This can't be another rebuilding year for the Celtics. 10-18-17

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Thursday, October 19th

In the 2nd hour Patrick talks about how far he thinks the Celtics will fall in the Eastern Conference with the lose of Gordon Hayward. Patrick also wishes Reimer good luck as he makes his return to K&C. 


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Houston's late night talk Sports Radio telling you I commit to getting going east easily ignite. Hard Sports Radio don't need you guys. Sports Radio. Back to back evenings would you guys for action back downwards two nights in a row. We'll make it three in a row tomorrow night of the year out. After Thursday night football so it's always great to be able to come in here. For a couple of consecutive days and talk to you guys at 6177797937. You continue to text the program at 37. 937 you found me on Twitter. Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy on hoops a big thank you goes out. To Peter Bessie for joining us in the first hour of the program I'm sure that will be available on the website at some point this evening coming up a little bit later. On the program will hear from. Our power tools sports' Dan Greenberg covers the Celtics huge Isiah Thomas then you actually we did something out tonight during the game when. Kyra your team was struggling let's say and he was. Essentially saying I can't help but wonder if Isiah Thomas would be missing these clips and I wanna say today and I will state that Dan when he joins me in the program. That regardless of what team I tees playing for now whether it's the cavaliers are he never got traded from the Celtics. He wouldn't be attempting these clips because he's hurt he's gonna be out till least January so. At least the Celtics although. Tyrant he has struggled a little that your through the first couple games of the season at least the Celtics point guard is one that's healthy enough to play. In the world right now where Gordon Hayward is down and out and will call for the season. There's some optimistic reports out there that say he could be back sometime in March I don't wanna go down that road yet. You teach here Kyra you're being in the post game tonight essentially saying that we don't have time to go to square one. We gotta get this thing right right now and put ourselves in good position. Four when Gordon Hayward gets back so maybe the players know something that we don't know. But there have been some optimistic reports starting last night. Would Mike Gorman and continuing tonight through the word day when it became official. That this thing was actually a relatively clean break mean that if you looking for silver linings in this whole deal that's a big silver lining. It could have been a lot worse if he had torn up his ligaments. If he had done blood vessel damage you're talking about extended time more than a year. He'll potentially I don't wanna call it career threatening in today's modern medical day and age that we live in but certainly. There would be a lot more question marks of rounding Gordon Hayward return. Then there will be now that we know that it was a clean break we'll know definitively what the timeline is what the timetable is looking like. I'm sure it will be an optimistic timeline and a pessimistic timeline that come out of this whole story. When he wraps up surgery Gordon Hayward undergoing surgery right now as we speak in Boston. When he is done with surgery will bring you guys the latest tonight on Sports Radio. WEEI. Continuing to talk about the celtics' home opener they lose to the box. One away to 100. And if you remove the Gordon Hayward piece from the conversation. I really wanna talk to you guys about the way the Celtics closed out her failed to close out this game tonight. And how similar it looked at the team's inability to close out the cavaliers last night. And this is the hardest part about playing young guys and playing you guys to your team this is where having that continuity. Really comes in the play and this is why there were a lot of NBA guys NBA pondered the thought that the Celtics would get off to. Let's say a 500 start through the first twenty games of the season. Because it was gonna take some time especially. With the shortened exhibition season the shortened training camp schedule it is Sports Radio WEI I am Patrick Gilroy the numbers your 6177797. 9370 driving home from the game I want to hear from you guys in the meantime let's go back out to the phones let's go to Mike Mike is in north Providence might do next up here on Sports Radio WEEI. I Patrick Roy you know I mean they launch date that is the second of them back to back rate and get depressed seeing natively today. And after the shot what happened last night. Kyra read it would that really it really a usual shooting game by his standards and you know they lost. And guided it just got it at thirty million dollar a year contract. So I mean that the and heated. Quote. You know people's doubts about this peak that you. I mean they could have very easily won both of these games right and it. In both cases so he had me nailed close it out. I'm kind of optimistic about as good I didn't think they're gonna win a championship anyway and I my whole mentality is