The Celtics are riding a 16-game winning streak, so why are they still being nitpicked?

Mut at Night
Tuesday, November 21st

Villani and Bradford are discussing the Celtics and their incredible 16-game winning streak, when they start asking why people are still continuing to nitpick the team with the best record in the NBA.


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Third our sports hernia WEEI Gilani and Brad well on this Thanksgiving eve eve. And he at Thanksgiving Bradford family traditions. Their little yeah well the norm as Thanksgiving royalty. Governor William Bradford yes. Which got me was can you imagine the street cred you get in first grade second grade third grade. When your directly to your dad tells you directly related to governor William Bradford one of the guys and slide show off my goodness sakes. Now lock in with years and pat buckled on next thing you know half. The tradition like none other. The buckle in the hat then buckled shoes and I'm happy if they were very concerned about Florida and falling off unnoticed if Bethel a luckless belts buckled issue publicly about half I would love the difference probably actually knocked up staying out of the buckle I've ever end up on Mac. The buckle average and up that picture how how the buck come off that that's what I wanna know we're at what are we lose that a lot on my serve no purpose of that we're a we will lose that it was all the days it was false hustle the remarkable men were men and and hats were buckled when it was a one size hat and they had to buckle. Like a truck out. It's like your modern day fated new era fitted cap that's not a wise that is a very very good point gets windy out on the high seas that. I take us through seven and three quarters are we don't have that but we have this buckled pack. It's like your adjustable strap you know he's snapple thinker and that is not buckle let's see all different pilgrims are seven and five eighths or seven in this order this isn't stuff that you just know learn in history class in school you should. Yes. Oh I'm glad you brought up what the Bradford the only that's for Thanksgiving because it allowed me to tell that story at the bottom of that but my answer is not that they eat much football out my answer is nothing will be back here working tomorrow in and then because under the which stern show with. You know. And waste Thursday morning human you know wherever that they leads me from there yeah albeit the average right catch me the second half of the Milford. It's Kipp academy apparently in Lynn and their first I've known as is there burst your programs or ivory like no other now that's the rivalry that is just starting in both the following and a they played Randolph for a couple years Renault and while planning where the plane someone ultimately holy name they'd want plan anymore and so. Milford. Without a team some high school with a plan over Fenway Park tonight right. That is at ten tomorrow he used that goes against me is it's at but the lights for. Let's get as night and could tell us sitting hey they got the press release of the couple teams and in that plane there and then the Super Bowls it's a Latin there and dollars and missiles such a complicated system now. A complicated now it's just a regular playoff. Whatever company it's more complicated believe that makes Thanksgiving weird because it teams if you're going to we're turning it into the which stern show right now but if you teams they're going to the Super Bowl. Well you know at least one Blackstone valley is gonna rest. A lot of its starters on Thanksgiving is their chance when a state championship Erica takes away from the magic of the place in its eyes it is this is obviously. About high school feed show. And now I'm so blue the TV text line here we were talking about the best high school basketball players all time. Which of course feel when you sit around with the radio rant why not taxed to do this. But there was some that were brought up that I think of dean of Paris didn't you mention them right. I yeah I would keep it a while ago. The gas Ronnie Lee's gone way way back Michael Carter Williams who is. Turkeys can Fiat proceed Hamilton went on every year my alma mater. But one with a I forget what bill Curley. Oh yeah he had played for DC that's Mary. So once a good day couple good BC teams right then the and that's nearly eight as he had a decent I think NBA career. So is support out there we've we've got a lot. In the last or guards in the bottom of a lot the last Fineman is to cover a number of things quietly with a buckles on the hats and bill Curley is a lot line. Not to do touchy subject I thought would be juxtapose one out right after the and so we started Celtics those people want to chime in their 617779793716. A rope your Boston Celtics Dana in Ashburn am wants to talk about Brad Stevens again. Stay with all around. You know I just wanted to say and recruit and Latin Patrick. You Bermuda Robinson. And other when I forgot. Yeah I think we agree it's. It's Patrick Ewing in the and it's everybody had. Viewing and Ryan Perry for all I know. As until arts told told beat stunned by the fact I yelled at mention him you. To go Wednesday and he gets momentum go ahead. I'm viewing number one act favorite original Latin and righty Perry from Saint John number two because you played well all across yeah well yeah. But I'm Brad statements you guys say he's not the best. No. Coached baseball coaches managers. Always at the bottom number 