit less than Haas were financially and he's gonna cost you less. For me a prospect I'd traffic standpoint plus you have that intensity yet devers turned in the lineup everyday at their ball Latvians morality trade Bradley sort of bristle a team he's also left the set. I don't think you need. 5050 split necessarily get away with three lefties will be fine 617779793. So we start baseball full fall to do you guys with money Knight Evans relic Hussein to GA girls stand is not the Red Sox as this trade talks. You'll join us at 8 o'clock. All the votes arranged for American League manager of the year a lot at night Sports Radio WEEI your phone calls all night long at 617. 77979. B 37. Hale manager of the year goes through Palmolive. Congratulations smaller. 181 place votes. Terry Francona comes in second. 111 place votes for Tito. AJ hinge. Whose team went on to be subverted things won a World Series he was third parent. I'd Joseph Girardi out was fourth you get any first place votes again to secondly votes 63 place votes but the the first place Boston Red Sox they won the division obviously good paying job by day and they won the wild card. Zero. Point zero. Though the amount of votes that John Ferrell got at any level manager Novartis the only divisional winning manager not to get a vote in the American League obviously. Not only three if people got votes of looking at the different balance right now. I ever draw local join a series studio could have voted for. I'm the manager he did not give to Mulder hinge Francona. Tim Britton Providence journal also go to voted for John Ferrell didn't he went hinge Francona Mahler. No one voted for John Ferrell in the American League off a 93 when season. First place the AL least didn't get a vote I don't that we pulpit nationally he's already been decided yet yes I missed that and nationally. It throw a no one did a do we know a division winner got to vote Bayer. I will be. There in wherever. Dime toward Lavelle. Looking right now where everyone got votes there well Belo Robert Bud Black Craig Counsell Dusty Baker Joseph Maddon all of them votes. John Mendel won second place vote get back. David Ben and LB dot com it's only got voters go to six people got votes so every divisional winner in the National League got a vote. John Ferrell is the only division in division winning manager who did not get a vote for the manager of the year 2017. Got to stay that about sums up John Farrell and I think that is evidence to those of us like you meet right were super critical John Ferrell that. Was about him move more about this team now were not alone. Right there and he got a copy of the experts thought he got a guy in the division the budget Girardi did a better job Francona certainly. Pall mall was so it's added it's got actually sting John Henry company they let Lavelle walk he went NL manager of the year. And John Ferrell does get a vote. In a year where he wins the most gains the American League east as being nice and say tied for fifth by. Our Ted laughs Terry finished dead last in the manager of the year voting zero point zero. For John what's next for him. I'm taking your raw I'd. Iraqi saying TV. He does not immediately I would be what one not judge John is there anything they let of the year so I would sit out for the year travel with jazz. See the sights go to Europe for. Apple and then next year. She was going around these guys always get like a second chance right some team will say Horry and a third of the Red Sox. Into the divisional wins they want a World Series in boss there I mean no keyboard with pitch every sport does the retread coach thing I feel like baseball's right up there are emotionally Jeff Fisher and Ohio a NFL coaches who have gotten jobs NFL's the worst by far took fishers and asked if it didn't officially he's had two jobs and Melissa long. OK you just don't long time I'm sick of hiring return to get shot guys shot after shot it's evident recent trend now where Malarkey a line one Michael I have no. I think it's just now. Where you start to see the outs or does that negate cap blurs the torrent of laws or start to see a movement of at first you're out for a while now and that's about double the odds are assigned Dusty Baker Liggett as well as those guys are and jobs for our. Our calls and a car talking about the Red Sox 61777979. It guides you elaborate. At that they you know I really have a strong. Opinion yeah I feel like it is just one this is posturing. On all the free agents as well as the Marlins stand. I don't envision anyone you know. Three top prospects. While the Major League pitcher. To take about 300 million dollar contract. I don't see all the great I don't think the team in the majors that do not want. And this thing. You know idle or porous but defeat in the day. That to Martinez is gonna get a deal. Anywhere in the law of 450 million he'd done. You know I'm TJ my ears and probably a five year deal worth about 130 million. You know I think a lot of it is just early in Austria in their pocket and make a big move you know legitimate split up. All the white wider some people tied to the teams start to slow played now it doesn't feel like that Karl I call your penalty you're right but they are really lowering the bar for the expectation this team. But this only so nobody teased out the you know the talk about it does go giants. We'd talk about the cardinals. We could talk about the Philly. What are the two homes and eighths and 800 million dollar Koreans. You know there is a real I did a lot of good boxer and I really don't I. I agree and Scott or Scott shall appear Carl thanks for the call Scott or official of the GM meetings in a month. A month through yesterday I think with a big binder and he'll be able other all gonna make their money. In some cases they will be it'll get paid. On the Marlins are gonna get a whole young players and somebody take on Jean Karl stands contract the Red Sox should be bold in all these things and I hope Carl's right. I just did fizzled there's a lot of people all the sudden led by Abraham and others. Slope playing any of these guys being here Woertz. If that's the case the question is not old wood there should they because that that's the easy one right they should be evolve and all these guys would you like the Bernal Martinez stand Hosmer. Why wouldn't be what what how could you possibly say they're doing their job. If they're not you know these guys how are they selling this team make shots and no one's its that a full hour it's a cold calls for an hour. No ones answer how they sell this team if they don't sign one of those guys or trade for gene policy. Right what's this what they have that what it's like what you said before what's the bush people and by lashing here without that is my stats Alex Cora outsell those and out score. Outscored right now is no difference I was very early on C yeah yeah figure our what house are gonna look different. Ands that it got they edited so they got to get somebody that's capable forty you guys are holds data we're gonna get to your phone calls in the solo hour of the show at 617779. 793 civil start the hour would this also get into a manager Brandt story today. On the NFL where he says the biggest question biggest issue is not concussions or. Onerous or ratings are revenue. It is yes colonials he's going down that we'll get that pleasure Paul calls mud at night Evan relic. Who's got beef street Pete Twitter beef real life beef with Pete Abraham joins an hour from now.