title or not. You know so. But what you get the scene now you're gonna get the at least. Police for the foreseeable future the younger players on the team. I thought Jalen brown had another good game Natalie foul trouble I thought it was pretty gap that'll be used to this used to this sort of sketch. We don't get back to backs in college right so you and your college you don't get back to backs. I suspect Tatum. Will look better on Friday with a night of rest and again you know that the Celtics do wants to get through Friday. Might it they've got the weekend off they've got Monday off don't play again until Tuesday. Against the knicks in Boston and I think that those three days there are gonna be critical remembered going back to the Celtics playoff series last year with the bulls. Completely different team but after they went down 02 and they had a couple of days off to regroup. And sort of get over the shock of the loss of IT's sister and I think you can sort of bring a similar comparison here. This team needs a couple of days off the sort of shake off the shock of the loss of Hayward for the season. Yeah there's. It's one of these things in the eyes they will play better honestly. They have a better draft pick in this strapped with their own pick it up under the cry over anyway. But I mean I was just looking at guys like action usually or neither are Tice. I should be no delay when he got put into the game against Cleveland was this completely lost in the first game got kind he played a lot that. And that scene did not suck what a mob war I needed to have big numbers right but he would start easily he was like OK now I can't have a better idea what's gonna happen. I'm looking down the road a little bit here you know 23 months from now some of these guys might start establishing themselves. They might show social what they can do and that's good for the Andy Pettitte then that gives them an idea what he could do with regards to trades. We want to keep or whatever and that's very important for the went forward. Micah you're actually right I appreciate the phone call that's an aspect of the story that we haven't really talked about yet. There's been a lot of angles here to this story the last 24 hours here and I feel very lucky that have had the opportunity to sort of go through group therapy with you guys are Sports Radio WEEI last night immediately following the game following the injury and again tonight. As we sort of continue to wrap our heads around what's happened here to this Celtics season a season that. Started just 126 hours ago and this season has started to a tremendous amount of excitement and anticipation. All goes out the window. And you're right Mike when you talk about guys like Sammy you which relate. Entice and you know these guys Abdul Nader going out there and getting their opportunities in getting playing time and if they're able to go up there and take advantage. And prove that they belong in the league. Nobody has been better. At turning guys into assets then Danny Ainge. If you look no further than a guy like Ryan Gomes who fans around here loved you go back to the 2000. And six Celtics team 2007 Celtics team before they brought in Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett to complement Paul Pierce. And there was a huge segment of fans not only did they love Al Jefferson and love Ryan Gomes because the Celtics turned. Their second round taken Ryan Gomes into somebody that was. It bolted it to be guide you could root for independent Don. And it's semi usually could turn into Ryan Gomes Wheldon the Celtics have created something out of nothing they've gotten value from a second round pick putting ten. I keep going back to the expectations for the season and all you guys they called me last night. I think you crazy. All right because I got a ton of calls last night of people saying well you know the Celtics were supposed to win 54 games to be five games but still get a win fifty and be a okay. I heard that a lot of the station today to. I can't tell you how many people both hosts and callers that said the Celtics were going to be atop two team and they are still going to be a top two team. I just can't wrap my head around that not when the team is this you know. Not when you lose one of your few veteran pieces right and that's okay I mean 54 wins that's it we knew championship. Before wins it means nothing 53 wins meant nothing to last year's Celtics it is so little in fact it did change. Took a stick it dynamite to the team in the offseason so again EO wind holes the wind total doesn't tell the complete story. But. How many teams in your history of watching the NBA can you remember. That started a second year guy and a rookie. And that brought guys off the bench that would legitimately either overseas talent or second round picks because that's what your Celtics are doing. Like game played overseas last year. I mean you've got a guy instead you always relate second round pick. You've got guys out there yet Bocelli who hasn't played yet because of injury overseas last year a second round pick the year before first round pick the year before mid first round pick the year before. These guys have gotten zero NBA experience yet they're gonna be leaned upon. They're gonna be leaned