40. And basketball coaches. And hockey coaches. Too and very and football coach is always number one because they have more to plant for. I respect your opinion. You're the prerogative to be wrong. But I am I'd tell you baseball manager I are more important over the it because of the length of the season then then basketball coach Justin. But basketball coaches have to implement their style of play. To their players and their their players have to buy into that system. And if they don't have to stars in on the chance. Well the Celtics only have one star last year and they. Right and that's why that's why I said oh that's why said Brad Stevens is an aberration. But but I really think they're gonna put too much aren't carrying. I'd rather keep quiet rebuke better version of Rajon Rondo. And what. They're asking him to do now because he has more talent around him right now. And Rondo had all the talent. And you could make. Abbott they're they're very very different kind of players I mean there's a lot since our unpacked their from date is called it. There they're very different players carries an elite offensive player and a way to Rondo never was Rondo is it as best and he's facilitating. And was actually pretty good rebounder we wanted to be with carried this is what he's supposed to be doing he's supposed to be taking over games down the stretch he's supposed to be doing. We did against Golden State the fourth quarter re struggles for three quarters and then scores eleven of their last thirteen points. Could scored 174 quarter and overtime points last night this is what carrier ring supposed to be now. East and the putting too much on and don't forget this team was designed. To have Kyra read and Gordon Hayward. Carrying that offensive load so. I don't really have a problem with carries volume of shots at how many minutes he's playing unlike. Some of the other guys they have. He's used to playing major hits and contending team. And at times being the most important player not the best player down strip at the if you want him to be more like Rajon Rondo. Well they don't when that came last night if these players now in back to the data is trying to facilitate last night it nearly cost him was more for. And and I've talked up Horford all year he's been great. But last night his decision making which is usually spot on. I was terrible he's passing up way too many quality opportunities for himself to feed markets Smart open 23 footers the most leading going. So the curse of the hot rod Bradford Celtics today. Is is pretty been pretty consistent over the last couple weeks my first one was Terry rouge years more valuable than Avery Bradley. And since I said that terrorists here hasn't been nearly as valuable he was beginning and by Al if you look at Avery Bradley. He's having his best year yeah I plan is played really well on the other one was. Al Horford is the MVP this team because you can't replace him as nobody else the you can fill in. What if Al Horford goes down and I see him last night and really the last couple games might care. Maybe entice. A one down why I think when Al Horford is when his decision making is better in the last couple games particularly last night it is not then. You can make that case easily that these were more important to the way they run their opera I offense can carry it's kind of how you Parse the words. Carries the best player on the floor we understand that. He's the guy that you want to take which cuts down the stretch we understand that but the way that they run their offense. And that the way to corporate facilitates that way the offense kind of runs the world him and don't mistake running through him with that player taking the shot. I think corporate pretty valuable and I think the number. Yo U looked at its the the points per 100 possessions and how much drops off for the Celtics when Horford is not on the floor compared to win Ky reach down on the floor. It Eekhout highlights which you're talking about last night this is not a great day to be. Singing in any extolling the virtues of Al Horford is the Celtics at the pediatric. Every job numbers seven and Horford was one for five and saw so bizarre listened to a lot today in in this is sort of long almost Red Sox past. For you and eleven are you're on a sixteen game winning streak and all day long we're picking apart was front of the team I think maybe that's. How we know the Celtics have turned the corner where last year it was just say everything was sunshine and roses on the pops which is lethal combination. Sunshine and roses and lollipops. And and now than usual on the on the scoreboard didn't expect. S.'s coach Hamilton when it's coupled. But you yesterday and so what I think that now there's expectations artists out there and now you're thinking. And it's great when 600. But how you'd be Golden State. That's the question. To me that's the act as I completely grants a great thing if you're nitpicking. It's a great thing. Because that means the conversation is now about how does this team. Get to that that next level actually compete for a win a championship I only anybody who seriously having that conversation last year team of the place holder team. They completely almost completely blew up. In the off season and now you're groupie you're saying. Clearly the best team certainly the best team in the east arguably the best team in the NBA the way they're playing right now much they had taken against Golden State a seven game series just yet. But I would they are. He unum was against the red out here on out there after I say no and have them. When he every scenario what is it to be 96 and two run out of time also guns yes fifteen playoff winners anyway. Allow Indian origin NBA season. Because it will sweep the finals and wreaking on golf at a candlelight Steve Nebraska when he threw that perfect game with 81 strikes exactly the security edit it. You it would Buick 81 is not an 81 strike game Chris L probably came close to 81 strike out at the balls mixed and inspire kids. It's already 81 strikes over the course of the game that includes the swinging hitters maverick if ever picture of deserve to be brought the amount helicopters Crist has a sixty Nebraska Steve and Brendan Fraser that red highlighted his acting career and also like a -- the ball he didn't. Act on this I don't like this got out of the mummy has discovered cracks the top 58. I Moscow's great Alpert Colo. Yeah I know where they got to Mexico yeah that is great I got you going to deep bomb. You'll argue drugs and Frazier and also I am DB search for credit I love to answer man and along the lines of the theme of the show also a cup people are Chiming in. With high school of the best high school players in Massachusetts history Travis passed another one scored 81 against Putnam how can ever forget that. For speak Springfield central. And now I I actually knew that you read that thing now you're looking be the entire time and out of Smith not written a life or death so it's basically what I tell my players as they watch him make a free throw blindfold is all about the form. So so. And and so recess duty and who was the other one who has you know I'll call. That specialties rule. Impact will depend Michael Bradley was the best one I per muddy Amazon now Worcester yeah that's the conversation started this that he was the best high school player I ever actually watched like yeah not heard about or read about or before or after my time that actually watch the games. Watched him like this central Nazis from twisters playing at my high school. And usually scored about 45 point again Rick Fox's government on the tax on Rick Fox's brother Aaron fight but he I don't think he's. He's thirteen under at fox and the great sportsman of the blue chips played against the best recruiting season while time what a what a great recruiting class that was Q what they edit the humble down either going places. Blair in Maine up next on the Celtics Hitler. Hey. Assists sixteen game win issues can increase. So bigger winning streak assailant I didn't help him make it to the finals and we win the finals there's times. I guarantee it well there are yup. Rest easy. Air to air it change it. I guaranteeing that we will go to go and say it will be cones saying their homes currently playing out. There is sweet to us. On another game. Well we play a LeBron. It their home court they are wherever plan B if we play them again out their home court. And we play in Ohio wherever we went Korea. Quicken Loans Arena the Q there would be LeBron on Mars says some good day anyplace anytime anywhere anywhere. It aired it bittersweet winning streak could go on for awhile and don't they are a bunch of home games coming up they they have a bunch where they'll be mad at some point you think kicking the living dangerously like. How public it is obvious they got who they have coming out they have. From a after the take a look where they have these games like all you need to know I think Dow also won the weaker keynesian play in the next couple games. They almost lost Dalmatian lost that game. I don't know if you know this plan on the road to coach Andy Andy team can beat any team on at Miami. As the next once tomorrow Orlando back games at home. I don't could be Adam yeah at Indiana did I say could be them Philly. They get six in a row and hauler five heroic home now Detroit Philly Phoenix Milwaukee in the Dallas again that takes you through the first week of December. An accidental whatever I do they still there's going to whispers. Obviously early in his brother's of this be at San Antonio and cares but it doesn't matter where they played on Mars even on Mars bar so iPod that you probably sit everybody. It's just a bit to stick to Mississippi out quite letters for these until the final decision and I. All right 617779793. Several get back your phone calls coming up Lonnie and Brad though. I analogy till 10 o'clock sports hernia WB yeah. Bloody Brad both Thanksgiving eve eve edition. You get into the Black Friday shopping don't know why not. That a great deal on posters on. You don't you didn't knows a thing until last year as Sony has about this during the break. So in my in my other life as a news reporter fairly hard news thing for me last year chemist and last year. I was on non working on on Friday the day after Thanksgiving this year thank them off the last year or the after Thanksgiving in the morning. So what's going on the day after Thanksgiving morning nothing ironic how this ruthless so I go to. The ball. And I'm hanging out there at the mall and the first like six people irony into that I'm interviewing. Are from Europe. Differently from the UK from Ireland for an what are you doing here apparently it's a thing. To fly from Europe. To Boston or New York or wherever you want on the East Coast over the Thanksgiving holiday American Thanksgiving holidays he can partake in what. Friday will be receiving the black plate for Black Friday is that the way it works that's what