upon by Danny Ainge by the Celtics organization by Brad Stevens to give this team positive contributions. And that's just not something. That I was prepared for I was prepared for Jason Tatum and Jalen brown and may be a little a little bitty Yahoo! so that's sort of what I prepared myself for as far as. The young guys go that we're gonna get significant minutes. I wasn't prepared for idol later. I wasn't prepared for Sanyo delay and you'd be lying to meet you told me that you wore. You be absolutely telling me stories that I'm never gonna believe if you told me that going into this season a season would all these expectations. You knew that the Celtics team was going to be leaning on sandy ocean a lake and Abdul freaking Nader to give this team. Serious contributions serious minutes. If this team is going to be able to overcome the loss of Gordon Hayward I don't buy it I just don't. Because I'd been watching the league too long in this elite word veteran talent wins. It just does. And you know what you've got out there. With the warriors that homegrown unit. Yes he did bring in the best player in the unit arguably in Kevin Durant but that they were already 73 win team before to ring got there. And they're all a sensibly draftees of the warriors and they grew up together that's very rare. That is just very rare usually you've got one or two homegrown pieces and then a bunch of outside talent that comes on in be it through free agency and trades. And that's what the Celtics tried to do they're trying to mesh their homegrown talent their own draft picks he heard Peter messy when I brought up. Jason at Jason Tatum and Jalen brown EE jump straight in and said don't forget about Terry rosier terror 015 points tonight. Looking very much like Terry rosier that we saw in the playoffs last year continuing to take the next step in his progression right it's that's great. And we still haven't seen Marcus Morris. Who's a nice veteran piece of the Celtics got. In the trade with the with the pistons for Avery Bradley and by the way the pistons win their home opener tonight their season opener Avery Bradley in the starting lineup Ebert Bradley with a very Bradley like fifteen points. The Celtics were always gonna lean on young guys they were they just weren't gonna lean on the this many young guys and go this deep into their sort of reservoir of young guys and that's. The part of the story that I am having a hard time wrapping my head around and again these people. They continue to tweak me and continue to take the in and continue to call the program and tell me. Yeah I do Roy you're crazy the Celtics look at still win fifty plus games. I just think you're crazy at this team's gonna be lucky to win 45 games this year and that's optimistic they're gonna be a bottom for team in the Eastern Conference. It is our and that's okay. I'm not saying that's a bad thing but if you think this team is gonna have home court advantage come playoff time I wanna know what you're smoking and where you bought it. It's Sports Radio WEEI. Sports. 01 network. Meaning with other host that is decent threw myself hoping that their producers tankers pick up the audio that in the open and in May go get a response. The Sports Radio. WE yeah. Patrick Gilroy and you would you guys until 2 o'clock this morning. And over to join us here 6177797. And 9370 takes the program at 37937. You found me on Twitter. Matt Gilroy on hoops acts Gilroy on hoops continuing to talk about it. The Boston Celtics with you if you are still driving home from the game. Eager to take your phone calls that 6177797937. The Celtics they lose their home opener your final score. The Milwaukee Bucks one await your Celtics 100 the game was closer than that eight point spread the Celtics really having. A chance to win this thing and in the closing minutes of the game. To showing a lack of maturity. A lack of togetherness and you have to think that maturity and continuity of one another. Will come with practice time and time on the court together. Because this team again I can't stress this enough they're playing a tremendous amount young guys who have little to it it's a no NBA experience. And then you're meshing them with a couple of veteran pieces and they're great veteran pieces specifically calorie Irving who struggled tonight mightily from the field 725. But you have to believe that he'll be much better than that. But it's gonna take awhile especially without the other veteran piecing Gordon Hayward to make this thing right. You know and again. Expectations have to be tempered here is my expectation went from about a 5455. Win team. I'll be shocked if this team wins. More than 45 games and I think that is being generous curious to hear what you guys have to say it's 6177797. 