the potato famine in Saturday's bout it's going over and yeah it's and it's in car begins for ridiculously low prices so I he you know I might I'm sort of I like the quality succumbing go because under sort of like this and they usually do it's of Adam Aleman has he had an old. Susan Rich shows up he's wondering when they're gonna yeah I don't like in eruptions in my life. So this this vote. So how does sound like an old man I can't believe Jesus was borda clueless on what the academia wellness by by by relatively what he's doing coming over in the established and I like this guy America. But. Yes they usually that's the case that it but I I appreciate you appreciate the holiday spirit of Thanksgiving and every one. Getting together my son came moments rate from college. I also enjoyed your Johnny Miller Johnny Miller yeah Tony Lewis Johnny Miller retire Johnny Miller the the radio local on our mile radius reporter asked does a lot cover their rights not to be infused with Jon Miller the golfer or Jon Miller I look I I just wanted to think Francisco so he's he is one of the most judge Cheryl on charitable generous people that you offered me. And he randomly give me gifts when I showed up. To my house. And one day and there was a color copier in my garage is from China. Just as there are just there I didn't get in your garage they admit it was open. Cells while I got eye drops off a copier only if I gotta learn and once again John if you listening thank you once again you won the most generous people like now. I'm not to say America's you give me yes right but we don't forget this I guess the thing you said. It sent you use you have it should be from Amazon coming. And it's headed and it was a echo those act go yanks for Amazon credit good gift I am very appreciative. The address was vote to houses Roth. This 2000 close as close at and I have a lot of conference could get there by here's the issue tight with the neighbors Johnny's got joins over the Jokester so on the address that says Conrad rob Bradford. So I. So I I got a feeling like this I think this went to the new house in my neighborhood the people who don't know yet they don't do that that I am not running the Communist Party out of my house. So. Yeah. So first world problem that are red and Brad felt does that now. It's so it's on the Communist on the street but I like Johnny Miller it's he's one of the few guys that will actually. I not to Ian blast team all of you baseball beat writers he's one of the guys honestly I think it elastic it. So my job when he gets fired from it is is there though I'd guess that as not that has not been lost on dirt there all the media the players during the AL DS like basically so jot he had fires. If you. Parents today. About your job do you who do jobs on that note Johnny you know what my focus is always what are our guys need it and how we go about today's game. And the current got asked that quite idiots at the current old Lee story line not I gonna be used Chris Sale literally in the bullpen in the sixth seventh inning guys you guys that aren't soft allies to solve all Johnny Miller's bring in the heat that was I think after the last gap the loss last game of the year right. So I was always wore them before the fourth time. Actually he he asked that he asked that. For the first game last year opening day yeah yeah opening day hope you today. It's on Ferrell full well what a big audience that you feel like you're my third yeah fire was the biggest hope he was the biggest stored they back to that point. There was essentially over under pick a date where John Farrell is gonna get fired. And then they went out won the division and he didn't get fired the spoiler alert ended up surviving in the year one another division but he got by. Miller brings the heat their asks a question like that and he gives great gifts so thank you or more could you possibly asked for that beat you there more you possibly. Rob Bradford the Communists of the new. When we touch upon us a little bit with the hall of fame voting on the sore subject for you here. Because you have bridges a first ballot hall of Famer by. Do you feel like. Clemens and or bonds makes a significant move that point where you're looking at an induction in the next year team. Thanks Val yes and I also have some laughter budgets like the Celtics actually I I do not mean it. Police now crisis won every game and 96 I do mean it when I do believe that. Clemens and bonds in two years. I think in two years will be off. Two years I think they're gonna take a pretty big jump this nearly beat it last year and then take the ultimate at least come close very close if feels like it's a combination of things. With them to the biggest one is gist. The overwhelming. Talent that NO people like today. Delineate you know when they think they Dag I started using when they didn't it Walt. You know take just Roger Clemens Red Sox career that's a halting career in itself and then he kind of doubled up with a another hall of fame career. Wit the the the blue jays and yankees and the Astros after the fact. But it says the the these guys are so much better. There ever any bonds you get bonds is numbers in the late nineties in the mid ninety's while playing a gold glove caliber rate field. That kind of takes them to a different level but if we're if we're having that conversation. Does an erotic meanwhile a fall into that category Timmy especially A-Rod. And I was gonna say that Chris has got fiance fascinating conversation by a downgrade to it very interesting conversely attack as an Iran. It ride not only because of how this is gonna will vault with the acceptance. Of PED guys and is unbelievable numbers. But you know I've always thought but he said that Blyleven if you're out there in the public I how's it just helps and you have a ride. On the fox at doing his blue steel imitation. You know in and being visited in his bizarre a runway and people saying he was great but he's there when he's he's breaking this down. Nobody's saying why did this I can't believe the steroid users on TV now it's Iran. And that helped ides I absolutely believe if you're stay in the public guy helps with a vote so as many done by that have babies in public well he did tonight getting the boat trips with all you can eat sushi he did Soledad little annoying me and I'll be honestly say it is actually true yeah it's just contract in Japan this year he had. Endless supply of sushi in limo rides and its deputy imagine what. Mercury levels and our idea but I got a monitor. It and but to me it may Eddie also falls in that category. Transcendent town. Annie I maybe I asked not behind late in Iran and bonds in an air but Clemens outside the pitchers have. Is he is good is a writer bonds now by. He's kind of just a notch below that he's the kind of guy where if you separated the PD component from it. There's not even a debate a thought a conversation about his numbers and and you even look at and they reason Stevie. Hitting Cleveland. He was driving in a 160 runs and putting together those incredible seasonally ninety's the unions got it just hit his entire Major League. 312 lifetime batting average 9960. PS first career so. It it would be anything and one of the things that hurt him hurt him. Is that he was so brazen. About his steroid use a mile is okay to kind of respect if I'd tell us it's. Everybody else is doing a man who did his aunt a dual view elicit a yeah another shipment it it it may be an echo it may be a box of steroids Udoh. Maybe that was. Also showed up 2000 -- up but it of that where it was supposed to be. I always protect myself I I pounced on the street. I just like the anti eight steroid people in the hall of fame conversation first of all. It gets expanded too much like a Mac to a Joseph Morgan wrote today on behalf of apparently all. Upstanding moral baseball players everywhere thank you choke saying that if you ya we should all be all owe a debt of gratitude. Three criteria for getting in Erfurt exclusion from the hall and he yelled a test admitting using steroids are identified. In the Mitchell report. In a lot of writers were using that set a criteria anyway I think that numbers getting smaller but there's a percentage heredity that criteria anyway. One of my issues is. It expands to like guys can Seko said he Joost. We're using steroid era like Mike Piazza who had acne. Guys that were never are we really never had that I was gonna my eggs no more it's it's it's interesting that he did this putt. Where the generic legitimizing Joan bored him. Who cares what Joseph Morgan says it's not all faith in his opinion I think is an all I know things batters they that we should talk about Aries not a topic conversation. But when we have we Rico to sale while he's on to something or can you say that about what he said. Now beat these guys not know thank you oddly the entire thing too is is just ripe with hypocrisy from the fact they. How many players in the seventies breezing amphetamines are now banned substance how many. The fact that Morgan who matches last hour the bag at Morgan advocates for Pete Rose. To me he loses all credibility in this conversation to be say Pete Rose should get its hall of fame. But you're keep Manny Ramirez or Alex Rodriguez how well a lot of the stuff that was being used. Was legal the time and then became illegal. Which is exactly the same story with amphetamines yes and why other issue is the entire cloud of the steroid era. And you could spread out the blame I think a lot of different ways. It all ends up falling down on the players like we never the red sox' latest acquisition is gonna be riding shotgun to Lakeland and Toni Morrison. Do we do we you're second guess his hall of fame credentials because he's championships were won. Bye guys there there were loading up and I'm sure he damn well knew what was going on as a. Well I'll say again the same thing you know Terry Francona their Francona won one of his world championships. Whether M World Series MVP. Was the guy who was used to be Gilles. Who was made America. And but this is this a sort of not to mention the money that Major League Baseball made the night after the strike in the chicks dig the long ball the market why he did what I got immediate that cash back. They held on up and if I ever do get a hall of fame buck steely got into the hall of fame yet that that's the perfect example if I ever do get a hall of fame vote Sunday some. Some day Kress. I will probably vote for those people for that those exact reasons a much enough for voice saying that person's in. That person's out that persons and that person that we don't know. Pedro Martinez. I don't believe he took steroids but he pitched during the time when everyone was taking steroids. But so everyone has lost the benefit of the doubt that's unfair but that's the truth. So yeah yeah I didn't and I. My only problem with voter for the hall of fame. It's the same problem I've had you're not one of them. Could be it's that it is that