937 and the sound that you heard. Coming back from break was the voice of none other than young Alex Roemer and Alex as you guys know is that a phenomenal job. Since Christian. The management here had to put together a late night shows sort of on the fly much like the Celtics are having to put together they're team on the fly. And some nights are better than others at and that's what you're gonna get out of the show here and that's where you gotta get out of the Celtics. You've got young unproven talent trying to do great things on both sides. But Alex makes these. Return to the morning show tomorrow. And I for 1 am rooting like jail for Alex to go in there and do a great job. I want Alex dreamer to kick ass on the morning show tomorrow I want him to go back to being the guy. Where he thought he was responsible for helping get them back to number one in the spring book I want. That guy back I want that ever get Alex back because that done. Was on the show once or twice a week and that guy is good for me. Because the more Alex Roemer proves himself and gets back into the good grace is that morning show. The warships opened up here on late night. And the more opportunities arise for me to come in and do what I love to do and whether you preferred Roemer or you prefer me it doesn't matter we've got drastically different styles. And I think that if we ever did do was show together maybe those vows to complement one another I don't know. I mean Alex has been doing this for a long long time as headlines. 1015 years ago when he was a ten year old kid I adamantly guest on my show. Many many times and I was doing the Celtic pride show in the NBA and NBC shows on various stations throughout New England right there. That's okay in the Alex has been somebody that and guest on my show dozens of times over the years. But now he's got an opportunity to get back in that morning show good graces and I wanna see it happen I wanna seemed going there and do a great job so whether you prefer meat. Or you prefer Alex I'd prefer Alex to go in and fix amassed tomorrow. Because the more as he kicks. The more opportunities I get to coming here on late night and do the things that I love to do with Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy here with you guys until 2 o'clock. In the morning that over to join us here is 6177797. 937 let's go back up to the phones of go to Patrick Patrick is in Rhode Island Patrick next appearance Sports Radio WEEI. I. Would implement. I don't want to pop off so seeing all. Not a be all. And our news and a key talking all law or young core. And auctioned at all on. Our. All right. Our car phone call or. Government or who Null. And coached and they got going on and I wanna call and Arnold and a almonds and. Well tactically as well as having going into last night's game before the injury. What what were your expectations for this year's Celtics and and have they changed. Oh of course changed now not oh yeah. You know cattle are out there and I didn't expect them in each start. And also. Don't leaking. Then mall. Development indeed and not all all still. Pain. Developing the young quieter than taking them Carter. Getting more experience I mean the problem. From last year. On scene are. 360 turn around and I mean. Human audible all met or. Now you right Jalen brown had a fantastic summer summer league and and he he started out last night in Cleveland. 45 points and clearly. Look like the best player on the Celtics that I had foul trouble still though at least for stretches looked like a guy that could become. A star you'll Patrick the only thing that worries me is that this team again what are your expectations of forty ones 45 wins fifty wins whatever those expectations are. For the Celtics it to hit. Whatever number you got your mind. They're gonna need real. Large contributions from guys that are 192021. Years old. It's it's very rare in today's NBA that you can have a team with that many young guys you can have a team with one young but he can't have a team. Leaning on three or four young guys to give you solid contributions night in night out and still try to win fifty games. It it's hardly ever done in the NBA. Good LL. And aux Jack thought and he want and I'm not on this car honking to look. I just think. In all no matter what happened. They're all. On some pretty long you know. A European art that on the bench. Well. Oh yeah that Garzelli and you get ya Visalia lark in these guys you know we're all European guys and Anderson Patrick I appreciate the phone call and I wish I shared in your excitement. For what this team is doing I just don't I am not happy for other building block type a season. That was three years ago. Steve won 53 games last year and now we're gonna go back to nice building blocks. And man that's not what was supposed to happen this year this wasn't supposed to be a building block type of season and maybe you're right Patrick and maybe we all need to take the long view. Right maybe the long view is these kids go out there and the Celtics take a serious wind total hit. But because Jason Tait and Jalen brown Atari rosier got significant run due to injury then. This thing winds up being accelerated next year and maybe it all works out. But for now for tonight two games in. And you just said two words that I didn't wanna hear about the Boston Celtics right now I didn't wanna hear. Building blocks. And we've been down this road before. And we're finally supposed to be out of that building block mentality and finally be out of that you'll preparing for next year mentality and gold sort of if not all legal and 90% in right now. It was exciting to start the season with a all the optimism that was surrounding this team and you know it was exciting to have this team led by legitimate stars. And