they did not go to the Internet in 2008. How would the wide year whether he did identify the Internet equity viable property. So. It all is just a lack of effort these voters put in some of them. And I re sorry with the with the awards over the last week you know with the MVP in the in the Manger in the rookie for the war. It's you know and I would deny that we talked a little bit about the MVP stuff but it's. It's it is amazing to me it's amazing I mean that these guys are on the right the vote and they don't take it series. And I think most of them do but you see that in the hall fame along as I feel that they don't do the due diligence site in you know we talked about the MVP voting. If my biggest problem the MVP voting I think that it is lazy also a lot of them because they just default the war. This war it war's gonna solve everything while now if you wanna talk about Emery the. Because if you look at he is. Offensive. Yup from there it just respectively Lapentti not they there's no argument you could realistically making never led the league in any category ever. He'd have the fewest hits. I think since Johnny Bench at any position player to get into the hall of fame but. Ease anytime gold glove award winner and anybody discounts how great a defensive third baseman he was. And by war and anti Japanese. Statistic jaws which. Assesses whether players to get into the hall of fame relatives is not all are able and the whole thing yes he's got his job as our. Can weird to say that sentence but whatever number it is it is Judah looked it up early today is just above what the typical hall. Aim barometer here is my viewers for a long time and I still sort of use it. What I used because you can't you can't say well this generation is different that generations on product to figure out power meta morph the two. I just look at dominance in the air dominance in the year in one way you can start that conversation. Is MVP voting. And whether you wanna do you okay top ten MVP voting. If a guy like Jim Rice for instance ten years he used top five MB VP voting I thought six times. That to me that is definitive dominance in whatever error of that law and order or not it Scott Rolen this would give up. So Scott Rolen MVP voting he finished fourth one year. And then no higher than a one year he finished twentieth and another youth played for 24. Of the year you finished fourteenth. That's not a hall of fame guy he was not dominant. In his era he just wasn't as great offensive like you won't use it could. And but that's that's what will those who make the argument for hammer gonna be defaulting in large part to war. Because that will take into account his defensive prowess and I think my war. If you look at what he is number is relative to what atypical hall of Famer is he clears that bar yeah or go in mossy point were you ever did you ever afraid of Scott Rolen per ads not offenses not only now do you view how much you're good I'm writing hundreds in the air I and I think position matters like for example. I think you impact the game a lot more so as a great defensive catcher like Johnny Bench but it's a great defensive third baseman eggs sorry I'm I'm being. Anti third baseman right now by aegis can't if your great defensive short that's what made Iraq so green. He's the best short thought he was on the Yankees he's the past shortstop on that team he's played third base. When you have that ability and in the outfield at shortstop and catcher. I weighed out more than just a third baseman and you never scared Scott Rolen played now Scott rock and roll and says use Collins. Ports and I'll really be that you go look at the bus to point this out to me Bill James is writhing rip it apart war. I mean ripping it apart. And if it obviously he knows what he's talking about he looked allotted to it. And I think it can be useful. But come on everybody this sort just to fall to it like that the thing about I said about the MVP voting I voted for Mike Trout tenth and MVP voting. Why dairy related heart I know. I was ridiculed and scolded by everybody as you should have I was the only one devoted ten by the two people voted him ninth everyone else voted my fourth or fifth. I look at it he played it a hundred in fourteen games Brian Kenny who we've desperately tried to get on. The odds relic and Bradford show the other day the one that you like so much I do where Alexa was Chiming elects it was a start that job but we are trying to get a mom because he said tryouts and won the MVP. Well this is this goes back to laziness. Google search it criteria MVP voting number two games played. I don't care what you war is James played number 214. Games sorry Mike Trout you want to win out of it laziness is also drew relic admitting that he didn't watch the Celtics are warriors tonight before you and somehow saying that made him. More of an authority so long you've been so little and the Celtics and you are inexperienced. Excellent radio talk show I am non. I am experience but not excellent. But I will say this so you put yourself in that spot you come out of the gate you start that show the Celtics are the topic of conversation right right. And I have the guy sitting across from me say and only watch and watch the Golden State game the other day. But I really don't knowing about the Celtics by here's a good reason for writing a book. So what. I'd go for that he tried to sell themselves as though this makes my opinion more valuable because an idea I didn't even know lay my head was spinning at that point as am driving. Wets down the pike and wondering the Menendez my exit because they can't even imagine like wrap my mind around what elder relatives trying to sell right now the year the game show. Nine missed the game should so I was out arrange them so yes so basically my trying to Haley turning out of vanity chicken bleep into chicken salad or horror that works. We had the average draw knows nothing about Boston sports challenge and we had him go against collars and is predictably terrible putts you know I figured made Evan a better person. In a better radio person that day and we had a great show so everybody was the winner 6177797937. More your calls next. Five this who thing continued talk tonight on the books Europe given this be a guy who's got a whole fame credentials just 541 homers. The numbers in the World Series or off the charts the one of the great clutch hitters of all time even though you would be a sure hall of Famer I think your first ballot hall of Famer. But record Burma what does the issue of steroids and it came up. During that testing it came up big Yankee Stadium you write a chapter about it here. On here right now did you ever do steroids. Never. That was my. My purpose in oh the guys that are were certainly are. Gipper I even got cops. They're. They're very in Europe you know I got yeah he's Friday split between in my bread number called empowered in this process and so. But those who are more my career. Was all about so. I guy like I say people that I got more corporate name anybody. I've ever had in baseball and I never throw and so. Why Brad goes towards or did WEEI thinks what 77797937. Yeah Brad posted rookies or idea sorrow can it something else now. The photos online puts a while that have been either way it happens if if it's cheap rated photos and be ready to get a few rated. Yet to sodium or two so. I will preface this by saying. I am going to be David Ortiz celebrity golf. Tournament again following a fair disclosure I donated to the game Retief foundation upon which I actually like the team charities. I I'd light or I like all charities think. It but rest than this look I think he's. I'd done Dominican so IC pins and results of that. Pancreatic cancer Kurtz mum died from it and I've added to your friend died from as well so it's not a charity. Him bomb. Like sport but anyway so. I preface that by saying couple weeks I will be seeing gamer tees and a whole rigmarole. But. The Ortiz thing. I think he's gonna get mall thing and you. Yes yes and you get the hall of fame. That the tests the 2003 tasks obviously won't help him at all. By. He and I got into an argument terrorists and everything else like that but. I'd in this say that you know there's there's two months. There's there's not enough like Q what did he test for. There was too many things that you could attested for the time. There was a lot of things we could test at fort that during for that test that sample test they would is that gonna hurt him more than the DH and. This I still get Edgar Martinez the gap is another one by and by Warren job doesn't dazzling that's a really good question. In I think that because of how things are evolving we have to see which which of those two things are going to evolve faster. Yeah the winds are going to be DH because editor Mark Hughes made it from ground last year or is it going to be the steroid thing because. We we can say all while there was a lot of things he detested for but he still sort of labeled as you heard an interview as in that group. Com. I think I think that he backed by the way Bart Scott to deliver that same kind of hard hitting he's season months I mean now. Now unfortunately it now now. So I. I know I wanna say Yates will hold them back more until Martina is really breakthrough because I think that these other guys these other guys. Associated with the steroid stuff are gonna break through pretty quick here. You look at Bagwell are in however so. I think that's why I will never associated with in the same way like no no doubt that they blanket point I generally don't like that was a bad lies and in Joost. Yes beating guys and again they can credibility piazza and Bagwell those are sort of all on the fringe of being associated with it even though. When he said he mansion and used by there was something formal with a Ortiz so he's going to be lumped in with those people not to the extent of the A-Rod but the extent of Manny. Come by he's going to be lumped in but I do think that as he said he could say keep going on these radio shows and saying exactly what he said. This X amount of times this year and that was the fact that today. So. That's his defense. The the DA's thing. Until Edgar Martinez gets going a little bit is it might be a little tough to break through so I'm thinking I'm thinking and he's gonna make the hall of fame. Third now. That's the pretty good. I mean most of these guys that sweated out well over half a decade of all better part of it don't want or not gotten an enormously would help sorties I think is that her road late heroics the post season stuff yet. Ever in any Alyssa and also the aura around him all the everything of the about the most important. Guy in the history of the Red Sox franchise and a lot of different. Levels and the electorate is certainly on both of those issues trending in his direction board more fans or voters they should say. Are forgiving of the PD thing at least look at it through the lens of these guys should getting