that's all over for now now I get carrier ring trying to shoulder the load. And he had a tough night tonight but for this Celtics team. For this Celtics team to be a great team this year went out Gordon Hayward they're gonna need Kyra you're going to take a leap. That you've got guys in the league that have had a change in circumstances. And you've seen them take a leap and they get about a guy like Russell Westbrook. When Kevin Correia left the thunder Westbrook was able to take his game up another level he was already one of the best players in the league and and last year we saw this. Essentially Russell Westbrook on steroids he did everything last year. A much or is gonna have to do with the series finally got help last year restart entirely different level same thing from hard and when James Harden left the thunder and went to the Houston Rockets there was another level and then last year when the rockets plug him in at point guard. We saw Eva and another level of play. For this Celtics team to continue to be a 45 the fifty win team and be a threat in the Eastern Conference. We're gonna need to see another level of play from Tyree Irving and that was the question when the Celtics traded for him. Did you have another level we haven't seen that next level yet he struggled a little a little bit to start the season. Do you guys think they Kyra you're being it's got another level and does the loss of Gordon Hayward affect. I carrier Reid's ability to get to that next level or does it help him. Because now there's no doubt at least offensively. This is carrier ring steam and it Kyra he's gonna shoot seven of 25 from the field the Celtics are gonna lose a lot more games then they win it Sports Radio. WEE I it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy has room for you guys at 6177797. 937 let's go back to the phones let's go to Brett Brett is in the car Brad you're next up here on Sports Radio WEEI. I what's happened Brett. I'm on the way out the game certain to back up to New York. Nice 'cause he's meant so you gotta be disappointed it's a long drive Celtics lose by eight. But it was even the eight points spreading the Celtics again two nights in a row. It would they're unable to close these teams out right now and I think that's got a lot to do with a lack of continuity with the guys on the floor. Yeah I like they're young core and I'd I'd. I agree that they have trouble closing out games right now and last night. Your Jalen brown the real ways from caught up or like I with a minute left and I'm LeBron came down at the very. So you can't do nothing about that LeBron and I. At the game and there are there. Book to but points and out of their accent that is the fourth quarter is gonna kill but you know. But I thought carrying about a target the struggle at first. I don't be nervous should be buried it like three straight final but it might look like you're nervous ends. He's. You can tell you used a little bit and shot terrible. Laid out on top of that board yup. I agree that it that there at bottom the bottom or. Guys a lot of sports team in the east right now and that that's what I think right now and I was wary of the Celtics huge lobby wins whole expectations. Knowing that they were gonna be starting Jason Tatum and Jalen brown in game one I mean again I I find it. Difficult to go back into the record books in the NBA and buying teams that leaned on guys that are 192021. Years old with a limited to no NBA experience. And have that team still be a fifty win team those teams are few and far between Brett. Because you still think they're top fourteen now. I do. Hayward is gonna help us down the road and if he got back on March that the grade. I don't see that. But it got a doubt the Marlins right now that it out of friendship to me what they're saying fractured ankle and broken tibia that at that it'll walk I need to get back out. Great. That an apple learned I just together. Throughout this season they're young Kenya. But I'd still in the top. I'll talk for at least Ali but I'm I was at didn't do it anywhere I don't think they're at the number one seed. But with a lot and Taylor are bitter talk for now. And I know that they're young. But I think that that court I agree. Or urged. And Jalen brown eyes is an amazing. Got out of nine. He did an analyst and Brett the appreciate the phone call and drive carefully backs New York man. Good on you making the trip out and do you had to do to to get to the game tonight drive safely. Back to New York I just wish I shared. Your optimism when he came to this Celtics team and Brad Stevens a guy Celtics head coach he's got to be frustrated two games into the season and I know he he was just speaking up post game so let's pick up on some old Brad Stevens had to set. Yeah I mean we're going to be that it's going to be that way we got a lot of young guys you know on my. I'm hopeful that we can none find the right combinations. Can obviously didn't anticipate it going maybe this far into the bench this early. But I saw some of those guys that are pretty good job you know donated a good job assaulted. Shimmy provided some good minutes defensively. And then I thought Tice when he came in two pretty good job look. Part we've got to find is a combination that works altogether. You know especially when we go bench right now. So. I'll find it. Yeah I mean he hopes that people find it I hope. That they'll find it under I'm just not sure again watch the young guys lots of guys with a limited. 20 NBA experience it's a big ask it is a tough ask and I wonder if Danny Ainge is gonna go while they're at least make the phone call. And and get a godly Gerald Green who got cut over the weekend back here because at least he's a veteran pieced. That Galley Brad Stevens can lean on in these critical minutes he's critical closing moments of these games. Or maybe a guy that's been in the league for 1011 years and has got experience and Brad system. Will have the ability to come in NBA calming presence for this team because they desperately needs somebody to come in there. They could put the ball in the basket and do it in a calm and collected veteran fashion. And there's something to be said for that if those people that laughed off the idea of Gerald Green being somebody that can come in here be the difference in winning a gamer to. I just have to encourage you to go back to look to last year's playoffs. Because without Gerald Green there's a damn good chance the Celtics go down 03. To the bulls they and they don't come back. But instead the Celtics go down 02 and a come all the way back. On the shoulders of Gerald Green being inserted into that starting lineup and carrying the Celtics for a couple of games. Getting them back in that series and eventually helping the Celtics avoid the embarrassment that would have Ben being the one seed losing. To the aid Sports Radio WEEI it is late night. I am Patrick Gilroy when we come back. We'll talk to Dan Greenburg from Parcells sports and of course more your phone calls at 6177797. 937. Radio network. But. Sports Radio. WB yeah. WEEI league thank Patrick Gilroy you're with you guys. They can you guys up until 2 o'clock in the morning. Number to join us here 61777979837. It's next the program at 37937. You find me on Twitter. Matt Gilroy on hoops at. Gilroy on hoops and I gonna tell you guys. Information coming out on the Internet right now Michael lynch from my channel by WCVB tweeting out. New information on Hayward surgery surgery over as good as doctors could have hoped clean break no ligament damage prognosis is good. Best case march. And I gotta say if that story and look Mike has been doing this a long time. We have Peter Bessie on earlier doing it for forty years. Mike Lynch doing it for forty years so who might doubt what Mike Lynch has to say and the information that lynch has access to. But if the expectation. And the diagnosis the prognosis truly is this guys get a shot to come back in March. After what I saw last night this is nothing short. Over a miracle this is Sports Radio WEEI it is a late night I am Patrick Gilroy and on the line with us right now from par still sports my friend and yours. At stool greedy is where you find him. The good man at the good friend for staying up this late Dan Greenberg Dan the Celtics are owing to how the hell are you doing man. I've been a little bit of it different mindset than I thought I would. Green reader. I did you you started your leading into the season. In ninety days ago right I mean essentially did this ninety day build up to the NBA season. Aboriginal agree that it would more than that they've run around a 145. Days that you know they locked up the floor and Cleveland Ballard. Olive garden in the countdown started by yacht officially about ninety days. So before we get into. The injury and everything that happened and and what the Celtics are gonna do you moving forward. We'll start out like this then going ended a season prior to the injury what was your expectation for this year's Celtics team. Saw my it was pretty easy mine was 54 wins. And and either are you think are competitive you to conference finals. Or a competitive series whenever they were to match typically when it unseating maybe you know Cleveland rest guys and and opinion Micah. A three seed in the topic straight man but around so the one of those to our competitors are never that it Cleveland and trumpet to oral. The so it after the injury. How do you adjust that that win total expectation. On it. Many Iowa that you are hoping you know they have the talent so we're just two games via conference that it plans shot any shot to England. Not really duke can think about it it still added. You know an all star player and Terry Irving who hopefully can show that he enrolled Isiah. The player that they'd lot. You know could tell you where they can make or break your seasons agreed to make bridges these. You know I don't think those even though they're young if they have the talent where you know they should build you'll get close actors you remark you do without it. And you know I look god bless you your optimism but even before the Hayward injury might might. Might dealt when this team and might lack of an ability to really wrap my head around this team the way that I wanted to. Had to do with the fact that I knew that this team was gonna lean on a lot of young guys it for significant minutes and significant contributions. And you know it look there's a stat that came out tonight. A centrally Jason Tim's 36 minutes tonight. Is