in. And make the same thing applies to DH SEC that with Edgar Martinez and his numbers going where they are. You know for what it's worth I'm Amanda told the story before but. Asking the hall of famers. Last year. During hall of fame weekend there was at least I'm not Joseph Morgan I can't speak for all the players the way that he guys but speaking to the ones that I talked to. They were all very supportive on tiger about Griffey. Were all very supportive of the idea of Ortiz getting it most of them. I want Mara shot at a game meaty you know the kid me. And like I'll give me a break he's got 600 something doubles 500 armor on the court he's all famous I have a question well what I guess how they will gavel once again I think Britain's whether they whether or not you believer. That. Ortiz has the defense of there's a lot of things on that lets us when when people say low hooky tested positive for steroids now we don't know that. There was a lot of things unless we don't know what that was tasked with war and the other part was exactly said before which is. Since they started implementing those tasks he's passed the ball. So that would that would be his defense and and in and that's why I think most people say oh yankees and he says he's going to be in no question about it. And I don't think you can discount the publicity aspect of it either yeah edges being cat topple mine didn't and the fact that. So much of this is it used to roads were re since a lot of the younger voters are newer voters. Recovery yet and I watched it happen live that's a good point that's a good point is that. Yes and at the Olympic baseball or not they are they were there now and I don't like you know unfortunately these voters don't have the acumen and I do and how the the the copyrighted MVP. Top ten and VP vote Brett. Qualifications. Might try to tenth. My time no well not tight budget right six times out of ten. I'll in the air so they get they kick they look back and they say back I was night could look at his numbers. Who cares. But they know what they saw on David Ortiz from 2004. Until the end of his career all the way up until the yen. And they know that bad guy he they saw was a hall of fame guy and I think that will be powerful because you are gonna start at younger voters like myself. I'm a young buck. I am on the young and up and comer I some day I I I I aspired haven't hall of fame vote. Ortiz by the way I talked and an MVP voting seven times in his career including last season which is Kris yeah. But seven times in his career and five times in a row. From his first season with the Red Sox series last season that was first season the Red Sox 2003. The room. 2007. Through that second World Series here. He was injured will be in 2008 but yes Todd I made and it hurt every year that I would match your argument and I wrote his last year. That it hurt him because that's. If it started this the warping starred in opened up and even he asked him and harassed in the say eating when I'm in the when the MVPs had no. There's a war. And it in and I general arguing them the people are credit default to one market. On an announcer here it is I mean it's so against grown now Bonham has baseball reference page. They have all these different hall pain statistics lacking. Batting. 25 marital famous when he set and again. Take these numbers for whatever the hell you want that to mean a lot of these statistics are just completely invented gray ink. Adding 161 average I'll pay a 144 hall of fame monitor. Average helping gamers around a hundred he's at 171. Which is way over the bar obviously but you get to jobs and war. So 55 point four career war. Just 45 point two both of those fall well under which your average hall of fame and they say first baseman here. That was there mentoring I had I don't know I don't know I'll tell you like as he'd play the field and in that does that help is why it's so there's no DH at or when their but Yasser average first base. War for hall of Famer is about eleven more than Ortiz in jaws. Is about nine more so he falls well short in both those categories so borders that the ball to back. Will not vote for David Ortiz they'll scroll to the bottom of his baseball reference page it's it's. Is lazy it's such a week gas way to do what you basically saying. Does JG happy think this guy's a hall of Famer if Jay doesn't think so but I don't think so either it's audience day he's got a great mustache and he's a nice guy. Black and it goes yeah this is the is that Michelman is he might banana. I'll follow up they came off a vote analysis yes. But there's so many voters that eagle just the fault that scroll down the bottom of the page and say there. Name that's what that thirty year I'm skeptical I hope you're right. That I'm skeptical happen that all the problem is you get beyond that then usually you start forgetting a little bit and you have to default and that sort of stuff you don't sang out. And and that's why I talk about Barrett's Ortiz it's important that these guys stay in the public guy win. When Schilling was on ESPN in doing Sunday night based moment this is taken. This is his ticket because people don't remember how Smart he is. And bigger and but to remember implying all of things about it just Mendoza is gonna meet Cooperstown too shabby chic who will and that's where it's gonna have her I was war by the way. I don't know are jobs I think is pretty La can reload John 6177797937. Another hour to go maligning him Brad was sports rated WB yeah.