already more minutes than the total combined minutes of all rookies and the Doc Rivers from 2007. That's 1813 that's a crazy statistic. Right and we knew that guys like Tatum and Jalen brown interior zero going to be leaned on. But now they're gonna be leaned on even more and I can't I'm racking my brain here again but I can't remember a team. That started its one year old and a nineteen year old. And that was still had expectations of winning fifty games I don't care who your best players are you when you're starting a twenty year old and nineteen year old. You've got to feel that it in the win column because young guys generally don't win in this league. And I and you know over the course of an entire season I can recruit. But I think what's happening is people are looking at there code whose star right now in correlated. With young players struggle. When it hasn't really good young guys that are the main culprit. Or visit overture is record I like we have carrier ring struggling mightily to give me out and there are side of the ball we have to say they would Al Horford is out at the rating is than traffic or that it went flat even though it really pick it. I haven't played well and I'll pick because there's and you don't teenagers intensely. For you know heavy and it is basically just. Guys have been. It at that same level over content to me we were used to. Haven't worked you'll four point lead in the fourth quarter. And riding that folder you know about what Isiah threw to a victory note here is little different because. Geithner rolled that figured things out but I think the veterans that much of the young guys that really have started a little lower than a week. You know Dan I watched the replay I don't know how many times today of that of the injury and it was. You know just as horrific and disgusting and and nauseating to watch each and every time that I watched it. But I watched it because it was trying to zero in an iron in on Jae Crowder because we know there's a history there between Crowder and Hayward I I didn't want to believe that. Crowder meant any sort of intense. I certainly don't believe they Crowder tried to do the sort of damage that was done to Hayward. But when you look at this thing in real time you can see that crowd it was beet on the play he came in late to the play. And there's a bit of a hit I hit checked there so I'll ask you as a fan does Jae Crowder need to accept some responsibility for what happened at Hayward out there. On the I mean I think seeing that the fact that he you know maybe out and but I think that. People are taking out a little too far to because. You know yeah the you know was. The that would replace the favored by at the plate read these Celtics players make throughout the game on report any given night. Erica now like how it ended you know it. If Heyward had already been great technical I don't think anybody called the a huge shock I think you're letting the result. Sort of cloud their judgment in an intent. You pick it back corporate I think he distracted challenged the way and you know it happens you know and horrific accident but I think the whole knee you know malicious content now that optimism that bit over. It is a little bit but it does make for better story Dan. They I did you know I don't feel like it's one of those. You know everyone wanted to kill him for his you don't play were how would that be a lot golden. Nationalities on the task than he got McGraw so emotional because you know such as shocked when they were got hurt by it. I'd figure about a player that had a terrible ending. It's Sports Radio WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy on the line with a straight now from Parcells sports. Dan Greenburg do you guys find an act stool grainy the Celtics have gotten themselves and available roster spot we've talked ad nauseam about it now there may be an opportunity for the Celtics. To use that roster spot maybe bring in a veteran piece here the better piece were all talking about is the guy that was cut over the weekend former Celtic Gerald Green do you think Danny makes it called the Gerald to do the Celtics feel. That roster spot with a veteran piece. Yeah and you know I'm not even though not totally sure on the money about what they should look up to get him. And still have money left over from there there injured action if I remember correctly battle that you that you can million dollars the year. Well he's not a bit injury exemption but the injury exemptions that interesting piece because for the Celtics to qualify I believe for the injury exemption. Hayward has to be declared out for the season and arrows you heard out what I reported coming in but Mike Lynch from WCVB is essentially saying that. It looked at the surgeries over in the early prognosis is a potential return date in March which is. Yup it's good news for the Celtics team and by the way the information. Coming out from Mike Lynch sort of if you read into that the comments from Kyra Irving tonight after the game. Diary was asked about the Celtics sort of learning curve and they have to go back to square one and Tyree said. Look we can't go back to square one we've got to put this team in a good position when according gets back so maybe they had heard that there's a real expectation. For Gordon Hayward to get back maybe a month before the playoffs start. But after watching that injury last night I still can't wrap my head around even the possibility that this guy could come back and played this season. Dad took at not if they're not gonna have that in the I don't see them telling their spot where Gerald Green I think is what we keep that open for the buyout market. You know come trade deadline and that editor. If they do get that injury and it will be terrible that they were outlet. Noble of the mill operator as a guy who's in the top and know that loan. Between you and throw him away and they're not gonna. You know. Quite critical nature of the imagination but he did when your playoff game in Chicago well you know I don't see why their own to put some pot shop around though and bring back. Bigger picture here Dan you know you you had you separate this injury. And look if you wanna read into what happened to what was different this year. The Celtics only played four exhibition games this year to sell the NBA moves at the start date by a solid ten days to two weeks. So pre season's end and training camps were sort of shrunk this year they did that with a eye towards. Lessening the that at the told the season takes on the players and lessening the amount of back to back gains and increasing practice times. But there's been a handful of flu key injuries through the first 2448 hours of this NBA season. It do you think that they might read his revisit this whole thing maybe these guys are getting hurt because their bodies just aren't ready to weeks just isn't enough to get them ready for a ruling NBA game. You have Purdue wouldn't surprise me if they've looked at I mean that today we had turbulent probably. He out for the year over the knee injury. Michael Green non members went down at all. Not the Hayward your tree industry but. On the side of it all played the role I think you're protecting the ball all right you admit they're traffickers there are little product that in the upper. It wouldn't shock me if guys are hurt physically refugee camp number our corporate he gave it can back everybody sit out at least two problems that they're really only played terrible. Which you know maybe it does not they get them and that. Level of shape to take the physical contact once real bat well dark but you know you just hate it because of these are young guys are injured. Did before we get out of here look I think it doesn't take a genius to figure of the fact that Jason Tatum and Jalen brown will continue to get heavy minutes and will be is some players that the Celtics absolutely lean on for the majority. Of the season but when you see guys like admiral Nader and it Erin beans even getting C to begin minutes. As semi always LA I'd date her ties these guys are are going to be leaned upon yourself of that group. That's a semi usually Tyson Nader these three guys got twelve minutes five minutes and eleven minutes respectively tonight. And if you had told me going into the season that these guys these secondary guys would absolutely. Zero NBA experience we're gonna be leaned upon. By a team that was expected to win fifty games I would laughed at you but now. One of these three is gonna have to step up and become a solid role player for this team so all of those three Dan. Which guy are you most excited about. Walk I don't know I was really blown away or how it's going to be different jobs even though he hit them come jumpers over. He has very good leverage heeded by Kurt you know shot fake that you have payload in jail and they'll go for every part pick under the sun. Said he was able to hold his ground and be there defensively. We instruct the floor to maybe become a little bit on Mormon faith that may well well I think tight. You can't ignore his ability to rebound I think the fact that sort of cro a couple of years helped him. On the indicator I don't think you know is going to be he detonated you mop up duty I think about our you know all I expect for him but. Let me at that you're gonna get the first crack because he defends and we know you spent on the senior. All three year veteran of the genes you know. While hallmark of I got I don't know why that's why it's noted that there aren't. I've ever gotten more emitted a perfect standards ever hear. About it is James Young league right now. It is not it is I'd be one day he's he's he's. The only debt we appreciate you staying up late with us it and look for yours say from my seat for a for a mental stability hopefully this thing gets better sooner rather rather than later. And I think well we're not you know there are apparently period passes are a part. All right and I appreciate it we'll check in with the -- a little bit later on in the season thanks for staying up late with us tonight and there's Dan Greenburg from bar stool sports bar stool sports dot com you guys find him. Pat stool grainy of course last year. His whole thing was he was the biggest IT guy going IT now gone IT's three placements. Is it really tearing it up the way that we wanted him to carry Irving has struggled especially tonight 725 from the field and again for the Celtics to win games. They're gonna be a lot more from Calgary in 725 from the field at sports' ray.